tsimonq2wxl: what is the deal with the lubuntu package set?02:31
wxlhuh, tsimonq2 ?02:35
tsimonq2wxl: I am curious as to who owns the lubuntu package set...reading some docs and it says that they aren't owned02:36
wxli don't know what you're referring to, frankly02:36
tsimonq2wxl: in the Ubuntu archives there are package sets. Lubuntu has one. Nobody owns it, addording to the docs I am reading.02:37
wxli don't know what to dell you, personally02:37
tsimonq2wxl: idk, just looking and was wondering02:38
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wxlmultiarch is weird, man.18:23
tsimonq2althey guys :D18:24
wxlhey tsimonq218:24
tsimonq2altI'll be in and out, but here :)18:24
tewardtsimonq2alt: so you pinged me and don't check your messages after the fact18:24
* wxl hopes and prays virtualbox-5.0:amd64 does not die18:24
tewardwxl: that would be a headache if it dies, yes :/18:25
tsimonq2altteward: I am using webchat at school and I don't have access to backlog right now...sorry18:25
tsimonq2altbe back in like ~ 30 minutes for the meeting18:25
wxlteward: i just went multiarch, so things are a little weird.18:25
tewardwxl: heheh18:26
wxlredwolf: hey. let's talk about that image. whatcha wanna know?18:27
wxlok qemu-kvm:amd64 is installed18:29
wxllet's see how snappy is behaving18:29
wxlbummer. my process can't handle kvm extensions18:39
tewardby 'process' you mean VBox?18:39
tewardif so you have to expose extensions to the guest18:39
wxlsorry i mean my processor18:40
wxlwell, at least there's virtualbox :/18:40
tewardif that fails, VMware PLayer18:40
wxlconfusing thing about multiarch: if you apt-cache policy some package, it wont' give you results for all archs. instead you have to be explicit18:40
tewardthis is true18:41
* wxl needs to figure out port redirection on virtualbox, if that's even an option18:41
tewardwxl: aka port forwarding aka nat?18:41
wxlhm yes i guess so18:41
wxlaw man i don't want to mess with nat18:41
* wxl whines18:41
tewardvirtual network settings of the NAT virtual adapter, set your rules there18:42
tewardVMware I have to do it by hand lol18:42
wxloh well at least that's not so bad18:42
tewardwxl: you may have to do an additional iptables NAT ruleset for forwarding from the ccomputer itself to the vNAT18:42
tewardbut i usually don't worry about that (I bridged-connection everything xD)18:42
teward(for those cases)18:43
wxloh actually nat is the default oh ho this is easy :)18:43
joern_shi all18:49
wxlhey jörn!18:50
sudodusHi jörn and everybody else18:50
wxlwe'll get started in 5 minutes or so18:52
joern_shi wxl sudodus redwolf18:54
redwolf\o/ joern_s18:54
tsimonq2altI'm back, has it started yet?18:57
wxlnot yet18:57
wxli have one last thing to do and we'll get started18:57
tsimonq2altoh ok :)18:57
redwolfyes, tsimonq2. it's over now. sorry18:58
tsimonq2altLOL redwolf18:58
wxlphone now. give me a minute19:01
tsimonq2altk :)19:02
tsimonq2altI have to meet with my teacher about my passion project quick, so I will be back in ~ 7 minutes19:03
redwolfo/ phillw19:04
sudoduso/ phillw19:04
tsimonq2alt(have some time before we meet)19:05
tsimonq2alto/ phillw19:05
tsimonq2althey sudodus, haven't met you before, what's up?19:05
joern_shi phillw19:05
tsimonq2altsame with joern_s, hey! :)19:06
phillwgreetings joern_s and sudodus :)19:06
sudodushey tsimonq219:06
tsimonq2altwill gilir be attending?19:07
joern_shi tsimonq2alt19:07
wxlok i'm here19:07
tsimonq2alto/ :)19:07
tsimonq2altheyyyyy wxl19:07
wxlmsg'd gilir so we'll see19:07
tsimonq2altand now she wants to meet...bbs19:08
teward*lurks because he can*19:08
wxl#startmeeting Lubuntu Monthly Meeting19:08
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Jan 13 19:08:27 2016 UTC.  The chair is wxl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.19:08
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick19:08
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wxlwelcome everyone to our regular monthly meeting19:09
wxlplease remember our meetings are every month on the 2nd wednesday @ 1900 utc, right here19:09
wxlyou can see the agenda here:19:09
wxlso first thing's first19:10
wxl#topic QA19:10
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wxlwe were one of three flavors (along with mate and kylin) to release an alpha 119:10
wxllargely, it was successful with no real terrible showstoppers19:10
wxland i'm happy to report that we have managed to kill some of the bugs already19:10
wxlas you can see on the release schedule:19:11
wxlalpha 2 is january 2819:11
wxli.e. before our next meeting19:11
wxlso if people want to test, plan on getting going on the 26th19:11
wxli also have some stuff to report regarding lxqt19:12
wxlat least as it relates to testing (i'll leave the discussion of development to joern_s later)19:12
wxlwe now have a page for general stuff on lxqt:19:12
wxlinstructions are now up on how to install it in a xenial image19:13
wxlin fact, i took the raspberry pi2 wily image that flexiondotorg created with ubuntu pi flavor maker19:13
wxldo-release-upgraded it to xenial19:13
wxland then installed lxqt19:13
wxlhere's some proof:19:13
joern_svery nice!19:14
wxlwe're still at the point where we're doing exploratory testing, but we're filing bugs small and large against both the lubuntu-next project and the associated source package since they're in the repos19:14
wxlmeanwhile, i'm starting to do some work on getting testcases developer for the iso/package trackers with a little bit of help from tsimonq2alt19:15
wxlif anyone wants in on that whole process, let me know, as there's a bunch of work to do and we could use some help19:15
wxli also tried to make it easier for everyone to find the blueprints related to answering the question of which apps we're going to use in lxqt19:16
wxlbut i assigned them to lubuntu-next which is not configured for blueprints so you can't see them :/19:16
wxli'm trying to get gilir to help out with that, so will report to the mailing list when they're ready and we can start the discussion in earnest19:16
wxltsimonq2alt: question?19:16
tsimonq2altnope, just back, sorry for interrupting19:17
wxland that's about all i think i have for qa unless there are questions or comments from anyone?19:17
tsimonq2altand yes, I am helping a bit with getting the testcases done19:17
tsimonq2altjust to decentralize the test cases for LXQty19:18
tsimonq2altalso, when is Alpha 2, wxl?19:18
wxltsimonq2alt: i said it above (jan 28)19:18
tewardwxl: stupid question but did they solve the headaches of the tasksel thing on alt?  Not sure if they did for here or if that was an issue, but checking 'cause Server was affected (so potentially alts were too?)19:18
tsimonq2altwhoops sorry :)19:18
phillwteward: yes19:18
tewardwonderful, i had that on my list of QA tests but never had time :)19:19
tewardthank you.  *silences for remainder of time*19:19
wxlok i'm going to move onto the next topic then19:19
wxl#topic donation area19:19
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wxloff to you, phillw ?19:19
phillwForms received back from Rafael,19:20
phillwThe  French postal system lost Julien's en route to him... replacements have bee obtained and emailed19:20
phillwThe set for wxl were posted via email last friday19:20
wxlbut apparently par avion does not mean very fast XD19:20
phillwAs soon as all forms land safely we can proceed to have the account verified to be opened.19:21
tsimonq2altsorry for interjecting, but what is going on with the donations? do we have a paypal button on lubuntu.me or something?19:21
redwolfthat was an experiment, tsimonq219:21
phillwwxl: may have made a pit stop at the local armed standoff in your area :)19:21
tsimonq2altbut my question is, what are we working towards in regards to donations?19:21
wxlphillw: hahahah XD19:21
wxltsimonq2alt: being able to have people donate specifically to lubuntu rather than just throwing things in the general community donations pot19:22
phillwtsimonq2 it is in the rules of the group19:22
tsimonq2altwxl: well I have that, but what is going to be *produced*?19:22
wxltsimonq2alt: we haven't quite got that nailed down, but the hope is a little button or something on the website19:23
tsimonq2altohh gotcha, thanks19:23
redwolftsimonq2, what I tried was using the API of the "PayPal donation button" to enable in lubuntu.me a donation system, just a link to the new account, when it's ready19:23
* tsimonq2alt now remains silent19:23
phillwtsimonq2 it will be progressed once the account is confirmed as able to be opened. Until that occurs, everything is conjecture. We have the rules written up and agreed upon.19:23
tsimonq2altgotcha phillw19:23
wxlany other questions comments or concerns about the tracker?19:24
phillwon a personal note ... I'm never, ever, ever going to set up a bank account where the trustees are in 4 different countries!19:24
wxlindeed, phillw, you need some serious kudos for all the work you did!19:25
wxl(and continue to do)19:25
joern_sI second that19:25
tsimonq2altso thanks phillw19:25
wxland on that note, i think we'll kick it to the next topic19:26
sudodusI can imagine all the difficulties - thanks Phill :-)19:26
wxl#topic LXQt19:26
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wxloff to you joern_s :)19:26
joern_sI'm now using LXQt as my day-to-day desktop (but not on L/Ubuntu, I'm using Siduction here)19:27
joern_sit feels very smooth and doesn't makes me much headaches19:27
joern_slogin is very slow, but this seems to be a problem of KWin or the plasma framework19:28
wxloh so you're using kwin eh? depends have certainly decreased. enough to suggest it for lubuntu?19:28
joern_swell... not sure if a Pentium M or simmilar really can handle it. may depend on the default settings, like compositing19:30
joern_sthat should be evaluated19:30
joern_sxfwm4 could be an alternative, too19:30
joern_sa nice fact: it is easier to replace the window manager with LXQt, compared to LXDE19:31
wxljoern_s: any reason not to just stick with openbox?19:31
wxlit is? i thought it was fairly easy before (i use awesome mostly)19:31
joern_sbecause we don't need to rely on Openbox for keyboard shortcuts19:31
tsimonq2altoh really?19:32
tsimonq2altno Openbox?19:32
wxltsimonq2alt: well, it's worth discussing at least19:32
wxlwhen we're making such dramatic changes, it might be good to explore what the alternatives are19:32
joern_sthere are reasons to stick with OB, sure19:32
redwolfwe'd need to change our session settings heavily19:32
tsimonq2altand while I am jumping in here, I am currently running LXQt as well19:32
wxlit's just good to look into19:32
joern_sit is lightweight, it is rock solid19:32
tsimonq2altwell a couple of default settings were headache-inducing for me19:33
tsimonq2altfor example, the taskbar shows windows of other workspaces by default19:33
joern_sbut there are downsides like no window snapping ("Aero snap" for MS Windows users)19:33
tsimonq2altand the workspaces menu in the taskbar doesn't rearrange nicely when new workspaces were added, as well as it doesn't show the icon of the open window on the workspace, which as a really killer feature of LxDE19:34
wxlyeah i don't like the look of the workspaces19:35
tsimonq2altagreed, and that is an essential part of my workflow19:35
joern_scan't say much about that, I don't use workspaces at all19:35
redwolfit's just a plugin. it might change.19:35
tsimonq2altI struggle when I am at school, because Chrome OS doesn't use workspaces19:36
wxlmight be a good thing to make a wishlist bug for and triage it upstream19:36
tsimonq2altso I would really like to see improvements with the workspaces in general19:36
tsimonq2altyeah prolly wxl19:36
joern_s+1 wxl19:36
wxltsimonq2alt: ^19:36
tsimonq2altbut at school(where I am) I don't have access to LP19:36
tsimonq2altI will do it in a few hours19:37
wxlsounds good19:37
wxli would advise everyone to file bugs for anything they think of19:37
wxleven feature requests19:37
tsimonq2altanyways otherwise LXQt is pretty solid19:37
tsimonq2altbut it still has a few bugs19:37
wxlwe can triage them as such19:37
tsimonq2altlike the icon bug19:37
tsimonq2altwell yeah19:37
tsimonq2alt+1 wxl19:37
wxlwell i'm thinking that icon bug is not a bug19:37
redwolfnope. it's not.19:38
tsimonq2altwell as long as it gets fixed :D19:38
redwolfit's a package dependency bug19:38
redwolfthat's a priority, as the settings daemon doesn't only set the icon theme. we need that working.19:38
tsimonq2altbut that's not the current point of this discussion19:38
wxlright, yeah, we can discuss that on the bug itself XD19:39
tsimonq2altwhat I meant was fixing my problems XD19:39
redwolfit's "in progress"19:39
wxlanything else new to tell, joern_s ?19:39
tsimonq2alt(offtopic, please, someone fix the topic of the channel and capitalize "new mailing list!") :P19:39
joern_snothing special if you aren't interested in technical stuff ;-)19:40
redwolfyes, joern_s, anything else? ;)19:40
tsimonq2altooh ooh tell us joern_s19:40
wxli'd be happy to hear technical stuff19:40
tsimonq2altyeah me too19:40
wxlalthough redwolf might get scared :)19:40
redwolfyup, I get scared easily. specially regarding new apps or revamped ones19:41
tsimonq2altphillw: Did you want to jump in?19:41
joern_sI'm currently working on a python module to access Appstream (where the new software center will get its data from)19:41
phillwthere's a new pcmanfm due out19:41
wxljoern_s: so we'19:41
redwolfyay, thanks, joern_s :)19:41
phillwand work is being pushed for translations19:41
wxlve decided on a new lsc rather than doing something different? (appgrid?)19:41
joern_sAppgrid could be used for 16.04 - not sure about the decisions. that would be gilir's part19:42
wxlok, but you're continuing working on a new lsc at least, joern_s ?19:42
redwolfjoern_s and I had some ideas about replacing LSC and creating something else, but not this century, I'm afraid19:42
wxlwell great19:42
wxlthat's exciting to hear19:43
wxlanything else?19:43
joern_sredwolf: I'm making some progress on it ;-)19:43
* tsimonq2alt sits silently19:43
redwolf:) joern_s, the PPA thingy will be really nice19:43
joern_s+1 !19:43
redwolfbut I'll explain that in other moment19:43
redwolffor everybody, the idea is making LSC handle everything19:43
redwolfthat's all (updates, upgrades, packages, PPA sources, etc)19:44
joern_ssystem tweaks, too - maybe19:44
tsimonq2altthat would be pretty sweet19:44
tsimonq2altso if you can, do that too19:44
redwolfand making PPAs work like some Android markets. using drag'n'drop maybe19:44
tsimonq2alt0_0 yeah!19:44
joern_sthen the LSC would be an integral part of the user experience19:44
redwolfbut simply installing packages is a priority LOL19:45
* tsimonq2alt agrees with that whole idea19:45
sudodusso it would compete with / replace synaptic too?19:45
redwolfit might sound stupid, but I think it's revolutionary in *buntu Linuxes19:45
joern_ssynaptic is a different story19:45
redwolfit could totally replace it, for end users, yes19:45
redwolfpeople wants a simple tool. and me too19:46
redwolfbut still powerful19:46
redwolfwe'll see in the future19:46
* redwolf shuts up :|19:46
wxljoern_s: we still going to have an "expert mode?"19:46
joern_sI'm not sure about that, yet19:47
redwolfmockup: http://rafaellaguna.net/wp-content/gallery/portfolio/rect4197.png19:48
wxli like the idea but i think we should re-brand it19:48
wxlmake it like "lubuntu-approved" or something :)19:48
tsimonq2altredwolf: that looks awesome :D19:48
tsimonq2altyeah +1 wxl19:48
wxlinstead of switching on and off it could switch between that and "all packages"19:49
joern_swxl: that will be plugin-based19:49
tsimonq2altbut overall it looks stunning19:49
wxloooh plugins nice19:49
joern_sif other flavours or respins want to use the new software center, they will be able to write a plugin and give it their own brand19:49
redwolfseveral tools have been developed lately, look at Fedy for Fedora, or ElementaryOS's "Software". things are going that way19:49
wxllove that idea19:50
wxlanything else??? :)19:50
tsimonq2altn/a from me19:50
joern_sfor the people on FB (even if it is old): https://www.facebook.com/groups/lubuntu.official/permalink/966205850102902/19:51
wxllubuntu recommends. i like it19:51
wxlwell that being said we'll move onto the next topic19:51
redwolfnotice how "design nazi" recommendations are becoming real ;)19:51
redwolfyes, sorry19:52
wxl#topic mkusb19:52
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wxloff to you sudodus19:52
wxlhow's the progress to getting mkusb in debian????19:52
sudoduswell, I have not much to tell - I have been busy with real life recently, and have not tried hard enough to find someone who can hold my hand to get mkusb into debian19:53
wxlsudodus: did you have any contact with melodie on that topic?19:54
tsimonq2altadiós guys, I'll check in later19:54
sudodusI have mailed her a couple of times, but no reply. I'll try again, and also with bodhi.zazen as recommended by Phill19:55
wxlsee yuh tsimonq219:55
wxlsudodus: hm that's strange. she's usually pretty responsive. if you have no luck with bodhi, let me know19:56
sudodusWhat would be the delay from a working debian package to making it part of Lubuntu?19:56
wxlwell packages sync pretty quickly, sudodus, so it should be pretty minor19:57
joern_sbefore feature freeze, there is nearly no delay19:57
wxlwe've had a small handful of google code-in students test it and their reports have all been positive19:57
sudodusI will try more during the next few days19:57
wxlthat's a new feature i wouldn't feel bad about having in the lts if we could do some pointed testing on it19:58
wxlfeature freeze is feb 1819:58
wxlso there's not a ton of time, sudodus19:58
wxlthat being said, unless you can get some immediate results, let's tentatively plan on 16.1019:59
sudodusPeople at the Ubuntu Forums have tested it too (and made me add/change some features)19:59
phillwjoern_s: do you think agaida could assist sudodus in the hunt for debian sponsor?19:59
joern_sa simple question doesn't hurt, huh?19:59
wxlthe biggest delay we're going to have with the whole process is getting in the debian repos. so that's the part we need to push hard on in the near term19:59
phillwjoern_s: you know her best :)20:00
joern_shim! :D20:00
phillwyes, I fell for that before!20:00
sudodusYes, I think getting mkusb into the debian repos in the one and only obstacle now20:00
joern_ssudodus: you could ask him via agaida@siduction.org20:01
wxljoern_s: or he hangs out at #lxde, too20:01
wxlok well that's abuot all we have on that topic i guess20:02
wxlso last thing20:02
sudodusOK, I can try, and tell me that you suggested that I should ask him20:02
wxl#topic miscellany20:03
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wxlanyone else have questions, comments, concerns, issues, stories, pictures, praise, condemntation, etc? :)20:03
tewardthere's always condemnations for various things - but none for here from me :)20:04
wxlwell if that's the case, i thank you all for your contributions to lubuntu!20:04
wxlif any of you would like to help out more (or at all), let me know. we can find a place for you and your talents/interests20:05
wxland with that being said20:06
wxlgood night and farewell :)20:06
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 13 20:06:20 2016 UTC.20:06
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/lubuntu-devel/2016/lubuntu-devel.2016-01-13-19.08.moin.txt20:06
joern_sgood night everyone20:06
phillwwxl: thanks for chairing20:06
sudodusThanks and goodbye20:06
redwolftack sudodus20:06
phillwtc joern_s and sudodus20:07
redwolfjoern_s, :*20:07
phillwwxl: has someone been playing with the CSS for http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds white test on light grey is not too easy to see!!!21:30
tsimonq2phillw: it's a known bug21:30
tsimonq2phillw: balloons is aware and is fixing soon21:31
phillwtsimonq2: tnx21:31
redwolfphillw, you're right21:33
redwolfwho can edit those?21:34
tsimonq2wxl: ooh ooh...we should have a test case specifically for doing Trusty -> Xenial21:51
ianorlinwhen does 14.04.4 come out?21:53
ianorlinor .521:53
ianorlinthe last point release21:53
ianorlinmaybe do those tests cases for upgrade after that would be a good time to try21:54
tsimonq2ianorlin: .4 is before Xenial21:54
tsimonq2ianorlin: but some people might go right to Xenial21:54
tsimonq2ianorlin: right after release21:54
ianorlinoh ok21:54
redwolftv time! bbl22:07
phillwtsimonq2: that would just need the duplication of the existing upgrade testcases22:18
tsimonq2phillw: which is why I pinged Walter!22:23
wxltsimonq2: do it!22:24
tsimonq2wxl: k22:24

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