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morphissil2100: ping08:25
sil2100morphis: pong08:26
morphissil2100: time for an upload?08:27
sil2100morphis: sure thing!08:27
morphissil2100: great!08:28
sil2100jibel: hey! For your decoder-ring - I slightly changed the path of commitlogs, they're now following the full channel/device path08:32
sil2100jibel: so http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en/krillin/ for krillin, for instance08:33
sil2100jibel: you can change it for all as I copied over all those that were already generated to the new path08:33
jibelsil2100, you have a commit log for each build now?08:35
jibelsil2100, done08:38
jibelsil2100, http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu/mako/337.commitlog says krillin on the first line08:40
sil2100jibel: yeah, those are symlinks ;)08:40
sil2100jibel: to save up space08:40
jibelsil2100, ah ok08:40
sil2100I generate for krillin and then link up all the rest automatically, since the rootfs is shared08:40
sil2100I'll remove the device name from the commitlog I think08:41
sil2100For the future ones at least08:41
robrujibel: sil2100: I'll likely be rolling out the big new britney changes (gating qa queue on britney approval) first thing tomorrow morning. almost did it today but got hung up on some firewall issues & lack of webops vanguard09:10
sil2100robru: excellent, ACK!09:10
jibelrobru, awesome.09:14
jibelrobru, morning which timezone?09:14
sil2100I would suspect the US TZ09:15
robrujibel: sil2100 yeah sorry, morning US west09:19
robrusil2100: is http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml down for you? i can't seem to access it.09:21
sil2100robru: hm... down here as well09:22
robrusil2100: might want to follow that up with somebody. ;-) I'm off! goodnight09:22
sil2100Goodnight :)09:23
jibelsil2100, robru pitti said it's under maintenance and autopkgtest will be down until 9:45UTC or so09:25
robruah ok09:25
Saviqsil2100, Icanhaspublish on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/854 please09:54
sil2100On it!09:57
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sil2100Saviq: ping! https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/fix_card_creator_test/+merge/282187 needs approval10:28
Saviqsil2100, oops10:28
Saviqsil2100, done10:29
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Mirvso many qtubuntu-media landings...11:35
Mirvsil2100: so is that what you published to xenial now identical to silo 036 and should the silo 036 now be manually merged or what?11:38
Mirvso that 045 can be rebuilt11:38
sil2100Mirv: it's a dual silo landing so I landed it, I would first wait for it to migrate and auto-merge - would there be a reason for this not to migrate and auto-merge?11:39
Mirvsil2100: ah I guess train is just lagging since it claims vivid is in release pocket but xenial is just only built (https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/832)11:39
Mirvsil2100: I was just confused11:40
sil2100Mirv: yeah, 0.8.0+16.04.20160112.1-0ubuntu1 is in xenial as per https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu-media (not fully acknowledged yet)11:41
sil2100So all seems to be good11:41
Mirvsil2100: I thought train would say "Publishing" until it finds something else11:41
sil2100I would suppose so too, but I guess it was 'Publishing' until the status update job kicked in11:42
Mirvyeah, now it ran again11:45
oSoMoNToyKeeper, thanks for testing silo 6, I answered your questions in the trello card11:59
karniHi guys. Got a question (this is purely from technical/project POV, I don't need convincing CI train is good - I know it ;) ) - what are other advantages of making use of CI train other than automated test runs, pre-merge tests, auto landing. Is it that QA is involved with possibly manual testing the silos of the projects making use of the CI train?12:40
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jhodappsil2100, thanks for landing silo 3614:16
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Saviqtrainguards, can we please force-merge https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/854, it's only waiting for gsettings-qt which didn't migrate because of flaky click scope tests (bug #1532358)14:46
ubot5bug 1532358 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "flaky autopkgtests cause migration issues" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153235814:46
oSoMoNToyKeeper, are you still looking at https://trello.com/c/Z1LL7md3/2647-834-ubuntu-landing-006-webbrowser-app-osomon ?15:12
jibeloSoMoN, she's offline15:14
oSoMoNjibel, that’s unfortunate, do you know until when?15:15
jibeloSoMoN, 9 or 10PM UTC or so15:16
jibeloSoMoN, according to her comments the silo can land though15:16
oSoMoNjibel, cool, that’s what I thought, but wanted her to mark it passed. Can you do that maybe?15:16
jibelrvr, once you're done with the camera, can you have a quick look at silo 6 and confirm that it can lands?15:17
sil2100Saviq: let me take a look at that15:35
rvrjibel: Sure16:17
Wellarktrainguards: I and dobey need a manual upload of qtpurchasing to silo 41 soon16:58
sil2100Wellark: ok16:59
Wellarkdobey: could you prepare a branch of lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtpurchasing-opensource-src which has the latest code as distro patch?17:01
Wellarkyou can get the diff for the distro patch by diffing libpay branch  against  upstream 5.6 branch17:03
dobey<- not a git expert17:04
Wellarkgit remote add qt git://code.qt.io/qt/qtpurchasing.git17:07
Wellarkgit diff remotes/qt/5.617:09
Wellark   > distro.patch17:09
dobeyWellark: can you do that bit? i need to go geet lunch17:11
Wellarkdobey: ack17:12
dobeyand git <whatver> --help is not helpful17:12
cjwatsonpossibly forgot "git remote update qt" in there17:12
cjwatsonI don't think "git remote add" actually fetches anything17:13
cjwatson(though it has an -f option to do so)17:13
Wellarkdamn.. upstream made some updates as well17:15
Wellarknothing that affects us, though17:15
Wellarkbut the orig.tar.gz gets outdated17:15
Wellarkwill need to figure out how to generate the diff from older upstream commit17:16
WellarkMirv: still around?17:17
MirvWellark: not really, but I noticed what you discussed and bzr push:d latest xenial uploads to the packaging branch which I had forgot17:19
Wellarkdobey: looks OK? https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/kubuntu-packaging/qt-purchasing-packaging/+merge/28247917:42
dobeyWellark: .gitignore being in there is weird, but otherwise yeah17:45
Wellarksil2100: could you grab lp:~unity-api-team/kubuntu-packaging/qt-purchasing-packaging and manually upload qtpurchasing for silo 41, thnx17:54
jibelcharles, sil2100 do you know what is the status of silo 53? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/507  It is QA required/needs rebuild but the bug it fixes is fixed since OTA7. Is it obsolete?17:57
dobeyjibel: that probably doesn't need QA, but does apparently need to land in xenial/trunk still18:03
dobeythe fix looks like it only landed in 15.0418:03
dobeyi guess because wily was frozen at the time18:04
jibeldobey, okay, it should be retargeted to xenial then18:06
dobeyjibel: yeah i just did that18:06
jibeldobey, thanks18:07
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dobeyand trying to rebuild it now18:07
dobeyoh wow18:08
dobeysomeone decided to hate irccloud18:08
sil2100Wellark: on it! Sorry, had to do some errands since it's a bit past my time ;)18:14
sil2100Wellark: hm, where can I fetch the tarball from?18:15
sil2100Wellark: since it doesn't seem to be available anywhere I know18:16
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dobeysil2100: btw, can you delete the wily build from https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-053/+packages ?18:18
Wellarksil2100: should be in overlay ppa, or xenial repo etc. etc18:18
WellarkMirv: --^18:19
dobeyor i guess wily will just get ignored18:29
Wellarksil2100: did you manage to find it?18:32
sil2100Wellark: the patches don't seem to apply cleanly...18:40
sil2100Wellark: btw. where is this supposed to go?18:40
sil2100Wellark: since the bzr branch seems to target xenial, and the same version is in xenial already?18:40
sil2100Wellark: if you meant uploading this to vivid, I will take the xenial version simply and re-target to vivid and push it there18:41
sil2100But usually for such things a ready source package would be best18:41
dobeysil2100: we will need a package for xenial, and then the same package uploaded for vivid-ovleray with ~15.04.1 or such appended to the version #18:43
sil2100dobey: but why for xenial if xenial already has the version?18:43
dobeysil2100: xenial doesn't already have the new patch18:43
dobeysil2100: i guess you're confused because the MP doesn't change debian/changelog :)18:44
sil2100dobey: Wellark pointed me to lp:~unity-api-team/kubuntu-packaging/qt-purchasing-packaging which only has the already-released changelog18:44
sil2100So how am I supposed to upload that? I didn't make the change so how am I supposed to know what changed?18:44
dobeysil2100: let me see if i can find the e-mail from a few months ago describing how we should ask you guys for uploads18:45
sil2100dobey: what morphis and others do is that they prepare source packages which we dput for them18:45
sil2100If I'm not a package maintainer and didn't prepare the changes there, it's really strange for me to fill in the changelog details18:46
dobeysil2100: sure. i mean there is i think some annoying process here because we have to ship stuff as a distro patch to a qt lib that we ship backported from qt 5.618:46
sil2100Anyway, I need to go off now, once the package is settled please poke robru - he should help you in this timezone then18:46
robruI'm here18:47
dobeysil2100: right. thanks18:47
dobeyrobru: hi! :)18:51
robrudobey: ahoy18:51
dobeyrobru: so, first question should be easy for you18:52
dobeyrobru: can you delete the wily package from https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-053/+packages please?18:52
robrudobey: yes. and done18:52
dobeyrobru: great. thanks18:53
robruyou're welcoe18:53
dobeyrobru: ok, so how exactly do i hand you source packages to upload to a silo ppa?18:53
robrudobey: easiest for me is if you have it in a PPA, I can copy it over.18:53
dobeyrobru: do you copy the binaries, or just the source and rebuild?19:18
robrudobey: depends if your ppa is devirt or not.19:18
robrudobey: (generally, your ppa is not devirt and i rebuild from source)19:18
dobeyrobru: ok, yeah. i don't know if this one is or not19:19
robrudobey: devirt is a thing you have to specifically request, so if you don't know, i probably isn't19:19
dobeyrobru: but if it's going to rebuild from source anyway, i guess i don't have to wait until it finishes building19:19
dobeyrobru: well, i didn't create the PPA19:20
robrudobey: sure don't! what ppa?19:20
dobeyrobru: need https://launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/+archive/ubuntu/dev-build-5/+packages copied to silo 41 ppa19:20
robrudobey: both xenial and vivid?19:21
dobeyrobru: yes19:21
dobeywell, both sources "copied to same series"19:22
robrudobey: right. done19:22
dobeyrobru: awesome, thanks!19:22
robrudobey: you're welcome19:22
Wellarkrobru, dobey: sorry, had some dinner20:17
Wellarkso yeah, that branch only contains the debian path that has changed20:17
WellarkI didn't touch the debian/changelog20:17
dobeyWellark: we're already done there20:18
Wellarkok. good20:24
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