wxlknome: looks reasonable to me. no obvious problems at first glance00:04
knomewxl, thanks. if you play around with it more (not required, but if you do), feel free to give me any feedback and/or report issues you find in github00:08
knomealso, would it be something you could use?00:09
knomeor would you like feature X to be able to use it00:09
wxloh yeah i'd use this00:10
knomethanks again00:11
knomebtw, loco portal admins, the ubuntu cote d'ivoire website link leads to a page you likely don't want it to link to...00:54
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mhall119knome: is there a right link?02:02
mhall119ugh, looks like they may have lost the domain02:06
mhall119knome: I've removed the links for now, are you in touch with anyone on that team to let them know what happened?02:08
dholbachgood morning07:41
knomemhall119, nope, i just noticed it while browsing the directory myself14:13
jonobacondpm, I am ready when you are16:57
dpmjonobacon, wrapping up the team call16:59
jonobacondpm, cool, just call me when you are ready16:59
dpmjonobacon, ok, all set!17:03
dholbachall right my friends - have a good one!17:03
jonobacondpm, cool17:03
josehmm, k-lines?18:12

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