pittiGood morning05:25
darkxsthey pitti, there is a weird test failure for g-o-a on s390x05:36
pittidarkxst: ack, will have a look (just getting swamped with stuff in #u-devel, so this will have to wait a bit); but for now I retried it05:40
darkxstpitti, ok, its not urgent05:40
didrocksgood morning06:33
pittibonjour didrocks !06:52
pittididrocks: so, my last night's attempt to do the adt-run with a clean env also didn't help, i. e. the test still succeeded06:52
didrockspitti: same in running the 3 large android tests… success :/06:54
didrockshey pitti!06:54
* didrocks now try to run pep8, small, medium and the 3 large android tests06:55
didrockswe'll see06:55
pittidarkxst: just looked into it, the s390x runners had no /etc/default/locale, so they failed when trying to show the actual error message; fixed that (so that I can debug it properly next time), and your test succeeded07:17
darkxstpitti, thanks07:20
* pitti redeploys the autopkgtest cloud worker and fell into a juju trap, argh08:26
pittiany juju savvy folk please wave my way :)08:27
seb128hey pitti08:27
seb128good morning desktopers08:27
pittihey seb128, bonjour !08:27
didrocksre seb12808:29
willcookemorning all08:53
didrocksmorning willcooke09:01
willcookemorning didrocks, how goes?09:01
didrocksquite busy, but good! yourself? :)09:02
willcookesame :)09:02
willcookealso feeling like I've got a cold coming or something.  Just a bit meh this morning09:03
willcookemorning Laney09:03
didrocksargh, make a group with seb128 :p09:03
didrockshey Laney!09:03
willcookeha, yeah09:03
Laneywhat's occurring09:03
pittididrocks: FYI, you'll lose your ubuntu-make test request, I have to re-deploy the whole autopkgtest juju env :/09:07
seb128hey Laney willcooke09:08
willcookemorning seb128, feeling any better?09:08
didrockspitti: argh, ok… :( rerunning09:08
didrockspitti: this issue is becoming a little bit tedious09:08
pittididrocks: not right now, it's torn down09:08
Laneyhey seb128!09:11
Laneypitti: something b0rked?09:11
pittiLaney: yeah, I cluttered up the worker node and wanted to re-deploy that; then ran into a juju bug, and #juju and #is can't figure it out, so complete reset :/09:11
pittire-fetching the results on autopkgtest.u.c. will take ages, other than that it should be back up fairly fast09:12
pittiwell, famous last words :)09:12
pittiLaney: ok, that wasn't too bad :)09:31
pittifixed a syntax error in the debci charm, then it re-deploys in some 5 mins09:32
darkxsthey laney, seb128, willcooke and pitti! did everyone have a good holiday!09:34
willcookehey darkxst09:34
Laneydarkxst: seems like a long time ago now09:38
* Laney faintly remembers all the cheese09:38
alexarnaudhello everyone!09:39
seb128hey darkxst09:40
Laneydarkxst: how's it going?09:40
seb128willcooke, sorry, didn't see you previous line before, I'm a bit better, at least I slept well, still not over the throat infection though09:41
seb128hey alexarnaud09:41
willcookeseb128, urgh.  Tea to the rescue :)09:41
seb128yeah :-)09:41
Laneyoh and I'm just uploading webkit stuff to a ppa for now09:42
Laneysaw a message about that last nite09:43
pittididrocks: you can trigger the run again  now09:43
seb128Laney, you know the french ways ;-)09:43
seb128Laney, yeah, you said you would upload to the webkit2 versions, so I was wondering if you had the transition done or if the security team changed their mind09:43
seb128I didn't know the upload was a side one ;-)09:44
darkxstLaney, I have had 2 weeks with very limited internet, has been good09:44
darkxststill night entirely recovered from my medication nightmares though, so could have been better09:45
didrockspitti: thx!09:47
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didrockshey andyrock09:58
seb128hey andyrock09:59
seb128hey larsu!10:04
seb128how are you?10:04
larsuexhausted! (just back from the gym)10:05
larsuhow are you?10:05
seb128I'm alright, still sick but a bit better10:07
ochosihey folks! quick question: you're not planning to push any css nodes/gtk3.20 stuff into 16.04, are you?10:10
larsuochosi: no, that's quite a big refactor in 3.2010:12
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
seb128ochosi, hey, no, that's not the kind of the change we want in a LTS10:14
Laneyhey larsu ochosi10:15
larsuLaney: hi! How's life?10:15
Laneygood gym sesh?10:16
larsu'twas alright10:17
larsuwas awake long last night, that didn't help10:17
ochosiphew good, thanks10:18
Laneyyou party animal10:18
larsuLaney: nah, just some beers with David and Kay10:19
=== tsdgeos_ is now known as tsdgeos
ochosilarsu: i presume you haven't done all the gtk3.18 necessary transitions/fixes to the theme..?10:19
larsunope, willcooke has been working on them, though10:20
seb128ochosi, if you want to contribute to some that would be welcome ;-)10:21
ochosiah i see10:21
ochosiwell i dunno, i'm going to do the total minimum of what is necessary to make things look alright10:21
ochosisince the big refactor of 3.20 is on the horizon, i'd really prefer to invest the minimum time/effort now10:21
willcookeyes yes please help :)10:21
ochosithe last 4 commits here fix *some* stuff i saw was broken: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/commits/master10:22
ochosibut since xubuntu uses far less gnome apps, i only see the tip of the iceberg supposedly10:22
seb128there are not too many issues with 3.1810:24
ochosiseb128: yes, linked buttons in inline-toolbars was one of the glitches i saw (and that's unfortunately a lot of code in CSS, even in SASS it looks a bit bloated for my taste)10:34
seb128yeah, those are an issue10:34
seb128the linked buttons at the bottom of dialogs as well10:36
seb128e.g gedit "do you want to save your work" ones10:36
seb128gnome-calendar popover has label color issues on mouseover but that might be specific to the that software10:38
pittiLaney: FYI, I'm updating goocanvasmm to latest upstream version; this blocks updating to a newer glom which in turn blocks moving to postgresql-9.510:42
pittiLaney: (You are the Maintainer:, hence the notification)10:42
Laneypitti: updating where?10:45
pittiLaney: in xenial10:45
pittiLaney: it's only being used by glom, and neither is in Debian10:45
Laneypitti: oh right, it got removed ages ago, not really interested in those any more so go wild :)10:46
Laney(or remove)10:46
pittiglom has been FTBFS for a while10:47
pittiand the latest upstream version doesn't work becuase it needs the unpacked libxml++3.010:47
pittiI'm trying wiht the next-to-last, which works with 2.610:47
pittiif everything fails, I'm also fine with removing it; nobody maintains glom in Ubuntu really, it's just a step-child10:47
Laneyok, I'm happy with removing it too, classic Ubuntu-local package10:48
willcookeseb128, larsu - did we reach a conclusion re: Nautilus yesterday?10:51
willcookeI think we didn't10:51
Laneymy monitor went off and I get "The selected configuration for dislpays could not be applied" "could not assign CRTCs to outputs"10:51
Laneywhen re-enabling it10:51
Laneydid it just break????10:52
Laneyre seating the cables was a good idea10:53
* Laney puts the fire out10:53
davmor2pitti: why all the glom and doom :D10:56
seb128willcooke, I'm leaning toward "let's revert"11:00
willcookeOki, seb128 larsu - oki let's review again on Friday?  Just in case something changes.  Otherwise we need to make a final call11:01
seb128willcooke, can we maybe get somebody from design to play with the version in xenial and give us some feedback on the things we mentioned yesterday?11:02
willcookeseb128, I'll probably need to do a video and send it over to John11:04
seb128willcooke, they don't even have one xenial machine in the office to play with?11:04
seb128is https://packages.qa.debian.org/ working for others?11:04
Laneywas down for me a bit ago11:05
Laneytracker.debian.org works11:05
pittianonscm is still down11:05
LaneyI updated my quick search thingy to use tracker now11:07
* Laney gets with the times11:07
seb128I find the layout harder to read on that one11:07
seb128I should probably try a bit more to get used to it11:08
larsuLaney: tracker is what, 10 yrs old?11:55
Laneylarsu: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/mutter this tracker11:58
* larsu ← confused11:58
darkxstare you guys on drugs?11:58
LaneyI said .debian.org the first time :P11:59
larsuI never read more than 3 lines of scrollback!11:59
Laneya fair policy11:59
Laneydarkxst: you want some?11:59
LaneyI got some "carrot cake"11:59
Laneyit's hot on the streetz right now11:59
darkxstLaney, what am I gonna do with carrot cake ;)12:00
Laneyand some "assam tea"12:00
Laneywhat you do with it is your business12:00
Laneyjust don't involve me, I ain't going down for you12:00
darkxstLaney, I know some gangsta's if you want to form a crew!12:01
darkxstbut for now12:01
* darkxst sleeps12:01
LaneyI heard about this "craft beer"12:01
Laneysomeone ought to hook me up12:01
darkxstLaney, holgates brewery12:02
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seb128what's going on on this channel?!12:10
* seb128 wants no carrot cake12:10
seb128speaking of which, just registered for an esta, even more questions to reply to than in the past12:11
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pitti_argh glom argh12:14
Laneydon't waste time on it12:14
didrockspitti_: I'm probably reading adt-run help wrong, but --git-source 'https://github.com/LyzardKing/ubuntu-make.git eclipse_multiple' --no-built-binaries will still build the package?12:14
didrockspitti_: I have no tests requiring build (and didn't specify the option in d/t/c)12:15
pitti_didrocks: no, it shouldn't build the package, does it?12:15
attentegood morning12:15
didrockspitti_: seems so12:15
didrocksand then it installs it12:16
pitti_didrocks: oh, wait -- --no-buit-binaries must come *before* the test argument (--git-source)12:16
pitti_it always applies to the next test argument12:16
didrockspitti_: oh, ok, trying!12:17
Laneyhey attente!12:18
didrockspitti_: yep, confirming it works12:19
attentehi Laney12:20
attenteLaney: could you help me land https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/861?12:21
Laneyumm I guess so12:22
Laneydid someone review your package yet?12:22
Laneyand is the version thing you were talking about fixed?12:22
seb128hey attente12:24
attentehi seb12812:24
Laneyattente: would be better if you use the tarballs on github imho12:34
Laneydebian/watch seems to work12:35
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Laneydebian/copyright says LGPL-2.0+ but the license actually appears to be 2.1+12:40
Laneydon't see any copyright beyond 2012 specified in the source files (the "-2015 Canonical")12:41
attenteoh... i thought the + was inclusive for that12:41
Laneythink that's all12:42
attentethanks Laney, i'll make it download the tarball instead12:43
Laneyyou won't be able to fix the tarball in the ppa12:44
Laneyso give me it another way if you want12:44
Laneylike put it on lillypilly.canonical.com:public_html/12:44
attenteare you going to overwrite the old one?12:45
Laneyin a sense12:45
LaneyI would just upload directly instead of using a landing silo12:45
Laneyunless you want to do that for some reason12:45
Laneyin which case you should get a new one12:45
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didrockspitti: bah, still can't reproduce the same failure (only running pep8, small, medium and test_android)13:09
didrockspitti: I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't run those tests in a normal qemu instance on one server, that would address the "I have the tests results, cronify the requests without having a specific account and such…"13:10
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pittididrocks: if you have one, that'd be fine as well of course; sorry, I didn't get back yet to chasing this down13:35
didrockspitti: no worry, it's just hard to debug… I wonder if I shouldn't pstree on each tests so that we can see the running processes13:37
didrocksI'm trying as well a wily run (not xenial, didn't make the dummy upload to the ppas still)13:38
desrtgood morning teammates, and also didrocks13:45
seb128hey desrt13:47
didrocksdesrt: good morning!13:50
* didrocks goes in a guest session for a while, brb13:51
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ksamakhikiko: TheMuso didrocks no choice but to link to gobject if one wants a11y... shall i make a compil flag? would that be acceptable?13:57
ksamakin compiz13:58
didrocksI think a compile flag would be acceptable if there is no other choice, but really, as I told you multiple times, I don't really work on compiz upstream anymore, so check with hikiko only13:58
ksamakyeah. nope, no choice, unless one is ready to remake the lib...14:03
hikikoksamak, hi14:10
hikikowhere does compiz uses gobjects?14:11
* Laney screams mmmmmmvooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo14:18
didrocksLaney: not sure the hilight would work :)14:20
Laneywasn't trying to :P14:20
* davmor2 slaps Laney who is obviously Hysterical14:20
didrocksjust saying :p14:20
Laneypre-build.sh is sinful14:24
* Laney might have battered it into submission though14:24
ksamakhikiko: we (hypra.fr) want to add accessibility features in compiz14:25
Laneyhope it builds this time, getting hungry14:25
ksamakfor blind and visually impaired14:25
ksamakso libATK needs gobject14:25
hikikoksamak what type of features?14:26
ksamakhikiko: also, we'd like (or we will) re-introduce compiz in debian, how does that sound to you?14:26
* davmor2 hands Laney his sledgehammer again, it worked last time ;)14:26
ksamakhikiko: firstly, vocalisation of basic desktop feats, like alt-tab14:26
ksamakand display on braille devices14:26
hikikosounds nice14:27
pittiW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-make-builddeps/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/source/Sources  404  Not14:27
pittididrocks: ^14:27
pittididrocks: needs a dummy upload/copy again?14:27
ksamakhikiko: there's a lack of access for impaired users right now, so we'd like to correct that.14:28
hikikobut ksamak how will you use the c gobjects in compiz that is c++?14:28
ksamakwell, i'm doing a archi binding, to have a cpp interface to ATK14:28
didrockspitti: oh right, I only have some packages in trusty for the build-deps (not the same than ubuntu-make)14:29
ksamakor i'll use the cpp interface that exists, atkmm.14:29
ksamakwhichever is better.14:29
hikikoI see14:29
didrockspitti: copying + removing I guess14:29
hikikoksamak, I don't think a flag is a problem14:29
qenghoOkay, I thought I'd loathe Irssi and SSHing to my permanent machine get to a long-running IRC connection, but it's not bad.14:29
hikikoand ksamak the features sound really cool :)14:29
hikikothanks for taking the time to add them!14:30
ksamakif anyone feels like helping, we also need to pull upstream from you guys, and adapt the packaging to debian as well.14:30
ksamakgit.hypra.fr is our current repo14:30
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ksamakwe'll be switching to https://alioth.debian.org/projects/compiz14:30
hikikoksamak, I am not familiar with packaging at all14:30
hikikomaybe Trevinho knows more14:31
hikikoI am just writing code14:31
ksamakok. i guess you know more people in ubuntu than me though lol14:31
hikikobasically willcooke is the manager of the desktop team14:31
hikikohe can point out the right persons for everything I guess :)14:31
ksamakok thx14:31
* willcooke reads14:32
hikikoas for the debian, I really have no opinion ksamak I think the debian developers are responsible to take the decision14:32
ksamakyeah, they're willing to, we just have to do it now14:33
willcookesounds like maybe TheMuso would be interested in this project overall, he's our a11y expert.  He also happens to know about packaging14:34
ksamakwe just need a few pointers on how to remove the little ubuntu native packages from it14:34
ksamakok, i'll come back later, thanks for the info14:34
didrocksthe current questions are more about code than packaging though if I understood that right14:34
didrockslike adding a11y to compiz upstream14:34
didrockswillcooke: hikiko: FYI ^14:34
ksamakyeah these are two different subjects14:35
didrocks(the packaging will be a second part)14:35
didrocksksamak: right, let's take one at a time :p14:35
ksamakwe also need packaging for debian. well, it's already there, there's juste a couple modifs14:35
willcookeksamak, when you need packaging help ping TheMuso (but he's in UTC-12) he might be able to offer some guidance there.  In the meantime, yeah, hikiko is our compiz code expert14:36
LaneyOMG it built me a source package14:36
willcookethere's a #compiz channel as well, but that seems pretty much dead14:36
davmor2Laney: see you only have to mention sledgehammer ;)14:40
* Laney nominates davmor2 for a spotlight award14:42
Laneysupplier of finest computer scaring tools14:42
* Laney goes for lunchies14:43
didrockspitti: trying on xenial now that both ppas are boostrapped15:06
didrockspitti: can't connect to github now :/ (and the other xenial worker wasn't up to date and failed): https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-wily-ubuntu-desktop-ubuntu-make/wily/amd64/u/ubuntu-make-git/20160113_153127@/log.gz15:38
didrockspitti: I guess the ssh access isn't enabled, I'll use the https one15:38
pittididrocks: sorry, was in meeting16:38
pittididrocks: ah yes, you won't be able to ssh to github, only http and https through proxy16:38
didrockspitti: yeah, still some docker timing out on wily though: http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml#pkg-ubuntu-make-git16:50
qenghodidrocks: I diffed xdg-utils against xenial and Debian in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-utils/+bug/1518053 . Is that what you had in mind?16:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1518053 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) "xdg-mime can read .config/ defaults but can never set them" [Medium,Confirmed]16:50
didrocksqengho: hum, wrong person? :)16:56
didrocksoh no, a very old sponsor request16:57
didrocksI'll have a look tomorrow, enough for today ;)16:57
* didrocks waves good evening16:58
ksamakdidrocks: seeya16:58
didrockssee you ksamak!16:59
seb128Laney mastering webkit ;-)17:19
* Laney roars17:39
attenteLaney: sorry about the delay. do you think you could copy the package from here? https://launchpad.net/~attente/+archive/ubuntu/maliit-inputcontext-gtk17:46
Laneyattente: ok, it'll have to be tomorrow now though17:49
seb128Laney, enjoy your evening!18:06
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snowstormhi all18:54
snowstormdoes anyone knows about lost of surround sound through hdmi with Radeon HD 7700/7800 Series after Ubuntu 14.04 LTS latest update done few days ago?18:55
alexarnaudsnowstorm: are you tring to verify if the right pulseaudio canal is used ?19:08
alexarnaud(with something like pavucontrol)19:08
snowstormI still have stereo sound when playing video through VLC, but now surround anymore19:09
snowstormand yes, all I see is front left and front right19:10
alexarnaudsnowstorm: OK, sorry I can't helping you. You should to go to #ubuntu channel for support.19:12
snowstormok thanks alexarnaud for the consideration19:12
willcookeg'night all19:23
alexarnaudsee you later everyone19:25
TheMusoksamak: You could also talk directly via dbus to at-spi, thats another option.20:57
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