fazerelopio, can you check if my PR is ready for merging? I'm unable to squash the commits properly. Every time I try, I mess something up.01:37
fazerelopio, can you also extend my task time, in case it doesn't get merged by then?01:41
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joseelopio: ping15:43
elopiojose: pong.15:44
joseelopio: hey, when you have a min, would you mind reviewing this task please? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5128575074172928/?sp-page=115:44
elopiojose: I did. It needs a little more work so I extended the date.15:45
joseelopio: cool, thanks !:)15:46
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balloonsleaderboard updated fyi21:37

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