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nhainesThanks for the RSVPs, guys!07:38
dholbachgood morning07:41
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:45
dholbachhi nhaines07:46
nhainesdholbach: I'm coming to the slow realization that at some point I might actually have to create slides for some of my talks at SCALE.  :)07:46
dholbachthat might be necessary, yes07:47
svijnhaines: thanks for the reminder, me too :D08:00
svijdamn, we'll all meet in a week already!08:04
dholbachyeehaw :)08:05
dholbachcan't wait!08:06
nhainesYes, in 8 hours I have an UbuCon planning meeting and then... if there's anything we must discuss again next week, we'll just get together and talk about it!08:07
nhainesOh, in 10 hours, which is better.  :)08:07
svijnhaines: be sure that your German will be perfect in a week :P08:10
dholbachsvij: you're a bit of a troll :-P08:12
svijdholbach: I sometimes talk to nhaines on telegram only in german. Sometimes I forgot that he's not german. :)08:12
nhainessvij: oh sure, my translator arrives Friday night.  :)08:12
nhainesHopefully in time for Bad Voltage live!08:13
svijtoo bad the social event on thursday conflicts with jono and co. Talk and "Linux sucks"08:13
nhainesDoes it?08:14
svijsocial even is on 19:00?08:14
nhainesWell then, I'll just hold your drink tickets for you...08:15
svijwe'll see08:17
tsimonq2nhaines: a note for the future, plan it for a weekend next time so I can go :D :P11:41
tsimonq2or I have the *possibility* of going11:41
nhainestsimonq2: there's always SCALE!  :D18:00
tsimonq2nhaines: but but but...UbuCon!21:09
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