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MatthewAllenballoons, you may want to have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+bug/153347205:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1533472 in Ubuntu QA Website "Text inside tables in the results page cannot be seen as it is the same color as the background" [Undecided,New]05:55
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flocculantballoons: that's definitely something we need to sort out :p07:20
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balloonsyea, the tracker is updated and looks a bit different..16:28
MatthewAllenflocculant, wxl, tsimonq2 - I was talking to balloons about creating a terminal application (for a GCI Task) that allows you to set a testcase to monitor on the QA Tracker and the application will use desktop notifications to inform you when a new result is added and a preview of its data (eg. passed, comment, etc.) - Would you be interested in this? Or would it be a waste of my time to develop? Any specific17:00
MatthewAllenfeatures that you guys would want?17:00
MatthewAllenIf I'm disconnected by the time you guys see this, feel free to email me at whosdaz <at> gmail.com17:09
flocculantballoons: do you mean it is intentional to not be able to read things?17:21
balloonsflocculant, no, not at all. I mean the change occured with the release17:21
flocculantoh ok - I was a bit confused by what you said :)17:21
balloonsWe'll have to dig into it and see what happened. If it's poor enough, we can rollback17:21
flocculantMatthewAllen: just this minute got home, will look at that very shortly17:22
balloonsMatthewAllen, notice the critical bugs box flows under the bugs box at smaller window sizes: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds/110281/testcases/1307/results17:25
balloonsAnd the bugs box overflows the section17:26
MatthewAllenballoons, hmmm - I'd assume that is because they never resize17:26
flocculantMatthewAllen: not sure that I'd be at all interested in if I'm reading that right - I have about ~50 discrete testcases I'm worried about - that is a whole lot of setting up each time I reinstall the OS and given that I do that 3 or 4 times during a 6 month cycle - not going there17:27
flocculantI'd be interested in an RSS feed via the tracker which would rely on me being logged into it only17:27
MatthewAllenflocculant, all good - anything specific you can think of that would be useful? that could be implemented with the QA Tracker API17:27
flocculantMatthewAllen: well atm - I don't know if every thing we've been looking at is live, so a bit hard to tell17:31
flocculantmmm - why am I seeing path to testcases in the top bar?17:32
MatthewAllen..., that's my bad17:32
MatthewAllenwill fix asap17:32
flocculantok - just checking :)17:33
MatthewAllengood catch, thanks for pointing it out17:33
MatthewAllenthat was left over from me testing while implementing the fix for the 404 link17:34
MatthewAllenballoons, for the bug mentioned above - should I just push a commit to the current merge for the 404? Can you sort it out from there?17:36
MatthewAllenfix pushed to https://code.launchpad.net/~whosdaz/ubuntu-qa-website/fix119477017:37
balloonsMatthewAllen, yes I can remerged the same branch17:55
MatthewAllenmmk, I've pushed the change to the same branch17:55
MatthewAllenso you can do it whenever17:55
balloonsI'm thinking we might just rollback on this17:56
damasceneIs the sluggishness during software update is normal thing?17:58
damascene When I urn # sudo -u test sh -c "echo Hi" answer: Hi \n Sessions still open, not unmounting. Is it a bug? It does not forbid me from running the command but it throw an error that block the execution of local.rc18:01
flocculantdamascene: this isn't a support channel - try #ubuntu18:03
damasceneI'm not looking for support18:03
damasceneI think it's a bug if you can confirm it. I'll file a bug18:03
wxlballoons: fwiw i'm in support of matthewallen's idea for the qa tracker notifications18:06
balloonsdamascene, we have no idea what test.sh, or what you mean by sluggishness18:06
flocculantwxl: but would you prefer something you don't have to set up each time you re-install?18:07
flocculantlike an rss feed from the tracker18:07
balloonsduring installtion, the disk and cpu usage goes up. That will make your pc seem slower than before18:07
wxlflocculant: yes, definitely18:08
flocculantwxl: not that I'm particularly worried one way or the other - one I might use, the other I wouldn't :)18:08
wxlactually i wouldn't mind even a daily report sent by email summarizing18:08
flocculantwell - actually I would use rss feed if it was a general thing18:08
wxlpersonally, though, i'd want to do it per image rather than per testcase18:08
wxli'm interested in ALL the testcases for our particular set of images (and sometimes, other images)18:08
flocculantI thought testcase number changed when new daily18:09
wxli don't usually use rss feeds18:09
wxlwhich isn't to say i couldn't18:09
flocculantfor images18:09
damasceneballoons, in short I'm telling a command to run as user "test" here is what happening http://paste.ubuntu.com/14489006/18:09
damasceneI do not want to go and file a bug then it turn out to be because of my mistake. I've searched different forums and did not find it common and did not understand what it mean18:13
flocculantballoons wxl - I'm under the impression that when the build changes then the url does http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds/110283/testcases wouldn't be 110283 tomorrow for instance18:14
flocculantnot sure how matthew's tool would work18:14
flocculantanyway - enough of that from me - I'd not use it :)18:15
balloonswhy not? His tool would use the API, so it should be fine18:16
balloonsand yes you are corect18:16
flocculantwhy not use it?18:16
flocculantor some other why not?18:17
balloonswell, I wouldn't have him build something that's of no use, heh18:17
balloonsno sense in that18:17
flocculantok - well I did give him my reasoning ^^ - I'd not want to get notifications of ~50 things that I'm interested in18:18
flocculantand on milestone testing when I'm 'WILL YOU PLEASE TEST THIS FOR US' it'd be a nightmare :)18:18
wxlflocculant: that's why i'd suggest a daily report18:18
flocculantballoons: bug 137545618:19
ubot5bug 1375456 in Ubuntu QA Website "no way to subscribe to daily reports for a particular product" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137545618:19
wxlright and see, that's for a whole PRODUCT18:19
wxlwhich is what i'm interested in18:19
flocculantbasically I'd want to know about xubuntu iso.tracker and package.tracker18:19
wxlsame here, for lubuntu18:20
wxloccassionally i might want to know about some other image because i'm tracking installer issues18:20
wxlbut again, that can be a whole product18:20
wxl(probably better if it is, honestly)18:20
* balloons is trying to figure out the course of action to take for the tracker18:21
wxlballoons: i think you, as head of QA, will need to make an executive decision about how this is going to manifest itself, but my vote is definitely in for a daily report on a set of user-selectable products18:22
balloonsahh.. The decision lies with the one with creates it18:24
balloonsmeritocracy my friend ;-)18:25
wxlballoons: that's why i gave you my vote18:25
flocculantha ha ha18:26
flocculantI'm using the I won't use that method of backing quietly away from this issue :p18:26
flocculantfrom my perspective if there was an rss feed on 'product' then I suspect knome could add that to our tracker so anyone interested in xubuntu could see that18:28
damasceneI couldn't reproduce the problem on 16.04 just in 15.04 for now18:30
flocculantdamascene: well 15.04 is just about to EOL anyway18:31
damasceneI should hurry up then and replace it :-)18:32
wxlballoons: is there any sort of community testing for snappy?18:34
balloonswxl, talk to elopio about that :-)18:35
wxlelopio: snappy community testing?18:35
balloonsflocculant, wxl, also am I crazy or are we missing a lot of defects? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/defects19:15
flocculantballoons: nope - not crazy - that's closer to what I wanted - 12.04 is missing now :p19:17
balloonsflocculant, ok so the only issues are the path print at the top (which is fixed in trunk) and the weird colors?19:18
balloonsflocculant, well for instance, we don't see daily19:18
flocculantthere are a huge number of bugs missing19:18
flocculantdailies defintely - both xenial and trusty19:20
flocculantI guess we're not worried about any trusty version released19:20
flocculantno reason for qa to be interested in anything but current dev and lts dailies imo19:23
flocculantas far as the tracker goes I add :)19:23
flocculantballoons: did all the different merges land at the same time here?19:31
balloonsflocculant, everything landed yesterday. I'm trying to decide on whether to push forward or rollback things19:31
balloonswell, I mean everything as of yesterday landed. It landed early this morning for you19:31
flocculanttbh - given the lack of anguished cries - I wonder if it is better to just fix the issues and not roll back19:32
flocculant2 weeks to next milestone for flavours19:33
balloonswell, indeed. Now is the time to fix.. Not during milestones :-)19:34
flocculantnot sure you should roll back - just roll forward a bit quick :p19:43
elopiowxl: hello.19:48
wxlhai elopio19:49
elopiowxl: the most useful thing at the moment is to get people to try building snaps.19:49
wxlelopio: so less formal testing then?19:49
tewardballoons: ping20:56
tewardjust to confirm: you said that 32bit Server ISO tests are effectively dead and no longer done by Ubuntu / Ubuntu Server QA?20:56
balloonsteward, yes20:56
tewardballoons: you may want to tell phillw that20:57
tewardincoming PM of PM log snippets20:57
tewardhe reached out to me, since he knows I do stuff on the Server Team (nginx, general triage when i see it, etc.)20:57
balloonsteward, the best folks to ask about 32-bit images of server are the people who own them -- #ubuntu-server21:00
tewardindeed - was trying to find the release coordinator for Server, but never succeeded21:01
balloonsI can't speak for them. But yes, obviously the tests are exactly the same21:01
tewardwill bring up @ next Server Team meeting21:01
tewardright... but I think phill's complaint is that people still have 32bit kit/tech and that not having the tests is "stupid" (to put it very mildly)21:04
balloonsI could certainly put tests there, but the product owners own those things21:05
balloonsregardless, no one is telling you you can't test or use the images; as you've noted they are still being produced21:06
tewardright, not saying otherwise, just trying to determine who I can poke to get phill off my [CENSORED]21:06
flocculant/ignore works21:06
flocculanthttp://assets.amuniversal.com/acc8547087bf01332a64005056a9545d is apt21:08
elopiowxl: yes. More like exploring what's possible and reporting bugs about what's not possible.21:25
wxlballoons: white on grey is bad!!! http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds22:17
flocculantwxl: that's what we were talking about earlier - there is a bug for that22:18
wxlkthx flocculant22:18
flocculantthat's what we started talking about :D22:20
flocculantyou know how it is, got the boss talking about stuff and it just goes anywhere :p22:21
wxlindeed :)22:21

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