flexiondotorgcyphermox, When you're not super busy could you take a peek at this merge proposal please?00:42
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stgrabermicahg: any news on updating lxd?09:21
stgraber(that is, reviewing the trusty-backports upload)09:23
stgraberLaney: or you if you feel like it :)09:23
Laneyoh yeah sure09:23
Laney-               golang-go (>= 2:1.3.3-1ubuntu4~) [i386 amd64 armhf arm64],09:31
Laney+               golang-go (>= 2:1.3.3-1ubuntu4~) [i386 amd64 armhf],09:31
Laneyis that good?09:31
Laneyah, it matches Architecture of the binary packages09:32
stgraberah yeah, I changed that to match the binary arch restriction, it doesn't make any difference but figured it was more correct09:38
xnoxeither its me, or autopkgtest.ubuntu.com lost all xenial test results16:02
rbasakI think pitti said he was redeploying it or something?16:04
Laneyxnox: The environment was rebuilt and results have to be re-synced out16:04
xnoxoh, ok.16:04
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bdmurrayinfinity: Do you know why apt's own information about what version it is would be wrong the package is from -updates or -security? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14481946/17:35
infinitybdmurray: Because the version in configure was never updated, which is perfectly fine.  *shrug*17:39
bdmurrayinfinity: I ask because ubuntu-release-upgrader uses apt.apt_pkg.VERSION which ends up being wrong and didn't think working around it in u-r-u was the best solution.17:41
infinitybdmurray: Well, you'll note that trusty's is 11 revisions behind.  This isn't new.17:42
apwbdmurray, can't you ask apt the version of apt, like you would any other package ?17:42
apwbdmurray, rather than the version string it has burnt in ?17:42
bdmurrayapw: Yes, that's not the point though.17:43
infinityWell, but it is the point.17:43
infinityUpstream versions and package versions don't always match.17:43
infinityYou should be asking dpkg.17:43
bdmurrayits not returning the upstream version though is it?17:45
infinityIt's returning the version burned into configure, which is the "upstream" version.17:45
infinityDebian-native packages are weird, and mvo's build system is even weirder. :P17:45
infinityBut the point stands that you shouldn't ask a binary for its package version.17:46
bdmurrayThe prepare-release script looks to me like it should update the VERSION string by parsing the changelog.17:46
infinityIt does, but I never call that for SRUs, nor does anyone else.17:47
infinityAnd it's an upstream script.17:47
infinityie: not part of the package build.17:47
bdmurrayOkay, I'll change u-r-u then.17:47
flocculantinfinity: do you know if there is an actual date when 15.04 goes EOL - or just sometime in January when it happens?17:52
infinityflocculant: I'll announce it.  Very soon, in fact.17:54
flocculantinfinity: so you'll announce before? or when it goes eol? can't remember what happened last time - we were just going to let xubuntu users know it's due17:55
infinityflocculant: I'll give ~3wk notice, then announce again when it's EOL.17:56
flocculantinfinity: ok - cheers :)17:56
infinityflocculant: I probably should have announced a week ago, but oops.  It'll get another week of support. :P17:58
infinityThe security team usually bugs me about it. ;)17:58
* infinity will draft the announce today.17:59
flocculantha ha17:59

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