EmilienMcoreycb: I found out why aodh fails02:04
EmilienMalembic.ini is missing02:04
EmilienMcoreycb: actually no, neverming. I have another issue now02:06
EmilienMcoreycb: I found the bug02:14
EmilienMI had to do cp -r /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/aodh/storage/alembic /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/aodh/storage/sqlalchemy/02:14
EmilienMcoreycb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/1533014/comments/402:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1533014 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive "aodh can't be installed" [High,Fix committed]02:16
fibesabout to do a large scale migration about 20k servers to ubuntu corp mandate after we were bought out by another company02:41
fibesi dont understand it because we are already running debain seems backwerds someone help prove me wrong02:41
fibesthe main point being steady release cycles and LTS, is that not avaialble else where?02:42
sarnoldin some sense, debian "invented" the LTS idea with years between releases.. they do better these days :)02:43
fibesim excited for something new but seems like alot of work for what value02:43
fibesnever having used it on an enterprise level only in home02:43
sarnoldthere's plenty of choice in the LTS release world though -- debian's usual releases, ubuntu LTS releases, SLES, RHEL, Centos (RHEL rebuilds)02:43
fibesi was reading that spotify did this, maybe its a trend in large companys02:46
sarnoldcould be;02:47
sarnoldubuntu says they'll support the packages in main for five years; with debian, you don't know how long it'll be. rhel, sles, cost a fair chunk of change.. centos is free, but not much inthe way of support02:48
tarpmanfibes: I have some sympathy for the idea that the entire company should be on the same platform, but for the record, debian also introduced LTS these days -> https://wiki.debian.org/LTS02:48
fibesi think that was just introduced maybe that decided in that window before02:49
fibesall the dev guys seem happy, not us admins that have to do the work02:49
tarpmanthe official announcement was april 2014, maybe your decision happened before then02:49
fibeso wow  yea that was awhile ago now, who knows when the suits had meetings02:51
fibesi just hope alot of things dont change, logging locations etc because we havge so many script already written that help out day to day support03:02
fibeswhile its probably more an nsd thing i noticed aolserver is now looged with aolserver403:03
fibeswe are at 8.40 deb03:03
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BlinkizHello. I have hardware LSI raid 6 currently on 16TB. It will grow up to 100TB within a couple of years. Am in no need of partitions on this volume, can someone point me in a direction about the discussion if placing a filesystem directly on the volume is bad or not?08:30
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lordievaderGood morning.09:16
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OlofLsomeone can help setting up snmp v3 on ubuntu server 14 ?  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-an-snmp-daemon-and-client-on-ubuntu-14-04 this guide and I cannot  create a user with snmpusm. I dont get the user successfully created msg11:23
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EmilienMcoreycb, jamespage: I talked with zigo, and the aodh issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/1533014/comments/4 is in Debian. He's currently building a new package. Once it's done, can I ping you so you update 'proposed' ?13:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1533014 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive "aodh can't be installed" [High,Fix committed]13:01
dencavalHey guys, I'm also having the issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1499934 . Is there some workaround?13:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499934 in MAAS "Power State could not be queried (vmware)" [High,Triaged]13:20
rbasakdencaval: if you don't get an answer here, try #maas13:25
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dencavalrbasak ok13:48
tewardwas there a server team meeting yesterday that I missed, or...?15:22
rbasakteward: it didn't happen.15:34
mastahh|workHi guys. Has anyone utilised Heartbeat in a production environment before to configure two servers as a HA pair?16:11
iamnotgregI'm trying to open a port for a server that is running on my localhost so that it is accessible on my network. What do I need to do? My google skills are weak17:04
tarpmaniamnotgreg: http://portforward.com/17:06
iamnotgregtarpman: I don't need to set it up for wan...just my local network17:07
tarpmaniamnotgreg: what's preventing it from working right now? some kind of firewall on your server?17:08
iamnotgregtarpman: so I ran netstat and see that the port is open on my localhost...however when I use nmap and scan my localhost I don't see the port as being open. Additionally, when I try and scan my ip within the network there is no port open. I want to forward that port for my network to the port for my localhost17:19
iamnotgregtarpman: I'm trying to add hylafax to my network17:19
tarpmaniamnotgreg: maybe you want https://wiki.debian.org/HylaFax#Configuring_Network_Faxing17:21
iamnotgregtarpman: I did that...but before I try to add people to the network, shouldn't I be able to see the port open on my computer?17:22
tarpmaniamnotgreg: check the BINDTO setting in /etc/default/hylafax17:24
tarpmaniamnotgreg: cf. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=56125317:24
ubottuDebian bug 561253 in hylafax-server "hylafax-server: /etc/default/hylafax leads to wrong usage of BINDTO parameter" [Normal,Open]17:24
iamnotgregtarpman: then just restart the server I guess?17:27
iamnotgregI mean the hylafax server...not the computer17:28
iamnotgregtarpman: this will allow other computers on the network to communicate with the sevrer?17:28
tarpmaniamnotgreg: I don't know, sorry. I have never installed or run hylafax, and I don't have time to right now17:29
tarpmaniamnotgreg: I'm just throwing out guesses based on brief googling and experience with other packages17:29
tarpmanif that's not helpful, I'll shut up :)17:29
iamnotgreglol. thanks17:29
tarpmaniamnotgreg: basically, read the man page for hylafaxd, and see what arguments the init script actually invokes it with (specifically -l, if present), and update your configuration until the init script runs it the way you need it to be run :)17:31
iamnotgregHey I just restarted my comp and lost records of where it was that I made the suggested modification.17:33
iamnotgregCan you tell me what the file path was again?17:33
tarpman/etc/default/hylafax ?17:37
iamnotgregtarpman: yes...was there a file too?17:38
tarpmanthat is a file17:38
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argeshallyn: fyi your libvirt SRU to wily needs to be rebased on a security update (unless you're ok with me doing that)19:06
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hallynarges: please go ahead19:27
henkjanthe last libvirt update on wily stopped al my virtual machines on updating19:42
argeshenkjan: where did the wily upload go?19:54
argeshenkjan: sorry19:54
argeshallyn: ^^19:54
argeshallyn: and if you have a debdiff lying around that would help most19:56
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hallynhenkjan: which version exactly?20:45
henkjanhallyn: 2016-01-13 11:00:58 status installed libvirt-bin:amd64 1.2.16-2ubuntu11.15.10.220:51
hallynhenkjan: ok - the security update then.  Thanks, I will look into it20:52
hallynhenkjan: did you file a bug?  (if not, could you, to collect info?)20:52
henkjanhallyn: did not yet file a bug. i'll do it now20:54
argeshenkjan: also if you can note the last version which worked properly that may help identify where the code change was introduced. Thanks21:00
stevefhi, i have looked all over the web and i simply cannot figure out how to get a fresh 15.10 server installation connected to wireless. it did during installation, and now i can't, i tried modifying /etc/network/interfaces in a bunch of ways, it just won't and iwconfig gives me wlp3s0 instead of wlan0 (i saw online it is new naming method); anyhow, it seems impossible to connect this even though it did during instalation; please h21:00
tewardif I have a question regarding the Ubuntu Server QA stuff, that's for the QA contact during the next Server Team meeting, yes?  Or is it under Xenial Development?  (Adding something to the agenda)21:02
RoyKstevef: what sort of NIC is this?21:07
stevefa d-link wireless pci21:08
henkjanhallyn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/153383921:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1533839 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "vms shutting down on libvirt upgrade" [Undecided,New]21:09
stevefi even tried with a dlink usb dongle21:10
RoyKstevef: what chipset?21:10
RoyKstevef: pastebin output of 'lshw', please21:12
stevefi can't pastebin it's a native install21:13
sarnoldhallyn: odd that the apparmor profiles are unloaded :/21:15
stevefAR2413/AR2414 Wireless Network Adapter [AR5005G(S) 802.11bg]21:18
stevefand it names it wlp3s021:18
steveflshw tells me all three networks are disabled21:21
stevefsays driver=ath5k driverversion=4.2.0-16-generic21:22
tewardmatsubara: ping21:23
teward(if you're busy, no rush)21:23
matsubarateward, hi21:23
tewardmatsubara: so, a question came to me re: Server ISO testing, and the lack of 32bit tests.  Apart from the person asking me about it being slightly naggy and annoying, trying to get an authoritative answer regarding why there's no 32bit ISO tests for Server, so I can get them off my back21:24
tewardballoons said that those tests were killed off, and it's up to the 'owner' of the ISO tests/release to provide or not provide them, rbasak pointed me to you for better input / reply to the inquiry21:24
tewardbasically: why are there no 32bit Server ISO tests in QA, and if they were killed off is there a detailed reason as to why21:25
matsubarateward, It's in my todo list to have those moved on to the server team CI infrastructure. I don't know the reason for not having 32bits tests. AFAICT, I'll move on to the server CI infrastructure only the existing tests21:26
matsubarateward, sorry if this doesn't answer your question.21:27
tewardmatsubara: explains it well enough for me, but if there's not an answer, i'll fall back to balloons' statement that "No test cases were provided, therefore we don't have them."21:27
tewardand then the one person trying to get a clear answer can just sit there with a non-answer21:27
tewardsince there's no clear answer that I've been able to find21:27
tewardIMO the test cases are identical, but I think servers run amd64 moreso than 32bit now, no?21:28
tewardand those that aren't can still install the ISOs or run the tests themselves without testcases and id bugs21:28
matsubarateward, Yes, I think that's fair to say. Basically anyone running the server ISOs are likely to be running the amd64 ones21:29
sarnold32bit might still be popular on e.g. m1.tiny, where 4 vs 8 bytes for pointerrs might make a difference21:30
matsubaraand if there's a reasonable need for 32bit tests then we need to hear about it21:30
tewardmatsubara: might I suggest then that you reach out to phillw and take his concerns?21:30
stevefroyk are you still here? :S21:31
matsubarasarnold, aren't those using the cloud images rather than the isos to install? I think those are tested in a separate infrastructure21:31
tewardi'm usually the last one to ISO test - only reason I did so recently was to trace backwards an issue that originated on Lubuntu's alts, which we confirmed happened on our dailies too21:31
RoyKstevef: almost - -14°C outside so I'm thawing21:31
sarnoldmatsubara: probably. isos seem so quaint ;)21:32
RoyKbloody russians sending their high pressure systems to us again21:32
tewardmatsubara: though, I'm happy to tell phillw that if he has a specific reasonable need he should poke the server team in a meeting or via the ML21:32
tewardif you have no issues with that, of course21:32
balloonsmatsubara, perhaps it's enough to simply add the tests back to the 32-bit images; while not requiring any of them21:33
tsimonq2teward: and it was turned off because technically Ubuntu has no more support for i386 server21:33
balloonswe can mark every one as optional21:33
RoyKstevef: what up?21:33
tewardmatsubara: i wouldn't mind seeing i386 tests, but have them as Optional non-mandatory tests21:33
stevefi can't pastebin it's a native install21:33
matsubarateward, yep, that sounds reasonable. Ask him to reach out to me or the server ML or join the weekly meeting. we can discuss there. It'll give the opportunity for the rest of the server team to reply back as others might have better knowledge of the reasons we don't have such tests21:33
tewardbasically, voluntary ones21:33
coreycbjamespage, zul: can one of you sponsor the debdiff at the end of bug 1533014 ?  it's a hot one for EmilienM21:33
ubottubug 1533014 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive "aodh can't be installed" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153301421:33
stevefAR2413/AR2414 Wireless Network Adapter [AR5005G(S) 802.11bg]21:33
tewardto quote balloons there21:33
stevefand it names it wlp3s021:33
steveflshw tells me all three networks are disabled21:33
tewardmatsubara: though, i will also make a note to these logs here, so he can see our discussion on it here21:34
steveflshw tells me all three networks are disabled21:34
EmilienMcoreycb: appreciate your help, thanks21:34
RoyKteward: https://wiki.debian.org/ath5k21:34
stevefthank you, will check that; what i find odd is that it connected and everything was well during installation, and now, nothing works :S21:35
tewardmatsubara: though, i will also make a note to these logs here, so he can see our discussion on it here, and will suggest poking the ML or joining the meeting21:36
tewardRoyK: mishighlight21:36
ianorlinI think the alternate for 32 bit makes more sense for lubuntu though on really old machines21:36
RoyKstevef: then possibly a kernel argument may help21:36
RoyKteward: sorry21:36
tewardRoyK: no harm done :)21:36
ianorlinyeah even if you were say runninng a virtual machine of a server it is a lot easier to get hardware virtualization extensions needed for 64 bit and it will be orders of magnitudes faster21:37
arcskyin resolv.conf there is search domain.test . is that dns suffix ? or what dhcp option is that ?21:38
bekksarcsky: that option is most likely provided by your DHCP server.21:38
sarnoldarcsky: that means when you try to resolve e.g. "google.com" your resolver will first try to resolve "google.com.domain.test." before trying "google.com."21:39
arcskybekks: yeah but which option is that ?21:39
arcskyi think its option 119 or 1521:40
tewardmatsubara: any objection to me adding it to the schedule for discussion anyways, even if only briefly?21:40
tewardto bring attention to the fact it was brought up to a server team member21:41
bekksarcsky: Just take a look at your DHCP server, which option is being used.21:41
matsubarateward, no objection at all21:41
tewardmatsubara: then i'll add it under the QA section, on the tracker.  thanks again.21:41
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stevefroyk: i have managed to get it connected by doing [sudo ifconfig enp0s24 up] and changing its name in interfaces... but how do i get it to do "up" automatically when computer starts? otherwise it will never connect :S22:04
stevefi will then try and figure out the wifi part, but first step is to get it to enable automatically upon startup :S22:05
sarnoldadd 'auto' to the /etc/network/interfaces stanza22:05
stevefit's already at auto... but i'll verify that it wasn't because of the new name system thank you sarnold22:06
stevefi also keep getting disconnected from here so i do not see all responses :S but lshw always tells me they are disabled when i start the computer; interfaces is set to auto.22:15
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stevefcannot bypass "interface not configured" in ifdown22:26
bekksstevef: because an unconfigured interface cant be downed.22:27
bekksstevef: can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces again please?22:27
stevefi cannot pastebin it's a native install in terminal; i have: auto lo / iface lo inet loopback // auto wlp3s0 / iface wp3s0 inet dhcp / wpa-ssid xxxxx / wpa-psk xxxxx22:29
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:32
stevefright, but it's not connected to the net22:32
stevefwhich is the main issue22:32
stevefand also, problematic, to get it connected, via my laptop and a bridge, i need to modify the network/interfaces and do ifconfig xxxx up ...22:37
stevefbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14491402/22:41
stevefstill there?23:00
TJ-stevef: syntax error: "allo-hotplug"23:02
TJ-stevef: and again "iface wp3s0"23:02
stevefyes, it's on23:04
stevef...? i'm not sure i understand what you recommend me to add/modify!?23:04
TJ-stevef: it should be "allow-hotplug ..." and "wp3s0" should be "wlp3s0"23:04
TJ-stevef: you can use "ifquery --all" to check the configuration23:06
stevefHS!!!!!! a typo i was unnable to notice.. O.O23:11
stevefi've spent 5hours on this, because of a typo!!!! O.O ..... anyone know why they changed the default wlan0 etc.... to these new names? :S23:11
stevefbtw THANK YOU tj thank you very much... with the small font i don't know how long it would have taken me, thank you so much23:12
TJ-stevef: the init system changed the interface naming for more machine-consistent naming to avoid the arbitrary mess there was previously for discovery/hot-plug23:14
SchallaFor KVM, there is any recommended hdd type?23:14
SchallaOr is the qcow2 default reasonable?23:14
TJ-Schalla: I use qcow2 since it supports overlays23:14
TJ-Schalla: it depends on your use-case; LVMs are also a good option23:15
SchallaTJ-: Setting up KVM the first time, so many options... ^^23:17
TJ-Schalla: yes, it is very configurable :)23:17
SchallaConsidered to get the Ubuntu Server Guide23:17
TJ-although techically KVM isn't; it's QEMU that is23:17
RoyKstevenroose|BNC: add "up blbla" after the iface line somewhere in the interfaces file23:31
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SchallaRoyK: I found the reason for the issue I had yesterday before I had to go, I got the hint in another channel to blank out the superblock with dd23:36
Schallaand it worked after that. Didn't expect that^^23:37
RoyKSchalla: it usually works if things are messed up23:49
SchallaRoyK: Yeah, I just start to worry when there is not even a error message^^23:52
* RoyK worries if temperatures will drop under -20 tomorrow23:59

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