mukakrabador, I think easiest would be setting it in router?00:09
krabadormuka, on ubuntu touch i mean00:11
mukanever tried it but try googling something like ubuntu static ip00:14
mukanot sure if it would work00:15
stary-101does ubuntu touch have a real linux kernel?00:24
stary-101like the same full fledged you get with ubuntu desktop00:26
popeystary-101, kinda00:47
stary-101as i understand it , it's a stripped linux kernal00:47
popeystary-101, it's a linux kernel with patches to support the device00:47
popeywhat specifically you after?00:47
stary-101running software i run on my desktop on the phone00:48
stary-101i use ubuntu desktop00:48
popeysuch as?00:48
popeythe kernel isn't the issue here usually00:48
popeyit's the lack of X1100:49
popeyand the fact desktop apps aren't optimised for touch screens00:49
stary-101what desktop manager does it use00:49
popeyIt's Unity 8 / Mir00:49
stary-101and compiled for ARM  i assume00:50
stary-101the packages00:50
popeywe have a fork of the main ubuntu arm archive00:50
stary-101so in theory if i can compile my program for ARM00:50
stary-101without a gui, i should run it on ubuntu touch00:50
popeywhether it runs or not is another matter, depends what dependencies it needs00:50
stary-101ow yeah of course00:51
popeywe do build all kinds of things for / on ubuntu phone00:51
stary-101does it support javascript for a gui?00:51
stary-101i seem to have read you can make html5 and js for apps00:52
popeyyou can, yes00:52
popeyqml, html5.. some apps are c++00:52
popeywe also have python & java apps00:53
popeyi think so :)00:53
stary-101why is there no iso, i can run on my phone?00:54
popeybecause arm hardware doesn't work like pc x86 hardware00:55
popeyyou have to port ubuntu to the device00:56
Elleostary-101: unfortunately phones aren't really standardised like desktop systems, so each phone needs an individual port, this page gives details on phones for which there are ports: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices00:56
popeybecause arm00:56
stary-101that's too bad00:57
popeywelcome to arm00:57
popeywhat device do you have?00:57
stary-101and i see the device has been abandoned00:58
popeyit's certainly a candidate00:58
popeythat someone could update the port - or re-do it00:58
popeyit's better specced than some devices we've seen ports for00:58
stary-101wouldn't in theory : that you can compile a linux kernel for a device00:59
stary-101for that type of phone00:59
popeythats part of it, yeah00:59
stary-101these installs are precompiled linux kernels right00:59
stary-101specifically for that model01:00
stary-101before the linux kernel is loaded, the boot loader is loaded01:00
stary-101that loads the kernel01:00
stary-101and since the boatloader is just software, wouldn't it be possible to check the device, before the kernel is loaded01:01
popeybut the specific kernel version needs building for that device01:02
stary-101so compiling the kernel before it is loaded is not possible?01:03
popeye.g. the bq e4.5 is 3.4.67 with drivers for the mediatek SoC, the kernel for the OnePlus One is 3.4 with drivers for the Qualcomm SoC  etc01:03
stary-101those are modules correct?01:03
popeyeach device differs, even two devices from the same mfr with similar device names / numbers have different kernels01:04
popeythe SoC is the chip, "System On Chip" - CPU and other bits and bobs01:04
lpottermost likely they are proprietary blobs01:04
popeyoften comes with 3d / bluetooth / wifi / GSM etc01:04
popeyand yes, most of which have blobs for drivers.01:04
stary-101so there wouldn't be a way to have a unified software that checks the hardware01:04
stary-101before deciding to load which one01:05
popeynot on arm01:05
popeynot yet01:05
popeymaybe in 2 years or more01:06
stary-101like a bios01:06
popeystill no.01:06
mcphailstary-101: no BIOS on arm, which is a massive pain01:06
stary-101so i'm i right to assume, the default boatloader on a linux device01:07
stary-101is also different with every model01:07
lpotterand also proprietary, usually01:07
stary-101so what is needed is a instruction set that is common like x8601:09
popeylots of things are needed01:10
popeysome of which are under discussion or development01:10
popeybut not ready yet01:10
mcphailstary-101: there's also the complication of the RIL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Interface_Layer which seems to be where most ports fail01:10
lpottermight try the Fairphone https://www.fairphone.com/01:11
stary-101is this because of vendor lock in01:11
mcphailstary-101: ARM is just a mess01:11
mcphailstary-101: then phone manufacturers add another layer of mess01:12
popeyunlike x86, there isn't just "x86" and "amd64", there's a ton of specifications set out by ARM (the company)01:12
popeyand each silicon manufacturer makes chips which follow those various specs01:12
popeysee raspberry pi, pi 2 for a simple example. one is armv6, the other is armv701:13
stary-101so in theory, if there were a x86-arm instruction set, this would mean, unified kernel?01:13
popeythe instruction set is well defined, that's not the problem01:13
popeybinary blobs for drivers is one big one01:14
mcphailstary-101: the instruction set isn't the issue01:14
popeylack of ACPI type things is another01:14
popeydevice discovery is missing in arm01:14
stary-101is the many different configurations the manufactures use01:14
stary-101with different hardware components01:14
stary-101(just trying to wrap my head around all of this :) )01:15
mcphailstary-101: and, on phones, the interface to the completely separate and proprietary operating system running in the radio layer01:15
popeyyeah, all phones have effectively two operating systems01:15
stary-101mcphail: wouldn't that layer still be higher level than the kernel01:15
popeyone that you see, that you interact with, and a completely separate one you never see01:15
popeynot higher, side by side01:16
mcphailstary-101: nothing to do with the kernel01:16
popeydifferent cpu01:16
popeylike having two computers in one case.01:16
popeyone being very tiny and dedicated to one task - dealing with radio communications01:16
stary-101a radio processor?01:16
popeybaseband processor01:17
stary-101so there is a seperate firmware for the radio processor01:17
stary-101which interacts with the main os01:17
mcphailstary-101: I hope, one day, there will be a "one-click" way to build Ubuntu for any device which has a Cyanogenmod port, stealing the work which has already  been done by their porters01:17
popeywould love that too01:17
stary-101that is what made linux big01:17
popeythe porting guide could then become sentient and go out finding devices to port01:17
popeyand port them01:17
stary-101running it on any computer at home01:17
popeywhether the owner wants it or not01:17
popeyi disagree01:17
popeyandroid is way bigger than any linux distro01:18
stary-101i think the server world is still bigger01:18
stary-101isn't it?01:18
popeydepends how you define size01:18
popeynumber of activated android handsets per day is a scary number01:18
popey1.5 million _per_ _day_ last number I saw01:19
mcphailpopey: more than the 1 billion Ubuntu users ;p01:19
stary-101yeah but what i mean is that , when linus himself went out and bought unix01:19
stary-101he decided to make something that can run for everyone right01:19
popeysure, and my kids and older relatives can use android01:19
popeywhich has linux under it01:20
popeyso he kinda succeeeded there01:20
stary-101on another note01:26
stary-101you think steamos is going to change gaming for ubuntu01:27
stary-101or linux in general01:27
popeywho knows01:27
popeyI certainly have way more games on my Linux machine now than I did 3 years ago01:27
popeyso "yay"01:27
stary-101yeah because game engines are now being designed with linux in mind01:28
stary-101funny thing , 14 years ago i met someone who said that linux is going to be big01:29
stary-101way before android of course01:29
stary-101i thought he was mad01:30
stary-101so i didn't spend my time on it, but just tested a few distros01:30
stary-101way back then, the interfaces were horrible01:30
stary-101but alas, we are here today01:31
popeyYeah, first time I heard about Linux I thought the guy was demented01:32
popeyWho wants _that_!?01:32
popeyShows how wrong you can be01:32
stary-101i still think that program installation on linux01:33
stary-101can be way more user friendly01:33
stary-101linux pointed that out not too long ago, that , that needs to be worked on01:34
stary-101something unified01:35
stary-101the standard installation package for linux01:35
stary-101as simple as an exe or dmg01:35
stary-101wouldn't that be something01:35
stary-101exe is noob-friendly, as is dmg,   tar not so much01:36
popeyPeople don't install tarballs on ubuntu phone :)01:37
stary-101i just mean linux in general01:37
stary-101on android it's even more noob-friendly than exe01:38
popeyit's 2016, people use package managers01:38
stary-101new users to linux expect to install files from the web01:38
stary-101i agree that using a package manager is friendly01:39
stary-101but installing software from the web, is what people expect01:39
stary-101do you agree?01:41
* popey shrugs01:41
popeyIt appears to be my bed time. nn01:41
stary-101ok good night01:42
lpotterdo you mean untrusted apps from anywhere?01:42
lpotteror just generally downloadable apps01:42
stary-101generally downloadable apps01:42
stary-101as general as possible01:43
stary-101like an exe or dmg01:43
geniiLinspire already tried the "install from web" approach with linux and CNR, didn't go over that well01:43
lpottersure. thats why there are app stores01:43
stary-101app stores yes, but what if you just made a program, and represented it on your website01:44
stary-101for mac, i can just download the dmg, for windows, the exe01:44
lpotterthen you mean untrusted apps01:44
stary-101well my former referencing was to linus who said there is no common software package for linux in general01:45
lpotterlinux has package mangaer that do that.01:45
stary-101but what if i have an installtion file i wanted to send to you01:45
lpotterlinux has 3 generally - rpm, deb and tgz01:45
stary-101which one would you say is the most user friendly01:46
lpotterclick on it in gui filemanager will open/install01:46
lpotterits not hte file that makes it user friendly, it's the package manager01:46
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stary-101what about a unified solution?01:47
lpotterwhy does there need to be one?01:47
stary-101wouldn't it be the most friendly way?01:47
lpotterjust like theres not just one gui for linux01:47
stary-101like all versions of windows use mainly .exe, all mac versions use dmg01:48
lpotterthose file types are built around just one company each01:48
lpotterlinux is many companies01:48
stary-101but used by billions01:49
stary-101of use cases01:49
lpotterI dont see the problem01:49
lpottereach distribution has its own way of installing apps01:50
stary-101let's say there is no .deb or rpm just a tgz file of an application01:50
stary-101is tgz noob-friendly?01:51
lpotteryou can't install an exe on mac or a dmg on windows01:51
stary-101i know, but the kernel is completely different in those cases01:51
lpotterits not the file that make it user friendly, it that app handler01:51
lpotterif you use a tgz based distro, the app handler can pop up the app installer01:51
stary-101one simple example01:52
stary-101tgz files under linux are installed through extracting, configure, make, make install01:53
lpotternot necessarily01:53
popeyAlso, nobody does that. It's 2016, not 199901:54
geniitgz files can contain anything. whether it's the source code to make the app, or whether it contains the binaries, or anything else, is unknown until you extract it01:54
stary-101let's say i am a linux noob01:54
lpotterpopey: gentoo does that, I believe :)01:54
stary-101and i get a tgz file01:54
popeyAgain, 2016 :)01:54
popeyYou ask an expert01:54
popeyJust like you would if you were a windows noob01:55
popeyor mac noob01:55
genii...also, as for installing apps onto Ubunto from web... isn't there still https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/  ... ?01:55
popeyand they solve your problem though direct help and education01:55
stary-101no if i get a dmg or exe i can just install it mostly01:55
stary-101i don't need to ask an expert01:55
popeystary-101, you're re-making the same point over and over for an hour now01:55
popey_you_ might not need to ask an expert01:56
popeymy mum would01:56
stary-101forget it then01:56
popeymy mother in law has a mac, never installed anything01:56
* mcphail coughs, a rather odd sound which resembles "#ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux"01:57
stary-101ill give you the video were linus adresses his frustration with the different installation methods for distro's01:58
mcphailstary-101: would you be kind enough to move this discussion elsewhere? It is offtopic in this channel01:59
stary-101i don't agree it's off topic were are talking about the fundemental core sofware that ubuntu is based upon, as is ubuntu touch02:00
stary-101but for the sake of it, yeah why not02:01
mcphailThank you02:01
stary-101ill skip this channel when talking about anything related to the kernel, and mostly talk about specific ubuntu touch related topics02:03
stary-101which you the best of luck02:03
lpotterI think Linus should stick to making the kernel better... and more unified02:03
dobeywhat is going on here02:24
dobeylol was that studio again02:25
geniiMost likely. Same modus operandi02:30
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fellahello fellas and fellows05:50
fellaI am looking for a chat buddy to help me with an issue05:50
fellaI am looking for a chat buddy to help me with an issue05:51
fellai have an RCS Viking PRO 10 and want to install Ubuntu Touch. How can I kno if an install on this device will be successfull?05:52
fellaIs there no one in this room?05:54
lpotterI'm here06:32
lpotterI guess the measure of success is booting into ubuntu touch :)06:33
lpotterhmm I guess he left/06:33
lpotterbummer.. web media player stops playing when phone display blanks :(06:34
Mirvwe're still waiting for the future where issues related to app lifecycle management have solutions06:48
Mirvmeanwhile, power users tend to install openstore + tweakgeek so they can allow background running of eg terminal + whatever they want06:49
lpotterahh... heh06:51
lpotterI would think background audio from web would be rather important use case06:56
lpottermedia player doesnt stream either...07:01
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lpottermuch better07:14
elimistevepopey: In an Ubuntu Phone Community Q&A it was mentioned that "scopes are about to get a lot better". Is that coming soon? Is it clear which APIs will be added?07:20
elimistevepopey: this was from probably 2 months ago, IIRC07:20
dholbachgood morning07:41
adeen-show do i fix the" no rule to make target for dtbtool" error ?08:29
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Skeptics Day! 😃10:00
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robin-heroMorning JamesTait, I don't believe that today is Skeptics day! :P :D10:18
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JamesTaitThat's the spirit, robin-hero!10:20
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ogra_hmm, my flo is in a reboot loop since todays rc-proposed update13:20
ogra_ah, now it came up after 8 reboots (5 of them evenb without any splash after the google logo)13:20
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conkey3ogra_, that's not good!13:24
conkey3ogra_, arale seems fine13:24
robin-herokrillin too13:25
JHOSMANHello, i have this problem with MultiRom (Custom for Ubuntu Touch OnePlus ONE) http://i.imgur.com/kRbMBz9.jpg i read this guide  https://wiki.ubports.com/w/OnePlus_One#How_to_install_Ubuntu_Touch_using_MultiRom13:29
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JHOSMANyou can help me to install Ubuntu Touch in OnePlus One?14:05
JHOSMANWith dualboot14:05
pmcgowanpopey, do you have oneplus one14:06
dobeymariogrip: ^^ JHOSMAN is trying to install opo with multirom14:08
mariogripJHOSMAN: https://wiki.ubports.com/w/OnePlus_One#How_to_install_Ubuntu_Touch_using_MultiRom14:10
JHOSMANmultirom from Google Play says "This divice no compatible" dobey14:10
mariogripoh, is the cache full?14:11
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mariogripdo you have adb?14:12
dobeyi don't have an opo, nor use android, so i can't really help :)14:12
mariogripor a terminal app downloaded?14:12
JHOSMANmariogrip: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/26/how-to-install-ubuntu-touch-via-multirom/114:13
JHOSMANmariogrip: no, cache no full, Although, I could tell as I check?14:13
JHOSMANmariogrip: adb? why?14:14
popeypmcgowan, i do14:14
mariogripJHOSMAN: With adb you can use adb shell to get terminal14:14
mariogripJHOSMAN: but, if you have a terminal app that will work to14:14
popeyi dont do dual boot tho, and mariogrip is the right guy :)14:14
mariogripJHOSMAN: we need to check if cache is full, and if it's mounted at all14:15
JHOSMANmariogrip: yes im adb shell14:17
mariogripfirst try ls -la14:17
mariogripls -la /cache14:17
JHOSMANmariogrip:  http://i.imgur.com/sx6Q3kb.png14:20
mariogripoh, sorry i ment -lh14:22
mariogripls -lh /cache14:23
mariogripbut, just wipe cache14:23
JHOSMANls: Unknown option '-h'. Aborting.14:23
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mariogripJHOSMAN: for me it looks like cache might be full, can you try to wipe cache?14:25
JHOSMANmariogrip:  can you give me a command from adb? (btw I have the 64GB version and have plenty of room)14:26
mariogripjust do rm -r /cache/*14:27
JHOSMANok no?14:29
mariogripthen try multirom again14:30
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JHOSMANreboot :D14:31
mariogripdid it work?14:31
JHOSMANInjecting boot image14:31
mariogripyey :)14:32
JHOSMANYou should edit the Wiki to keep that in mind, I was really lost.14:32
mariogripJHOSMAN: Yeah, i'll do that. i'm working on a new wiki, so I'll make sure to add that in14:33
JHOSMANmy phone no boot now! :E14:33
JHOSMANblack screen14:33
JHOSMANno no log14:35
JHOSMANi reboot now, watiing...14:36
mariogripdoes mulitrom work, where you can switch between android and ubuntu? or nothing works?14:37
JHOSMANAndroid does not start, was just installing MultiROM. Android screen goes black.14:39
JHOSMAN$ adb shell error: device not found14:39
JHOSMANandroid not start14:39
mariogripwhat rom did you use?14:39
mariogripdid you install correct kernel??14:39
JHOSMANOne OnePlus buttons are on light14:39
JHOSMANI use OxigenOS (opo rom oficial)14:40
JHOSMANyes i installthe correct kernel 5.0.x14:40
mariogripbut did multirom work? did you see a screen like this? http://i.imgur.com/vUYXIiz.png14:41
JHOSMANin boot only black screen14:42
JHOSMANOxygenOS no boot14:42
mariogripok, then we will just flash back to oxygen kernel14:42
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JHOSMANYou can help me? :(14:44
mariogripJHOSMAN: Yes14:44
JHOSMANa moment14:47
JHOSMANMultirrom appears14:47
mariogripJHOSMAN: Does android work now then?14:48
mariogripIm gonna find the oxygen kernel14:49
JHOSMANmariogrip: I disconnected the USB cable, restart the phone and MultiBoot appeared, I selected Android, but Android does not start. On top of that came the option of Ubuntu.14:49
JHOSMANok I waitting oxigen Kernel14:49
JHOSMANI think you can document a lot with this case :) :P14:50
mariogripjup :P14:53
mariogriptry flashing this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/98135991/multirom/multirom_uninstaller.zip14:54
mariogripusing recovery14:54
mariogripJHOSMAN: did that work?14:59
JHOSMANim working :)15:00
JHOSMANadb push multirom_uninstaller.zip /sdcard15:01
tedgmdeslaur: mterry: do you guys remember why we don't have a keyring on the phone? Was it just because we didn't use PAM originally?15:01
JHOSMANand flashing!15:02
JHOSMANim reboot15:02
mterrytedg, we started using PAM relatively quickly...  But it's true we did have a very initial gap15:02
tedgYeah, I just didn't know if the seed kinda got made in that gap.15:03
mterrytedg, but I think in general we didn't want to password prompts (for unlocking the keyring or whatever)15:03
tedgThat doesn't happen with the PAM module, right?15:03
mterrytedg, general approach being to use services to proxy access to things rather than granting apps full access to passwords15:04
mterrytedg, oh sure you can unlock at login time.  But then there's just open season on the passwords15:04
mterrytedg, I guess we're confined and all...15:04
JHOSMANok mariogrip , Android does not load, it stays on the logo OnePlus. now?15:04
tedgSure, but a keyring would be more for services to store things encrypted instead of implementing the encryption themselves.15:04
mterrytedg, sounds like we're getting into tvoss territory15:05
tedgThe specific use case here is storing network passwords for network manager. It wouldn't be for apps.15:05
tvosstedg, what for exactly?15:05
tedgLast thing we want is people implementing their own encryption :-)15:06
mariogripcan you reboot to recovery and send me last_kmsg - adb pull /proc/last_kmsg15:06
tedgtvoss: VPN15:06
mariogripJHOSMAN: ^15:06
mdeslaurtedg: we didn't have keyring mediation to prevent one app from getting secrets for another app15:06
tedgmdeslaur: So for trusted services though, there wouldn't be an issue.15:06
mdeslaurtedg: network manager doesn't use the keyring anyway, AFAIK15:07
mdeslaur(well, at least for wifi stuff)15:07
tedgmdeslaur: I believe this is for VPN credentials15:07
tedgI was chatting with pete-woods about it, he might have more details there.15:07
mdeslauroh, for the vpn, yeah, it probably does15:08
JHOSMAN~ # last_kmsg - adb pull /proc/last_kmsg /sbin/sh: last_kmsg: not found15:08
tvosstedg, okay, so we are talking about one trusted piece talking to another trusted piece15:08
mdeslaurtedg: that's all I can think of, pam15:08
tedgtvoss: Correct15:08
tvosstedg, so correct me if I'm wrong, but we own all the pieces of the puzzle, don't we?15:09
tedgI had suggested we just seed a keyring, but I wanted to make sure that was sane.15:09
tedgtvoss: Kinda, I think that the VPN plugins are the ones that want to use the fd.o DBus API for secrets.15:10
tedgtvoss: We write the command-and-control but the implementations are NM.15:10
tvosstedg, okay, but we still control the installed plugins, correct?15:10
JHOSMANfile no exist15:10
V99bq aquaris E5 is compatible with multiboot?15:10
tedgtvoss: Correct. Though I've heard opening the source to them requires an extra day of sick pay.15:11
JHOSMANmariogrip: http://i.imgur.com/aAxtGLs.jpg15:11
tvosstedg, sure, kinda expected15:11
tvosstedg, with that, seeding a keyring is probably good enough, under the assumption that we have a minimal keyring service running (that is, with anything ui patched out)15:12
mariogripJHOSMAN:  try flashing this kernel: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/98135991/multirom/cm12.zip15:13
mariogripJHOSMAN: I cannot find the oxygen os kernel15:13
tedgtvoss: Makes sense to me, don't want to write the PAM/encryption/security pieces. You do that then you have to spend time with the security team, then you get paranoid about everything! ;-)15:13
tvosstedg, I like those guys, and I think tinfoil hats are a great accessoire ;)15:14
JHOSMANmariogrip: i go to files oxygenos15:14
tvossmariogrip, check your pn15:14
* tedg knits a tinfoil scarf for tvoss15:15
JHOSMANmariogrip: how to flash this?  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/98135991/multirom/cm12.zip15:16
mariogripwith the recovery15:17
JHOSMANi install cm12.zip and Android no boot15:25
JHOSMANappears only Logo of OnePlus =(15:25
JHOSMANmariogrip: I checked the installer OxygenOS, but has no file Kernel.15:30
mterryjdstrand, tyhicks: one add-on to the "separate lockscreen password" conversation -- so if we just stick it in AS, it doesn't require having the old password to change it.  Just be an unconfined user process.  Is that acceptable?  It's "just" the lockscreen password, but malicious actors could still annoy there -- being locked out of your laptop / phone is not great15:32
mariogripJHOSMAN: Just flash all of the oxygenOS zip, that shoud work15:33
JHOSMANmariogrip: i need reinstall all oxygenOS?15:36
tyhicksmterry: that's fine - that'd be no different than if it were in a file in the user's home dir15:36
tyhicksmterry: I do want jdstrand's ack before we move forward with that, though15:36
mterrytyhicks, yeah...  we *could* get complicated and have a root daemon managing access etc15:36
mariogripJHOSMAN: No, just flash over it like an ota15:37
mariogripJHOSMAN: it will not delete anything, it will just work as an update15:37
tyhicksmterry: well, there's still the issue of what happens if the lock screen and admin passwords are set to the same password15:38
JHOSMANmariogrip:  You can orient myself, I lost myself. This is the installer OxyogenOS, now what? http://oxygenos.oneplus.net/oxygenos_1.0.0.zip15:38
tyhicksmterry: will AS simply hand over the lock screen password to any process that asks for it or will processes submit guesses to AS?15:39
mterrytyhicks, I don't remember a problem with that case?  You mean it's just easier to brute force lockscreen, and that might give you admin?15:39
tyhicksmterry: yes15:40
mterrytyhicks, well we *could* add API to AS to be clever.  But the easiest solution is to just drop the crypted password as an AS property that it exposes to any unconfined app.15:40
mariogripJHOSMAN: Unzip it, and flash oxygenos_1.0.0.flashable.zip in recovery. but are you sure 1.0.0 is the version that you have installed?15:40
tyhicksmterry: hrm... that would lower the security of the system since any unconfined process could brute force the password without any sorts of delays15:41
tyhicksthere'd be no limits on guesses, etc.15:41
JHOSMANis https://s3.amazonaws.com/oxygenos.oneplus.net/ONE_12_A.01_150827.zip15:41
mterrytyhicks, I thought you guys already said you didn't care about delays on the lockscreen password.  But you're right that it would be easier to brute force15:42
mterrytyhicks, (My memory of that is from a long time ago, when considering pam config delays in Touch)15:42
tyhicksmterry: I don't remember that but wouldn't be surprised if you're right15:43
tyhicksmterry: I don't know if I thought about the case where the two passwords were the same15:43
mterrytyhicks, yeah well that's a new wrinkle -- note that the user would have to specifically set a lockscreen password that is the same as the admin.  If the user chooses the UI option "same as admin password", we just don't store anything in AS15:43
JHOSMANok wait please. I download the file15:45
tyhicksmterry: we should discuss what the architecture should look like15:48
tyhicksmterry: you mentioned using AS the other day but have you considered simply writing a new pam module that checks a file other than /etc/shadow and using a different pam config for the lockscreen and calling into that pam module instead of pam_unix?15:49
JHOSMANmariogrip: http://i.imgur.com/k1XWioR.png15:49
mariogripok, you can take boot.img and flash it using fastboot15:51
mterrytyhicks, I'm going to have to write a PAM module anyway.  But AS was easy to use as a storage medium (and meant we could stuff all metadata about the password -- should it be displayed as pin? -- in the same place for easy atomic updating)15:53
JHOSMANOk, i go!15:53
mterrytyhicks, PAM doesn't really offer a way to convey metadata past overloading the prompt string and having UIs interpret that (to my knowledge...)15:53
JHOSMANmariogrip: fastboot flash boot boot.img15:54
tyhicksmterry: yeah, I'm not sure how much metadata can be conveyed15:54
tyhicksmterry: note how there are /etc/pam.d/lightdm{,-autologin,-greeter}15:55
mariogripJHOSMAN: yes15:55
mterrytyhicks, yeah I'll restrict usage of my module to the appropriate lightdm contexts15:56
mterrytyhicks, and maybe overriding prompt string is enough metadata for the UI to present (since we can assume anyone using this module is aware of the prompt situation), but I'm not sure how to set whether it's a PIN or not when changing the password via PAM...15:57
JHOSMANBooting! now :D15:57
mterrytyhicks, the way I currently handle this is to store a display hint in AS and update pam separately15:58
mterrytyhicks, but I was hoping to use a more tightly integrated solution here15:58
JHOSMANmariogrip: You can give me the instructions to proceed with the installation of Ubuntu Touch?15:58
mterrytyhicks, since that's a little brittle (and code has to be very careful to roll back changes if one of the updates doesn't take)15:58
tyhicksmterry: looking at the passwd man page, I'm curious about the -r option15:59
tyhicksmterry: I wonder if that allows us to have a different /etc/shadow that is for lockscreen passwords15:59
tyhicks(the metadata issue is still a potential problem)16:00
mterrytyhicks, interesting...  And then simply use that when reading/setting.  We could keep existing infrastructure for metadata I guess.  I was just hoping to make it nicer.  Let me think about that16:01
tyhicksmterry: I don't see a corresponding repository option to pass to pam_unix but adding a bit of code to pam_unix is much easier than writing a new module from scratch16:01
mterrytyhicks, ugh really?  I'd think we would want to avoid touching pam_unix at all costs :)16:02
tyhicksmterry: we'd get to reuse all of the shadow handling code for free16:02
tyhicksmterry: it'd be easy to get right between review from myself, sarnold, and slan gasek16:03
mterrytyhicks, so we use the pam API in unity8 (can that set a different repository via the C API? -- presumably, if passwd can) and we ask AS to set the password for us in System Settings (so we'd have to patch it too to understand the new place... and when to use it over the normal shadow file)16:03
tyhicksmterry: is AS still needed?16:05
mterrytyhicks, AS is used today to proxy requests to set the password, since you need root to do that...  for some reason.  It does something during that process that needs root...16:05
mterrytyhicks, oh to delete the password I think?16:06
tyhicksoh, maybe16:06
mterrytyhicks, because one of our options is to use swipe which is no-password16:06
tyhicksmterry: interesting :)16:06
mariogripJHOSMAN: I read that oxygen does not work with multirom16:07
tyhicksmterry: this might be a crazy idea but I think it is worth considering so that we reuse everything that PAM already provides - someone down the road might require that we limit lock screen password guesses, they may want to store the lock screen in ldap, etc.16:07
tyhickss/store the lock screen in ldap/store the lock screen password in ldap/16:08
mterrytyhicks, I'm on board with re-using PAM -- my existing solution was already going to be a PAM module (just with AS as data storage)16:08
mterrytyhicks, but yeah if a separate repository is easier, that's good16:08
tyhicksmterry: it still needs a bit more investigation to see how feasible it is16:09
mterrytyhicks, yah I'll look into how much change it would be, but I bet it's easier than maintaining a new module16:09
mterrytyhicks, and probably just as much config changes around the place as a new module would be anyway16:10
JHOSMANmariogrip: what Roms that support the functionality?16:11
tyhicksmterry: that's true16:11
mariogripJHOSMAN: Cyanogenmod16:11
JHOSMANIf necessary I can change OxygenOS other.16:11
JHOSMANI see forums of OnePlus whit CM16:11
JHOSMANBut if I consider important to put what we find today with the mobile and the official version of OnePlus (OxygenOS)16:12
JHOSMANin the wiki documentation16:12
JHOSMANCM12 or CM13?16:16
simoxcan i make a question here about ubuntu-phone?16:18
lotuspsychjesimox: yes16:20
simoxi am experiecing problems while i try to download files from gmail..16:22
simoxusually with .doc file..16:22
simoxthey won't be automaticaly loaded by document viewer..16:23
simoxdo you have the same issues?16:25
lotuspsychjesimox: i dont think document viewer can handle .doc files yet16:26
simoxare you sure? it did open some documents under libreoffice for me but only those already saved to my SD..16:29
mariogripJHOSMAN: cm1216:30
simoxi think there must be a gap between webbrower-app and document viewer... docs must be downloaded before the program tries to open them16:31
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tyhicksmterry: I think we're out of luck with that idea because the -r option isn't what we thought it was16:36
tyhicksmterry: I don't see a way to specify a different shadowdb in the shadow tools, pam (except for pam_extrausers), or glibc16:42
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mterrytyhicks, bummer16:50
mterrytyhicks, ok so that leaves us with full-PAM (new module, with custom storage locale, and either separate metadata in AS or via prompt) *or* semi-PAM (new module, storage in AS with bundled metadata, but easy to brute force for unconfined apps)16:53
tyhicksmterry: that's how I see the situation, as well17:03
mterrytyhicks, I'll send out an email with the two options for discussion17:07
mterrytyhicks, not blocking me yet (still need pam module for both)17:07
tyhicksmterry: ok, thanks17:08
JHOSMANmariogrip: thanks!17:16
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JHOSMANmariogrip: I now install CM12 :D18:02
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mariogripJHOSMAN: Did you get multirom working now? :)18:21
JHOSMANmariogrip: i m install Android applications, please wait me! :P18:22
mariogripok :)18:22
JHOSMANand i need root my device :P18:34
JHOSMANim now installing UT  :)18:53
JHOSMANmariogrip: Installing Ubuntu has ended, but not Ubuntu starts.18:57
JHOSMANAll oka! :D19:02
mariogripJHOSMAN: does it work? :)19:02
mariogripYeey :D19:02
JHOSMANand the desktop?19:04
mariogripJHOSMAN: do you mean desktop mode?19:07
JHOSMANi cant login in Telegram App, "PHONE_PASSWORD_PROTECTED"19:08
mariogripmaybe because of  2 step auth activated on your telegram account19:11
JHOSMANyes im 2 steeps verification19:11
JHOSMANI told you not me the wallpaper on the phone, only with all applications launcher.19:12
dobeyyes, you can't change the wallpaper in the scopes19:13
mariogripand i guess 2 set auth is not supported yet in the telegram client19:14
mariogrip2 step auth**19:14
dobeythat i don't know19:16
JHOSMANI think today's exercise helped identify that Ubuntu Touch is not compatible with OxygenOS. And also we learned the steps to recover the kernel.19:17
mariogripit's more that multirom (more the AK kernel that It uses) is not compatible with OxygenOS19:19
JHOSMANAs I can take a screenshot?19:21
dobeypress vol up/dn at same time19:22
JHOSMANThe phone is heating up.19:23
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