diddledanwhere'd everyone go?00:06
zmoylan-pithey're off checking their attics for their old sleds and toboggans00:10
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popeyis it supposed to snow?00:50
zmoylan-picold snap on thursday for some parts of uk and ireland00:54
diddledanthe iplayer just advertised something at me, "a bbc iplayer original"01:20
popeyheard about a thing - comedian guy what's his name01:20
diddledanwhen did they start doing that?01:20
popeyFrank Skinner, that's it.01:20
popeyhis thing is even worse, it's a chat show _about_ iplayer01:21
popeyor the things people watch01:21
diddledanthis was for "the rack pack"01:21
diddledansome drama about snooker01:21
zmoylan-piwhat you want is a long documentary on snooker commentary...01:22
popeyooooh and that's a bad miss01:22
zmoylan-pion radio...01:22
daftykinsfor those watching in black and white, the pink is behind the red01:22
* zmoylan-pi remembers that one01:23
daftykinsmy dad told me of it :D01:24
zmoylan-pithe whole class knackered because we had all stayed up till 2am watching the snooker including the teacher01:24
daftykinsi enjoy playing pool but watching it? noooo01:24
zmoylan-pihugely popular back in 80s01:25
zmoylan-pias was cycling, marathons and other sports that barely make the news these days01:27
diddledanmorning, mapps04:58
mappswhat you upto this morning?05:00
diddledanI'm messing with windows and .net/c# stuffs05:00
mappshm never used .net really05:01
mappsprogramming stuff?05:01
diddledanyeah. messing with a .net implementation of php05:04
diddledancalled "phalanger"05:04
mappsi see05:07
mappswhat did you make in php? just curious:D05:07
diddledanwith PHP I mostly do WordPress stuffs05:13
knightwisehey mapps , how you doin06:49
mappsnot bad pal, i need to get myself a desk an chair...cant think where from though06:58
knightwisemapps: you workin from home ,07:12
mappsbut sick of sitting on the bed with my laptop07:23
knightwisemapps: that aint good07:34
knightwiseback for back07:34
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:10
knightwiseyou brobostigon08:11
brobostigonhi knightwise08:11
knightwiseso brobostigon what are you up to today ?08:57
brobostigonjc at 10.20 then meeting up with my partner.09:02
knightwisejc ?09:03
brobostigonjob centre.09:04
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davmor2Morning all09:07
davmor2who is visiting the Job Centre09:08
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MooDoohowdy all09:20
davmor2The power of MooDoo, who do? you do, do what? remind me of the babe09:27
davmor2I've been saving that one up just for you dude ;)09:28
MooDoodavmor2: well it put a smile on my face :D09:32
davmor2MooDoo: It's all part of the service, I do charge extra for happiness though ;)09:34
MooDoocheque is in the post mate :)09:39
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davmor2MooDoo: Dude, c'mon not that old china, at least go with dog ate my cheque book I'm waiting for a new one ;)09:43
* davmor2 receives an image from MooDoo of a picture of a man infront of a czech flag09:46
foobarryjust ran vlc on a machine without realising -X wasn't on my session. got batman in ascii art09:53
foobarrydidn't realise that was a feature09:53
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy Skeptics Day! 😃10:00
knightwisethats cool10:11
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zmoylan-pii'm doubtful of that...10:13
foobarryit was useful10:18
foobarrythe file was called .m4v and i didn't know what film it was. colleague and I figured it out10:18
foobarryby squinting from the other side of the room10:18
zmoylan-pii suppose you have to watch the matrix at least once as ascii art... :-P10:27
davmor2JamesTait: this seems appropriate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kimrhwS3VlU10:27
knightwisehahah zmoylan-pi that would be awesome10:27
JamesTaitdavmor2, YES!10:31
diddledanjust as I read a review of the new x-files11:01
knightwiseDman :( mps-youtube wont install on the rasp py11:02
knightwise ImportError: No module named youtube_dl11:02
foobarryi saw that scully lady in the street not long ago11:02
foobarrymy mate went crazy, fortunately was restrained from speaking/slobbering on her11:02
knightwisethe "new" x-files ?11:06
knightwiseas in the reboot ?11:06
* knightwise is getting old that he didn"t notice that11:10
zmoylan-piwell there was a lot of star wars news drowning it out a smidge11:14
foobarryi did enjoy star wars11:21
foobarrywondered why a regular process run via cron  was suddenly eating 12gb ram12:15
foobarryit had an extra 30M lines in the file. usualy it has 5000.12:15
czajkowskipeople who use libreoffice for presentations, when the side pane goes bye bye, how do you make itcome back!!12:16
czajkowskiwant to see side pane beside the slide12:16
xnoxbash F1-F12 keys until it's back?!12:18
xnox.... is the extended of my libreoffice usage skillz12:18
knightwiseczajkowski: i weep for you...12:26
* knightwise hates dogy presentation apps like .. powerpoint12:26
foobarryear worm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRxRX6Mr3Lk13:29
brobostigonis it possible to send a text to my phone on a highlight in irssi?13:32
foobarrydoes it have to be a text13:34
foobarrynot a notification?13:34
brobostigonoptions like pushover and pushbullet exist, but i was just curious about the problem.13:35
Myrttibrobostigon: android?13:36
brobostigonMyrtti: ubuntu touch/firefox os/sailfish os.13:37
Myrttihttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fi.iki.murgo.irssinotifier&hl=en_GB would've been the standard Android answer.13:37
brobostigonyes, thats what i use on my droid.13:37
m0nkey_If you want text messaging, maybe something like clickatell and develop something around their API13:40
brobostigonlet me look that up.13:41
m0nkey_Clickatell is a paid service, like many SMS gatewates13:41
brobostigoni see.13:42
m0nkey_Or the cheapest way to do it, if your mobile operator supports it, is to use the e-mail to SMS gateway.. usually you can send something like 0123456789@sms.yourtelco.com13:42
brobostigonyes, i have read about that option.13:43
diplobrobostigon: I use Telegrams API with Nagios :)13:57
diplotis free13:57
m0nkey_^-- that works13:58
diploJust have to amend irssi-notifier? to use telegram cli instead I guess, not tried that13:58
diploInteresting though13:59
brobostigoni shall have a look into that one.13:59
diploGot very very rudimentary code on how I did it on my github if you want a look14:00
brobostigonthank you.14:00
davmor2foobarry: that's not an earworm, this is an earworm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe93CLbHjxQ or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL6CDFn2i3I or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwqXuMPsoc14:07
foobarrywe'll see what happens at 2am tonight14:07
foobarrywhen i wake up14:07
foobarrybecause the internal jukebox has kicked in14:08
davmor2foobarry: oh internal jukebox in that case I'll throw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCARADb9asE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mGBaXPlri8 into the mix14:09
foobarrythere used to be an advert for frankfurters14:10
foobarrywith an annoying repetitive song14:10
foobarrydo do doo-doo do do doo-doo do dooo doo do do do14:10
davmor2foobarry: skol skol skol skol skol skol skol skol skol skol14:10
foobarryalso my old friend mungo jerry14:11
foobarrysang a catchy little tune14:12
davmor2foobarry: It is in the international sign that Summer is here when you hear it :)14:13
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foobarryhaving your own github instance onsite is so handy15:07
* bigcalm hugs gitlab15:14
diploAbout to try gitlab here and import our svn repo15:20
diploDid you guys use the omnibus package ?15:23
m0nkey_diplo: using gitlab at work.. omnibus works great15:25
m0nkey_and i'm prepared for the hate... running on centos :)15:25
diddledanI use omnibus packages too15:25
diddledanm0nkey_: not bsd? :-p15:25
m0nkey_diddledan: unfortunately my current hard on BSD doesn't spill over to my professional life just yet.15:26
diplom0nkey_: I have to use CentOS at work too :/15:27
diddledanat least you're not using Gentoo :-D15:27
diploWill set up a VM tomorrow and play15:27
diplodiddledan: SCO 5 work for you ?15:28
diploTwo sites still on it, a couple of Redhat 8 boxes15:28
diddledanthat's awesome from a geek perspective, less so from a usability stance15:28
diploIt's a royal pain in my arse :/15:28
diploSo are the multitude of Cent 4 boxes15:29
diddledanooh, 4 is ancient now15:29
diploGetting there with upgrading now though, just moved a customer live with cent6 today, from sco 515:29
diploHis previous machine didn't have internet access, this one has, unfortunately their internal network is 195.194 range, which is actualyl part of Janet, Can't change it yet either15:30
m0nkey_Dammit Janet!15:30
diplotbh with all the changes we've done for them for this upgrade, why we didn't go the whole hog and sort their network out too is beyond me :/15:31
* m0nkey_ loves console only teamviewer :)15:32
m0nkey_Latest version of TV supports headless Linux boxes now15:32
diploDidn't know that was an option15:34
foobarrydiplo: i hav esome janet boxes on 19415:34
diploThis was based in walsall15:35
foobarrywalsall have internet?15:35
m0nkey_diplo: it is :)15:36
diploI shall investigate m0nkey_ :)15:36
diplohah foobarry15:36
m0nkey_I'm also disappointed nobody got my Rocky Horror Picture Show reference.15:36
SuperMattproblem with a reference like that is that it is so well known that no one reacts any more15:37
m0nkey_I'm still disappointed.15:38
diploNot by me, never watched it!15:38
popeydont think I have ever seen RHPS15:38
m0nkey_You could have at least said "Oh, Brad!"15:38
diploSee not the only one :D15:38
m0nkey_I downloaded it again the other day, been meaning to watch it again for the 50th time in my life.15:39
m0nkey_Tim Curry is awesome.15:39
m0nkey_I'm sad about his stroke which left him wheelchair bound :(15:40
SuperMattwell, I know the reference, but I've only seen it once, so I can't remember what comes next15:40
diploNormally only a 4 month stint, debated doing this last year... 18 months maybe too long though :(15:46
diploFamily-friendly policies15:47
diploFlexible working hours15:47
diplohahaha, not when you're in the Antartic :D15:47
zmoylan-pifree ice for your parties16:11
m0nkey_diddledan: that 'all RAID is software' tweet got me a few likes and followers :) lol16:16
m0nkey_back to work for me16:23
m0nkey_cya folks16:23
m0nkey_also diddledan, disappointed you're not in #freenas :)16:24
bigcalmCan't decide if I should run the landscape-client on my landscape server. Would it confuse matters and break?16:35
Seeker`popey: you should watch it?16:35
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amunizphi all I have LUKS disk encryption and get this every time: mapper/ubuntu(...) swap1 not ready wait or manual mount?21:59
amunizpis it normal?21:59
amunizpan update also said it ran out of space in /boot.  said to run apt-get clean but it did not do anything.22:02
daftykinsapt-get autoremove ; would kill any older kernels22:03
daftykinsconfirm with "dpkg -l | grep linux-"22:03
daftykinsfor encryption help you'd be better off asking in #ubuntu - one of the encryption experts is active in there22:04
daftykinsamunizp: ?22:08
amunizpdaftykins your command seems to show I have more than 11. how many old kernels do I need?22:15
daftykinsthe present running one and maybe one old one for backup cases22:16
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amunizpupdate went through for now but autoremove clearly din not delete any.22:20
daftykinsthrow "dpkg -l | grep linux-" in a pastebin then ( http://paste.ubuntu.com )22:25
daftykinsor install 'pastebinit' and pipe that command into it22:25
amunizpthanks daftykins I'll have to leave it for another day!22:29
daftykinsrighty-o, 2 min job though22:29

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