nhainesnhandler: thanks!  We may yet find something for you to do.  :)  Alternatively, booth volunteers are welcome!  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale14x00:13
nchambers\o/ I just got set for scale00:15
nhainesnchambers: hope to see you there!  :)00:18
nchambersI can't wait00:18
nchambersits all I can talk about :D00:18
nhainesIs it your first SCALE?00:20
nchambersmy first conference of any kind :D00:20
nchambersand freenode keeps telling me SCALE is best00:21
nhainesSCALE really is sort of the best.  :)00:21
nchambers:3 I'm so giddy00:21
nchambersgot the hotel figured out, got the ticket ready to buy once payday comes, about to get the time off00:22
nhainesIf you volunteer to be at the Ubuntu booth, your SCALE pass is free!00:23
nchambersoh really?00:24
nchamberssign me up chief00:24
nhainesYou can see more about it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale14x00:24
pleia2I'm going to start banning certain combinations of letters in nicks over a certain threshold00:25
pleia2(I kid, I kid, but I did have to read nchambers' nick a few times)00:25
nhainesIf one of those shifts works for you (and we can be flexible, too), just send me an email at nhaines@ubuntu.com with the shift and your shirt size and your SCALE registration number.00:25
nchamberswill do!00:25
nhainesSo if you want an excuse to play with an Ubuntu phone (can't tell others about it until you've used it, right?) then volunteering is a good idea.  Plus, your exhibitor badge is a full-access pass.  Gets you into talks and everything.00:26
nhainesIn other news: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/blog/speaker-interview-nathan-haines00:28
nhainesAnd now I have to run over to Party City and pick up tablecloths.  Thanks to the community funds, I'm going to get an orange and a purple flannel-backed table cover that we can reuse in the future.00:30
pleia2ooh fancy, much better than the dollar store plastic ones I used to bring00:30
nchambersI will so be abooth volunteer00:30
nhandlernhaines: I just finished my first draft of my schedule. Looks like I do have a gap from 14:15-17:00  on Friday. So I can't quite do the full 2-6pm shift, but I can definitely help out a bit if you need it00:32
Adrannhaines: you're out here ? :o00:33
Adranerr nhandler00:33
Adranyou going to be at the scales?00:34
nhandlerAdran: I'm in San Francisco as of ~August00:34
Adranso thats a no then. :D00:34
nhainesnhandler will be at the scales!00:35
nchambersnhaines, do I have to decide a shift or can I just say any?00:35
Adrannhandler: nhaines: meetup?00:36
Adrani mea can't do denys anymore. :(00:36
Adranboth a blessing and a curse00:36
nhainesnchambers: it helps with planning if you can choose now, and if there's a talk or something you want to see then we'll work around that.  But if you promise you'll be at the booth for at least 3 hours during the weekend, I'll register your badge.  :)00:36
nchambersnhaines, You'll have trouble keeping me away00:37
nchambersI'll just give you a day and time, and make a note that its flexible00:37
nhainesThat's perfect.00:40
nchambersdoes it matter which ticket I choose?00:40
nhainesBut don't worry, we *always* try to work around speaker times and things.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy SCALE as well!00:40
nhainesYes, pick the Full Access pass.00:40
nchambersok thank! (sorry for berating you with questions. just a bit out of it :D)00:40
nchambersoh I know right now I'll have a blast :D00:41
nhainesNope, all standard procedure.  :)00:41
nhainesAre you going to be at Ubucon on Thursday and Friday?00:41
nhainespleia2: when I come back I'm going to create the Wednesday and Thursday party events on Meetup.00:41
Adrannhaines: These vendor badges are so nice. :D00:41
AdranAlthough I ran out :(00:41
nhainesAdran: haha, yeah, they're a big incentive.00:42
nhainesIf you *really* need one or two more, you can probably email SCALE about it.00:42
nchambersis Ubucon the same thing as Scale?00:42
Adrannhaines: I'm bringing 100+ people already00:42
AdranI don't think they want me to bring too many more.00:43
nhainesUbuCon Summit is a mini-conference being held at SCALE on Thursday and Friday.00:43
nhainesAdran: might be hard to pack them all into the booth.  :)00:43
nhainesnhandler: http://ubucon.org/en/events/ubucon-summit-us/00:43
nhainesLots of notable speakers from Ubuntu and Canonical.  And I don't just mean me!  Also pleia2 and Mark Shuttleworth!00:43
nchambersI can definitely go Friday. I get off work at 2 so I'll be heading over then00:44
nchamberserr I get off work at 2 on Thursday00:44
AdranI have an affinity to Ubucon even though I nolonger use Ubuntu00:44
AdranSince everyone here was so welcoming back when I first went to SCALE00:44
nhainesnhandler: It'll be worth it, because there's still the after party.00:44
nchamberswrong person btw00:44
nhainesAdran: you are still welcome around UbuCon and the Ubuntu booth!  :)00:44
nhainesd'oh, it got me, lol.00:44
Adrannhaines: I just take your medical grade candy00:44
nhainesAdran: haha, I'm about to go pick some up.00:45
nhainesOkay, talk to everyone in an hour or two!  Off to get booth supplies.00:45
AdranThanks for reminding me, I need to get our tablecloth cleaned00:45
* Adran poofs as well00:45
nhandlernhaines: I know, I'm quite excited for the talks. Trying to balance seeing talks by people I know and stuff I should be seeing for $work. I shared my planned schedule with you if you are interested (I have you and pleia2 in there, don't worry)00:46
Adrannhandler: you'll be at the ubu booth?00:46
nhandlerAdran: Yep. Can't do a full shift, but I'll keep you all company00:46
nchambers:D I can't wait to meet everyone00:46
Adrannhandler: I'll make sure to ping you when I get there.00:47
Adranif you even use irc there, i generally switch to hangouts00:47
nhandlerAdran: ZNC will push hilights/PMs to my phone, so I'll see them. Hangouts works too.00:48
nchambersnhaines, email sent :D01:23
nhainesnchambers: thanks! I'll add you to the wiki when I get home01:37
nchambersalright! thank you!01:37
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nchambersnhaines, sorry to bug you again, but just to confirm my ticket is all good right?23:42

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