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dholbachgood morning07:41
dholbachdavidcalle: I'm close to fixing the update-page-only-if-html-changed bit - the reason the change happens is due to the link rewrite16:00
dholbachI have to figure out why this still happens, but I'm quite close16:00
dholbachthought I'd give you an update :)16:00
davidcalledholbach: merci :)16:58
mhall119dholbach: where are the instructions for upgrading django/django-cms? I'm ready to start landing that17:03
dholbachdavidcalle: ^ did we update the makefile target for it?17:12
dholbach@python manage.py migrate17:13
dholbachlooks like not a lot is requried17:13
dholbachneed to run now17:14
dholbachsee you!17:15
davidcalledholbach, this merge is what we need, yes, I'm just not sure about removing South  and python-keystoneclient17:15
davidcallemhall119: ^17:15
davidcallemhall119: I'll make a mp when I'm done with the showdown, unless you want to try this list of commands on staging first (like I did before the holidays, when we all tested the new django on staging)17:17
davidcallemhall119: in case you want to try it, there is also python manage.py showmigrations --list that will show if we have other pending migrations that are needed17:20
mhall119davidcalle: I'm going to test it locally with sqlite first17:25

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