Kiloshi inetpro thatgraemeguy gremble and other lurkers06:13
grembleHey Kilos 06:14
grembleHow are you this morning?06:14
Kilosok ty and you06:15
Kilosdid you get server sorted06:15
inetprogood mornings06:46
thatgraemeguyanyone else on the clug-tech mailing list getting weird "your emails have been bouncing" notifications?07:24
thatgraemeguyoh and good morning :)07:24
inetproKilos: why so quiet?10:45
Kiloscooking and gardening inetpro 10:46
Kilosgardening =watering pot plants and digging up dubbeltjies10:47
Kiloswhole place rotten with them10:47
Kilosand im tired of waiting for rain, so we can have soup so im making a large slowcooker full10:49
Kilosthen will eat some tonight and freeze a few tupperwares full for when it rains10:49
superflyKilos: what are you cooking?17:24
Kilosi make a kinda potjie superfly 17:24
Kilosbut in a slow cooker17:24
Kilosstarted off as soup17:24
Kilosended up like a lekker stew17:24
Kilos-night all. sleep tight19:10

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