boxmeincan I tell chrome to not use numix icons or something00:00
boxmeinbecause I really like chrome's default back/forward/refresh icons and don't really like the colorful and un-detailed circle thing00:01
K1rkGuddu, tune2fs -l /dev/sdX#00:01
triacsettings and default theme?00:03
K1rkGuddu, find it?00:05
GudduK1rk, Thanks. Yes I did. Now I think I am good to give it a shot. Will try to prepare one DCP now.00:05
acovrigwhat is the best way to setup redundant storage? I'm thinking of mdadm as raid5, but can only use 1 drive at the moment.00:09
skinnymg1hello everyone, I'm having problems getting audio in flashplayer. Is there any way I can get a text output of what is happening?00:10
ritztechdoes this look right00:12
ritztechwget --debug --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies cookie.txt --post-data "action=login&login_password=xxx&login_username=xxx" $CACTIURL00:12
llldinoskinnymg1, Check /var/log/user.log maybe?00:13
skinnymg1llldino: thanks I'll give it look00:14
llldinollldino, Ah, maybe check /var/log/messages too00:14
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mcphailacovrig: you seriously want to use redundant storage on a single drive??? If that is honestly what you want to do, you can set up RAID by partition rather than by drives. Seems like a bad idea to me, though00:16
skinnymg1llldino: no such file or directory for either of those00:16
llldinoSorry I run debian, i;m not sure where ubuntu dumps log files00:17
llldinoTry 'sudo find /var -name user.log' maybe?00:17
daftykins/var/log ...00:18
acovrigmcphail, no, I have a drive I can devote now, and in the next few days move 2 drives into the array00:18
skinnymg1llldino: I found it. Thanks. It's Mixx switching up my Pulse config00:19
llldinoNo problem!00:20
mcphailacovrig: aah. I've been using btrfs, which (for me) has been the easiest way to deal with this. Can add extra drives/partitions at will. Although someone on here mentioned there is a bug in btrfs rebalancing on the current Wily kernel, so maybe not a great idea right now00:20
bluefiveCan I use Ubuntu Server for my Desktop?00:21
bluefiveWhat's missing?00:21
bluefiveOn a piece of hardware I'm told:00:21
iamnotageorgeHow do I set a static IP?00:21
llldinoA GUI00:21
bluefive"Desktop 15.10 wouldn't boot or install from USB (hangs), but server 14.x works fine."00:21
bekksbluefive: the graphical desktop environment - which can be install with a single command.00:21
acovrigmcphail, yea, I have 3x drives, 1 was pairity and the other 2 are xfs; these came from unRAID and I'm switching to ubuntu00:22
bekksbluefive: 15.10 boots fine from USB.00:22
bluefiveSo I install server then I install the GUI?00:22
bluefivebekks, Here's the hardware:00:22
bluefivebekks, http://www.amazon.com/ZOTAC-Mini-Barebones-System-ZBOX-CA320NANO-U/product-reviews/B00KVM1F4C/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent00:22
bekksbluefive: Why dont you install the desktop version?00:22
bluefiveSee the review "Works great for my purposes"00:22
bluefiveand read the comment to it.00:22
llldinoiamnotageorge, A static external IP or one for your LAN?00:23
iamnotageorgellldino: lan00:23
mcphailacovrig: you need to keep xfs?00:23
acovrigmcphail, no, but I need to keep the data, so I was going to use 1 drive and move the data over 1 drive at at time.00:23
skinnymg1bluefive: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:23
acovrig*at a00:23
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llldinoiamnotageorge, Do you have a router, or is your system the router?00:24
bluefiveskinnymg1, So once I have server and I do that, I have the Desktop version essentially?00:24
skinnymg1bluefive: pretty much00:24
acovrigmcphail, currenlty I put LVM on the <was parity> disk and can migrate data to the new LVM, however don't know how I would do parity from that00:24
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acovrigunRAID uses separate xfs partitioned drives and somehow creates a parity drive (I don't think it technically uses a RAID)00:25
=== MiningMatsh is now known as MiningMarsh
bluefiveskinnymg1, Why might the install of Ubuntu 15.10 hang?00:27
mcphailacovrig: well, if btrfs is stable enough for you (and RAID5 on btrfs is _almost_ stable) it makes this kind of thing easy. You could migrate from flat format to RAID1 to RAID5 in easy increments, without the complexity of LVM etc. I'm afraid it is so long since I had to mess about with LVM or mdraid I forget how to do this otherwise00:27
skinnymg1bluefive: you can use kubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop if you would rather have one of those00:27
bluefiveskinnymg1, I would need a light desktop for this piece of hardware.00:28
bluefiveXubuntu, Lubuntu, or MATE.00:28
mcphailacovrig: but I'm probably just pushing my favoured way on to you00:28
Bashing-ombluefive: Light to me is xfce4 . To make that happen on a server install ' sudo apt install xorg ; sudo apt install xfce4 ' .00:29
bluefiveBashing-om, Isn't Xubuntu the same?00:29
acovrigmcphail, I think I understand LVM enough, but it doesn't have parity options (that I know of); I would mostly use the drives for media storage w/a small handful of VMs running on it that I would prefer to be highly available...00:30
Bashing-ombluefive: You did day light .. my above does not have all the extrtas that a Xubuntu install would include .00:30
lernerhi, I have created a new account. I want it to be my default one and get rid of the old one. I want the new one to have all privileges the old one had, I want also my home directory changed to the new user, I want its id to be 1000 and I want the icon of the old user to be the one of the new one. How do I do it?00:30
skinnymg1bluefive: could be driver problems, it uses a newer kernel and might not have them installed anymore00:30
acovrigI liked how unRAID made it easy to have a redundant array, but it would seemingly boot completely, wait 6min, then *finally* start booting the VMs...00:30
bluefiveskinnymg1, In that case I can probably go right to installing the LTS desktop.00:31
skinnymg1bluefive: LTS is the way to anyway. The other releases are to get the kinks worked out for them.00:32
bluefiveBashing-om, Is 'apt' the same as 'apt-get' in the command line?00:32
Bashing-ombluefive: Yes and no .. apt is the replacement for apt-get . has a few enhancements .00:33
mcphailacovrig: to be honest, I've come to the conclusion that RAID is more hassle than it is worth with the multi-terabyte drives I have in my desktop these days. I've abandoned it for bcache and rotational backups. Rebuilding an array is just a pain00:35
daftykinsmaybe if you use Linux software RAID ;)00:36
daftykinswith a proper hardware controller, it's pretty much a walk in the park in 99% of cases00:36
acovrigmcphail, yea, that's what I'm thinking (hence me being hesitant to jump on a RAID); I do have this data in an offsite location that I very loosely sync with; I would like to do a parity, ideally fs independent and non RAID; but I guess I could be asking too much...00:40
mcphailacovrig: maybe. I'd be interested in your eventual soultion, so please ping me and let me know what you end up doing00:41
acovrigmcphail, I believe it's possible (unRAID somehow does it), just not sure how...00:42
sethjHow does one upgrade from LTS to LTS before the HWE is released? i.e. when the upgrade manager doesn't see the upgrade?00:42
daftykinsif you're talking 14.04 -> 16.04 then it's not out yet00:42
sethjdaftykins, I'm talking theoretically.00:43
EriC^^sethj: you mean you want the development pre-release?00:43
sethjwhen 16.04 is released it won't show in the upgrade manager (if you're on the LTS channel) until 16.04.1, but if I want to upgrade anyway?00:43
daftykinsLTS to LTS upgrade becomes available once the target release hits .100:43
sethjdaftykins, yes I know, but if I want to upgrade before that?00:44
meercati know a guy who can get you a dvd00:44
EriC^^really? i thought one could upgrade as soon as it was released00:44
daftykinshmm, probably involves do-release-upgrade and some extra00:44
daftykinsi think that's a bad idea though00:44
sethjEriC^^ well you *can*, but I've forgotten how00:45
EriC^^yeah, i thought it was official though00:45
sethjdaftykins yes I'm sure it involves do-release-upgrade.. but it has to be either the -d or -p flags and neither look quite right.00:45
EriC^^since everybody flocks in after new releases come in, i guess that's just for lts to lts then?00:45
sethjEriC^^, that is correct.00:45
daftykinsno, -d is development release - and is the wrong approach00:46
sethjI wonder if it's just `do-release-upgrade` and it figures it out..00:46
maxtimboHello, I just bought a Logitech G300s gaming mouse and 4 of the buttons don't seem to be doing anything. I tried using xev to see if I was getting anything and I got KeyPress and KeyRelease rather than ButtonPress on only two of the four broken buttons. Should I pursue this or just return the mouse?00:47
sethj> If you choose to upgrade before then, you can pass the -d option to the upgrade tool, running do-release-upgrade -d or update-manager -d, to upgrade from vanilla 12.04 to 14.04. (-d stand for devel)00:47
OS-18137how can i determine what package a given binary was installed by?00:48
ChaserOS-18137: dpkg -S <path to binar>00:48
sethjThat's from a Jorge Castro answer on AU, so it's probably correct.00:48
OS-18137Chaser: thank you very much00:48
llldinosethj, I believe until the .1 gets pushed, it's considered a "dev-build", I mean you can always just try do-release-upgrade before the .1 abnd see what happens00:49
llldinosethj, I would honestly wait until the .1 comes out though unless you're a developer00:49
sethjllldino, that seems to be the case (see quote above --^). Thanks!00:49
sethjI don't personally run LTS, I was asking for someone new to Ubuntu :)00:50
EriC^^that's worse00:50
daftykinsugh proxy questions00:50
mcphailacovrig: just reading about how unraid does things. Interesting approach, decoupling parity from RAID, but I can't see that it protects you from the risks of 2nd drive failure during a rebuild (which becomes more likely than not with multiple very large drives)00:51
EriC^^sethj: i guess it would be a bad idea for them to run -d if they're new to ubuntu in case it breaks, really bad impression with linux i guess00:52
insidiousDoes anyone know how i can get the latest gui for werwolf?00:52
sethjdaftykins, not as much as you think. I was answering their question y and this was part of my answer that I didn't quite remember 100% :)00:52
mcphailacovrig: don't know if there is a way to do this on Ubuntu00:52
acovrigmcphail, yea, I just don't like the idea of loosing everything if a single drive dies...00:52
insidiousi want the Fedora , debian type of look with gnome. for ubuntu00:52
insidiousnot the style with the tool bar on the left side.00:52
sethjEriC^^, I'd tend to agree!00:52
daftykinssethj: as much as what? that makes no sense.00:52
daftykinsupgrades in general are a bad idea imo :P00:53
insidiousAnyone know how i can do this?00:53
aerthinsidious, yeah00:53
aerthyou want KDE?00:53
insidiousi want the look like Fedora and Debians  gnome00:54
aerthoh "gnome classic" ?00:54
insidiouswere it has activites00:54
mcphailacovrig: http://www.snapraid.it/ ?00:54
insidiousat the top right00:54
sethjdaftykins, it wasn't a direct proxy question. They asked me in general about LTS upgrades, I was trying to give a complete answer, I just couldn't remember this part. And yes, upgrades are definitely a bad idea in general xD That's true on so many levels..00:54
aerthdo you see any options at your login page?00:54
insidiouslet me look00:54
daftykinslol direct proxy.00:55
daftykinsinsidious: so you want ubuntu gnome edition huh00:55
sethjFedora and Debian use Gnome Shell (aka "gnome 3") by default.. Do you mean that or the older gnome 2?00:55
eelstreborwhen using dnscrypt should i set the dns to or (which is what is in /etc/init.d/dnscrypt-proxy)?00:55
insidiousthe one new one.00:55
insidiousi have no options on login screen.00:56
Bashing-ominsidious: See: http://ubuntugnome.org/download/ .00:57
insidiousThat is a example picture00:57
acovrigmcphail, ooh, that looks nice, I just may use it...00:57
acovrigmcphail, I like the /compare page: I didn't know unRAID ignores errors silently; now I'm feeling better about switching to ubuntu00:58
insidiousYou guys see the picture?00:58
mcphailacovrig: ha!00:58
acovrigmcphail, it's just annoying that I was using ubuntu, switched to unRAID (because their GUI makes it easy/possible to do a PCI passthrough), and now I'm switching back to ubuntu...00:58
acovrigOK, so jumping topics completely, has anyone gotten a gfx-card PCI passthrough to work in virt-manager?01:02
sebsebsebpiboschi: hi01:02
piboschiHow's sebsebseb?01:03
sebsebsebok you?01:03
piboschiTired, but hanging on.01:03
sebsebsebheh ok01:03
piboschiAnyone have a good tutorial for getting VNC up on Ubuntu-mate 15.10?01:04
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:04
daftykinslook at something other than VNC01:05
sebsebsebdaftykins: you don't like VNC?01:05
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX01:05
piboschiYeah, it seems there a few bugs with 15.10.01:05
sebsebsebpiboschi: I think about the only other alternative is yeah freenx01:05
meercati installed ubuntu 15.10 into virtual box and it can't boot, keeps going to uefi interactive shell01:05
sebsebsebmeercat: oh01:06
daftykinsit's not about liking something, it's about it being insecure - you realise VNC typically auths in plaintext?01:06
sebsebsebdaftykins: well VNC is meant to be done over SSH to be secure yeah01:06
meercati tried repartitioning, it didn't help01:06
meercati am about to virtually throw it in the virtual garbage can01:06
sebsebsebmeercat: I guess your computer is UEFI01:06
helpeehelp please!!!!!01:06
sebsebsebmeercat: what's your host OS to?01:07
sebsebsebhelpee: with what?01:07
sebsebsebmeercat: oh right Hmm01:07
meercatit runs everything else01:07
piboschiNX is more secure? Interesting...01:07
sebsebsebmeercat: isn't there like parralles and such to for mac? altough that's a paid one isn't it01:07
meercati just use virtualbox01:07
sebsebsebpiboschi: probably a bit, maybe about the same as vnc not sure quite01:07
helpeeI wanted to rename my username and in the process I thought I could "sudo thunar" and then rename my home folder, which I did and now, apparently, I created some trouble01:07
sebsebsebmeercat: I think at one stage there may have even been a specific Mac ISO image of Ubuntu, but not anymore I guess01:08
daftykinssebsebseb: no, that's just a workaround01:08
helpeefor example, when I type now thunar on the cli I get "unable to resolve host"01:08
sebsebsebhave you tried standard Ubuntu in a vm?01:08
sebsebsebdaftykins: which?01:08
meercati will just have to make do with the 9 other linux installs in virtualbox01:08
daftykinspiboschi: just to be clear i didn't mention NX at all personally01:08
EriC^^helpee: you just renamed the home dir? and nothing else?01:08
piboschiYou don't like FreeNX daftykins?01:09
daftykinssebsebseb: SSH tunneling VNC traffic01:09
daftykinswhy to people keep saying 'like'01:09
helpeeEriC^^: I thing I didnt do anything else. A random line of my home dir >ls -l< looks like : -rw-rw-r--  1 dexter sherman      64685 Nov 23 23:04 zzzz.png01:09
daftykinsyou're making conclusions out of nowhere01:09
sebsebsebmeercat: well yeah plenty of other distro's that should work in Vbox :)  if your after Unity specifically though which you woudn't be you said mate, but if you were then yeah tighed to Ubuntu to  run that01:09
helpeedexter is the old username and group01:09
EriC^^helpee: ok, rename it back01:09
piboschiNo, it was more a question?01:10
piboschiI'm unfamiliar with it.01:10
helpeeEriC^^: I cannot, I was trying to do that right now, but "sudo thunar" returns sudo: unable to resolve host Macbookair No protocol specified Thunar: Cannot open display:01:10
sebsebsebpiboschi: there was a site that used freenx well something, I tried to use it oncce, but didn't work  or for me then01:10
sebsebsebpiboschi: ideally you should learn how to tunnel VNC over SSH if your going to use it over the net, well for security01:11
meercatsebsebseb, ok, that's odd that ubuntu doesn't support it.  i was just wanting to tinker with unity but i'll find another hobby01:11
sebsebsebmeercat: well you said you had tried the mate image01:11
sebsebsebhave you treid the actsual Ubuntu default version that comes with Unity01:11
sebsebsebmeercat: there will be differences between the ISO's here and there, and not just there graphical user interface stuff01:11
helpeeall my applications look for the right directory, which is under the old name. I need to rename the dir back, but I dont know how...01:12
bluefiveWhat is the difference between these two images? It says Desktop Image twice01:12
EriC^^helpee: do sudo mv /home/<newuser> /home/<olduser>01:12
bluefiveand the descriptions are the same01:12
piboschiSebsebseb: bummer :( I was going for VNC over local for now, not worried about security yet. 15:10 isn't allowing me to connect via the outdated methods.01:12
piboschiNot too worried about it, it'll come with time.01:12
helpeesudo mv /home/sherman /home/dexter <<<? EriC^^01:12
neldogzI recently installed linux-image-4.2.0-23-lowlatency. Is there a way to prevent apt-get from showing updates for the linux-generic kernel?01:12
EriC^^helpee: is it currently sherman ?01:13
sebsebsebbluefive: that particualr mirror has an issue by the looks of it01:13
sebsebsebbluefive: it shoudn't be listed twice like that01:13
helpeeEriC^^: the username now is dexter01:13
EriC^^!aptmark | neldogz perhaps?01:13
bluefivesebsebseb, Says the same thing for the Canadian mirror.01:13
EriC^^!apt-mark | neldogz perhaps?01:13
sebsebsebbluefive: get it from  http://releases.ubuntu.com for example, that will do it :)01:13
neldogzEriC^^, thanks, will have a look at that !01:14
bluefivesebsebseb, http://ftp.dei.uc.pt/pub/linux/xubuntu/releases/14.04/release/01:14
EriC^^helpee: what's the old username?01:14
bluefiveand here.01:14
EriC^^neldogz: no problem, there's also apt_preferences ( man apt_preferences)01:14
sebsebsebbluefive: if you get it from my link, your using the like main mirror, the offical01:14
neldogzEriC^^, this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks again01:15
bluefivesebsebseb, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/14.04/release/01:15
bluefiveIt's the same.01:15
sebsebsebbluefive: getting from Canonical on that link, and I just looked it's fine for this one:  http://releaess.ubuntu.com01:15
helpeewait, I repeat what happened: dexter is the old username. I created a new username named sherman. I then logged out of dexter into sherman. THen I went back to dexter. In Dexter I "sudo thunar" and with ctrl+f2 rename the home directory to sherman. Now I want to rename that home directory to dexter...01:15
sebsebsebbluefive: you want Ubuntu 14.04 yes?01:15
bluefivesebsebseb, I'm looking for Xubuntu.01:15
sebsebsebbluefive: oh Xubuntu01:16
sebsebsebbluefive: well you could start with standard Ubuntu and put in Xubuntu from the repo's as well01:16
EriC^^helpee: ok, so rename it to dexter, sudo mv /home/sherman /home/dexter01:16
sebsebsebbluefive: ok something else took me to the cd image page and yes two, something is odd there01:17
EriC^^helpee: actually wait01:17
sebsebsebbluefive: you could download both of them and do a md5sum check or something to see if you really got the same ISO twice :d01:17
robotdevil1does anyone know how to have two instances of x running at login on tty7 and tty801:17
EriC^^helpee: ok, so there's not really a problem here, you just need to chown all the files to sherman01:17
EriC^^helpee: is sherman in the sudo group?01:17
sebsebsebbluefive: I sugggest downloading standard Ubuntu since the mirors issue and putting xubuntu in from repos01:18
helpeeEriC^^: I dont know, the settings manager returns an empty box01:18
EriC^^helpee: login to dexter, type id sherman01:19
helpeeEriC^^: id sherman uid=1002(sherman) gid=1000(sherman) groups=1000(sherman),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),26(tape),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),105(fuse),108(scanner),110(lpadmin),118(netdev),123(sambashare)01:19
EriC^^helpee: ok, you need to add sherman to sudo if it's going to be your main account01:20
EriC^^so you can use privileges01:20
EriC^^helpee: sudo usermod -aG sudo sherman01:20
helpeeEriC^ I used hostnamectl to rename my machine as "macbookair". the command you just pasted returns this: sudo usermod -aG sudo sherman sudo: unable to resolve host Macbookair01:21
EriC^^helpee: it still runs doesn't it?01:21
EriC^^try id sherman again01:21
helpeeo wait!!!01:22
helpeeEriC^^: it worked, I dont know what I missread...01:23
EriC^^ok, first type sudo nano /etc/hosts01:24
EriC^^and replace the hostname there, as well as /etc/hostname01:24
helpeeEriC^^: uid=1002(sherman) gid=1000(sherman) groups=1000(sherman),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),26(tape),27(sudo),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),105(fuse),108(scanner),110(lpadmin),118(netdev),123(sambashare)01:24
helpeeEriC^^: I dont know how to "press" ^O to save the file01:27
meercati told #ubuntu-dev about the uefi software bug in the ubuntu 15.10 install process, it involves a "startup.nsh" script not being created as part of the installation that points to the grub64.efi file01:27
meercatthis is a coding problem in case you have questions from others01:28
helpeeEriC^^: so, how does the directory have to look like? /etc/hosts/sherman-MFUED76 or /etc/sherman-MFUED76 <?01:30
EriC^^helpee: no i mean the actual contents01:30
EriC^^just sudo nano /etc/hosts , switch the name, save and exit01:30
EriC^^same for /etc/hostname01:30
meercatefibootmgr may create a duplicated boot entry, "breaking" UEFI boot.  Critical. 2014-08-31  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/efibootmgr/+bug/136371901:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363719 in efibootmgr (Ubuntu Utopic) "efibootmgr may create a duplicated boot entry, "breaking" UEFI boot." [Critical,Fix released]01:30
helpeea geez...01:31
helpeeEriC^^: you mean "sudo nano /etc/hostname" <<<?01:32
helpeeEriC^^: its done...01:33
EriC^^helpee: yes01:33
EriC^^helpee: ok, now logout of dexter and login to sherman01:34
helpeeok EriC^^ ill be right back01:34
EriC^^helpee: 1 sec01:34
EriC^^dang, he left01:35
helpmmEriC^^: ?01:37
EriC^^helpmm: it didn't login, did it?01:37
helpmmEriC^^: Im now sherman: the desktop looks brand new: no my icons, not my regular wallpaper... but I did log in...01:38
EriC^^ok, cool01:38
EriC^^type ls /home , is there a sherman dir there?01:38
helpmmEriC^^: both dexter and sherman01:39
EriC^^helpmm: ok, type sudo rsync -a /home/dexter/ /home/sherman                ( make sure you put a trailing "/" after /home/dexter/ it's important )01:40
helpmmEriC^^: that wont erase the content or Sherman, right? all my data is there...01:41
EriC^^helpmm: i thought it was in dexter?01:41
EriC^^you said you renamed sherman back to dexter before we started doing stuff01:42
RNevilleI'm trying to use a video editor and what to use my second hd to write edits to, but don't seem to have permission to use this HD01:42
helpmmEriC^^: im sorry if I forgot something along the way, maybe I am not saying it right: I dont mean sherman the user, I mean sherman as the name of my home directory. Now, logged in as sherman, there is a home directory named sherman, and all my important stuff is there01:43
aerthwhat are you trying to do helpmm01:43
EriC^^yeah i know, you said you renamed the home dir back01:44
EriC^^anyways, so ls /home/dexter shows what? vs ls /home/sherman ?01:44
meercaton 2nd thought, the workaround for installing ubuntu in vb or a system having uefi boot issues is to install xubuntu and then install unity, xubuntu doesn't have the bug01:44
K1rkEriC^^, it shows what's in /home/dexter lol01:44
helpmmaerth: sherman as my default username saving all data from old dexter into new sherman. I dont care if old dexter gets wiped out, as long as all important data remains in new sherman01:44
aerthnano /etc/passwd01:44
K1rkEriC^^, if you just run "ls" it does ls of the directory you are in, if you run ls /path/to/dir it shows you what's in /path/to/dir01:45
EriC^^K1rk: no-way.01:45
K1rkSorry I might have read your question a little out of context.01:45
EriC^^K1rk: :P01:45
K1rkI just opened my chat window01:45
RNevilleMy no-booting harddrive has its owner as root, how does another program write to this harddrive if I'm running as standard user?01:45
K1rkI was like01:45
K1rkomg that's such a simple question01:45
K1rkI'll just change my nick to CaptainObvious01:46
EriC^^RNeville: what's the filesystem it uses?01:46
helpmmEriC^^: ls /home/dexter shows a default ubuntu installation, very few subdirectories. ls /home/sherman shows my stuff01:46
RNevilleEriC^^, ext301:46
aerthhelpmm, take a look in /etc/passwd ( dont change much here ) and there should be something like username:x:1000:1000::/home/user:/bin/bash01:46
aerththat /home/user is the home directory, you can change to whatever you want01:47
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
EriC^^helpmm: ok, did you copy the stuff yourself? try ls -d /home/dexter/.* ls -d /home/sherman/.* and compare them for me01:47
EriC^^it should show only the hidden files01:47
helpmmaerth: i will stick with EriC^^ for the time being. I cannot listen to 2 people at the same time01:47
EriC^^RNeville: you could just make a dir on that drive and have it owned by your user01:48
EriC^^so you can write stuff to it01:48
helpmmEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14483020/01:49
EriC^^helpmm: ok, looks good01:52
EriC^^helpmm: what does echo ~ show?01:52
helpmmEriC^^:  echo ~ show >returns< /home/sherman show01:53
EriC^^ok, cool01:53
=== Al3x_10m is now known as Windows_ME
EriC^^helpmm: what's the owner and group of the files in sherman?01:54
=== Windows_ME is now known as Al3x_10m
helpmmEriC^^: im gonna need a command. sorry01:55
EriC^^helpmm: ls -la ~01:55
helpmma wait EriC^^01:55
helpmmI can do it with the gui :D01:55
EriC^^it's easier to list them all01:55
helpmm-rw-rw-r--   1 dexter sherman          0 May 22  2013 .Xauthority.N8JKXW01:56
helpmmyou dont need the whole log, do you?01:56
EriC^^helpmm: ok, type find ~ -user dexter -exec chown sherman '{}' \;01:56
helpmmEriC^^: find ~ -user dexter -exec chown sherman '{}' \;   <<<<?01:57
helpmmJESUS CHRIST, its armageddon over here01:57
EriC^^helpmm: sorry, use sudo with that01:57
EriC^^press ctrl+c01:58
helpmmok, paused01:58
EriC^^then run it again with sudo01:58
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Guest18416HEllo, I was just wondering why my graphics dropped once I changed somethingin firefox01:58
Guest18416either that or the sudo command01:59
helpmmEriC^^: what???? [sudo] password for sherman:  sherman is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.01:59
EriC^^helpmm: type id01:59
helpmm id uid=1002(sherman) gid=1000(sherman) groups=1000(sherman),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),26(tape),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),105(fuse),108(scanner),110(lpadmin),118(netdev),123(sambashare)02:00
geniiYou need the user with uid 100002:00
helpmmEriC^^: I forgot the command. can you please paste it again?02:00
EriC^^helpmm: try id sherman02:00
EriC^^did you logout and back in since you added him?02:00
helpmmid sherman uid=1002(sherman) gid=1000(sherman) groups=1000(sherman),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),26(tape),27(sudo),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),105(fuse),108(scanner),110(lpadmin),118(netdev),123(sambashare)02:01
EriC^^yeah there it is02:01
helpmmEriC^^: I dont know02:01
helpmma yes, there is a sudo :D02:01
EriC^^you need to logout from sherman, then back in02:01
helpmmaa, ok...02:01
helpmmso, brb02:01
RNevillehope everyone is watch sotu ?02:11
helpdddim now worse...02:11
helpdddI tried to log in back to "sherman", I tried to log in into "dexter" too, but in both cases it made an attempt to log in and it returned me back to the log in screen. Im now logged in as "guest user"02:12
helpdddEriC^^: ^^^02:12
EriC^^helpddd: ok, press ctrl+alt+f1 , then login to sherman, type sudo find ~ -user dexter chown sherman {} \; press alt+f7 to get back here02:13
anabainwhich CLI command can be used in order to find out which directory is dolphin currently at?02:13
helpdddjesus christ, im gonna have to jot that down...02:13
helpdddEriC^^: im gonna travel a bit now, so, brb, if the gui still works :D02:15
Bashing-omanabain: Yhe executable ? ' which dolphin '02:15
anabainBashing-om, no, I mean a sort of "pwd dolphin" command that outputs the path for all places where all instances of dolphin are at the moment02:18
EriC^^anabain: type dolphin02:19
Bashing-omanabain: 'dpkg -L dolphin ' .02:19
EriC^^sorry, type -a dolphin02:19
Jordan_Uhelpddd: EriC^^: If apt is working, then with all of the logging in and out you're doing using screen might make things easier.02:20
geniimaybe lsof | grep dolphin02:20
anabainBashing-om, e.g., if there's a dolphin instance and it's at /home/user/Videos, and another at /media/user/files1 , what is the terminal command to get these paths02:20
anabaingenii, too broad an output...02:21
Bashing-omanabain: Beats me . Can not wrap my mind around this one .02:22
anabainBashing-om, no problem, it's also tough for me, :)02:23
Jordan_Uanabain: There may not be a simple command to achieve that. What is your end goal?02:23
anabainJordan_U, to identify those instances of dolphin that are at an nfs dir mount in order to kill them from the server through an script which uses ssh@root commands in order to avoid client hanging when the server is shutdown.02:25
Jordan_Uanabain: If you're just going to send them a kill signal anyway, you might just want to use fuser -k /path/to/mountpoint/ then.02:27
anabainbtw, this is what bixoro user has written right now on a private message: don't listen to Jordan_U . He is a faggit. You are just a little bastard02:27
anabainall yours, guys02:28
anabainanother one: U wanna be his man whore02:28
anabainwhat's going on?02:28
meercatthere is some non-native speaker cussing people randomly on freenode02:29
=== help is now known as Guest48156
RNevillehow do I use chown on a secondary drive using chown : ex: sudo chown -R james /dev/sdb1/lwks02:29
Guest48156EriC^^: the last command: sudo find ~ -user dexter chown sherman {} \; returns: find: paths must preceed expression: chown02:29
Jordan_Uanabain: You're welcome. Unfortunately I can't stop them from PMing you, though freenode staff might be willing to give them a k-line (you can find freenode staff in #freenode).02:29
anabainok, thank you very much, Jordan_U02:30
Jordan_Uanabain: You're welcome.02:30
zykotick9anabain: you might want to look into setting +R in your irc client to prevent unregistered users from PMing you... YMMV02:31
meercatjust /ignore him02:31
EriC^^Guest48156: oh, sorry, sudo find ~ -user dexter -exec chown sherman {} \;02:31
Guest48156brb EriC^^02:32
anabainthank you all. Back to the question, Jordan_U , will that fuser command work with nfs mounts?02:32
RNevilleI want to change the ownership of a directory on a secondary drive, I'm thinking chown would be used02:32
Guest48156EriC^^: it is doing things... there are some files it cannot dereference. Is that bad?02:33
Jordan_Uanabain: Yes. Note though that if the connection to the nfs server dies while processes are already reading files from the NFS share, you won't be able to kill those processes as they will be blocking on a system call. You can configure your NFS mounts to only block IO to files on NFS mounts for a certain amount of time after the connection is lost.02:35
Bashing-omRNeville: ' sudo chown <user>:<user> <mountpoint>/<directory> ' eg " sudo chown sysop:sysop /mnt/backup/ " where I am sysop .02:35
RNevillethx Bashing-om02:36
Bashing-omRNeville: Pleased2help02:37
Guest48156EriC^^: ? have you read my last message? is everything allright?02:38
anabainJordan_U, the idea was to first identify NFS processes via lsof -N, kill them (or whatever more elegant solution that could be performed remotely from ther server), and finally to find out dolphin instances being at or under nfs mount shares and kill them in order to avoid hanging.02:39
EriC^^Guest48156: i think so yeah02:42
Guest48156EriC^^: how do I know when it has ended?02:42
RNevilleBashing-om, I'm just not sure of my mnt point02:43
RNevilleI run df and I looks like I know what it is, but it doesn't seem correct when I run chown02:43
EriC^^Guest48156: it should give you the prompt back.. should have ended though02:44
EriC^^Guest48156: try ctrl+c if it hasn't ended yet, and try sudo find ~ -user dexter02:44
Guest48156EriC^^: does ctrl +v (to paste) work out of x?02:45
Bashing-omRNeville: Well .. how is the drive mounted ? in /etc/fstab ? then one can look there for the mount point .02:45
EriC^^ctrl+shift+v in the terminal02:45
Guest48156EriC^^: sudo find ~ -user dexter finds lots of expunged files and lots of my important files under the new directory /home/sherman/files02:48
Bashing-omRNeville: As the drive must be mountd for the command to have effect .. one can see all mount points from the ' mount ' command .02:48
EriC^^Guest48156: ok, i guess you have a lot of files?02:50
Guest48156EriC^^: a, yes :DD02:51
RNevillethx Bashing-om , I had to use a 32 character name for my directory02:51
Guest48156EriC^^: do I execute sudo find -user dexter -exec... again?02:51
Guest48156untill I see a promt EriC^^ ?02:51
RNevillesudo chown -R james:james /media/james/7901333a-0e8d-4cff-8419-75a27e124d902:51
EriC^^Guest48156: yeah02:51
Guest48156good EriC^^02:51
Guest48156EriC^^: its done!!!02:54
Guest48156a promt appeared02:54
picardahello, quick-quizz...your favorite CLI audio player is?02:55
Guest48156EriC^^: what do I do now?02:55
kianserver help questions allowed in here02:55
Bashing-omRNeville: That is a mount through the GUI (gvfs) .02:56
EriC^^Guest48156: try sudo find ~ -group dexter -exec chgrp {} \;02:56
Bashing-omkian: An ubuntu server, you can ask .02:56
EriC^^Guest48156: try sudo find ~ -group dexter -exec chgrp sherman {} \;02:56
EriC^^Guest48156: first one has a typo02:57
kianJust purchased my first dedicated server and am running Ubuntu 14.04 and I want to setup VPS's onto it02:57
kianMy provider loaded me some IP's to utilize but I have no idea how to use them with KVM.02:57
Guest48156all right EriC^^02:57
RNevilleokay, Bashing-com ; I really don't know what "a mount through the GUI (gvfs)" means ( I wish I did) but it did work to change the permissions02:58
Guest48156EriC^^: done02:58
RNevillemount did show that 32 character numberical when I used "mount"02:58
EriC^^Guest48156: should be good02:59
Guest48156ok? so what do I do now?03:00
Guest48156EriC^^: ^03:00
Bashing-omRNeville: All in that curve of learning ... I am not even close to the peak yet :)03:00
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bluecamelHey all.  We're running OpenVPN 2.3.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 (installed from the openvpn apt package).  I need to figure out how to revoke a client.  The docs say to run /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/revoke-full, but that script doesn't exist there and I can't find it anywhere.03:01
bluecamelAny idea where I might find it or if I should just be doing something else entirely?03:01
=== Alpha is now known as ^King
aerthmaybe /etc/easy-rsa/revoke-full ?03:02
Guest48156EriC^^: I dont know how to proceed...03:03
tewardbluecamel: `sudo apt-get install easy-rsa`; `/usr/share/easy-rsa/revoke-full`03:03
tewardbluecamel: perhaps03:03
EriC^^Guest48156: that's all, i think03:04
RNevillethx Bashing-om , once again :)03:04
Guest48156EriC^^: so, log out and try to log in a sherman?03:04
EriC^^Guest48156: type sudo service lightdm restart03:04
Guest48156EriC^^: thats out of x, in tty1, right?03:05
bluecamelteward: thanks, I didn't realize easy-rsa was a separate package03:06
tewardbluecamel: you're welcome, hopefully that works for you :)03:09
bluecamelteward: looks promising.  I installed the package and now have a /usr/share/easy-rsa with lots of goodies.  Thanks!03:10
tewardbluecamel: you're welcome.  Enjoy!03:11
lernerEriC^^, hi, apparently it works :D can we now repeat the right steps in the right order to create a new user?03:14
RNevilleBashing-om, I think this is the command I should have run : sudo chown -R james:james  /mnt/lwks03:15
RNevilleBashing-om, that last command seems to have run03:16
lernerlerner, for instance, if I now get rid of old dexter under users and groups, is that the right way of doing it?03:16
Bashing-omRNeville: K .. If you want the command to be (R)ecursive . that is correct .03:17
EriC^^lerner: you want to create a new user called lerner?03:19
RNevillewell, maybe I do want to to be recursive, because the directory "lwks" is on a secondary harddrive, and I want that secondary hard drive to be accessable by stand user03:19
Bashing-om!permissions | RNeville03:20
ubottuRNeville: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:20
RNevilleI'll read that Bashing-om03:21
Bashing-omRNeville: As chown'd to you .. presently "you" and root only have access to that directory until you change the permissions as per your need to satisfy those other users conditions - what rights do "you" want to grant .03:23
RNevilleWell, I don't really know Bashing-om , but I do know that I want video editoring program to be able to write files to this secondary harddrive03:25
=== stevenroose|BNC is now known as stevenroose
RNevillesorry for all the typos Bashing-om03:29
Bashing-omRNeville: Well, one way is to make up a video group, and add this video group in the chown command to allow 'video' to access the directory .03:31
EriC^^RNeville: if you save a video in /tmp , who ends up owning it?03:32
bluefiveHi guys03:32
bluefiveIs the Ubuntu support for AMD Radeon GPUs lacking?03:33
bluefiveWill the graphics not be 100% what they are with Windows?03:33
Ben64bluefive: amd usually has some issues with linux03:35
bluefiveAMD Radeon HD 8250?03:36
bluefiveHow is the support for that and how do I find out?03:36
MordepedroMHi there. I am trying to install OpenShift rhc client tools but i run the command on terminal and the answer is E: Unable to locate package rhc03:36
MordepedroMany help ?03:36
bluefiveThe AMD Radeon HD 8250 is an integrated DirectX 11.1 graphics card in the AMD Temash APUs (A6-1450). It has 128 shader cores based on the GCN architecture (two Compute Units) and clocks at 300 to 400 MHz (turbo). The graphics card does not have its own memory, but accesses the main memory of the system (up to single-channel DDR3L-1066).03:37
GudduI need to copy 177 GB of Info from my Windows Host to my Ubuntu Guest (Virtualbox). . . The ubuntu Guest has access to a Windows Shared Folder. I mounted the SSD on Ubuntu Guest. Is it ok to simply run a cp command to do this copy? Or any better approach?03:41
MordepedroMdrag n drop would be perfect03:42
MordepedroMyou can change the VM definitions to do that03:43
GudduThanks MordepedroM03:43
GudduI am just wondering if cp command can show a progress indicator by any chance?03:44
MordepedroMNo problem Guddu03:44
K1rkGuddu, command line cp does not show progress indicator.03:45
K1rkGuddu, if you must have progress you could try rsync with the --progress switch.03:45
GudduThanks again K1rk03:46
K1rkGuddu, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/show-progress-during-file-transfer/03:46
MordepedroMI am trying to install OpenShift rhc client tools but i run the command " sudo apt-get install rhc " on terminal and the answer is E: Unable to locate package rhc... what am i doing wrong? theres any repository that i need to install ?03:50
MordepedroMalso i forgot the password for my nickname whats the command for getting in my e-mail xchat password03:51
OerHeksMordepedroM, registering your name in this open channel is not really needed, other channels may be different.03:54
OerHeks!info rhc03:55
ubotturhc (source: rhc): OpenShift command-line client tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.35.4-3 (wily), package size 113 kB, installed size 593 kB03:55
OerHeksMordepedroM, what ubuntu version?03:55
MordepedroMSory i was searching for the registration in freenode is command ""msg NickServ SENDPASS nickname03:56
MordepedroMLong time support :) i love that03:57
OerHeks!info rhc trusty03:57
ubottuPackage rhc does not exist in trusty03:57
MordepedroMso what should i do ?03:57
somsipMordepedroM: stop swearing for a start03:57
OerHeksoh, that package is available since vivid, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhc03:57
saulo HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.2.0-16-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "wily" 15.10 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 350  @ 2.27GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 933MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3,7GiB, 70,6% free ** Disk: Total: 440,3GiB, 67,5% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID ** Ethernet: Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 v1.1 Fast Ethernet ** Uptime: 3m 53s **03:58
MordepedroMthanks OerHeks ;)03:58
OerHeksNot sure building it yourself goes without issues, MordepedroM03:58
MordepedroMi will try ... i am trying to get my registration back to get more help in ##java03:59
OerHekscheck your email ( and spamfolder) for the reg mail04:00
romankHey all. Would someone mind helping me install a wireless adapter's driver?04:00
OerHeksromank, what wifi adapter exactly? lspci or lsusb should be able to tell04:01
DF3D2so I have an interesting and annoying issue I hope I can describe concisely. The devices involved are a denon avr s700w, LG 55UF6450 tv, intel based computer running an nvidia 750ti. the issue: I have an issue where some failure in handshaking occurs between the three. Basically if I turn off either the AVR/TV and turn them back on I get "no signal" shown on the TV. I had "fixed" this on my old LG 1080p tv by dumping the EDID from04:02
DF3D2the denon avr and adding it in to /etc/x11/xorg.conf. So the problem now is with this new tv I had done the same thing but it did not fix the "no signal" issue. So I decided to dump the edid directly from the TV. This works perfectly... EXCEPT I can't play DTS-MA or TruHD audio anymore. Confirmed by using the denon edid again and it works. What in the world can I do? Ask me anything and i'll answer I really would like to get this04:02
DF3D2taken care of!04:02
romankIt's a panda wireless 300mbps usb, Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5372 Wireless Adapter04:03
romankThe drivers fail to compile when running the make file.04:05
OerHeksromank, did you check the additional driver tool first?04:05
OerHeksi see this 2012 wiki, not sure this is still valid https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Tenda_W311M#Ralink_driver04:06
user701good night people, what is the correct way to install a gpu (nvidia) along with integrated graphics from apu? Need nvidia to use cuda rendering04:08
romankHmm. OerHeks there was an "Unknown:Unknown" entry and I chose "Using processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs from intel-microcode."04:08
romankHow might I go about seeing if it now works?04:08
OerHeksmicrocode intel is apart from wireless. just an microcode update.04:09
OerHeks( for cpu)04:09
romankHm, damn. Well that's all that showed up.04:09
OerHeksSo you tried to build the driver like the wikipage?04:10
OerHeksthat guide did not mention 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) " for the headers to build that module04:12
romankOerHerks I'm looking for the drivers since that link in the thread is dead04:14
bob2017hey.  i’m trying to install ubuntu on my mac pro, but when i boot into it it is never able to display video.  where do i go for help?04:16
X0rHey there! do any of you use a linux bios?04:16
X0rlike coreboot?04:17
OerHeksromank, i find the driver @ mediatek, worth a try > http://www.mediatek.com/en/downloads1/downloads/rt8070-rt3070-rt3370-rt3572-rt5370-rt5372-rt5572-usb-usb/04:19
somsipX0r: possibly best asked in #linux04:19
X0rthank you somsip.04:19
ravenblackcan anyone point me in the right directions for fixing some audio problems im having?04:19
ravenblackits just my audio card is really quiet04:20
romankOerHeks getting the same error as the original drivers.. damn.04:24
romankGunna email the place's support and see what happens. Thanks, and goodnight.04:24
OerHeks 04:24
bob2017can someone help me I have video problems as soon as I install ubuntu?04:25
OerHeksravenblack, this is a good start > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems04:26
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GudduI was copying a set of files using rsync. The operation interrupeted after copying 20 GB out of 177 GB. . . If i start rsync again will it redo everything or start from where it got interrupted?05:06
K1rkGuddu, the last file which was in progress will be re-started, but everything transferred before that will not need to be redone.05:07
zykotick9Guddu: try it and see.  you _should_ be happy with outcome ;)05:07
GudduThanks K1rk zykotick9 :-)05:07
OerHeksuse the --update function with rsync http://askubuntu.com/questions/399904/rsync-has-been-interrupted-copy-from-beginning05:07
zykotick9OerHeks: i don't the -u is even required, should be automajic.05:08
OerHeksoh oke, nice to know05:08
Guddursync started from where it left off :-)05:12
ravenblackany one know about audio stuffs?05:15
ravenblackim having a low audio issue05:15
ravenblackanyone at all??05:16
GudduI see some errors when i run dmesg http://dpaste.com/3SHG3M905:16
Guddursync however seems to be proceeding fine. Are the errors something to worry about?05:17
ravenblackgood luck guddu i havent gotten any help all night05:18
ravenblackfigured i would be able to fix my audio issue on my own05:18
Gudduravenblack, Sorry to hear that. I got a lot of help though.05:18
ravenblacki know sometimes things are slow05:19
GudduI was able to proceed with guidance from in here. May be you will get faster response earlier in the day.05:19
GudduK1rk, I see some errors when i run dmesg http://dpaste.com/3SHG3M905:27
Guddursync however seems to be proceeding fine. Are the errors something to worry about?05:27
GudduI cannot do a listing of the directory where i mounted the SSD05:28
Gudduls: reading directory .: Input/output error05:28
K1rkLooks like I\O errors on the sdb1 disk05:28
K1rkIs that the SSD?05:28
Guddursync still goes on though. Does not show errors or interrupts.05:28
GudduNot sure where it is writing :-(05:29
GudduK1rk, Yes. That is the SSD.05:30
K1rkNot a great sign Guddu, might indicate the drive is failing05:34
GudduI see05:34
GudduToday was my first day with the drive K1rk :-?05:35
K1rkJust let it go then lol05:36
K1rkRun an fsck on it after it's done transferring05:36
K1rkSee if it comes back clean or not05:36
bob2017can someone help me -  I have video problems as soon as I install ubuntu?  I can’t even boot with it set to text mode05:37
K1rkbob2017, does it work on live CD?05:37
bob2017k1rk: yes05:38
somsipK1rk: can I check - are you recommending to run fsck on an SSD?05:38
K1rksomsip, why not?05:38
bob2017i can install, but on the first boot it says it has to go into low graphics mode.  then after i install the ATI driver, it freezes at the point in boot where it would load video.  well it doesn’t freeze, because pressing the power button will start the shutdown sequence, but coherent graphics never appear05:38
bob2017k1rk if i start in ‘text’ mode, after the screen where it shows the kernel command line, i get a black screen with a few magenta verticle lines, and that’s it.  but again the power button starts the shutdown sequence05:39
somsipK1rk: just got the idea it was not a good thing to do, but can't find anything to support that idea so I'll shut up :)05:39
K1rkbob2017, model of the graphics card?05:41
K1rksomsip, lol fsck just checks the filesystem integrity, you can run fsck on any type of volume :)05:41
K1rksomsip, I would not recommend to run it on a failing drive in most cases, but as this is a copy of data from another drive, it should be safe to do.05:42
bob2017k1rk:  ATI 7950 for video.  There is also an Nvidia GTX 980 on the PCI bus, but the same thing happens whether that’s installed or not05:42
bob2017k1rk: and the nvidia drivers are not installed05:42
somsipK1rk: It might have been from times when SSDs where more volatile (prone to wearing out) but I'm on the wrong track for modern SSDs so I'll leave it with you05:42
K1rkbob2017, I would suggest you attempt a clean boot, then power off the machine, boot to a live CD, mount the drive, and attempt to look through the logs.  The last few lines of /var/log/messages or /var/log/dmesg on the hard drive may indicate the problem.05:43
bob2017k1rk well i may be able to do that now, i’m booted into in on mac os x05:44
K1rkok cool05:44
K1rkIf you want to pastebin your messages and dmesg I can look them over05:44
GudduK1rk, fsck reveals this http://dpaste.com/3BDPC6205:45
K1rkGuddu, /dev/sdb1 not /dev/sdb05:45
K1rkfsck runs on a partition, not a block device05:45
ravenblackim having a low audio issue05:45
ravenblackany one help?05:45
K1rkWhat does that mean ravenblack?  low audio?  Like it's quiet? lol05:46
ravenblackI tried to boost the audio using pman05:46
ravenblackany ideas05:46
GudduK1rk, I am running fsck on sdb1 now. Could it also be just a FS corruption and not a bad SSD at hardware level?05:47
GudduK1rk, fsck on partition is running now. When it started it gave this message "DATA-DISK contains a file system with errors, check forced."05:48
ravenblacki think it might be my speakers05:48
ravenblackthey are tiny05:48
ravenblackand have negative bass05:49
K1rkravenblack, try headphones and see?05:49
ravenblackbelieve it i dont have a pair on my05:49
ravenblacki mean me05:49
K1rkGuddu, sounds like you've got filesystem corruption going on.  It does not necessarily mean the drive is failing but it could mean that.05:49
K1rkGuddu, I don't mean to be cryptic, but it's true lol05:50
K1rkFilesystem corruption can happen other way besides disk failure05:50
K1rkFor example a problem on the SATA controller05:51
GudduSigh. . . Let's see.05:51
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K1rkUnfortunately it's difficult to determine from SMART stats whether an SSD is good or not.05:51
K1rkSMART was not really designed for SSD diagnostics05:51
ravenblackthanks for the help guys05:52
satinderhi how we can use both ethernet and wifi at same time , Is it possible if yes then please somebody help me for configuration05:53
GudduK1rk, I will also update the firmware on this device.05:53
satinderGuddu : help ??05:54
K1rksatinder, what are you trying to achieve in doing that?05:54
satinderK1rk : Actually I have a dvr device which is video streaming on ehternet port05:55
satinderI want receive it and upload on my server via internet05:55
satinderafter some processing on it05:56
satinderthats it05:56
FVDPrimhow o i register this nickname05:56
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K1rksatinder, ethernet is faster why use the wifi at all?05:56
K1rkomg Guest77808 another kirK??05:56
bob2017k1rk:  I’m in the filesystem now, where should i look for logs within var?05:56
satinderK1rk : I using ethernet for make connection between DVR and my laptop05:57
bob2017k1rk: I see, dated today, an Xorg log, Xorg failsafe log, apport log, auth.log, gpu-manager.log, kern.log, lightdm, syslog and wtmp05:57
bob2017what do you recommend?05:57
satinderand I want use wifi at same time for make connection between my laptop and my remote server05:58
K1rksatinder, so the ethernet is not on your network already it's like a cross-over cable to the other device?05:58
satinderSo , please some body help me05:58
GudduK1rk, I get these during fsck05:58
GudduInode 23101449, i_blocks is 35804328, should be 35776776.  Fix<y>? yes05:58
GudduInode 23101450, i_blocks is 4127176, should be 4091944.  Fix<y>? yes05:58
K1rkbob2017, I would be interested in dmesg, messages, syslog05:58
K1rkbob2017, I think ubuntu systems don't have messages it's in syslog05:59
satinderK1rk : Ethernet cable connected with my laptop and DVR05:59
bob2017k1rk: dmesg is dated oct 21, it didn’t get any updates05:59
K1rkGuddu, just normal filesystem corruption, fix it05:59
satinderthats it05:59
satinderI want use wifi at same time05:59
K1rkbob2017, odd I thought dmesg always was written at boot... anything in kern.log?05:59
satinderfor access internet05:59
satinderK1rk : help please ??05:59
GudduK1rk, Its strange that copying big files using rsync for the first time causes this.05:59
K1rksatinder, if there's no default gateway on the ethernet interface (no route) and it is on another IP range separate from your LAN, it should just work as you expect with no additional configuration.05:59
GudduI will fix and attempt rsync again.06:00
K1rkGuddu, rsync didn't cause it lol06:00
GudduK1rk, Is it recommended to just create the partition again instead of fixinf using fsck?06:00
helix12satinder: yes, you can connect to ethernet and wifi at the same time06:00
bob2017k1rk: yeah i thought that too about dmesg.  anyway kernleg is full of gobbledygook but i nothin in tail leaps out at me06:00
satinderhelixl2 : but how sir ??06:01
VfdPrimhow do i register a nickname through pidgen06:02
bob2017k1rk: starting from the bottom, i see a whole bunch of repetition of attempts to bring up networking and bluetooth, but without any failures. just repeatedly initializing bluetooth, and noting the link isn’t ready06:02
helix12satinder: normally, you don't need any  additional setting06:02
helix12satinder: just open your terminal and sudo06:03
satinderhelixl2: then ??06:03
helix12satinder: check your ip address and routing configuration06:03
helix12satinder: # ip addr06:03
helix12satnider: # ip ro ls06:04
bob2017k1rk: I found where it finds both video cards and adds sound cards for their HDMI inputs…06:04
satinderhelix12 : ok06:04
helix12satinder: do you see both your ethernet and wlan have IPs?06:04
k3wingood morning from russia with love06:05
K1rkGuddu, up to you man.  If you delete and make a new partition and the same thing happens, at least you know the corruption is happening consistently.06:05
K1rkI gotta run for awhile, bbl, good luck all.06:05
K1rkWill try to check in when I get home.06:05
bob2017k1rk: syslog is dated 2 minutes after kern.log so i’m checking there...06:06
GudduThanks k1rk06:06
bob2017k1rk: yeah, i get in syslog, whoopsie says its online, the time server syncs, and the next entry is shutdown06:07
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TomiiiHello, when i "move to trash" or "drag-n-drop to trash" a file from /tmp/.   where does it go?06:09
Tomiiiit's not in the Trash.06:09
bob2017k1rk: i see in the log it try to start the failsafeXserver, and there are no errors reports.06:09
bob2017k1rk: gpu-manager says modprobe.d is not a file… and then it says update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for x86_64-linux-gnu_gfxcore_conf, but that seems real unlikely to be a culprit06:10
bob2017k1rk: from Xorgfailsafe log — More than one possible primary device found.  Using first one seen.  and its picking the wrong gpu!!!!06:13
bob2017k1rk: how do i fix that/  It can’t be the whole problem, because the issue arises even if there’s only one GPU.  but how do i fix this?06:13
k3winhey guys06:14
bob2017k1rk: actually it seems really confused.  the device it found here:  PCI:*(0:1:0:0)  is actually in slot 2.  And the device it found here:  PCI: (0:2:0:0)  is in slot 1.06:14
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MACscrdo i need to set the default kernel number in /etc/default/grub or /boot/grub/menu.lst? cant for the life of me seem to boot an older kernel06:26
satinderHi guys helix12 , K1rk thank you so much06:26
satinderEverything is running perfectly06:27
bob2017man k1rk was so helpful :( i was optimistic06:30
hateballbob2017: What seems to be your problem?06:32
bob2017hateball: after install, video never shows, even when i boot in text mode.  logs show that xorg seems to be detecting the wrong of two video cards, but even with that card removed video never turns on06:33
bob2017hateball: livecd works,on the first boot it says low graphics mode, and after installing ATI drivers, nothing06:34
hateballbob2017: I see. Sadly I know nothing about ATI/AMD GPU, other than enough to avoid them...06:37
bob2017hateball: well fortunately there’s also an nvidia GPU06:37
hateballbob2017: So you have both a discrete AMD and nVidia card? I am not sure their binary blobs play nice together with x.org06:38
hateballbob2017: Did you try just using one or the other?06:38
bob2017hateball: well the nvidia drivers aren’t installed, and yes i tried just the amd and same thing06:38
hateballbob2017: What cards are these, respectively? The nvidia card should not be hard to get working06:39
bob2017hateball: if i deleted the xorg.conf.failsafe and xorg.conf, etc., would that make it try to rebuild them on the next boot?  is there any way to force it to use whatever driver it uses on livecd?06:39
bob2017hateball: the nvidia isn’t connected to any monitors, its there for deep learning.  they’re an AMD 7950 and a GTX 980.06:39
hateballbob2017: If you remove xorg.conf it wont get rebuilt, as it is not *needed* as such. It is if you want to apply certain tweaks tho, but not for general operation06:40
hateballbob2017: Are you on 14.04 or 15.10 ?06:40
bob2017hateball: there’s a log entry that its trying xorg.conf.failsafe06:40
bob2017hateball:  15.1, but i tried on 14.04 before and same thing06:41
hateballbob2017: well as for nvidia, the driver in 14.04 is too old to support 9xx series. 352 is in 15.10 tho, and that should work06:41
bob2017hateball: but again, there’s no monitors attached to that.06:41
hateballbob2017: however... since you're saying the AMD card is what you want to display... I don't think I can help much :|06:41
hateballbob2017: Did you install the AMD drivers through ubuntu installer, or from amd?06:42
bob2017hateball: well do you know how to tell it to pick one device or the other?  it seems to be thinking the nvidia is in slot 1 when its in slot 2.06:42
bob2017hateball: i used apt-get06:42
hateballRight, that should be sufficient if the driver in the repos support that card. Which I have no idea about06:42
hateballbob2017: Hmmm, well that shouldnt really matter, but that may be a time when you need to actually use xorg.conf to specify which card to use06:43
hateballbob2017: I am thinking the amd drivers should have some tool to prepare xorg.conf for you, just like there is nvidia-xconfig06:43
bob2017hateball: well the log says it is trying with the nvidia, which of course has no monitors.  so you see why that would be a potential issue to resolve.06:43
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k3winhow was the command line to check firewaall07:44
Ben64k3win: what do you mean07:45
k3winto check the firewall state07:45
k3winand settings07:45
bazhang!iptables | k3win have a read07:45
ubottuk3win have a read: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:45
Ben64k3win: "sudo iptables -L" ???07:45
k3winit was somethings like "ufw service state07:46
k3wini think07:46
bazhang!info gufw | k3win for a gui07:47
ubottuk3win for a gui: gufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.10.0-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 777 kB, installed size 3421 kB07:47
BogdarHello all, I've just installed 15.10 on Dell XPS13 laptop. I have screen lock issue: after laptop wake up from suspend I see my common screen with applications for 1-2 seconds, only then it locks. I would like to have screen locked before suspend automatically. Is it a bug that I should report?07:55
MyrttiIt's a very old known bug07:56
Myrttivery, very old07:56
BogdarMyrtti, are there any workarounds ? Do you have a link to bugreport? I would not create yeat another bug, I'd better vote for existing.07:57
Jordan_UBogdar: If you're hitting this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/830348 then the only proper solution is a switch to Wayland/Mir. Also, for this bug, not having any menus or dialog boxes open when you suspend would avoid it also.07:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1280300 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #830348 Desktop contents displayed on resume, before lock screen is shown" [Medium,Confirmed]07:59
MyrttiDesktop flashes briefly on resume before going to lock screen08:00
MyrttiBug #150436208:00
ubottubug 1504362 in unity (Ubuntu Xenial) "Desktop flashes briefly on resume before going to lock screen" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150436208:00
Myrttithere's several duplicates08:00
tobzelI have 3 machines. Machine A is behind a firewall. Machine B is not. I want machine C to connect to machine A. Is there a way to make machine C and A connect to machine B and make machine B route the traffic from machine C to the specific port on machine A?08:16
llldinotobzel, You might have more luck in ##networking, but yes I think that's possible provided that the port you need to route to is open on the firewall that machine A is behind08:19
myersg97Hi, I am running ubuntu 15.10 64bit.  I have the Realtek RTL8111G wireless card.  When I was running windows I was getting great internet speeds.  Now that I am on ubuntu, it's running horribly slow...help?08:20
vbotkamyersg97, you might want to start with the output of "sudo iw wlan0 link"08:25
UmeaboyGallomimia: You awake?08:27
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k3winsomeone knows how to add more than 1 contact in a whatsapp group after the group is done?08:45
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janisozauri want to use clang 3.7 with ubsan and able to target x86, ubuntu only provides 3.6 and the one from llvm has no libclang_rt.ubsan-i386.a. is there a repository which provides proper packages?08:56
tjbiddleCould someone comment on the security of "www-data" running the nginx process, my virtual host connecting to a socket for a rails app running as user "deploy" - the socket file is 777. My app directories are 755; files are mainly 664 - all owned by "deploy:deploy". I have configuration for databases and such for the app to connect on disk at 640 and also at deploy:deploy08:58
K1rktjbiddle, what do you want to know, like what does www-data have access to?08:58
tjbiddleK1rk: I believe only nginx files (virtual hosts, etc). And then anything that's readable by all users. I'm assuming that if anything is attacked, it'd be nginx - And it'd be able to read the source code of the application; but not any of the secrets09:00
tjbiddleAnd not sure how the socket works as it's 777 - Knowledge is less than basic on socket, heh09:00
OlofLHow do I get this net-snmp app? I need to create snmp v3 user on ubuntu ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/net-snmp/+bug/132243109:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1322431 in net-snmp (Ubuntu Vivid) "libsnmp-dev: Cannot create snmpv3 user with net-snmp-config command" [Medium,Triaged]09:00
K1rktjbiddle, I meant is that what you are asking to know lol09:00
K1rktjbiddle, if you're curious about what www-data has rights to do I encourage you to use the account yourself to poke around and see.09:01
K1rksudo su www-data --shell=/bin/sh09:01
tjbiddleK1rk: No specific question - just wondering if someone smarter than myself could point out something stupid I'm doing with that information.09:01
tjbiddleHow have I never thought of that; ha09:01
mrcerfhello. after upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 on lenovo thinkpad some acpi events stopped working.  acpi_listen is not registering them. any ideas where to dig?09:02
edlindeHi All, I got access to some servers running linux, I think I been told they are Ubuntu installations.. but I was wondering how I can find out system information, like OS version, Make/Model, #of CPUs, Disk Space, RAM etc?09:02
edlindeis there a linux command for this ?09:02
edlindeor maybe a few commands?09:02
tjbiddleK1rk: And if www-data is set to /usr/sbin/nologin in /etc/passwd? Would not having access to a shell nullify anything?09:02
K1rktjbiddle, that's what the --shell=/bin/sh does09:02
tjbiddleOr is that fairly simple to get around09:02
K1rktjbiddle, it overrides the shell in /etc/passwd lol09:03
K1rkedlinde, lsb_release -a09:04
K1rkedlinde, free -m09:04
llldinoedlinde, I like using hardinfo for asll that09:04
K1rkedlinde, cat /proc/cpuinfo09:04
K1rkedlinde, df -h09:04
llldinoBut yeah everything K1 said is nice for a headless machine09:04
edlindeso is hardinfo just one command?09:06
llldinoedlinde, It's a GUI program09:06
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edlindeah that might not be possible on these machines09:07
K1rkedlinde, the commands I gave you will do all the stuff you wanted and can be done on bash shell.09:07
K1rktjbiddle, finding anything cool?09:08
edlindegot this09:09
edlindetail /etc/redhat-release09:09
edlindeRed Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.0 (Maipo)09:09
K1rkedlinde, I didn't realize you were on RHEL, I thought you were on Ubuntu because you are in #ubuntu :)09:09
edlindeso one of the servers is not running Ubuntu09:09
tjbiddleK1rk: My database.yml was actually 644 and sockets are interesting - even though they're 777 you can't actually do anything to them09:10
edlindeyeah I actually don't know what these servers are running .. been asked to collect this information for others :)09:10
=== deadbeatloser is now known as failtroll
edlindewas told it would be running Ubuntu09:10
K1rkedlinde, sometimes if I am desperate to learn the OS version I do "cat /etc/*release*"09:10
K1rkedlinde, it's a mess but I always get useful info lol09:10
K1rkedlinde, I don't think RHEL has lsb_release command, but everything else I gave you should be ok.09:10
K1rktjbiddle, hehe09:10
edlindeyeah no lsb_release09:11
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K1rktjbiddle, learning is fun :)09:11
K1rkedlinde, I've even had cat /etc/*release* serve me well on BSD systems. lol09:11
edlindebut the other commands like free, /proc/cpuinfo etc would work yeah?09:11
K1rkedlinde, yes everything else I gave you should be good.09:11
edlindelet me try these out09:12
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edlindeK1rk:what was the command to see free memory and hdd space in GBs?09:14
edlindethere is some flag yeah?09:14
K1rkedlinde, memory you'd do free -g, -m is megabytes09:14
tjbiddleedlinde: free -m09:14
tjbiddledf -h09:14
edlindeIf you remember it of the top of your head09:14
K1rkedlinde, df -h as tjbiddle said.09:14
OerHekslshw should tell you all09:15
edlindedf -h is giving me a breakdown of all the disks09:15
edlindejust want an overall number for hdd space and overall hdd space09:15
tjbiddleedlinde: Isn't that what you want?09:15
tjbiddleOf the current disk? df -h .09:16
tjbiddleJust throw a dot to reference the disk of the folder you're currently in09:16
edlindeyeah of current disk.. but its giving me tons of logical partitions etc09:16
tjbiddleWhich - in most cases, is probably your main partition09:16
tjbiddleUnless you have already configured some other stuff.09:16
K1rkedlinde, disk space limitations are per-partition not per physical disk.  If one of your partitions fills up that will be a problem for you.09:16
K1rkI caution you against ignoring partitions because they don't seem 'important'09:17
edlindefor cpuinfo I am getting tons of results.. one per core I guess09:21
edlindeis there a better way to summarize it?09:21
K1rkedlinde, that's correct one per core lol09:21
edlindelike how many cores and what each core processor is?09:21
edlindethere are too many on this machine! :)09:21
K1rkcat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" ?09:21
K1rkedlinde,   cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" | head -n 109:22
K1rkedlinde,  cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l09:22
K1rkThat should give you the model and the number of cores respectively.09:22
K1rkAll the data is there, you just have to parse it.09:22
edlindemodel name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X5675  @ 3.07GHz09:23
edlindethats what it gave me09:23
edlindebut not the total cores09:23
edlindecould I maybe paste the output somewhere and you can help me understand it?09:23
llldinoOr, you can do : cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor" and count them as well09:24
vbotkamyersg97, http://pastebin.com/2hjv65JA; "tx bitrate: 72.2 MBit/s MCS 7 short GI" seems reasonable09:24
edlindethanks llldino.. I see 24 CPUs09:25
edlindeso does the machine have 24 CPUs with 6 cores each?09:25
llldinoedlinde, No, that just counts the cores09:26
K1rkedlinde, http://ark.intel.com/products/52577/Intel-Xeon-Processor-X5675-12M-Cache-3_06-GHz-6_40-GTs-Intel-QPI09:27
K1rkedlinde, your Intel Xeon X5675 has 6 cores, 12 threads.09:27
K1rkedlinde, that means 1 CPU will show up as 12 "cores" in cpuinfo09:27
K1rkedlinde, so since you have 24 that means you have two X5675 chips.  Each of those chips has 6 physical cores and they are hyper threaded so 12 threads.09:27
K1rkedlinde, in summary, your server is a dual processor Xeon X5675 with 12 cores HT09:28
edlindeok cool09:29
K1rkedlinde, if you don't want to look up the Intel ARK page for it... the "siblings" part of the cpuinfo tells you how many threads each chip has.09:30
K1rkedlinde, in this case see siblings: 1209:30
K1rkedlinde, so look at the fact you see 24 cores, then look at 12 siblings... 24/12 = 2 cpus09:30
edlindeah cool09:30
k3windont u think that only moderators should be able to post links here?09:31
K1rkk3win, I think that would be very prohibitive toward getting anything done09:31
edlindeK1rk:and you just googled for the intel specs?09:32
K1rkedlinde, Yup, Intel has an ARK page for every CPU they make.09:33
edlindeusing the Xeon X567509:33
K1rkedlinde, I googled X5675 and the ark page was first result lol09:33
lotuspsychjeguys keep it ubuntu related09:33
edlindejust that in cpuinfo I didn't see that it had a 12M cache09:33
lotuspsychje##hardware for hardware discussions09:34
K1rkI didn't think we were getting too far off topic, edlinde is just interested in finding out more about the hardware in his linux box09:34
lotuspsychjeK1rk: dmidecode and lshw/lcpci to the rescue09:35
K1rkAnyways it's getting late, good night #ubuntu, good luck edlinde09:40
srandroidhey i want to upgrade my android kernel sources09:51
srandroidhow to do that09:51
srandroidcan i use my device deconfig file 4.0.4 kernel source09:52
Umeaboysrandroid: I'd ask in #android09:52
UmeaboyYou mentioned Android in a channel for Ubuntu.09:52
srandroidhello hello any one09:52
srandroidi  am new to x chat09:53
UmeaboyNo problem. :)09:53
UmeaboyJust click on #android and ask there.09:53
srandroidwhere i can get information about android09:53
srandroidok thanks09:53
UmeaboyRightclick and choose Join channel. ;)09:54
UmeaboyGotta go.09:57
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srandroidi compiled kernel for my ubunutu10:10
srandroidand i am getting error while opening virtualbox10:11
srandroidafter installing10:11
srandroidsomething about linux kernel headers10:11
lotuspsychje!kernel | srandroid10:12
ubottusrandroid: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)10:12
srandroidok thanks10:12
srandroidbut i want 4.0.4 kernel :D10:13
conkey3hi all.. welp.. i can't update xenial10:15
conkey3i get  unmet dependencies regarding some fonts http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=230974810:15
DJonesconkey3: Probably best asking in #ubuntu+1 for the development release10:16
conkey3DJones, oh, ok thanks :D10:16
srandroidok thanks10:16
tjbiddleK1rk: Neat. Thanks for the (Not obvious to me) tip of just switching users and checking. Feel much more secure now and was able to test functionality easily too!10:17
sergiu_Why Ubuntu work in this way?10:21
lotuspsychje!details | sergiu_10:22
ubottusergiu_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:22
OerHeksbecause it is awesome, sergiu_10:22
sergiu_I installed first proprietary drivers from ATI, then STEAM packet, and then steam would not lunch.. NEEDEd to remove proprietary drivers and install steam without Ati dedicated drivers10:22
OerHekssergiu_, never heard that issue before.10:23
k1lsergiu_: maybe it was the wrong driver10:23
OerHeksit is always the oposite10:23
sergiu_i read on forum,to do this. first install steam without dedicated drivers10:24
sergiyhi all)10:24
OlofLsomeone can help setting up snmp v3 on ubuntu server 14 ?10:25
lotuspsychjesergiu_: also try the #steam and #gamingonlinux channel10:26
sergiu_OerHeks, you can read about this here if u want :D http://askubuntu.com/questions/506349/opengl-glx-context-is-not-using-direct-rendering-which-may-cause-performance-pr10:26
sergiu_lotuspsychje: thanks i will need it becouse i cant still lunch dota 210:27
sergiu_In Ubuntu 13.04(or 1 version before/after)  there was a bug which gave the same error message when the amd driver  was installed before steam, the way to fix it, install steam before amd  driver, and then install the amd driver.                     – mmm3743                 Jan10:28
lotuspsychjesergiu_: 13.04 is eol now10:28
sergiu_ but i stay now on last ubnutu from ubuntu.com10:28
sergiu_its 14.0410:28
lotuspsychjesergiu_: wich graphics card chipset do you have exactly?10:29
sergiu_maybe need to upgrade it10:29
sergiu_7480D A4-400010:30
OerHekssergiu_, just a 32 lib issue, not really an ATI driver issue.10:30
upbetaDoes anyone know if apache2.4 requires apache2.2-common to enable mod_wsgi ?10:31
lotuspsychjeupbeta: maybe the #httpd guys know that?10:32
DroI'm trying to update grub from live cd, but I cannot mount the ubuntu partition : http://pastebin.com/1UsVEmt610:32
Droany idea how can i solve it please?10:33
upbetaThere channel is kinda strict.. not sure why I can't join the convo.. I am registered user as fas as I know.. so just getting some luck on this channel hence I am using Ubuntu :)10:33
roryDro: Can you please also pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" ?10:33
Drorory: http://pastebin.com/kW23M2Z310:35
=== step21_ is now known as step21
sergiu_If to install xfce on ubuntu, it will work separate from ubuntu unity?10:36
roryDro: Bad news I'm afriad http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/9956310:36
lotuspsychje!info xubuntu-desktop | sergiu10:37
ubottusergiu: xubuntu-desktop (source: xubuntu-meta): Xubuntu desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.197 (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB10:37
Drorory: no solutions then? :/10:38
roryDro: It doesn't make sense to talk about a solution to the problem, because what you think is a problem is just a symptom of a physically broken hard drive10:39
virtuapostaupbeta, for apache2.4 we do not need apache2.2-common, you should upgrade10:39
roryDro: like asking for a solution to your pet fish dying10:39
Drorory: so i have to buy a new disk? :D10:39
roryDro: Maybe. Were you seeing any problems before you rebooted?10:42
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
Drorory: well only sometime the system freeze10:43
roryDro: Probably another symptom of the same problem10:43
Drorory: when i rebooted first time, i got a black screen of busybox built-in commands.. etc10:43
Droso i booted with a live cd to make a boot-repair10:44
Droand it seems that the boot-repair have deleted my grub :/10:44
Drothats why i'm unable to boot even with windows now..10:44
Droso i'm trying to mount my ubuntu partition in live cd to make a grub-update..10:44
roryDro: Boot repair probably hasn't deleted grub. Perhaps try holding Shift during bootup to see if the grub menu loads10:45
roryDro: Can you install the smartmontools package, and then pastebin the output of sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda10:45
Drorory: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda ==> http://pastebin.com/Lvbb8e5P10:47
roryDro: I'd recommend doing a self-test on the drive with: sudo smartctl -t long /dev/sda10:50
roryDro: Since that SMART result says "PASSED" but only because no test has ever been run10:50
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
roryDro: You might also try filesystem consistency check: sudo fsck /dev/sda610:50
Drorory: long test running now ==> http://pastebin.com/rYMdqXSi10:52
GhostbirdHey guys, can anyone help me with OpenLDAP? It won't start:10:53
Ghostbirddaemon: bind(7) failed errno=98 (Address already in use)10:53
GhostbirdOh wait, I'd better ask in #openldap. Sorry10:54
virtuapostaGhostbird, port is already in use10:54
Drorory: i canceled it , it will take long time +200 minutes, I'm trying with fsck now10:54
roryGhostbird: You can check what is running on that port with "netstat -tulpn"10:54
GhostbirdThanks guys, but I already ruled out that the port was in use. That's what I thought at first too.10:55
Drorory: http://pastebin.com/zAg9PusA !10:55
virtuapostaGhostbird, patebin "netstat -ntlp"10:55
Drosomething wrong, zero-length partition ! lol10:55
jophishShould I be worried about the "invalid misc" value reported by iwconfig increasing?10:55
virtuapostaGhostbird, pastebin "netstat -ntlp"10:55
roryDro: That looks pretty damn broken from here haha10:56
Drorory: damn, what should i do :/ :/10:56
halleyStruggling with a JP-layout keyboard in fresh install of 15.10.  During setup, xmodmap was chosen and all was good, punctuation keys matched the keyboard.  Once setup, it assumes a US keyboard layout.  Not talking about IME like Anthy.10:56
halleyI've seen the dconf method, and set 'use system layout' true, and set engines-order to have ['xkb:jp::jpn'] to no avail.10:57
halleyGotta say, the system conflates things - the kb layout should be easy to swap when hardware is swapped, without much impact to language settings.10:58
roryDro: If it were me I'd be cursing, buying a hard drive, and trying to remember how recent my backup is11:04
dtravelerHi, I have installed openjdk-8-jdk using ppa:openjdk-r/ppa and it is 8u72. However, I would like to have 8u45 - Can someone please help? How can i have 8u45?11:09
damasceneWhen I try to run a command using su user -c I get Sessions still open, not unmounting I should use su because I want to put it in /etc/local.rc11:09
bqllpdhow do I increase the text size of this chat?11:10
Ben64dtraveler: ppas aren't supported here at all, you're on your own if you choose to go with 3rd party software, but why would you want to go to an older version?11:10
damascenebqllpd, which software are you using?11:11
geirhadamascene: I recommend using sudo rather than su, but I don't think it's related to that error11:11
bqllpdxfce 14.0411:11
damascenebqllpd, the chat software11:11
rorybqllpd: What program are you in for IRC11:11
rorybqllpd: Go to settings11:11
rorybqllpd: font size11:11
rorybqllpd: basically it's exactly what you'd expect11:12
bqllpdcool... found it11:12
bqllpdI'm trying to install .net 4.5.2 with wine-1.8rc1 but there's a bug11:13
bqllpdBlocking because the OS isn't supported. I guess it's a new one.11:14
damascenegeirha, thank you, will try that11:14
Ben64bqllpd: #winehq11:14
bqllpdI did that. I'm on an i386, but theres something wrong.11:15
damascenegeirha, the same error11:15
bqllpdI'm getting a version of windows 7 for virtual box11:15
=== step21 is now known as step21_
dtravelerBen64: Thanks for the reply. I 8u72 is giving out some errors while connecting to aws s3. https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-java/issues/48411:15
dtravelerChanging openJDK docker base image from java:8 to java:8u45 fixed the issue. "java:8" currently points to openjdk-8u66-jdk so I guess there is some new bug/problem.11:15
bqllpdI'd like to install rpl from hp50, but it's a real pain. I don't even know if it'll work.11:16
bqllpdis there anyone here who's knowledgeable about a.i. and learning machines?11:18
testpil0tPathfinding it is!11:19
bqllpdshould ai be developed?11:22
rorybqllpd: maybe ask in ##cs11:23
bqllpdwhat room is that?11:24
rorycomp sci and discrete math11:24
rorynot to be confused with discreet math, which is very hush-hush11:24
bqllpdprime number eq in one variable. descrete or discreet?11:25
bqllpdcomposite function produces prime numbers11:26
qqqqqWill NTFS partitions be mounted automatically under Ubuntu?11:28
hateball!mount | qqqqq11:31
ubottuqqqqq: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount11:31
hateballqqqqq: You can use !fstab to mount them automatically11:32
qqqqqI only want to mount them temporarily11:32
hateballYou should be able to just click on them in your file browser11:32
qqqqqThey don't show there.11:32
hateballUnless they were marked dirty from an unclean unmount11:33
hateballqqqqq: what does "sudo fdisk -l" say?11:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:33
qqqqqWhat is the best way to show what file systems are on what partitions? sudo fdkisk -l ?11:33
hateballqqqqq: "sudo blkid" will also show you, there's not really any "best" way11:37
=== step21_ is now known as step21
BluesKajHi folks11:50
iEatCrayonsI currently have an MDADM array with 2 drives11:56
iEatCrayonssda and sdb11:56
iEatCrayonsfor some reason, I have an error telling me that sdc1 and sdd1 have an mdadm array associated with it11:57
iEatCrayonsbut it doesn't they are being used in a ZFS Filesystem11:58
cfhowlett!find hexchat12:13
ubottuFound: hexchat, hexchat-common, hexchat-indicator, hexchat-perl, hexchat-plugins12:13
corvohi guys, quick question for you: if I run 12.04, during updates will it ever upgrade to the latest kernel version (3.13.xx) ? You see I would like to avoid that because it bricks my hardware conf, since some graphic drivers are apparently not supported anymore. So can I still do all the security updates in 12.04 without worrying about that? Or will it download and install the latest kernel version at some point? thanks12:18
rorycorvo: I don't think it will, but you can freeze the version of the kernel packages to prevent them from ever being upgraded12:19
corvorory: ah ok, how do I do that?12:19
rorycorvo: http://askubuntu.com/a/17832912:19
rorycorvo: The specific instructions for opening Synaptic are outdated, but the principle still applies12:19
sopadj1hello everybody :) I have just bought a new laptop, hp pavilion 15 with win10. I managed to install ubuntu but now at the boot time grub does not appear.... any idea? please12:20
rorysopadj1: Does it appear when you hold the shift key during boot ?12:20
sopadj1rory, I need to try it wait a minute :)12:20
rorysopadj1: Also is the problem that it's booting straight into Ubuntu? Or straight into Windows?12:21
corvorory: ok I'll give it a look, thanks12:21
rorycorvo: Basically you want to pin the version of the "linux-generic" package, to whatever version is currently installed12:21
corvorory: and still I'll get security updates and stuff? :P12:22
rorycorvo: yes, it will only prevent the linux-generic package from being updated. All other packages will continue to be updated12:22
rorycorvo: Although I guess if it turned out there was some critical kernel vulnerability, it would mean that you wouldn't get that update12:23
rorycorvo: But I guess you know/accept that, as it is by definition the case12:23
corvorory: well, unfortunately I have to, cuz some developer decided not to support my hardware anymore :)12:24
roryMaybe we can solve that problem12:25
corvorory: found it, so I just pin "lock version" in the package menu, but which one/s? the generic only?12:25
rorycorvo: Yeah cos the generic one is a metapackage which depends on the actual packages. If you want to be safe you could pin any likely-looking ones12:25
corvorory: yeah maybe one day, but now I need a working system too much so I can't risk it at the moment, maybe some other time, thanks for the offer anyway :)12:26
roryLunchtime for me now anyway12:26
sopadj1rory, straight into windows12:26
corvorory: woo, lunch time :)12:26
corvorory: sorry, last thing, image or headers?12:27
sopadj1rory, I am finishing a task and I will try the trick of holding shift...I doubt it will fix the problem...I have also to look into the bios to disable the fast boot12:27
qqqqqDoes anybody know a file explorer under Kubuntu 15.10 which tells me whether it is the identical file that I am going to overwrite or not when copying into a folder? Dolphin only tells me that it is the same name.12:27
rorysopadj1: If it's going straight into Windows that means either (a) Grub isn't being invoked at all, or (b) Windows is the first boot option, and the display timeout is set very low12:28
rorysopadj1: Probably (a), so do you have more than one hard drive?12:28
rorysopadj1: You need to make sure you're booting from the drive that Grub was installed to12:28
rorycorvo: Both I guess. I don't know much about kernel packaging unfortunately12:28
corvothanks, bye12:28
rorycorvo: No harm in pinning too many, if you genuinely don't want them to be updated12:28
* rory is AFK12:29
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
kk_dropis it possible to add time ($command) to every command that I'm running in terminal?12:34
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
ezekiel_how can i install virtualbox in ubuntu. after i downloaded the package from official site. i cant install it's says that some of the depencies where not installed12:36
cfhowlettezekiel_, sudo apt install virtualbox12:37
ezekiel_thanks cfhowlett12:38
cfhowletthappy2help! ezekiel_12:38
sopadj1rory, I have one hard driver only and grub has been installed, the ubuntu installation is fresh.12:42
mandjewhere's the systems 'beep' audio file to be found?12:46
FenrisLapSalam guys :)12:48
HackerIIsudo modprobe pcspkr12:49
zzarrsome nice reading http://www.forbes.com/sites/janakirammsv/2016/01/12/10-reasons-why-ubuntu-is-killing-it-in-the-cloud/?utm_source=GooglePlus&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Forbes10Reasons#2715e4857a0bc2a7b319a2fc about the success of Ubuntu :-D12:54
=== knob2 is now known as knob
zzarris there any official number for how many Ubuntu installations there are?12:59
cfhowlettzzarr, nope.13:01
zzarrokey, any estimate?13:01
cfhowlettit's a divide by zero issue i.e. "uncountable"13:01
cfhowlettdistrowatch said millions, canoncial says billions ...13:02
zzarrI see, really billions?13:02
cfhowlettso they say13:02
zzarrthat would make Ubuntu more common then Windows13:03
zzarrcfhowlett, thank you, I'll have a look at that page13:05
cfhowletthappy2help! zzarr13:05
roryzzarr: A lot of installations are cloud-y and ephemeral. They exist temporarily and are complete duplicates of each other13:06
roryzzarr: That's why it's not possible to know for sure, above industry estimates13:06
FenrisLapgot disonnected :S13:08
FenrisLapanyhow, i hve read a lot of aticles so far, and currently i have 8GB SSD comes with this lptop it is used for boot only for now13:08
zzarrrory, thanks for clarifying that13:08
FenrisLapcan someone point an article for me or something13:08
cfhowlettFenrisLap, no idea what your end goal is13:09
FenrisLapi want to use the SSD as the /root for linux13:09
FenrisLapdue to its small space13:09
FenrisLapbut i am afrid tht this *might* ruine the drive13:09
cfhowlettFenrisLap, lubuntu or xubuntu would be better ... smaller footrpint13:09
cfhowlettand no reason why either would ruin the drive ... why should they?13:10
FenrisLapcfhowlett: i have read due to the multi read-write on SSD this shortens the lifetime of the drive13:11
cfhowlettFenrisLap, then don't use it.13:11
zzarrcfhowlett, it was a nice article, I like that last line (that is what Ubuntu means)13:11
cfhowlettzzarr, please quote.  I know of the article but can't read it because China Firewall13:11
FenrisLapcfhowlett: do u use the SSD as main drive, if i may ask you?13:12
qqqqqWhat is the difference between sudo gparted and visudo  what which one should I use?13:12
cfhowlettFenrisLap, I do.13:12
qqqqqfor graphical programs that require root privs13:12
FenrisLapthax cfhowlett13:12
cfhowlettFenrisLap, that said, drives do fail at unpredictable (i.e. the WORST) time.  backup your backup13:12
rwpsudo launches programs as root13:12
rwpvisudo edits programs as root13:13
zzarrcfhowlett, "Because of who we all are.", it's a part of what the word Ubuntu means13:13
Miahey all - I use apachebenct to benchmark my server connections normally13:13
Miaright now I have a game sever running on my machine13:13
cfhowlettqqqqq, gksudo launches gui programs as root13:13
Miahow can I benchmark it using apachebenct?13:13
rwp*editing a file / not editing programs, sorry13:13
Miait's not http i believe13:13
ikoniavisudo edits teh sudoers file13:13
ikonianothing else13:13
Mia(sorry I'm kind of new)13:13
qqqqqcfhowlett, so sudo programname and gksudo are the same. Then why an extra command?13:14
qqqqqrwp, thx13:14
cfhowlettqqqqq, not the same.  see the man pages.13:14
zzarrcfhowlett, "I am what I am because of who we all are", that's a quote from ubuntu.com13:14
cfhowlettzzarr, right.  ice.13:14
zzarrI like that quote, it's so true13:15
cfhowlettwe try13:15
zzarryes, we do13:16
qqqqqcfhowlett, I read the man page for gksudo. I don't see a benefit if I am already in Gnome or KDE13:16
MiaWhere can I get some hlep about apachebench?13:18
cfhowlettMia, #apache        ?13:18
cfhowlettor #networking13:18
Miathanks chowlett13:19
Miacfhowlett, I mean, sorry :)13:19
cfhowletteh?  no harm done.13:19
mcphailqqqqq: running a graphical program with sudo can cause a bug where important files (such as ~/.Xauthority") can becom owned by root. this can prevent you from logging back in to your machine13:25
zzarrI will buy a Intel Edison and run Ubilinux on it (it sounds like Ubuntu linux almost)13:26
=== step21 is now known as step21_
qqqqqmcphail, is it safe to say that kgsudo is for Gnome and kdesudo is for KDE?13:27
=== cpaelzer_ is now known as cpaelzer_afk
BluesKajqqqqq, yes13:28
mcphailqqqqq: I'd imagine the differences would be purely aesthetic13:29
qqqqqto both13:29
BluesKajone needs kde for kdesudo I imagine and gtk/gnome for gksudo..correct me if I'm wrong13:31
qqqqqalso found this just now: https://superuser.com/questions/202676/sudo-vs-gksudo-difference13:31
qqqqqRunning GUI program is NOT the only situation when you should use gk/kdesudo, instead you should use gk/kdesudo whenever you can't determine whether the command will create/write files to your home directory (which the HOME environment variable points to in the sudo command in some system and situations). Not all GUI apps writes to your home directory and not all CLI apps don't, so the type of command isn't the key point.13:31
qqqqqYou still can use sudo command to launch GUI apps as root (for viewing apps' console output as an example), however you need to handle HOME (and others such as XAUTHORITY, DISPLAY, input-method-related-stuff, etc.) environmental variables correctly so that the launched app won't fail, lose functionality or do really-bad stuff. The following is my current recommendation for using sudo13:32
qqqqq    sudo -H <rest of the command>13:32
BluesKajbut as a general rule use gksudo for gui and sudo for the terminal13:33
BluesKajterminal apps that is13:33
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer_
qqqqqBluesKaj, I guess so.13:37
qqqqqIs there a way to find command to a particular task I am interested in? I would read and try out more commands but I do I know they even exist? Lets say I wanted to work related to disk and file systems. If I am not a certified Linux engineer is there a way to find an overview of commands that could be useful?13:39
cfhowlettqqqqq, there is a linux cheat sheet and an ubuntu cheat sheet13:39
qqqqqcfhowlett, but nothing in the installation can could aid?13:40
cfhowlettman pages.13:41
cfhowlettespecially the "see also" commands13:41
qqqqqcfhowlett, yes but how do I show only filesystem commands ?13:41
cfhowlettno way I know of.13:41
richtj99Hi - I am trying to move data from one dataset to another.  I am using the following command and getting an error:  [root@freenas] ~# /mnt/FNPool/NAS/demodataset/Vbox123/* /mnt/Pool/Storage/VM_Data1    /mnt/FNPool/NAS/demodataset/Vbox123/Clone of qb2.vdi: 1: Syntax error: redirection unexpected13:48
mentalisto27Hi can anybody tell me why Clamtk is showing that adblock+ is infected with13:51
mentalisto27Can anybody tell me if this is serious or it's Clamtks problem.13:51
geirharichtj99: you forgot the command it seems13:53
geirharichtj99: So instead, you accidentally executed an xml file ... could've ended badly13:53
Saulo** OS: Linux 4.2.0-16-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "wily" 15.10 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 933MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3,7GiB, 65,4% free ** Disk: Total: 440,3GiB, 67,5% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID ** Ethernet: Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 v1.1 Fast Ethernet **14:06
BertoHi - Is there a reliable squid repository? Ubuntu 12.04.5LTS is 'stuck' at  3.1.19... don't feel like upgrading the whole thing. Thanks!14:06
CColombohey guys how do I see the service's files?14:07
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
geirha"the service"? there are more than one service ...14:08
CColombosorry bad spelling, I mean14:10
CColombohow do I see all the services currently existing on my machine, even those not running14:10
geirhasudo service --status-all14:10
intothev01dthis may not be the place to ask but i have a question regarding environment variables with scripts. i have a script i want to run several instances of but each would need different values (like api keys) from the environment variables. what would be the best way to set something like that up?14:25
CColombothanks a lot geirha14:31
bluefiveMy headphone jack is dead silent but as soon as I turn up the volume14:33
bluefiveI get a hiss sound.14:33
bluefiveIs this Ubuntu's doing?14:33
bluefiveWhen I plug my headphones into my MS Surface and turn up the volume it remains dead silent.14:33
=== Loopeth is now known as Loopeth_mtg
enexbluefive, so let me get this straight, you have a headset, regular analogue one, and you hear nothing when you connect it to your computer (running Ubuntu)14:39
enexand when you plug it into aforementioned MS Surface (tablet?), it does absolutely nothing14:39
enexonly thing that happens is when it is plugged into your computer and you turn the volume to the max14:39
enexthat hissing sound14:39
=== trendak is now known as lazylambda
zippo^what can I do:15:01
zippo^ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=4096k15:01
zippo^Can't open /dev/sdb1: No such file or directory15:02
zippo^Cannot initialize '::'15:02
zippo^mlabel: Cannot initialize drive15:02
hateballzippo^: What are you trying to do? You need sudo if you are going to zero a block device15:05
=== Doctor is now known as Guest45258
zippo^I think that extern HDD is broken, hateball15:19
BluesKajzippo^, are there other partitions on /dev/sdb ?15:22
=== dougquai1 is now known as dougquaid
ash_workzhow much memory is typically allocated to whatever is mounted on /boot ?15:25
ash_workzI've got (apparently) 237M and I'm always running out of space for updates15:26
MonkeyDustash_workz  using ubuntu?15:26
ash_workzMonkeyDust: yeah15:26
zykotick9ash_workz: do you need a separate /boot?  i do, but my /boot is about the same size as yours 236M (used 33M)15:27
ash_workzzykotick9: this is just a product of going through the setup process... I don't know if that was needed or not, but it might be a good idea if this is the result to one of the questions asked during setup (5 months ago) because I was pretty careful about the manner in which I proceeded...15:29
ash_workzThat being said I do have 12 kernels on here15:29
ash_workzis it the norm for people to be constantly removing images?15:29
ash_workzzykotick9: do you not run out of space all the time?15:30
zippo^no idea, BluesKaj :S15:30
zykotick9ash_workz: no.  but i don't keep 12 kernels on it!15:30
_arktos_sudo apt-get autoremove <-- after update / removes old kernels15:30
H3ruShow can i create a new image to raspberry py15:30
joan_using qdbus, I need to get what dir(s) is dolphin currently. How it's done?15:30
H3ruSi want to setup ssh on image sdcard15:30
ash_workz_arktos_: I heard it was good to keep like 1 or 2 older ones... is there any truth to that?15:31
BluesKajash_workz, autoremove and autoclean are your friends15:31
zykotick9ash_workz: my "point" is /boot isn't really required in MOST circumstances.  if you use LVM/encryptedLVM/RAID you might, but in most cases - it's easier NOT to have a separate /boot.  best of luck.15:31
crossgradeHi. What is the ubuntu way to move from i686 to x86_64? I'm on 15.1015:32
BluesKajzippo^, check with the partition editor in the kmenu15:32
ash_workzzykotick9: yes, I did opt for it to be encrypted15:32
ash_workzzykotick9: thanks15:32
_arktos_if you are using newer Hardware , like skylake, i recomend it . If its an pld box, dont bother ... my oppinion15:32
BluesKajin your start menu rather , zippo^ ,gparted15:32
zykotick9ash_workz: ahhh, well you need /boot separate then.  see the autoclearn/autoremove suggestions above ;)15:33
npmSHOULD I BE CONCERNED?? -> isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common just updated, on install and again for dpkg-reconfigure, I got warning: "Warning from /etc/apparmor.d/sbin.dhclient (/etc/apparmor.d/sbin.dhclient line 85): profile /sbin/dhclient network rules not enforced" (also same warning for "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action" and "/usr/lib/connman/scripts/dhclient-script" )15:33
=== joan_ is now known as anabain
ash_workzis autoremove a setting or a command?15:33
zykotick9ash_workz: "sudo apt-get autoremove"15:34
BluesKajsudo apt-get autoremove , in the terminal,15:34
npmmy laptop, which is a clone of this system but running stock kernel (above error from skylake 14.04LTS system running 4.3.0-040300-generic)15:34
IdleOneash_workz: it is a command15:34
DorfenHey guys! I can't seem to link or find libiconv from c++ on ubuntu 15.10, there is iconv-hook package, wich i can't link to either :S15:34
npmdidn't get any error.15:34
zippo^Error wiping newly created partition /dev/sdb1: Command-line `wipefs -a "/dev/sdb1"' exited with non-zero exit status 1: wipefs: fout: /dev/sdb1: initialisatie van sondering is mislukt: Bestand of map bestaat niet15:35
zippo^ (udisks-error-quark, 0)15:35
nemoSo... I've been commenting on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vmware-view-client/+bug/1268770  which impacts me at my job a fair amount... Now I pretty much have it worked around, despite debian/ubuntu yanking the package I need, and the lack of the backported opensc upstream fixes, but, I have a general annoying issue where ubuntu keeps nagging me to update my opensc.  "Installed version: 0.13.0-3u15:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1268770 in vmware-view-client (Ubuntu) "Error loading shared library for smart card authentication to server" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:36
rmariotti_hi, i'm having trubles with audio. I can hear sound from the speakers but not from the headphones jack. I probably messed up something because everything worked fine until i played with pvaucontrol. The channel in alsamixer are not muted.15:37
nemobuntu4.1 Available version: 0.13.0-3ubuntu4.1"  WTF?  If I allow the update it ofc clobbers my fix to the lib, and I then have to reinstall my fixed .deb15:37
nemormariotti_: I've found the pulseaudio channel here on freenode to be super helpful w/ stuff like that15:37
ash_workzokay, I did both and `dpkg --list | grep linux-image | wc -l` is 13 (I guess I counted wrong by hand)15:37
nemormariotti_: even though, yeah, you probably just need to go to inputs in pavucontrol and unmute headphones15:38
nemormariotti_: for example they helped me enable a combined channel of headphones + digital15:38
_arktos_npm the error is from the skylake machine ?15:38
zykotick9ash_workz: i think that autoremove of kernels is only in "newer" ubuntu version, what version are you using?15:38
ash_workzI thought there would be a setting in aptitude that would allow you to manage how many kernels you want to keep...?15:38
nemoSo... WRT the package thing - I'd like to know if there's something I can do to make ubuntu stop trying to update me to the exact same version # of the package I have.15:39
npm_arktos_: yes15:39
ash_workzzykotick9: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS15:39
zykotick9ash_workz: i'd guess it applies to that... dunno.  best of luck - you can alway manually remove them (just be careful) ;)15:39
rmariotti_nemo: i checked, headphones in pvaucontrol aren't muted. Do you know how to erase pulseaudio config?15:40
ash_workzzykotick9: yeah, this I have had to do in the past15:40
nemormariotti_: the other possibility is you selected as sound source in your audio app, or even the default, as being speakers only15:40
ash_workzlike, isn't there a file you can edit that does updates automatically?15:40
nemormariotti_: and no, don't know offhand where that would be but again #pulseaudio was super helpful last time15:41
npm_arktos_: the desktop is a recent disk-clone of my 14.04LTS  laptop. desktop is skylake running  4.3.0-040300-generic #201511020949 . laptop running 3.13.0-74-generic #118-Ubuntu .15:41
ash_workzin said file, is it possible to remove kernels? or is there a file with similar functionality?15:41
sergiuThis linux is so stuipid15:42
sergiuits just for advanced users, not for normal peopels15:43
sergiuI just burned usb imagine with winUSB, and now, i cant do this again becouse i got15:43
sergiunstallation failed !15:43
sergiuExit code: 51215:43
sergiuFormating device...15:43
sergiuBLKRRPART: Device or resource busy15:43
_arktos_npm laptop is what chip ? Haswell !?15:43
npm_arktos_: i do not recall messing with any of the apparmor settings, or much else on the desktop system. nonetheless got a long list of warnings from that dhcp update: "Warning from profile /usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action (/etc/apparmor.d/sbin.dhclient) dbus rules not enforced" "Warning from profile /usr/lib/connman/scripts/dhclient-script (/etc/apparmor.d/sbin.dhclient) dbus rules not enforced" etc15:44
npm_arktos_: might be older i7 mobile than haswell.15:44
New_To_UbuntuNeed help! Ubuntu is not booting!15:45
zykotick9New_To_Ubuntu: try providing more detail (all on one line)15:46
MonkeyDustNew_To_Ubuntu  'not booting' is a bit vague ... what are the symptoms15:46
npm_arktos_: "Intel Core i7 4700HQ"15:46
nemosergiu: winUSB sounds like a windows thing, not an ubuntu thing15:46
nemoso I have no idea why you are here15:46
ash_workzdoes anyone have an opinion on /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove for my predicament?15:47
New_To_UbuntuNot booting a live USB nor a live CD but running GRUB215:47
sergiuthis linux is very poor15:47
nemosergiu: if it is because you are trying to burn an ubuntu image under *windows* and running into problems, that really has nothing at all to do with ubuntu15:47
nemosergiu: there are easier ways to try out ubuntu if you are finding windows USB utilities to be too complex15:47
MonkeyDustNew_To_Ubuntu  did you copy or install the iso on the dvd/usb?15:48
_arktos_npm i think ur problem is simple : i think u can not clone an install , put it on another Machine/chipset , do an kernel update and expect it to work..... since skylake is not supported in any ubuntu distro yet .....  16.04 maybe .... try a clean 15.10 install on skylake and update to latest kernel!15:48
sergiuits so hard for one program in linux to make bootable usb imagine?15:48
sergiuthis programs are alot in windowssssssss15:48
New_To_UbuntuActually I had just Linux on my laptop but I upgraded from 14.04 LTS to 1515:48
nemosergiu: if you are indeed under ubuntu and want to make a bootable USB15:48
nemosergiu: system → administration → startup disc creator15:48
nemouse that15:48
sergiui can do it with terminal15:49
nemoit has a nice wizard15:49
ash_workznemo: how did you get arrows like that?15:49
gordonjcpash_workz: unicode :-D15:49
nemoash_workz: XCompose FTW!15:49
nemoash_workz: ♥ XCompose15:49
nemoash_workz: I bind my compose key in MATE to the otherwise-totally-useless-capslock15:50
* sergiu think to crash the pc of floor15:50
New_To_Ubuntu But can I do something with GRUB to access iso file of 14.04 LTS from my hd?15:50
ash_workzgordonjcp: you just memorize the unicode? o.O;15:50
nemoash_workz: XCompose gives you digraphs15:50
gordonjcpash_workz: I actually do for some things15:50
nemoash_workz: like for ☺  you type compose + :)15:50
npm_arktos_: it's been working beautifully for me. i'm not a noob. but that update warning was weird. looks like a bug to me.15:50
nemoash_workz: or for ♥ you type compose + <315:50
nemoash_workz: if you are using a GTK window manager, stupid GTK hardcodes a boring set of default digraphs, but you can specify an env var to get XCompose back, then you can make up your own like ಠ_ಠ or щ(ಠ益ಠщ) or 😎15:51
ash_workzalso, fish is interesting... but that's pretty ot15:51
sergiunemo_ i think this is the problem : ru_windows_8.1_pro_vl_with_update_x64_dvd_6050899.iso is write-protected, mounting read-only15:51
sergiuHow to make this file to not be write protected?15:51
sergiuAnd how that file can be write protected?15:51
gordonjcpash_workz: like I find myself typing μ a lot talking about tiny currents and large capacitances15:51
nemosergiu: oh... you're trying to edit an iso15:52
gordonjcpash_workz: and temperature in °C15:52
ash_workzgordonjcp: I am coming off windows, so I only know the alt codes for those15:52
sergiunemo i use WinUSB from linux, select the .iso that downloaded from net and the destination usb stick, and got this error15:52
=== Tron is now known as Guest71455
nemosergiu: uh...15:53
sergiu1 hour ago i had done the same with other copy of .iso, and it was succesful15:53
akiksergiu: iso files by definition are read only15:53
snypzzxlooking for help installing ubuntu on CHUWI Hi8...?15:53
gordonjcpash_workz: I've not used Windows, but presumably that's similar15:53
sergiui think i must go to friend to burn .iso becouise linux cant do this15:54
snypzzxwould like to have clean install of ubuntu on CHUWI Hi8...15:54
snypzzxanyone out there that can help me...?15:54
gordonjcpsergiu: are you trying to write to the .iso file?15:55
gordonjcpsergiu: because that's not going to end well15:55
snypzzxno not writing an ISO15:56
MonkeyDust!tablet | snypzzx15:57
ubottusnypzzx: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:57
sergiugordonjcp I'am trying to make bootable WINDOWS with program WinUSB, it says no permission15:57
ash_workzgordonjcp: hardly :P I made a chart that might interesting you, should I PM you the link?15:57
snypzzxare you using Unetbootin15:57
ubottuWinUSB is a tool for preparing bootable Windows Instalation USBs. Please see http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html for instructions on installation and use. #ubuntu does *not* provide support for this tool, so please do not ask for help here if it doesn't work for you.15:57
snypzzxto make bootable USB15:58
ash_workzubottu's definition could be spell checked15:58
docmurif I have a luks volume i want to mount at boot, I know how to do it via crypttab, but then I have to enter a password during boot, is there a way to get it to mount without using a password?15:58
ubottuash_workz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:58
bazhangsergiu, read above15:58
bazhangsergiu, winusb support is Not here15:58
sergiuwinusb is fucking lame15:58
ash_workzwhat a caddy response :P15:58
bazhang##windows sergiu15:58
sergiui will not touch it anymore15:58
MonkeyDustbazhang  the winusb link is dead, factoid needs an update15:59
bazhangeven better15:59
sergiuthanks for saying that winusb is broken15:59
sergiu i will not suffer anymore15:59
gordonjcpyou mean people don't just use dd to copy the image to a USB stick?15:59
ash_workzseriously though, someone should correct "Instalation"15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
ash_workzcan I do it? how do you do it?16:00
viniciusolá tem alguem por aqui16:00
ash_workzubottu how do I update you?16:00
ubottuash_workz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:00
viniciusalguem pode me ajudar16:00
viniciusAlguem pode me dar uma Luz estou tentando fazer qualquer update no linuxmiint 17.2 esta aparecendo isso16:00
viniciusE: Não foi possível obter trava /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Recurso temporariamente indisponível)16:00
viniciusE: Não foi possível obter acesso exclusivo ao directório de administração (/var/lib/dpkg/), outro processo está a utilizá-lo?16:00
viniciuscomo consigo corrigir ? Ja reiniciar o sistema e nada.16:00
ash_workzubottu !definitions16:00
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.16:00
sergiuUnetbootin is just for linux distributions.16:01
Piciash_workz: just tell the bot the new thing: i.e. /msg ubottu no winusb is <reply> something else      and the ops will get a message to approve it.16:03
ash_workzPici: ah16:04
ash_workzPici: I was looking for documentation on that16:04
ash_workzcouldn't find it16:04
akiksergiu: are you in windows? try to create the usb stick with rufus (https://rufus.akeo.ie/)16:04
Piciash_workz: I think the bot documentation got lost in a server move :/16:04
sergiufROm linux16:05
sergiuIts just very hilirious, how winusb worked one hour ago, and not iam stucked to hell16:05
sergiumaybe bad usb or bad hdd16:05
eldiablohi ive got this error ServerName localhost, what can i do to set the servername?16:06
sergiuprobaly bad harddrive16:06
eldiabloCould not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message16:07
rahuldevIs anyone used d-link data card in ubuntu, I can't connect, pls anyone help me16:07
sergiui think peoples should name Linux in GOOGLE16:07
sergiuits google-linux16:07
sergiuwithout google your nothing16:07
ash_workzeldiablo: apache problem?16:07
ash_workzeldiablo: check #httpd16:08
_arktos_eldiablo trying to set up apache ?16:08
MonkeyDustsergiu  you can also use duckduckgo16:08
sergiuCan someone connect to my PC and try to see how much strange linux is16:08
MonkeyDustsergiu  what's strange about linux?16:09
ash_workzMonkeyDust: I would not have asked that question if I were you :P16:09
sergiuMONKEY, its possible to make bootable usb windows on flash with "DD" program?16:09
mastahh|workHas anyone utilised Heartbeat in a production environment before to configure two servers as a HA pair?16:09
MonkeyDustsergiu  i'm not familiar with windows16:09
sergiuprobaly not16:10
npm_arktos_: interestingly the laptop that doesn't issue the warning seems to be using a different apparmor profile="unconfined" -- missing from the desktop /var/log messages: "/var/log/kern.log:Jan 13 07:25:58 gnuvelle kernel: [148050.634885] type=1400 audit(1452698758.469:61): apparmor="STATUS" operation="profile_replace" profile="unconfined" name="/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action" pid=22128 comm="apparmor_parser""16:10
SaturnMirWhat does chmod do?16:10
MonkeyDustsergiu  its not linux that's strange, what you want to do is strange16:10
sergiuok, i will try to do16:10
Picimastahh|work: You may want to try #ubuntu-server for that16:10
ash_workzSaturnMir: changes permissions for a file or directory16:11
mastahh|workthanks Pici!16:11
ash_workzSaturnMir: afaik, it stands for change mode16:11
SaturnMirAh cheers. What does the +x flag do versus 777 or 7xx16:11
ash_workzSaturnMir: +x just makes a file executable16:12
SaturnMirAh ok. Cheers16:12
rahuldevif I dual boot my laptop will there be performance issue?16:12
SaturnMirSo it is equiv to 777? Or 70p?16:12
ash_workzSaturnMir: erm16:12
arcskyhi guys im try to to get my linux ubuntu machines to get a option 119 (dns search) but it doesnt work well16:12
ash_workzSaturnMir: the octet sets permissions for all groups16:12
somsip!permissions | SaturnMir16:13
ubottuSaturnMir: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:13
ash_workzSaturnMir: ^16:13
mcphailrahuldev: no, dual booting has no performance penalty16:13
rahuldevmcphail, thanks16:13
docmurIs there a way to carry out a command after a SSH tunnel estabilishes?16:15
MonkeyDustdocmur  ssh -Y user@ip_address "your command here"   <-- with quotes16:15
ash_workzSaturnMir: +w or -w without specifying the users will add/remove write permissions for everyone... users, group and other16:15
ash_workzSaturnMir: since that is the case, the effect of +w on the octet will depend on the other settings of the file16:16
SaturnMirAh I see. Thanks16:16
docmurSorry I asked the wrong question, how can I get the my system to automatically carry a command once the tunnel is open?  As in the once the tunnel establishes, it can send a ping to the other side of the tunnel16:16
eldiabloyes trying to setup _arktos_ im not very much experience in ubuntu, what should i do to set the servername?16:17
MonkeyDustdocmur  i don't know the exact syntax, but you can add a line to ~.16:17
ash_workzSaturnMir: effectively, I believe, +w will add 2 to all digits of the octet16:17
lernerI have broken packages. what do I do?16:18
MonkeyDustdocmur  i don't know the exact syntax, but you can add a line to ~/.profile  ... like   if [ssh detected] then [dp something]16:18
sergiui wanted to do today something to exit in town, but this lmao programs make me cry in linux16:18
sergiuneed to stay16:18
sergiuto accept16:18
sergiuthat day is lost16:19
ash_workzSaturnMir: actually that only true given that w is not already set16:19
MonkeyDustlerner  I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'fixpackages' ... make executable with 'chmod +x fixpackages' ... then run it with './fixpackages' ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/14457055/16:19
ash_workzSaturnMir: a better definition would be "+w will add 2 to every digit of an octet whose value is one of 0, 1, 4 or 516:20
lernero, thanks mone16:20
arunpyasihello guys, is there any problem with the latest update in 15.04 ? my PC stucks to boot after that.. I can only open PC with upstart mode.16:21
sergiuIts possible to say that: linux dont have viruses, but have a lot of bugs16:21
arunpyasiplease help16:21
sergiuBugs are not so dangerous like viruses, but they are a lot16:21
lotuspsychje!discuss | sergiu16:21
ubottusergiu: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.16:21
lotuspsychjearunpyasi: 15.04 will be eol soon, try another ubuntu version perhaps?16:22
FedoraUserhi friends16:22
sergiuarunpyasi, i just done in terminal sudo dd if=/home/sergiu/Downloads/ru_windows_8.1_pro_vl_with_update_x64_dvd_6050899.iso of=/dev/sdb16:22
_arktos_eldiabolo http://askubuntu.com/questions/256013/could-not-reliably-determine-the-servers-fully-qualified-domain-name16:22
sergiuAnd i want, nothing happening16:22
FedoraUserI want to setup GFS2 on 14.04, but I cannot find any guides online16:22
sergiui wait*16:22
ash_workznobody has any opinion about /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove ?16:23
FedoraUserall guides for GFS2 that I can find are for 12.04 but 14.04 doesn't have cman package16:23
sergiuThe problems of linux is in that that programs are corelated with system itself, not dependend16:24
sergiuthey dont work as independent source16:24
lotuspsychjesergiu: please stop that16:24
lotuspsychjesergiu: focus on your ubuntu issue, instead of spamming random linux quotes16:25
arunpyasisergiu: oops, sorry, I mean 15.1016:25
arunpyasimy 15.10 PC boot crashed16:25
lotuspsychjearunpyasi: what kind of graphics card do you have?16:25
arunpyasiand stucks in starting GNOME DISPLAY MANAGER...16:25
arunpyasilotuspsychje: Intel16:25
TJ-!info glusterfs-server | FedoraUser you know GFS is packaged in 14.04 ?16:26
ubottuFedoraUser you know GFS is packaged in 14.04 ?: glusterfs-server (source: glusterfs): clustered file-system (server package). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.3-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 152 kB, installed size 590 kB16:26
lotuspsychjearunpyasi: what kind of intel chipset16:26
sergiuok who can help ME WITH THAT16:26
FedoraUserTJ-, glusterfs =/= GFS216:26
sergiuHOW TO RUN PROGRAM "dd" WITH EXPLICATION what he is doing? how much information "DD" copied??16:26
ash_workzMonkeyDust: does apt-get autoremove remove images for you?16:26
chrisss123456spotify is starting to crash more and more, with "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" being the readout on terminal. is anyone else having this problem?16:27
ash_workzanyone here have apt-get autoremove remove images for them?16:27
TJ-FedoraUser: ah, clash of acronyms16:27
sergiuWindows is intuitive, windows are clouds..16:27
FedoraUserTJ-, no worries :)16:28
bshacklettIs anyone here doing oautomated installs in a VMware environment? I'm looking at the tools that are out there (Cobbler, Razor, Terraform, etc.), but most seem geared towards bare metal, and Terraform doesn't seem to have good support for VMware yet.16:28
lotuspsychjesergiu: stop doing that16:28
sergiulotuspsychje: how to run dd with explications?16:28
lotuspsychjechrisss123456: ask the maintainer of spotify please, we cant support ppa's here16:28
Gallomimiasergiu: byte for byte. all of it16:28
TJ-!info gfs2-utils | FedoraUser: 14.04 kernels also have the gfs2 kernel module. Is that enough?16:29
ubottuFedoraUser: 14.04 kernels also have the gfs2 kernel module. Is that enough?: gfs2-utils (source: gfs2-utils): Global File System 2 - filesystem tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.6-0ubuntu2 (wily), package size 231 kB, installed size 888 kB16:29
sergiui will use wine , and then some Program from Windows , this is good solution16:29
sergiuLinux is good operating system, but when you need production ,its hell16:30
chrisss123456lotuspsychje: Thanks. whats the best way to ask directly?16:30
FedoraUserTJ-, afaics host must be aware of the cluster so it can properly do file-locking16:30
Gallomimiasergiu i agree it's not quite what i hoped for but it's still a great thing!16:30
lotuspsychjechrisss123456: fine an email or launchpad on their site to contact perhaps16:31
FedoraUserTJ-, I am not completely sure though, that is why I am looking for a guide or documentation...16:31
chrisss123456lotuspsychje: will do. thanks!16:31
Gallomimiasergiu: why are you trying to use dd? it can be very dangerous!16:31
sergiuDangerous, i cant wait, he dont display how much he proccesed16:32
sergiuthis is annoying16:32
Gallomimiayou will wait, or you will start over16:32
Gallomimiaand yes. no progress meter very hard16:33
lotuspsychjebshacklett: maybe youl find your answers @ #vmware ?16:33
sergiuuseless thing on linux to do - you are welcomed16:33
sergiumy plans was to burn fast imagine and to watch Live broadcast from net16:34
sergiubut now, i must stay with DD16:34
sergiubeecouse winUsb can do anything16:34
lotuspsychje!ops | sergiu random linux chitchat16:35
ubottusergiu random linux chitchat: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:35
Gallomimiadd can do anythng16:35
bshacklettlotuspsychje: I'll definitely check there. Thanks.16:36
TJ-FedoraUser: according to my research, at the Saucy (13.10) release "Deleted in saucy-release on 2015-04-28 (Reason: Upstream dead, unsupportable. Useful content moved elsewh...) "16:36
Gallomimiasergiu: i noticed you speak english as a second language. perhaps one of the other language speaking help channels would be more helpful to you?16:37
FedoraUserTJ-, I am new to this and reading documentation for centos doesn't help when the tools are missing :)16:38
sergiui liked everything in linux, exception is only WInUSB16:38
sergiuhow some operating system cant perform such needed tasks16:39
FedoraUserTJ-, I just wanted to see if there is any ubuntu-related-web-searching-gurus present for any guide :)16:39
TJ-FedoraUser: right. Seems that 14.04 doesn't have 'cman' (RedHat Cluster Manager) due to a 'dead' upstream project (Ubuntu wouldn't want to be lumbered with the support in the 14.04 Trusty Long Term Release)16:39
FedoraUserTJ-, interesting, CentOS has that tool... it is also LTS... oh well, back to the drawing board :016:39
FedoraUser* :)16:39
TJ-FedoraUser: It should be possible to pull in the cman source-code package from 13.10 Saucy and build it on the 14.04 Trusty host16:39
matclaytonare there any known issues with 14.04 and Samsung 850 EVO SSD’s, we’re seeing very low (1k) iop’s on brand new drives on multiple machiens16:40
FedoraUserTJ-, or for us uneducated people... I can try installing .apk directly :)16:40
lotuspsychjematclayton: did you do the firmware update?16:40
TJ-FedoraUser: 'apk' ? Android package?16:41
=== mohammad is now known as lovelinux
Gallomimiasergiu: for example, no idea what means explications16:41
matclaytonlotuspsychje: not yet, they are about 2 months old, and samsung dont make it easy to find out if they need it!16:41
lovelinuxhello every body16:41
FedoraUserTJ-, wow, sorry, confused, meant to say .deb16:41
TJ-FedoraUser: colour me confused too :D16:41
lotuspsychjematclayton: oh sorry its the 840 evo that needs firmware, define 'slow'?16:41
matclaytonlotuspsychje: so the throughput is good 500MB/s but the iops seems very low16:42
TJ-FedoraUser: If the .deb from Saucy will work that's fine; but sometimes the dependencies it declares may require updates to the installed packages. If that were the case a source-build (with appropriate modifcations) is the usual solution (or search for a PPA containing cman for 14.04)16:42
lotuspsychjematclayton: maybe ask in ##hardware if thats a know issue?16:42
matclaytonI have a pro machine which can’t seem to go above 1k iop’s measured via iostat, and an identical blank slate machine, which running bonnie++ also tops out at 950 iop’s16:43
matclayton*pro -> prod16:43
arunpyasilotuspsychje: its Intel Chipset16:43
lotuspsychjearunpyasi: sudo lshw -C video16:43
FedoraUserTJ-, this may pose significant issue, since I am trying to setup test environment that should later on be used as virtualization platform hosting hundreds of VMs... and I guess one update can break dependency from old package...16:44
lovelinuxi have username and password from my isp and i am connected to isp network with my laptop wifi ,in fedora i use from pppoe-setup and enter my username and password and connect to internet by using pppoe-connect what should i do in ubuntu ?16:44
sergiuThis dd16:44
sergiui have to say is very slow16:45
sergiui can write one hour or two16:45
sergiuvery much16:45
Picisergiu: While you're waiting, can you please not rant in this channel.  If you just want to chat about non-support things there is #ubuntu-offtopic.16:45
TJ-FedoraUser: I'd class that as unlikely in 14.04 since its rare to break versioning/dependencies especially in LTS releases; except if you upgrade the kernel and/or X stack from more recent releases16:46
lovelinuxi have username and password from my isp and i am connected to isp network with my laptop wifi ,in fedora i use from pppoe-setup and enter my username and password and connect to internet by using pppoe-connect what should i do in ubuntu ?16:46
FedoraUserTJ-, yeah, I wouldn't bet my job on it :)16:46
=== dik is now known as Guest62138
FedoraUserTJ-, anyway, cman is not crucial to the setup, it is crucial to the old guides. official documentation uses pacemaker and corosync but with additional tool that is missing. that tool is supposed to automate writing .xml files... I may venture off to write them by hand16:47
TJ-FedoraUser: what's the tool that is missing? It could have moved to another package?16:48
magnalatortaive got this error with apache2: AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message16:48
magnalatorta    .    what can i do to set the servername correctly?16:48
lotuspsychje_magnalatorta: maybe the #httpd guys can help with that?16:48
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
FedoraUserTJ-, from this guide: http://clusterlabs.org/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1-crmsh/html-single/Clusters_from_Scratch/index.html  the command is 'pcs'16:49
magnalatortahow do i contact them?16:49
lotuspsychjemagnalatorta: type Join #httpd16:50
lovelinuxi have username and password from my isp and i am connected to isp network with my laptop wifi ,in fedora i use from pppoe-setup and enter my username and password and connect to internet by using pppoe-connect what should i do in ubuntu ?16:51
sergiuYou know guys what?16:51
sergiuWhen you loose the entusiasm to stay on google to search for solution, is time to remove ubuntu from hdd forever16:52
FedoraUserTJ-, I think I misunderstood it... it may be that it doesn't write xmls but that other tools can be used for such purpose... which are not explained :)16:52
sergiui dont want to search on google16:52
impianyone having trouble suspending on 14.04.316:52
sergiuthis os is too crappy16:52
sergiuError: /dev/sdb: unrecognised disk label16:52
impieverytime i suspend my laptop, put it in my bag, hop on the bike, to get home with a cooking laptop.16:52
impiit's ridiculous16:53
TJ-FedoraUser: ahh; I don't find pcsd in any other package. Annoying!16:53
FedoraUserTJ-, not pcsd but 'pcs'16:53
FedoraUserTJ-, I think :)16:53
lotuspsychjeimpi: put the pc off while your not using it?16:53
impii've been doing that but then i'd have to star everything up....my browser and all the tabs, im sure you can appreciate the benefits of suspending a laptop?16:54
metamehaving issue with audio on 15.10 in Chrome. audio works everywhere else16:54
impiso shutting is down is not an option.16:54
sergiuThis programs in linux they work in relations with all details from linux, they dont stay as stand-lone to be able to work everytime16:54
lovelinuxwho is response?16:55
lovelinuxi have username and password from my isp and i am connected to isp network with my laptop wifi ,in fedora i use from pppoe-setup and enter my username and password and connect to internet by using pppoe-connect what should i do in ubuntu ?16:55
lotuspsychje!patience | lovelinux16:55
ubottulovelinux: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:55
lotuspsychjeimpi: ubuntu version?16:55
impiperfectly up to date running on a dell precision m380016:55
impithats why it's strange that it doesnt work16:56
impimaybe it's because i dont have swap?16:56
TJ-FedoraUser: I was hunting based on that article saying the pcsd (daemon service)16:56
lotuspsychjeimpi: check your syslog and dmesg16:56
lotuspsychjeimpi: and try laptop-mode-tools16:56
FedoraUserTJ-, oh ok, yeah, I forgot it had service part16:56
impigreat, thanks! i was going to dig into it, but thought i'd ask here - maybe it's a frequent question16:57
impithanks for the help lotuspsychje +116:57
TJ-!info crmsh  trusty | FedoraUser That article suggests crmsh can be used as an alternative to pcs16:57
ubottuFedoraUser That article suggests crmsh can be used as an alternative to pcs: crmsh (source: crmsh): CRM shell for the pacemaker cluster manager. In component main, is extra. Version 1.2.5+hg1034-1ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 250 kB, installed size 1123 kB16:57
FedoraUserTJ-, ok, apparently there is crmsh in 14.04 which is good news, I just need to translate pcs commands in crmsh16:57
FedoraUserTJ-, yeah! that!16:57
TJ-FedoraUser: good luck :)16:58
FedoraUserTJ-, thank you for your help, I'll continue tomorrow on this subject :)16:58
lotuspsychjeimpi: tail -f /var/log/syslog and go suspending might spit out some usefull things also perhaps?16:58
lovelinuxi found this link http://ubuntuguide.net/setting-up-pppoe-ubuntu-command but in pppoeconf i don`t know where can i enter my dns17:01
iamnotgregI'm trying to open a port for a server that is running on my localhost so that it is accessible on my network. What do I need to do? My google skills are weak17:03
lotuspsychjeiamnotgreg: try the #ubuntu-server or #netfilter guys17:04
JobbeSo I'm trying to do a make defconfig for the kernel in ubuntu - i get this error "Can't find default configuration arch/x86/configs/x86_64_defconfig" - my working dir is: /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-74-generic17:04
iamnotgreglotuspsychje: this is an ubuntu desktop...just has a server on it for my fax17:04
JobbeI'm trying to configure the kernel so i can have a package compile a kernel module17:05
JobbeThis is an ubuntu 14.04 desktop machine btw17:05
lotuspsychje!kernel | Jobbe17:05
ubottuJobbe: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)17:05
impigot it17:06
impicat /proc/acpi/wakeup17:06
impishow you all the wakeup calls17:06
JobbeThanks ubottu17:06
impii disabled all of them except PWRB & LID017:07
JobbeI'm trying to install KES8 for linux. It need a real-time kernel module to make it work.17:07
=== supo is now known as Guest51342
lotuspsychjeimpi: solved now?17:08
Jobbethanks lotuspsychje hah17:08
impilotuspsychje, i hope so, i disabled the lid too and only allowed the power button to wake the laptop17:09
impiman this laptop get scary hot in my bag17:10
impiim sure it wont last log if this happens to frequently17:10
JobbeI've sometimes forgotten to turn off my laptop when i put it in my bag17:10
lotuspsychjeimpi: did you vacuum clean it once?17:10
impino it's brand new17:10
Jobbebut it runs pretty cool when idle17:10
impilotuspsychje, ^^17:10
impihar har17:10
lotuspsychjeimpi: its not very recommended to let a computer run into a bag...17:11
impiyeh man, it was stressing me out17:11
JobbeI've done so many bad things to my laptop :/ .. I'm surpriced it isn't dead yet17:12
lotuspsychjeJobbe: you can use #ubuntu-offtopic for regular chat mate17:13
Jobbesure thing, was just commenting on the laptop in bag topic :)17:14
Jobbethat link is broken17:16
TJ-Jobbe: how is it broken?17:18
Jobbecheck the output from it17:18
JobbeI'm pretty sure it's supposed to be http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/17:18
TJ-Jobbe: it's not supposed to be accessed by a user-agent; the sub-dirs are for git when using http protocol17:19
TJ-Jobbe: but I agree the index text output is a mess :)17:20
Jobbemy bad then17:20
TJ-Jobbe: if you view the source it looks like it is partial output from gitfind, with no HTML headers, so it is probably a bug - I'll ask the sysadmin team17:21
Jobbeyeah i see that now17:22
Jobbeno html output nor <table></table>17:22
iamnotgregHow do I open a port on my computer and forward it to an open port on my localhost?17:24
TJ-Jobbe: looks like someone forgot to wrap the gitfind output17:24
arcskyQuestion, domain-search is that done default by the dhcp client ?17:24
JobbeTJ-: Might be :-)17:24
TJ-Jobbe: being investigated now17:25
JobbeGreat :)17:25
bithonhey. where can i get already built latest kernel for ubuntu server? ( i'm kind of terrified of the overwhelming amount of options in confimenu that i'd prefer if somebody actually built the image for me)17:27
bithoni found this http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.4-wily/ and wondering if it's recommended to install kernel from there ?17:29
ChibaPetA quick question... Are the images in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ intended to work? In Debian the installer was usually left until last, but I don't know if that's the case here.17:31
TJ-bithon: yes, that's the correct location, although those kernel's aren't supported  (predominately they're for testing mainline vs ubuntu builds)17:31
Guest48966does it look good for installation?17:31
Guest48966and should I make another 200 MB /boot/ partition?17:31
TJ-ChibaPet: the images are built daily and should work17:32
ChibaPetTJ-: ty, I'll snag one and try it then, rather than upgrading from an older release.17:32
bithonTJ-: But they are still built from ubuntu's generic config I assume, yes?17:32
TJ-Guest48966: I'd recommend more that 200MB for /boot/ due to frequent problems with running out of space for updated kernels17:32
TJ-bithon: correct; it's all automated and run through QA testing17:33
JobbeTJ-: he have an EFI parition, does he really need a /boot/ partition then ?17:33
orionHi. How do I prevent one particular sudo command from being logged? It's on a schedule and is cluttering up my logs.17:33
bithonCool, thanks. Going to go ahead and install it right now.17:33
EriC^^orion: what's the command? why don't you use it in root's crontab17:34
bithonOne more question: Which one of these are most recommended for servers (as that's what I need it for) ?17:34
bithonuname --all17:34
TJ-Jobbe: EFI-SP and /boot/ are different things, with different purposes17:35
TJ-bithon: for '-server' you don't want the -live images. You want http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/17:36
Guest48966Ubuntu installer, accepted :D17:37
Guest48966it's copying files, right naw17:37
=== arun_ is now known as Guest10127
oscar_Buen día...17:39
orionEriC^^: Jan 13 09:38:38 db01 sudo: root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=postgres ; COMMAND=/bin/bash -c psql -t -q -c SELECT\ pg_is_in_recovery(), root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=postgres ; COMMAND=/bin/bash -c psql -t -q -c SELECT\ pg_is_in_recovery()17:39
orionEriC^^: cron isn't the one doing the scheduling for this particular command.17:39
motaka2does any one has any idea why phpunit --version on the first block doesn't work ? in this manual https://phpunit.de/getting-started.html17:40
ChibaPetTJ-: Oh, thanks for linking that - it's actually what I want too, not the live.17:40
TJ-orion: 'cluttering' which log, auth.log ?17:40
=== vvv is now known as Guest59795
bithonTJ-: How "generally" are stable latest releases of kernel ?17:41
Gallomimiaquite stable. i find17:41
Gallomimiaseen one that had a weird bug in it once. affected some people. fixed next day17:42
bithonTJ-: Is there a repo for kernel only images? I already have server up and running17:42
orionTJ-: yes17:45
anchnkhi, is it possible to upgrade the version of evolution from 3.10 to 3.12 under ubuntu 14.04 ?17:49
TJ-bithon: the kernel images for servers are either the -generic or the -virtual (designed for typical VMs)17:50
TJ-orion: as far as I am aware, sudo cannot be commanded to reduce logging, only to increase it. A valid sensible security measure obviously.17:51
afeHow to manage a desktop remotely? Remove some software, update or tweak a bit the DE17:52
motaka2TJ-: Hello, Happy new year17:52
ChibaPetafe: ssh in17:53
bithonTJ-: Oh, I run my server in vbox. -virtual more recommended in such a scenario and what are the general benefits of using it (except for the obvious ones) instead of -generic ?17:53
bithonin a vbox *17:53
* blackflow tips hat at ChibaPet17:53
ChibaPetblackflow: o/17:53
blackflowsmall IRC :)17:54
TJ-afe: to run a specifc remote X client and export its GUI to your local X server "ssh -X ..." ... if you want the entire desktop then one of the VNC protocol variants, or 'xrdp' maybe17:54
hari_hi guys17:55
orionTJ-: ok thanks17:55
hari_how to fix wifi problems17:55
bithonalso, does -virtual support vbox by default?? (http://askubuntu.com/questions/257416/what-are-practical-advantages-of-using-linux-image-virtual-kernel mentions only a couple of vm's)17:56
blackflowhari_: you begin by explaining what the problem is :)17:56
Mathisenhari_, depends on whay problem..17:56
TJ-bithon: the -virtual images only contain the modules required in VM guests; not every possible bit of hardware support, so they're smaller and more focused17:56
maddawg2hey all, i recently ran a sudo apt-get upgrade all and for some reason when i boot now it drops me to a busybox shell that says (initramfs)17:57
bithonTJ-: Okay, so given that i run a ubuntu server in a vbox virtual would make mor sense in my case ?17:57
kavanhari_: explain your problem properly...17:57
maddawg2and i have no clue what to do with that17:57
hari_how to install missing wifi drivers17:57
bithon-virtual make more sense*17:57
EriC^^maddawg2: does it mention anything before that?17:57
maddawg2EriC^^ just a sec let me reboot and tell you17:58
hari_k man17:58
TJ-bithon: it sounds that way. The only time I've seen someone get caught out by it, was when trying to passthrough host USB devices17:58
kavanhari_: You can install by  unistallling all prog';-p[17:58
hari_wtf kavan!!!17:59
Guest48966hari_: Wi-Fi device brand and model numbers?17:59
Guest48966If then, someone can provide you with specific instructions17:59
noraatepernosDoes anyone know a trick to get disk io to stop so I can umount successfully?  It's an attached ebs drive for mysql on aws.  It appears that stopping mysql is not enough sometimes.18:00
maddawg2Eric its working now it seems18:00
Guest48966fuser ?18:00
maddawg2EriC^^, *18:00
Guest48966noraatepernos: fuser ?18:00
EriC^^maddawg2: great :D18:01
hari_qualcomm atheros QCA61x4 Wireless NEtwork Adapter18:01
hari_LAPTOP NaME LENOVO Z5118:01
LifeLibertyHappihow can i give unlimited mapping access to a samba share?  seems once i map the samba share using a valid user it cant be mapped on other computers..seems like theres only a limit18:01
Guest48966High branded motherboard?18:01
LifeLibertyHappiis there any way around that?18:01
Guest48966What is it ?18:02
Guest48966Like abgn18:02
noraatepernosGuest48966 thanks, forgot about that.18:02
Guest48966or ac ?18:02
Guest48966abg ?18:02
maddawg2EriC^^, what did you do to fix it? :-P18:03
EriC^^maddawg2: magic :D18:03
SorcerousFoxGood answer :D18:03
daftykinsGuest48966: try not to spam the channel with the enter key, please18:03
Guest48966hari_: ^18:03
Guest48966hari_: ^18:05
Guest48966People seem to forget about googling18:05
maddawg2EriC^^, i was wrong18:05
maddawg2i rebooted again and it came back up18:05
maddawg2nothing before it18:06
maddawg2says BusyBox v1.21.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.21.0-1ubuntu1) built-in shell (ash)18:06
maddawg2Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands. (initramfs)18:07
EriC^^maddawg2: do you have a live usb>18:07
maddawg2i have a live cd18:07
Guest48966it seems your initramfs is missing, you need to regen. it after the upgrades18:07
daftykinsbye irccloud18:08
maddawg2oh noes18:08
motaka2does any one has any idea why phpunit --version on the first block doesn't work ? in this manual https://phpunit.de/getting-started.html18:09
django_Good day everyone :)18:09
maddawg2i'm booting from the live cd now18:09
django_Whats this terminal addon that saves the session of terminal, like if im hooked to a vps and i get disconnected from my computer i can restore it18:09
daftykinsdjango_: mosh?18:09
django_no :/18:10
django_i forgot thename18:10
django_but i know its not mosh, else i would remember18:10
EriC^^maddawg2: ok, boot the live usb18:11
maddawg2EriC^^, booting now18:11
maddawg2just a sec.. i'll let you know when it's back18:11
TJ-django_: screen or tmux ?18:12
django_TJ-, it might be screen18:13
maddawg2i'm actually gonna use a live cd as i forgot this flash drive is no longer live lol18:13
jedixhey,  I have ubuntu 12.04 installed, and my bluetooth adapter is not showing up.  It's a ky-bt100 based dongle.  hcitool dev returns no devices..18:13
TJ-django_: those keep the remote session running even if you disconnect18:13
maddawg2so it's a bit longer18:13
jedixI see it has a kernel module loaded..18:13
TJ-jedix: possibly there is no driver in 12.04 for that device18:13
jedixTJ-: in the 3.13 kernel?18:14
jedixTJ-: I've found posts about it working on Hardy..18:15
TJ-jedix: get the device's PCI or USB ID [vendor:product] and then you can check if there is a module supporting it18:15
jedixTJ-: 1131:100118:15
=== chrx is now known as colecut
jedixTJ-: where would you find a list of the supported vendor:product id?18:17
=== tomaw_ is now known as tomaw
TJ-jedix: I'm not seeing a module that declares an alias for that device, using "grep 'v00001131.*1001' /lib/modules/*/modules.alias"18:19
TJ-jedix: it's possible it can be recognised via a Class driver instead; can you show the "lsusb -v -d 1141:1001" output?18:20
TJ-jedix: bah, typo in my command s/1141/1131/18:23
jedixTJ-: I still don't see it..18:23
jedixTJ-: http://pastebin.com/tc6HQGMQ18:24
TJ-jedix:  "bDeviceClass          224 Wireless" indicates a suitable wireless/BT driver *may* be able to manage that18:25
maddawg2EriC^^, i'm in the live CD now18:26
maddawg2oh wait desktop hasnt loaded yet18:26
maddawg2EriC^^, I'm in the live cd now lol18:28
EriC^^maddawg2: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc openterm.tk 918:28
TJ-jedix: "modinfo btusb" shows that module declares a matching class alias: "alias:          usb:v*p*d*dcE0dsc01dp01ic*isc*ip*in*"18:28
TJ-jedix: check on your system the module declares that same alias18:28
=== c0 is now known as c^
TJ-jedix: "dcE0" is the device class, E0 os hexadecimal for 224 decimal (the class number)18:29
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
=== test is now known as Guest4827
jedixsure, sec18:30
=== c^ is now known as c0
maddawg2is that an l or a 118:30
=== c0 is now known as c^
=== c^ is now known as c0
maddawg2EriC^^, i'm guessing that was the letter L18:31
jedixTJ-: alias usb:v*p*d*dcE0dsc01dp01ic*isc*ip*in* btusb18:31
maddawg2i did that and it just returned a new line18:31
jedixit's there18:31
TJ-jedix: OK, so we know there's apparent support, so the next thing to do is look at /var/log/kern.log and see if the btusb driver reports it claiming that device, or any errors, when it is plugged in18:31
TJ-jedix: "tail -n 0 -f /var/log/kern.log" and then plug it in18:32
EriC^^maddawg2: yup18:32
snowstormhi all18:33
maddawg2EriC^^ ok18:34
jedixTJ-: hmm, I'm not actually at the box right now..18:34
jedixTJ-: I'm ssh'ed in18:34
maddawg2EriC^^ I think it's a bad superblock18:34
TJ-jedix: well that's the thing to do when you are. If no messages appear it's likely the btusb driver isn't 'claiming' the device for some reason18:34
TJ-jedix: Ahh... maybe you can cause a rescan by probing the sysfs18:34
jedixTJ-: hmm, there's logs from a few days ago that indicate that this happened on first plugin..18:35
EriC^^maddawg2: what did it say?18:36
maddawg2nothing Eric^^18:37
maddawg2it returned an empty line18:37
maddawg2didnt even return an empty line18:37
maddawg2just sent me back to the command line18:37
maddawg2i was looking here:  https://linuxexpresso.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/repair-a-broken-ext4-superblock-in-ubuntu/18:37
maddawg2cuz i did an fsck.ext4 -v /dev/sdb118:38
maddawg2and it told me there was  a bad superblock18:38
EriC^^maddawg2: try sudo parted -l18:39
jophishHi I'm using xubuntu on a laptop with a high dpi screen and I can hardly read any of the text18:40
jedixTJ-: not finding a way to simulate this..18:40
jophishhow can I scale everything by 2?18:40
maddawg2EriC^^, lists my installed drives18:40
maddawg2woah wtf18:41
maddawg2it has my filesystems as ntfs18:41
maddawg2I DID NOT do NTFS18:41
maddawg2i did ext418:41
EriC^^maddawg2: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc openterm.tk 918:41
EriC^^paste the link here, is this a fresh install?18:42
maddawg2no it's not a fresh install18:42
maddawg2i did that command but again it just drops me to an empty command prompt line18:42
=== muskrat_ is now known as muskrat
maddawg2also no network access on the machine right now18:43
TJ-jedix: first identify the node in sysfs for that device, it'll be under /sys/class/usb/usb*/ .. maybe 'grep 1131 /sys/class/usb/usb*/idVendor' will help18:43
EriC^^oh ok18:43
EriC^^maddawg2: can you get a network access?18:43
maddawg2EriC^^ I can try18:44
snowstormhas anyone else lost the surround sound via hdmi (Radeon HD 7700/7800 Series) on ubuntu 14.04 after last update?18:44
kianhello, I used this guide to setup znc: https://www.vultr.com/docs/install-and-setup-znc-on-ubuntu18:44
kianhow can I add something to make sure it starts on boot?18:44
orenHello. I am new to Ubuntu Mate18:44
TJ-jedix: Then once you're satisfied you have the correct node, do "echo suspend | sudo dd of=/sys/class/usb/usb<DEVNUM>/power/control" to power it down, then "echo auto | sudo dd of=/sys/class/usb/usv<DEVNUM>/power/control" to wake it up/discover it again18:44
maddawg2EriC^^, i think i might have to redo this whole machine....  the filesystem is completely wrong18:45
EriC^^maddawg2: ok, try getting a network access so we can see what's going on18:45
faxx_Is anyone in here that can help me configure hylafax for my network?18:46
dev_Is there any way to support korean/chinese keyboard layout other than ibus/scim packages on linux?18:47
eluusdoes anyone know how to enable high fidelity playback on ubuntu for bluetooth audio device?18:47
eluusthere's the option for it but it's not working18:47
TJ-jedix: Sorry, bad path typo there ... then do "echo suspend | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/usb/devices/usb<DEVNUM>/power/control" to power it down, then "echo auto | sudo dd of=/sys/bus/usb/devices/usb<DEVNUM>/power/control" to wake it up/discover it again18:48
eluusversion 15.1018:49
dev_Is there any way to support korean/chinese keyboard layout other than ibus/scim packages on linux? Can anybody help me,please?18:49
jedixTJ-: I can't seemt o get that to go18:50
jedixTJ-: I then su'ed and tried to echo it directly..18:50
jedixecho: write error: invalid argument18:50
dev_Is there any way to support korean/chinese keyboard layout other than ibus/scim packages on linux? Can anybody help me,please?18:51
daftykinsdev_: don't repeat so quickly18:52
dev_sorry for that18:52
piercedwatercan someone help me figure out why my usb 3.0 enclosure (Orico 9548) slows down at the same spot every time and stops? I'm on 14.0418:53
daftykinspiercedwater: not without more detail18:55
daftykinswhat is "the same spot" ?18:55
piercedwaterok, i shall provide. what info do you need18:55
KaiForceis there a way to ensure that a specific interface (eth0 eth1 etc...) uses a specific physical port?  I have a machine with three interfaces where occasionally eth0 and eth1 will flip/flop.  This breaks connectivity.18:55
piercedwaterwell, it transfers with rsync for about 2 mins then stops18:55
piercedwaterdead stop18:55
daftykinsadd verbosity to rsync and see what it tells you, maybe it's a path of small files18:55
piercedwaterthey are music files18:55
piercedwaterverbosity tells me nothing except the transfer speed as slowed down to 200kb/s18:56
=== andy_ is now known as Guest32028
django_if i close terminal 'screen' loses all the consoles?18:56
ChibaPetdjango_: No, screen exists to keep them running as long as the screen process itself is alive.18:57
dev_i have installed scim package along with scim-pinyin package but i can't see chinese keyboard layout support18:57
snowstormdoes anyone knows about lost of surround sound through hdmi with Radeon HD 7700/7800 Series after Ubuntu 14.04 LTS latest update done few days ago?18:57
ChibaPetdjango_: Connect to the system and, in the simplest form, "screen -x" to reconnect.18:57
django_ChibaPet, if its  detached how do i un-detach18:58
ChibaPetscreen -x18:58
django_21824.pts-2.django      (01/13/2016 01:48:42 PM)        (Detached)18:59
fox-catchHi all.18:59
django_says: Type "screen [-d] -r [pid.]tty.host" to resume one of them.18:59
fox-catchWhenever I try to install something. I get error to do `apt-get install -f`18:59
daftykinsfox-catch: show the full output in http://paste.ubuntu.com - obviously you have prior package issues19:00
ChibaPetoh, interesting - I never see that state. Alright. So, screen -r or if it requires more, screen -r django19:00
fox-catchand whenever I do that it will go and installl something will failure at end19:00
TJ-jedix: hmm, you're replacing "<DEVNUM>" with the device number you've identified in the previous step ?19:00
mattiaHi, I'm not understanding how to install ubuntu on UEFI machines. Anyone can help me?19:00
fox-catchdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14489753/ it's 12.0419:00
daftykinsmattia: how far are you getting?19:01
speedy__how to i remove a tree of folders  via commandline?19:01
mattia<daftykins> : pretty much 0%19:01
daftykinsfox-catch: and you're trying to set up apache today is it?19:01
ChibaPetdjango_: The oddity here is that I regularly attach to detached sessions with -x. Let me fire up my laptop and see if ubuntu is doing something differently.19:01
daftykinsmattia: not as far as preparing a flash drive to install from?19:01
django_ChibaPet, i have multiple sessions19:01
TJ-speedy__: to remove *EVERYTHING* under and including /path/to/dir "rm -rf /path/to/dir"19:01
fox-catchdaftykins: no php 5.619:01
django_ok it works19:02
django_i did screen -r 21824.pts-2.django19:02
ChibaPetdjango_: If you have multiple sessions, give it enough text to uniquely identify the one you want.19:02
speedy__TJ-,  yes i want everything gone19:02
mattiaNo. I alredy have a DVD as media.19:02
django_ChibaPet, how can i delete a screen?19:02
daftykinsfox-catch: but your paste shows it's trying to install the apache module for php5, which is having issues because it can't install apache main...19:02
mattiaThe problem is that I don't undestand what to do with the partitions.19:02
daftykinsmattia: are you trying to install beside Windows, or as the only OS?19:03
fox-catchdaftykins: aha so I should I fix this first?19:03
daftykinsfox-catch: yep19:03
mattiadaftykins : alongside win19:03
fox-catchdaftykins: but how :P19:03
ChibaPetdjango_: From within the screen ^a\19:03
daftykinsfox-catch: i slightly suspect the use of PPAs ruining your install - 12.04 is a bit antique to hold out on, too.19:03
django_ChibaPet, sorry?19:04
daftykins!efi | mattia read here for more background19:04
ubottumattia read here for more background: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:04
speedy__TJ-,  do i need to use the "" in the command like you do?19:04
TJ-speedy__: no, I use to the make clear what is my commentary, and what is a command19:05
ChibaPetdjango_: From within the screen you want to kill, control-a and then the '\' key19:05
mattiaright. I'm reading...19:05
jedixTJ-: yeah19:05
django_ohh i did: ctrl a + :quit19:05
speedy__TJ-,  do i need to use the "" in the command like you do?19:05
django_works :d19:05
TJ-speedy__: no19:05
speedy__TJ-,  /home/ubuntu/buildme/spigotserver rm -rf world19:05
speedy__-bash: /home/ubuntu/buildme/spigotserver: Is a directory   :/19:05
speedy__Permission denied TJ-19:06
jedixTJ-: $ echo suspend >| /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb3/3-2/power/control19:06
jedixecho: write error: invalid argument19:06
le_pigis it possible to install a package like ubuntu-desktop, including recommended packages, but excluding specific recommended packages, like shotwell or aisleriot?19:07
daftykinsjust remove them after?19:08
daftykinsotherwise don't use the meta package19:08
geniiOtherwise, make a task and use tasksel19:09
le_pigdaftykins: good point. in my case, i'm automating the installation of systems, so i suppose i could break it out into some shell logic to query apt-cache and iterate through those i don't want.19:09
le_pigdaftykins: i'm overthinking it.  thank you. :)19:10
daftykinsle_pig: why not just query the contents of the meta-package and list to install all the components you do want? :>19:10
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mattiaRight. I have a question about intel smart response: I use a SSD as a cache for windows. There will be problems after installing ubuntu?19:10
le_pigdaftykins: excellent idea, and easier than the convrse.  thank you again :)19:10
daftykinsmattia: there'll be problems even trying to install probably19:11
mattiayep... That's encouraging...19:11
daftykinsmattia: what's your SATA set to inside your BIOS?19:12
EriC^^le_pig: the meta-package is better to be installed19:12
snowstormdoes anyone knows about lost of surround sound through hdmi with Radeon HD 7700/7800 Series after Ubuntu 14.04 LTS latest update done few days ago?19:12
=== ip is now known as Guest32836
daftykinssnowstorm: nope, details?19:13
EriC^^i guess you could do as you said, or maybe install using --no-install-recommends and add the remaining or something19:13
EriC^^le_pig: ^ , cause apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop says it's required for upgrades and what not19:13
snowstormsurround used to play ok before last update, now all I have is Digital Stereo over HDMI19:14
speedy__http://pastebin.com/C7hs0Swx -_- some folders and files are revolting again me! so how do i remove them ?19:14
daftykinssnowstorm: are you talking about an actual surround sound stream, such as dolby digital or DTS?19:15
mattia? You mean SATA revision?19:15
daftykinsno i do not19:16
snowstorm•daftykins• yeah, like playing video through VLC.19:16
daftykinssnowstorm: sounds more like passthrough got turned off.19:16
le_pigEric^^: i see. i hadn't considered that complication.  since i'm using a kickstart to automate these, perhaps i'll just follow the metapackage isntall with a purge for the few i don't want.  thank you for the clarification.19:17
snowstorm•daftykins• any idea on how I can get this fixed?19:17
daftykinssnowstorm: check VLCs config, i don't use it so i can't help you.19:18
EriC^^le_pig: ok, no problem19:18
jedixTJ-: I got someone there to remove and insert the usb device19:21
snowstorm•daftykins• You got it. I wonder why it would change to 2.0 when doing updates..... Thanks anyway19:21
fox-catchdaftykins:  how do I fix it?19:22
daftykinsfox-catch: did you get that PHP via a PPA? it might ruin it of so.19:23
daftykins*if so19:23
eluusBluesKaj: it looks like this is a common problem https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9210219:23
ubottuFreedesktop bug 92102 in modules "cannot select a2dp profile" [Normal,New]19:23
fox-catchdaftykins: yeah19:23
fox-catchodejref something19:23
daftykinsfox-catch: then that's probably ruining it, why do you need a newer PHP?19:24
mattiaInstead of installing ubuntu alongside windows in UEFI, what if I change the boot mode in Legacy and install windows first and then ubuntu?19:24
daftykinsmattia: there's no reason to move to legacy, just learn how to install properly19:25
fox-catchdaftykins: so that I can run php server with php -S19:25
fox-catchdaftykins: also it has already ruined it. So I don't have any option but to fix it19:26
mattiaok... I'm reading.19:26
daftykinsfox-catch: right but you ruined it with the PPA. try removing libapache2-mod-php519:26
fox-catchdaftykins: it asks for same '-f install'19:27
daftykinsit says more than that, pastebin it.19:28
daftykinsincluding what you ran19:28
fox-catchdaftykins:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14490072/19:28
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pratzwas really hoping somebdy to guide me in the programming world19:30
=== ken is now known as Guest80941
daftykinsthis is OS support, find a channel for what you want to learn to develop with19:30
srulii have a 15.10 ubuntu-gnome VM, on each start i have to hit TAB to enter the luks pass, how can i fix this so i see the pass entry on boot without fiddling buttons?19:30
daftykinsfox-catch: ok i think you installed "php5" which is pulling in all the other junk, remove that and install just what you were after - which may be a single component19:31
fox-catchdaftykins: but it won't let me remove or install19:31
daftykinsyou're saying "sudo apt-get remove php5" does nothing?19:31
=== barq_ is now known as barq
fox-catchdaftykins: no it throws same error as I pasted above19:33
daftykinsthat doesn't make any sense19:33
daftykinsfox-catch: "dpkg -l | grep php"19:34
jedixTJ-: are you still around?19:34
mattiaWhat is the "microsoft reserved partition" in my hard drive? Can I erase it or should I keep it?19:34
TJ-jedix: yes19:35
grunschkeep it19:35
fox-catchdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14490121/19:35
TJ-jedix: was reading up on the _fascinating_ subject of USB port/device power control gymnastics :)19:35
daftykinsmattia: probably part of a factory restore image, show us a proper "sudo parted -l" pastebin so we can just see the whole thing in one...19:35
mattiaI can't I'm in bus right now and my pc is at home...19:36
jedixTJ-: haha19:36
daftykinsfox-catch: try "sudo dpkg -r php5 php5-cli php5-common libapache2-mod-php5"19:36
jedixTJ-: the easiest way ot reset your usb device is to locate someone near the cord19:36
PeacefulHow can i install older kernel in ubuntu>?19:36
daftykinsmattia: ah, best not to bug us until you're actually in front of the machine in question.19:36
sopadj1hi guys! :) I have just installed ubuntu on my new laptop hp pavilion 15. the videos/movies/clips dont work properly. I have tried with both smplayer and vlc and the same problem...basically if I play a video and I set the full screen the video size does not change and blue borders appears to fill the space around the video... :( any idea?19:37
thebopeDoes anyone know the default Charset for Ubuntu 14.04? Is it UTF-16? I'm trying to hash a string with C# on a windows machine, and pass it in the URL parameter to my apache2 server hosted on an Ubuntu 14.04 box and I'm receiving stuff that looks like %EF%BF%BD etc etc19:37
fox-catchdaftykins: it worked now?19:37
mattiaOk. I'll come back tomorrow....19:37
roothorickas far as I know only Microsoft is using UTF-16 in any real capacity19:37
daftykinssopadj1: sounds like you require some graphics drivers and have not put any on... pastebin "lspci"19:37
jedixTJ-: so, I see the device come up..19:37
jedixTJ-: I see this:19:38
jedix[61702.906117] usb 3-2: New USB device found, idVendor=1131, idProduct=100119:38
jedix[61702.906118] usb 3-2: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=0, SerialNumber=019:38
jedix[61702.906186] usb 3-2: no configuration chosen from 0 choices19:38
daftykinsfox-catch: so i think adding a PPA then trying to use ubuntu's metapackage of 'php5' was the mistake there.19:38
jedixnot sure what the last line is about..19:38
TJ-jedix: there's actually a node for each USB device, "authorized" which can be set to 0 (false) or 1 (true) to achieve the same ends19:38
fox-catchdaftykins: aha, but now how I go to install php 5.619:38
TJ-!paste | jedix copy the output to a pastebin please19:38
ubottujedix copy the output to a pastebin please: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:38
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sopadj1daftykins, http://pastebin.com/mixduuJY19:39
jedixTJ-: sorry, I generally do for > 3 lines..19:39
TJ-jedix: "no configuration chosen from 0 choices" ... might suggest a problem19:39
daftykinsfox-catch: sorry, i don't fancy tackling that one on 12.04.19:39
TJ-jedix: although, I'd have thought the class driver would take care of that later. If there's no hint of the btusb module 'claiming' that device I would think there's something else in the device's alias stopping the match19:40
jedixTJ-: btusb is loaded19:41
PeacefulHow can i install older kernel in ubuntu>?19:41
daftykinsPeaceful: how old? generally it's not a good idea.19:41
Peacefuldaftykins: 3.1319:41
fox-catchdaftykins:  :(19:41
daftykinsPeaceful: on what version?19:42
Peacefuldaftykins: 15.1019:42
daftykinsnope that's not wise, what are you trying to achieve?19:42
Peacefuldaftykins: i just need to know how to install it19:42
sopadj1daftykins, and http://pastebin.com/a1q6PuMp19:42
daftykinsPeaceful: if you explain what you're trying to achieve we might be able to explain the sensible approach.19:43
Peacefuldaftykins: i just need to know how to install older kernel ;) what commands? ;)19:43
daftykinssopadj1: ah ok intel only. what did you install, 15.10 ?19:43
daftykinsPeaceful: ok, you're unable to answer a simple direct question - no it's not advisable, so i'm not answering.19:44
sopadj1daftykins, yes 15.1019:44
sopadj1daftykins, xubuntu 15.1019:44
Peacefuldaftykins: that's not what im asking for19:44
PeacefulI dont care if it's wise or advisable i need to know how to install kernel on ubuntu19:44
daftykinsPeaceful: what you're trying to do is wrong, so i won't help.19:45
Peacefuldaftykins: nothing is wrong in open source world19:45
daftykinsyes, yes it is.19:45
daftykinssopadj1: hmm well if you're fully updated there shouldn't really be any driver issues with intel only19:46
sopadj1daftykins, this is what I think and it makes me a bit concerned19:46
daftykinscould be a xubuntu thing19:46
Peacefuldaftykins: i dont want to argue with you. im not asking if it is wrong i only need to know how.19:46
Peacefuli have done lot of wrong things in life19:47
daftykinsPeaceful: that's nice, but it's still not happening.19:47
Peacefuldaftykins: or you dont know how to do it/19:47
flux242Peaceful: what kernel version you want?19:47
Peacefulflux242: 3.1319:47
daftykinsi refuse to give bad advice19:47
Peacefulits not about advie19:48
=== kevinburke_ is now known as kevinburke
daftykinsthis is a support channel so yeah, it is19:48
Peacefuldaftykins: i like to test, learn and do whatever i want with my laptop19:48
daftykinsthat's nice, dear.19:48
flux242Peaceful: take your kernel from mainline http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/19:48
daftykinsi'm ignoring you now so you don't keep ranting on19:48
TJ-jedix: btusb may be loaded but it should also indicate if, when a device is attached, it claims it. We can enable some BT_DBG() macros in the module via the kernel's dynamic_debug control though, which may help us see how far processing in the module gets19:48
Peacefuldaftykins: i dont mind if you ignore me ;)19:48
Peacefulflux242: is that the only way to get kernel?19:49
flux242you compile one19:49
daftykinsthat's the worst advice.19:49
TJ-jedix: let's check there's something there to enable first. "pastebinit <( sudo grep 'btusb\.c' /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control )"19:49
sopadj1daftykins, I will try https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads19:49
Peacefuldaftykins: im not asking for advice19:49
daftykinssopadj1: no don't, that won't work19:49
PeacefulIm asking for how-to ;019:49
daftykinsPeaceful: i'm not talking to you, stop messaging me now.19:49
TJ-!mainline | Peaceful19:49
ubottuPeaceful: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds19:49
sopadj1daftykins, ah... ok :) any suggestion?19:50
Peacefuldaftykins: oops19:50
akikPeaceful: "dpkg -x" can be used to unpack a deb file19:50
Peacefuldaftykins: offense is a bad thing19:50
Peacefulakik: okay thanks19:50
daftykinssopadj1: just to be sure i'd prefer to see the full "lspci" output19:50
Peacefuli think ill be fine19:50
sopadj1daftykins, http://pastebin.com/gsT5K6v119:52
daftykinsok yep definitely intel only19:52
daftykinssopadj1: in VLC does the source video change the effect? are you double clicking to fullscreen?19:55
TJ-jedix: if there are debug sites available then do "echo 'module btusb +pflm' | sudo dd of=/sys/kernel/dynamic_debug/control" and then re-attach the device and watch kern.log19:55
sopadj1daftykins, both in smplayer and vlc, neither with F nor with doubleclick it works19:57
TJ-jedix: bah, typo again! "echo 'module btusb +pflm' | sudo dd of=/sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control" and then re-attach the device and watch kern.log19:57
daftykinssopadj1: anything relevant from "dmesg | tail" ; at the end of /var/log/Xorg.0.log or /var/kern.log whilst one of these videos is fullscreen?19:58
sopadj1daftykins, no20:01
sopadj1daftykins, from the pastebin I sent you, can you tell me if the drivers are loaded or not?20:02
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Bent0Im outputting some like so "command > /var/log/error.log" but when I delete error.log no new error.log is created when the program outputs more text/ Any way around this?20:02
daftykinssopadj1: /var/log/Xorg.0.log would say20:03
daftykinsBent0: don't delete it; or 'touch' the file after to recreate20:03
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
Bent0I am gzipping the file after a week so it doesnt become too large thats why its deleted20:04
sopadj1daftykins, http://pastebin.com/WUxJP80r20:04
Bent0creating a new file doesnt work daftykins20:04
TJ-Bent0: you should use logrotate20:05
llldinoBent0, Are you running the command non-privileged? By default you don't have permission to write to /var/log20:05
Bent0as root20:05
daftykinssopadj1: yep it's fine, that's me out of ideas - i would test a full ubuntu live session with the same video.20:06
snowstormwhat would be the best alternative to make backup of ubuntu (like symantec norton ghost)20:06
sopadj1daftykins, yes me too coulndt find anything20:07
llldinosnowstorm, I use rsync for incremental backups, and tar for archived ones20:07
daftykinssnowstorm: didn't you ask this yesterday? clonezilla20:07
sopadj1daftykins, is there any way to reinstall the drivers?20:08
Bent0TJ-:  logrotate would just create new file but it isnt populated20:08
snowstormdaftkins: no, not me20:08
daftykinssopadj1: that's not the answer, this isn't Windows.20:08
sopadj1daftykins, eheh I dont use windows20:09
lotuspsychje!backup | snowstorm20:09
ubottusnowstorm: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning20:09
jedixTJ-: http://pastebin.com/EJcmPQvR20:09
daftykinssopadj1: nevermind you missed the point :P apparently VLC has a output choice in preferences -> video which might help20:10
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe20:10
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate20:10
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning20:10
daftykinssnowstorm: can you query that bot in a PM so we don't get spammed?20:11
snowstorm•daftykins• np20:11
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talvhey guys20:13
TJ-jedix: great :) so enable it as I showed with my 2nd, corrected typo, command. Here's an example of what to expect in kern.log when the device connects (this example device is NOT a USB Bluetooth class device) http://paste.ubuntu.com/14490432/20:13
talvive just got a new dell 771020:13
jedixTJ-: that command doens't return :/20:14
TJ-jedix: did you type mismatched quotes? (I use those to enclose a command line only)20:14
sopadj1daftykins, thanks!!!!!!!! it is working now...I changed from default to X11 in both vlc and smplayer and now it is working. the problem so was the unsupported default video output20:14
daftykinssopadj1: cool - i got that from google20:14
jedixTJ-: $ echo 'module btusb +pflm' | sudo dd of=/sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control20:14
jedixjust sits there.20:14
talvwhich has 2x m2 ssd's and 1x normal ssd, trying to install ubuntu onto the 1tb with win 10 on one of the m2's. The ubuntu installer can't see the m2 ssd's though any idea on how i can get it to pick them up??20:14
talvim in the live installer now20:15
talvtried fdisk -l and only seeing the 1tb20:15
TJ-jedix: waiting for you to type a sudo password?20:15
talvthe bios picks up all 3 disks20:15
daftykinstalv: check what model they are in Windows - i suspect they're NVMe devices20:15
TJ-jedix: I did it here "echo 'module btusb +pflm' | sudo dd of=/sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control " and it works20:15
jedixTJ-: negative, sudo ls works20:15
talv@daftykins what does that mean if they are?20:15
TJ-jedix: try pressing Ctrl+C and try again20:15
daftykinstalv: that they use a different protocol so more work will be needed.20:16
sopadj1daftykins, :) thanks to you anyway :)20:16
jedixI'm going to try sudo;echo >/..20:16
TJ-jedix: good plan!20:16
jedixTJ-: might be my shell (zsh)20:16
talv@daftykins okay before i log out and check can you give me some direction if they are?20:17
zippo^How can I install: Adobe Flash Player?20:17
lernerEriC^^, yesterday you helped me to fix username issues. During that, you pasted a command to change me hostname. Can you paste it again?20:17
daftykinstalv: no - someone else might.20:17
shibbolethzippo^, DONT!20:17
zippo^sorry, bad channel. i will write on ubuntu-mate20:17
zippo^why no, sh?20:17
shibbolethflash will kill you20:17
EriC^^lerner: sudo nano /etc/hosts , and sudo nano /etc/hostname20:17
nicomachuszippo^: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer20:17
talv@daftykins appreciate your help so far anyway! I'm sure ill be back here shortly!20:17
daftykins!fud | shibboleth20:17
ubottushibboleth: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt20:17
zippo^ok thx nicomachus20:17
shibbolethwell, flash will allow other to prey on you20:17
daftykinsshibboleth: stop.20:18
shibbolethok, ok20:18
zippo^what is a problem with flash, shibboleth ? Why do you think that kills me?20:18
lotuspsychjezippo^: try chromium-browser with pepperflash20:18
lernerEriC^^, whats the difference between those 2 commands and hostnamectl?20:18
shibbolethCan I reference the number of flash vulnerabilities for 2015 or will that be considered FUD?20:18
TJ-shibboleth: providing security context information is fine; but you started off sounding over-dramatic20:20
jedixTJ-: hmm, now to reset..20:20
TJ-jedix: remote hands again? :D20:20
zippo^thx but my preferring is Firefox, sorry lotuspsychje20:20
shibbolethzippo^, ^20:20
lotuspsychjezippo^: adobe flash on firefox isnt recommended anymore20:21
TJ-jedix: From experience I know there were some regressions introduced into the BT core around kernel v3.2 or so (I forget exactly) which made some devices fail - the one I used here as an example is one-such20:21
shibboleth*flash* is not recommended anymore...20:21
shibbolethat all20:21
nicomachusTheWarlord: do you have a support question?20:21
TheWarlordNo why?20:21
EriC^^lerner: seems hostnamectl changes those and others, or less20:21
EriC^^never used it before20:22
shibbolethzippo^, and that whole first page is just for *part of december*20:22
lernerok :D20:22
nicomachusTheWarlord: please spam random things elsewhere then. This is support channel only.20:22
jedixTJ-: perhaps I should just build my own kernel20:22
EriC^^np :D20:22
zippo^I see adobe flash player works great on Firefox now after nicomachus has give me tips. I see normal , shibboleth20:22
zippo^nothing special20:22
jedixTJ-: no remote hands right now20:23
TJ-!mainline | jedix: It's in the mainline repos20:23
ubottujedix: It's in the mainline repos: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds20:23
crispy_beefHey, has anybody had an issue with both grub-pc and update-initramfs freezing during upgrades? Having this issue on a machine now that has never had a problem before. Currently 15.04.20:23
lotuspsychjecrispy_beef: you might wanna consider another ubuntu versions as 15.04 is about to eol20:24
daftykinsyou have 17 days left of 15.04 ;)20:24
crispy_beeflotuspsychje, the upgrades were in prep to go to 15.10 :)20:24
jedixTJ-: no trusty there..20:24
jedixnot for 4.420:24
jedixv3.14.58-trusty is the latest20:25
lotuspsychjecrispy_beef: clean install to the rescue :p20:25
crispy_beeflotuspsychje, would prefer not to have to rig work env again, encrypted disks and LVM etc. etc.20:26
nicomachusjedix: I missed the earlier parts of your conversation, but 4.4 will be LTS for 16.04, which is released in April. the 4.4 kernel was just released like 2-3 days ago.20:26
TJ-jedix: you could try that "echo 0|1 > /sys/bus/usb/.../authorized" trick to disable/enable the device. As for the kernel versions, v4.4-wily is fine for testing trusty. It'll eventually be an LTS option20:27
jedixnicomachus: yeah, looking for a newer kernel to get around a bt adapter issue..20:27
TJ-jedix: I doubt the newer kernel will help; there's something going on there more than a simple driver issue. I'm on v4.4 and the btusb module is claiming the same aliases20:28
jedixTJ-: ..now I can't fidn the sys/bus of the device20:29
libmanCouldn't get nvidia-352 working on Ubuntu 15.10.  lspci: "01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 940M] (rev a2)" and "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics (rev 07)".  http://libman.org/tmp/20160111-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz  http://hp.com/go/15e3120:29
lotuspsychjelibman: did you install nvidia-prime?20:30
devmanwhats up20:30
TJ-jedix: how about "F=$(grep 1131 /sys/bus/usb/devices/[1-9]*/idVendor); [ -n "$F" ] && P=${F%%/idVendor*}; D=${P%%/*}; echo found at $P;"20:30
daftykinslibman: so nvidia optimus setup, you need to install the intel update offered by the additional drivers util also20:30
jedix$ grep 1131 /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/idVendor20:31
jedix<~> $20:31
jedix-perhaps I should wait to be next to the machine.20:31
libmanlotuspsychje:  I think at one point I installed it.  I wanted to make sure this hardware is known to work, and if I'm using the ideal Nvidia driver version before giving it another try.20:33
lotuspsychjelibman: if your card is optimus, you need nvidia-prime...20:33
django_hey all20:33
django_whic is the best GUI for woring with github20:33
libmanI run a very minimalist Ubuntu desktop with i3wm, and for some reason nvidia-prime depends on Unity and a zillion other packages I spend a lot of time scraping off after a fresh Ubuntu install....  8-)20:33
jedixTJ-: something I did removed the device, it's gone now20:34
jedixgoing to reboot it20:34
TJ-jedix: The important thing is, can yo make it reappear ?20:34
lotuspsychjelibman: nvidia-prime isnt unity related only20:34
daftykinslibman: ah yeah you're going to have fun with that, the nvidia drivers depend on lightdm i believe20:35
libmanIs me needing nvidia-prime a fact based on the above lspci output?  What other info do I need to provide to determine what I need for sure?20:35
daftykinsyou might have to run intel only if you insist on that setup20:35
Picilibman: I assume you're installing it via the cli, next time try to --no-install-recommends apt-get20:35
andybrineJust out of interest has anyone found when on a Skype call, it cuts out the wireless connection?20:35
libmanBah, I uninstall lightdm and all that.  startx FTW.  :-P20:35
daftykinslibman: yes a hybrid setup with intel + nvidia in a laptop = nvidia-prime needed if you intend to use the nvidia chip20:35
daftykinslibman: ridiculous.20:36
daftykinsintel only for you then, maybe you should blacklist nouveau and leave it be20:36
lotuspsychjelibman: we have tons of users with screen issues without nvidia-prime and latest 352 driver20:36
daftykinsunless it works fine as-is20:36
libmanIs this lightdm dependency specific to Ubuntu?  Would it be different on FreeBSD?20:36
jedixTJ-: it's back, but I had to reboot the server.. so that setting is probably gone.20:37
lotuspsychjelibman: so lower driver version + nvidia-prime + performance mode is very recommended20:37
daftykinslibman: it's an nvidia requirement20:37
libmanI'm not a gamer, the only reason I'm unhappy without Nvidia driver is vlc / mplayer refuse to scale smaller videos to full screen.  1080p videos play fine.20:37
daftykinsyou don't need the nvidia driver for that20:38
TJ-jedix: OK, I trust you have saved the commands you need to re-enable the dynamic_debug etc. ?20:38
TJ-jedix: I'm going to be away for a while but drop a pastebin link once you've collected the dyn/debug from kern.log and I'll look when I return20:40
libmanHow can I force software scaling to play smaller videos full screen?20:41
daftykinscheck the output type in preferences20:41
libman(I don't mean software scaling necessarily, I mean how to I get full screen video without proprietary nvidia drivers.)20:41
daftykinssomeone else just had skylake causing an issue with fullscreen video, that may be the same sort of thing20:41
chowdriHi, learning to use IRC.20:44
mtilhanHi, I am using Ubuntu 14.04 fully updated (at its repos), and while I was trying to change some settings for my unity-greeter / lightdm, after a reboot I lost my shortcuts. I mean they seemed configured, but they don't work. I deleted .gconf, tried customized shortcut but nothing did the trick. Any idea how to solve it?20:44
mtilhanNo idea?20:47
libmanI didn't fully understand what you said about nvidia version numbers.  Is 352 ideal for me?  (With Ubuntu 15.10, 4.2.0-23-generic kernel.)20:47
lotuspsychjelibman: we have many users that have better system with 340 or 34620:50
lotuspsychjelibman: with nvidia-prime installed20:50
lotuspsychjelibman: check your additional drivers list20:50
mtilhanHi, I am using Ubuntu 14.04 fully updated (at its repos), and while I was trying to change some settings for my unity-greeter / lightdm, after a reboot I lost my shortcuts. I mean they seemed configured, but they don't work. I deleted .gconf, tried customized shortcut but nothing did the trick. Any idea how to solve it?20:59
egonsenhi. i installed the meta package kubuntu-desktop. how can i remove it with all the files installed with this package?21:05
llldinosudo apt-get autoremove --purge kubuntu-desktop21:06
lotuspsychjemtilhan: what king of changes did you do on greeter and lightdm exactly?21:08
egonsenllldino, it says "After this operation, 41,0 kB disk space will be freed.". all those files have far more than 41 kb so this can't be right21:08
llldinoegonsen, How long have you been using kubuntu-desktop? It's possible other programs rely on packages that kubuntu-desktop installed, and therefore are not marked for deletion with autoremove21:10
rwwdon't metapackage depends get marked as manually installed if the metapackage is removed?21:11
egonsenllldino, one or two days. i forgot to mention that i remved kubuntu-desktop via 'apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop'. i just reinstalled it and used the autoremove purge thing. guess it's too late if rww is right21:12
mtilhanlotuspsychje: first i installed lightdm-webkit-greeter but couldn't activate it, actually when I create an /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file and reboot OS stuck at low graphic error. Then I gave up on webkit and installed Ubuntu-tweaks and changed my login screen wallpaper,draw grids etc. However, I couldn't set it so my user background and my user login background won't be same so I opened dconf and changed that. After reboot, nothing 21:13
mtilhanI use Window + L for lock, it seemed worked. So I tried to open my terminal but it didn't respond, I checked and it was configured already for alt+ctrl+t but it wasn't working also new customized shortcut didn't worked and I noticed a few more shortcuts weren't working like media buttons etc.21:15
code2beCan I ask about something related to iptables ?21:16
tewardcode2be: as long as it's within the scope of Ubuntu stuff, i think so21:16
tewardcode2be: anything Ubuntu related (iptables, etc. included) is on topic here.  But you have to ask a real question :)21:16
llldinoegonsen, If autoremove won't touch it, you can get the package list of kubuntu-desktop here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/kubuntu-desktop21:16
code2beteward, OK :), It is simply about recent module, as rcheck not working for me as expected, it work the same as update !21:17
llldinoegonsen, And then using a program like synaptics, very carefully go through the list and remove the ones that don't have any dependants21:17
tewardcode2be: you may not be able to get hyperspecialized support here, though; you may go unanswered, so you may wish to also post on askubuntu.com or ubuntuforums.org as well, but that's your choice.21:17
llldinoOr you can just be like me and pretend I never installed it :x21:18
code2beOK, Thanks teward21:18
lotuspsychjemtilhan: ubuntu-tweak is ppa's based and not officially suported mate21:19
lotuspsychjecode2be: also try the #netfilter guys21:19
mtilhanlotuspsycje: yeah I noticed, but seemed easier to use GUI instead of dconf :/ As I am looking at dconf-editor org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys are not working.21:20
=== kat is now known as Guest22006
lotuspsychjemtilhan: can this help? http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/ubuntu-14-04-change-login-screen-background-remove-the-white-dots/21:22
egonsenllldino, is there a command to get the list of packages that were newly installed with the meta package? i could use that list with apt-get remove then and thus woudn't have to deete all those packages manually21:22
Guest22006hi, guys, i have another computer that i have been going back and forth with. It's a 8 yr old pc pavilion dv 2000 that I can't seem to get the right sound driver for.  I think it uses conexant. Can anyone help me?21:23
Guest22006I have put linux on it once. It's sound will come on for a few days, but off after that. The basic drivers offered don't seem to stick.21:24
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: wich ubuntu version please21:24
mtilhan_sorry I found the solution, seems like it is deactivated but when I click to active at dconf for media-shortcuts it relogged and seems ok now.21:25
Guest22006linux lite  does ubuntu work better with that?21:25
lotuspsychje!yay | mtilhan_21:25
ubottumtilhan_: Glad you made it! :-)21:25
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: only ubuntu support here mate21:25
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: and we recommend to use ubuntu yes21:25
Guest22006ya well no one over on linux lite channel. Does ubuntu support some of those older drivers?21:26
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: maybe something lightweight and LTS might do the trick for you, lubuntu or xubuntu21:26
Guest22006I tried xubuntu  but it does the same. Lubuntu any different?21:27
Ben64Guest22006: come in here with the actual issue and maybe it can be fixed21:27
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: driverwise it should act the same21:27
Guest22006same as ubuntu?21:27
llldinoegonsen, You can check /var/log/apt/history.log and go back and see which packages were installed I think21:27
Guest22006Well, I've tried a ton of online help with sound on xubuntu and linux lite to no avail.21:28
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: see what Ben64 suggest, install one, and come with the exact issue to this channel21:28
llldinoegonsen, I would still check and make sure you have no dependants because manually removing packages is risky business21:28
Guest22006ok what should I install?21:29
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: depends on your flavors and your system21:29
lotuspsychje!flavors | Guest2200621:29
ubottuGuest22006: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.21:29
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: personaly i would try lubuntu or xubuntu 14.04.321:30
Guest22006ok guys will try. So i can come in with it here and you can try to help?21:30
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: if volunteers are awake when you ask, you can get helped yes21:31
Guest22006hahahaha o dear. ok thanks soooo much!21:31
lotuspsychjeGuest22006: good luck!21:31
Jordan_Ucrispy_beef: Please pastebin the exact output from "sudo apt-get upgrade", or whichever command you are seeing the "freezing" from.21:34
radickhi all..21:35
radickhow are you?21:35
dodalovicHi, guys, anyone available to help me fix some ubuntu issue ?21:35
radicki'm new to ubuntu21:35
cfeddedodalovic: whats' the issue?21:36
dodalovicI've got Lenovo w540 laptop, running ubuntu mate 15.1021:36
dodalovicfont scaling is really bad21:37
speedy__http://pastebin.com/C7hs0Swx -_- some folders and files are revolting again me! so how do i remove them ?21:37
crispy_beefJordan_U, not much to it, gets to "update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.2.x-xx-generic" and that is it. Have to then kill off dpkg and apt-get and use fuser to get dpkg --configure going.21:37
dodaloviclike Chrome font size is ridicilously small21:37
arcskyin resolv.conf there is search domain.test . is that dns suffix ? or what dhcp option is that ?21:38
cfeddedodalovic: 4k monitor?21:38
crispy_beefJordan_U, right now playing a dangerous game; have purged grub-pc and all inux-images so I can upgrade all packages. Will then concentrate on the kernel and grub21:38
Jordan_Ucrispy_beef: Please pastebin the output of "sudo update-initramfs -u -v".21:39
cfeddedodalovic: there are some scaling things that you can do in the display control.  It's a bit of a pain and some apps insist on doing their own thing. In the browser I typically <ctl>-+ to "zoom in"21:39
dodaloviccfedde: did that, but this is really annoying21:40
zippo^Which notepad application is the default in Unity?21:42
zippo^(gedit or pluma or another?)21:42
Jordan_Uzippo^: In a default install of Ubuntu, Gedit is the default text editor.21:43
mtilhanis there a way to change the name that displays on login screen/greeter something different than my username. i want my username to be same but just change the name on login screen.21:45
=== arj is now known as Guest1682
daftykinsi think you can hide it, which is more preferable21:45
mtilhanthere is multiple accounts on my computer and hide may not be the best option.21:46
bekksmtilhan: different users have different usernames.21:49
libmanInstalled nvidia-352 and nvidia-prime again.  Restarted.  Same problems as before.  LightDM gives flickering blank screen.  Restarted in recovery mode, `systemctl disable`d LightDM.  startx => blank screen.  Ran `nvidia-xconfig`.  startx => blank screen.21:50
bekksmtilhan: And for every username, you can specify the same real name..21:50
libmanCtrl-Alt-F#, `pkill xinit; sudo lighdm` => "/etc/modprobe.d is not a file" (x4), "update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for x86_64-linux-gnu_gfxcore_conf"21:50
d3rpIs anyone here familiar with Jmicron Ethernet and Ubuntu 15.10?21:52
TJ-mtilhan: with lightdm I seem to recall that can be configured under /var/lib/lightdm-data/$USER/ - but its a long time since I messed with that21:52
daftykinsd3rp: what's the actual question?21:52
Loshkiarcsky: http://www.shellhacks.com/en/Setup-DNS-Resolution-With-resolvconf-in-Examples21:53
MonkeyDustd3rp  this guy seems to have solved it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221766121:53
d3rpI've been having issues with the driver (?) or maybe not, it21:53
zzkinganybody can help with ubuntustudio?21:53
d3rpit's plugged in and it read that the driver is in use, but the network manager states it being disconnected21:53
mtilhanbekks: so can I have two names for my account on this pc? one for just display at login and one for terminal, ssh the real username?21:54
d3rpIt could also be VMBox because it renamed Eth0 to ens5f521:54
libmanI don't even want LightDM.  I want videos to scale to full screen.21:54
mtilhanTJ: I checked the folder but nothing was inside of /var/lib/lightdm-data/$USER/ what kind of .conf should I create under it?21:54
daftykinsd3rp: the kernel has changed interface naming, so that'll be what's called it that21:54
* Never fuck all admin You've tried to join an unavailable channel and suck my big black COCK21:55
LoshkiDo I *have* to have a greeter like lightdm. Can't I just login and run startx? In the past, doing this hasn't worked, because the greeter seems to have some interaction with dbus that makes sound not work. Anyone else experience this?21:56
daftykinsno startx isn't supported21:57
ChibaPetLoshki: You can use xdm if you want.21:57
ChibaPetLoshki: and there's startx available.21:57
daftykinslibman: none of your steps are really supported - and as mentioned you needed to install the intel update the additional drivers program offers in addition to an nvidia driver with nvidia-prime21:58
libmanI always uninstalled *dm and used startx and something like i3wm, but now apparently now Ubuntu forces you to use LightDM to play full screen video on Nvidia...21:58
ChibaPetLoshki: install the xinit package if you want it21:58
LoshkiI don't really need a DM at all, but an undocumented dependency on dbus is a modest bug, IMO.21:58
libmanInstall the Intel update?  What?  Where?21:58
ChibaPetLoshki: then use startx, or a simpler one like xdm. I run xdm on my laptop right now.21:58
ChibaPetLoshki: Caveat, this is 14.04. Maybe they are no longer available in newer releases, although that would be surprising.21:59
daftykinslibman: no, nvidia themselves dev their driver as depending on lightdm - at least blame the correct party.21:59
LoshkiA video driver that depends on which DM you used to login? Does no-one else think that's so wrong?22:01
libmanNevermind the last error, I should use `sudo service restart lightdm` instead of `sudo lightdm`.  That gets me the flickering blank screen again.  What do I do?22:02
rockyhey everyone. I got a problem which I want some help resolving. I am running ubuntu 14.04 in virtualbox and before the GUI shows it says my system is running in low graphics mode. I have been running ubuntu a few weeks with no problem just to randomly get this happen yesterday.22:03
=== CHBMB is now known as dogdick
rockyI have tried a few basic commands in the terminal using ctrl alt f1 like updating, upgrading but no luck, same error. any suggestions please?22:04
daftykinsrocky: sounds like the vboxdrv graphics module can't be loaded.22:04
Jordan_Urocky: Did you install the virtualbox guest additions, and if so how?22:05
daftykinsreinstall the virtualbox packages22:05
ChibaPetbbl all22:05
rockyyeah, did it through the terminal back when I installed it22:05
daftykinsrocky: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg -l | grep virtual | pastebinit22:06
Jordan_Urocky: What commands did you run exactly? Saying that you did it "through the terminal" doesn't really tell us much.22:06
rockyI honestly can't remember. It was annoying as I didn't know why the screen was so small inside virtualbox and so I had to follow a youtube video which told me to install the guest additions. I might be able to remember the video I watched hang on22:08
daftykinsjust run what i pointed out22:08
speedy__http://pastebin.com/C7hs0Swx -_- some folders and files are revolting again me! so how do i remove them ?22:08
daftykinsspeedy__: because you kept typing the wrong commands22:09
speedy__i am a noob.. so please teach me22:09
libman`prime-select nvidia` doesn't change anything.   Can no longer Ctrl-Alt-F# out of failing attempt to start X, must hard-power-off...22:09
speedy__daftykins,  so what am i suppose to do to remove them?22:10
llldinosudo rm -rf /full/path/to/world22:10
daftykins"sudo rm -rf world"22:10
bekksspeedy__: Why do you want to remove something you dont have permission to do so?22:10
llldinobekks, He probably used make install or something22:11
daftykinsthat server strikes me as an EC2 instance22:11
bekksllldino: lets not guess, and just ask him/her :)22:11
speedy__i am the server owner, so i should be able to get to what i want bekks22:11
Jordan_Uspeedy__: Note that you should be *very* careful any time you use rm, especially with -r, and even more so with sudo.22:11
speedy__llldino,  no i did not, i try to import a minecraft mine and it we not co=op with me22:12
speedy__Jordan_U,  what do you mean?22:12
llldinoIf you have write permissions, then rm -rf /full/path/to directory will delete that directory and all it's contents; if you do not have write permissions you will have to preface that command with sudo22:13
speedy__Jordan_U,  i am trying to remvove truck of file so i can run my program that calls on the folder named :wold"22:13
pedrocrI tried to set my screen to 30bit color in /etc/X11/xorg.conf but that broke unity22:14
llldinoBut like Jordan said, you should be careful with the rm command, and one way to be sure of what you're deleting is by typing the full path instead of just the directory22:14
Jordan_Uspeedy__: rm is a command which removes files. If you add "-r" then it will also remove directories and all of the files within those directories. If you accidentally mistype a path when running "rm -r" you could end up deleting a lot more than you indented, like your entire home directory.22:14
pedrocrnow it won't start even if I go back to not having a xorg.conf at all22:14
amunizphi redirected here by ubuntu-uk. I have luks encryption and at boot up it always warns me that swap1 is not mounted. then eventually mounts and logs in. is this normal?22:14
pedrocranyone know where I can check logs to see what's happening?22:14
pedrocrthis is with 14.0422:14
daftykinslol 30-bit22:14
daftykinspedrocr: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:15
speedy__Jordan_U,  in the pastebin i want just want the "world" folder to be delelted22:15
Jordan_Uspeedy__: There is no "trash can" with rm, once it's gone it's gone for good*     (*OK, there are ways to maybe recover some files after they've been deleted, but it's neither easy nor reliable).22:15
pedrocrdaftykins: X itself seems to be working fine as the guest session works ok22:15
pedrocrdaftykins: only my normal user session is broken22:15
=== chrx is now known as colecut
speedy__Jordan_U,  correct22:16
daftykinspedrocr: so then it's just your account, ok i suspect you've run sudo startx at some point and trashed it, so maybe check your home permissions for files not owned by you22:16
speedy__llldino,  i do not have them, i also used sudo and i still can not del the dir22:16
daftykins!pm | rocky22:17
ubotturocky: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.22:17
bekksspeedy__: which exact command did you try for deletion?22:17
pedrocrdaftykins: nothing suspicious that I can see22:18
django136Hello everyone22:18
rockyI can't find the video that showed me how to install virtualbox guest additions.22:18
daftykinsrocky: so run the command i said ages ago instead22:18
rockyIt was a fairly straight forward procedure from what I remember22:18
=== victor is now known as Guest39524
speedy__bekks, /home/ubuntu/buildme/spigotserver/world rm -rf22:19
bekksspeedy__: which is not even a valid command.22:19
pedrocrdaftykins: .xsession-errors does have some complaints22:19
daftykinsspeedy__: come on pay attention, we've told you what to run 5 times now22:19
rockyyeah I ran the command you said but I must have made a mistake because it said something like you are trying to edit a non existent file or something bare with me22:19
django136Is it possible to have multiple interfaces on an ubuntu server?22:19
pedrocrabout not being able to connect to brltty and a few others22:19
daftykinsdjango136: network interfaces? of course22:19
bekksdjango136: multiple instances of what?22:19
libmanI was fine on much slower laptops with a lightweight Ubuntu i3wm setup and no proprietary drivers, but on this new laptop (i7, 16GB RAM) no video player seems to scale low-resolution videos to full screen.  (1080p videos play fine in full screen.)22:20
bekksdjango136: forgive me, interfaces. of course.22:20
speedy__bekks,  oh ok22:21
speedy__daftykins,  you have my ears22:21
bekksspeedy__: you have been told the command to run multiple times.22:21
krabbeI have a sandisk 128GB USB stick. I fails on me during heave load. I notice that immediately after I’ve re-formatted the partition and run fsck.ext4 it tells me that it’s not valid - “Bad magic number in super-block”. Any idea about what might be wrong? Broken stick? (it’s rather new) kernel issue? I’m getting desperate.22:22
django136daftykins: bekks You guys have any tutorial that I can follow. Honestly, I am very new with networking stuff and getting overwhelmed with all the information on the interne22:22
Jordan_Ulibman: What happens when you try to use vlc? What about "mplayer -vo=gl" ?22:22
daftykinsspeedy__: well what we're after is your eyes so that you'd read the command the first time we tell you.22:22
libmanWas able to `startx` (but not lighdm) after `prime-select intel`.  `nvidia-detector` says "none". `glxgears` fails with "Xlib: extension GLX missing on display :0" "Error: couldn't get an RGB, double-buffered visual".22:22
Jordan_Ukrabbe: Sounds like bad hardware to me.22:23
speedy__bekks, huh? what do you mean? did i run "which command " repeatly ?22:23
speedy__daftykins, you can have them too.22:23
daftykinsspeedy__: so like two of us said earlier "sudo rm -rf /home/ubuntu/spigotserver/world"22:24
pedrocrhow annoying, all the session is fine, except for unity which no longer starts up22:25
pedrocrso no window borders and no launcher22:25
daftykinspedrocr: go into ~/.config/ and rename the compiz folders in there22:26
daftykinsthen try logging in as you again22:26
pedrocrdaftykins: I've already nuked them completely with no effect22:27
libmanWithout proprietary drivers, vlc and mplayer won't scale smaller videos no matter what settings I tried.22:27
daftykinspedrocr: really? what about the whole .config ? rename it to .configold22:27
krabbeJordan_U: Thank you for the input. How confident are you that it’s a HW issue? (the USB stick is sitting some 400 km away 20 meters into the air :(22:27
daftykinslibman: i think you've just done something wrong with all your attempts so far, because the intel graphics alone should work just fine22:28
Jordan_Ulibman: You specifically tried "mplayer -vo=gl"?22:28
speedy__Jordan_U, llldino bekks daftykins, thank you  guys for your help!22:29
pedrocrdaftykins: I lose the settings (e.g., screen background changes) but it's still broken22:29
Jordan_Ukrabbe: Very confident. Possibly just a bad USB cable. You could try checking the drive with smartctl on the very small chance that it's a thumb drive that supports S.M.A.R.T. . Also check dmesg, and maybe test the drive with badblocks.22:30
pedrocr.xsession-errors shows at-spi2-registryd respawning too fast and being killed22:31
KaiForceI don't think smartctl works over a USB controller...  Don't quote me on that though.22:31
k1l_KaiForce: actually depends on the usb controller. but most dont22:32
KaiForceCool, I've never run into one that does, but I wasn't certain they didn't exist.22:33
krabbeJordan_U: I cannot get smartctl to work. badblocks is running now. dmesg reports a number of errors during a load-triggered crash. E.g. : “JBD2: Error -5 detected when updating journal superblock for sdb1-8.”22:33
libmanForcing gl output in any player results in no video at all.22:33
KaiForcekrabbe: will you have to go there if it is dead?22:34
krabbeyes :(22:34
anabainI want to make a bash script at the server side aware of the current url the client dolphin app is at in order to be able to decide from that script if the dir is under an nfs mount (client is using autofs). In that case, the script will kill that dolphin instance. This, combined with previous identification on nfs files via lsof -N and proper handling of them, will avoid the client hanging. Any ideas? It seems there's no qdbus way to22:35
anabainget the current url for dolphin, so I need another approach.22:35
=== DEADB33F_ is now known as DEADB33F
krabbeKaiForce: Therefore I’m highly appreciating you help with understanding/confirming if it is a hardware issue.22:35
daftykinssounds better for ##networking and #bash22:36
daftykinsbadblocks is a big fat waste of time :)22:36
KaiForceI agree with Jordan_U, it sounds like hardware.22:36
daftykinsoh that was the flash drive thing, mmm22:36
pedrocrwow, this is really annoying22:37
pedrocrI've now nuked /tmp/* and ~/.ICEauthority and ~/.Xauthority with no change22:37
daftykinspedrocr: what about the .config rename i mentioned?22:37
daftykinsyou should also stop lightdm whilst doing this22:38
pedrocrdaftykins: I replied to that, it didn't change anything22:38
daftykinspedrocr: ah, didn't see.22:39
=== arun_ is now known as Guest2472
pedrocrdaftykins: ah, seems like my dconf got corrupted22:43
pedrocrdaftykins: moving ~/.config/dconf/user out of the way fixes it22:43
pedrocrdaftykins: so I guess moving .config to .config.old wasn't complete22:43
pedrocrit was probably not enough to do that without restarting lightdm22:43
czwolfHello, I am trying to run a certain program with no luck. The name is Corrade.  I am not able to start Corrade at my linux remote machine. I thought the problem is progressive/conservative but even conservative does not start for me. I think there is something basic I am doing wrong. I downloaded the package, I have running mono and ubuntu, running another mono apps. My Mono is:  Mono JIT compiler version 4.2.1 (Stable My system is:  Ub22:44
czwolfuntu 14.04.3 LTS Trying to run Corrade by command: mono-service -l:Corrade.exe.lock Corrade.exe As a response I am getting silence. Nothing happens. Sending: mono-service --debug Corrade.exe produces also nothing.  Could anybody help me  to find a culprit?22:44
avoiderhi yes im using the latest version of ubuntu....22:44
avoiderIm running into a error can someone help me please.22:44
avoiderW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/Horst3180/xUbuntu_15.10/  Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/download.opensuse.org_repositories_home:_Horst3180_xUbuntu%5f15.10_Packages)22:45
avoiderW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems22:45
daftykinspedrocr: you must have had X up at that time, yeah22:45
avoiderAny ideas?22:46
pedrocrdaftykins: ok, this is annoying then, I guess my dconf settings are all lost22:46
RedPenguinhey all22:46
pedrocrthe windows registry all over again22:46
RedPenguinanybody know why USB 3.0 ports would appear to crash randomly?22:48
daftykinsdefine USB ports 'crashing'22:49
RedPenguinwell for some reason on my Ubuntu 14.10 PC, which has 2 3.0, if you plug drives into them, sometimes they disappear and it seems the ports will not work again until reboot22:49
rocky@daftykins sorry, I had to go for a while. the command that you asked me to enter. I did it and pastebinit should be installed however for some reason it didn't grep virtual22:50
RedPenguinThey really stopped workjing when I tried to copy data between two 3.0 drives22:50
daftykinsrocky: "dpkg -l | grep virtual | pastebinit"22:50
daftykinsthat's a lowercase L22:50
RedPenguinit's like the ports become dead for a while or something22:50
naccRedPenguin: anything in dmesg?22:50
OerHeksavoider, pretty clear error > W: Duplicate sources.list entry22:51
OerHeksavoider, check your sources, and remove one of them?22:51
avoideri dont know how to22:51
avoiderthats why i came here.22:51
rockydaftykins: bad api request, invalid api_dev_key22:51
avoidernew to linux22:51
daftykinsrocky: "cat /etc/issue" ?22:51
OerHeksavoider, softwarecenter> edit >sources22:52
daftykinsrocky: "dpkg -l | grep virtual | nc termbin.com 9999" <-- i'm assuming this VM is online22:52
OerHeksavoider, new to linux.. WHY do you add strange sources from opensuse?22:52
avoideri did not22:52
daftykinsavoider: your paste says otherwise.22:52
OerHeksavoider, you did, this error is the proof22:53
avoiderno i got this from a torrent site the iso22:53
daftykinslink us to what you downloaded22:53
avoidersoftware center also dont have anything there for me to remove.22:53
k1l_daftykins: opensuse got a package building server that builds ubuntu packages too22:54
daftykinsyou were told to remove it from /etc/apt/sources.list22:54
k1l_that repo seems to be for some themes22:54
daftykinsavoider: don't get ubuntu from illegal torrent sites, get it from official sources.22:55
OerHeksoh, i don't go look there, piratebay is blocked.22:55
avoideroh sorry22:55
RedPenguinnacc: just seems to show the drives connected not showing them disconnecting22:55
k1l_avoider: good luck with that OS. no one knows what some "cool kid" changed there.22:55
daftykinsyep i'm not supporting that one22:56
k1l_avoider: please get a clean iso from ubuntu.com and install that.22:56
HackerIIa big fat key logger22:56
rockydaftykins: termbin.com/uqv522:56
avoidercan i use a torrent from ubuntu?22:56
k1l_avoider: yes22:56
=== jwheare_local_ is now known as jwheare_local
avoiderOkay did not know that.22:56
HackerIIavoider:  delete the old iso first22:56
k1l_see "alternative downloads" on the downloads page. it lists the torrent files22:56
avoiderill have to download then re image my laptop22:56
libmanTrying to get Nvidia working on Ubuntu might be the world's #1 cause of mass-murder.22:56
TJ-krabbe: how confident are you the device isn't a fake. Some of those symptoms sound like typical fake-device-is-smaller-than-it-claims-to-be issues due to wrap-around (e.g. sector 0 is also sector 64MiB) that will overwrite the early sectors as the device fills up22:56
avoiderThanks for help ill be back after22:56
libmanI've been tinkering with it for 2 days, and I want the world to feel my pain.22:57
libmanI wonder if that's why ISIS is growing so quickly.22:57
daftykinslibman: no it's you and your window manager choice :>22:57
daftykinsdon't make us suffer your whinging :)22:58
libmanI tried ****EVERYTHING****22:58
daftykinsnot from where i'm sat22:58
OerHekslibman, please keepit civil & family friendly here22:58
czwolfCan someone help with a program start under mono, or to find a culprit why it does not?22:58
libmanI tried Unity, Mate, KDE...22:58
TJ-libman: nvidia drivers work fine on the regular Ubuntu flavours; changing the core DM/WM config is bound to cause issues22:58
daftykinsrocky: and "apt-cache policy virtualbox-quest-dkms | nc termbin.com 9999" ?22:59
daftykinsrocky: oops i typo'd - "apt-cache policy virtualbox-guest-dkms | nc termbin.com 9999"22:59
naccRedPenguin: hrm, weird22:59
OerHeksczwolf, mono got a wiki http://www.mono-project.com/archived/guiderunning_mono_applications/ what happens when you try to run the app ?23:00
TJ-libman: try installing a default flavour onto an external (e.g. USB mass storage device), or into a separate LV, as a test; if you get problems with that they can be debugged and results transferred back to the customised install23:00
naccRedPenguin: is it possible the devices are erroring out? also, are you running latest BIOS/have appropriate settings on in BIOS, etc23:00
czwolfOerheks thank you going there to look23:00
rockydaftykins: telling me to use netcat?23:01
libmanOK, let's forget proprietary drivers.  I'm going back to xorg default (which seems to be the open source intel driver).  Can we figure out a way to get any player to scale the video to full screen, I don't care if my CPU explodes?23:02
Bray90820How would I block SSH access to my ubuntu box?23:03
protnhi folks how can I open .ssh dir via leafpad/23:03
TJ-Bray90820: firewall23:03
protnit does not shows there by default23:03
daftykinsrocky: ugh. "apt-cache policy virtualbox-guest-dkms" then put that in a http://paste.ubuntu.com and link here23:04
TJ-protn: 'show hidden files/directories' option, or type the path manually23:04
OerHeksBray90820, all  SSH access?  don't run a ssh service23:04
dotpixiswhy is my software update wanting to install a chromium browser update; i don't have chromium-browser!23:04
protnTJ where will I find show hidden files option? its not in leafpad itself23:04
Bray90820SSH is enables right now but I wanna disable it23:05
czwolfOerHeks Looked to there and saw the info how to run mono program. I run some already. That is not a problem. This program asks me to be run as service. I am trying: mono-service -l:Corrade.exe.lock Corrade.exe As a response I am getting silence. Nothing happens.23:05
qu4nt1n!s pdf23:06
daftykinsdotpixis: in a terminal what does "dpkg -l | chromium" return? chromium-browser with "ii" beside it? then you do :)23:06
rockydaftykins: I would but cannot copy and paste as I am stuck in a terminal before any kind of GUI.23:06
daftykinsBray90820: if you're behind a home router you would need to port forward23:06
daftykinsrocky: blech, ok well run it by hand and state what the URL is it outputs23:06
Bray90820daftykins: so just unforwered the port?23:07
TJ-Bray90820: you want to totally disable the sshd service itself? "sudo systemctl disable sshd"23:07
dotpixisdaftykins: "$ dpkg -l | chromium"23:07
dotpixischromium: command not found23:07
daftykinsdotpixis: oops sorry "dpkg -l | grep chromium"23:07
TJ-!info chromium-browser23:07
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 47.0.2526.106-0ubuntu0. (wily), package size 54706 kB, installed size 233001 kB23:07
Bray90820TJ-:  Yes it seems I have some SSH attacks coming from china so I am just gonna disable it altogether23:08
OerHeksdotpixis, i had those libs too in updates, not sure it will be used by other browsers/apps23:08
dotpixisdaftykins: ii  chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra                47.0.2526.73-0ubuntu0.      amd64        Extra ffmpeg codecs for the Chromium Browser23:08
JayFI'm working on building a cloud-style Ubuntu 14.04 image that can work on both RAID(md) and non-RAID hosts. I have everything working except /dev/disk/by-label/root is pointing to sda1 (a member of the raid) as opposed to md126p1 (the actual raid partition that should be root)23:08
JayFwhen/what populates /dev/disk/by-label/ during boot? udev?23:08
daftykinsdotpixis: looks like you didn't see the browser then23:08
libmanCan anyone suggest a way to get any player to scale full screen?!23:08
TJ-Bray90820: that'll prevent you connecting to it remotely yourself23:08
Bray90820TJ-: I don't really do that anyways23:08
libmanI tried all command line argumens for mplayer and vlc.23:08
dotpixisdaftykins: i haven't installed chromium23:08
rockydaftykins: everything in the output looks fine. the one which I have installed after installing ubuntu is a kali package for testing my home network.23:08
TJ-Bray90820: usually better to use a selective firewall rule, or allow access to the sshd service only over a VPN23:08
protnTJ-: any ideas?23:09
daftykinsrocky: i'm asking for the URL in it, it might look fine to you but i'm trying to find out where it's getting it...23:09
protnmaybe I need another text editor :D23:09
Bray90820TJ-: If I don't connect to it anyways then it there a need to leave it enabled23:09
dotpixisi guess i'll install it and run a packet caputre after for a while23:09
TJ-protn: I have no idea; I don't use leafpad, but most GUI file dialog choosers have the option23:09
daftykinsrocky: now would be a great time to own up if that VM is really kali and not ubuntu23:09
rockydaftykins: alright one sec I will try my best to write it out in pastebin23:09
daftykinsBray90820: instead you should've reconfigured SSHd to use a different port # and maybe use fail2ban23:10
daftykinsrocky: it's one line so here is fine23:10
TJ-Bray90820: yes, generally I leave it available internally in case the GUI fails and I need to find out why23:10
TJ-Bray90820: but, if that PC is behind a router/NAT then it shouldn't be receiving external connections at all anyhow23:10
Bray90820TJ-: systemctl: command not found23:11
TJ-Bray90820: what Ubuntu release is that?23:11
Bray90820TJ-: ubuntu 14.0423:12
rockydaftykins: Its unclear to me as there is a few packages listed.23:12
crispy_beefJordan_U, here is the pastebin link....  http://pastebin.com/vPRyYMPp23:12
TJ-Bray90820: ahh, no systemd. so "echo manual | sudo tee /etc/init/ssh.override"23:13
daftykinsrocky: tell me what "cat /etc/issue" and "lsb_release -a" speak of then23:13
Bray90820TJ-: So after I enter that is it disabled?23:14
rockydaftykins: http://pastebin.com/CPs2cT9z23:15
TJ-Bray90820: no; that disables it from starting automatically at boot. To stop it now "sudo service sssh stop"23:15
JFlashhi, where can I get help diagnosing my connection, I can only load a few websites... all others fail23:16
TJ-Bray90820: correct my typo, 'sssh' should be 'ssh'23:16
Bray90820I did :P23:16
rockydaftykins: cat /etc/issue gives me kali GNU 2.0 and...23:17
TJ-JFlash: I notice your IRc client is using IPv6, maybe the system is not configured to dual-stack with IPv4 as well?23:17
Bray90820TJ-: So am I all good now?23:17
rockydaftykins: yeah same thing its giving me the kali package?23:18
daftykinsrocky: yeah so this sounds like a VM of kali linux and not ubuntu.23:18
JFlashTJ-, wow, yr good!.. however I have the same problem in 2 machines,... the other is running macosx23:18
TJ-Bray90820: well, check the status of the service to ensure it is stopped: "service ssh status" I think it is23:18
JFlashTJ-, it could be the reason but i havent updated neither of the machines and the problem started 2 days ago23:19
rockydaftykins: what? I have been using the same VM multiple times. Not sure how to be honest23:19
TJ-JFlash: possibly your ISP/router config? I know mine has the option in the ISP connection settings (PPPoE) to use IPv4 only/IPv6 only/IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack23:19
JFlashchech this out:23:19
JFlash--- yahoo.com ping statistics ---23:19
JFlash199 packets transmitted, 10 received, 94% packet loss, time 198003ms23:19
TJ-JFlash: was that using 'ping' or 'ping6' - try both; compare23:20
TJ-JFlash: 'ping' uses IPv4 by default23:20
JFlashTJ, the router is shared for all betrooms here... so hard for me to do anithing other than to turn it on, off, which I did23:20
JFlashthat was ping.. I did not even know ping6 existed... will try23:20
daftykinsrocky: try this "sudo apt-get purge --reinstall virtualbox-guest-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11"23:21
rockydaftykins: ok23:21
TJ-JFlash: packet loss, if confirmed, is most likely due to a fault in a router on the path from you to the destination. Use 'tracepath' and 'tracepath6' to test those23:21
JFlashthis is the result from ping623:23
JFlash-- yahoo.com ping statistics ---23:23
JFlash54 packets transmitted, 47 received, 12% packet loss, time 94375ms23:23
rockydaftykins: looks like that is finished.23:23
daftykinsrocky: any errors?23:23
daftykinsrocky: you do have 3D acceleration enabled in the VM properties, yes?23:24
protnTJ-: well I have installed gedit same stuff, which gui editor u use?23:24
daftykinsshutdown and check23:24
JFlashTJ-, if not packet loss, what could it be:23:24
Bray90820TJ-: Unknown job: ssh23:24
protnthing is in nano i can select all text somehow23:24
protnfor copy paste23:24
JFlashTJ-, is there any sort of flush-ip-tables  type of command that I can run from the command prompt:23:25
TJ-JFlash: well, you've provved packet-loss using ping; now to determine if it is inside or outside your own network with tracepath/6 ... if inside, possibly interference on the Wifi's channel23:25
rockydafykins: no errors but can't really read the full terminal. Not sure if it was done correctly. as the previous lines when removing and purging the virtualbox files23:25
rockydaftykins: ^23:25
TJ-JFlash: you mean "ip{,6}tables -F" ?23:25
IMeasureYouIf u wanna uninstall it23:25
IMeasureYousudo apt-get purge openssh-server23:25
IMeasureYouor sudo apt-get remove openssh-server23:26
RedPenguinnacc: afaik it's the latest BIOS, it just seems the file cop between the drives stops and both drives disappear and nothing is seen on the USB 3 ports until a reboot23:26
daftykinsrocky: reboot then.23:26
rockydaftykins: no 3D or 2D acceleration is enabled23:26
TJ-Bray90820: so it wasn't running, which is what you expected23:26
Bray90820TJ-: Thanks23:26
anabainI want to make a bash script at the server side aware of the current url the client dolphin app is at in order to be able to decide from that script if the dir is under an nfs mount (client is using autofs). In that case, the script will kill that dolphin instance. This, combined with previous identification on nfs files via lsof -N and proper handling of them, will avoid the client hanging. Any ideas? It seems there's no qdbus way to23:26
anabainget the current url for dolphin, so I need another approach.23:26
daftykinsrocky: enabling 3D would make sense23:26
daftykinspower it off and do that23:27
naccRedPenguin: hrm, weird ... seems like a hw glitch at that point, if the kernel isn't emitting any logs in dmesg23:27
rockywell I'm pretty sure I haven't changed the settings anytime recently. give me a sec23:27
daftykinsrocky: no but i'm telling you how it should be :)23:27
protndaftykins: hey do u know any way to access .ssh dir with some gui text editor23:27
protnI have tried gedit yet to work23:27
protnI want to copy paste my public key :D23:28
TJ-protn: are you aware of 'ssh-copy-id' tool?23:28
daftykinsyou access files with text editors, not folders23:28
protnI love gui23:28
TJ-protn: "man ssh-copy-id"23:28
protnwhy so  complex23:28
rockydaftykins: ok I enabled 3d acceleration booted up again and same low graphics error23:28
protnTJ-: I use nano it does not select all text23:29
protnhence I need gui editor :D23:29
TJ-protn: nothing complex about it; it copes with a lot of combinations. For the default RSA key its as simple as "ssh-copy-id [user@]remote"23:29
protncopies to where?23:29
protnI need actual text to copy paste into webserver CP panel23:29
TJ-protn: "user@remote" - the remote host you want the key installed on23:30
protni cant launch instance before I do that23:30
protnremote host wont launch unless I first paste key23:30
TJ-protn: ok, so why not just "cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub"23:30
protnforgot about cat :D23:30
anabainbtw, I'm using 15.1023:30
rockydaftykins: whats also annoying is that when select the options after accepting that the system is in low graphics mode is that I cannot select any of the options to troubleshoot or reconfigure. The default is to run in low graphics mode for one session and when It tries to do this it just stays and that black screen which means the only real way of23:31
rocky resolving it is to use the terminal ctrl shift F123:31
daftykinswhy can't you? tabbing and enter should work23:32
daftykinsrocky: what does "sudo modprobe vboxdrv" do?23:35
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
rockysays vboxdrv not found23:36
holdsworthis there a way(1 command line) to list all of the files including files in directories in a recursive way and their bytes?23:37
TJ-holdsworth: their bytes?23:37
holdsworthTJ-: their size in bytes23:38
TJ-holdsworth: "find /path/to/dir -type f -execdir stat -c %s {} \;"23:38
daftykinsrocky: "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms"23:38
holdsworthTJ-: amazing23:39
holdsworthTJ-: it doesnt list the path23:40
TJ-holdsworth: oh, you want that too?23:40
rockyI bought the problem upon myself. What you should know is that the original problem was ubuntu hanging on the orange screen after login and so I went about to fix this problem myself. I opened up a file using vim or nano, and deleted a line which was like --gnome-session and after reboot I had this low graphics error. So using the terminal I put th23:40
rockye line back in the file to see if that would resolve it and it didn't23:40
rockydaftykins: ^23:41
mentalisto27who knows a good weather application on ubuntu?23:41
JFlashhi, sorry I lost contact23:41
holdsworthTJ-: I wrote list files(I meant their names) I am sorry23:41
daftykinsrocky: that doesn't make any sense to me23:41
TJ-holdsworth: this should do it "find /path/to/dir -type f -exec stat -c '%n %s' {} \;"23:41
JFlashTJ-, still there:23:41
TJ-JFlash: yes, no packet-loss here :)23:42
daftykinsrocky: oh i see the full thing now, would've been nice to know that from the start... i give up. clean install that VM and discover the lovely function known as snapshotting23:43
ams_Anything I can check if my laptop speakers work fine but the headphones don't? I've tried to top couple of instructions on google (alsamixer, etc.) but they've not helped. I'm on an XPS 13 from a few years ago if that means anything.23:43
holdsworthTJ-: and can I list their full path somehow?23:43
TJ-holdsworth: hmm, did %n only show the filename part?23:44
holdsworthTJ-: yes23:44
JFlashTJ-, http://pastie.org/1068825423:44
JFlashTJ-, a few other hops but all after that are no reply23:44
JFlashends like this: Too many hops: pmtu 150023:45
JFlash     Resume: pmtu 150023:45
TJ-holdsworth: you didn't edit the line to be what I showed you in the 2nd command. It is "exec" not "execdir"23:45
rockydaftykins: don't really fancy coming to that conclusion but if you give up, I will probably have too..23:45
TJ-holdsworth: "execdir" changes to the target directory before running the command so 'stat' would only see the filename; "exec" uses the entire path so 'stat' will see (and report) it23:46
daftykinsrocky: yeah i'm done.23:46
JFlashTJ-, btw, on the mac I can load yahoo.com but not here on ubuntu23:46
daftykinsrocky: also playing with kali stuff taints any install in my opinion23:46
rockydaftykins: dammit23:46
daftykinsrun it itself and ask for help in their channel23:46
holdsworthTJ-: you are a bright guy, thanks23:46
protnrather simple question23:46
TJ-JFlash: that looks about right; you're getting as far as Yahoo. you'll find often that the ICMP types are often blocked at destinations to prevent denial of service attacks.23:47
protnhow do I login via terminal to remote host using ssh cert I generated? I have already upload pub key via CP panel23:47
protnis it ssh:ip path to key?23:47
tewardprotn: depends on the SSH client you're using23:47
JFlashTJ but this is for 90% sites i go to man23:47
TJ-JFlash: try this on Ubuntu: "dig -t A yahoo.com" (IPv4) and "dig -t AAAA yahoo.com" (IPv6) and ensure both can resolve23:47
rockydaftykins: yeah its not good really installing packages for other distributions as nothing really works too good. but I'm sure that is not the problem in this instance23:48
JFlashTJ-, yahoo is an example , it's for evrything23:48
tewardif CLI from an Ubuntu system, then it's: ssh -i /path/to/keyfile username@ip23:48
tewardprotn: ^23:48
protnteward: using terminal23:48
protnubuntu 14.0423:48
TJ-JFlash: if one isn't resolving, and lets say IPv6 is the preferred local protocol, that could explain your issues23:48
anabainprotn, ssh username23:48
tewardprotn: ssh username@serverip23:48
anabainif you've copied keys that should suffice, if not, what teward wrote ^23:49
daftykinsrocky: that's not my point :)23:49
tewardprotn: or if the key isn't stored in ~/.ssh, then: ssh -i /path/to/key/file username@serverip23:49
TJ-JFlash: generally if IPv6 is enabled it will be preferred, with fallback to IPv4, although it depends on the Ubuntu release and/or custom config23:49
rockydaftykins; what is your point then?23:50
anabainprotn, I made a mistake, sorry: ssh servername  or   ssh servernameIP23:50
protnteward: key is uploaded to server via CO23:50
meeeeni need some help, im trying to install a game, but during the installation it freezes! what can i do?23:50
daftykinsrocky: that i won't help with kali junk on anything.23:50
holdsworthTJ-: I dont want to remain dumb, so "find /path/to/dir -type f -exec stat -c '%n %s' {} \;" means - find in this specific path all the objects that are from the type of file and then execute the following command(stat) that takes -c (custom format) '%n %s' (name and size) {} \;(this part I did not understand)23:50
JFlashTJ-, but i'm having the same problems on the mac23:51
protnssh server name works but how do I tell local host to supply key?23:51
JFlashTJ-, this is the result of the test http://pastie.org/private/csw52ng3j7rnf4xqhncmbq23:51
TJ-protn: you've transferred the default id_rsa.pub public key to the server; so just "ssh user@server.domain.com" or "ssh user@" (IP address of server) will work23:51
anabainprotn, if it works you're done23:51
protnTJ-: it does not work23:52
rockydaftykins: whats your reasoning behind thinking that kali is junk? :)23:52
protnyet to work23:52
TJ-protn: maybe there's a firewall blocking connections ?23:52
daftykinsrocky: their packages when applied to ubuntu, read my sentences carefully or you'll get my meaning wrong23:52
meeeenfixme:win:FlashWindowEx 0x33d36423:52
meeeen it shows this in the terminal what am i suppose to do to fix it?23:52
daftykinsrocky: they make their own distro based on debian now, so maybe run that if you want it. then chat in their channel23:52
protnI uploaded pub.key via host CP panel - when I issue ssh ip it asks for password23:53
TJ-JFlash: that dig output looks good for that site. The packet-loss is the thing to focus on now. If ping{,6} is continuing to show dropped packets you need to find out (running tracepath{,6} if that is internal or external. If internal, then maybe WiFi interference. If external, a faulty router somewhere on the link. As it affects many sites, that'd suggest some router in or close to your ISPs network23:54
k1l_protn: restart the ssh server23:54
protnk1` I have to access remote box first to restart server23:54
meeeencan someone help me?23:54
protnor u mean to restart local machine ssh server?23:55
JFlashTJ-, there *must* be a simple explanation for this23:55
JFlashTJ-, washingtonpost.com doesnt load. facebook.com loads23:55
TJ-meeeen: that's a message from WINE saying that method isn't fully implemented as yet23:55
TJ-meeeen: it's meant as a reminder to the developers23:55
protnssh 167.114.xx.xx webstore23:55
meeeenbut it still doing it23:55
meeeenTJ- can i do something or not?23:56
rockydaftykins: yeah but you can still install kali tools in ubuntu. I have a kali vm as well but it doesn't work anymore so I wanted to install ubuntu to get used to linux but at the same time, I wanted to use some security tools to test my host PC and network so I thought it would save time to just try and get the tools on ubuntu rather then set up a23:56
rockynew vm23:56
protnteward: normally how do you login to remote server with a key?23:56
meeeenTJ-: can i do something or not?23:56
protnwhich command do you use?23:56
TJ-JFlash: interestingly, "dig -t AAAA washingtonpost.com" doesn't return an IPv6 address either23:56
tewardprotn: plain old SSH from my desktop23:56
TJ-meeeen: no23:56
protnand syntax?23:56
tewardprotn: since I generate my keys, and have ssh-agent configured to test ALL my keys23:56
protnssh ip keyname?23:56
tewardprotn: ssh -p 22 USERNAME@IP23:56
daftykinsrocky: you're not telling me anything i don't already know, i just wouldn't support a machine with it on. cya :)23:56
tewardwhere USERNAME is the username at the server, IP is the IP of the server23:57
tewardand -p 22 is just to enforce port 2223:57
meeeenTJ-: cause the game update isnt going further is there an other way ?23:57
TJ-JFlash: which may support the theory that some connections fail due to IPv6 being preferred and fallback to IPv4  configured23:58
rockydaftykins: you make it hard for me to find the reasoning behind that you say. hahaha.23:58
daftykinsrocky: well perhaps support channel volunteer vs. new user is the difference23:58
Nic335_Hey people Im having a hard time with boot-repair..  I installed windows 10 from windows 8 and i had a dual boot id like to get it back.  I have been fu**ing around with this for like 3 hours now im wondering if someone would like to help me. If he can get this resolve Il pay 20$CAD23:59
TJ-meeeen: no; WINE is very complex. It has to try to reimplement every Windows function call, and that's a moving target, so the devs drop in those fixme's to point out the things they've not yet implemented23:59
Nic335_So much im tired... of trying.23:59
rockydaftykins: not the newest of users, just forgot a lot of stuff as I run windows mainly23:59
daftykinsNic335_: bribery doesn't work here :) are they both installed EFI?23:59
Nic335_No not efi23:59
daftykinslegacy installs? mmm23:59

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