bluesabreUnit193: eat?00:50
Unit193I did, though wasn't that great.01:21
bluesabreknome: https://youtu.be/2lQnALrJ-0w12:06
knomebluesabre, mhm14:15
knomebluesabre, one thing i noticed there's no confirmation that the upload was ok14:15
sidiGuys I really hope you plan on stopping shipping Abiword some day. This thing is  a joke. Updated a 15.04 to 15.10 and for some mysterious reason Abiword (which I literally have *never* run on that system) has writte 412GB of data into ~/.config/abiword (well till disk was full) 14:30
sidiI suspect a bit of a mess-up with debian preinst/postinst scripts for the Wily package14:30
* sidi is done complaining :p sorry14:31
Unit193sidi: preinst/postinst don't touch users home.  What was in that dir?  And we've already stopped shipping it in favor of LO.14:47
sidiUnit193, it'll remain a mystery, I needed to ditch it because my workstation was kind of not working anymore14:48
sidican the postinst run the app or other utilities?14:49
sidiand the app then go AWOL?14:49
Unit193It can run stuff of course, but generally is run as root.14:49
sidiIs there anything special about the Thunar package on Xubuntu? I have the impression that Launchpad builds it without applying Quilt patches!?16:14
sidiI'm really confused...16:14
flocculantakxwi-dave: have you been watching the doodle poll for the next session at all? 19:26
akxwi-davenot for a week or so19:27
flocculantk - currently the best is 3 for 16:0019:28
flocculantwas going to ask the social media peeps to bump that next week, bump the mail lists then set date beginning of the week after that19:29
akxwi-davesounds good mate19:31
flocculantI think those are the weeks anyway - basically bump and then set in the 6 days prior if that makes sense :)19:31
ochosiwow, gnome is really doing a rather big redesign of the settings dialog...21:34
flocculantno need for settings anymore? 21:35
ochosihaha, almost21:38
ochosiwell at least it seems more locked down, the approach they're taking doesn't really allow for meaningfully "plugging in" extra settings dialogs21:39
ochosi(and i guess that is the whole point: *they* want to decide what is important to the users, and to some extent that makes sense too. but only to some.)21:40
Unit193Well as long as they aren't messing with GTK, shouldn't matter.21:40
flocculantyea I know that - which is why I don't install gnome or ubuntu now21:40
Unit193ochosi: You have mail, btw.21:40
flocculantjust makes me wonder just how useful this gnome replacement for the ubuntu software tool is actually going to be21:41
Unit193flocculant: You open it, it detects you aren't running GNOME and fixes it for you.  Doesn't actually do much else.21:42
ochositbh i've never seen gnome-software in action myself21:42
Unit193I gave a few screenies, wasn't too bad right?21:42
ochosibut since the ubuntu software center is not a revelation, my general level of expectation is fairly low21:42
flocculantI suppose I'll grab the ppa when it shows up21:42
flocculantyea 21:42
ochosiyeah, me too21:43
flocculantochosi: but should we use it 21:43
flocculantif we've been using usc and it's not really been supported - what difference does keeping it make? 21:43
ochosidunno, i'll wait and see what gnome-software does21:44
flocculantI guess that's best 21:44
flocculanthopefully it'll show up at eow 21:44
Unit193bluesabre: Only FTBFS we have on the test rebuild/gcc6 rebuild is xubuntu-docs. \o/21:47
Unit193BTW, I can't login to the wiki to update the meetings page.21:50
ochosia-ha a-ha21:50
ochosifrom when on are we going to use the new wiki? (knome?)21:50
flocculantUnit193: I appear to have been logged out of there too21:50
flocculantochosi: I didn't think we were using our wiki for everything? 21:51
ochosii dunno, i wasn't really around to follow the website transition discussion tbh21:52
Unit193I dunno, but one that actually works would be nice.21:52
ochosii just presumed we would use our own wiki once we have one21:53
flocculantas long as it's open to everyone21:53
ochosi(why keep info in two places?)21:53
flocculantif it's not open to everyone then that's just plain wrong21:53
ochosiyeah, i'm sure we'll find a meaningful policy for openness21:53
flocculantwell 21:53
flocculantochosi: open is right - any sort of not open is wrong seems a good starting point21:54
ochosiwhat do you mean by "open" anyway?21:54
ochosiworld-readable? world-writeable?21:54
flocculantthat anyone can edit pages 21:54
Unit193flocculant: Bad idea, because spam.21:54
flocculantjust the same as the one we're replacing21:54
ochosido they need accounts? can they edit any page?21:54
flocculantUnit193 then the same as the ubuntu one21:55
flocculantochosi: nothing wrong with needing an account ofc - but nothing we currently have is immutable21:56
flocculant(when the ubuntu wiki works)21:56
ochosiyeah, the way to ubuntu wiki sometimes doesn't work sorta makes some pages feel immutable :p21:57
flocculantyea - but that's just canonical fail on wiki :)21:57
flocculantlogged in - set date now22:13
Unit193Thanks.  Mine had a proxy timeout when I tried.22:14
flocculantI'll try and populate the agenda vaguely22:14
flocculantany need to bring -themes up? 22:16
ochosii'd ask bluesabre 22:16
ochosibut generally i think we're on tra k22:16
ochosisome greybird fixes have landed, others are still due22:17
Unit193Perhaps, but it highly stinks...22:17
flocculantochosi: ok - just seems easier to add things to agenda while logged in then ignore it than fight to login again :p22:17
ochosiand the other part about not having >1 usable theme, well, it's still too early to tell22:17
flocculantadded themes to the list 22:19
flocculantwe can ignore it :)22:20
Unit193ochosi: Can you make it to the scheduled time?22:20
flocculantUnit193: anyway - done, not fighting google calendar tonight though ... hint22:20
Unit193flocculant: Thanks.22:20
flocculantochosi: my issue is that we don't introduce any sort of censorship into our wiki that isn't present in the one we use currently 22:22
Unit193flocculant: BTW, current images fine?22:24
Unit193And thanks for reminding me about Numix, means I don't update 'alpha' :P22:26
flocculantUnit193: not checked today, yesterday all was good except black login screen after install, which went after login/out/in22:26
flocculantand blueman crash22:26
Unit193Was thinking about another core update, considering last one was 31-Dec-2015.22:27
ochosiUnit193: i'll try, can't promise though22:28
ochosiit's not totally unrealistic that i'll make it22:28
flocculantUnit193: that was the other thing I meant to add to agenda ... 22:29
Unit193flocculant: Why bother?  No status updates since last time.22:29
flocculantgetting really itchy with my hat on with that now22:29
flocculantbecause that ^^ 22:29
flocculantwe should get it talked about - even if we end up thinking about 19.04 for it 22:30
flocculantUnit193: you can update your one - I don't much push it, I think that slickymaster tries to look when he can22:31
Unit193flocculant: Sure, I don't mean to push you or others, but may as well have it up to date, I see random hits on it after all.22:31
flocculantyea 22:32
flocculantI understand that - and I *do* try it out now and again too :)22:32
flocculantwhat I'm after is it being on the tracker properly so we can follow it properly 22:33
flocculantwe should perhaps look at the website pointer to IRC and tell people to hang about for at least 15 minutes ... 22:35
flocculant"Due to the real-time nature of IRC, it is often the fastest way to get help" > "Due to the real-time nature of IRC, it is often best to wait for at least 30 minutes after asking a question before leaving, no need to repeat, just have some patience. In addition many of your questions would be answered just as easily in #ubuntu, try us for the xfce side of your installation queries"22:37
pleia2flocculant: shared package testing info on the social medias22:45
flocculantpleia2: thank you :)22:45
flocculantpleia2: next week sometime I'm going to have one last push of the irc session 22:46
flocculantwith the ordinary link22:46
pleia2ok, I have travel+conference starting on wednesday, so I'll catch up when I am back at computer and not dead22:46
flocculantok - I'll push it monday :)22:47
flocculantthen ask you social peeps to do your magic22:47
flocculantthen set time on the 25th 22:47
flocculantassuming more than 3 people ... 22:48
pleia2I don't think I have people22:48
flocculantyou're just one of the peeps :)22:49
flocculantknome: ^^^ "due to real time nature ..." just a thought and a draft one at that :p23:05
flocculantnight all 23:30

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