bluefiveIt says Desktop Image twice and the descriptions are the same01:12
bluefivewhat's the difference between these two images?01:12
Tomiii14.04  vs 14.04.   just look at the link01:15
Tomiiibluefive: you're right though, that it's poor documentation01:16
bluefiveI see it now.01:16
bluefiveDo you think Xubuntu is not beginner friendly?01:17
Tomiiiwell, that website isn't  :P01:17
Tomiiithey should have it in bold letters  14.04.3 vs 14.0401:17
bluefiveTomiii, Also the  page encourages users to download the 32-bit version by default.01:19
bluefiveWhereas I think most now are using 64-bit systems.01:19
Tomiiihow does it encourage 32 bit?01:20
Tomiiimost people use 64 bit01:20
bluefive"For almost all PCs. This includes most machines with Intel/AMD/etc type processors and almost all computers that run Microsoft Windows, as well as newer Apple Macintosh systems based on Intel processors. Choose this if you are at all unsure."01:21
Tomiii"For almost all PCs. This includes most machines with Intel/AMD/etc"01:21
bluefiveThat's what it says under 32-bit.01:21
bluefiveChoose that if you are at all unsure.01:21
Tomiiihaha, yes.  it should say "Compatible" instead of "For"01:21
bluefiveI really think the page is intended to push away beginners.01:22
Tomiiibluefive: what distro are you using now?01:22
bluefiveI thought Xubuntu, Lubuntu, MATE are the lighter versions.01:23
Tomiiibluefive: well, i wouldnt say "push away", i'd say most things in Linux world, are designed for the people that already know how to use it (not beginners)01:23
Tomiiiit's just a lower priority, also--  making things user-friendly.  It pissed me off at first too, but now i'm used to it01:25
Tomiiibluefive: yes, stock Ubuntu has Unity , which is copied off OSX, so it's easier for Mac guys.   but i dont like it- plus it is slower01:26
Tomiiibluefive:   http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm01:27
Tomiiibluefive: i use both Xubuntu & Linux Mint XFCE.   Linux Mint is more beginner-friendly, has more programs, more things setup out of the box for you.  (Xubuntu is more streamlined)01:28
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:28
bluefiveWhy such hostility to Mint?01:28
Network2501that's hostile?01:29
TomiiiI'm not really sure. Good question.  I think Mint guys and Ubuntu guys should be on the same team01:29
bluefiveTomiii, Why do you avoid the MATE versions?01:30
geniiTomiii: The main problem is that a lot of Mint users try to seek support in *buntu channels when there are differences which can end in disaster01:30
TomiiiMint is just stuff added onto Ubuntu, to make it easier.01:30
Network2501well no01:31
Network2501unless linux mint started sending data to Canonical01:31
Tomiiibluefive: MATE doesnt have window-snapping. (but in Mint, it is easy to change window managers -- to use XFCE's window manager inside of MATE, to get window snapping.  but maybe that is risky?)01:33
geniiMint also uses it's own repos for codecs. so if a user is having issues playing something and a helper tells them to install for instance ubuntu-restricted-extras, it screws up their machines royally01:34
Network2501xfce + fluxbox...01:34
geniiLittle differences like this.01:35
meercatcongratulations, xubuntu boots in vb on my macbook while ubuntu fails01:36
meercati hereby declare yours the flagship *buntu distro01:36
Tomiiibluefive:  here are a lot of tips:    https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/01:37
bluefiveXFCE is supposed to be lighter than MATE?01:38
Tomiiibluefive: i don't like the word "lighter".  That usually just  means, lower RAM usage. --- I like "faster" (even if it uses tons of RAM)01:39
bluefiveI'm mostly interested in keeping CPU utilization down.01:40
Tomiiibluefive: great example is Chromium -- it is not "light". it is very "heavy" on RAM. but because it USES the RAM, it is FASTER01:40
bluefiveThe point is this, Tomiii01:41
Tomiiibluefive: explains that it is better to *use* RAM, than have it sit there:  http://www.LinuxAteMyRAM.com/01:41
bluefiveI want a snappy experience on a machine with a weak CPU.01:41
Tomiiibluefive: XFCE uses a "little" less RAM, than MATE,  iirc.01:42
bluefiveI like weak CPUs for two reasons: lower TDP means quieter operation and secondly I save money.01:42
meercatxfce runs fine on 1gb ram systems01:42
meercatany pentium will do01:43
Tomiiibluefive: as far as snappiness/speed, i am not sure. they are very close.  good question.01:43
bluefiveTomiii, By the way, what's the chat channel for users here?01:44
knome#xubuntu-offtopic is the general chatter channel01:47
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:47
craigbass76I might be numbing it, but I can't see how to put my laptop to sleep when I shut the lid.  It worked with regular xubuntu and Mint, but I threw ubuntu-studio on (which uses XFCE) and it's not working.03:14
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marie_hi, I am having trouble trying to share this Xubuntu 14.04 folders via Samba to a Windows computer07:39
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html07:40
marie_this computer does not show up at all on the network07:40
well_laid_lawnmarie_:  I don't know anything about samba but there's a couple of links above that might help07:41
marie_thanks, looking at it now. I have already tried configuring Samba for a good while but obviously something is not right07:42
marie_hmm I made some progress08:28
marie_I can now browse the shared files on this computer, but Windows 10 laptop still doesn't see this one08:28
marie_I got my issue sorted; apparently Windows 10 has a new version of the SMB protocol so I had to force it to use the older one. More info: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/26e5fd75-f3ab-4ffe-ace4-ed4ba96f82e5/not-discovering-ubuntu-server-on-network?forum=win10itpronetworking10:01
Luyinmarie_: glad you could solve it :)10:13
xubuntu04wHello I have installed xubuntu 15.10 and my pc is unable to read audio cd.10:20
xubuntu04wunable to read audio cd ubuntu 15.1010:33
xubuntu04wcd audio appears on desktop but reading impossible10:34
xubuntu04wsoundjuicer finds tracks names on line but unable to extract. Cd reader spins and stops many times10:35
exiduxBe patient. on irc people do not always answer withing a 5 minute range. ;)10:37
xubuntu04wyes thank's10:37
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jarnosStrange. If I run "i3lock --dpms" as an autostarted script, it will not unlock with the correct password. If I start e.g. xtrlock same way, it works. (This is on Mythbuntu 14.04 that uses Xfce4.)10:51
jarnosWould it be better to add it in ~/.bash_profile ?10:59
jarnosIs it possible that user could prevent the lock from being executed during automatic login?11:00
jarnos~/.bash_profile did not work. I guess it is not for X apps.11:20
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corianderhi. i face lines in bright videos13:49
corianderit only happens on xubuntu13:49
corianderi have tried installing lubuntu-desktop DE and did the same on mplayer. it has no issues there13:49
corianderon xubuntu, videos get torn by lines whenever there is a bright scene (like lights, explosion, flash)13:50
marie__hi, I have a Radeon 5700 series GPU, and the proprietary AMD driver. However, I cannot get any sound over HDMI working, and yes I have selected it in PulseAudio settings14:08
marie__volume levels are as they should be, however there is no volume activity shown14:10
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GridCubemarie__, while you are playing a sound, open pavucontrol and see if that particular stream of sound is going trhough hdmi14:11
GridCubeeach sound stream can go to different outputs14:11
marie__I know14:11
marie__it goes to the right one, but no sound14:11
GridCubein the last tab of configuration try different outputs for hdmi14:12
marie__there is only one, Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output14:12
GridCubemarie__, http://i.imgur.com/MBhXBVD.png is not like this?14:15
GridCubeit is selected as well on output devices?14:17
GridCubethe third tab14:18
GridCubemarie__, even at the risk of sounding cliched, have you tried shuting it off and on again?14:19
GridCubemany, many times, my sound issues get solved by that14:20
GridCubedo you have the same issue with the generic plugin?14:20
marie__generic plugin? No, I get sound through the Analog Stereo output from the motherboard14:21
GridCubedo you have the same issue with a different media player?14:21
GridCubeare your speakers turned on and with their volume up?14:22
marie__HDMI sound, so only software controlled, and yes I have my headset plugged into the screen14:23
GridCubedoes the headset works properly somewhere else?14:23
marie__yes, works fine with analog14:24
GridCubeno idea then sorry14:24
marie__thanks for the try though14:24
GridCubei'd look if alsa-mixer shows the stream as not muted, i would try to restart alsa14:25
GridCubeif that fails i'd try the generic drivers14:25
GridCubesorry, i gotta go now bbl14:25
marie__yep, tried alsamixer, not much to change there14:25
boirai want to install the latest version of gedit (3.19)16:51
boirai have installed 3.10.416:51
boirado you know any repository?16:52
mariosmhi all i have an issue with my xubuntu 15.10 if anyone can help17:14
mariosmi am running it on a lenovo s10e, i am using suspend quite often17:15
geniiBetter to just describe the actual issue to the channel and then see if someone can assist17:15
mariosmsometimes when i suspend screen stays black, lights and fan are on17:15
mariosmand the netbook does not suspend17:16
mariosmthe ony solution is pressing power button for a few seconds to hard shutdown netbook17:16
mariosmloosing all my work17:16
mariosmthe truth is that most of the times suspend works17:16
mariosmso i have not figured why sometimes it does not.17:17
jdwwattsmariosm what are your light locker settings17:22
mariosmyou mean under power manager --> security --> light locker?17:24
mariosmauto lock session = never, lock screen when system is going to sleep = disabled17:25
jdwwattsyes but i dont now anything i just typed the problem into google and it had info but noy for 15.10 i dont usually suspend mine without fifishingso dont kow what mine does17:28
mariosmmost of the issues i found on the net was black sceen on wakeup17:30
mariosmwhile i got black screen while it tries to suspend17:30
jdwwattsi is it because it does it when you close your lid17:31
mariosmno, any kind of suspend. it could be i press stanby button of netbook, or standby from whisker shtdown menu17:32
mariosmive got a lot of messages from cat /var/log/syslog | grep PM: but i do not know what they mean, i also dont remenber the time it last did it today so i can cross reference17:33
jdwwattsso it locks up when you try to suspend then you loose whatever you were working on wow17:35
jdwwattsits eyond me17:35
SorcerousFoxI doubt this is related to your issue but when I used to have issues like you are describing it was an older toshiba laptop and the issue ended up being something about an unsupported bios/chipset because there was a lot of other stuff that didn't work either :P17:37
mariosm@sorcerousfox it could be, i wouldnt know. but everything else works fine though. just suspend works anytime it feels like it17:40
mariosmanyway guys, apperantely no solution, time to check alternatives18:00
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xubuntu79whello guys22:21
xubuntu79wcan someone help me to install a epson sx425w printer ? i m going mad22:22
xubuntu79wcan t find solutions :(22:22
xubuntu79wthank you22:23
pfalkMaybe not the correct channel, but... I'm an Xubuntu newbie. After about 4 years using Ubuntu and in total about 15 years using Linux. Happy so far! :-)22:39
flocculantpfalk: if you just want to say that - then thanks :) if you want to chat then #xubuntu-offtopic is best :)22:57

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