michelsedghhey guys im using the test, shouldnt my kinfocenter say im on 16.04???02:02
michelsedghtest version*02:04
mparilloMine does, but I started with the daily images (from back before they broke). Did you maybe start with Wily and apply  kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing 02:05
michelsedghyeah i did that02:06
michelsedghthanks mparillo :)02:07
mparilloBut it does show you upgraded your plasma?02:10
michelsedghits 5.5.302:12
mparilloExcellent. You successfully upgraded.02:13
michelsedghit should show 5.5 cause i upgraded right now...02:14
mparilloYou may get plasma crashes (I did, but I thnk they are all fixed), and you may have to delete your favorite icons in the kickoff menu and re-add them, but I found it pretty trouble-free02:14
michelsedghyeah the apt-get update crash is gone :)02:14
michelsedghand no need to readd favorite icons ^^02:15
mparilloThat hit me often, as Xenial gets update not just from our team, but base Ubuntu several times a day.02:15
michelsedghyeah :) thanks to the team, they work hard02:15
mparilloYup. They do, and they are all volunteers02:16
michelsedghi know :) they have their job, their life and still work on Kde. I really apperciate their work :)02:16
mparilloAnyway, goodnight from me, and thanks for helping to test.02:17
michelsedghgood knight :) yw. 02:17
soee_there are some calligra confilcts in updates07:08
soee_clivejo: you have been working on calligra ?08:07
lordievaderGood morning.09:29
yofelsgclark: for reference, the procedure for getting something uploaded that you cannot upload yourself is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess09:39
bshahyofel: morning09:40
yofelbshah: moin09:40
yofeloh right, there was the discover thing09:41
yofellet me try to figure out how to merge that into unstable without breaking unstable09:41
bshahthx :)09:41
bshah(later, I want to learn to do that myself.)09:43
bshahespecially I couldn't figure out what to do with changelog entries.09:43
yofelbshah: in this case it's a bit tricky, as you master with my compatibility fixes in _archive, but without my 5.5 changes in _archive09:43
yofelbshah: you don't add any in the CI branches. End.09:44
yofelfor debian merges in general, there's a git config that invokes dpkg-mergechangelogs09:44
yofeland who broke kdemultimedia in the archive :S09:45
soeeuhm, plasmashell does not start on enial09:49
soeeplasmashell: error while loading shared libraries: libKF5Screen.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:49
yofelsoee: does dpkg -L libkf5screen6 list the file?09:50
yofelsoee: apt-cache policy libkf5screen6 ?09:51
soeeenglish: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14515481/09:52
soeemaybe i shoudlnt mix staging and landing ppas09:53
yofelnoo well, something's just plain broken here. But as I keep saying. Don't use staging ^^09:54
yofelwe break stuff in there09:54
soeehmm, i was using my system thi smorning just fine09:55
soeeand i did not run any updates because of broken calligra packages09:55
yofelI'll take a look once I'm done with discover09:55
soeetan i jumped to windows for a while and when i moved back to kbuntu this happend :D09:56
yofelwell, plasma won't crash just because an update removes the lib. It just won't start again once it quits09:56
soeewindows broke my system :<09:56
bshahyou know, linux have feelings.. you just can't leave linux for windows :p09:59
soeeok i have my plasma back09:59
soeei have reinstalled this package09:59
soeelibkf5screen6 from landing ppa09:59
yofelwell, at least the status page shows that libkscreen is broken. 10:02
soeei thought all was green10:03
soeewhy we has so many problems with discover ?10:04
yofelthe merges were done inappropriately. So we need to do those now10:05
yofelwhich breaks stuff10:05
yofeldiscover is partly because what was released in 5.5 was horribly incomplete10:06
yofeland now we have packaging that is really meant for 5.6, but is hacked together to work with 5.510:06
yofelmaybe I should just upload a git snapshot after all...10:07
soeeha :)10:08
mparilloBut we cannot go straight to 5.6 because their final release is too close to ours in April?10:08
soeewe should, 5.5.3 has to many annoying bugs :)10:09
yofelmparillo: I hope to get that in. But we have lots of changes in our 5.5 packages that I want to have in the archive RIGHT NOW10:09
soeeand picking commits one by one isn't solution here10:09
yofelso lets get this out, then we can look at 5.610:09
yofelwe could possibly upload a 5.5.70 snapshot or so before feature freeze10:10
yofelto get something tested in beta1, as plasma 5.5.95 will be after our beta110:10
yofeland just one week before UI freeze, which would make for one hell of a week10:11
yofelbshah: discover pushed, but I'll probably have to fix a couple other things more10:11
yofelnow to review plasma in general10:13
bshahlets build discover and see.. :)10:14
acher88latest update removed okular10:14
bshahdebian/patches/upstream_prevent_misleading_notification.dif needs to be removed...10:14
yofelboth will10:14
bshahyofel: I can do that.. :) (patch removal)10:15
yofelbshah: git rm -r debian/patches10:15
yofelother than that it should mostly just be inaccurate install files I think10:15
acher88tried to re-install it and followed dep chain and got http://i.imgur.com/nIut7fA.png 10:16
bshahdone with patches10:16
acher88that's on xenial10:17
yofellooks like an incomplete transition migrated to -release10:17
yofelor do you have any ppas with okular in it?10:17
yofelI'm fairly certain everything in the archive was rebuilt for QCA10:18
acher88ah. no. It's trying to get it from the main archive10:19
yofelwill have to test later, currently I can't even install any updates:10:20
yofelThe following packages have unmet dependencies:10:20
yofel kdemultimedia-kio-plugins : Depends: kio-audiocd but it is not going to be installed10:20
yofelsgclark: I'm just looking at merges. Please don't keep duplicate UNRELEASED changelog entries. dpkg-mergechangelogs likes doing that when you merge _unstable into _archive10:23
acher88update bumped libqca2-plugins (2.1.0-0ubuntu10 => 2.1.1-2ubuntu1)10:23
bshahblargh... mobile CI is broken....10:24
bshah10:25:03 cannot stat ‘debian/tmp/usr/share/kxmlgui5/muonupdater/’10:25
bshah10:25:03 : No such file or directory10:25
bshah10:25:03 dh_install: cp -a debian/tmp/usr/share/kxmlgui5/muonupdater/ debian/plasma-discover-updater//usr/share/kxmlgui5/ returned exit code 110:25
bshahokay, I can fix teh10:26
yofelright, I didn't get all file paths right10:26
yofelyou can look in the master branch for the mostly correct paths10:26
yofelassuming nothing changed in the last couple days10:26
yofelsgclark: also, any package that has debian/tests/ needs to have "XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest" in the control file10:29
yofelotherwise ubuntu jenkins won't run the tests10:29
yofelsgclark: If I understand the git behavior right, it looks like the debian folks removed that line by hand in some packages if they took changes from us. So you need to check every time if its there or not as git will just auto-remove it in the merge10:32
acher8812 hrs ago10:37
yofelsgclark: actually nvm the testsuite part, I forgot that's for older dpkg versions11:10
michelsedghhey, when i logout i get a black screen. i even restart sddm and i cant use VT anymore after that! i have to reboot pressing power button. is it a known bug??11:18
yofelnot that I know of11:22
michelsedghhm. its annoying.11:23
michelsedghand yofel that sleep thing didnt happen again :)11:24
yofelmichelsedgh: regarding that, yesterday systemd didn't even allow me to shutdown.11:26
yofelsaid something like "Aborting action. Action would be destructive"11:26
michelsedghwow, never happend to me11:26
michelsedghand one thing when i reboot my screen rendering backend automatically goes to Xrender but i never changed to that i always used opengl 3.1!11:27
michelsedghi didnt mention it until yesterday, i saw many of my effects didnt work but i didnt know it changed backend!11:28
yofelno idea what would cause that. Your best bet is asking mgraesslin during weekdays11:29
michelsedghok thanks :) and another thanks for your work :) 11:30
michelsedgh"hard work"*11:30
yofelPackage: plasma-pa11:54
yofelConflict: kmix11:54
yofelno wonder kmix isn't getting removed11:54
mamarleyI want to keep kmix installed for now because plasma-pa still doesn't let you select the default audio device.12:10
yofelmamarley: agreed, I just removed the field12:12
mamarleyThanks :)12:12
soeeyofel: we package calligra or it comes from ubuntu ?12:17
yofelwe do12:17
soeecan you revert the broken upload ?12:17
yofelwhich one?12:18
soeewell there are some problems with calligra http://paste.ubuntu.com/14516127/12:18
soeeand it happend tonight12:18
yofelsoee: the upload from yesterday says "  * No-change rebuild against libqca2"12:20
soeemore detailed report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14516137/12:20
yofelso that looks like more QCA fallout12:20
yofelthat won't be trivial to fix12:20
soeewhat is QCA ?12:20
yofelsome encryption thing12:21
soeeok i will uninstall this suite for now12:22
mamarleyThe libqca2 thing in combination with the failed okular build is also blocking a bunch of other updates.12:22
BluesKajHiyas all12:54
yofelsgclark: I just finished the plasma merges. Thanks for working out most of them!13:05
soee_yofel: so you think we are ready to release 5.5.3 to backports ?13:05
yofelI'll review frameworks later13:05
yofelsoee_: give me a bit to think about that. But I think we are13:06
soee_ok, would be cool - a lot of users waits for it :)13:06
yofelhm, there was the sddm session thing I wanted to debug13:15
yofelbut I think it's "good enough"13:15
sgclarkyofel: awesome!13:18
yofeloh meh, we have our own kde4libs build in ppa-landing which depends on wrong libqca13:24
mamarleyIt is probably worth mentioning here too that the NVIDIA 361-series drivers appear to fix the long-standing bug where Konsole would spin the CPU upon quitting.  361.18 was just copied to ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa. :)13:39
acher88good. have that bug on main PC with nvidia13:42
BluesKajmamarley, for which nvidia series is the 351 driver intended?13:43
mamarleyBluesKaj: 361 will work for all the same cards as 352, 355, and 358, plus a few new ones.13:45
soee_and 361 works nice here :)13:45
acher88supported ones are listed here I think http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/361.18/README/supportedchips.html13:45
acher88mamarley: 361.18 also fixes the kde apps segfault bug you reported on the nvidia forum?13:50
BluesKajmamarley, ok , misread your post, my gpu is the low end  8400gs /gt218 which shows on the nvidia site as supported up the 340 driver only ...not having any graphics issues atm, but I was just curious since the 340 is approaching legacy status.13:52
* yofel was still on 355. An update is in order13:54
acher88I don't like the result of that kdelibs rebuild http://paste.ubuntu.com/14516934/13:59
soee_yup :)14:00
yofelI had to fix something in plasma-desktop too. I'll debug again once that's published14:01
yofelI also just pushed the merge result out to the world, where the p-d breakage came from14:02
acher88I hadn't noticed plasma hadn't been published in the ppa yet14:02
acher88shall retry once it is14:03
BluesKajI'm getting this error after upgrading from the landing and ci/stable ppas 14:06
BluesKajhe following packages have unmet dependencies:14:06
BluesKaj libpam-kwallet5 : Conflicts: pam-kwallet5 (< 4:5.5) but 4:5.4.3+git20151211.1302+16.04-0 is to be installed14:06
BluesKaj                   Breaks: pam-kwallet5 (< 4:5.5) but 4:5.4.3+git20151211.1302+16.04-0 is to be installed14:06
yofelgive it a couple minutes14:07
BluesKajlooks like it's trying to install the older 5.4.3 version14:07
yofeltry now14:10
yofelThe following packages will be REMOVED:14:11
yofel  kdeartwork-style libqca2v5 plasma-desktopthemes-artwork plasma-widget-kimpanel14:11
yofelthat's ~ok14:11
acher88still much breakage in xenial http://paste.ubuntu.com/14517058/14:11
yofelwell, kdeartwork is apps. We'll fix that later14:12
yofelkimpanel otoh..14:12
yofelacher88: -o debug::pkgproblemresolver=true please14:12
yofelI don't get that here14:13
yofelah, those kdeartwork packages are from kde4 times14:13
yofelbut only debian added the breaks for those14:14
yofelah, kimpanel is indeed obsolete14:14
yofelyay, wall of text14:15
acher88not pretty14:16
acher88lol E: Unable to locate package please14:17
acher88copied too much of your apt line first time14:18
nicolsfinnaly here. anything i can help?14:19
* yofel has to go to town for a bit14:19
yofelacher88: I'll look into this later unless sgclark or someone else isn't faster14:20
nicolsi tried to add few widgets via "get new widgets", they install but when i try to place them on desktop i get this; 14:20
nicolsError loading QML file: file:///home/nicols/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.weatherWidget/contents/ui/main.qml:108:5: Type YrNo unavailable14:21
nicolsfile:///home/nicols/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.weatherWidget/contents/ui/providers/YrNo.qml:18:1: module "QtQuick.XmlListModel" is not installed14:21
acher88oddly I have no such breakage on my xenial laptop14:22
nicolsi am on willy backpoerts-landing14:23
nicolsanyone with this problem: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=357911 ?14:31
ubottuKDE bug 357911 in general "vlc problem with kde 5.5.3" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:31
acher88was mentioned in here the other day. was that you?14:32
acher88vlc is fine here14:33
acher88spoke too soon. even xenial laptop give error such as:14:41
acher88kwin-x11 : Depends: kwin-common (= 4:5.5.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa4) but 4:5.5.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1 is installed14:42
acher88kwin-common : Depends: kwin-data (= 4:5.5.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1) but 4:5.5.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa4 is installed14:42
nicolsacher88: yes it was me :) ... yesterday was ok, now it's cropping video again14:43
nicolsit is strange ... native interface uses brezze style and video is cropped. in skinned mode, video is OK14:46
michelsedghhey my apt-check was making unlimited proccesses each using 1%-2% of cpu and my cpu was working full, i had to restart. any ideas??14:46
acher88nicols: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?69537-VLC-video-resize-problem-after-upgrade-to-plasma-5-514:56
BluesKajI tried the nvidia-352 driver which would be the next one up from the 340, but I guess my gpu is getting too old to bother upgrading drivers for, but it still works fine.15:14
acher88yofel: ppa-purge then re-adding the xenial landing ppa sorted my problems :)15:19
acher88apart from plasma-desktop-date needing 'apt-get install -f' to nudge it into installing15:20
nicolsacher88: tnx for info! yes, thats how i "solved" it ... but this is partial solution, problem is still there. and i don't like this third party skunning, a would be happier with "breeze everywhere" :)15:34
acher88perhaps graphics driver related?15:38
acher88laptop with intel hd3000 has no probs15:39
acher88yet to upgrade PC with nvidia to 5.5.315:39
nicolsi am on intel also: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)15:40
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=6&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 615:40
acher88is it the same if you suspend desktop effects or change accel method?15:43
leszekhi is there any eta on when the kubuntu backports landing contents will land in kubuntu backports ?16:00
sandr0idhi all,  do I report bugs @kde, or @kubuntu with plasma 5.5.3? (don't worry, nothing major!)16:01
leszeksandr0id: depends on the bug I guess :)16:01
acher88depends on the nature of the bug16:01
sandr0idthe splash screen stuck around on boot up - twice now, so I'm thinking it's worth reporting16:02
sandr0idlike i said, nothing major, but I'd rather report it than just complain ;)16:02
leszeksandr0id: if you have an error message or some sort of debugging output it might be worth reporting that upstream (to kde) directly. Though without that I don't think it might make a lot of sense as the probability that "works for me" answer is pretty high16:03
sandr0idhmm.. logging for a screen artifact... :P16:03
sandr0idit may not even be a kde bug come to think of it16:04
leszeka so a visual bug only ? Most probably a graphical issue with the driver or qt16:04
leszekbut without some sort of log hard to debug16:05
sandr0idis there a distinct process for the splash screen? that could help determine if it's purely graphical/visual16:06
leszeksandr0id: ksplashqml16:08
leszeksandr0id: you can run ksplashqml --test16:08
sandr0idI think I have a graphics problem :)16:09
sandr0idthanks for the tip on the splash screen16:09
nicolsfixed my widgets. installed qtdeclarative5-xmllistmodel-plugin package :)16:24
soeea lot f problems : http://paste.ubuntu.com/14529379/18:21
acher88soee: had similar on xenial earlier. ppa-purge then re-adding the ppa seemed to fix 99% of it here at least18:55
clivejosoee: Ive been playing around with calligra, they are in my PPA19:36
clivejo!info calligra xenial19:37
ubottucalligra (source: calligra): extensive productivity and creative suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.9.7-0ubuntu5 (xenial), package size 9 kB, installed size 64 kB19:37
clivejonot my doing19:37
clivejohi BluesKaj20:09
BluesKajHi clivejo20:09
clivejohows things?20:10
BluesKajgood thanks clivejo, how about you ?20:11
clivejonodding off a bit!20:11
BluesKajheh...sleep deprived ?20:11
clivejojust long day20:13
clivejoBluesKaj: do you have an android phone?20:16
DarinMillerI have both...20:18
clivejoI packaged 0.9g and would like someone to test it20:18
BluesKajyes, i have it working , but only tried to send file from the phone to the pc successfully, not from pc to phone 20:18
clivejobut the version numbers are messed up :(20:19
BluesKajmy phone is using the older android OS since it's just an alcatel one touch, read "inexpensive"20:21
BluesKaji don't use it for much other than a few pics and phone calls ...don't use the data options or texting etc20:23
cjwelbornHello. I have a little UI bug going on in my lock screen for Plasma 5 (Breeze Theme, Maui SDDM Theme).The keyboard layout button is always way too small. I found a KeyboardLayoutButton.qml in my sddm breeze theme components (width: implicitWidth). Changing it doesn't seem to affect anything, and I'm not sure were else to look. Where do you go to edit the lock screen? Or the login screen for that matter?20:26
DarinMillerclivejo: I successfully copied files from my Android phone using Dolphin and puch files to my PC using KDEconnect.20:29
clivejoDarinMiller: which version?20:29
DarinMillerclivejo: The touchpad option worked, but the multimedia controls failed to remuse a Clementine playlist and remote volume control did not work.20:31
darin_clivejo: the clipsharing works great!  As for the multimedia option, the adroid KDEconnect under the Multimedia option say No players found.  I have both Amarok and Clementine running.20:38
clivejobut what version are you running?20:38
darin_clivejo: sorry, running 0.8 on the laptop.  Is 0.9g uploaded to landing? My update refresh is not seeing it. Where to I find 0.9g?20:43
clivejoits in my PPA20:43
darin_Sry, missed that....checking the logs for you ppa....20:44
clivejoare you on wily or xenial?20:44
darin_I have both, want me to test both?20:45
clivejoplease if you can20:45
clivejojust bear in mind the version number is a bit messed up20:45
clivejoyou will probably have to install it manually20:45
clivejo!info kdeconnect-plasma xenial20:46
ubottukdeconnect-plasma (source: kdeconnect-plasma): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0+git20150810-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 299 kB, installed size 1382 kB20:46
clivejothats a August 10 snapshot20:46
clivejodarin_: https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+files/kdeconnect-plasma_0.9g-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa2_amd64.deb20:48
clivejothats xenial 64bit20:49
darin_clivejo: grt, thx.  testing shortly....20:50
clivejoyou might have to delete the device and repair20:51
darin_so much fun! I am using the KDEconnect clipboard sharing to copy from my wiley laptop to my xenial laptp.  I have always shared between phone and PC, but PC to PC is awesome!21:01
darin_clivejo: my kdeconnect package is 0.8, but the kdeconnect-plasma is 0.9g.  Are these complimentary or should I stomp on the kdeconnect package?21:03
clivejowhere is the 0.8 package?21:04
clivejodid you install the one in my PPA?21:05
darin_xenial has both packages installed21:05
clivejooh I think the kdeconnect is KDE4 21:05
darin_yes, I used the .deb link you posted above.21:06
darin_yes you are correct. I will stomp on the kdeconnect.21:06
clivejocan you browse your phone with dolphin ok?21:11
darin_How do I update my phone?  When attempting to re-pair, the phone says my xenial laptop is using a new protocol version (red text).21:14
clivejothis is the thing Im trying to figure out21:15
clivejowhat version is it saying is on the phone?21:15
darin_0.9e, Nov 13,2015  as per the app store details.21:18
clivejokind of ironic !21:19
clivejo*NOTE for Ubuntu users: The Ubuntu folks are not updating their repos as fast as this app gets updated. Some features will not work if the KDE Connect version in you desktop doesn't match the one in your phone.21:19
claydohi get the same thing  with your package and same android app version as darin_21:20
clivejo0.9g is listed as a bug fix release for 0.921:24
clivejoso cant understand why the protocol is different21:24
darin_Not sure it helps us, but my arch box is 0.9g and it connects to the same adroid phone.21:29
clivejonow thats very strange!21:30
clivejodarin_: is this it - https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/kdeconnect/21:31
clivejomust compare the files21:31
clivejobar the locale files, they all look the same, just different location in debian21:40
DarinMillerwerid. No surprise,  same issue occurs on wiley with your deb file....21:43
valoriebleah, something crashed, so I said report -- and then apport crashed21:44
valorieI thought they finally fixed that21:44
DarinMillerclivejo: I tried stomping on the config files in both ~/.config/kdeconnect* and in ~/.kde/share/config/kdeconnect*.  Neither fixed the issues.  Then I tried apt purge kdeconnect* and reinstall you file, still  no help.22:27
clivejoDarinMiller: thanks for trying.  I dont know what the problem is22:28
valorieclivejo: I've noticed mine isn't working either22:30
valoriehowever, I don't think it's been working for the past few weeks22:30
valorieperhaps the phone version and your version have fallen out of sync22:30
valorieso I unpaired for now22:30
clivejovalorie: it works in arch22:31
valoriepfff to arch22:33
* valorie will not switch, no never!22:33
valorieI wonder if it works in the neon-daily22:34
claydohclivejo, the stock kdeconnect packaging includes 3 packages: kdeconnect, kdeconnect-plasma, and kdeconnect-plasma-dbg. Your ppa does not contain trhe kdeconnect pakage, and the stock one still exists when upgadring using yours.22:34
valoriebut I don't have time to try that out22:34
claydohso methinks the presence of the old package with the new could the causing it?22:38
DarinMillervalorie: does not work in xenial daily either.22:38
clivejomaybe I didnt checkout the correct tag22:39
clivejoclaydoh: apparently kdeconnect is the KDE4 version22:41
clivejoIll try and look at it again tomorrow22:44
valorieI've not tried the xenial daily; just updated&&full-upgrade22:45
DarinMillerOK, I will see if I stumble across something...22:45
valoriewith the ppa-landing22:45
valorieonly problem I'm having in wily is plasma crashes, only one of which I've been able to report as a bug22:46
valorielacking some dbg package, but dr.k can't ever find it22:46
DarinMillerhmmm. Plasma 5.5 is not crashing on my wiley with landing ppa.  Occasionally sound icon disappears but otherwise stable.22:49
DarinMillerHowever, the ghost kate session is driving me crazy.22:49
clivejokate has fixed itself since I installed kate 15.12.022:50
DarinMillermanual compile?22:51
clivejowonder would the xenial version install on wily22:52
clivejoyou could try I guess :P22:52
clivejoDarinMiller: I installed kate5-data and kate from here - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/879503822:54
valorieDarinMiller: supposedly the apt related Plasma crashes have been fixed, but not for me22:54
valorieand why it randomly crashes other times; no idea22:54
clivejovalorie: plasma gremlins22:57
clivejonasty wee things22:57
valorielike the garden gnomes in Harry Potter22:59
valoriehopefully we get them out of the garden before too long22:59
valoriejust installed and am setting up zanshin from _Groo_'s ppa23:13
valorieso far, so good23:13
valorieworking with Google calendar23:13
valoriebut I'm not getting how to USE it23:15
claydohoookay, I thought I had a borked config or desktop. Guess it seems that plasma 5 to move widgets or resze you have to click and hold until the handle thing appears around the widget. 23:15
claydohplasma 5.5 that is23:16
claydohseriously, kde, wth?23:17
claydohor am I just getting old?23:17
valorieclaydoh: right-click to tweak or something similar23:18
valorieand change it back if you want23:18
claydohrather you can click and drag to move, which is goos, b ut who would think to click-and-hold to resize?23:18
valorieyes, they changed it, but they may change it back23:19
claydohthey'd better lol that was stupid. I just wasted half an hour that I coul dhave been working lol23:20
valoriefile a bug, claydoh, or find one and comment on it23:22
claydohI may once I am no longer cross ;)23:23
sneleclaydoh: valorie: right click on desktop>desktop settings> tweaks tab and uncheck secound option :)23:26
valoriesnele: yes, but we shouldn't have to tweak IMO23:27
snelevalorie: I agree23:27
valoriediscoverability is always a problem for KDE software23:27
claydohwell that's effing logical and intuitive23:27
claydohvalorie: I dunno, since kde 1.x I have usually figure things out fairly quickly, not so this time23:29
sneleit is intrensting that kde now has VDG and all people from VDG agreed that this is ok and logical (hidden handles)ž23:29
valoriemight be good to join in at the VDG level23:30
valoriebecause that *to me* is not discoverable23:30
valorieand thus Not Good23:30
claydohhidden hadles are ok, and clic and drag is an improvement imo, just the resize bit is uber stoopid23:31
valorieever since KDE4 Plasma, I've had trouble discovering how to use various features23:31
valorieit's getting better, and I don't want to see us take a step backward23:32
valorieI assume that it is a result of more touchscreens23:32
valorieon a phone or tablet it seems more reasonable to long-touch23:32
valoriebecause there are few options there23:32
ubottuKDE bug 356549 in Folder "Widgets don't want to show handles for manipulating" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]23:34
sneleclaydoh: valorie: yofel: do you know will ubuntu ship qt 5.6 in 16.04? that is very important for plasma 5.5 because 99% of bugs are qt bug which are fixed in 5.6 (and not backported to qt 5.5)23:34
claydohA  new report may be in  order23:34
snelebugs like missing systray icons on boot, broken multimonitor support etc are fixed in qt 5.623:35
yofelsnele: Last I heard the call was: NO23:36
sneleif ubuntu doesn't ship 5.6 than I think providing qt 5.6 in one of kubuntus ppas are the must23:37
yofelwe can backport it, sure. But last I heard was that too much ubuntu touch stuff broke with 5.6, so they don't plan to port the code to 5.623:38
valorieyikes, that sucks23:38
valoriehow did the plasma-phone people get around that issue?23:39
valorieI'm sure they are using ~latest23:39
yofelwell, I don't know *what* their problems are. Just that too many of their tests came up with issues23:40
ScottKyofel: the deal we had with them was that if they wanted a different Qt version, they'd arrange to install it in /opt and not hold Kubuntu back.23:40
yofelScottK: that's not what I heard during the Qt5 for 16.04 planning..23:41
yofelmitya57: do you know more?23:41
ScottKThen they're going back on their deal.23:41
ScottKTalk to slangasek.  He was there when we decided it.23:42
valorieperhaps write to the TB?23:43
valoriethis is rather important for an LTS23:43
sneleyofel: I am testing manjaro atm because kubuntu 16.04 installer is broken. So I have in manjaro everything the latest stable (plasma,apps,kf,drivers). Plasma 5 doesn't crash but systray goes wild, multimonitor crashes, slow rendering of widgets which pop up from panel etc... all these bugs are fixed in qt 5.623:43
sneleso I think Kubuntu must ship qt 5.6 or at least make it available through ppa23:44
snelebtw even kde devs say "wait for qt 5.6"23:45
claydoh...which would  be one more thing for the kubuntu devs to maintain23:45
yofelwell, we *did* maintain qt4, but qt5 packaging is fairly complex23:45

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