Kiloshellooooo africa08:36
Kiloswow not even one greeting today14:14
Kilosbunch of slackers14:14
Na3iLhey Kilos :D14:17
Kiloshi  Na3iL14:17
Na3iLHows things there?14:17
Kilossome how we need to try revive all these old people here14:18
Kilosim good ty and you?14:18
Na3iLI am good too thanks14:18
Kilosnearly all of tunisia is missing14:18
Kilosall the cheche peeps on leave14:19
Na3iLYep, I think they are working hard14:19
Kilosno  excuse14:19
Kilosa quick greeting wastes no time at all14:20
Kilosill rev them when i see them again14:20
Na3iLI will help you on that :P14:20
Kilosi need help at times14:20
Na3iLBTW, any future meetings on the road?14:21
Kilosyes see the topic bar14:21
Kiloswe dont even have an agenda yet14:22
Na3iLOh! 10 days remaining, cool14:22
Na3iLlet me guess, the bot QA is able to handle meetings?14:23
Kilosyes of course14:26
Kiloswritten in python especially for irc meetings14:26
Kilosdoes minutes and everything14:27
Kilosyou can find it in the repos. called ibid14:27
KilosQA coffee on14:28
* QA puts the kettle on14:28
KilosQA coffee time14:28
QAAnytime is coffee time man14:28
Kiloshow did the studies and exams go Na3iL14:29
Na3iLThat's wonderfull Kilos :D14:30
Na3iLI have passed the exams, I think I did well :D14:30
Kiloswell done lad14:30
craigbrashI have to make my own14:30
KilosQA tea please14:31
QAKilos: What?14:31
Kilosstupid bot14:31
Na3iLhaha you need to teach her how she can make tea14:31
craigbrashnow now the bot can't be stupid.14:31
craigbrashits the stupid human programmer14:32
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!14:32
KilosQA tea please is <reply> Bring your cup with tea bag already in and you can share the boiling water $who14:32
QAKilos: One learns a new thing every day14:32
KilosQA tea please14:32
QABring your cup with tea bag already in and you can share the boiling water Kilos14:32
KilosQA ty14:32
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos14:32
Na3iLhahaha :D14:32
Private_Userhmm... now I feel for a cup of coffee, not really much of a tea drinker, think I will go make me some real coffee14:36
Private_Useroh an hello everybody14:36
Private_Userok chat in a bit14:36
Kiloshi Private_User14:36
Private_Userhi Kilos, hello craigbrash14:45
craigbrashHi Kilos , Private_User14:45
Private_UserQA: I am enjoying a real mug of coffee14:48
QAPrivate_User: Excuse me?14:48
Private_Userexactly you only know the virtual kind14:49
Kiloshi craigbrash14:52
Kiloswb elacheche Benno-00715:49
Kilosmeeting here in 10 days time hey15:49
Kilosadjust schedules to match15:49
elachechek Kilos15:55

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