josepopey: did you sort out the sim card thing?15:48
popeyjose, got a UK SIM which works over there with unlimited data15:53
popeyso all good15:53
joseoh that's amazing15:53
popeyyeah, not bad for 20 quid15:54
popeyhandy having a dual-sim phone too :)15:54
svijI try to survive without mobile data^^16:01
popeyI usually do, but quite like having map/uber on the move16:03
svijyeah, that's the thing.16:03
svijatleast gmaps can now do offline navigation (I think)16:04
joseoh svij, congratulations!17:03
svijjose: thanks! :)17:12
popey.oO( I should pack )18:59
svijI'm already looking forward to find all the devices with all their chargers to charge all the devices! /o\19:50
popeyI have one charger now. Makes life way easier19:56
svijmy camera can't be charged via usb. Too bad.19:56
svijbut multiple phones and a tablet can't be charged with one USB charger… atleast I don't have such big ones with multiple usb ports…19:57

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