nicomachusEriC^^: did you ever get that car battery taken care of?02:24
Bashing-omNap was good .02:43
nicomachuspretty sure fullstack has me on /ignore.03:06
Bashing-omSeems to me you asked a valid question ... maybe he just is not the co-operative type ? Like you I think a laptop deserves a full desktop install - power management and such .03:10
nicomachushe said "wtf" earlier and I just said "language". he said "nicomachus: please set me to /ignore" :/03:16
EriC^^nicomachus: hey03:16
EriC^^i couldn't get the battery's top to open, tried a screw driver to bust it open but it's really on there and i had few inches to open the trunk to get at it from behind03:18
nicomachuswhy are you trying to get it open?03:19
EriC^^i think it needed a schizel or something03:19
EriC^^it's the maintenance-free sealed type, wanted to try that aspirin trick03:19
nicomachusahhh I see.03:19
Bashing-omnicomachus: ^^ his loss, and I can not work up enough motivation to help those of a contrary disposition .03:20
nicomachusI was just reminded because rww is having battery troubles as well03:20
EriC^^i ended up getting a new battery from a shop, it's working now03:21
nicomachusah good.03:21
EriC^^reminds me to remove those crushed aspirin in folded paper from the trunk03:22
nicomachusman, I really need to learn some coding...05:28
nicomachuseven the most rudimentary python could make my workflow so much more efficient...05:39
nicomachussince librecalc lets you write macros in python05:40
nicomachusI guess I can give codecademy another shot05:41
OerHeksPython would be my 1st choise too ... if i could find the time05:44
nicomachusthat's my problem at the moment. Too much time spent working to take the time to learn things which would make my work take less time. lol05:46
nicomachusbut I have some time now... so... here we go.05:47
lordievaderGood morning.10:30
BluesKajHowdy folks11:40
Bashing-omBack up and running ! Spared of superblock to resolve.23:04
Ben64why do people hate giving details23:49
Bashing-omPerhaps - only a guess - no idea of any troubleshooting procedurte and they think they know ??23:52

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