McIntireEvanballoons: Could you update the leaderboards when you get a chance? just want to make sure i stay in the top 1008:56
joseMcIntireEvan: he's offline this weekend, but I'll let him know when I get ahold of him/see him :)09:15
darkxstMcIntireEvan, You are, but only by one task10:00
knomemalevasquez, i just commented on your task :)13:01
malevasquezThank you for the feedback!13:09
malevasquezI'll work on it now13:09
malevasquezknome ^13:09
knomei don't know how long i'm around, but always feel free to ping me here and i'll reply when i'm back13:10
MatthewAllenAnyone know if Alberto Salvia Novella can be found on IRC?14:21
MatthewAllenpopey, do you know if Alberto Salvia Novella can be found on IRC?15:44
popeyhello. i do not15:44
popeydoes his launchpad page specify an irc nickname?15:44
MatthewAllennope, already had a look15:44
MatthewAllenthanks anyway :)15:44
McIntireEvandarkxst: thanks16:42
nagibatorwill I be able to complete some tasks from gci after its ending? just for experience purposes17:18
adueppennagibator: you can always ask in other ubuntu IRC channels if there's anything you can help out with.17:27
malevasquezknome, should I remove the search feature from the mockup?17:58
malevasquezbecause Im not sure what do it17:58
fazerI'm using the autopilot touch, and display packages. How can I get the size of the test window and not my monitor?19:25
fazerballoons? ^^19:47

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