asdfgttthi..need some help02:48
asdfgtttanyone wishes to assist a nub?02:49
tsimonq2asdfgttt: state what you need and we can help from there02:49
asdfgttti915 driver seems to totally a random crash the entire system to the point , i need to power off02:49
asdfgtttwant to know how to trace the mamory of the system and send u a nice bug report with hex data02:50
asdfgttt*at random02:52
asdfgtttsooo? anyone?02:54
asdfgtttim pretty sure its the intel driver, cos most of the times it screws the screen just before hanging..and a few times..it just screws the screen..alt+tab and it works again02:55
tsimonq2asdfgttt: dmesg might help02:55
asdfgtttcould also be the oci-x driver...possibly02:55
asdfgttti cant dmesg cos after it crashes i MUST restart02:56
asdfgtttanyways ssen the log its not impressive02:56
tsimonq2I'm not the expert :D02:57
* tsimonq2 remains silent02:57
asdfgtttand the bug ocures totally at random..sometimes the PC is on for hours watching video and so on..no problem..but sometimes it just hangs in 5 minutes02:58
asdfgttti apreciate ur sarcasm02:58
asdfgtttok..i dmeg'd..there is something there02:59
asdfgttt18.729123] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000428-0x000000000000042F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000429-0x0000000000000429 (\PM2S) (20150818/utaddress-254)02:59
asdfgttt[   18.729133] ACPI: If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver02:59
asdfgttt[   18.729138] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x00000000000004B0-0x00000000000004BF conflicts with OpRegion 0x00000000000004B8-0x00000000000004BB (\GPO2) (20150818/utaddress-254)02:59
asdfgttt[   18.729143] ACPI: If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver02:59
asdfgttt[   18.729145] ACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000480-0x00000000000004AF conflicts with OpRegion 0x000000000000048C-0x000000000000048F (\GPO_) (20150818/utaddress-254)02:59
mjg59asThat's harmless03:00
asdfgtttgot kicked cos of flooding03:01
mjg59asdfgttt: That's harmless03:01
mjg59It's just telling you that the system firmware has reserved some space that a driver wanted to use, so the driver won't work03:01
asdfgtttu mean the kick or the dmseges?03:01
tsimonq2both :)03:03
asdfgttt1.359894] [drm] Replacing VGA console driver03:03
asdfgttt[    1.360751] [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).03:03
asdfgttt[    1.360755] [drm] Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.03:03
asdfgttt[    1.361246] vgaarb: device changed decodes: PCI:0000:00:02.0,olddecodes=io+mem,decodes=io+mem:owns=io+mem03:03
asdfgttt[    1.361692] [drm:drm_calc_timestamping_constants [drm]] *ERROR* crtc 23: Can't calculate constants, dotclock = 0!03:03
asdfgttt[    1.371724] FDC 0 is a post-1991 8207703:03
asdfgttt[    1.384702] [drm] initialized overlay support03:03
asdfgttt[    1.407132] r8169 0000:02:00.0 enp2s0: renamed from eth003:03
asdfgttt[    1.466170] [drm] Initialized i915 1.6.0 20150731 for 0000:00:02.0 on minor 003:03
asdfgttthere is an error03:04
tsimonq2asdfgttt: use pastebin.ubuntu.com03:04
tsimonq2asdfgttt: or do dmesg | pastebinit03:04
asdfgtttbtw. i had the problem with 15.10 also..exactly the same03:07
asdfgtttno problem under windows though... except getting a version of 2000 to boot on SATA but thats another story03:08
asdfgtttmonk..u see something?03:11
SuperSStarTphillw its me!!!!03:23
SuperSStarTreinv pls03:23
SuperSStarTi mean the asdfgtt etc.03:24
phillwhe he..03:24
phillwSuperSStarT:  ^^ 03:24
SuperSStarTlickmyass and my shiny metal ass were taken03:25
SuperSStarTnow i have a registered nick03:26
SuperSStarTam i getting reinvited?03:27
phillwyou can just /j #phillw03:27
phillwSuperSStarT: you have a nice set of things.. .But you need to use ubuntu-bug.03:53
SuperSStarTstupid question... kdump is installed and working04:51
SuperSStarTwill it triger the second kernel ..cos when the bug im investigating occures..the PC just freezes compl. i.e. dies04:52
SuperSStarTsomeone there?05:00
=== TwistedFruit is now known as ChibaPet
SuperSStarThelp with filing a bug report?07:44
SuperSStarTi alwazs get redirected to here > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs07:45
SuperSStarThelp with filing a bug report? 08:52
SuperSStarTi alwazs get redirected to here > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs08:52
alkisgHi, with 4.3.0-5 I'm getting sata errors in dmesg and my ext4 root filesystem gets corrupted + remounted ro.08:53
alkisgWith 4.3.0-2 and with all other distros/versions that I have installed, it works fine08:54
alkisgThat's on an i5-4440 system. I'll continue booting with 4.3.0-2, but I was mentioning it in case it's a known problem and you were searching for a system where it can be easily reproduced08:55
alkisgPart of kern.log, that shows the sata errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543264/08:59
alkisgIt's 100% reproducible with 4.3.0-5, 0% reproducible with 4.3.0-208:59
alkisg(that's 16.04, btw...)09:00
apwalkisg, there is a 4.4 kernle in ppa:canonical-kernel-team/ubuntu/unstable which will replace 4.3 shortly, it would be good to know if that has the issue or not10:48
alkisgThank you apw, installing...10:49
alkisgit asked to remove checkbox-ng-service, proceeding...10:58
apwthats an odd thing to ask to remove10:58
alkisg(updating from the ppa)10:58
alkisgI probably did the wrong thing just running apt-get dist-upgrade there, but it's ok10:58
alkisgI usually reinstall when the final is out10:58
apwwell that might not be even related to the ppa, maybe10:59
alkisgI did a dist-upgrade right before adding the ppa10:59
apwanyhow, checkbox being missing is not going to ruin your day, you'll likley not notice10:59
alkisgand another one after10:59
apwit isn't likley there was a publish between on the main archive i confess11:00
* alkisg crosses fingers and reboots11:00
alkisgapw: it looks ok, thank you!11:09
apwalkisg, that is good news, that kernel or a newer version of it should be promoted to the archive sometime this week if all things go to plan11:10
alkisgIf I see it again till release, I'll try to do a bisection11:11
apwalkisg, that sounds good11:11
alkisgLunch time, cheers, thanks again :)11:11
phillwapw: if the 4.4 lands into the xenial test builds before 25th Jan, that would be awesome :)13:48
SuperSStarTnope and I was getting PM's from mods saying to kick you.... and in public I was trying to diffuse things. But you'd add more fuel the fire and raise the temperature. Personally, I have no issues with you. Our channel etiquette is rather unique, but new comers tend to listen and watch for what is allowed instead of breaking through the barriers of 14:58
SuperSStarTwhat is not. You can still contact me via #linuxpadawan and we can re-visit the 'shut up and listen' pa 14:58
SuperSStarThonestly... u descriminate between newcomers and what not in a place thats suposed to be about freedom mostly freedom of expression to keep some hierarchy 14:58
SuperSStarTduuuuuuumb 14:58
SuperSStarTsaaaaaad 14:58
SuperSStarTpiiiiiiity 14:58
SuperSStarTtell them or kiss them...its what it is 14:58
SuperSStarTyes with no hierarchy there is only chaos... My channel is a technocracy.... go look it up and understand exactly what it means. 14:58
SuperSStarTright now if i could id love to kick ur ass from greenwich to greenwich the world round. and i mean good. 14:58
SuperSStarTthey got jelous and u let them...with pleasure...saw it 14:58
* phillw ahh, where was I?... my apologies for the outburst above, said user was ejected from #phillw and decided to go on a one man (child?) mini-rant on other channels. This being one of them.15:22
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