ari-tczewcjwatson: could you take a look on bug 1535064 please? you've blacklisted it and I'd like to process11:57
ubot5bug 1535064 in Ubuntu "Sync lxde-metapackages 6 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153506411:57
ari-tczewafter sync it needs to be adjusted, as well12:07
cjwatsonari-tczew: no - please just directly upload the merged version14:17
cjwatsonari-tczew: it will make sense to unblacklist it after that14:17
cjwatsonari-tczew: (sync-blacklist doesn't stop you uploading)14:17
* cjwatson updates the bug accordingly14:23
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ari-tczewcjwatson: done. lxde-metapackages (xenial-proposed/primary) [6ubuntu1]15:40
tewardany release manager around?16:42
tewardor archive admin, rather16:42
cjwatsonari-tczew: thanks, accepted/unblacklisted17:31
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