* MarkDude checked calendar, Wolverhamton chiding. https://twitter.com/TheCommunitizer/status/688553688856571905 Taking your Community to 1102:57
MarkDudeIts not just us Yanks that think Nigel sounds like Jono? (-:02:58
mappshi all04:33
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:24
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mappshi all:D19:19
penguin42hey mapps19:34
mappssup mate19:47
penguin42not much19:49
penguin42I'm fighting my phones kernel build19:49
pwaringfun way to spend a sunday evening :)19:51
pwaring(he says, battling with WordPress)19:51
popeypenguin42, OPO?19:52
penguin42popey: Yeh19:53
penguin42popey: They released a new set of kernel source which I've factored out so I can see the bits they changed - which is actually pretty small - and I've got it rebuilt, but the usb and wifi isn't working yet19:53
penguin42yeh the wifi isn't too much of a surprise since it looks like it was a module, but the usb - hmm that's a pain19:54
penguin42probably a config option, or a mismerge or something19:54
zmoylan-pia proper old fashioned 9600baud serial cable will see you through... :-P19:55
penguin42zmoylan-pi: There doesn't seem to be a db25 anywhere19:55
* popey breaks out his RS232 cable19:55
zmoylan-pisome disassembly may be required... :-)19:55
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Yeh I've added serial to a nook - but my soldering is pretty awful, and I really dont want to do that to my good phone19:56
zmoylan-pithink of the geek cred when people see you've added a 25 serial connection to your phone :-)19:56
penguin42zmoylan-pi: There used to be subminature db-9 that would actually fit19:57
penguin42they were tiny19:57
zmoylan-pithey made serial connections for some very weird small places as it was so handy...19:58
zmoylan-pithese days i slum it by using the camera on devices to transfer data in qr codes when i can't get a connection... :-)20:00
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Well, seriously, serial over the LEDs to get stuff out would be nice, but I'm not sure if there's anything to do serial in over the camera; I've heard optical serial being done on meters and I think the little embedded devices (oh what was the name of that thing...)20:01
* zmoylan-pi really misses ir transfers on palm and psion...20:01
penguin42hmm, I wonder if it has a separate sensor for backlight brightness20:02
diddledanI found grey hairs today :-(20:49
diddledanI guess I'm getting old...20:50
zmoylan-pithe name moylan means son of the bald man, i'm just glad to find hair :-)20:51
diddledanI've been losing my fringe for some time, but greys are new to me20:54
diddledanI was expecting to go bald before grey20:54
zmoylan-pidon't worry... it's when the grey hairs in your ears and nose are more noticeable that you can start to worry... :-)20:56
mappsman im tired21:09
mappsgot up early to go for brunch21:09
mappsgot up early to go for brunch21:11
diddledangot up twice? :-p21:51
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)23:05
sveaok its eening here but its afternoon somewhere23:17
MyrttiUniversal Greeting Time23:19
diddledanit's derived from caveman days when they'd just yell "ugt" at each other, and hence UGT (Universal Greeting Time) was born23:20
* diddledan stares at misogynistic terms in the eye23:23
popey.oO( I should probably go to bed )23:42
diddledansleepy moo23:47
mappsfinished daddys home23:55
mappscool film23:55

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