magespawngood morning08:02
Kilosmorning everyone08:36
Kiloseven our mailing list is dead10:11
Kiloseither new peeps are getting cleverer or ubuntu is getting too good10:12
Kiloshmm... peeps going to colonize mars soon12:19
Kiloshope those already there have built nice digs for them13:05
Private_Userafternoon all13:56
Private_Userhey Kilos, nice would you ever consider relocating there?13:57
Kilosnope im a born earthling14:10
Private_UserI wonder if they would have to make incubation chambers for everybody or whether they will come up with a solution to start growing plants and trees there to produce oxgen and release into the atmosphere of mars14:56
Kilosthey do same as in the space station15:21
Kilosplants do the work15:21
Kilosthey will just have to have domed structures or live underground for a long time first15:22
Kilosmost likely will have to live in domes forever , i dont think one could change a whole planets atmosphere15:23
Private_Userok then I guess I will remain earthbound and enjoy the beauty and surrounding of our earth more especially I can live anywhere on earth15:24
Kilosbit too cold at the poles though15:25
Kilosunless you carry enough fat like a walrus15:25
Private_Usercold but at least it has oxygen to breath15:25
Private_UserI have never experienced such cold temperatures I wonder hos that feels15:26
Kilosvery cold15:29
Kilosive been at -5°c and that was painful15:29
Kilospoles get below -40 and more at times15:30
Kilostake a bottle of water or ice cubes out of a good deep freeze and hold it against your cheek and you will have an idea15:31
Private_UserI cannot remeber what was the lowest temp I experienced did JHB ever have its temp at -315:31
Kilosat times jhb does yes15:31
Kiloshi magespawn 15:32
Private_Usercause I think I may have once when I first moved up there and had to work through the evening and we had to walk from building to building in Braamfontein15:32
Private_Userthe temo was that low if I remember correctly15:32
Kilosya not lekker at all15:33
Kilosnose burns from the cold15:33
Private_Userthats if you can still feel your nose after spending some time outside15:33
magespawnhi Kilos15:38
magespawnJHB can get lekker cold in winter15:38
Private_Userbut its better that DBN cold cause DBN cold you never know what to to wear a jacket do not wear a jacket wear a jacket do not wear a jacket cause without one you cold and with one you hot15:41
Private_UserJHB cold you know wear the jacket you fine15:42
Private_Userwell thats my experience some oaks here during winter dude, wearing gloves, hats and hug coats over jerseys and I am like thats too much15:44
Kilosall depends on th layer of fat you carry15:46
magespawnnever really seem to get cold in durban, and certainly not for long15:50
Kilosgreat temp down there15:51
Kilossub tropics are best places to live15:52
squish102maaz weather 2817315:55
Maazsquish102: In Monroe, North Carolina at 10:53 AM EST on January 17, 2016: 3°C; Humidity: 86%; Wind: NNE at 17 km/h; Conditions: Mostly Cloudy; Sunrise/set: 7:29 AM EST/5:36 PM EST; Moonrise/set: 12:30 PM EST/12:58 AM EST15:55
squish102ohhh, warm day outside15:56
Kilos3°c is warm?15:58
Kiloswhat do you smoke15:58
squish102happy it is not -15 outside16:04
squish102that is cold :(16:04
squish102i'm sure smile can relate16:04
Private_Userwhat the hek... and we were just complaining about it being below 0 and how cold that is even if it is just a few degrees but 15 below, thats sounds very very very and maybe even more very cold16:09
Private_Userbut I found that winter in JHB if the temp is around 4 and above at night it is not unbearable cold16:11
Private_Userjacket is good enough16:11
squish102if you house is built for it and you have the right clothing etc, it is not that bad, other than staying outside for extended periods of time16:55
magespawni was watching ice pilots, and the mechanics were changing an engine on a plane in -3017:08
magespawnand my wife wants to move to canada17:09
magespawnthat is where the series was filmed17:10
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:46
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