administradoryou speak spanish?00:04
k1l!es | administrador00:04
ubottuadministrador: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:04
administradorping hardbot00:05
nicomachuscan I direct different programs to different audio outputs?00:07
bramgnnicomachus: yes with pavucontrol00:10
nicomachusbramgn: I was looking at that, but having trouble getting it to start over ssh even with X. any CLI options?00:11
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nicomachusI get this error: https://imgur.com/5BsQayO00:15
nicomachusand if I run "start-pulseaudio-x11" manually I get a connection refused error.00:15
kinker31!ask What does a EFI Windows 10 grub menu entry look like?00:16
ubottukinker31: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:16
nicomachushere: https://paste.ubuntu.com/14539240/00:16
kinker31!ask help00:16
nicomachuskinker31: no need for !ask.00:16
EriC^^sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified00:17
k1lkinker31: run a "sudo update-grub" that should find the installed windows00:17
EriC^^kinker31: Boot0000* Windows Boot ManagerHD(1,800,96000,9d628cfc-52b9-460d-bfdc-53596959b30c)File(\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi)RC00:17
llldinoI tried at one point to get windows 10 to work off of grub, but I never could. update-grub refuses to probe it properly00:18
EriC^^kinker31: oh, grub menu, thought you said boot menu00:18
llldinoHere's my custom entry : http://paste.debian.net/366225/ Even that won't boot it00:19
kinker31Yeah, i took a look in grub.cfg, and I didn't see an entry for Windows Boot Manager in there.00:19
EriC^^kinker31: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14539279/00:19
EriC^^llldino: why wouldn't it, all update-grub does is look for bootmgfw.efi on fat32 partitions00:20
k1lkinker31: did you run a "sudo update-grub"?00:20
llldinoIdl, it doesn't find it at all00:20
kinker31Ran it before I opened the file.00:21
EriC^^llldino: can you pastebin sudo parted -l ?00:22
EriC^^kinker31: can you pastebin it as well?00:22
kinker31What, grub.cfg?00:22
EriC^^no, sudo parted -l00:22
llldinoEriC^^, http://paste.debian.net/366226/00:24
llldinoWindows is on /dev/sdb00:24
llldinoI tried getting it to work, then I gave up and now I just boot it from BIOS, but It would be nice if grub behaved properly00:26
llldinoNot that I ever boot windows anyways q:00:26
EriC^^llldino: can you type cat /etc/fstab | grep /boot/efi ?00:26
k1lkinker31: why dont you ask in #archlinux ?00:27
llldinoEriC^^, The boot/efi isn't in my fstab00:27
kinker31Actually, my "Arch basic data" is my Ubuntu partition.00:27
EriC^^llldino: oh, linux isn't installed in uefi mode, it's in legacy mode00:27
k1lkinker31: come on :/00:27
EriC^^that's why it doesn't pick it up00:27
EriC^^k1l: i think he's telling the truth00:28
EriC^^cause arch doesn't have update-grub00:28
kinker31Arch was the first distro I tried, and the partition name just kinda stuck when installing other distros.00:29
llldinoEriC^^, It is? Now i'm confused00:29
EriC^^llldino: you can convert the install to uefi if you want00:29
kinker31At least thats what i think happened.00:29
EriC^^yeah, it's using a msdos partition table, which is odd for uefi, usually it uses gpt00:29
EriC^^llldino: type ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi , it would confirm that it's in uefi if the dir exists00:30
EriC^^kinker31: can you also type ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi ?00:31
llldinoNo such file or dir00:31
EriC^^llldino: it's in legacy mode then00:31
llldinoI wonder if that's because I used the builtin partitioner on the debian instasller. I didn't see an option for gpt00:32
kinker31Do you want me to put the result in a pastebin too?00:32
llldinoI might have used fdisk to partition too, I can't remember :x00:32
EriC^^kinker31: it's ok, we only need to see if the dir exists or not00:32
EriC^^llldino: what laptop do you have?00:33
llldinoCustom tower00:33
EriC^^well, right now at least it's a nice standalone working system00:34
EriC^^if you have a bad implementation of uefi, then you'd need to switch the efi files to get it to boot linux, and then if you remove the linux drive, you won't be able to boot windows right off the bat00:35
kinker31drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 0 Jan 16 14:01 /sys/firmware/efi00:35
EriC^^you could try using the windows efi real quick to see if the uefi likes booting linux though, it's pretty easy00:35
Asta666heey somebody can help me testing torchat?00:36
nicomachusAsta666: try #freenode00:36
EriC^^you just add /boot/efi as a mountpoint for the windows efi partition, and the install the grub-efi package, then you'd get grub if the uefi implementation was good and you can boot windows from there00:36
EriC^^kinker31: ok, you're using uefi00:36
EriC^^kinker31: what does sudo os-prober give you?00:37
llldinoEriC^^, /boot/efi is on the windows disk?00:37
EriC^^i wonder if it doesn't like that it's a fat16 and not fat32 and that's why it's not checking it, it's odd00:37
EriC^^kinker31: is the windows file there? type ls -l /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi00:37
Asta666nicomachus thanks I will do just that00:38
kinker31-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1289424 Jan 16 13:15 /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi00:38
EriC^^llldino: well, there's an efi partition on the windows disk, you could use that just to see if the uefi will boot linux efi, cause some uefi are picky about that and only boot windows efi00:38
EriC^^llldino: if you do that, you wouldn't be able to boot linux without the windows disk, but if it likes booting it, then you can create an efi partition on the linux disk and use that as /boot/efi00:39
EriC^^and have 2 standalone uefi installs that work independently00:39
EriC^^kinker31: ok, so the file's there00:39
EriC^^it looks like this is the file os-prober uses to find the efi partition /usr/share/os-prober/common.sh00:41
llldinoI'll be back, i'm going to try it00:42
EriC^^llldino: ok, if you do add the mount to /etc/fstab, before you install grub-efi you need to sudo modprobe efivars00:42
EriC^^so it adds that /sys/firmware/efi dir that efibootmgr uses00:43
welovfreeHow can I monitor RAM usage? How much memory I'm consuming and how much still free.00:43
k1lwelovfree: "free -m"00:44
nicomachuswelovfree: also htop00:44
k1lwelovfree: and see linuxatemyram.com for the results00:44
llldinoEriC^^, Okay, so I can boot windows 10 using uefi, by doing a manual boot override on my BIOS. I don't understand what you were saying before00:49
EriC^^llldino: ok, if you edit /etc/fstab and add an entry for the windows efi partition, and then install grub-efi, you'll have converted the install to uefi00:50
llldinoConverted my debian install?00:50
EriC^^and then when you get grub, you can boot windows from it00:50
llldinoOh I see, alright hang tright for a sec00:51
EriC^^there's an issue though llldino00:51
EriC^^some uefi don't like booting anything other than the windows file00:51
EriC^^do you have a live usb first?00:52
llldinoWhat is the uefi? I think that's where i'm getting confused? Is it part of my motherboard or does it live on the Windows EFI partition00:52
llldinoYeah I can reverse what I did thats no big deal00:52
EriC^^the uefi is the bios00:52
EriC^^ok, cool00:52
llldinoMy motherboard is fairly new, and she's been good to me so far, so hopefully it goes okay00:53
EriC^^so first you need to edit /etc/fstab and add an entry for the efi partition you'll be using, let me show the entry i have in my fstab00:53
llldinoI'm using the PARTUUID as the UUID right?00:54
llldinoOh no sorry my bad00:54
llldinoTheres an 8 bit hex number i'm using right?00:54
EriC^^kinker31: you there?00:56
EriC^^llldino: after you save it, create the /boot/efi dir00:57
EriC^^then try sudo mount -a00:57
llldinoOkay that worked00:58
llldino"/dev/sdb2 on /boot/efi type vfat (rw,relatime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=utf8,shortname=mixed,errors=remount-ro)"00:58
EriC^^now you need to modprobe efivars cause grub will need it00:59
EriC^^try sudo modprobe efivars00:59
EriC^^it should populate /sys/firmware/efi now i think00:59
llldino"modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'efivars': No such device"00:59
llldinoThere's also efivarfs01:00
kinker31Did i miss something?01:01
EriC^^llldino: ok, it's ok grub can still install, but when it tries using efibootmgr to add the uefi boot entry to the list of os's it will fail01:01
EriC^^llldino: try sudo apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-signed01:01
llldinoI already installed it, yeah01:02
EriC^^llldino: ok, it failed at the end?01:02
llldinoNo, I got the package okay01:02
EriC^^kinker31: did you make a windows menu entry?01:02
EriC^^ok, cool01:03
kinker31Not yet.01:03
EriC^^try ls -l /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu01:03
EriC^^llldino: ^ see if grubx64.efi etc are there01:03
llldinoI should add that I installed grub-efi before I edited fstab and mounted with mount -a01:04
llldinols -a /boot/efi/EFI returns ".  ..  Boot  Microsoft"01:05
llldinoOh my bad, it's in the subdir Boot01:05
EriC^^kinker31: if you use mine and switch hd0,gpt1 with hd0,gpt2 and change 9094-CDF4 in all places with whatever sudo blkid /dev/sda2 gives you it should work01:05
EriC^^kinker31: can you type sudo blkid -p /dev/sda ?01:06
EriC^^llldino: Boot?01:06
EriC^^that's odd01:06
llldinoI'm on debian I should add01:06
EriC^^it should be under /boot/efi/EFI01:06
EriC^^ok, try sudo efibootmgr -v01:06
llldinoYeah it is, /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi01:06
EriC^^oh, that's the windows file01:06
EriC^^we need grubx64.efi or shimx64.efi01:07
EriC^^llldino: try sudo grub-install01:07
llldinoefibootmgr -vL: "efibootmgr: EFI variables are not supported on this system."01:07
EriC^^llldino: try without giving grub-install any device01:07
llldinoI need a device for grub-install01:08
llldinoOh, yeah it's bitching it wants one01:08
EriC^^nope, for uefi you shouldn't01:08
EriC^^oh, then grub-efi isn't installed01:08
kinker31/dev/sda: PTUUID="1d203556-2802-481e-b06f-9ecaf9f74de0" PTTYPE="gpt"01:08
EriC^^try sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed ( or so, it might be different on debian )01:08
llldino"grub-efi-amd64 is already the newest version."01:09
EriC^^kinker31: ok01:09
llldinoOkay hold on01:09
llldinoNothing in EFI01:11
EriC^^llldino: ok, try booting the live usb in uefi mode, and then you can chroot and install grub01:12
llldinoAlso, Is it bossible I have a 32 bit version of grub on a 64 bit platform? There's a dir under /boot/grub named i386-pc01:12
EriC^^it has to be in uefi mode though01:12
llldinoInstall grub onto /dev/sda?01:13
EriC^^llldino: no to the efi partition on /dev/sdb201:13
llldinoOh I see where this is going01:14
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llldinoBut..I want my Windows to be Independant of my Linux, and I want grub on the same disk Linux is on S:01:15
MDTechI have a 3TB hard drive (3-4 months old) from a Windows PC connected to an enclosure. This enclosure works just fine with other hard drives (just tested) but I can't mount any partitions of the drive01:15
MDTechhere is the `parted /dev/sdb print` output http://pastebin.com/raw/Uwgjm4Fw01:15
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
EriC^^llldino: yeah, i agree with you, my intention is to see if the uefi will boot the linux efi without any problems01:15
llldinoOkay, give me a sec01:15
k1lMDTech: windows doesnt do a real shutdown. so the partitions are not fine to be mounted.01:15
MDTechFor some reason it gives an incorrect SIZE Disk /dev/sdb: 802GB01:16
k1lMDTech: uh, but that seems like some other issue01:16
k1lMDTech: what is on that disk?01:16
MDTechk1l: exactly. the problem you said is simply fixed with `ntfsfix`01:16
MDTechbuncha music and stuff01:16
k1lMDTech: i mean partition setup01:16
MDTechthe partitions that parted show are correct01:17
MDTechhence in the paste01:17
k1lMDTech: i am not sure if "msdos" can handle 3TB disks. shouldnt this be a gpt disk=01:17
MDTechisn't msdos only limited in partition size not in drive size?01:18
k1lMDTech: is this some sort of special setup from windows? or raid/fakeraid/...01:18
MDTechno raid or anything01:18
daniel3331so, we finally installed ubuntu, but now it wont boot. we are trying to dual boot (cause files not backed up yet from the windows partition) but windows keeps loading. grub never comes up to boot linux...01:19
MDTechpartition 1 is definitely Windows and partition 3 is definitely my music and stuff01:20
anabainwhat is the command that shows at the server, which client hosts have *currently* mounted a server's nfs share?01:20
MDTechnot sure about 2...01:20
ballmerthere's some kind of glitch in ubuntu 15.10's installation that prevents booting on some uefi systems01:20
daniel3331ballmer: was that directed at me?01:20
daniel3331oh. okay. any solutions?01:20
ballmeri installed xubuntu instead, then unity01:20
daniel3331(thanks btw)01:21
ballmersomeone suggested that01:21
daniel3331okay well actually this is ubuntu gnome but the people in here are more helpful...01:21
ballmeryou can install gnome 3 in xubuntu as a 2nd de01:21
MDTechk1l: This drive boots just fine in a windows machine01:21
ballmerjust don't uninstall it or else something might break01:21
MDTechas in windows that is installed on it boots fine01:22
daniel3331but xubuntu is fine?01:22
ballmerdaniel3331, yes, there is apparently an unresolved ubuntu 15.10 but concerning uefi01:22
daniel3331And reiinstalling grub from the instasll media wont help?01:23
ballmeri didn't try to rescue it, that might work01:23
EriC^^daniel3331: ballmer what bug?01:24
kinker31Heya. When I ran the menu entry, it said that a couple of sectors over at hd1 couldn't be read, and that 1d203556-2802-481e-b06f-9ecaf9f74de wasn't a device.01:24
ballmerthere was a bug that someone closed about uefi, but it's still popping up01:24
EriC^^kinker31: can you paste the entry you added and sudo blkid ?01:24
ballmerit was closed in november01:24
EriC^^i think there was a bug where efibootmgr put the same entry or something when upgrading to it or something01:25
EriC^^remember reading it a couple days ago01:25
EriC^^any link?01:25
ballmerthis bug for elementary OS is related to ubuntu and is still open https://bugs.launchpad.net/elementaryos/+bug/149225601:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1492256 in Ubuntu "I can't boot into my system after a fresh install for 0.3.1 in UEFI mode" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:27
k1lballmer: we cant fix elementaryOS bugs01:29
llldinoEriC^^, I get this "http://paste.debian.net/36623701:30
llldinoUpon trying to grub-install /dev/sdb201:30
ballmerit said it affects ubuntu and is "unassigned" by ubuntu01:30
EriC^^llldino: it's still trying to use grub legacy01:30
EriC^^llldino: are you in the live usb right now?01:30
ballmeri remember seeing an ubuntu bug like that closed in november01:30
llldinoNotice on line 1 it says installing for i386, what gives?01:30
llldinoNo i'm not01:31
EriC^^ballmer: thanks01:31
ballmerelementary has a fix01:31
EriC^^llldino: oh, you need to boot into the live usb, so you have the efivars01:31
EriC^^it has to be booted in uefi mode01:32
llldinoWhat has to be booted, the live USB? There's no option to boot it in uefi mode01:32
EriC^^llldino: is secureboot disabled?01:32
llldinoNo it is not01:33
EriC^^try to disable it and check if you can change the uefi boot order to have the usb first01:33
llldinoI don't have to change boot order, I have an override option that directly boots into that01:33
llldinoAnyways, i'll try give me a sec01:34
eddiezubhello guys01:34
hinderakerI know this might not be the right channel to ask this question, but its the best I got. Where would I host my ubuntu server (offcourse) to get the best ping from both Europe and USA. Would New York be the best place? (More specific best ping between Norway and Pittsburg).01:38
imnicholI've got an LXC question: I used "lxc launch" to start a new instance of a container, but it appears that command doesn't automatically set up a network connection01:38
imnicholAm I missing something?01:39
imnicholOr if that is correct, how do I go about setting up a network connection01:39
daniel3331oh lawd01:40
daniel3331my colleage did a sudo rm /* on an important server at work. we have no backlups01:40
daniel3331I thought this was the kind of thing you only read about on /.01:40
hinderakerdaniel3331: rm is harmeless. Just unplug the disk and any recovery software will find everything.01:41
nicomachusdaniel3331: that was incredibly stupid of him.01:42
nicomachusbut unless you're looking for support solutions, I suggest taking the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic01:42
nicomachusand unless he used -rf on that rm command, the damage is minimal.01:43
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bob2017k1rk or tj- ?01:43
nicomachusbob2017: got a question?01:44
bob2017nicomachus: there’s been a whole saga, i’ve been talking to them about it for a copule of days01:44
nicomachusah. I haven't seen TJ- today, but k1l is around someplace.01:45
kinker31This might take a little while, Wi-Fi's not being cooperative with me.01:46
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llldinoGeez, what a nightmare. So I turned secure boot off, and I have something called "CSM, or compatibility stiorage manager where it selects if it should be UEFI or legacy automatically01:53
EriC^^yes turn csm off01:54
llldinoSo I selected UEFI only, and both my live disk and my deb install dissapeared01:54
llldinoFrom boot order01:54
Obscurityhey how do you disable authentication password for software its quite annoying01:55
fullstackhi, to make ubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso bootable on a USB thumb drive, do I just dd if=isofile of=/dev/sdb ?01:55
k1lObscurity: you mean sudo?01:55
EriC^^fullstack: yeah, use bs=4M though01:56
k1lfullstack: yes, but make sure sdb is your usb pendrive and not another hdd or such.01:56
EriC^^and run sync afterwards, or umount the usb01:56
Obscurityhmm i don't want to type in a password every time i wish to install some thing01:56
fullstackok thx01:56
EriC^^llldino: so you couldn't boot the live usb?01:56
Obscurityam using ubuntu 14.0401:56
k1lObscurity: the terminal doens ask for every sudo. it keeps the password for some minutes01:56
llldinoEriC^^, I could not boot the live CD in UEFI mode01:57
Obscuritymmm it is asking me for my password01:57
Obscuritythe terminal is any ways01:57
EriC^^does sudo modprobe efivars work by any chance?01:57
fullstackcool I'm installing ubuntu on my new lappy386!01:57
fullstack$160 Thinkpad T510 i5 4gb ram on ebay01:58
k1lObscurity: sudo asks once. then it will keep it for some time. but dont close the terminal because opening another terminal will start other session which will need a new authentification01:58
llldinoEriC^^, Still no such device01:58
Obscuritythat is true01:58
Obscurityit wont let me type my password how ever01:58
EriC^^llldino: ok, edit /etc/fstab again and remove the /boot/efi line01:59
Obscuritynot in terminal any way01:59
k1lObscurity: there is no ******* when typing the password.01:59
k1ljust type it blind and hit enter01:59
Obscuritynoy even a ****01:59
llldinoumount /dev/sdb201:59
k1lObscurity: there is no ***02:00
k1lObscurity: that is right02:00
llldinoEriC^^, Alright edited fstab02:01
kinker31My previous pastebin was a bit finicky with me, so here's a better one! http://paste.ubuntu.com/14540377/02:01
Obscuritythank you KLL02:02
Obscurityit worked :)02:03
weox I am using oracle jdk , now I want to install eclipse from fedora repository , apt-get wants to install openjdk . is there any way to tell to apt-get I have jdk !02:05
kinker31You still there, EriC^^?02:06
k1lweox: how did you install jdk? and how are you using a "fedora repo"?02:06
weoxsorry , not fedora repo , ( i did it one time with fedora repo but didn't work out ) currencty I uses web8 repo02:07
weoxif I remember correctly its name02:07
weoxI can give link if this does matter02:07
k1lweox: well, if it was installed with apt then apt should know. but if the 3rd party package wants a openjdk instead of the oracle jdk its the package depencies fault02:09
imnicholanyone have any experience with lxc?02:10
kinker31My wifi is being slooow.02:12
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nicomachuskinker31: we saw02:19
kinker31Ah, Thanks.02:19
nicomachusbut unless you describe the issue more in depth, there's nothing anyone can do02:19
kinker31Wi-fi's not wanting to be competent with me right now.02:19
fibeshave you checked channel congestion?02:19
fibesIE if you see if a bunch of signals on chan 6 move to 1102:20
fibeswhichever has the least 1 6 or 1102:20
nicomachuskinker31: why do you say that. are you getting slow speeds? what is normal? what are you getting now? what makes you think it's an ubuntu error? what is your wifi driver? what ubuntu version? details.02:20
kinker31Are you speaking about the wi-fi?02:26
fullstackit saids to remove floppies to reboot02:26
fullstackwtf, its 2016. who has a floppy drive02:27
nicomachusfullstack: I do. and watch your language please.02:27
fullstackPlease a moment of silent for those of us who still run ubuntu 28602:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 286 in Launchpad itself "Signing the CoC doesn't work" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28602:27
fullstacknicomachus, please /ignore thanks02:27
fullstackoh lala la. the keyboard on this laptop is concaved slightly in02:28
fullstackhow do I enable wifi connect via command line in ubuntu server02:29
fullstackiwconfig wlan0 join <ssid> or something?02:29
nicomachusor something.02:30
al2o3-crfullstack: wpa2?02:31
fullstackyeah, iwconfig wlan0 key s:<password_wireless>02:32
Obscurityhow do i get to the wine hq channel?02:32
nicomachusObscurity: /join ##winehq02:32
k1l!wine | Obscurity02:32
ubottuObscurity: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:32
fullstackObscurity, the irc channel?02:32
Obscuritythank you02:32
nicomachusObscurity: sorry it's #winehq02:32
al2o3-crfullstack: wpa_supplicant -B -i interface -c <(wpa_passphrase SSID passphrase)02:32
fullstackcrazy, really?02:32
extraymondAnyone know how to disable fglrx temporarily? I want to use fglrx when working, but radeon when casual-browsing since it offers better desktop experience02:46
rwwthat way lies madness, in my experience02:47
travixAnyone have a good ipblocker they would suggest for ubuntu?02:47
ubuntu703hello there, can someone give me a hand, kind of stuck trying to make something work02:48
scooteroHello there.. ;)02:49
fullstacktravix, sudo iptables -I INPUT -d x.y.z.w -j REJECT02:49
fullstacktravix, that should block ip x.y.z.w02:49
nicomachusubuntu703: what's the issue?02:49
ubuntu703I'm trying to do a dualboot (already had ubuntu installed), I made a partition for windows to be installed (until now everything works great) but when I enter the windows CD it just tells me that it cannot be installed on gpt02:50
ubuntu703looked serveral things on google but just made me mroe confused02:50
nicomachuslikely an issue for ##windows... but what version of windows is it?02:51
ubuntu703aye its all about windows but since I have ubuntu as main I thought to come here and ask, sorry if it is kind of "offtopic" its win702:52
nicomachusyea it is a bit offtopic here, since this is solely ubuntu support. But I'm going to *guess* it's an issue with EFI v. legacy. but this isn't my area of expertise.02:52
ubuntu703sorry about that then, that is bios side right?02:53
nicomachusyes it is.02:54
ubuntu703I've readed about that a  bit since someone had a similar issue and was given a similar answer, but I wondered if that would just made the install work02:54
ubuntu703or if i'll need to switch from one anotehr depending on what OS i want to run02:55
nicomachusubuntu703: you cannot have one OS installed as EFI and another as Legacy. They MUST both be the same.02:55
ubuntu703so there is no workaround for that? or?02:56
nicomachusubuntu703: not that I know of, but as I said it's not my area of expertise.02:56
ubuntu703ok thanks a lot anyways now atleast I have some things clear02:57
ubuntu703have a nice day :)02:57
profetik777just wanna say how awesome I think ubuntu is.02:57
fullstackhow do I make ubuntu server start X and xdm login like ubuntu desktop?02:59
fullstackon a new install on my laptop. I have fluxbox, x11, xinit, and xterm right now03:00
nicomachuswhy not just install desktop version? why put server on a laptop?03:01
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LordSesshomaruhey, I'm having connection sharing issues, I'm connected to wifi, but when I plug in the ethernet cable it loads my sharing connection on eth0 but kills the wifi connection03:13
=== meech is now known as mishays
bob2017what’s supposed to happen?03:30
LordSesshomaruhey, I'm having connection sharing issues, I'm connected to wifi, but when I plug in the ethernet cable it loads my sharing connection on eth0 but kills the wifi connection, any ideas why this is happening?  On any other machine it just works, set the eth0 connection to share and it shares.03:37
janesmithI'm trying to get MythTV working on a new machine with 15.10. I typed "sudo status mythtvbackend" and I got this: "tatus: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused" ... which seems ... bad.... and then I read online that ubuntu replaced upstart ... is that true? What am I supposed to use for services?03:39
nicomachusjanesmith: you may find this helpful: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers03:41
nicomachusupstart was replaced with systemd, and that wiki gives a decent rundown03:41
janesmithnicomachus: ok I'll check it out.03:42
kinker31Heya!  The only problem I have left with grub is that iit can't seem to find /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi .03:45
janesmithSystemD seems like a real winner with all these commands. So much simpler.03:47
janesmith#newStuffIsNew but still #simpleCommandsAreBetter03:47
janesmithok so... if I want to diagnose "failed to load: no such file or directory" should I start at /etc/init/$job or is that just there to tease me, and the systemD files are somewhere else?03:48
nicomachusjanesmith: I'm not sure, but there is an entire channel just for #systemd, if that helps.03:50
kinker31Is there a way to get GRUB2 to detect the Windows efi file and boot up Windows 10?03:50
anonymous_ 03:52
hypermistQuestion how to enable or install apt-add-repository /03:53
outfoxis awesome-wm faster than xfce?03:53
nicomachushypermist: apt-add-repository is part of apt, and is used to add third-party PPAs to your system sources.03:53
nicomachus!ppa | hypermist03:54
ubottuhypermist: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge03:54
hypermistalright i undertsand nicomachus but is there a way to enable ?03:55
nicomachuswhat do you mean enable...?03:55
hypermistapt-add-repository isnt a command03:55
jifferI have a question I just installed a fresh copy of ubuntu on my vituralbox on a windwos 7 pc, using a ssd. But it seems to run super slow i have 64gb of ram too03:56
nicomachushypermist: https://askubuntu.com/questions/493460/how-to-install-add-apt-repository-using-the-terminal03:56
jifferany suggestions to speed up ubuntu03:56
hypermistthanks nicomachus03:56
nicomachusjiffer: did you install the guest additions iso?03:57
jifferyes i did03:57
nicomachusjiffer: ok, and did you enable 3D acceleration in the VirtualBox manager window?03:58
MuimiHey guys, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 on a powerbook g4.  I'm wondering if I should be using the powerpc ISO or the intel 32-bit iso?03:58
jifferno i did not03:58
nicomachusMuimi: you shouldn't install 10.04. You should install 14.0403:58
nicomachusjiffer: do that.03:58
MuimiAlso, does it matter if I use the mini cd, as far as whether or not it will -- yeah sorry 14.04 thanks. -- be recognized.03:58
nicomachusMuimi: wow, those are some... low specs. I would suggest a lighter distro like lubuntu.03:59
MuimiThe issue I'm having is, using Rufus 2, it says "the ISO file cannot be burned with FAT/FAT32/NTFS/UDF file system; however, the guide I'm using says to use FAT.03:59
MuimiIs 14.04 lubuntu nice and stable?04:00
nicomachusMuimi: yes.04:00
MuimiSo, I've burned several mini cds (one onto a DVD, one onto USB, and one onto a CD).  None of them were recognized by the powerbook g4.  I was thinking: maybe it's because I need the ppc iso file?  If so, why wouldn't it burn to the USB?04:01
jifferenabled 3d04:02
jifferit seems to work a bit faster04:02
MuimiWell, I'm going to test a few things. Any response, loking forward to it04:03
nicomachusjiffer: some other options to speed up the vbox: https://askubuntu.com/questions/289677/how-to-improve-performance-of-virtualbox-when-unity-low-gfx-mode-is-not-working04:03
nicomachussome of those will break animations and whatnot, though, so just check what you're doing before you do it.04:03
OerHeksMuimi, see here for ppc downloads https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads04:04
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OerHeksand this page is a help too, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ04:05
Muimi@ OerHeks: I have the download right, but I'm having issues with burning the PPC release to USB.  I'm using "Rufus 2" to burn the ISO file, and it's saying it can't burn the powerpc download.04:07
OerHeksMuimi, correct, powerbookG4 can boot from firewire, not usb, AFAIK04:08
MuimiWould it be possible for me to burn the iso file to a PC?04:09
OerHeksmaybe it is in the FAQ, never read it as i have no ppc04:09
OerHeksMuimi, i think you mean burn to cd? sure04:10
Muimii got a firewire drive somewhere, but i'd way rather buy a cd _sometime_ tomorrow than search for a firewire drive _all night_ tonight.04:11
Muimiokay.  Cool.  Thanks.04:12
goddardhow long is kubuntu supported04:13
OerHeksgoddard, depends, what version?04:13
yorwoshi all, i just read about kernel 4.4 released , do u think it will be included in the future updates pretty soon or should i manually install it instead ?04:23
nicomachusyorwos: it will be included in 16.0404:24
nicomachusI would not recommend manually installing it.04:24
OerHeks16.04 will indeed04:24
yorwoshm,im using 14.04 so far04:24
yorwoswell thanx for the info , will wait for 16.0404:25
welovfree_What is the best download manager for Ubuntu? an alternative idman for Ubuntu users.04:26
HrobWith and extended desktop over 2 or 3 monitors,  is it possible for me to limit my mouse movement to only one monitor... or limit the movement over some small rectangle on the extended desktop04:26
HrobI realized I can do this with  touch or pen device by setting the coordinate transform matrix with  $ xinput set-prop ...04:27
Hrobhowever this does not have desired effect with mouse devices04:27
welovfree_bob2017, Hi04:27
Hrobany ideas?04:27
DandyAndyanyone here?04:29
CinnamonRickRolltheres almost 2000 ppl here04:30
bob2017hey - my graphics card isn’t detecting my monitors.  how can i make it do that?  xrandr returns that it finds one, called “default.”  With livecd it correctly finds all three monitors on DVI-1, Display-1, etc.04:34
allstarsnorks2Hi there. Does Ubuntu 14.04.3 come with GTK 3.12/GTK 3.14 by default?04:36
nicomachusallstarsnorks2: looks like 3.10.804:40
sgo11hi, in /etc/fstab, I want to mount cifs samba share. I can mount a specific directory such as "//storage/public  /media/smbstorage  cifs", but I can not do this "//storage/  /media/smbstorage  cifs". why not? I just want to mount the root directory and everything automatically. in file manager such as nautilus, I can simply access "smb://storage/" without any problems. why can't fstab mount cifs do this?04:43
root7greetings - first time here, just gave up mint for ubuntu xenial..04:44
nicomachusroot7: congrats! unfortunately, since xenial is still in alpha, discussion/support is at #ubuntu+1 and is off topic here04:45
root7it wasnt a discussion it was a statement..04:45
root7but your welcome04:46
goddardOerHeks: 14.0404:46
OneM_IndustriesSo, I am attempting to install ubuntu-server on an old machine to play around with, and it gave me this: mount: mounting /dev/sda on /media failed: invalid argument04:48
OneM_Industries(Repeat that for /sdb, sdc, etc)04:48
OneM_IndustriesAny ideas on what is wrong and how to fix it?04:48
OerHeksgoddard, 5 years, it is lts04:50
goddardOerHeks: sorry but when was it released? or is there a place I should be checking this myself?04:50
OerHeksgoddard, 14.04 = 201404:51
OerHekseasy to find i think04:51
goddardahh ok and 16.04 is 201604:53
OerHeksOneM_Industries, maybe mount /dev/sda1 /media ?? you can mount a partition, not a disk04:58
OneM_IndustriesOk, let me see..04:59
OneM_IndustriesOk, odd. It went past that stage on its own.04:59
OerHeksuh? frankenstein-ubuntu?05:00
OneM_IndustriesI am just going to leave it and hope for the best. The SATA to IDE converter I bought may be kinda wonky.05:00
OneM_IndustriesHeh. "Sed-a-give?!"05:00
inferno__Hey guys, have a question about Ubuntu Server 14.4.3 LTS, note that its basically my first time, so I have little to no experience with it, but Ive learned throuh YT videos. My question is about how the inet address does not seem to show up after manual restart of the server, of which I run on a VM on VirtualBox. I actually deleted the server and created another VM and set it up the same as the first, and it still didnt show up, a05:06
OerHeksinferno__, stop the vm, go into the vm settings, network, choose bridged networking, not NAT, save, and restart05:08
inferno__OerHeks, did that, nothing05:09
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:09
inferno__The thing is, the first time before manual reset it worked, when I put in the inet address in my browser the Apache server came up with the default index.html05:11
OerHeksThere is a dedicated channel for server too, #ubuntu-server05:12
TwistedFruitOerHeks: This channel should suffice for both roles.05:13
inferno__alright thanks05:13
OerHeksTwistedFruit, just saying, also there is #virtualbox too.05:14
inferno__I asked on there too, see if anyone can help05:15
TwistedFruitOerHeks: Ah, sorry, I took what you were saying as a question, not a suggestion. Doh.05:16
=== TwistedFruit is now known as ChibaPet
nicomachusOerHeks: virtualbox channel is #vbox05:16
OerHeksChibaPet, no problem, maybe he needs an other setting, host-only adapter, not sure, i use KVM only05:17
inferno__anyway to disable join/leave messages?05:22
nicomachusinferno__: what client?05:23
OerHeksinferno__, depends on your client, http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages05:23
inferno__Oh im on the browser version05:23
nicomachusuhh... perhaps "/ignore -channel #channelname * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS" will work05:24
rwwinferno__: click the blue icon in the top left, go to Options, there's a checkbox in there for it.05:25
rwwthe webchat doesn't have /ignore05:25
nicomachusah. never used it.05:25
inferno__well sheet might as well get a client since I do use IRC from time to time05:27
sgo11hi, how can I run a script after wlan0 interface get an IP address automatically at boot? I tried to put the script in /etc/network/if-up.d/, but it doesn't work. it runs multiple times with each interface up, but run before dhcpd.05:28
ChibaPetsgo11: Are you using /etc/network/interfaces? If so, look at post-up in the man page.05:33
irctc058I upgraded version initiator icon does not work What should I do05:34
irctc058kde4 upgrade kde505:34
sgo11ChibaPet, thanks a lot. I found how to use post-up in google. but which man page do you refer to? I tried "man ifup" and "man /etc/network/interfaces". both does not have post-up description.05:36
ChibaPet"man interfaces"05:37
sgo11ChibaPet, got it. thanks. one more question, should I create a script by root user or normal user? which user will execute that command? I guess it's root, right?05:38
ChibaPetRoot, yeah.05:41
sgo11ChibaPet, just tried it. does not work. I don't find any logs related to this action in /var/log/*05:47
ChibaPetsgo11: Are you using interfaces to bring up the network, as opposed to NetworkManager?05:52
llldinoIf I have a system with Windows and Linux/GNU, and I want to dual boot and want Raid0 on both, can I do this with software raid (2 arrays, one with windows and one with Linux) or do I have to use hardware Raid?05:56
ChibaPetsgo11: Anyway, have the script write out a record of its action in /tmp or something to verify that it's working. Make sure it's executable, as that might be a requirement.05:59
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest90771
sgo11ChibaPet, sorry about the late reply. I was out for a while. I did test and add touch /tmp/test.txt to that script. the file can be created. that means that script does run. but I put "mount /media/smbshare" in that script, this line does not work and there is no log why it does not work. how to debug further? thanks a lot. Btw, That mount command can only work after dhcpd and wlan0 get an IP address.06:15
ChibaPetsgo11: I'm a bit tired, but I have a recollection of a way to specify that a filesystem mount after networks are up. Let me look.06:19
sgo11ChibaPet, sorry to trouble you. thanks a lot for your help.06:19
ChibaPetMaybe I'm thinking of a BSD option. post-up ought to do the trick - will your script mount it if you run it by hand06:19
sgo11ChibaPet, yeah, if I do sudo script. it will mount that directory without any problems.06:20
sgo11ChibaPet, I am rebooting that machine again. this time I redirects stdout and stderr to a file. let me see if there is something.06:21
sgo11ChibaPet, ok. still dhcpd's problem. the file shows "mount error: could not resolve address for storage: Unknown error". that means post-up runs before wlan0 gets an IP address.06:22
ChibaPetThat's odd.06:23
ChibaPetCounterintuitive, even.06:23
ChibaPetWell. You could try a sleep at the start of your script. Seems like that shouldn't be necessary.06:24
gambl0rehow do you cut paste in terminal?06:24
gambl0recp doesnt remove the file from old location06:24
ChibaPetgambl0re: Depends on the terminal. I think a few of them defaults to control-shift-p and control-shift-v06:24
ChibaPetgambl0re: cp makes a copy06:24
ChibaPetgambl0re: mv should remove the old one06:25
gambl0remv (old dir) (new dir)06:25
ChibaPetAlright, good night all. Nodding off as I sit here. I'll be back.06:25
gambl0redo i need to provide any options?06:25
nicomachusgambl0re: you can use "mv", which is move06:26
nicomachusoh. I need to read.06:26
nicomachusno options needed.06:26
nicomachusyou can check available options with "man mv" if you're curious06:26
gambl0rek thanks06:27
linociscohi all06:28
linociscoI want to disk manager software which can delete /remove partition on usb drive06:29
linociscoI want disk manager software which can delete /remove partition on usb drive06:29
linociscowhat should I install?06:29
sgo11ChibaPet, a sleep will work. but that is kinda workaround. it can not promise the action will always succeed. what if my wlan0 does not bring up properly, and does work after 10 minutes? to define a mount loop can be another workaround to this problem. but it's better to find out a real solution that a script is executed only once after wlan0 gets an IP address. but whatever. workaround can work.06:30
linociscoEriC^^, thanks06:32
EriC^^no problem06:32
bob2017can someone help me?  linux isn’t seeing any of my monitors.06:33
ChibaPetsgo11: had to respond to an email and I'm hitting the sack presently, but: you can have the mount marked "nofail" in fstab. You can have the script try for a period of time and give up. It's hacky and bad, but you might want to account for a remote share not being available even if your network *does* come up.06:34
ChibaPetIt might be worth submitting a bug report for post-up not working, as clearly it's not doing what it advertises.06:35
bob2017chibapet: i made progress on my thing! now i can boot to a command line.  once, the monitors even worked06:36
ChibaPetbob2017: cool06:36
sgo11ChibaPet, got it. thanks a lot for this help.06:37
ChibaPetI haven't done my install here yet. Possibly tomorrow. I've been waiting for a reply on a mailing list and the weekend has slowed things down.06:37
fullstackhi no sound. cat /proc/asound/cards show HDA-Intel MID06:37
fullstackdo i need to just install a volume controls?06:37
bob2017chibapet: any suggestions on getting it to see the monitors?  the one time it worked, i can’t remember what i did, except i started with one monitor and plugged the other ones gradually.  now, xrandr -q, just reports a “default” monitor with only one resolution06:37
ChibaPetbob2017: I am struggling to keep my eyes open. :P Um.06:38
bob2017chibapet: try adderall06:38
ChibaPetYeah, start with one monitor. Simpler is better.06:38
ChibaPetI'm going to try sleep. :P06:38
bob2017chibapet: ok, but its not recognizing even one at the moment06:38
ChibaPetbob2017: I can poke around with you tomorrow if you're on. Ought to be possible to nail down a card via driver blacklisting and/or xorg config.06:39
javnuthow do I change a dconf setting that has no schema, need it for compiz06:39
bob2017chiba: the card is loading the right driver.  its just not detecting the monitors06:39
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
ChibaPetbob2017: Did you try an xorg.conf with a screen section that specifies the device?06:40
ChibaPetThe driver might be loaded, but unused, potentially.06:40
bob2017chibapet: how would i make one of those?  the generation scripts all say that the number of devices and screens don’t match06:40
bob2017chibapet:  lshw -c video shows that the correct driver is being used for the card06:41
ChibaPetWhich card did you end up using?06:41
ChibaPetOr do you want to use anyway?06:41
bob2017the AMD06:41
ChibaPetTomorrow I'll see if I can get a sample xorg.conf for you. I have a Radeon in my work desktop I can use as a model.06:42
ChibaPetFor now, g'night! o/06:42
easyOnMejust want to ask if this path in my ~/.profile will work once I run it06:43
easyOnMeI am using ubuntu linux 14.04LTS06:43
easyOnMethanks in advance06:43
alefhello world06:45
alefhappy coding!06:45
easyOnMebekks: are you online06:46
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easyOnMesorry to ask this again but for the past 5 mins06:49
=== samurai is now known as Guest45805
easyOnMejust want to ask if this path in my ~/.profile will work once I run it06:49
easyOnMeI am using ubuntu linux 14.04LTS06:49
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: You don't need the quotes, and you specify a directory when adding to PATH. So ending with /platform-tools will work.07:00
easyOnMecpp_shill: ok let me edit the file see if it works this time07:01
easyOnMecpp_shill: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14542719/ will this work after I run the source ~/.profile command on my terminal07:02
easyOnMe 07:02
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: I would leave off the trailing slash, but why don't you just try and see?07:03
cpp_shillYour computer won't explode07:04
easyOnMecpp_shill: firstly07:04
easyOnMehow do I know that it will work after I run the command07:04
easyOnMebecause I already typed source ~/.profile on my terminal07:04
easyOnMecpp_shill: I think it did not work07:05
cpp_shillSee if it recognizes executables in the platform-tools directory. Adb should be in there, so try adb --help or something.07:05
hey_ugly_ducklinso irc still exists..07:06
easyOnMeThings done so far: I changed the ~/.profile on my ubuntu linux 14.04LTS to add the following line: export PATH=$PATH:~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/07:17
abhi_hey guys, I  have a problem with my network and im getting error: The system network services are not compatible with this version.07:23
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: try restarting your terminal07:24
nicomachuscpp_shill: wat07:27
lotuspsychje!details | abhi_ explain what you are doing please07:30
ubottuabhi_ explain what you are doing please: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:30
lotuspsychjelis_: welcome, what can we do for you?07:31
lis_its my first time using07:31
lotuspsychjelis_: you joined an ubuntu support channel here, you can ask issues about ubuntu07:32
abhi_I have installed ubuntu - 14.10 and i was using wifi connection but suddenly it has stopped working. Moreover there is no WIFI sign on top right corner of the screen. And in network settings i am getting error: "The system network services are not compatible with this version".07:33
abhi_And in network settings there is only Network Proxy method available.07:33
lotuspsychjeabhi_: 14.10 is end of life mate07:34
lotuspsychjeabhi_: install a version from our topic07:34
lotuspsychjeabhi_: 14.04.3 LTS perhaps?07:35
abhi_ok then now tell me how to properly uninstall this ubuntu version.  I have installed it using wubi.exe07:35
lotuspsychjeabhi_: wubi is not supported neither anymore, make a new usb with ubuntu iso07:36
abhi_Also from online material i couldnt find any method to properly uninstall ubuntu or just upgrade to some next or old version.07:36
lotuspsychjeabhi_: its not recommended to upgrade from your eol version right now07:36
lotuspsychjeabhi_: can you make a new usb and fresh install?07:36
lotuspsychje!usb | abhi_07:37
ubottuabhi_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:37
abhi_ya sure i ll. But first how to uninstall this 14.10 version07:37
lotuspsychjeabhi_: you dont have to uninstall, just install a new version, it will wipe previous07:37
lotuspsychjeabhi_: make sure you choose erase everthing and install new ubuntu version during setup07:38
abhi_in dual mode too?07:38
nicomachusuhh no07:38
abhi_because i want to keep windows too07:38
lotuspsychje!dualboot | abhi_07:38
ubottuabhi_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:38
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allstarsnorks2Hi there. I'm having a Hash Sum Mismatch on Ubuntu 14.04.3 Terminal.07:40
allstarsnorks2How do I fix this?07:40
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: are you testing an iso on md5?07:40
allstarsnorks2I don't think so07:40
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: start from the beginning, what are you trying?07:40
allstarsnorks2I'm trying to apt-get update07:41
lengmenI'm about to make a new install. Should I prefer 16.04 LTS (alpha) over 14.04 LTS? Currently I'm using 14.04 and I don't find it stable at all and very slow. What should I do?07:41
lotuspsychjelengmen: 16.04 is still in test phase right now07:41
lengmenlotuspsychje: But won't it be stable in a couple months?07:42
lotuspsychjelengmen: its recommended to sort your issues one by one on 14.0407:42
nicomachuslengmen: install 14.04 and then upgrade to 16.04 in April when it's officially released.07:42
lotuspsychjelengmen: correct, you can also test and help bugging out right now if you like07:42
lotuspsychjelengmen: see the daily iso's @ #ubuntu+107:43
lotuspsychjelengmen: but still i would recommend finding out whats bottlnecking your system right now..07:45
lotuspsychjelengmen: if you dont find out, maybe it will continue on 16.04 also07:46
lengmenIdk I hesitate to install Ubuntu right now, maybe I should go with Fedora. I can't decide07:46
lotuspsychjelengmen: we strongly advise to install ubuntu, most popular Os in the world :p07:46
lengmenI mean occasional X crashes and stuff is not fun07:46
lotuspsychjelengmen: thats why you need to findout whats happening, if not youl get it on fedora probably too07:47
lotuspsychje!details | lengmen07:47
ubottulengmen: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:47
lengmenI also use arch it is sometimes unstable as f too but that's expected as I almost exclusively compile everything from github bleeding-edge and shining07:47
lengmenBut I expect Ubuntu to be stable :P07:47
lotuspsychjelengmen: share to this channel whats going on exactly07:48
allstarsnorks2I'm still having Hash Sum Mistatch after clearing my /var/lib/apt/lists/*07:48
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: added ppa's of any kind?07:48
allstarsnorks2I only added the elementary OS PPAs07:48
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | allstarsnorks2 first07:49
ubottuallstarsnorks2 first: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html07:49
allstarsnorks2but Hash Sum from the official Ubuntu Universe PPAs07:49
allstarsnorks2*I'm getting Hash Sum Mismatches07:49
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: wich ones?07:49
lengmenlotuspsychje: It's not one thing actually. Sometimes my X stops working I can't move my windows but I can use 3D cube (compiz). Firefox always stops working once I open more than flash 3/4 videos. I would love to report all these bugs generally what I need is a stable system that won't give me errors :D07:50
allstarsnorks2trusty-backports/universe/binary-amd64/Packages, binary-i386, main/i18n/Translation-en and  universe/i18n/Translation-en07:50
lotuspsychjelengmen: keep in mind that adobe flash on FF is pretty dead on linux, test chromium-browser instead07:51
easyOnMehow do I run a file from inside a folder07:51
lotuspsychjelengmen: and there are known issues on cube + unity07:51
lengmenlotuspsychje: Yeah I figured that out after some while now I always use chromium07:51
easyOnMelike this one: erwin@erwin-M720SRS:~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools$07:51
easyOnMeand I wanted to run a file named adb07:51
lengmenlotuspsychje: Yet it generally uses more RAM than Firefox, especially when I have a lot of tabs07:52
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: can you report this in #ubuntu-mirrors please07:52
lotuspsychjelengmen: what kind og graphics card and driver loaded please and ubuntu version?07:52
SorcerousFoxCase and point.. 8 tabs using 1.2Gb Ram at this moment for me: chromium-browser07:52
lengmenlotuspsychje: 14.04 latest updates, nvidia with prop driver, 4GB RAM07:53
lotuspsychjelengmen: card chipset please?07:53
lotuspsychjelengmen: sudo lshw -C video07:54
lengmenlotuspsychje: You want: "GF108M [GeForce GT 425M]"?07:55
lotuspsychjelengmen: yep07:55
lengmenlotuspsychje: Would nouveau be better and more stable?07:55
lotuspsychjelengmen: can you go check wich driver is active right now please, = additional drivers (hardware icon)07:56
=== robcsi_ is now known as robcsi
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: did you try what I mentioned earlier? Close your terminal and open a new session, then try 'adb --help' from any directory. If your PATH is correct, you should get adb output.07:56
lengmenlotuspsychje: nvidia 352.63 (package nvidia-352)07:57
easyOnMecpp_shill: The program 'adb' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:07:57
easyOnMesudo apt-get install android-tools-adb07:57
lotuspsychjelengmen: ok, test a lower version please like 340 or 346 (if that shows your list)?07:58
easyOnMethat is what I got07:58
cpp_shillAnd you rebooted the terminal?07:58
lengmenlotuspsychje: Yeah 340. Is more widely tested? Also in ##linux people told me to use nouveau instead a couple days ago what do you think?07:59
lotuspsychjelengmen: i advise you test 340 first, if that doesnt make your system better, try the opensource yes07:59
lotuspsychjelengmen: sudo apt-get purge nvidia (for going back to nouveau)07:59
lotuspsychjelengmen: or select in your additional drivers08:00
lotuspsychjelengmen: also keep in mind that using 3d cube can crash compiz in unity08:00
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cpp_shilleasyOnMe: And you rebooted the terminal?08:00
lotuspsychje!ask | herman08:00
ubottuherman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:00
easyOnMecpp_shill: yes08:01
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: Ok just making sure. Have you changed your .profile again since your posts an hour ago?08:02
lengmenlotuspsychje: Weird, actually 3d-cube is working just fine for me but maybe it's the root of bugs. Anyway, next time I install any system I won't even touch compiz (even if I adore it)08:02
easyOnMecpp_shill: The program 'adb' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:08:02
easyOnMesudo apt-get install android-tools-adb08:02
lotuspsychjelengmen: i would start clean yes, not sure how compiz will act in the future and 16.04...08:02
easyOnMecpp_shill: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543054/08:03
hermani have one question08:03
lotuspsychjelengmen: i have wobbly windows stable on 16.04 though08:03
lengmenlotuspsychje: I use wobbly windows (along with almost all compiz eye candies) always but I suspect that creates the unstability in my system. This time I will completely eradicate compiz and see how it works08:04
hermannom-nom gomes08:04
lotuspsychjelengmen: compiz is part o the system, you mean not using additional plugins08:05
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: Yeah remove the '/adb' from the end of that PATH line again, then save and reboot your terminal again.08:05
lotuspsychjelengmen: try to fix your graphics driver first, that will straightn up things08:05
lengmenlotuspsychje: Oh so unity depends on compiz? Hmm, then I can just use gnome08:06
lotuspsychje!flavors | lengmen use what you like08:07
ubottulengmen use what you like: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.08:07
easyOnMecpp_shill: ok will do08:07
lengmenlotuspsychje: I know, thanks :)08:07
lotuspsychjebbl now, good luck08:07
easyOnMecpp_shill: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543072/08:08
easyOnMecpp_shill: erwin@erwin-M720SRS:~$ adb --help08:09
easyOnMebash: /home/erwin/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error08:09
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: Sorry I disconnected, did I miss anything?08:12
easyOnMecpp_shill: erwin@erwin-M720SRS:~$ adb --help08:13
easyOnMebash: /home/erwin/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error08:13
dfcnvtWhen I pressed 'win' button and typed 'gedit' -- I expect to see gedit icon appeared in the search results.  But after typed "gedit" -- it didn't appear.  The same with other different program like 'chrome'.08:13
dfcnvtIs there a solution to this?  What's the problem?08:13
Ben64easyOnMe: pastebin the output of "uname -a" and "file /home/erwin/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb"08:14
cpp_shilleasyOnMe: Yeah it sounds like your file is for a different architecture.08:15
easyOnMeBen64: one min pls08:16
allstarsnorks2So, I installed Pantheon (elementary-desktop) but I have no option to switch to it in the lockscreen.08:17
easyOnMeuname -a: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543101/ and ile /home/erwin/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543105/08:17
Ben64easyOnMe: yep, you downloaded the 64bit version of the android sdk, and you're running 32 bit08:18
easyOnMeBen64: so I must download the 32 bit sdk is it08:19
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=== rafa is now known as Guest41911
jojo8000is there anybody in there ?08:22
Ben641774 people including you08:23
jojo8000is lubuntu a goog os for a modern processor ?08:23
Guest41911Where can i disable the Jack-server?08:23
BUSYthis may not be ubuntu specific, but i used devede to create a video dvd and it produced an iso.  can i burn this iso with any other software to still get a video playing dvd?08:23
Ben64jojo8000: if you enjoy lubuntu, sure08:24
BUSYor do i need to use devede to ensure dvd player compatibility08:24
bramgnBUSY: probably any ohter software since it's a iso08:25
BUSYthat's what i thought but i wasn't sure if it would only put the file structure on the disk08:25
jojo8000windows 10 use 1.4 Gb ram :0'08:25
BUSYor if that is enough to work08:25
BUSYlike brasero should work?08:25
bramgnBUSY: yes, the iso contains the file structure08:26
theRVmanBUSY: making an iso will make an exact replica of the folder structure. It should be good enough to get your videos running.08:26
BUSYthanks everyone!08:27
MrCee3the little icon that was in the tray is missing now... i am using ubuntu 14.0408:30
MrCee3the icon would show battery level08:30
MrCee3can anyone help me get the batttery level icon back onto the sytem tray on ubuntu 14.04?08:32
MrCee3can anyone help me get the batttery level icon back onto the sytem tray on ubuntu 14.04?08:34
jojo8000RrCee3 try mac os08:37
ashmew2Hola CurcoVein08:46
CurcoVeinque tal, es mi primera vez en Ubuntu08:46
cfhowlett!ES | CurcoVein08:48
ubottuCurcoVein: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:48
ashmew2CurcoVein, Si, la bienvenida a Ubuntu08:48
ashmew2CurcoVein, #ubuntu-es08:48
ashmew2command: /join #ubuntu-es08:49
javnuthow do I change dconf settings that have no schema08:55
javnutthings like the compiz values?08:55
dellpcanybody here ?09:04
cfhowlettdellpc, always.09:04
drwxr-x---dellpc: im here09:05
mauro_hi guys09:05
dellpcwhat flavor are u using guys ?09:05
alkisggnome-flashback :)09:06
cfhowlettdellpc, this is the support channel.  chit chat  and polls belong in #ubuntu-offtopic09:06
OerHeksThis is not a polling channel, dellpc, do you have an ubuntu support question?09:06
dellpcnot really important :D09:07
dellpcsorry guys09:07
cfhowlettdellpc, no worries.09:07
samgoodyWhat is a "system user", and does it have more or less power than a non-system user?09:18
cfhowlettsamgoody, a system user is generally any person using the ubuntu system.  context??09:18
OerHeksuser accounts each have a unique number, the UID. It's common to give programs an account with a low number (lower than 1000), and real people an account with a higher number (1000 and up)09:20
OerHeksso system user is an user with an UID lower than 100009:20
cfhowlettOerHeks, whoa!  SO much more informative than my answer.   I learned something!  thanks09:21
OerHeks(some say an UID >1000 without $HOME is a system user, i think not)09:21
OerHekscorrect me if i am wrong!09:22
bekksEvery user without a $HOME can be considered being a system user, too.09:23
bekksMost likely those users have an UID < 1000 anyways.09:23
samgoodySo it's just not having a high UID09:24
samgoodyWhen I do adduser -system, I mean, give a low UID?09:24
bekkssamgoody: Whats the context, actually?09:24
alkisgsamgoody: run this: grep SYSTEM_ /etc/adduser.conf09:25
samgoodyI need a deploy user to run certain software. It should not have sudo powers.09:25
alkisgIt'll tell you which UIDs adduser considers "system"09:25
bekkssamgoody: So it doesnt need to be a system user.09:25
alkisgIt's 999- for debian, 499- for fedora etc09:25
alkisgsystem users may have less "rights" than normal users, it's up to you to define if they have more or less09:26
samgoodyAM still not getting it. Why would I ever make something a system user? And why not for this user, which will only exist to run this software on startup09:26
bekkssamgoody: consider a webserver e.g., the webserver runs as www-data, which is a systemuser. No one needs to log in as that user, but the webserver should not be running as root.09:27
bekkssamgoody: Which software in particular?09:27
extraymond Anyone know how to disable fglrx temporarily? I want to use fglrx when working, but radeon when casual-browsing since it offers better desktop experience09:28
bekkssamgoody: And which Ubuntu are you using?09:28
samgoodyExactly my case. So, should I make the user a system user? Software in this case is mailman, but I have had other examples lately. GUnicorn  I think had a similar requirement.09:28
bekkssamgoody: Which software? Which Ubuntu?09:28
samgoodyUsing Ubuntu 15.09:28
bekksWhich Ubuntu 15?09:29
alkisgsamgoody: the question is, will real users ever login to a desktop environment with that UID? If not, then make it a system user.09:29
alkisgDo you want that account to show up in lightdm?09:29
samgoody15.10, and no, real users need not ever access it09:29
samgoodySo, I got an answer. Thank you very much09:30
bekksActually there is no reason for touching users anyway. Mailman creates all stuff necessary on its own.09:30
bekkssamgoody: The answer is: you dont need to create a user, manually.09:30
samgoodyBut who should mailman run as? There are multiple devs who would have rights to edit the files (based on the group's permissions)09:31
bekkssamgoody: Just install mailman.09:31
bekkssamgoody: sudo apt-get install mailman09:31
arunpyasiHi guys, it looks like my ubutnu has got some virus/malware on it09:31
cfhowlettarunpyasi, unlikely.  proof?09:31
bekkssamgoody: that will install and setup mailman correctly.09:31
arunpyasisome sorts of skype mails were sent from my profile to other people's chat09:32
OerHeksarunpyasi, change your skype password09:32
cfhowlettarunpyasi, so your SKYPE (owned) by Msoft is breached and you blame ... ubuntu?  riiiiiiiiiiiight09:32
bekkssamgoody: I consider you've closely read this article already?: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mailman09:32
arunpyasithe mail was sent automatic... like: http://cnn.it/206Sotw#41781=royalcowboy http://goo.gl/GsrxFn#irjvuke=alwayzsmils09:32
arunpyasicfhowlett: haha, no I mean.. if theres some keylogger in my PC ...09:33
bekksarunpyasi: No one needs to touch your Ubuntu for faking emails being send from your account.09:33
cfhowlettthis ^^^09:33
bekksarunpyasi: a keylogger is even more unlikely.09:33
arunpyasiOK won't there be anything like there is so many ways a windows shell is owned and keyloggers are kept !09:33
OerHeksarunpyasi, choose a password larger than 20 characters .. oh, it is limited to 20, funny microsoft09:34
bekksarunpyasi: No one needs to touch your computer.09:34
arunpyasibekks: OK I am just worried if they'll get my passwords of other banking/websites login..09:35
peacefulHi installed Broadcom b43 wifi driver but it doestn work09:35
bekksarunpyasi: No one needs the password of your skype account for faking emails.09:35
peacefulI used: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source09:35
bekksarunpyasi: And use different passwords on different accounts.09:35
cfhowlettarunpyasi, but just for fun: you have enabled UFW, right?  and you could always run rkhunter to see if anything is hiding there.  plus your browswer should be set to anonymous browsing.  and you should always log out of hotmail/skype/whatever before you browse other pages.09:35
samgoodyAFAIK, that's mailman 2 (and apt-get only has v2). I wanted mailman 3.  apt-get policy shows number that don't mean anything to me09:36
samgoodyI already installed mailman 3, and was just wondering iff I was better off reinstalling with a dedicated user09:36
OerHekspeaceful, what bcm adapterexactly?09:36
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:36
bekkssamgoody: So pastebing the output of "apt-get policy mailman" please.09:36
alkisgapt-cache policy...09:37
arunpyasiok bekks cfhowlett for the info :D09:37
arunpyasiI think I shall get this skype away from my home//09:37
cfhowlettpeaceful, run this command in terminal and paste the output       lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network | nc termbin.com 999909:38
arunpyasimy UFW is off09:38
bekksarunpyasi: That will solve the underlying problem, yes.09:38
cfhowlettarunpyasi, leave the front door open, thieves will feel invited09:38
DeakinHtext here09:39
bekkssamgoody: which features of mailman 3 do you need explicitly?09:39
samgoodyI nice UI. I have been using groupserver for awhile now, and wanted to see what has happened on the mailman side.09:40
samgoodyI found mailman2 atrocious.09:41
samgoodyOh, groupserver has the same setup - run not as root. And my chat server (openfire) similarly09:41
peacefulcfhowlett: http://termbin.com/adnx09:42
cfhowlettpeaceful, bcm4311 is your chipset.  pretty sure you installed the wrong driver ... checking now09:42
OerHeksbcm4311, sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree # Then reboot and enjoy your wireless.09:43
peacefulcfhowlett: i installed proprietary09:43
cfhowlettpeaceful, try overheks' solution09:43
peacefulwhat is that09:43
cfhowlett<OerHeks> bcm4311, sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree # Then reboot and enjoy your wireless.09:44
bekkssamgoody: How many users will you have to administer, for your mailman installation?09:44
mohinderWhat should i use to encrypt my ext4 partition? dm-crypt | TrueCrypt 7.1a or other app? I got there movies, music and some software. I want to mount that partition and share content under samba when system is booting.To authorize it by .. private key stored on connected usb-stick - when no usb-stick connected then disk is encryped, and samba cant mount it.09:44
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest55396
cfhowlettmohinder, true was abandoned some time ago...09:45
bekksmohinder: Do you want to encrypt your /home only?09:45
mohinderi know, but i think still can download it on Windows (v 7.1a) and prob on linux as well09:45
mohinderabout 'home09:45
mohinderabout 'home' - nope, i need to encrypt 1 partition on another HDD09:46
cfhowlettmohinder, if you think using a non-supported solution is wise ... I have disappointing news for you.  veracrypt is a fork09:46
bekksmohinder: Your Windows encryption strategy is irrelevant at this point.09:46
mohinderi can encrypt there only 1 partition or entire HDD drive09:46
samgoodyour mailing lists have up to ~2K subscribers, but there are only several users that I have to administer - each managing their own lists on their own domains. That's in groupserver, not sure how the setup of that will work in mailman.09:47
bekkssamgoody: So basically you just have to administer a few users only. All the work will be done by your other users.09:48
CinnamonRickRollmany hands makes light work09:48
Kalimer0Failed to start samba.service: Unit samba.service is masked. how can i fix it09:49
zuHello everybody. I was here yesterday i have a problem with my internal mic and there is no way to solve it! Somebody can help me?09:50
cfhowlett!details | zu09:50
ubottuzu: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:50
mohinderKalimer0, try: sudo service smbd restart ; sudo service nmbd restart09:50
bekkssamgoody: Then just stick with sudo apt-get install mailman09:51
mohinderzu@ you said there is no way to solve it, so i think that mic problem is un-solvable then :)09:52
Kalimer0mohinder: now its running and how do i make them start with system ?09:52
zuThe mic seems to be perfect, in alsamixer it's all right, the volume it's all right, i don't have two mic and nothing wrong with the front right and left.09:52
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
zumohinder, there is no way  for me to solve it :P09:52
CinnamonRickRollis the issue persistant with all applications?09:53
mohinderKalimer0, well let me check on google / doc and /etc/samba/smb.conf - cuz i rly dont remember right now how i did it :P09:53
Kalimer0mohinder: thanks09:53
zuSorry everyone for my bad bad english, but i asked in the italian channel and some op guy banned me because me and my boyfriend in the same house with the same ip were in the channel -.-09:54
mohinderzu, the 2nd microphone i think its line-in, not real microphone09:54
zuyes, but i don't have it this mic ghost anyway :D09:55
mohinderKalimer0, there is nothing about auto-starting in smb.conf... so going on google / brb09:56
mohinderzu, what a bad, bad op user there!09:56
mohinderto be onest i was banned once cuz i argue with op on some linux channel - and he banned me cuz, i was right, and he had no arguments on that topic what we were speaking. So then he banned me :D09:57
cfhowlettlet's get back on topic, yes?09:58
mohinderKalimer0, well, try this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123586309:58
zuhe was such a boaster, he asked explanations for let us stay in the channel. My bfriend going nuts and was the first to be banned. So yes, let's back to my problem, i'm desperate.09:58
cfhowlettzu, UBUNTU support is the topic here.09:59
mohinderI think to solve your problem is to add "something" to /etc/init.d/rc?? file09:59
cfhowlett!fr | guili12000,09:59
ubottuguili12000,: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:59
javnuthow do I change dconf settings that have no schema10:00
javnutthings like the compiz values?10:00
zucfhowlett, sorry, you're right.10:00
cfhowlettzu no worries/moving on ...10:01
zuthis is the result of the command lshw  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543575/10:02
=== arun_ is now known as Guest54767
zuis anybody there?10:11
cfhowlettzu always10:11
zumhh i poste with pastebinit the result of the command lshw10:11
zuCan be useful for help me with my problem?10:12
cfhowlettzu, restate the entire issue every 20 minutes or so.10:12
zuMy mic is not working, seems all right, but it's not. I don't not what to do.10:13
zuif i do arecord i can only capture rustling10:13
Kalimer0mohinder: i broke it even more "Failed to start smdb.service: Unit smdb.service failed to load: No such file or directory."  "Failed to start nmdb.service: Unit nmdb.service failed to load: No such file or directory."10:14
bramgnzu: check the volume settings with pavucontrol10:14
zui already did, it's all right, perfect10:14
bramgnzu: i know from own experience that pavucontrol can be confusing at times, i'd suggest double, triple check the settings10:17
welovfreeHello guys10:17
zuwhen you said, i checked and nothing, it's okay10:17
welovfreewhat is the best download manager for ubuntu, used to use idman in windows?10:17
mohinderzu, i got an idea. Can you check and be sure you connected your microphone to the proper hole in your PC? I mean to "microphone" hole, not to "line-in" hole.10:18
cfhowlettwelovfree, there is no "best" of anything in ubuntu.  "best" is the tool YOU choose and learn.  see the ubuntu software center for suggestions10:18
zuSorry mohinder, it's my internal mic10:19
bramgnzu: how do you determine whether the settings are correct, if i may ask? Did you f.ex. check whether any of the input devices are possibly muted?10:19
mohinderThe color of"microphone hole' is pink, to microphone is blue i think10:19
welovfreecfhowlett, ok, thank you!10:19
zui have a laptop10:19
zubramgn, no, alsamixer it's all in 0010:19
zuhttp://imgur.com/3sUBUlv Pavucontrol settings10:21
bramgnzu: so it's an internal mic?10:21
zubramgn, yes10:22
bramgnzu: what is the arecord command you used?10:23
mohinderzu, i had same problem with my PC (desktop) but it was long time ago, rly dont remember how i was fixing it, sry10:24
arunpyasiis there any tools to create iso from an ubuntu usb stick ?10:24
bramgnarunpyasi: dd10:24
mohinderthere are , and i think there are many10:24
cfhowlettarunpyasi, create an iso from the stick?  but why?10:24
zubramgn, arecord test.wav10:24
mohinderIm not sure aobut ISO format, but also you can create 1-to-1 image by dd10:25
arunpyasicfhowlett: for backup of bootable disk10:25
arunpyasibramgn: can you provide me the command if possible ?10:25
cfhowlett!uck | arunpyasi,10:25
ubottuarunpyasi,: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/10:25
mohinderso for backup i will use dd10:25
CinnamonRickRollIs the stick just bootable, or is ubuntu properly installed on the stick?10:26
arunpyasicfhowlett: are you comedy me ? How I can use UCK to create iso from a bootable usb ?10:26
zuSorry guys but i'm wondering, is there a sure way to know if the problem is software or hardware?10:26
bramgnarunpyasi: well, like mohinder said, it will not actually create an ISO-format file, but it will create an image you can "write" to another USB-disk or mount it locally.10:26
arunpyasiCinnamonRickRoll: the stick is bootable using ubuntu's iso10:26
cfhowlettarunpyasi, boot the .iso.  while you have a live session, customize your image then image it10:27
arunpyasibramgn: OK.. so it will create .img file right ? can you provide me the command to create the image file ?10:27
bramgnarunpyasi: f.ex. dd if=/dev/sdb of=usbdisk.img bs=8M10:27
CinnamonRickRollhmm, maybe I should rephrase, is it installed on the stick like you would do a normal install, or did you put the iso on using the 'make live usb' method10:27
CinnamonRickRolldoesn't r matter, just that there isn't much point (imo) in backing it up if its the latter10:28
bramgnarunpyasi: provided that sdb is the device name of your USB drive10:28
arunpyasiCinnamonRickRoll: I made the usb stick using unetbootin10:28
arunpyasibramgn: ok thanks a lot man10:28
zu Sorry guys but i'm wondering, is there a certain way to know if the problem is software or hardware?10:28
arunpyasicfhowlett: bro, I don't need customization TBH.10:28
CinnamonRickRollarun, hmm, well10:29
bramgnzu: hard to say at this point, i think that what you tested should indeed result in recording sound.10:29
CinnamonRickRollsounds to me like its live usb, which means that when you shutdown all ur settings/changes/etc get lost10:29
CinnamonRickRollor at least my live usb did/does10:29
zuonly i can get is swish10:29
bramgnzu: do you have an external mic to test?10:29
zunope :(10:30
CinnamonRickRollzu, ur problem is the mic right?10:30
bramgnzu: while recording with arecord, check the "recording" tab of pavucontrol10:30
zui only have the headphones with the mic10:30
CinnamonRickRollimo try it with a numebr of diff applications, and if  possible different operating systems, and again, if possible devices10:30
zubramgn,  the recording tab of pavucontrol works, the indicator moves even with the silence :(10:33
bramgnzu: and there's no hardware switch on your laptop that could possibly have muted the mic?10:34
zubramgn, sorry for my bad explanation, i hope you got it :P10:34
zubramgn, nope10:34
bramgnzu: is it possible to test with another OS? Or perhaps you know that it worked before on another OS?10:35
cfhowlettzu is there a switch on the MIC??10:35
mohinderzu, im 99% sure its the software (software, drivers, or configuration) problem. If the microphone is working on this laptop on antoher system - you can be sure its not hardware problem. How to check it? - well, try to download some ... live CD/DVD linux and boot up with it. Use ubuntu, fedora or  knoppix10:35
mohindercuz those distribution are configurated to work10:35
mohinderImho start from knoppix, then fedora, then ubuntu. Ubutnu as last one, cuz i belive you already got ubuntu right now10:36
bramgni'd suggest fedora xfce livecd spin to keep things simple and try from there. Or what mohinder says.10:36
mohinderi agree10:36
bhalashIs Knoppix still a thing?10:37
zubramgn, i sent my laptop to the asus support, and they change my hdisk putting on it windows. i changed immediatly with ubuntu 15.10 but i didn't try the mic with windows.10:37
zubramgn, before the change of hdisk the mic worked just fine.10:38
mohinderzu, maybe those idiots on support just un-plugged the cable inside of it then10:39
mohinderAnd im saying "idiots" cuz ... i know few ppl from service support and i know what kind of ppl they are10:39
bramgnzu: could you paste the output of 'pacmd list-sources'10:39
zubramgn,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14543842/10:40
zumohinder,  this in my concern10:41
zumohinder,  this is my concern *10:41
bramgnzu: seems to be alright10:43
=== JesperA_ is now known as JesperA
zubramgn, o my god10:44
bramgnzu: ?10:44
mohinderbhalash, well Knoppix is still working, he got everything pre-configurated, and to be onest long time ago i was thinking its the best ever distro on the World - hehe. But... in those days i know much less than now, and now i know almost nothnig :D10:44
zubramgn, i'm going crazy, see? It seems all right and no sound10:45
welovfreeI want to use emacs for programming but I want to know if there is a way to add some feature to make things easier, like suggestions, and auto closing...etc10:46
bramgnzu: what asus model do you have? Maybe googling the name of the laptop in combination with linux might yield some similar results, if indeed it is a software issue10:46
welovfreesomething like what sublime text is offering but for emacs10:46
mohinderwelovfree, i thing that quesition you should ask on some IT programmers forum10:47
zubramgn, asus f550C10:47
mohinderim using Eclipse | IDEA and NetBeans  - so i cant help you10:47
NewbGuys i got a question. The wiki vmware page its not possible but u guys might think otherwise ?! I'am trying to get my vmware kali linux to see my inside wireless card from my laptop but it doesn't pick it up i looked on the internet for alternatives and they gave me external wifi cards but now my question. Why can't i use my wifi card? i know u guys get this question alot ":S10:48
bramgnzu: you said asus support changed the harddisk? Can you check whether they needed to take the laptop all apart or perhaps just a small lid that covers the harddisk?10:48
JyZyXELhow do you set up a timeout for a CIFS mount, so that a unavailable CIFS mount doesn't freeze the whole system?10:48
JyZyXEL(because the mount point becomes blocking)10:48
cfhowlettNewb, kali linux is not ubuntu and is not supported here.  sorry. go to their site for support10:49
cfhowlett!kali > newb10:49
ubottunewb, please see my private message10:49
mohinderi think he is askingmore about configuration of vmware than linux distro10:49
bramgnJyZyXEL: 'umount -l /mountpoint' should take care of unresponsive cifs mounts, provided that doesn't happen all the time10:49
JyZyXELbramgn: yeah, indeed it does, but wouldn't it be great to automate it!10:50
JyZyXELi hate having to manually go into a terminal to execute that command just so that i can get my desktop unfrozen10:50
Newbty anywhays : /10:50
zubramgn, probably they take the laptop all apart, they changed also the mother board10:50
mohinderNewb, can you check is wifi card is seeying under that system under vmware?10:50
JyZyXELbecause you can certainly freeze your whole Xorg because of that blocking mount point10:51
bramgnzu: :O my best bet is that they unplugged and forgot to plug the microphone10:51
akikJyZyXEL: is this happening only at restart/halt ?10:51
JyZyXELakik: it ALSO happens then :)10:52
JyZyXELso you cannot reboot if you have a unconnected CIFS mount mounted10:52
mohinderzu, dont think so, they just take and put another hard disk inside. The hard disk "panel" is under the laptop side, so i think they even had not much work with it10:52
akikJyZyXEL: i put the cifs mount into /etc/fstab and it's behaving well10:52
JyZyXELbecause the mount point will block your restart10:52
akikJyZyXEL: yes. had that too and stopped using smb4k. then converted the mount to systemd service and still hung10:53
zumohinder, trust me, they opened up the laptop, they change even the lcd display.10:53
bhalashmohinder: Surprised (and happy) to hear it still has a place in the world!10:53
zubramgn, and then whyh when i do arecord i can hear rustling?10:53
mohinderok then, so try with those live DVD distro what we suggested fedora & knoppix10:53
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest21998
JyZyXELakik: this problem dates back to when CIFS was still being worked on10:54
JyZyXELthe developers knew about it back then, but no one ended up doing anything10:54
zubramgn, i should hear nothing.10:55
bramgnzu: i believe that's the automated volume control kicking up the volume, because it hears nothing, so after it has amplified to max, you'll actually hear the line noise10:55
akikJyZyXEL: i think with systemd and smb4k the problem is that the network interface is shut down before the cifs mount is unmounted10:55
BUSYif i didn't start a program from terminal is there still a way to check it's console output?10:55
Newbyes ralin RT5390R 802.11b/g/n 1x1 wi-fi Adapter10:55
Newbits a inside wireless card10:55
NewbLaptop wireless card10:56
akikJyZyXEL: try entering the mount info into /etc/fstab. it works fine that way10:56
JyZyXELi have it in fstab10:56
=== samo_ is now known as Guest54212
bramgnzu: it sounds familiar to me, where i tried to record something with the mic muted. The software tries to compensate, but all you get is the rustling sound you described10:57
antiiim running a pptp server on ubuntu 14.04 and i can't seem to allow more than one connection per username.. im getting the following in the logs "pptp kernel: [ 9663.797735] pptpctrl[2022]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f3273f5045f sp 00007fffefa81618 error 4 in libc-2.19.so[7f3273eb3000+1bb000]" if someone else try to establish a pptp connection when someone is already in10:57
bramgnBUSY: not to my knowledge, unless the program in questoin has some kind of logging facility10:58
gytdauAfter a month or so of using Ubuntu, Ubuntu starts to randomly crash sometimes. Everything just freezes, except the cursor. I tried to use the Sys Rq key but it doesn't look like it helps.10:59
gytdauI thought the culprit was Chrome originally, but after switching to Firefox it still happens.10:59
zubramgn, i just tried with another laptop with ubuntu with the mic mute. We can't hear Nothing at all, not even rustling.10:59
zubramgn, but we don't have in that laptop pulseaudio running because it's ubuntu server10:59
bramgnzu: how did you mute?11:00
bramgnzu: if i understand correctly, your non-functional mic isn't muted, just not connected11:00
gytdauIs there any way to debug applications and see if there were any major errors or something before the computer completely crashed?11:00
cfhowlettgytdau, check your logs11:00
mohindergytdau logs11:00
gytdauWhere are those supposed to be?11:01
mohinderthgere:  /var/log/*11:01
mohinderNow you will got the job to discover with one of the files you are interested11:01
zubramgn, i don't know it simply doesn't work (it's not mute but i'm not sure it's unplugged)11:02
zubramgn, but on another laptop with ubuntu server i can't hear anything by trying to mute the mic and recording11:03
gytdauDoes anyone know what file I'm supposed to be checking, and what I'm supposed to be checking for?11:03
zubramgn, so i guees it's not unplugged11:03
bekksgytdau: Look at the system logs in /var/log/11:03
mohinderzu, on the server PC your sound card can be mutted in BIOS - i did like that on my LAN server11:03
zumohinder, no, it works properly (so it's not muted). I just muted it via alsamixer to check it out if I can hear anything with arecord, which I don't.11:04
zumohinder, I'd also check the BIOS on my laptop, but I didn't found anything11:05
mohindergytdau: i dont know, but start from: kern.log, syslog, dmsg11:05
cfhowlettgytdau, dmesg11:05
bramgnzu: if you mute with alsamixer or pulseaudio, then recording will indeed be completely silent. It's a software mute.11:05
gytdauOK, will check.11:06
antiiomg typ nvm..11:06
bramgnzu: but if there's a physical switch on the mic, or the wires not actually connected, then it will result in noise, because the software thinks it's just very low volume and tries to crank it up.11:06
mohinderzu, with laptop BIOS there is another story, usually the SETUP is very very .. how to say it in english.. "tiny"11:06
zubramgn, I may have misunderstood, but did you set your mic mute but still hear rustling with arecord?11:07
mohindermost of usefull options are cutted out11:07
bramgnzu: i can try it for you11:07
gytdauAre the logs cleared on reboot?11:08
bramgnzu: completely silent after muting in pulseaudio11:08
mohindergytdau: no11:09
mohinderat least not all of them. Some of them are just renamed to another file: syslog.1  or others11:09
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urbanendeavourHas anyone got Go CD installed on Ubuntu?11:09
clamiaxhi there11:09
zuso that idiots of asus supporte messed up my microphone??11:11
OerHeksurbanendeavour, never heard of that, needed to search for it, it is not in our repos, is it?11:11
urbanendeavourIt is but it fails to start11:11
OerHeksurbanendeavour, no it isn't.11:12
urbanendeavourSorry it isn't you have to add a repo11:12
bramgnzu: it would seem that way11:12
clamiaxfucking ASUS support which also force users to accept their retarded privacy flag11:13
zubramgn, are you still think that is a software problem?11:13
cfhowlettclamiax, chill out and cease profanity immediately.11:13
cfhowlett!language > clamiax11:14
ubottuclamiax, please see my private message11:14
bramgnzu: no, i believe it's a hardware issue11:14
clamiaxchowlett: I can be even wors11:14
cfhowlettand you can be ignored and/or banned for violating the guidelines.  choose.11:15
zubramgn, fword  :(11:15
clamiaxcfhowlett: can you point me to the guidelines you are referring to, please?11:15
=== arun_ is now known as Guest28248
cfhowlett!guidelines > clamiax11:15
ubottuclamiax, please see my private message11:16
OerHeksurbanendeavour, they have a heavy documentation, https://www.go.cd/documentation/user/current/index.html11:16
OerHeksclamiax, simple, keep this channel family friendly, thanks.11:16
clamiaxcfhowlett: I can't find anything about "chilling out" or "ceasing profanity".11:17
Sebastienstop swearing11:17
clamiaxNor about what's wrong with the word "fucking".11:17
Sebastienhow hard is that?11:17
cfhowlett!ops | clamiax,11:17
ubottuclamiax,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang11:17
zubramgn, i know i have to pay for a problem that they caused?11:17
urbanendeavourOerHeks, this is what I was using. there is no troubleshooting section.11:18
urbanendeavourit is supposed to work out of the box11:18
clamiax!ops ! cfhowlett11:20
ubottuclamiax: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:20
clamiax!ops | cfhowlett11:20
ubottucfhowlett: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang11:20
Myrtticlamiax: please don't11:20
OerHeksurbanendeavour, they have a channel here on #freenode, join #gocd11:20
bramgnzu: if i were you i would do more testing11:20
jophishWhen I plug in my speakers ubuntu gives me a popup every time11:20
zubramgn, like?11:20
jophishit's very annoying11:20
bramgnzu: different OS / livecd's, external mic11:20
jophishis there a way to disable this?11:20
zubramgn, good point11:20
cfhowlettjophish, hardware issue not software issue.  not an ubuntu issue.11:21
cfhowlettjophish, sorry wait, I read wrong11:21
cfhowlettjophish, you can edit "notifications" to change appaearance and time.  not sure where/how to edit notification triggers ....11:22
CinnamonRickRollI have to agree with jophish, many of the ubuntu pop-ups r a pain, but I'm p sure u can disable them from somewhere in settigns, altho I haven't actually looked11:22
bramgnzu: good luck11:22
zubramgn, for external mic could i use the mic of the headphones? like i don't know..the headphones of a smartphone?11:22
bramgnzu: that depends if your laptop supports that type of jack, which usually combines output and input into one plug11:23
MrokiiHello. some months ago I installed two clipboard-managers (Diodon and CopyQ) to test them. But a few weeks ago (possibly after upgradeing to 15.10) they both seemed to stop working to register clipboard-entries. What I mean is that the clipboard itself works as usual, copy-paste works as usual, but nothing of it is in the list of both clipboard-managers. And I have no clue why.11:23
bramgnzu: but it can't hurt trying11:24
urbanendeavourOerHeks, quite rights thanks11:24
zubramgn, i tried in unprofessional way, and seems not working11:24
urbanendeavourHow can I search for channels from the command line with wildcards?11:24
jophishI don't remember getting it using 15.04 or 15.10, so I might try upgrading to those again11:25
jophishalthough that was a catastrophe last time11:25
bekks!alis | urbanendeavour11:25
ubottuurbanendeavour: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http11:25
cfhowlett!alis > urbanendeavour11:25
ubottuurbanendeavour, please see my private message11:25
Sebastiencfhowlett pls stop11:25
bramgnzu: i think it should in any case detect whether something's connected, if not, then that could be another pointer that the port is internally not connected.11:25
Sebastiensorry, typo11:25
cfhowlettSebastien, ??11:26
Sebastienclamiax, pls stop11:26
clamiaxSebastien: stop doing what? o.O11:26
cfhowlettSebastien, please report channel abuse to #ubuntu-ops11:26
Awwhow do I get Ubuntu to stop trying to uninstall every package on my computer when I do apt-get -f install ?11:26
bekksAww: So what did you do in the past? Try to upgrade, cancelled it?11:27
Awwbekks, its been broken for some time. I feel its time I get it fixed. I can't remember what I did but yeah thats most likely it11:27
zubramgn, i tried with the headphones, nothing, i can't hear anything. In the hole of the headphones there is a draw of headphones and mic..so i think support both in one hole11:28
cfhowlettAww, try this apt-get -s -f install and see what ubuntu is trying to do11:28
Awwthis is what it kicks back when I try to install something http://paste.ubuntu.com/14544198/11:29
Awwcfhowlett, kk11:29
bramgnzu: can you notice a different with pavucontrol in the input devices tab when you connect the headphones?11:30
Awwcfhowlett, it wants to remove all my packages :|11:30
cfhowlettAww, paste it11:30
Awwcfhowlett, too large to get everything but http://paste.ubuntu.com/14544207/11:31
bekks!pastebinit > Aww11:31
ubottuAww, please see my private message11:31
zubramgn, yes, in the capture tab with the headphones there is no movement, when i try without headphones, the red light goes back and forth11:32
cfhowlettAww, should be those package need replacement.  lets' see:  apt-cache policy libcrack | pastebinit11:32
Awwbekks, I would have to be able to install packages to install that ;)11:32
zubramgn, strange uh?11:32
Awwcfhowlett, can't locate libcrack11:33
kolteqhello guys, can anyone recommend a free vpn to me that i can you in china on ubuntu based distro please11:34
cfhowlettkolteq, wrong channel to ask.  see reddit.com/r/china for suggestions11:34
bramgnzu: what about the drop-down menu right before it says "Port:"11:35
bramgnzu: in my case it detects that i'm connecting my headphones11:35
Awwso any ideas on how to unfuck this :D11:37
bekksAww: Pastebin apt-cache policy libcrack please.11:38
CinnamonRickRollcould we keep the cussing to a minimum :)11:38
zubramgn, it say speakers and heandphones11:38
Awwbekks, N: Unable to locate package libcrack11:38
Awwthats all it says11:38
vamadirwhy in ubuntu 14.04 not working  default screen recorder?  shift+alt+ctrl+r11:39
bramgnzu: Does it say "unplugged" when you unplug?11:39
bekksvamadir: You need to install a recording software before, dont you?11:39
zubramgn, yes!11:40
cfhowlettvamadir, find one and install it.11:40
derenerlibcrack2 is the correct name11:40
cfhowlett!recordmydesktop > vamadir11:40
vamadirbekks, realy? I think this function BY DEFAULT AT GNOME SHEL11:40
bekksvamadir: No need to shout around.11:41
Awwyeah I have libcrack211:41
bekksAww: apt-cache policy librcrack2 ...11:41
Awwbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14544262/11:42
bekksAww: Are you using Debian?11:43
cfhowlettspelling ...11:43
Awwbekks, yes but we can pretend I'm using Ubuntu as im sure the solution would be the same11:44
bekksAww: No we cannot. Proceed to the Debian support please.11:44
OerHeksAww, libcrack2 is not in our repositories, debian only ..11:44
bramgnzu: so at least that works, i would assume then an external mic will work11:44
Awwwhat does libcrack2 have to do with the broken packages?11:44
bekksAww: Ask the Debian support.11:45
cfhowlettAww, ubuntu is not debian.  debian is not ubuntu.  ask debian for debian support.11:45
zubramgn, probably. anyway, i need to try. Thank you sooo much for you time! I appreciate it!11:45
OerHeksAww, funny, you post results with ubuntu packages, but you run debian.. no wonder your system is unstable,11:46
JyZyXELis there a backup cloud service provider for linux that sends the user a empty hard drive for the initial upload?11:47
bekksJyZyXEL: Most likely not.11:47
JyZyXELits going to be really hard to backup 10 terabytes over a 1 Mbit/s link :D11:48
bekksJyZyXEL: And how long will it take to restore it, in case of a total loss? 3 years?11:48
JyZyXELbekks: i would just order the data in mail11:48
bekksJyZyXEL: And shutdown the company for three years? :)11:49
carl_I'm trying to set a fully qualified domain name in the hosts file but it's not working, should be the hostname?11:49
JyZyXELor i could download it with someones fast internet connection11:49
bekksJyZyXEL: So the outage will be just one year, or 6 months.11:49
bekksJyZyXEL: I'd really redesign that failing-by-design backup concept :)11:50
bramgnzu: np, good luck11:50
zuthanks everybody! to the next absurd problem!11:50
zubramgn, thanks!11:50
JyZyXELbekks: well with a 100 Mbit/s connection, it would take less than 2 weeks to recover11:50
akikJyZyXEL: azure and crashplan have that kind of "hard drive import" service where you can send them your hard disk11:50
Awwbekks, cfhowlett OerHeks despite what you guys claim I fixed the issue by following a guide on Ubuntu forums. Turns out debain and ubuntu have more in common than you think ;)11:51
bekksJyZyXEL: Less than two weeks? :D 13 days too long.11:51
JyZyXELakik: thank you! i will have to check them out11:51
JyZyXELbekks: its still better than _never_11:51
Awwregardless thanks for the help o/11:51
bekksJyZyXEL: Most likely, 14 days outage will be enough to entirely ruin the company.11:51
whiteghostubuntu is debian base similar but not the same11:52
JyZyXELwhat company11:52
bekksJyZyXEL: Are you trying to backup 10TB privately? :)11:52
JyZyXELits almost 20 years of my life all stored digitally without proper backups :D11:53
bekksI'd just buy a NAS :)11:53
JyZyXELit is a nas11:53
cfhowlettoh, well then!  nothing critical ...11:53
JyZyXELid love to back the damn thing into the cloud11:54
JyZyXELeveryone always talks about how important it is to have good backups, but it's not really very easy when you got 1 Mbit/s upload and terabytes of data :P11:56
bekksJyZyXEL: So create a local backup.11:56
JyZyXELi have a local mirror11:56
vbotkacarl_, "Edit /etc/hostname for permanent change" in the SET NAME section of man domainname might be a hint11:56
JyZyXELbut even if i converted it into a local backup, it still isn't a proper backing up scheme11:57
JyZyXELhouse could burn down or get robbed or raided11:57
bekksJyZyXEL: Then get a faster internet connection.11:57
OerHeksJyZyXEL, go find a provider that sends you a harddrive then? this is not really a ubuntu support issue.11:57
JyZyXELOerHeks: yup, thats the plan! i just figured someone on this channel might know of a service like that, and so they did11:58
JyZyXEL(akik mentioned Azure and CrashPlan)11:58
JyZyXELalso i was thinking of doing variable block length deduplication11:59
bramgnJyZyXEL: you might also want to have a look at amazon glacier11:59
JyZyXELto get very bandwidth efficient11:59
derenerAzure is very expensive12:00
cfhowlettderener, cheaper than replacing irreplaceable stuff though12:01
JyZyXELthe cost of getting a faster internet was a multi-thousand euro proposition12:01
bgardnerJyZyXEL: Buy two sets of external drives.  Back up everything to one set and stick it safe deposit.  Every month, trade sets with the safe deposit.  Repeat forever.12:02
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest58567
JyZyXELthat is the only choice if this internet thing doesn't pan out12:03
vbotkacarl_, yes  "The recommended method of setting the FQDN is ... /etc/hosts" in  THE FQDN section of man hostname12:04
peacefulHi installed Broadcom b43 wifi driver but it doestn work12:04
cfhowlettpeaceful, we told you earlier that was the wrong one ...12:04
peacefulits not wrong one12:05
bekkspeaceful: How do you know?12:05
peacefulbecause i checked12:05
bekkspeaceful: Where and how?12:05
peacefuli have BCM431112:06
CinnamonRickRolltheres a large post for ubuntu wifi drivers12:06
CinnamonRickRolltry suspending and the resuming12:06
CinnamonRickRollu might find ur wifi card is working12:06
peacefulCinnamonRickRoll: i tried sudo modprobe wl12:06
peacefuland sudo modprobe b412:06
peacefuland sudo modprobe b4312:06
CinnamonRickRollmy wifi is like that with broadcom, it doesn't work until after i suspend and resume12:06
Spitfire5Hello world! How to install tune2fs for Ubuntu? Aptitude don't see this pack!12:07
peacefuli installed Broadcom STA Wireless driver and tried open source b4312:07
CinnamonRickRoll*shrugs* i know v little about this stuff, so all I can suggest is the suspend/resume method12:07
peacefulCinnamonRickRoll: really12:07
derenerppeaceful try lsmod |grep b412:07
peacefulderener: it shows nothing12:07
cfhowlettpeaceful, then you should read again  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Broadcom_STA_Wireless_driver_.28Proprietary.2912:08
cfhowlettsee "for chip ..." section12:08
peacefulcfhowlett:  i did as it say12:08
peacefulit doesnt even show that i have wifi networks12:09
akikSpitfire5: it's in e2fsprogs package12:09
cfhowlettpeaceful, it says Broadcom STA wireless driver ... NOT b4312:09
peacefulcfhowlett: yes i installed it12:09
cfhowlettyou installed what?12:10
Spitfire5akik thank you12:10
derenerpeaceful the kernel module isn't loaded12:11
peacefulcfhowlett: STA driver12:11
peacefulderener: i did "sudo modprobe wl"12:11
dereneryou must either load it or reboot <--- it auto loads if it is installed correctly12:11
peacefulderener: i did restart and it didnt loard :(12:11
BendrMy display goes black for seconds and come back to an unresponding state, i think the problem is in the graphic card driver or in the graphic card itself, i have ATI Readon 5054, is there any way i can fix this?12:12
derenerwhat does modprobe b43 return?12:13
peacefulBendr: its hard to fix something in linux if you are not smart in it :P12:13
derenermodprobe b43 is the correct command12:13
peacefulderener: i did it12:13
bekksderener: his hardware is not supported by that driver.12:13
bekksderener: he has been told multiple times.12:14
Bendrpeaceful, i'm wondering how one can be smart12:14
MonkeyDustpeaceful  you get smart, by learning, like always12:14
peacefullsmod |grep b4 b43                   369680  0  bcma                   46408  1 b43 mac80211              560429  1 b43 cfg80211              430030  3 wl,b43,mac80211 ssb                    56668  2 b43,ssb_hcd12:14
peacefulBendr: read a book :) linuxcommand.org :)12:14
derenerdoes it work now?12:14
peacefulderener: partially12:14
peacefulderener: it doesnt show up my wifi network in fact in only shows 2 networks found, usually it finds more than 1012:15
peacefulBendr: when it comes to hardware problems - its easier to install windows than to fix them in linux ;) (IN MY HUMBLE OPINION )12:15
Bendrpeaceful, is there any specific answer to my question or just i have to read about cd and grep?12:16
peacefulBendr: nah you just learn linux a bit there. i havent read it yet :)(12:16
cfhowlettpeaceful, 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu???12:16
peaceful32 bti12:16
cfhowlettpeaceful, VERY FIRST hit on this page.  read and heed.  https://www.broadcom.com/support/802.1112:17
Bendrpeaceful, i'm not as bad as you think with linux, i just want some help because a lot of people suffering with ATI driver's on ubuntu12:17
peacefulderener: i dont know why it doesnt load wl driver12:17
bekkspeaceful: Because you are using b43.12:18
peacefulBendr: i also have ATI driver and im suffering no way around it12:18
peacefulbekks: Broadcom STA driver is for my BCM431112:18
peacefulworked before12:18
bekkspeaceful: then why are you using b43?12:18
peacefulbekks: because wl not working now12:18
cfhowlettpeaceful, exactomundo!  ^^^^^12:18
bekkspeaceful: and b43 is not the correct one.12:18
cfhowlettpeaceful, that doesn't mean change the driver!12:19
peacefulbekks: you are only confusing me12:19
Bendrpeaceful, i'm wondering if removing it would help because it's a discrete GPU12:19
bekkspeaceful: You are confusing yourself. Do not use b43. Incorrect driver.12:19
derenerpeaceful maybe you messed with the wifi files?12:19
derenerdoes the live cd work?12:19
cfhowlettpeaceful, you had a working driver.  for no good reason, you changed to a non-functional driver.  b43 is wrong.  install linux sta 32 bit12:19
peacefuli installed linux sta12:20
cfhowletthow?  and why do you keep saying you have install b43??12:20
dereneri too recommend using whatever they tell you12:22
dereneri just gave you another command to try12:22
derenerpeaceful: if the livecd works fine then you have messed up your installation12:23
Firefly67I upgraded firefox and my add-ons and bookmarks have disappeared. How do I restore them from my old profile folder, which I saved in .mozilla.old?12:23
peacefulderener: livecd doesnt load bcm4311 drivers12:24
cfhowlettFirefly67, booksmarks > import12:24
bramgnFirefly67: did they disappear after you moved your .mozilla directory to .mozilla.old?12:24
MonkeyDustFirefly67  bookmarks > show all > import12:25
Firefly67yes, I think so, I followed some online instructions which said move .mozilla to .mozilla.old, then install/upgrade. now I have lost my bookmarks and add-ons12:26
bramgnupgrading firefox should not result in losing your bookmarks and addons12:26
bramgnFirefly67: okay, i suppose it has now created a new .mozilla directory. Close firefox, move that one away, say mv .mozilla .mozilla-new12:26
bramgnFirefly67: then move or copy the backup back to the original name, cp -a .mozilla.bak/ .mozilla/12:27
bramgnFirefly67: then start firefox again12:27
Firefly67ok, let me try that12:27
Firefly67I already tried cp -r and that might have messed up even more, but let me try what you're saying12:28
bramgnFirefly67: .mozilla.old i meant12:28
derenerpeaceful make a reboot after you install sta12:28
Munsterif sync is used on firefox then the bookmarks etc would all be saved12:28
bramgnFirefly67: okay, but you have a backup sitting at .mozilla.old/ yes?12:28
peacefulits already installed derener12:28
Firefly67yeah it's back!12:29
bramgnFirefly67: move the current one, copy your backup to .mozilla/. That should fix it.12:29
Firefly67I can't see the reddit enhancement suite/css add-on though12:30
Firefly67it shows up on the list of add-ons that couldn't be verified12:31
cfhowlettFirefly67, take it up with mozilla/firefox support.   not an ubuntu issue12:31
=== ripthejacker is now known as akhil
Firefly67yeah I am on the #firefox channel too, no response there, so I came here12:32
peacefulcfhowlett, derener: http://postimg.org/image/s7q0y0bm3/12:32
cfhowlettpeaceful, and you completely removed b43?12:34
peacefulcfhowlett:  nop how to do it?12:35
derenermodprobe -r b4312:36
peacefulderener: yep i did that12:36
janeerHi there12:38
dereneri read in ubuntu forums that someone blacklisted b43 and then wl started working12:39
peacefulsta does it automatically12:42
derenerwhat is the error when you modprobe wl?12:44
peacefulno error12:44
peacefulok i removed b4312:46
peacefulstill doesnt work12:47
clamiax :part #ubuntu12:47
MonkeyDustclamiax  /part12:47
bekkspeaceful: Where and how do you look for errors after modprobing?12:51
zteamHi all!12:51
peacefulbekks: yes hwo?12:51
emihi ich kann bei meine menü, taskleiste nicht mehr sehen, nur bei meinem gastaccount. die oberfläche ist einfach leer, nur mit meinem desktop-hintergrund. kann mir jemand weiterhelfen? gerade eben ging es noch und ich habe nichts gemacht12:51
peacefulbekks: in terminal12:52
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:52
zteamI have a 32 GB usb pendrive which I intend to use to create a multi-boot usb pendrive with various linux distrubutions such as Kali, Ubuntu, boot-repair and kaspersky Antivirus12:53
wahyuhi guys12:53
MonkeyDustzteam  pendrive's MultiSystem can do that12:54
zteamwhich is the most reliable tool to use? and I want to be able to use persisent mode with Ubuntu and Kali to12:54
MonkeyDustzteam  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/12:55
=== omx is now known as Murii
wahyuHow do we install .deb using terminal if its located on media partition not in home?12:56
zteamMonkeyDust, I already tried that, but my pendrive refuses to boot any of the distros I tried (Kali and  Ubuntu)12:56
wahyuI use ubuntu DE gnome 3.1012:56
zteamMonkeyDust, and I know a that my computer should support Ubuntu12:57
zteamMonkeyDust, Ubuntu complains that it can't find the the iso, while Kali hangs at modprobing for my wifi-driver12:58
MonkeyDustzteam  so the question is not how to create a bootable usb, but how to make your pc boot from it12:58
MonkeyDustzteam  that sounds like a hardware or BIOS issue12:58
raphaff26syslinux -ma device12:58
raphaff26use qemu to test is is bottable12:59
zteamMonkey, no the laptop is able too boot Ubuntu just fine, If I install with UnetBootin for example, and it get's to the Multisystem menu and the thumbdrive as well13:01
zteamraphaff26, what does syslinyx -ma do?13:03
MonkeyDustwahyu  navigate to the folder and use dpkg -x [deb file]13:04
raphaff26first mb to boot the the device13:06
derenerzteam try if the usb boots from virtualbox or qemu13:06
derenerdo not type that command13:06
derenermaybe you will need that command later13:07
raphaff26syslinux -ma    (mbr and active aprtition)13:13
hrob_so I have an issue with 14.04 ... unity or the xserver crashes  when I create a new master pointer device13:23
hrob_I do this...   $ xinput create-master mymaster13:23
hrob_then $ xinput reattach mymouse_id  mymaster_id13:24
hrob_then move my mouse, and all goes bonkers13:24
hrob_xinput master slave pointer layout has been in xorg since I dont know when, but its before 201013:24
hrob_so this sucks13:24
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hihihi mates, is there any android app where I can host socks server?13:33
hihii heard about jsocks13:33
MonkeyDusthihi  this is ubuntu support, not android13:34
hihiandroid is linux but ok :P13:34
bekkshihi: Android is not Ubuntu.13:34
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red_/whois $me13:56
noeliaHello everyone14:14
noeliaI'm having some problems with my Wi-Fi internet connection14:15
noeliaAnd Ubuntu 15.1014:15
noeliaMy Wi-Fi card is a Realtek RTL8188EE14:15
noeliaThe speed is too low.14:15
jjjasperdefine 'too low'?14:16
noeliaIt should be 25MB/sec. at least.14:17
bekksnoelia: How do you know that?14:17
noeliaAnd I'm getting 6MB/sec.14:17
jjjasper25 megabyte per second? over wifi?14:17
bekksI strongly doubt that. :)14:17
jjjasperthat being a wireless N card14:18
noeliabekks Because I have another computer with a wired connection and Ubuntu 15.1014:18
jjjasperwired connection14:18
jjjaspernuff said14:18
bekksnoelia: Are we talking about MB or Mb?14:18
jjjasperbekks: megabytes apparantly ;)14:18
bekksnoelia: Wired and wireless are totally different media, with totally different specifics.14:19
jjjasper6MB/sec would be realistic over wireless N though14:19
robb_nl6MB/s for wireless is not weird or low...14:19
noeliabekks Mbps14:19
=== Joshua_Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis
jjjasperever seen wifi doing >90mbit/sec?14:19
jjjaspereven with super mimo 3x6 12-antenna stuff14:20
noeliawww.speedtest.net gives me 10Mbps now14:20
derenerthose tests are affected by your isp14:20
robb_nlspeedtest is to test your providers connection for you to the internet... NEVER do speedtest over  wifi... it is not reliable14:21
bekksnoelia: Those tests test your internet connection, not your wifi connection.14:21
jjjaspertry iperf with the correct parameters, should give a better idea14:21
noeliaThe thing is, I'm getting 85% percent of Wi-Fi signal14:21
=== HelloWorld is now known as Guest382
bekksnoelia: Signal strength does not necessarily tell you how fast your connection is.14:22
bekksnoelia: So which Wifi standard do you use, 802.11a/b/g/n or whatever?14:22
jjjasperif at all, it's only an indicator14:22
jjjaspera "15% signal" wifi connection can be faster than a "85% signal" one14:23
noeliabekks How could I find out?14:24
bekksnoelia: By looking into the settings of your Wifi router.14:24
noeliabekks Thank you14:24
derenerspeedtest.net tests how good signal your router has14:26
derenernot how good your wifi signal is14:26
Stinky_Feetnoelia: Try file transfers between your WiFi connected computer and the properly wired one. Move about, see changes in the alledged signal strength and the actual performance. If you have an Android device, install WiFi Analyzer.14:26
jjjasperderener: none of both really14:26
bekksderener: speedtest is irrelevant for wifi tests. As already have been pointed out.14:27
jjjasperirrelevant for wired even14:27
jjjasperwell, it might be an usable grade14:27
noeliaStinky_Feet I do have WiFi Analyzer on my mobile phone.14:27
bekksnoelia: Which is irrelevant for your Ubuntu wifi issue.14:28
Stinky_Feetnoelia: Well then, look for congestion and move channels if needed.14:28
funkyTonIs there a docker 15.10 container ?14:28
jjjaspertry to tap channel 1, 6 or 1114:28
jjjasperneighbouring channels cause more congestion than AP's on the same channel14:29
jjjaspereg if multiple people use 11, but there is nothing on 9/1014:29
jjjasperthat's a better channel than none being on 6, but multiples being on 4-5 and 7-814:29
Stinky_FeetThe only way to find out is to design a repeatable test and try/fal try again.14:30
Munsterthe default channel is 6 in our area for some reason ,and most users don't bother changing it, hence the congestion and slow wifi14:30
jjjasperhmm, to be fair14:30
jjjasperall being at 614:30
jjjasperis better than being cluttered all over the spectrum14:30
jjjasperas the overlapping channels (eg 4/5 + 7/8, ish) cause more interference than AP's on the same channel14:31
Munsteruhm, it gives user more room if they don't all use the same channel14:31
opakavichow is gaming with this LTS version of ubuntu14:31
bekksopakavic: Depends on the games.14:32
opakavicgood if it has native support14:32
NetmageHello, does anyone know where there is a application I could use to display address contacts via carddav (mailbox.org) ?14:32
Stinky_FeetEvolution is my one-stop solution. If that is not your thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_CalDAV_and_CardDAV_implementations14:39
noeliaStinky_Feet Do you know how to set up a gmail account in Evolution?14:43
noeliaStinky_Feet I already did, but I'm doing something wrong...14:43
noeliaMy password doesn't work...14:43
noeliaIt says it's wrong...14:44
noeliaAnd I can log in www.gmail.com with my gmail account.14:44
noeliaVia web browser.14:44
galais there a docker image for ubuntu wiley ?14:45
Stinky_Feetnoelia: It should be very simple, it has predefined dialogues for gmail. Being simplified it removes control from the user, so when problems occur, they are more difficult to resolve. For authentication, you should get a request from google asking you to verify that Evolution/Gnome are allowed to access your account. I have only done this in Gnome and it worked. It might pop up as a message/dialogue without you noticing it (you will14:47
Stinky_Feet have to put your focus on that pop-up manually)14:47
k-l want to learn English, now with the translation. Who can teach me, and I l893646998@gmail.com Gmail thank you14:49
k-lI want to learn English, now with the translation. Who can teach me, and I l893646998@gmail.com Gmail thank you14:50
NetmageThank you very much14:52
k-lI want to learn English, now with the translation. Who can teach me, and I l893646998@gmail.com Gmail thank you14:52
opakavicjust watch the channel14:53
lahaugen87Plenty of language learning apps for smartphones14:53
Stinky_Feetnoelia: In Gnome you set it up in the "Online accounts" setting in gnome-control-center. Evolution then picks it up.14:53
noeliaStinky_Feet I'm on Xubuntu 15.1014:54
=== pc_ is now known as Guest61000
Stinky_Feetnoelia: Then you know more about your environment than I do...14:54
k-lBut it is difficult to learn English.14:56
galak-l:  This is a linux channel. Can't help you with english in here14:57
galatry some tutorials online - youtube ??14:57
k-lBut I still don't understand.14:58
MonkeyDustk-l  type  /j #ubuntu-offtopic    if you want to learn english14:59
xq_Hey guys, can anyone help me with an issue on the forums? I've been an Ubuntu member for 5-6 years (xq@ubuntu.com) and I can't use SSO to login or register for the forums. My username is only two characters and it must be 3 for ubuntuforums (now, at least -- two used to be fine a long time ago). I can't change my username for Launchpad or SSO. Can I not use my LP/Ubuntu member account for the forums? :\15:00
k-lWell, slowly.15:01
k-lTired of translation15:01
lahaugen87xq_ Checked if you have an email with a create new username link? Sites usually have that in chases like this15:02
MonkeyDustxq_  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216436915:02
maslenI just installed a fresh ubuntu 15.10 x86 VM on vmware fusion 8.1.0 and even after installing vmware tools and restarting, I still can't copy and paste to and from the VM and the window doesn't automatically resize. Any clue what I should be doing ?15:02
k-lWho can tell me, how do you learn English15:03
MonkeyDustk-l  stop15:03
MonkeyDustk-l  go to another channel, not here15:03
maslenk-l: Check out duolingo.15:03
k-lwhat is duolingo?15:04
MonkeyDustk-l  you're in the wrong channel15:04
k-lYou bet15:05
xq_MonkeyDust & lahaugen87: My launchpad e-mail is craig.huffstetler@gmail.com and xq@ubuntu.com (https://www.launchpad.net/~xq)15:07
maslenI just installed a fresh ubuntu 15.10 x86 VM on vmware fusion 8.1.0 and even after installing vmware tools and restarting, I still can't copy and paste to and from the VM and the window doesn't automatically resize. Any clue what I should be doing ?15:11
maslenIs it possible to override the CC passed with configure? For example, to use gcc for building most of a project, then switching to another compiler for building another file later, withoout re-running configure?\?15:19
Stinky_Feetmaslen: update-alternatives --config cc15:22
codedmartIf I am running a web server with systemd. How can I hot-reload restart it?15:26
maslenStinky_Feet: Googling update-alternatives now, thanks.15:27
Stinky_Feetcodedmart: systemctl status your.service15:39
codedmartStinky_Feet That just shows me the status right?15:40
Stinky_Feetcodedmart: sudo reload your.service15:40
mta_morning all15:40
cyberpolicehello. my computer isnt booting after grub. i just get a blank screen now. this is after i booted it with some changes to the area: new UPS system, new cable modem, moved wires etc, and after a sucsesfull reboot. 2nd or 3rd reboot im unable to boot after grub for some reason15:40
codedmartStinky_Feet does that do a zero downtime (hot reload) of the web server?15:40
Stinky_Feetsorry sudo systemctl reload your.service15:40
mta_having a problem with screen turning off on laptop and monitor, is there a fix for this, ubuntu mate 15.0415:41
Stinky_Feetcodedmart: Only the person who wrote the web server and the systemd unit file can answer that.15:41
codedmartStinky_Feet That is an answer, :). I think I get it now.15:42
maslenStinky_Feet: So if I wanted to create a parameter called 'custom_clang', I'd run: update-alternatives --install 'custom_clang' 'custom_clang' '/usr/local/bin/myclang' ?15:45
maslenAnd then I could run "update-alternatives --config custom_clang" to switch where custom_clang referred to ?15:46
Stinky_Feetmaslen: I don't know, I have only used --configure, mainly to swap between different java versions.15:46
mta_having a problem with screen turning off on laptop and monitor, is there a fix for this, ubuntu mate 15.0415:47
maslenStinky_Feet: Oh. poo.15:47
=== Dragonslicer is now known as Dragnslcr
Stinky_Feetmaslen: You are welcome.15:48
eNclawHello can anybody tell me in software center some app is for free but i cant download them because i have there buy button isnsted of install button15:56
EriC^^eNclaw: which app?15:56
bekkseNclaw: And what happens when clicking on "buy"?15:56
eNclaw"dofus" for example15:57
bekkseNclaw: Did you submit your credit card information anywhere, before?15:57
eNclawno i dont15:57
bekksThen why are you afraid of clicking on that button? :)15:57
kinker31Hey guys, is there a way to have grub2 recognize efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi ?15:57
eNclawbecause when i click buy it i need to fill informations about my credit card :D15:58
kinker31Grub2 says the file doesn't exist, when it actually does.15:58
EriC^^eNclaw: try sudo apt-get install dofus15:58
EriC^^in the terminal15:58
bekkskinker31: Did you install grub in EFI or non-EFI mode?15:58
EriC^^kinker31: try sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda for me15:58
EriC^^kinker31: ^ good point, also type dpkg -l | grep grub15:59
eNclawwhen i try this its cant find dofus15:59
EriC^^!info dofus16:00
ubottuPackage dofus does not exist in wily16:00
bekksEriC^^: No. https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/dofus/16:01
EriC^^odd, apt-cache search doesn't show it for me16:01
bekksEriC^^: Because its not in the repos.16:02
=== Gustavo is now known as Guest84318
EriC^^maybe cause it's proprietary?16:02
wathekis this a right channel to ask question about porting ubuntu mobile ?16:02
bekksEriC^^: Yeah, thats why it is an app.16:02
Guest84318my mouse pointer widened16:03
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=== bbidss is now known as bids
ddnhhi all, does anybody know how to access your photos in a Huawei Y5 from ubuntu?16:03
Guest84318my mouse pointer widened16:03
EriC^^kinker31: everything seems to be in order16:04
Guest84318and not as resize16:04
EriC^^kinker31: i'd just make a custom entry for windows and call it a day16:04
tuxianoHi, I just created an ekiga.net sip account and I would like to know my "number" insead of a sipid e.g. ubuntufanboy@ekiga.net. Or is there a way to translate my sipid to a number?16:04
EriC^^if you want file a bug report about it16:04
Guest84318What can I do?16:04
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=== shill is now known as Guest69801
kinker31Yeah, I made a custom entry for that. However, Grub2 doesn't seem to reconzie the EFI file, and refuses to boot. I'll get a pastebin of the entry.16:06
EriC^^what does it say when you press on it in grub?16:07
popei need your help16:07
obiwanhi klaus16:08
TheSkepticalBirdI'm installing ubuntu server on my laptop... how do I connect to my wifi?16:08
obiwanhi klaus16:08
EriC^^kinker31: the uuid looks wrong16:08
EriC^^pastebin sudo blkid /dev/sda216:08
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  use   iwlist16:08
popemy mouse pointer widened16:08
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  wifi for a server? doesnt sound wise16:09
Stinky_Feettuxiano: I guess you are using a softphone. If you tell us which one, what version you are using, and how it is configured, someone might be able to help you.16:10
EriC^^kinker31: this is the uuid C098-8C0516:10
kinker31Ah. Thanks again!16:10
EriC^^no problem16:10
popemy mouse pointer widened16:10
TheSkepticalBirdI'm not installing it for use as a server. I want to be able to install whatever flavor of Ubuntu I want without having to use another iso image.16:10
TheSkepticalBirdSo... I'd do sudo apt-get install ubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu etc.16:11
popeas I put it smaller?16:11
popejoder no hay nadie que hable español?16:11
TheSkepticalBirdAnyway... the console where I attempted iwlist didn't work.16:11
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:12
TheSkepticalBirdIt said /bin/sh: iwlist not found16:12
popeubottu:  thank you16:12
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:12
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  probably because it's a server... try sudo apt install iwlist16:13
TheSkepticalBirdproblem though... I attempted sudo earlier and it said /bin/sh: sudo not found.16:13
TheSkepticalBirdI haven't really installed the OS yet...16:13
TheSkepticalBirdI can't because my laptop isn't connected to the internet.16:14
EriC^^TheSkepticalBird: it's cause you're using sh, $PATH isn't set i guess16:14
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue16:14
=== detro is now known as Guest79454
TheSkepticalBirdcat: can't open '/etc/issue': No such file or directory16:15
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  then it's not ubuntu16:15
bekksTheSkepticalBird: Ubuntu ships with /etc/issue16:16
popeBlackDash:  hallo16:16
BlackDashhello pope16:16
popeBlackDash:  duetsch?16:16
popeah this is gut16:16
popeyou kann a private whit me16:17
popei have a cuestion16:17
bekks!de | pope16:17
ubottupope: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:17
TheSkepticalBirdMonkeyDust: err I literally just installed the Iso onto the flash drive. I got the iso here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server about a week or two ago.16:18
TheSkepticalBirdI don't understand how it's not ubuntu.16:18
popeBlackDash:  see you private please16:19
TheSkepticalBirdWhen I booted to the USB it had an option saying "Install Ubuntu Server" or something like that.16:19
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  yes, server is an installer16:19
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  desktop is a live session16:19
MonkeyDustso install first, then ask again16:20
TheSkepticalBirdBut I can't... the laptop isn't connected to the internet. I want to know how to connect it to the wifi so I can install it.16:20
TheSkepticalBirdThat's my issue.16:21
TheSkepticalBirdI only have one Ethernet cable.16:21
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  great, then ypou don't need wifi16:21
bekksTheSkepticalBird: you dont need a network connection for installing ubuntu.16:21
TheSkepticalBirdThat's being used for the computer I'm currently typing on.16:21
Stinky_FeetTheSkepticalBird: The easiest solution is to connect it by cable. Once installed, you will have all the software needed to configure WiFi.16:21
Stinky_FeetCables are cheap.16:22
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  or use wifi on this internet pc, and use the cable for the installation16:22
popeBlackDash:  are you goin?16:22
TheSkepticalBird-_- k... I guess I'll be back in a bit. Because I'll have to connect to wifi in order to install *ubuntu-Desktop.16:22
TheSkepticalBirdMonkeyDust: err... this pc is a desktop with no hardware for Wifi.16:23
MonkeyDustTheSkepticalBird  don't use wifi during installation16:23
bekksTheSkepticalBird: then how are you expecting to use wifi, without wifi hardware?16:23
ddnhhi all, does anybody know how to access your photos in a Huawei Y5 from ubuntu?16:24
Stinky_Feetbekks: Two different computers :-)16:24
TheSkepticalBirdbekks: what? This pc is a desktop... it already has Manjaro on it. I want to install Ubuntu on my laptop.16:24
TheSkepticalBirdwell... brb...16:24
extraymondHi! How can I turn off catalyst driver temporarily? Is that possible by not loading the kernel module?16:26
bekksextraymond: Whats the issue behind that?16:26
extraymondbekks, in fglrx the desktop performance is bad, but I need opencl for 3D rendering. Would like switch between this based on different use case16:27
bekksextraymond: Stop the graphical environment, using lightdm stop, rmmod driver1, modprobe driver2, fix X configuration if necessary, start lightdm again.16:28
extraymondbekks,I'll try and see what I can find16:29
martin1989hi people16:29
martin1989does someone use mate desktop?16:30
MonkeyDustmartin1989  that's a yes/no question ... what brings you here16:30
martin1989sorry..i'd like some neon theme for mate16:30
martin1989but i cant find any..16:30
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy16:31
martin1989thnx nab16:31
extraymondbekks, I'm back, without success16:37
extraymondbekks, can't modprobe radeon16:37
bekksWhy not? Someone slapping your hands when trying to type it in?16:38
extraymondbekks, XD nope, it says "Error, kmod-module-insert-module..."16:41
abhi_Hey guys; How to install wireless driver in Ubuntu 14.04 when machine is not connected to internet16:49
LopeI bought 3 very similar LVDS laptop screens and 3 controller boards. I asked the seller to program the controller boards with firmware that would work on the 3 screens. (According to another seller, the firmware is interchangable between the 3 screens anyway). He labelled each controller accordingly. My screens are all LP171WU ... (1-TLA6, 3-TLB1, 3-TLB3). The seller botched the firmware for the 3-TLB* boards, they do not offer resolutions above 1280x720, but16:50
Lopeif I add a custom res with my display driver, they work at 1920x1200. The two screens (3-TLB*) work with any of the 3 controller boards. The 1-TLA6 screen does not work with any of the controller boards. Initially it shows some weird blocks for 5 seconds, then it just shows a plain white screen (I am sending it an image over HDMI).16:50
Lopehttp://imgur.com/a/UzpOw does it look like a controller firmware problem or a screen damaged?16:50
jogihallo an alle habe ein Problem  ich komme nicht auf die Website linuxmintusers.de der Server ist nicht erreichbar. Problem 2 ist das mein Firefox hat noch die version  416:51
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:51
QUANTShi guys, i cant seem to install Open office onto my 14.04 64bit OS16:53
Stinky_Feetabhi_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptCdrom16:56
srulihi, is there a difference in security for passphrase vs key on a luks partition?16:57
abhi_aah i have bootable USB16:58
no_gravityHello! My mouse pointer is stuck in drag/drop mode. An icon is stuck to it and neither left-click nor right-click do anything anymore. Any ideas how to fix it?17:01
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raliMy GPU keeps crashing each time i open the computer, but when i use in addition to my actual monitor another large one i have it doesn't do that and they both works just fine, is there any explanation to what's going on here?17:02
UserUSrali: It's a problem with the screen17:03
Stinky_Feetsruli: Yes. You have to make a compromize between security and usability. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Device_encryption#Keyfiles17:05
raliUserUS: i tried another screen and it does the same17:05
raliUserUS: my 72'' screen works just fine17:08
raliUserUS: also my small one actually does but only if it is used alongside with the large one17:09
ralii really don't know how this happening17:09
UserUSnot sure then17:09
UserUSwhat os17:09
ralithe same in Windows17:09
UserUSThat could possibly be it...but you said it's in the windows boot too?17:10
raliUserUS: yes, the same problem with Windows17:11
raliUserUS: what do you mean by possible be it?17:11
=== rali is now known as Bendr
UserUSrali: maybe the other screen is labeled as 117:17
UserUSand your screen is labeled as17:17
Bendrwhich means?17:17
UserUSwhen the other monitor is unplugged, it just displays a black sreen17:17
sruliStinky_Feet: i read it, it does not say the pros/cons of passphrase vs key17:18
BendrUserUS: yes, i know that, what's the point?17:18
UserUSthat could be why17:19
BendrUserUS: i'm using them as 'mirrored'17:20
bidsi want a task manager17:20
bidsi dont like ubuntu default tm17:20
bidswhich should i get?17:20
BendrUserUS: the small one is connected using the old monitor connector the other is HDMI17:21
deadmundI submitted a bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1499556   but it seems to have stagnated.  Any suggestions on what I can do now?17:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499556 in linux (Ubuntu) "Computer Reboots Instead of Halting" [Medium,Triaged]17:24
Stinky_Feetsruli: It is as safe as you make it. Use a passphrase - you store it in your brain and thus cannot be lost, but you are vulnerable to keyloggers, snoopers etc. Use a key file on a USB memorystick or similar and you are vunurable to theft, data loss etc. Use both and you are more secure, but you have to go through a bloody ordeal every time you have to access the data. The actual encryption does not change.17:25
sruliStinky_Feet: thanks17:25
abhi_hey guys when i am using sudo apt-get install git => its giving error unable to locate packet git.17:28
=== Saponza^ZzZz is now known as Saponza
k1l!info git17:29
ubottugit (source: git): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.5.0-1ubuntu0.1 (wily), package size 3056 kB, installed size 24804 kB17:29
BendrUserUS: does it help to install a proprietary driver?17:30
k1labhi_: what does" lsb_release -d" give you?17:30
abhi_Description:Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS17:30
k1labhi_: please run a "sudo apt update && apt-cache policy git" and show that in a pastebin website and link it here.17:31
stefanosalve ragazzi17:32
abhi_thanks @kll its working now :)17:41
N3sh108hey there17:44
co-bdg-asikthis is17:45
N3sh108I just upgraded to 15.10 and now, whenever I wake the laptop from sleep, the menubar disappears. I am using nemo and cinnamon as my dm17:45
co-bdg-asikist tis17:45
N3sh108is it common?17:45
co-bdg-asiki like my color ijo17:46
co-bdg-asikcolor ijo its yummy17:46
co-bdg-asiki like17:47
co-bdg-asiki crazy17:47
urbanendeavourwhy is apt-get remove mysql-server running the install config?17:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:50
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:50
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:50
Stinky_Feetdeadmund: I can only suggest things like looking into your BIOS settings on USB/RS-232/Wake On LAN signals. Make a CloneZilla backup and install a completely different distro and see if the problem remains.17:55
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annon100101hlw there18:06
N3sh108I just upgraded to 15.10 and now, whenever I wake the laptop from sleep, the menubar disappears. I am using nemo and cinnamon as my dm18:07
nbusroneHow can I repair grub in a boot loader ? using ubuntu 12.04 ?18:07
N3sh108is it common?18:07
someoneyoudontknHi :)18:08
K1rknbusrone, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair18:08
nbusroneKlrk : http://pastebin.com/B5ShZkRg18:09
K1rknbusrone, where are your partitions bro? :(18:09
K1rknbusrone, is there a /dev/sda1 ?18:10
K1rkGot to run sorry18:11
nbusroneKlrk : I installed boot-repair but it doesn't show anything on repair option .The only output is the log of boot-repair http://pastebin.com/3aXdBP4e18:11
nbusroneK1rk : It only have sda , there's no 1 or 218:12
nbusroneCan I fix it without a sda1 ?18:14
EriC^^nbusrone: what's the problem exactly?18:14
nbusroneEriC^^ :In short I plan to test on converting P2V  by using Virtualbox.18:17
nbusroneEriC^^ : Create a Guest 12.04 on VBox and clone it out into dd-img.aa and convert into raw and import into Virtualbox again.But it only shows sda but not sda1 , did I mess something with the bootloader or etc ?18:19
nbusroneEriC^^ : I use the application call clonezilla and follow the guide from this website http://www.linux.org/threads/physical-to-virtual-p2v-using-virtualbox.7248/18:20
iorianbusrone, Linux 3.11.0-15-generic   ....   where did you take this kernel ?18:21
Eirikrdoes anyone know if unity 8 will come with 16.04 ?18:23
k1l_Eirikr: not as standard desktop. its still the unity7 and xorg setup18:24
Eirikrok :(18:24
k1l_Eirikr: there will be a desktop session to try and test it. but atm its still "in the making" and not really all day performance18:25
Eirikrk1l_ no, i understand..18:26
k1l_Eirikr: if you want to test it, there are already live-isos for unity+MIR.18:26
Eirikrah really? where?18:26
k1l_hmm, let me find that archive18:28
ioriaEirikr, i found this  ... but is a ppa https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC18:29
k1l_yeah, seems like they stopped the isos and make the ppa now: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8Desktop18:30
Eirikrioria k1l_ I did that, but seems to only work in 14.04 or something.. neither 15.04 or 15.10 did it work for me18:32
hiehola senora18:32
Eirikrjust freezes18:32
k1l_Eirikr: what video card?18:32
k1l_intel works, the others are known to have issues.18:33
ioriaEirikr, this says that works on both 14 ans 15 http://www.unixmen.com/install-unity-8-desktop-preview-with-mir-display-server-in-ubuntu/18:33
ioriaEirikr,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8DesktopIso18:34
ioriaEirikr,  nope, not working18:34
Eirikrioria k1l_ ok, then it is driver stuff maybe..18:35
ioriaEirikr,  are you using fglrx  or radeon ?18:35
=== PirateBrand is now known as SPACEX21
Eirikrioria radeon i guess...18:36
Eirikrfglrx is baaad18:36
ioriaEirikr,  yep18:36
ioriaEirikr,  desktp or laptop ?18:37
Eirikrioria laptop18:37
ioriaEirikr,  sudo lshw -c Video18:38
ioriaEirikr,  maybe you have intel too18:38
Eirikrnah..  *-display18:38
Eirikr       description: VGA compatible controller18:38
Eirikr       product: Temash [Radeon HD 8250/8280G]18:38
Eirikr       vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI]18:38
Eirikr       physical id: 118:38
Eirikr       bus info: pci@0000:00:01.018:38
Eirikr       version: 0018:38
ioriaEirikr,  please, don't paste in here18:39
ioriaEirikr, paste.ubuntu.com18:39
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest89796
red_eyesHello. I have a "held broken packages" problem that I can't fix... I tried removing the packages that had unmet dependencies but one of them was gcc-4.9-base:i386 and I think I messed everything up...18:40
ioriaEirikr,  integrated on cpu .... ?18:40
Eirikrioria it is only amd and yes. integrated18:41
ioriaEirikr,  mmmmm18:41
Eirikrioria did the whole rebuild thing got this back http://paste.ubuntu.com/14553686/18:41
Eirikrioria i did this sudo unity8-lxc-setup --rebuild18:42
ioriaEirikr, do you have ssh server installed ?18:43
Eirikrioria why?18:43
ioriaEirikr, ' To enable sshd, run: apt-get install openssh-server '18:44
Eirikrioria already newest version18:44
nbusroneioria : Sorry for late reply , I run the boot through Super GRUB 2.ISO and it just list out the Linux 3.11.0-15-generic for booting and just click and it boots to to ubuntu 12.04 os18:44
ioriaEirikr,  seems a bug   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8-lxc/+bug/144852118:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448521 in Unity8 Desktop Preview in LXC "sudo unity8-lxc-setup fails on 15.04" [High,Fix committed]18:46
korgсдесь ксть ктонибкдь?\18:48
Eirikrioria ok18:48
Eirikrioria :(18:48
ioria!info unity8-desktop-session-mir | Eirikr18:48
ubottuEirikr: unity8-desktop-session-mir (source: unity8-desktop-session): Unity8 desktop session for Mir. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.12+15.10.20150609-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 54 kB18:48
gagaliciousi'm using rsync. where's the default rsync log for the files transfered. i'm using ubuntu 14.0418:52
physixercan I install a package from ubuntu repository without sudo access, and in my home directory? (like ./configure --prefix=/home/physixer/local/package-name)18:53
db`Hi ppl18:54
db`Well, I just changed my default SSH port on ubuntu server from 22 to another one18:54
db`But I see, that few applications that use ssh to login, are not able to connect to the new port everytime18:55
db`I mean, they connect sometimes & they fail sometimes.18:55
db`any idea?18:55
k1l_db`: either they can work with a different port or not. but half/half doesnt make sense.18:56
db`but strangely it is.18:56
db`my server has 5 IP addresses18:57
db`the port change works with 1 IP address for a while & doesn't after some time.18:57
db`It works with another assigned IP for a while & like that..18:57
db`Is there anything wrong in my port selection? I have chosen 3302218:58
db`my putty works absolutely fine though18:58
k1l_what doesnt work?18:58
k1l_port should be fine18:58
akikdb`: there's something else amiss. if you set sshd to port 33022 then it will be there18:58
db`Yes. But that software is discontinously working.18:59
db`over ssh protocol18:59
HetachiCan anyone help me out with MYSQL remote connection problem?18:59
k1l_db`: make sure you reload the sshd. then it should use the new port only. so if its still at port 22 (or not working) there is something different making a mess. like some port forwarding or that software who connects has issues18:59
db`do I need to set any iptables issues for the new port?18:59
db`I just changed port & reloaded ssh.19:00
HetachiI am running a steam server, which attempts to connect to an external MYSQL, but it is not able to, and I can't get any log files, does ubuntu requires anything to allow remote connections? ufw is not enabled, and I am out of ideas19:00
db`didn't bother to update iptables coz I can connect to that port using putty19:00
k1l_i dont know what that software is that got issues and i dont know what rules your iptables or network got there.19:01
Stinky_Feetgagalicious: It depends if you are talking about a rsync client or a server, how you configured the server and issued the command to launch the client. In short: It will go where you specify it. See man rsync on --log-file.19:01
gagaliciousok thanks19:02
db`k1l_ : the software is BGPanel (a game cp)19:02
akikdb`: if you have a restrictive iptables setup and port 33022 was open by default, there's the first thing you need to look at19:02
gagaliciousStinky_Feet: if i didnt specify a log file? by default, does it have a log file?19:02
db`I haven't touched the IP table settings19:02
Stinky_Feetgagalicious: The client: No.19:02
db`akik: I haven't touched the ip tables. All I find is new port works for me on putty. So I assume its open to all19:03
memo____first time here19:03
NO_CARRIERtrying to figure out how to do something with dnsmasq, googling hasn't lead me to understand if this is even possible: I have an ubuntu server acting as a router to my network, getting a routable IP address directly from the cable modem. I have a fully qualified domain name (e.g. mydomain.com) that maps to my inernet-routable IP address that the ubuntu server has. I'm running dnsmasq. I want to set up dnsmasq19:03
NO_CARRIERsuch that internal hosts on my lan will resolve mydomain.com (and any other *.mydomain.com subdomains) to the internal ubuntu server instad of going out to external dns to get the routable IP address. Is this advisable or possible?19:03
tiblockHi. I had installed ubuntu 14.04 then my motherboard died, i bought new one, and mouse and keyboad was not working. I loaded from USB 14.04, 12.04, 15.04, debian 8.2, not working too. What i can do?19:04
k1l_db`:  does that work with ssh connection?19:04
db`Yes, it uses a backend ssh protocol to connect to server19:04
NO_CARRIERreason for this is that I have say for example blog.mydomain.com route correctly from the outside to an internal host via forwarding, but I want my internal hosts in the LAN to resolve blog.mydomain.com to the appropriate internal private IP instead of the external addressable IP19:04
db`strangely, as I said, I got 5 IPs on my server. The port works from one IP & doesn't from another IP.19:05
db`for that s/w.19:05
db`for me - Its works from all ips.19:05
db`any clue whats wrong?19:05
test123first time here19:05
k1l_db`: i would ask that bgpanel guys if their software got issues with that and how to handle that19:06
akikdb`: you can set sshd to listen on all addresses or select one of them19:06
db`akik: hows do I do that? I mean from my putty, I can connect to server new ssh port using all IPs.19:06
db`So I assume its enabled for all IPs.19:07
akikdb` : ListenAddress in sshd_config sets it to listen on all ipv4 addresses19:08
akikdb`: you said that you have some kind of iptables setup? probably there you have set up some restrictions19:09
k1l_test123_: yes we can read you. this channel is for ubuntu support only. for test please see ##test or ##chat for talking19:09
reghinahi how can I clean my pc it's too slow19:12
A124Hey! What is the first command kernel runs? The init in Ubuntu (trusty).19:13
A124Want to make pre-init script but have no idea how to find the init xD19:13
reghinaHi, I have no idea how to clean my pc, could someone give me a hand, please?19:13
A124Clean what.19:14
akikreghina: open the case and use a vacuum cleaner19:14
reghinaA124 I do not know, I imagine I have to get rid of some staf19:14
A124So files?19:14
reghinaakik , I know it sound stupid but l'm quite stupid on this19:15
A124Files, dust, or?19:15
reghinaA124, i got rid of my files19:15
A124Ok another way.19:15
reghinaDust I cannot do it mysefl19:15
akikreghina: why do you say your pc is too slow?19:15
A124What means "clean" to you?19:15
TheSkepticalBirdWhat is the command for a system upgrade? I'm the type of user who prefers to use the command line to do most tasks. But every time I try ... sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade <enter> I evidentally still need to do a system update.19:15
A124TheSkepticalBird distp-upgrade19:16
reghinaA124, to gane memory space, I imagine19:16
k1l_reghina: you dont need to19:16
A124TheSkepticalBird upgrade is for packages, dist is for bumping distro version19:16
k1l_reghina: run a "sudo apt-get autoremove" that will packages that are marked as "not needed anymore". but you dont need to clean your system19:16
reghinaakik, is very slow..for example with chrome on the net or when I work on fotos19:16
TheSkepticalBirdErr... dist-upgrade: command not found19:16
A124TheSkepticalBird apt-get dist-upgrade19:17
A124My bad ;)19:17
kinker31Hey guys, i get an unkown error when I try to run WIndows 10 in the grub2 menu.19:17
akikreghina: has the computer ever worked faster? maybe you need a faster network connection?19:17
reghinak11 thank you19:17
reghinaMy connection is very fast akik, thank you anyway19:18
TheSkepticalBirdOh... got it. Thx :)19:18
akikreghina: just removing files is not going to make your computer faster19:18
BendrHello folks19:18
Bendris there any way i can remove the driver of my ATI Radon 5450 on ubuntu?19:19
k1l_Bendr: "sudo apt-get purge fglrx" if it was installed from the repo19:20
Stinky_FeetNO_CARRIER: Look at /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf. It needs a line like this to use local lookups before passing the DNS request on to the internet: prepend domain-name-servers;19:22
Stinky_FeetNO_CARRIER: That address being the static address of the server.19:22
test123i have a random problem every time i restart my All in One HP.  Just before the login screen, my displa turns white, then black.19:23
test123and i not able to ctr+alt+1.  I have force the shutdowm19:23
test123any help19:23
Bendrk1l_, i purged it, now can i check that there's no related driver is installed?19:24
Bendrk1l_, because i was using the default driver before installing this proprietary one19:25
k1l_Bendr: "dpkg -l | grep fglrx"19:25
k1l_Bendr: if you remove the fglrx it will fallback to the radeon. but it will blacklist the radeon if you install fglrx19:26
Bendrk1l_, fglrx-core                                    2:15.201-0ubuntu2~15.10.2                  amd64        Minimal video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators19:27
Bendrk1l_, i want both to be removed actually19:27
k1l_Bendr: uh, that doesnt work19:28
db`akik k1l_: guys, the sshd_config file has #
Stinky_FeetNO_CARRIER: You might have to add entries to /etc/hosts on the server for clients that does not behave. You can also use /etc/dnsmasq.d/filename.conf to specify rules based on MAC addresses: dhcp-host=D4:BE:D9:A3:BE:B8,,infinite19:28
db`As in, its commented. But it has been working for my putty19:28
db`I mean all the 5IPs:port work from my putty19:28
akikdb`: what does the listenaddress line say?19:29
Bendrk1l_, doesn't work?19:29
db`but that application doesn;t seem to work on a specific IP:port for more than 5 mins19:29
k1l_Bendr: what do you really want to do?19:29
akikdb`: can you please stop referring to your custom application and concentrate testing to ssh client19:31
k1l_db`: talk to bgpanel19:31
db`akik, I found something on iptables -L19:31
db`Chain fail2ban-default (2 references)19:31
db`This is the heading19:32
k1l_db`: ssh works with the new port. you already said that. so talk to them what is wrong their software19:32
db`and I find few Ips19:32
akikdb`: fail2ban is what is causing your open/closed ports19:32
db`but thats got those IPs which aint able to connect to ssh from that applicatonbgpanel19:32
akikdb`: maybe you should have told that you have fail2ban installed19:32
Bendrk1l_, Well, i have a problem i still don't understand it, my display crashes everytime, i have another 75'' screen with HDMI connector when i use it alongside with my default small screen they work just fine both with no crashes at all, i thought the problem could be with my GPU driver i uninstalled it on Windows and it worked just fine without crashes so i thought i could do the same with my Ubuntu19:33
db`idk what it is19:33
ssfdre38_how can i get make version 3.81 on ubuntu 15.1019:33
db`Let me check what it is on google19:33
akikFail2ban scans log files (e.g. /var/log/apache/error_log) and bans IPs that show the malicious signs -- too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc.19:33
k1l_db`: it bans ips when you try to login with the wrong password too often19:33
db`and I got the localhost IPs in its default lost19:33
GrimTReaperwell nothing worked last night, although i am beginning to understand how ubuntu works, i can not get it to work lol, mean while i was thinking of updateing ubuntu, how does one do that?19:33
db`and I got the localhost IPs in its default list**19:33
k1l_Bendr: no, that is not how it works.19:34
db`May be that's the issue?19:34
k1l_Bendr: if you would remove the open source driver too you would not have a GUI at all.19:34
k1l_GrimTReaper: in terminal : "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" or use the update-manager in the desktop19:35
akikdb`: fail2ban is not installed by default on ubuntu. are you sure you know what is running on your server?19:35
db`Yes, akik its installed on my server19:35
zykotick9k1l_: <sidenote> with apt, just "apt upgrade" will update everything on system (including new packages, like kernel version updates) it just won't remove anything...19:36
akikdb`: ok so disable fail2ban until you know your game server is working fine19:36
Bendrk1l_, so, can you tell me what's going on exactly?19:36
db`akik, Is it possible to make fail2ban ignore my IPs?19:37
akikdb`: then after re-enabling it, you know what is the thing to look at when connections are not open19:37
akikdb`: sorry, i don't know. i don't use it19:37
Bendrk1l_, the display now is good until i turn off the other large screen which really doesn't make any sense :/19:37
db`akik I get your point. But those IPs which were not able to connect from bgpanel, are found in the list of fail2ban19:37
GrimTReaperi always seem to have broken packages19:38
db`and bgpanel is installed on those IP Address19:38
GrimTReaperit says ignored or replaced with older ones19:38
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akikdb`: sorry, i don't know bgpanel either. an ip address is configured on an network interface on your server. then a process can use that ip address to make a socket like ip:port to start serving connections19:40
zykotick9wyrm_77: try "/quit"19:41
GrimTReaperis there a place you can go to take classes on linux, Ubuntu, Etc.?19:42
Bendrk1l_, any idea?19:42
NO_CARRIERStinky_Feet: will look at that, thanks19:42
NO_CARRIERStinky_Feet: I was hoping to avoid needing to manually add entries for all of the subdomains that I handle and instead have the system be smart about mapping each forwarded subdomain internally19:43
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niklas_eis it possible to install mesa 10.2.7 or later on LTS 14.04? How do you do that?19:47
k1l_Bendr: try some restarting from the xserver with logout and login again.19:49
k1l_Bendr: but could be an amd issue or prop. driver issue. i dont have that with my intel video card.19:50
test123hi, how i set my keyboard fucntion keys to control volumen19:52
test123thank you19:52
Bendrk1l_, how should the restarting help?19:53
ioriatest123, SystemSettings -> Keyboard -> Shortcut -> Sound & Media19:53
skyne-t2847I keep seeing this blocked in FW  SRC= DST=
db`Got it fixed.19:54
db`It was the fail2ban which had banned its assigned IP addresses19:54
Stinky_FeetNO_CARRIER: Not entirely sure about what you mean by subdomain. You don't really need to add anything, unless you are a control freak like me and have a problem with devices that does not present themself with a hostname to the dhcp server. http://pastebin.com/anPWCADn19:54
db`Thanks for help k1l_ akik19:54
nzehi folks, can i co-install windows 10 with other stuff on my uefi system?19:54
nzei remember that some time ago windows was not playing too nicely with bios/mbr systems and it was a bit of a pain getting a boot loader to work...iirc windows just overwrote the mbr19:54
nzeso will everything be broken if i just install win10 ?19:54
test123@ioria thank you19:54
ioriatest123,  no problem19:57
Newanze: you should be able to boot to linux still with say, super grub disk found on ultimatebootcd19:58
Newajust make sure you don't overwrite other operating system partitions19:59
nzeNewa: well, as long as the window 10 implementation of uefi isn't as broken as their old mbr installers that should not be necessary20:01
Newadisclaimer: I have not installed Win10 anywhere yet20:02
nzelooks like the internet says yes (should be fine)20:05
akikmicrosoft's old installers did their thing, just overwrite whatever was in the mbr :)20:05
niklas_eis there anyway to install mesa >= 10.2.7 in 14.04?20:05
nzethey just did not give a fuck :>20:05
Juggiewin10 uefi is fine20:05
lindaoireI damaged the sudoers file by deleting a has mark. Can anyone help me recover from this?20:05
Stinky_Feetlindaoire: You can no longer edit it because you can not sudo? Boot using a USB stick and fix it...20:07
nze^ that20:08
kinker31Sorry if I happen to be repeating myself, but when I select Windows 10 in the grub menu, it gives me an unknown error message and boots me back to grub2. Is there any way to make grub2 not do that and boot Windows 10?20:08
lindaoireI'll try that and see. Thanks a lot!20:09
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Kalimer0set up smb access and was working 3 hours ago but if i now search in network its not shown despite the service is running and the server up. can anyone help me to narrow the error?20:26
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MuimiIs there an ubuntu release that has a kernel that works with i686?20:32
bekksMuimi: Sure. Every 32bit release does.20:33
Kalimer0set up smb access and was working 3 hours ago but if i now search in network its not shown despite the service is running and the server up. can anyone help me to narrow the error?20:33
MuimiNot the two I just tried. :'(20:33
bekksMuimi: Which two did you try then?20:33
ioriaKalimer0, did you enable ufw ?20:33
Kalimer0ioria: enable what?20:33
Muimiwily werewolf and trusty tahr 32-bit20:34
ioriaKalimer0,  Ubuntu FireWall20:34
Kalimer0no i dont think so20:34
bekksMuimi: Both work with 32bit hardware. What is/was the exact error you were experiencing?20:34
nicomachusMuimi: is this the powerbook?20:34
Kalimer0ioria: no i dont think so20:34
k1l_Muimi: what hardware do you got?20:34
Muiminah, this is the abit-ic720:34
nicomachusMuimi: is there an option in Bios to enable Intel VT-x?20:35
ioriaKalimer0,  how did you set the samba shares ?20:35
nicomachusthat should allow you to boot x8620:35
bekksnicomachus: which is not true. vt-x is available on 64bit only.20:35
krishillProblem: Ubuntu 12.04 is stuck Plymouth splash screen. Switching to text-mode shows five lines: "fsck from util-linux 2.20.1 ... "20:35
krishillHow can I safely get out of this mode?20:35
nicomachusbekks: going off this: https://hereirestinremorse.wordpress.com/virtualbox/this-kernel-requires-an-x86-64-cpu-but-only-detected-an-i686-cpu-unable-to-boot-please-use-a-kernel-appropriate-for-your-cpu/20:35
Kalimer0ioria: set the workgroup and added a folder where to acces at the end of /etc/samba/smb.conf20:36
bekksnicomachus: vt-x is available on 64bit only. Not being able to boot 32bit is totally unrelated to that post.20:36
krishillIt says that both /dev/sda6 and /dev/sda7 are clean, but I don't know if it is checking something else right now (like my external HDD)20:36
Muimithere isn't that option, nicomachus20:36
bekksMuimi: Can you please answer my question?20:36
k1l_Muimi: are you sure its a i686 issue? or is this a PAE issue?20:36
Muimiit's an intel pentium 4 2.8gh20:37
nicomachusbekks: but Muimi isn't looking to boot 32 bit, just looking for an option that will boot. but since it's not in the BIOS anywhere, then forget it.20:37
bekksnicomachus: Lets stop guessing and wait for the actual error message, ok?20:37
k1l_Muimi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE20:37
ryanvisualThe launcher on unity will not show back up.  https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/DXK8tE54SRSzhhJEXc9A20:37
MuimiI am getting the issue you described:20:37
MuimiThis kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU.  Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.20:37
Ally455678Anyone had difficulties exporting mailboxes in mbox format from Mac OS x Mail to Evolution? We have the mbox files but can't seem to import them into Evolution.20:37
ryanvisualI restarted two times to no luck20:38
k1l_nicomachus: bekks it might be PAE issue with that old pentiums.20:38
bekksMuimi: So you are using a 64bit image, and you are trying to boot it on your 32bit CPU.20:38
bekksk1l_: Yeah.20:38
Muimi i'm tellin ya i know fershur it's 32-bit.20:38
bekksMuimi: I strongly believe in the error message instead.20:38
ioriaKalimer0,  try with nautilus -> Connect to server -> smb://ip/share/20:38
Muimii'll rebern it, though.20:38
cluelesspersonQuestion, what's the difference betwen Ubuntu desktop and Ubuntu Desktop USB?20:39
k1l_Muimi: can you show the md5sum of that iso?20:39
bekksMuimi: Did you read the link given by k1l_ yet?20:39
k1l_ryanvisual: look slike no 3d video driver. please log into the guest account (or another account) to verify20:40
Kalimer0ioria: its a windows pc i want to access with. tried that but windows told me i need a seperate tool to access smb XD. before the pc was just listed under network and i could access20:40
ryanvisualk1l_: It had no issues!!!!!20:41
k1l_ryanvisual: what?20:41
MuimiHold on. *giddy* gonna try 32-bit tahr.20:42
ioriaKalimer0,  windows 7 ?20:42
bekksMuimi: Start answering questions.20:42
Kalimer0ioria: 1020:42
MuimiI only got 2 hands20:42
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ryanvisualUnity disappeared because of an error and after restarting 2 times.  Nothing Worked!20:42
bekksMuimi: Use them for answering questions instead of randomly trying things.20:42
Muimiwell, i already formatted the USB, so I can't show that.20:43
k1l_ryanvisual: again: does log into the guest account (or another account) work like intended?20:43
ioriaKalimer0,  sorry , i got 7 ... but usually is the contrary; windows cannot access ubuntu20:43
bekksMuimi: Good luck then, whatever you are doing there.20:44
ryanvisualIt's stuck in my auto login account,  and I am trying to log out.20:44
ryanvisualThere is no top bar or launcher20:44
k1l_ryanvisual: ok. ctrl+alt+t for a terminal. then do a "sudo lightdm restart"20:44
k1l_ryanvisual: what nothing?20:45
ioriaKalimer0,  have you seen this  ? https://www.schkerke.com/wps/2015/06/windows-10-unable-to-connect-to-samba-shares/20:45
Kalimer0ioria: but it worked before about 4 to 5 hours ago and now not anymore. out of ideas. the other services like upnp are shown just normal but not the server as a computer itself20:46
k1l_ryanvisual: i cant see what you are doing. so as more info you give me the better i can help you. if i need to ask you everything 10 times i will lose motivation.20:46
Muimiis a tahr mini cd supposed to boot to a grub bootloader?20:46
bekksMuimi: No.20:46
cluelesspersonSO, is it described anywhere how to install ubuntu WITHOUT bloat?20:47
ioriaKalimer0,   password protected or shared ?20:47
bekkscluelessperson: Install using the netinstall image.20:47
k1l_ryanvisual: wait, why are you root?20:47
Muimioh, then it's not booting to the usb.  well, shoot.20:47
Kalimer0ioria: nah my smb folder is password protected so i think this workaround is only for non-protected access20:47
bekksMuimi: Then you are creating the USB the wrong way.20:47
ryanvisualIt now goes to it if I run sudo20:47
ioriaKalimer0,   ok... can you paste /etc/samba/smb.conf ?20:47
k1l_ryanvisual: what ubuntu is that exactly?20:47
cluelesspersonbekks, I'm using the minimal CD, which IS a netinstall, and it doesn't describe what the packages are or how to manage which are installed.20:48
bekkscluelessperson: And whats the issue at that point, now?20:48
bekkscluelessperson: Install a minimal Ubuntu, install all packages you want afterwards. Done.20:48
cluelesspersonbekks, I don't want bloat?20:48
bekkscluelessperson: There is no bloat.20:48
Bashing-omcluelessperson: How about : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall ; https://xpressubuntu.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/how-to-install-a-minimal-ubuntu-desktop/ ??20:48
cluelesspersonbekks, I'm trying to install a desktop environment, and I need to know the packages.20:48
bekkscluelessperson: Then look at the output of apt-get install ubuntu-desktop (e.g.) and read the package list shown.20:49
k1l_ryanvisual: sudo systemctl restart lightdm20:50
k1l_ryanvisual: and its not true that it will change to a root terminal. so there is alot worng on your system or its not ubuntu20:50
cluelessperson"Ubuntu Desktop" "Ubuntu Desktop USB"  "kubuntu" "Lubuntu"  doesn't tell me what packages they contain20:50
bekkscluelessperson: I told you how to find out.20:51
Stinky_Feetcluelessperson: It is not Windows. You can purge things you do not want when the installation is complete.20:51
ioriaKalimer0,   anyway this is mine , change the share and the group   http://paste.ubuntu.com/14559207/20:52
AceOfSpadeshi yall20:52
k1l_cluelessperson: if you talk about "bloat" you want to inspect every package and every depency yourself. because no on here or the maintainers know what you think is bloat.20:52
Kalimer0ioria: http://pastebin.com/aSPJLgmT20:53
cluelesspersonk1l_, I'm fine with installing Ubuntu Desktop with --no-suggests -no-recomments20:53
Muimilet's see what i got here.  Can I just look at the files and see whether or not the cd is 32-bit?20:53
bekksMuimi: Tell us the filename you downloaded.20:53
k1l_Muimi: do the md5sum20:53
k1l_cluelessperson: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/ubuntu-desktop20:54
MuimiBecause I think this one is 64-bit (the dvd that's giving me the issue).20:54
Muimiand the 32-bit disk is just loading a blank black screen20:54
ryanvisualIt didn't work...20:54
bekksMuimi: Then use the nomodeset kernel option for booting.20:54
bekks!nomodeset > Muimi20:54
ubottuMuimi, please see my private message20:54
k1l_ryanvisual: what didnt work?20:55
bekksMuimi: And finally start answering questions.20:55
Muimithe dvd has a file called md5sum that says: cde56251d6cae5214227d887dee3bab7  ./pics/red-upperleft.png20:55
Muimi0730e775a72519aaa450a3774fca5f55  ./pics/red-lowerleft.png20:55
Muimicd8aa5e7fa11b1362ef1869ac6b1aa56  ./pics/blue-lowerleft.png20:55
Muimi92091902d3ca753bb858d4682b3fc26b  ./pics/logo-50.jpg20:55
Muimi461cbc7ff94fdea8008cab34b611abb8  ./pics/blue-upperright.png20:55
ioriaKalimer0,   backup yours, try with mine ,make your changes ,  restart the smbd and nmbd services20:55
ryanvisualThe command that you gave me20:56
k1l_Muimi: md5sum the whole disk. so we can look up what iso was used.20:56
bekks!md5sum | Muimi20:56
ubottuMuimi: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:56
ioriaKalimer0,  i have issues too. Sometimes i have to wait several minutes before the shares show up ...20:56
bekksMuimi: Wrong approach. Do you read what we are telling you?20:57
k1l_ryanvisual: "my car is broken" "what is broken exactly?" "my car is broken" its really hard to help you20:57
Muimiyeah i read what you told me after i pasted that, dude.20:58
Muimii'm doing it now.20:58
bekksMuimi: Answer my question before.20:58
ryanvisualDude,  the command that you gave didn't work,  restarting lighten did not fix my lanucher20:59
k1l_ryanvisual: i never said it will fix your issue. i am still in getting to know what mess on your system causes that issue20:59
Muimiso md5sum -c *.*?20:59
bekksMuimi: No. Answer my question please.21:00
k1l_ryanvisual: <k1l_> ryanvisual: again: does log into the guest account (or another account) work like intended?21:00
ryanvisualIt started when the unity crashrd21:00
MuimiDo I read what you're telling me... before you type it?  NO, I'm not at your house, that's impossible.21:00
k1l_ryanvisual: 3rd. time now. i will not ask a 4th time.21:00
bekksMuimi: 0117 215354 < bekks> Muimi: Tell us the filename you downloaded.21:01
MuimiWhat I have is: (1) I pasted a pastebin uri.  (2) You gave me a website to read.  (3) I read the website and executed the command.21:01
ryanvisualI can't,  its stuck on the main account!!21:01
MuimiThe filename is mini.iso21:01
bekksMuimi: Answer that question.21:01
bekksWas it that hard?21:01
bekksMuimi: Which exact link did you download it from?21:01
ryanvisualhttps://www.filepicker.io/api/file/qlwBIaxtS96ns0yU5ysS Look at the picture!!!21:02
k1l_ryanvisual: try in terminal: gnome-session-quit --no-prompt21:02
k1l_ryanvisual: that picture can have multiple causes. so i still try to figure out which solution we will need. but it is like pulling teeth to get to know what is going wrong on your system21:03
teward|webis there any way to create an ubuntu live usb from inside of Kali?  I have the ISO but I can't get it installed to the USB stick and have no other system that I can use to write it21:04
teward|web(no Windows system with admin privs, so that's not an option either)21:04
k1l_ryanvisual: so since i lost motivation now since you still try to argue instead of helping me helping you: see if the video driver works properly or if its a broken config in your users home.21:04
k1l_teward|web: dd onto the usb21:05
ryanvisualOkay I am on the guest account.  https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/bXWfqU1aQs2nCsXTda5N21:05
OerHeksa Kali prepared Ubuntu iso ?21:05
teward|webk1l_: dd to where? the root of the device (/dev/sdX)?21:05
artoisteward|web: the device, yes, don't get the wrong one21:05
teward|webOerHeks: no, i have the ISO from the cd images server.  i have a Kali Live USB I can boot to, but that's it21:05
k1l_teward|web: yes, /dev/sdx where sdx is the usb pendrive21:05
teward|webk1l_: does that make it EFI only or hybrid?21:06
teward|web'cause the system it's going to be run on is MBR...21:06
teward|weblets hope this works\21:06
ioriateward|web, sudo dd if=file.iso  of=/dev/sdx21:06
nicomachusryanvisual: relax. be patient.21:06
bekksteward|web: add bs=128M to that command.21:07
WeiJunLiI'm trying to run a program but throws an error related to LIBAFF support21:08
WeiJunLihow can I install that?21:08
nicomachusWeiJunLi: what's the exact error?21:08
teward|webrunning now, lets hope this works21:08
MuimiOkay, hold on. I was at the wrong PC.  The PC I downloaded the DVD from was that PC (just plugged it in).  It's from the 15.10 i386 URL, here: http://mirrors.rit.edu/ubuntu-releases/15.10/ubuntu-15.10-desktop-i386.iso21:09
ryanvisualI did what you wanted me to do!  Now what?21:09
Muimiit's also the only iso file for ubuntu on that pc.21:09
k1l_!pae | Muimi21:09
ubottuMuimi: Ubuntu uses activated PAE Kernels on all installs now. Some older Hardware can have issues with that. For Troubleshooting see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE21:09
k1l_Muimi: see if your old pentium needs that handling21:10
teward|webbekks: k1l_: after the dd, just reboot?21:10
k1l_teward|web: do a "sync" before unpluggin21:10
bekksteward|web: issue "sync" too21:10
ryanvisualk1l_: Help me with this21:10
Muimik11: I'm sorry to ask, but would it need to be lubuntu because the only dvd i have is the 15.1021:10
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WeiJunLinicomachus: [ERROR] Compiled without LIBAFP support, module not available!21:11
bekksWeiJunLi: when doing what?21:11
teward|webk1l_: bekks: and after the sync, unplug, boot to USB?21:11
bekksteward|web: Yeah21:11
k1l_teward|web: boot that usb21:11
teward|weblets hope this works21:11
WeiJunLibekks: trying to run hydra21:11
ioria!info libafflib-dev21:12
ubottulibafflib-dev (source: afflib): Advanced Forensics Format Library (development files). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.6-5ubuntu1 (wily), package size 19 kB, installed size 85 kB21:12
teward|webk1l_: bekks: you two are extremely helpful!  thank you, now I can repair my Ubuntu GRUB21:12
ryanvisualCan anyone else help me with my launcher crashing and not starting up on my main account but it runs fine on the guest account.21:13
technoweenielooking to leave windows i have an emerson hdmi tv monitor for my display with build in speakers, will the OS support the use of my emerson for my display and speakers?21:14
nicomachustechnoweenie: yes.21:14
technoweeniethank you!21:15
Muimik11: Similar to the 14.04 CD, the 15.10 DVD goes to a black screen (appears the monitor turns off) when I press the tab key.21:15
nicomachusdid you use the nomodeset parameter as advised?21:17
k1l_Muimi: what is the last you see?21:17
Muimithe keyboard and the little man21:17
k1l_then press a key21:17
Muimiafter pressing the a key, still blind.21:18
MuimiI'm thinking there's some video problem.  I don't have on-board video on this mobo, and every hdd I try to boot to gives me a flashiing screen (except the one that boots to grub)21:19
bekksMuimi: Did you set the nomodeset parameter as advised?21:19
teward|webbekks: k1l_: is this process usable for all other21:20
teward|webUbuntu ISOs as well?21:20
k1l_teward|web: it works for all ubuntu isos.21:20
teward|webblah, stupid computer is stupid21:20
bekksteward|web: At least for all recent ubuntu isos, yes.21:20
teward|webcool, thanks21:20
teward|webbekks: 14.04 and up i assume would be recent?21:20
bekksteward|web: Yes.21:20
Muimi!nomodset > Muimi21:23
Muimi!nomodeset > Muimi21:23
ubottuMuimi, please see my private message21:23
infernoHey guys, got a problem, when I try to get a key it gives me a "gpg: no valid GPG data found"21:25
infernosorry its OpenPGP21:25
Addic7edGuys, i have a problem on my laptop running Elementary OS. Date and Time is okay, but i somehow managed to choose i guess Switzerland or smth, and it shows in their langauage - "zo 17 jan" instead of my language21:25
k1l_!elementary | Addic7ed21:26
ubottuAddic7ed: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.21:26
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Muimiso, 'press any key at that moment to access a menu' does not work, so then i'm trying f6, and the same thing happens.  Basically, I see the man and the keyboard, then i see a blinking cursor on a black screen (top left), then it looks like the monitor turns off.21:28
bekksMuimi: Did you add the nomodeset parameter as advised?21:28
nimbioticsIs there a way to fix my system? Last night I messed up with ownership of all of /var I immediatelly started having problems with mysql so I tried reboortind and of course, that didn't nothing for me as I couldn't even login. I got in as root and fixed ownership of /var by looking at another installation, but I still can't logi, except for root@cli...21:29
bekksnimbiotics: Restore your backup. Otherwise it will take ages to manually restore permissions.21:29
bob2017oh cool i havent’ seen a net split since the 90s21:29
bekksbob2017: you havent been here since the 90s then :P21:30
Bashing-omMuimi: An EFI system ? Then it is the escape key that the system looks for as the interrupt key .21:30
nimbioticsbekks: I only messed up with /var and that (as far as I can see) has been fixed ... please tell me there are other options ....21:32
bekksnimbiotics: There arent other options.21:32
bekksnimbiotics: I strongly doubt you fixed the permissions of tenthousands of files under /var that fast.21:32
bob2017bekks:  true.  will you look at my logs and tell me why nothing shows up on my monitors?21:33
nimbioticsbekks: Ok, Thanks!21:34
catalasehello, i am trying to mkfs.ext4 a 5TB ext-hdd, however, i get "alignment is offset by 3072 bytes" and the drive size goes to 120 MB21:35
bob2017instead of detecting three monitors, the log seems to show the second monitor being detected twice21:36
infernoThis is for Ubuntu Server 14.4.3 LTS, everyone on #ubuntu-server is dead, When I try get a key I keep getting the "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found" anyone got a solution?21:37
alkisgcatalase: are you using a GPT for this, or are you trying to format the whole disk?21:37
bob2017inferno: try updog21:41
infernoIm sort of new to Linux overall and Ubuntu server in all, just trying to get webmin onto the server21:42
catalasealkisg, no idea what a GPT is. it's a brand new disk. trying to get it to a partititon of the appropriate size on it (whole disk)21:42
infernoso I dont even know what updog is21:42
alkisgGPT is the new "MBR" for larger disks21:42
alkisgTry to do it with gparted, create partition table, style GPT, then format the first partition21:42
catalasealkisg, using ubuntu server 14.04 lts so only have cli21:43
catalaseonly have parted21:43
Muimithe escape key doesn't work either, so i'm going to see if i can find an old pci card at the junk store21:43
alkisgDo it with parted then21:43
k1l_!webmin | inferno21:43
ubottuinferno: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.21:43
infernok1l_, fuck, thank you21:44
infernoany other good alternatives?21:44
k1l_not for a panel. no.21:45
infernoSo how the hell am I suppose to transfer files n add permissions n stuff to my webserver?21:46
nicomachus!language | inferno21:47
ubottuinferno: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:47
bob2017inferno, i’m telling ya, try updog21:47
bob2017k1l_: will you help me with my monitors?21:47
k1l_inferno: either you use ssh and cli commands. or you use sftp or sshfs.21:47
k1l_bob2017: have no clue about 3monitors setups21:49
OerHeksbob2017, again fooling around? stop that updog nonsense21:49
OerHeksplease troll elsewhere21:49
infernoAll I really want in the end is a way to make a webserver where I can just transfer files in and out using lets say Filezilla, can I do that with those systems? again, im sort of new to this stuff so I am not sure what you just named there21:50
catalasealkisg i get 2      0.00TB  0.00TB  0.00TB               primary21:50
alkisgcatalase: that's what parted tells you about the disk?21:50
k1l_inferno: yes21:50
catalasetrying to follow that21:51
alkisgcatalase: fdisk doesn't support gpt21:51
alkisgUse parted21:51
k1l_inferno: ssh already ships a secure ftp server.21:51
catalasei am using parted21:51
alkisgAh ok it says about parted, I only looked at the title/url21:51
catalaseit shows 2 partitions both 0.00 TB21:51
catalasei need to remove those partitions21:51
catalasei only want 121:51
alkisgIf you create a partition table, all existing partitions are deleted21:52
alkisgmklabel gpt21:52
catalasei do mklabel gpt and it returns some error: Partition(s) 1-64 unable to inform the kernel of the change, probably because it/they are in use.As a result, the old partition(s) will remain in use.  You should reboot now before making further changes.21:53
catalasethen it says ignore/cancel? and i dont know what input it requires21:53
infernok1l_: Wait, is there a way that I can get a ubuntu server that is compatible with webmin?21:55
k1l_inferno: we strongly suggest not to use webmin.21:55
infernok1l_:  why not?21:55
k1l_inferno: it was included as a ubuntu package. but it messes with config files and causes a lot if issues.21:56
k1l_so it got removed.21:56
shadalootrying to get meterbridge to work in ubuntu21:56
infernok1l_: Even when used with older versions?21:56
alkisgcatalase: if you can reboot, it's easier, it sounds that your partitions are in use, you need to unmount them etc before using gparted21:56
infernoOlder versions of ubuntu I mean21:57
shadaloocan someone help me feed alsa audio into meterbridge? http://plugin.org.uk/meterbridge/21:57
k1l_but inferno: you want to manage a server in the internet. you really should get a clue what you do and not click on colored buttons. or your server will end up as  just another spam box21:57
k1l_inferno: yes. webmin was an issue all the time. no matter what version21:57
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
infernok1l_: Well alright but I have no clue how to set up "ssh and cli commands. or you use sftp or sshfs"21:58
freeblahWhen I try to install ubuntu-sdk, I get an error that the package "indicator-bluetooth" has an unmet dependency, how do I troubleshoot that?21:59
k1l_inferno: ssh is setup already. thats the way you connect to the server.  then you can mount the sftp or sshfs (easy one on ubuntu desktop with nautilus) and use that to upload files. and use chmod/chown in that terminal to sort owner and file permissions if needed.22:00
k1l_inferno: if you just want webspace and not worry, then book a webspace and not a server :/22:01
shadaloowhen i run meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:capture_1 alsa_pcm:capture_2 I get Can't find port 'alsa_pcm:capture_1'22:01
shadaloocan anyone help me locate my active audio ports22:01
mrkie_hey i have a 1gb drive and i made 1 partition on it that is ntfs and there is 20% of it left that has not assigned to a partition, i want that 20% part to be used for ubuntu but when i install ubuntu from usb it only can see my full 1gb hd and it will not show partitions or space left that can be used for a new ubuntu partition, what is wrong here?22:02
mrkie_new asus laptop22:03
mrkie_just bought it22:03
mrkie_80% used for 1 partition22:03
infernok1l_: Ok I guess I should mention that this is a server im just trying to set up as a "passion project". its my first time making this stuff so its not even going to be on the open web just my network, I want to upload some html's and have a functioning site, and maybe even turn it into something usefull, maybe later on try make a home lan storage server, just messing around with a bunch of ideas, testing stuff out22:03
compdocmight boot gparted. you could create an ext4 part on whats left. how much is 20%, exactly?22:04
k1l_inferno: that is all ok. but use this to learn something. and not just want a dirty&collored buttons solution22:04
shadaloomrkie_: i think you mean you have a 1tb harddrive?22:04
mrkie_compdoc: that's the point, i only see the full drive size, not anyhting that is left22:04
shadaloomrkie_: you're not going to be able to install ubuntu on 20% of 1gb22:05
compdocyoure booting from usb?22:05
mrkie_shadaloo: yes i do, but with already 1 partition22:05
compdocthe installer?22:05
compdochow did you create it?22:05
shadaloohave you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot22:05
mrkie_compdoc: with the instruction of the ubuntu website, just legal22:05
=== tomaw is now known as 21WAAR5J5
=== yuciyuar is now known as Guest14444
compdocits legal, but did you use dd, or some program to write?22:06
=== 21WAAR5J5 is now known as tomaw
infernok1l_: so youre suggesting I try mount an sftp or sshfs? btw you said it would be easy to do with the desktop ubuntu verson, but im just trying to stick to the simple server side, dont need a gui22:06
mrkie_shadaloo: yes i did before22:06
mrkie_i installed it that way before on my pc, this is laptop22:06
shadaloomrkie_: what is your question then22:07
shadaloomrkie_: doesn't make a difference pc or laptop22:07
mrkie_why i don't see any partition or space left that can be used for a new partition22:07
compdocthats not really an answer22:07
shadaloomrkie_: what did you partion with22:07
k1l_inferno: i mean: its easy running with ubuntu as your desktop os. you seem to run windows when talking about filezilla22:07
mrkie_with the windows 10 installed from usb22:07
infernok1l_: I have the server on another crappy laptop right now, accessing it remotely with putty22:08
shadaloomrkie_: then you didn't follow the directions22:08
shadaloouse ubuntu to partion22:08
k1l_inferno: yes. i am talking about your pc/laptop. not the server22:08
shadaloowhen i run 'meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:capture_1 '        I get Can't find port 'alsa_pcm:capture_1'22:09
mrkie_shadaloo: don't see the steps that are shown after Manual partitioning22:09
shadaloohow can I found my active audio ports?22:09
infernok1l_: Yes I run win10 on my main PC, I can set up Ubuntu VM's tho if its really that nessesary22:09
k1l_inferno: the ubuntu file manager can easily mount the server and make it easy as coping files on your own pc from one directory to another. i am not sure if its that easy on windows.22:09
shadalooewwww virtualizing linux in windows22:10
shadalooseems so dirty22:10
bekksClean the screen then.22:10
k1l_inferno: so i cant tell you what best to use on windows. but there should be programs too. on ubuntu desktop, its very easy.22:10
infernok1l_:  So would a Ubuntu VM work?22:11
k1l_inferno: so your task of "moving files there" should not be the reason to mess with the server and install webmin. just because it got buttons to click22:11
* Stinky_Feet cleans screen22:11
shadaloowhen i run 'meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:capture_1 '        I get Can't find port 'alsa_pcm:capture_1' how do I find active audio ports?22:12
k1l_inferno: yes, but you could try or look up if there are some windows programs who can do this. i cant tell you that.22:12
shadalooor even list all audio ports22:12
nicomachusshadaloo: aplay -l should list all audio devices22:12
nicomachushardware devices, that is22:13
shadaloonicomachus: I need software ports22:13
shadalooI'm trying to run meterbridge on my audio, it recommend using alsa_pcm22:13
mrkie_shadaloo/others: i have the exact problem as listed here: http://superuser.com/questions/744916/ubuntu-14-04-installer-doesnt-show-existing-partitions22:13
shadaloobut that comes up blank22:13
shadaloomrkie_: it's a very easy solution22:13
shadaloomrkie_: reinstall windows 1022:14
shadaloouse the entire drive22:14
shadaloothen partition when installing ubuntu22:14
shadalooif it's not detecting the way windows partitions, let the ubuntu partition manager do it22:14
k1l_mrkie_: boot the ubuntu live desktop. use gparted to sort that partitions. then you can tell the installer to use that partitions on manual install22:15
infernok1l_: Im not 100% sure what is the program suppose to do..? Manage files on the ubuntu server?22:15
shadaloo^ that's also smart22:15
shadalook1l's way is more time efficient22:15
k1l_inferno: what do you want to do with the server?22:15
k1l_inferno: you said you need something to load files to the server. ssh already brings you sshfs or sftp. so get a program on windows that can make use of that and then you can put your files there22:16
mrkie_k1l_: how do you do that exactly?22:16
shadaloohow are you install ubuntu22:17
shadalooan .iso?22:17
=== prosody is now known as lower
mrkie_from a usb stick bootable, yes22:17
shadaloodo you have a LiveCD/LiveUSB?22:17
k1l_mrkie_: what exactly?22:17
mrkie_i can run ubuntu to preview it from the usb stick also22:17
Burboot give "low graphics mode" nvidia card ubuntu 12.04?22:17
shadaloomrkie_: right22:17
shadaloomkander_: use the 'try ubuntu' option22:17
shadalooit comes with the program Gparted22:18
=== lower is now known as lo
shadaloouse that to fix the partition the way you want22:18
shadaloothen when you go to install ubuntu you should have them detected22:18
=== lo is now known as e_low
k1l_mrkie_: but before you do anything. make sure the backup is fine22:18
Stinky_Feetmrkie_: "use that to fix the partition the way you want" BE CAREFUL22:19
infernok1l_:Something like this? https://code.google.com/p/win-sshfs/22:19
shadalooStinky_Feet: he just installed windows22:19
Stinky_Feetoh well22:19
mrkie_will try gparted now22:19
shadaloomrkie_: good luck godspeed22:19
mrkie_be back soon, if not, i will install ubuntu :)22:19
austrinusHey everyone. I just installed ubuntu onto my dell inspiron 13 7000 that already had windows 10 on it. it seemed to initially boot, however, now it fails to boot22:19
austrinusi'm not sure why the boot is failing22:20
bekksaustrinus: fails with which error message?22:20
austrinusit doesn't give an error message22:20
austrinusit seems to switch to booting windows22:20
austrinusi opened up the boot sequence select and choose ubuntu22:20
austrinusnothing seemed to happen, but then it booted into windows22:21
k1l_inferno: i dont know if filezilla or that ftp clients or even the windows filebrowser can use that22:21
infernok1l_: Alright screw the windows programs then ill do it through an Ubuntu VM22:23
hal14450austrinus, boot sequence as in the bios or boot sequence as in grub?22:23
austrinusboot sequence in the bios22:23
austrinusgrub does not load22:23
shadalooaustrinus: hold shift to get boot options22:23
shadaloowhen your computer starts22:23
hal14450sounds like the partition grub is installed on isn't flagged as bootable and the windows partition is22:24
k1l_inferno: i cant tell you what windows programs can do this. a 5min search or asking windows guys should give you the answer. i am not using it.22:24
shadaloo'windows guys' xD22:24
rww(there are some in ##windows ;)22:24
austrinushal14450: do you have to flag the partition as bootable after you go through the ubuntu installer process?22:24
shadalooaustrinus: it should automatically 'update-grub'22:25
shadaloomaybe something errored22:25
hal14450the partition grub is installed on should be flagged as bootable and it should handle the duties after that22:25
infernoI mean why not.22:25
austrinusis there a way to flag it as bootable after the fact?22:25
hal14450austrinus, yes but doing that can be dangerous22:26
austrinuswhy's that?22:26
austrinusthe install is brand new. I was just going to wipe it and reinstall but I wanted to know if there was a better way22:26
hal14450austrinus, because you'd be using tools that can screw up the boot process22:27
=== apache is now known as Guest59798
mrkie_i will give  AOMEI Partition Assistant a try22:28
hal14450austrinus, provided that you have a bootable usb drive or another computer to fix any mistakes you should be okay but just be aware that messing with boot records can be dangerous22:28
mrkie_ubutnu was not able to read or mount anything22:28
austrinushal14450: I do have those22:29
shadalooeasiest way to get a fucntional dualboot is to just follow the directions22:29
austrinushal14450: is it possible that there might be an issue with EFI vs legacy?22:29
k1l_mrkie_: did you use some special partition/disk setup on windows install?22:29
bekksaustrinus: Sure.22:29
austrinusI don't know much about efi, but the interwebz mentioned it could be a problem22:29
k1l_mrkie_: can you boot the ubuntu live desktop and show a "sudo parted -l" in a pastebin?22:29
shadalooaustrinus: the modern ubuntu installer knows how to properly accomodate UEFI22:30
mrkie_k1l_: i just removed all partition and i made 1 new partition ntfs22:30
shadalooaustrinus: I know because i'm running it right now22:30
austrinusshadaloo: that's what I thought, so I figured efi wasn't the problem22:30
shadalooaustrinus: you might want to try messing with UEFI options in your BIOS22:30
mrkie_k1l_: hmm i could do that22:31
hal14450austrinus, i don't own any machines that have windows installed other than on a VM so i can't really provide a solution from personal experience. it may be related to EFI restrictions but without knowing more about the hardware i don't know if you'll get an answer to your problem.22:31
austrinusshadaloo: as in try to switch from EFI to legacy?22:31
shadalooaustrinus: right22:31
austrinushal14450: no worries. thanks for your help22:31
mrkie_k1l_: but i will try to convert from mbr to gpt (if it is mbr)22:31
austrinusshadaloo: alright, I'll try that22:31
shadalooaustrinus: its not going to break naything worse and you can always switch your BIOS back to default22:31
hal14450austrinus, yvw and good luck with getting that sorted22:32
shadalooaustrinus: also, dont forget to hold shift to make sure grub is selecting the linux kernel22:32
austrinusshadaloo: will do22:32
* hal14450 is not a big fan of dual booting22:33
shadaloobetter to have ubuntu on a USB stick22:33
shadalooor another drive22:33
mrkie_k1l_: i made a ext3 partition in linux now, i'm not sure if it will show up in ubuntu22:34
shadaloook so who's going to help me find my audio port22:34
k1l_mrkie_: use ext422:34
k1l_mrkie_: and what linux are we talking about?22:34
mrkie_k1l_: ubuntu22:34
k1l_mrkie_: standard for ubuntu is ext422:35
mrkie_maybe i can reformat it during the install22:35
mrkie_will try now22:35
shadaloowhen i run 'meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:capture_1 '        I get Can't find port 'alsa_pcm:capture_1' how do I find active audio ports?22:35
martin1989hi people22:36
shadalooalsa_pcm is coming up blank22:36
martin1989does someone use mate desktop?22:36
martin1989i want to change some appearence settings on my mate desktop22:36
hal14450i used to install Ubuntu on friends machines and/or advise them to then use the windows bootloader to pass on booting linux to grub because inevitably if they'd remove linux and grub it would leave the machine unbootable22:36
martin1989i checked on "appearence" already22:37
hal14450that process was complicated and annoying22:37
shadaloois there an alsa channel -.-22:38
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=== arun_ is now known as Guest71243
Stinky_Feetshadaloo: irc://irc.freenode.info/#alsa22:43
shadalooyeah I found it22:43
hal14450shadaloo, i'm not familiar with meterbridge22:43
shadaloonot really active22:43
mrkiek1l_: can you give me the command again to type in the terminal?22:43
shadalootrying to google for 'linux audio ports' isn't really informative22:43
mrkieshadaloo: i now started the ubuntu preview, it will not detect the partition ext3 or any other partition i've made22:45
bithondoes anyone know why i get the following error http://termbin.com/jarp22:45
k1l_mrkie: "sudo parted -l"22:46
bithonwhen i attempt to install 4.4 kernel that i got from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.4-wily/22:46
shadaloomake sure you run22:46
shadaloosudo gparted22:46
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
shadaloogparted is a powerful tool that needs superuser privs22:46
k1l_shadaloo: dont run sudo on gui programs22:46
shadalooor you could just not22:46
shadalooand follow the instructions22:46
k1l_shadaloo: starting gparted will ask request priviledges anyway22:46
bob2017can someone help?  two of my three monitors get recognized but none show video22:47
hal14450shadaloo, so it looks to me like that's a plugin for use with JACK right?22:47
shadaloohal14450: yeah22:47
k1l_bithon: seems like that non ubuntu repo kernel got issues22:48
bithonwell that's the official ppa for the latest kernel. i'm not really that experienced when it comes to configuring my own .config to compile myself22:49
bithonwhat can i do about it22:49
=== gbell1 is now known as gbell
k1l_bithon: try with the original kernel. or try another mainline kernel22:49
mrkiek1l_: it tells: Warning: /dev/sda contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table. However, it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, and it should. Perhaphs it was corrupted -- possibly by a program that doesn't understand GPT partition tables. Or perphaps you deleted the GPT table, and you are using an msdos table. It this a GPT partion table Yes//No?22:50
hal14450shadaloo, alsa-info.sh looks like it might be helpful22:50
mrkiek1l_: now? :)22:50
shadaloohal14450: alrighty, will take a look22:50
=== Spec_ is now known as Spec
* hal14450 doesn't use JACK :(22:50
bithonkil_: is there a generic .config for 4.4-ish kernel ?22:50
mrkieshadaloo: i started gparted from the gui already22:50
Stinky_Feetbithon: Or try to make the tool chain match the one the kernel was intended for.22:51
shadaloomrkie: awesome22:51
mrkieshadaloo: it doesn't read any valid partition22:51
k1l_mrkie: yes22:51
shadaloomrkie: at this point I would suggest starting over from scratch22:51
shadaloomrkie: if you can't even see anything22:52
mrkieit is just exact the same as here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223676222:52
mrkiethey solved it by doing things22:52
mrkienot that url22:52
shadaloomrkie: right but unless your drive is slow as balls you'd probably get it working faster doing it right from the gate22:52
mrkiethis one22:52
k1l_mrkie: so that is a clean new install?22:53
mrkiek1l_: i only installed windows 1022:53
mrkiemade 1 partition of 80% of thd etiiaze22:53
manos2864anyone know if raspberry pi 2 with ubuntu mate can run exagear desktop?22:53
k1l_mrkie: can you pastebin a "sudo parted -l" ?22:53
shadaloomrkie: just reinstall windows22:54
shadalooto use the entire drive22:54
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imnicholcan anyone suggest an irc bouncer?22:56
SeveasMy IRC setup is irssi+znc :)22:59
Seveasirssi can be its own bouncer these days as well, haven't played with that yet.22:59
imnicholI've heard good things about znc23:00
imnicholI guess I'll go with that23:00
k1l_Seveas: irssi-proxy works. i am using it23:00
Seveask1l_: I'm not surprised that it works :)23:01
k1l_and well, irssi in screen is already some sort of bouncer :)23:01
spupuserhow do I read23:01
spupusercommand notation ?23:01
arimuraWhatsup guys23:01
spupuserlike the pipes23:01
nicomachushuh. znc is in the repos now...23:02
Seveasnicomachus: and has been for quite a while... (Sept. 2006)23:03
Stinky_Feetnicomachus: quassel rulez23:04
infernoshadaloo: http://puu.sh/mzzPs/35afbc1a2b.jpg Soooo dirty23:04
shadalooinferno: filthy23:06
shadalooinferno: your poor CPU23:06
spupuserwhat does like23:06
spupuservs -23:06
mrkiek1l_: i fixed it, i did sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda23:07
spupuserand then theres a letter after23:07
mrkiek1l_: i did give option 1 that it is mbr, now i started the installation again within the live preview of ubuntu, i did format it as being ext423:07
mrkiek1l_: it is sda523:08
k1l_!paste | mrkie23:08
ubottumrkie: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:08
mrkiek1l_: 1 have 1 ntfs partion and also another one, how could it be sda5? so high?23:08
mrkieis that normal?23:09
RoadRunnercan't seem to add new app icons to CairoDock's stack applet without orignal app icons being replaced by generic system ones23:09
Stinky_Feetspupuser: Most UNIX/Linux commands are long and explain them selfs, like --long or --verbose. When you have typed them long enough to make your fingertips bleed you want a shortcut. The shortcuts are single characters and single hyphen: -l -v. To make things complicated there are no real standards, every programmer that has provided somthing that is still in use today since the 1970's has introduced something new. Use man to get to23:10
Stinky_Feet know how it works: man ls23:10
svetlanausually there also is a clicky thingy to show the same without learning commands (most file managers can list you files in a desired way)23:11
Stinky_FeetPlease replace "commands" above with "arguments"23:12
CampSoup_DoctorHello, I have had Ubuntu 14.04 running on my computer for over a year now, today, when I tried booting it, it was booting into GRUB Rescue with the error of "error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'".  After a numerous of different tutorials with mixed results.  In a minute, I will post the results of the boot-repair that I just ran on my computer using a live-cd (it will be posted by CampSoup_Patient)23:13
SeveasStinky_Feet: and don't forget annoying tools that take their options with or without dashes, such as top or tar...23:13
CampSoup_PatientHere is the boot-repair results: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14561840/23:13
Stinky_FeetSeveas: There are also those that deliberately brakes the standard just to make you think before you hit the button, like dd.23:14
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
infernoshadaloo: Poor CPU'? Dosent go over 30% and im running crome, putty, modded minecraft and the VM'd ubuntu? Poor CPU, pfft.23:18
shadalooinferno: yes, but i'm running now .3-.5% xD23:20
shadalooi7 4790k23:20
shadaloochromium, transmission, nightinggale, gnome term23:21
CampSoup_DoctorDoes anyone have any advice on how to repair the grub?23:21
spupuserwhat are the basics of linux file systems?23:22
shadaloospupuser: http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/sect_03_01.html23:22
k1l_!rute | spupuser23:22
ubottuspupuser: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com23:22
hal14450CampSoup_Doctor, that's looking like you've got some weird things going on in regards to the partitions23:24
hal14450Partition  Boot  Start Sector    End Sector  # of Sectors  Id System23:24
hal14450/dev/sda1    *          2,048 3,900,758,015 3,900,755,968  83 Linux23:24
hal14450/dev/sda2       3,900,760,062 3,907,028,991     6,268,930   5 Extended23:24
hal14450/dev/sda5       3,900,760,064 3,907,028,991     6,268,928  82 Linux swap / Solaris23:24
hal14450that doesn't look right at all23:25
Seveashal14450: what's weird about that?23:25
bekkshal14450: Looks perfectly OK.23:25
CampSoup_DoctorI ran the program using a live-cd so I dont know if that could have caused it to look a little weird?23:25
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: What I see is a LOT of old kernels installed .. running out of room and the last kernel could not install ? ( mine latest 3.13.0-74-generic ) . Can you boot an older kernel from grub's boot menu ?23:25
Seveas(hint: sda5 is supposed to live inside sda2, that's what extended partitions do)23:25
hal14450Device     Boot     Start       End   Sectors  Size Id Type23:25
hal14450/dev/sda1  *         2048  46944255  46942208 22.4G 83 Linux23:25
hal14450/dev/sda2        46946302 250068991 203122690 96.9G  5 Extended23:25
hal14450/dev/sda5        46946304 203194367 156248064 74.5G 83 Linux23:25
hal14450/dev/sda6       203196416 242255871  39059456 18.6G 83 Linux23:25
hal14450/dev/sda7       242257920 250068991   7811072  3.7G 82 Linux swap / Solaris23:26
arimuraHello! I need update ubuntu 15.04 to 15.10, but error23:26
hal14450not compared to mine23:26
Seveashal14450: stop pasting!23:26
CampSoup_DoctorI tried the last two or three kernals and it either restarted to rescue grub or minimal grub23:26
k1l_arimura: what error? can you pastebin the error?23:26
CampSoup_Doctorerr the top two kernals23:26
infernoshadaloo: considering its a VM and that I got 3 other programs running, I think Im doing very good on my OC'd to 3.9GHz's i5-4690k23:26
Seveashal14450: also, your sda5/6/7 all live inside sda223:26
hal14450the sector counts are off no?23:26
bekkshal14450: No.23:27
shadalooinferno: i mean, why though? why are you virtualizing windows?23:27
shadaloolinux in windows*23:27
svetlanaarimura: what error?23:27
k1l_shadaloo: its ok to virtualize a linux. no need to make a drama23:28
infernoshadaloo: cause as k1l_ says its a good way to manage sshfs... I guess? Idk23:28
=== insurance is now known as nchambers
infernosomething along those lines23:28
svetlanawhat are you trying to do if you don't mind me asking? I don't oppose it, but I do not follow the whole picture yet, inferno23:28
k1l_inferno: i said: i know how to use it in ubuntu and its very easy. you can still look up how to use it on windows. i dont know that.23:28
shadaloono drama here, to each their own23:28
shadaloojust wondering what the function is23:29
shadalooother than novelty23:29
infernok1l_: I already got the VM running as stated in http://puu.sh/mzzPs/35afbc1a2b.jpg23:29
k1l_shadaloo: the user wants to learn no stuff. that is a good way to do23:29
arimuraThe report error is: Critical erro to up date version23:30
k1l_!paste | arimura23:30
ubottuarimura: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:30
spupuseris it true that everythings a file23:30
spupuserin ubuntu23:30
k1l_arimura: put all the output there.23:30
arimuraone moment23:31
shadaloospupuser: lol23:31
shadaloospupuser: think about it23:31
bgr_alguem ja usou o hidden-tear ?23:31
shadaloospupuser: what else could it be?23:32
k1l_!br | bgr_23:32
ubottubgr_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.23:32
spupusershadaloo, even the GUI ?23:32
spupuserit could just be a section of memory I guess23:32
shadaloospupuser: you can't have a computer without memory23:32
k1l_spupuser: for that theoretical philosophy better ask in ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic23:32
arimurain all updates version of ubuntu, i have the same problem23:32
shadaloospupuser: but you will not use memory unless you're executing something off of media23:33
CampSoup_DoctorAny suggestions what I should do?23:33
k1l_arimura: please run a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and put all the output into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here23:33
=== ssfdre38__ is now known as ssfdre38
arimurathe 14.04 to 14.10 and 14.10 to 15.04... and i install on zero (new)23:33
spupuserwhat do you mean shadaloo23:34
arimurak1l_: i run .... please the moment23:35
arimuraW: Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 15.04 _Vivid Vervet_ - Release amd64 (20150422)/dists/vivid/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs23:36
Stinky_Feetspupuser: It is an abstractation that makes it easier for programmers to deal with things like your fan speed, your CPU temperature and everything you can think of. Since it is an easy interface for programmers, they have made it accessible for users as well, and we thank them very much.23:36
arimuraE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.23:36
k1l_arimura: please use a pastebin. last time i ask you now23:36
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: My last . Can you boot an older kernel ? I do believe we need to remove those old kernels and get you updated .23:37
davidwso... it looks like there's no upgrade path from 14.10 anymore besides waiting for the next LTS ? :-/23:37
CampSoup_DoctorI tried two or three of the kernals, but not all of them, do you want me to try all of them?23:37
Bashing-om!eol | davidw23:38
ubottudavidw: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:38
arimurak1l_: ok23:38
k1l_davidw: 14.10 is already dead and 15.04 will be dead end of january. so that doesnt really make sense23:38
davidwsorry, 14.0423:38
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: Mo ..if a couple of the other older ones do not boot .. no need to keep trying .23:38
CampSoup_DoctorThen what would you suggest that I do next?23:39
arimurak1l_: whats is "pastebin"?23:39
Bashing-omdavidw: Nest advise is to await the .1 release of 16.04 ... and do a LTS-LTS upgrade .23:39
k1l_!paste  | arimura23:39
ubottuarimura: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:39
davidwBashing-om, yeah... looks like that's about it... damn :-/23:40
Ben64davidw: why do you want to upgrade23:41
davidwBen64, generally age of various packages in 14.1023:41
davidwsorry, 14.0423:41
Bashing-omdavidw: If you must upgrade at this time to 15.10 .. you must go through the EOL 14.10 path .23:41
arimurak1l_: i dont know by this rules23:41
Ben64!latest | davidw23:42
arimurak1l_: soo sorry23:42
ubottudavidw: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.23:42
Bashing-om!tab | CampSoup_Doctor23:42
ubottuCampSoup_Doctor: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.23:42
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: do you have on-hand a liveDVD of 14.04 ?23:42
k1l_arimura: you are making it more difficult than it should be. i asked you several times to put all the terminal output into the pastebin and show the link here, so we can have a look23:42
davidwBen64, !latest is fine, but newer than what I have is useful23:42
arimurak1l_: because i view other user paste the great lines... sorry23:42
Ben64davidw: for what purpose23:43
CampSoup_DoctorBashing-om: That is how I currently have my computer booted in order to do the boot-repair23:43
k1l_arimura: its about letting us see what is happening.23:43
davidwBen64, there are just a variety of packages that have newer versions in more recent versions of Ubuntu. I've checked.  They're things I use.23:44
Ben64davidw: ok... but you're still not giving a reason besides "newer"23:44
davidwBen64, some of the new packages have functionality I need.23:45
davidwthe old packages do not have said functionailty23:45
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: Try this then .. in that liveDVD ---- reboot and as soon as the bios screen clears press a shift key -> language screen, escape key to accept the default -> boot options menu . What results when choosing the option " boot from first hard drive " ? If we can get ya booted we can then work on kernels .23:46
CampSoup_DoctorOk, give me a minute to try that23:46
davidwlooks like waiting 3 months is probably a better bet than running into a bunch of potential hassles23:48
Ben64davidw:  maybe if you were more specific about what you want there could be another option23:48
CampSoup_DoctorBashing-om: I am given the GRUB menu asking if I want to boot Ubuntu, advance options for Ubuntu, and the two Memory Tetsts23:49
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: Advanced -> older kernel .23:50
bob2017hey… looks like i got disconnected right after asking for help.  two of my three monitors get recognized but none show video.  The one that’s not recognized is the DVI.  All three are recognized by livecd.23:51
infernok1l_: Aright so I got the VM what would I need to do now?23:51
CampSoup_DoctorBashing-om: I get a very long list of kernals, both regular ones and recovery mode kernals.  Pick the most recent one, oldest one, or middle one, and recovery or regular?23:52
Bashing-ommiddle one for now ... but a recovery one might be the better option next try if a normal kernel will not boot .23:53
Bashing-omCampSoup_Doctor: ^^ sorry bout forgetting to highlight you .23:54
k1l_inferno: in nautilus use in menu "connect to server" then choose "ssh://user@serverip"23:54
austrinusI'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04 alongside windows 10 and I keep getting "grub-install /dev/sda failed" error23:54
CampSoup_DoctorBashing-om: tried 3.11.0-22 (regular) and it just restarted my computer, trying the recovery version of the same kernal and it seems like the computer might have frozen while loading initial ramdisk23:56
k1l_CampSoup_Doctor: is this a ubuntu 12.04?23:58
k1l_CampSoup_Doctor: kernel 3.11 is not 14.0423:58
CampSoup_Doctork1l_: 14.0423:58
k1l_CampSoup_Doctor: please make sure "linux-generic" ist installed23:58
k1l_!info linux-generic trusty23:59
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB23:59
infernok1l_: When I look up 'nautilus' it gives me the sea creature lol, is it a program im supposeto download? or the terminal?23:59
bob2017have i mentioned how awesome my issue is and how happyt he person will be who solves it?23:59
k1l_inferno: nautilus is the file-browser in ubuntu23:59

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