user__hello everybody00:35
user__I have a question regarding WiFi network center in UbuntuStudio00:37
user__can enybody help me?00:37
itit is it it or am I it?10:19
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FXpr0anyone in here?10:24
cfhowlettFXpr0, ask your questions10:24
FXpr0its possible to put another distro's stuff on this distro?10:26
FXpr0like, kxstudio for example.10:26
cfhowlettFXpr0, possible.  inadviseable.10:26
cfhowlettksxstudio has a wiki telling you how to do that10:26
FXpr0not a good idea however.10:27
cfhowlettproblem is mixing repositories usually breaks things in which case ... you must reinstall.10:28
FXpr0hmmm.  I want to install this to hd but I already have a security debian distro installed.  how difficult is it to add this one?10:28
FXpr0like just partition right?10:28
cfhowlettFXpr0, never done it as ubuntustudio has everything I need.   to add to debian, ask #debian10:28
cfhowlettyou mean as a dual/multi boot10:29
FXpr0yeah.  debian distro is already installed and so is windows 7 as a just in case.10:30
cfhowlettFXpr0, check with #debian about multibooting10:31
FXpr0windows 7 on this particular craptop is a clunky laggy slow thing.  I gotta say this distro and the debian distro performs so much better.10:31
cfhowlett!debian > FXpr010:31
ubottuFXpr0, please see my private message10:31
FXpr0this is a freebie compaq cq57-229wm chinamart laptop that was going to get a hammer taken to it by the original owner.  I loaded 8gb of ram on it and it didnt really help with windows so I added linux and so far it is usable again.10:32
cfhowlettgood save!10:33
FXpr0what about adding this in overlay or whatever its called onto the debian version already installed to get all the audio and video stuff?10:34
cfhowlettFXpr0, debian is not ubuntu, ubuntu is not debian.  ask #debian10:34
cfhowlettas it it not supported here ...10:34
FXpr0ok but lets say I want to nuke the debian and put this on instead but I want the security stuff or something similar which is why I put that debian release on tobegin with10:35
cfhowlettFXpr0, "this" meaning ...?10:36
FXpr0I want the best of both worlds essentially.  security for internet stuff and av production for my own projects.10:36
FXpr0use ubuntustudio as the main linux os but add the security features10:37
FXpr0OR add a secuirty distro of ubuntu and put the audio stuff on it??10:37
cfhowlettFXpr0, what additional security do you think you need?10:37
FXpr0I really like this distro though so far.  very nice work10:37
FXpr0like a tails anonymous pen testing penetration setup10:38
FXpr0but not on a usb on the hard drive10:38
FXpr0the debian distro is parrot security os which takes tails a step further with more flexibility10:39
cfhowlettFXpr0, since you are already dualbooting, I suggest you continue to do so.  put whatever you want as the primary OS, put your alternate either in a virtualbox or a different partition.10:39
FXpr0where as tails is strictly forced through tor parrot os gives the option to or not to.10:39
FXpr0is a 1ghz dual amd c50 virtualboxable?10:40
FXpr0probably will work but not very well10:40
cfhowlettshould be10:40
FXpr0I really would like  parrot os as the base or this distro because it is ubuntu ready and add what I need basically fuse the 2 together so you have both feature sets10:42
FXpr0that way I dont have to hope back and forth from one distro to the other10:43
cfhowlettno idea what parrot is, so can't advise.10:44
FXpr0its a security penetration distro for forensics, and all that security stuff10:44
FXpr0of course you know what tails is.  like that but I think better as far as flexable etc...10:45
FXpr0another benefit is performance on both distros, parrot and this studio version of ubuntu is great compared to what the computer had one it which was windows 7 home that I upgraded to a modded version of ultimate.10:46
FXpr0I performance tweaked the crap out of 7 and it still lags like a dog.  horrible.  actually an embarrassment for microsoft.10:47
FXpr0but of course they like to do that to drive hardware sales.10:48
FXpr0unbelievable idea thief gates got away with it but he was there 2nd so, early bird gets the worm.10:49
FXpr0and likewise, his crap helped apple sell a ton of product because a lot of people threw in the towel on windows and went with the much more reliable apple products.  rightfully so I think.10:50
cfhowlettFXpr0, use #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat please.10:51
FXpr0k.  so back to the main question, what is the best way to combine this studio stuff and the security stuff?10:52
FXpr02 boot partitions for linux and one for windows seems logical and easy enough10:52
cfhowlettFXpr0, your "security stuff" should be in the repositories.  install from the ubuntu software center.  Items not in repositories can be  built from source.10:53
FXpr0hmmm, big pain in the behind then so multiple boots is the easyest way to do it then.10:53
FXpr0you know how it goes with distros.  one is tweaked for this, the other is tweaked for that etc10:54
FXpr0the av distros are useful for anything though and streamlined for performance which is the only way this computer is productive.10:54
FXpr0this one is dfce?  which I have not used until now.  very nice performance wise.10:55
FXpr0or xfce??  whatever its called.10:56
FXpr0mint was buggy as hell and not so good on performance because its an eye candy distro.10:56
cfhowlettxfce4 is the default desktop environment in Ubuntustudio10:56
FXpr0seems excellent so far.10:56
FXpr0ok NOW!.... some reviews I was looking at about this studio version said this is just ubuntu with some packages added.  true?  of is it tweaked like kxstudio and avlinux is for media production?10:58
cfhowlettFXpr0, has a low-latency kernel for audio/video production where that matters10:59
FXpr0exactly the big turn on here with these av distros.10:59
FXpr0I want the music production stuff because well, I was a music major in college hehe11:00
FXpr0nothing serious though as far as commercial production, just for fun projects and that11:00
FXpr0if doing serious work in production, I would dedicate computers for just that of course11:01
FXpr0hmmm very kewl!  I already have an idea for a wallpaper!11:03
FXpr0it involves the use of, well nevermind exactly, its a surprise!11:04
FXpr0it would be original at the very least.11:05
FXpr0isnt that off topic cfhowlett??11:05
FXpr0joking of course.11:05
FXpr0ok so best idea is talk to the security distro people and find out their idea or if its a good idea to put this as an overlay onto it.11:07
FXpr0or, a debian version like kxstudio11:07
FXpr0wait, so even though ubuntu is a fork or based on debian, it wont work on debian11:08
FXpr0hmmm, there seems to be a loooooooot of forking around in linuxville11:09
FXpr0it seems the main thing is easy of package installation as a major benefit to ubuntu via the virtual web store model which apple and microsoft are using.11:11
FXpr0and actually performance on this studio distro seems slightly better than the debian distro I already installed.  that I would assume is due to the media production bias along with xfce11:13
FXpr0oh!  why xchat over hexchat on the irc client?11:24
cfhowlettxchat is abandonware.  hexchat is the replacement.11:25
FXpr0I had to install hexchat.  xchat is the default in this distro11:26
FXpr0I am using it now actually.11:26
cfhowlettFXpr0, yes, we inherited that from the xubuntu upstream which still carries it for some reason.11:26
FXpr0to me it makes all the sense to combine security, av production, and gaming into one.  they all need performance as a foundation.  maybe the security stuff not as much but the gaming and a/v stuff certainly.11:28
FXpr0one thing that annoys me about parrot however is the constant password nag.  to pick your nose or fart you gotta enter a password but that is the nature of security isnt it.  unless the hack attacker has your password they can get past the nag so easy.11:30
FXpr0I have nothing to hide or lose really but I am curious about it more than anything.11:30
FXpr0well, the original content and ideas I constantly come up with I dont want the spynet to log and steal.11:32
FXpr0steamos is another one I gonna try too.11:32
cfhowlettvirtualbox is your friend ... though steam is resource-humgry11:33
FXpr0hey ummm, when installed if I have 8gb of ram a swap file is not needed right?11:38
cfhowlettFXpr0, no ram = no suspend functionality11:39
FXpr0because I want to do an image file of parrot and install this to see if it works better off the hd which it should.11:40
FXpr0and is there a yumi like utility so I can split the partition up and just do multiple boots till I figure out which to use as the primary distro11:41
FXpr0or how does that work.  I guess I gonna need to do more homework on that.11:41
cfhowlettFXpr0, yumi is for usb sticks.  multibooting a HDD is a bit different but doable.11:41
FXpr0yeah a yumi like utility for the hd multi boot.  thats a great idea I think if it does not already exist.11:42
FXpr0whoever thought of the yumi idea, really slick one I think.11:42
FXpr0what about quad boot?  hehe11:43
FXpr0(joke I know its the same thing)11:43
cfhowlettdoable.  it's all multibooting11:43
FXpr0another very good thing and why ubuntu has taken off is the support behind it.  seems there is a very large community in linuxville supporting it.11:44
FXpr0ok so thanks for the help and your time.  I gonna sleep on this and figure it out tomorrow.11:48
cfhowlettFXpr0, happy2help!11:48

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