bluesabreflocculant: shimmer-themes daily ppa should build numix correctly now16:12
bluesabre(new builds are up)16:13
bluesabreknome, ochosi: poke16:13
bluesabreknome, ochosi: so, numix git is not as broken as what we currently have. I'm thinking: drop alabtross, bluebird along with orion and add git snapshots of greybird and numix in the next package upload.16:15
bluesabrexfce4-power-manager builds in the xubuntu daily ppa should be fixed now, packages building19:11
bluesabreI think for my apps (catfish, mugshot, menulibre), I am going to change the ppa packaging schemes... single PPA, and {app}, {app}-devel/beta/unstable (something) and {app}-daily packages19:14
bluesabremake it easier to switch tracks and test19:14
bluesabreanyway, heading out now, bbabl19:14
bluesabreyay, updated xfpm packages are now in https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:20
flocculantjjfrv8: you did poll before just like dkessel - I removed them so it was easier for me to see who'd polled not 'team'19:30
flocculantsame with akxwi-dave's 19:30
flocculantlooking like 16:0019:31
flocculantevening akxwi-dave 19:32
akxwi-davehows things going?19:42
flocculantnot too bad :)19:55
ochosievening all20:19
ochosibluesabre: poke back20:19
Unit193No, scratch his back for him!20:20
flocculantevening ochosi 20:21
ochosihey flocculant 20:21
* ochosi scratches Unit193's back20:21
knomebluesabre, wfm20:52
ochosibluesabre: numix and greybird from git is fine by me, i can do a new release of greybird anytime though. mostly need to fix the linked buttons, then i'm ready20:56
knomepleia2, i don't know what's up with the tracker/server, but it seems that it's losing the bugs spec now and then22:47
knomepleia2, if you look at the burndown, you'll notice a few days when it has failed to get it on the last attempt for the day22:47

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