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toan_hi, i have a wireshark personal project (+junk) that was built successfully; how do I make sure when the user install "wireshark", it is pulled from my PPA, instead of the version from Ubuntu?04:03
toan_i am trying to push a bzr but I am getting this error:  bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~tpham3783/%2Bjunk/recipe/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()04:27
toan_cjwatson, !04:28
wgranttoan_: You can't push over HTTP.05:08
wgrantHave you run 'bzr lp-login' to set your SSH username?05:08
toan_wgrant, thanks,06:07
toan_wgrant, how do i make dpkg_buildpackage to call ./autgen.sh before it starts the build process06:08
toan_internet sources say, add overrid_dh_auto_configure, but it does not work06:08
toan_or, is there a hook for the build server to run autogen.sh before it runs the main build script, dpkg-buildpackage06:10
wgranttoan_: You customise the behaviour of dpkg-buildpackage by editing debian/rules.06:11
toan_wgrant, correct,06:12
toan_but how do I customize running autogen first06:12
wgrantYou might want to use something like dh-autoreconf.06:12
wgrantThat's generally preferable to running autogen.sh directly.06:12
toan_nope, that does not work06:14
wgrantWhat does it not do?06:14
toan_my auto build failed here b/c it did not run autogen:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/234583210/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-i386.edkit_3.2+113+11~ubuntu15.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz06:14
wgrantIt's better to test this stuff locally, so you can have a quick feedback loop.06:14
wgrantNo need to wait for Launchpad to build it before you can fix the next issue.06:15
toan_edkit package requires that the user runs autogen.sh right after checkout06:15
toan_wgrant, i am testing locally too,06:15
wgrantI don't see dh-autoreconf there.06:15
toan_but dont know of a hook to run autogen06:15
toan_there's dh_auto_configure06:15
wgrantHave you tried dh-autoreconf?06:16
toan_no such command06:17
wgrantThe latest version that you've uploaded also doesn't even try override_dh_auto_configure.06:17
wgrantdh-autoreconf is a package containing a debhelper extension that runs autoreconf.06:17
wgrantInstall it and check its manpage.06:17
toan_wgrant, no go,06:20
toan_it is not a utility,06:20
toan_i installed it and ran dpkg-buildpackage again, and got same error06:20
wgrantSimply installing it does not activate it.06:20
wgrantCheck its manpage.06:20
wgrantThat shows how to use it.06:20
toan_hmmm, did everything in the manual and still not working06:26
wgrant"not working"06:26
toan_i figured out the trick from the log file, i decided to add a tag override_dh_distclean to run autogen.sh, and it worked06:29
toan_i wish that there's a  hook like post_configure, it would me things easier06:30
wgrantautogen.sh basically just runs "autoreconf --install", so you can probably just use the --install incantation from dh-autoreconf's manpage.06:30
wgrantWere you to do it manually you could say:06:31
wgrant        ./autogen.sh06:31
wgrant        dh_auto_configure06:32
toan_that did not work06:32
toan_tried it already06:32
wgrant"did not work"06:32
wgrantIt's difficult to help without details.06:32
toan_dpkg would run all the clean script first06:32
toan_i mean, distclean make target first06:32
wgranttoan_: clean is run before build06:34
wgrantSo make distclean would be run well before override_dh_auto_configure.06:34
wgrantSo I don't see the problem.06:34
toan_maybe its the way the package edkit is packaged, it forces the user to run autogen.sh first06:35
wgrantThat's fine.06:37
wgrantdh-autoreconf is designed for that situation.06:38
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toan_wgrant, do you think one day LP will allow direct import (merge) from an external git repo, instead of a bzr project on LP06:46
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toan_in other words, i just want to specify github branches directly in the build recipe06:47
wgranttoan_: Mirroring external Git repositories is quite high on the list, but it's unlikely that we'll support directly using external repositories any time soon.06:48
wgrantIn part because we can't easily automatically trigger builds based on repositories that we're not watching closely.06:48
wgrantWhereas if they're mirrored then we can.06:48
toan_understand, but then we dont need LP to watch those branches, LP will only build on a manual build trigger, not source tree change06:50
toan_** the fact that i have to use bzr to do all of this, bothers me!!!!06:52
toan_i can easily stick with git and use the website front end to write the recipe06:53
wgrantYes, we're working on deploying Git recipes at the moment.07:06
mapreriI'm looking at lp #1528605 and wondering why the bug watcher to the debian bug tracker.  I added it 4 days ago, and 4 days seems an excessive amount of time to just query a bug tracker..10:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 1528605 in SubDownloader "fail to download subtitles due to opensubtitles.org API changes" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152860510:08
maprericjwatson: wgrant ↑11:34
toan_what do i do to support build for arm:  https://code.launchpad.net/~tpham3783/+recipe/edkit-daily16:16
toan_can someone tell me why this build broke:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/234590190/buildlog.txt.gz16:25
cjwatsonYou can request ARM builds for a PPA at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad16:30
* cjwatson squints at that log16:32
cjwatsonRunning autogen.sh in clean is weird16:32
cjwatsonAnyway, your version is wrong again16:33
cjwatsonYou need to have the packaging revno come after a "-", otherwise you end up with conflicting generated .orig.tar.gz versions16:33
cjwatsonYou have {debupstream}+{revno}+{revno:packaging} right now - try {debupstream}+{revno}-0+{revno:packaging} instead16:34
cjwatsonMay need an upstream commit before that'll work, since it needs to be greater than the previous version16:34
toan_cjwatson, so the vivid build failed b/c of that? versioning convention?16:49
cjwatsonThe build didn't fail, but LP refused the upload16:49
cjwatsonhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/234590197/upload_1059156_log.txt is reasonably clear about it I think16:50
cjwatsonAnd it's not just convention - if you get this wrong then the result is that LP would have to try to publish two different versions of the same file with the same name16:50
cjwatsonThat's disallowed16:51
toan_cjwatson, is there a way to tell dh to run a custom build command?16:54
toan_and then forget everything elses?16:54
cjwatsonoverride_dh_auto_build is usually the target you want for that16:55
toan_cjwatson, i changed the version info in the recipe and it still failed16:56
cjwatsonsee for instance https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/cjwatson/cccc.git/tree/debian/rules (OK, there's a fair bit of variable setup there, but the actual target is simple16:57
toan_ref: latest vivid build https://code.launchpad.net/~tpham3783/+recipe/edkit-daily16:57
cjwatsontoan_: 16:34 <cjwatson> May need an upstream commit before that'll work, since it needs to be greater than the previous version16:57
mapreri[10:08:52 AM] <mapreri> I'm looking at lp #1528605 and wondering why the bug watcher to the debian bug tracker.  I added it 4 days ago, and 4 days seems an excessive amount of time to just query a bug tracker..16:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1528605 in SubDownloader "fail to download subtitles due to opensubtitles.org API changes" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152860516:57
cjwatsontoan_: or you could use {debupstream}+bzr{revno}-0+{revno:packaging} (inserting the "bzr" there) which will be greater16:58
cjwatsonmapreri: 2016-01-18.log:2016-01-18 00:27:44 INFO    Didn't find bug u'810530' on http://bugs.debian.org (local bugs: 1528605).17:01
ubot5bug 1528605 in SubDownloader "fail to download subtitles due to opensubtitles.org API changes" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152860517:01
cjwatsonnot sure why as yet ...17:01
toan_omg, the tag worked, it finished the upload already17:03
cjwatsonmapreri: investigating via sysadmin17:04
toan_cjwatson, i have no idea why the new tag worked, but thanks17:04
maprericjwatson: thank you.17:04
cjwatsontoan_: because 3.2+bzr113-0+20~ubuntu15.04.1 is greater than the previous version 3.2+113+20~ubuntu15.04.1, but 3.2+113-0+20~ubuntu15.04.1 is not17:05
cjwatsontoan_: you can use e.g. the exit status of dpkg --compare-versions, or apt_pkg.version_compare() in Python, to check this17:06
toan_cjwatson, built successfully for vivid, will try arm now17:09
cjwatsonNote that our ARM builds are currently via qemu-user-static rather than on real hardware; if your build involves much in the way of threading or other complex stuff it will probably fail17:09
cjwatsonBut a reasonable number of simple builds work17:09
cjwatsonmapreri: out-of-date address for bugs-mirror.debian.org in firewall - sending in a fix now17:13
mapreriwhy do you have the need to firewall outgoing connections I never understood17:14
cjwatson(a) not the LP team's decision (b) I assume it's defence in depth against attacks spreading17:15
maprerimy loco had to fight with canonical one year because a firewall compared all of a sudden in a machine hosting a planet, so no updates for weeks and they insisted with a "we need to know each address" nonsense...17:15
maprericjwatson: yeah, of course it has nothing to do with LP, it's a IS thing...17:16
toan_cjwatson, in ref to your commit 17896, do you have a sample project on LP that's use git recipe right now?17:16
cjwatsontoan_: No, because we haven't finished deploying the changes to make that possible.17:18
cjwatsonr17896 is part of that but by no means all of it, and in any case r17896 isn't yet on production.17:19
cjwatsonmapreri: firewall change should be live soon; not sure how frequently checkwatches tries, it seems to have tried twice in those four days so far17:36
mapreri2 times in 4 days doesn't sound so good.17:38
cjwatsonit may depend on activity, or I may just have misread something17:40
toan_cjwatson, **stupid question** but is it possible to get ssh access to the buildserver/build env?17:52
cjwatsontoan_: No.17:53
cjwatsontoan_: But you can set up something very similar yourself locally: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild17:54
mapreriis more work on the bug watchers planned?  in particular, adding support to more bug trackers (istr there is a whole tag in launchpad gathering such requests)18:01
cjwatsonmapreri: Not planned at the moment, we have rather a lot of other things that are going to take precedence18:09
mapreriwell, I can just say please consider them between a huge thing and another :)18:12
mapreriat least we're going to have git recipes pretty soon ^^18:12
toan_cjwatson, I am writing a recipe in which it will pull down all of the enlightenment sourcecode transparently and then build the code... the whole process will probably take about 1+ hour to finish, can you tell me if the buildserver be ok will that, and that it wont cancel the job in the middle of the build!18:34
toan_cjwatson, BTW, the sourcecode that the buildscript will download isn't hosted on LP, it is on another git repo that bzr wouldn't know about18:35
toan_cjwatson, the whole fetch and build process will take about 3.5 hours, is that acceptable?18:36
cjwatsontoan_: You won't be able to do that, because the builders are firewalled such that they cannot fetch external code18:37
cjwatsontoan_: Find another approach18:37
toan_:-(, just dont want to mirror import the code to LP!18:37
dakerhi, does anyone know what's the representation of the webhook response in LP ?18:37
cjwatsontoan_: Maybe recipes are not the right tool for you.  All that recipes are is a convenience for building source packages; you can always build the source packages yourself and upload them directly to a PPA18:41
cjwatsondaker: What exactly do you mean, and which webhook?18:41
dakercjwatson: like when i setup a webhook, what will LP push to the specified url ?18:42
toan_cjwatson, the problem is that I do not want to do it myself, i want to whole process to be automated and it will build for all distributions/architures18:42
cjwatsondaker: Ah, you mean the webhook request18:42
cjwatsondaker: https://help.launchpad.net/API/Webhooks18:42
dakercjwatson: thanks!18:44
cjwatsontoan_: Then your choices are (a) arrange for bzr imports of all the git repositories you need (b) wait for both git recipes and git imports to be implemented (c) wait for git recipes to be implemented, and then set up something external that pushes git mirrors of the repositories you need to LP18:44
toan_cjwatson, yeah, i will wait for git-recipe; in the meantime, i will build the packages manually then push them to the PPA repo18:48
nacchave a (hopefully) quick query about the autobuild service... Logs at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/234639697/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.phpab_1.21.0-1~ppaubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz ... I'd like to use the pkg-php-tools in the PPA itself (as specified in the overrides), but it trips a GPG error so it seems to not be using the PPA's package?19:14
cjwatsonThe GPG error is a harmless cosmetic thing19:21
cjwatsonWe disable verification anyway since it's entirely within our infrastructure19:21
nacccjwatson: ok, that's what i wondered about19:21
cjwatson"but it is not going to be installed" generally indicates that the package in question is available but that one of its dependencies is uninstallable19:22
nacccjwatson: ok, i'll try and see why it's happening19:23
* cjwatson is looking19:24
cjwatsonnacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14577102/19:30
cjwatsonnacc: looks to me like a problem with various things still built against php519:30
nacccjwatson: hrm, interesting ... ill try and resolve that!19:30
naccthanks for the pointer19:30
cjwatsonchdist is really handy19:30
nacccjwatson: yeah, i've used it, but not thought about it this way! very useful!19:31
nacccjwatson: ok, so i'm now rather confused; i can manually install php-cli, php-json and php-pear from xenial + ppa in my chroot; and chdist also resolves the dependenciees for all 3 packages fine19:38
nacccjwatson: that is, i don't get the same errors you did19:38
nacccjwatson: chdist apt-get php7 install pkg-php-tools ... Need to get 127 MB/157 MB of archives...19:40
cjwatsonnacc: you need to add phpunit as well19:40
nacccjwatson: oh i see!19:40
cjwatsonnacc: that's why I explicitly listed all the build-deps there - you have build-deps that conflict with each other, indirectly19:41
naccgot it19:41
cjwatsonthat is definitely a confusing situation to be in and it unfortunately takes some practice to get apt to be helpful here ...19:41
naccfeels like that message could be clearer, but that's neither here nor there :)(19:41
naccyep, thanks for the tip!19:41
cjwatsonyeah, it's difficult to extract this from apt without human intelligence :-/19:41
cjwatsonone of these days we might stick dose-builddebcheck into the loop19:42
toan_cjwatson, what's the point of having a project like this on LP:  https://launchpad.net/efl, it has no sourcecode, be better if it was an imported project from git... it looks useless to me20:00
toan_i can't really write a recipe to pull from it, just curious why!20:01
cjwatsontoan_: Anyone can create a project, so many people do.20:31
cjwatsonSome of them are not very useful.20:33
cjwatsonBut we don't generally intervene unless asked by the project owners or unless it causes an actual problem of some kind.20:33
cjwatsonNot least because if we spent time doing that we'd never have time for anything else ...20:34

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