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pragomer_1hi. how can I get german keyboard layout in lubuntu's lightdm-login?09:18
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pair0docwhere is the best/proper location to put a startup script or edit one that runs after X is initialize but before any user logs in with lubunutu 14.04 . I have been hammer google for at least 2 hours.17:12
pair0docI want to copy my .Xauthority (located in /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 ) to a location with user access to start x11vnc through a ssh tunnel.17:13
pair0doctestdr, busy? are you knowledgeable on startup scripts?17:24
testdrpair0doc: just connected --- what kind of startup scripts -- for lxde.. setting timeout17:25
pair0docwhere is the best/proper location to put a startup script or edit one that runs after X is initialize but before any user logs in with lubunutu 14.04 . I have been hammer google for at least 2 hours.17:25
pair0docI want to copy my .Xauthority (located in /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 ) to a location with user access to start x11vnc through a ssh tunnel.17:25
testdrpair0doc: i do something like this -- but not for a connecting ssh-user - you wanna hear?17:26
testdrpair0doc: i copy/create a xauthority-file in /tmp and set the XAUTHORITY environement for the new user to this location --17:28
pair0docI can not seem to get that working by editing /etc/lxdm/default.conf17:29
pair0docwhich I know is a symbolic link.17:29
testdrpair0doc: sorry - you dont know about the x-server authority? About setting the mit-magic-cookie?17:31
testdrpair0doc: xauth --- a "xauth list" displays the current x11-access-cookie -- the new user needs this to use the same x11-resources or a complete new x11-server17:34
pair0docI think I got that. at this point I am only planning on running one X11-server.17:35
pair0doc /etc/lxdm/default.conf has a commented line that reads xauth_path=/tmp17:36
pair0docperhaps I looked wrong,thinking the file would still be called ':0'17:37
testdrpair0doc: no -- the normal file for a user is in his/her home-directory and called something like:  .Xauthority  (most times .. but not necessary)17:38
testdrpair0doc: if you copy this file to a place accesable for a new user, than this user can take it an use the x11-cookie to use the x11-server-services17:40
pair0doctestdr, I thought I specified, before a user logs in. I am trying to get the login/greeter.17:40
testdrpair0doc: a ssh-user connects into a running service? Or am i wrong?17:41
pair0docthe ssh daemon, but then the user starts x11vnc.17:42
pair0docIt works when I connect x11vnc to /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 but normally the user does not have access to this file.17:43
pair0docthus the reason I wanted a script after X server initialization before user login.17:43
testdrpair0doc: sorry, i am not familiar with x11vnc -- but i dont see, why you may need the x11-login-process, the user is already logged in via ssh, why not start the x11-server without the login-session?17:45
pair0docI think that would work. can you initialize the X11 server via ssh?17:47
pair0docthis is the one liner I use from the client17:52
testdrpair0doc: i dont get it - sorry again - have you ever tried to connect to your own x11-server over ssh? To --- what "oneliner"?17:53
pair0docssh -p xx -C -f -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx x11vnc -auth ~/.Xauth_server -safer -localhost -nopw -once -display :0 && sleep 5 && vncviewer localhost:017:53
pair0docyou mean connect to my own x11-server via xdmcp?17:54
testdrpair0doc: the ~ substitution may not work like you want? Your local home-directory?17:55
pair0docI can not ~/.Xauth_server file to exist. that was just a quickie out of my history.17:56
Lasharahello ?17:57
LasharaCan i ask question here about lubuntu ?17:57
wxl!ask | Lashara17:58
ubottuLashara: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:58
testdrpair0doc: sorry, i dont get it -- maybe cause i always used it the other way round, always with a local x11-server and running x11-programms via ssh on a different computer, but using my local x11-server for display and key/mouse-input17:58
LasharaBassicaly in ubuntu mate i have the ability to set whether workspaces wrap/scroll arround using mousewheel or not... I wonder whether its possible to set this in lubuntu ?\17:59
wxlLashara: so basically you want to use (or not use) the mousewheel to navigate through your workspaces?18:00
Lasharayes... the scrolling using mouse wheel works but the problem is that it.. lets say.. can run around ?? for example if i am at workspace 1 and scroll lets say 2 clicks it goes toks it goes to workspace 2 and then back to workspace 1, but i want it to stay at workspace 2(in case when there are only 2 workspaces)18:02
wxlthat's one i'm not sure about Lashara but i can tell you the file to edit and give you some links and you can play with it. is that ok?18:03
wxlgive me a second though18:03
wxli'm spinning up my lubuntu vm. we use kubuntu at work.18:03
LasharaIn ubuntu mate.. in workspace preferences.. i have option called - allow workspace wrap around in switcher... What would be equivilant in Lubuntu ?18:05
wxli don't think that it's as clear as that Lashara18:05
wxlwe should make a "Lubuntu tweak" app18:06
wxl! that's a great idea actually18:06
ubottuwxl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:06
wxlredwolf: ^18:06
wxlok so the file is ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml lubotu118:06
wxlLashara i meant18:06
wxlthat controls, among other things, input bindings18:07
pair0doctestdr, I think that is more or less the same thing is it not? what would be the difference?18:07
wxli'm googling for the instructive wiki page now Lashara18:09
redwolfwe already have a Lubuntu Tweak UI, but it's very limited for now18:10
wxlredwolf: you mean obconf? XD18:10
redwolfnope. "lubuntu-tweak"18:10
wxlis that a default thing and i never noticed?18:10
* wxl is too used to editing files18:10
wxlah ppa18:11
redwolfit does ALL this: http://is.gd/annQiP18:11
wxlthere this will help you Lashara http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Bindings18:11
wxlum, wow, redwolf18:11
redwolfit's promising though :D18:11
redwolfit just needs... options :D18:12
wxlmaybe i'll make a blueprint to brainstorm some ideas (i guess at this point this conversation should move to -devel)18:12
redwolffor session tweaks I recommend the other one18:12
* wxl dances18:13
redwolfWildSoft, this app https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GFLcmgYhCSM/U0_HfMV2wwI/AAAAAAAASTM/HVUcNdGMMN0/s1600/lubuntu1404-lxsession-default-apps.png is far more powerful to control the session18:14
wxllong url :/18:14
redwolf(sorry for the long url)18:14
redwolfwxl, this app http://is.gd/Y4N0NM is far more powerful to control the session18:14
redwolfsorry, WildSoft, wrong ping :D18:14
WildSoftfigured ;)18:15
Lasharaok thank you, ill try to see what i can do :)18:15
wxlLashara: i found the option you need! http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Actions#GoToDesktop18:16
wxl<action name="GoToDesktop"><to>next</to><wrap>no</wrap></action>18:16
wxlas an example18:17
redwolfmoving from one desktop to another?18:18
wxl—without wrapping18:18
redwolfI like this method :) http://lubuntu.me/tip-3d-desktop/18:19
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wxlthere finally sheesh18:21
wxlok i better head to -offtopic or somewhere now XD18:21
Lasharastill need help!!! In Ubuntu mate u can do ----> workspace->preferences->allow workspace  wrap around switcher... how do u replicate this feature in lubuntu19:32
wxlLashara: http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Actions#GoToDesktop19:33
wxlsheesh i only have 5G19:34
wxloops wrong channel19:35
Lasharasry for being toal noob :\ .. where do you or how do you change/execute those commands19:36
wxlLashara: no problem. you'll need to edit ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml accordingly19:37
jerbotwhat is rmod? :>20:37
jerbothttp://princessleia.com/journal/?p=8726 trying to get sound by rmoding and modprobing20:38
jerbotgetting FATAL module /etc/modules not found20:40
geniijerbot: rmmod/rmod is remove module command. You can also use modprobe -r  to do same thing20:52
geniijerbot: /etc/modules is not a module by itself, it is a text file with module names inside the file, which are to load when the system boots20:55
pleia2jerbot: I wrote that blog post a long time ago, it should probably be taken with a grain of salt :)21:03
pleia2I know that it worked for my hardware with 12.04 in 2013, but no promises beyond that21:03
jerbotwell i'm on the same setup, it seems. pictures look the same (you weren't on the aluminum)....21:06
pleia2the chipsets vary, and I imagine you're not using Lubuntu 12.0421:06
jerbotso how do i modprobe the modules bc I still got no sound, no idea what to do, and upgrading to 14.04 results in a blurry scattered screen21:06
jerbotyeh i'm usin that21:06
pleia2wow, that's old :\21:07
Unit193jerbot: That's not an LTS for Lubuntu.21:07
pleia2is that even supported by lubuntu?21:07
jerbot512 mb ram and 14.04 doesn't work.21:07
pleia2yeah, that21:07
jerbotit's not?21:07
pleia2the flavors, like Lubuntu, get to choose their LTS cycle, it's not the same as Ubuntu21:08
jerbotballz :<21:08
pleia2even Ubuntu itself only supported desktop 12.04 for 3 years21:08
jerbotso is 12.10 gonig to load without all these video issues?21:08
pleia2(server for 5)21:08
pleia212.10 is very much end of life too21:08
pleia2the only supported releases are 14.04, 15.04 (for a couple mor weeks) and 15.1021:09
jerbotbut 15.10 isn't supported at all, right?21:09
pleia2I haven't kept up, maybe they did drop ppc support in 15.1021:10
jerbotwell, I just need to use the thing for document editting and emailing, you know?21:10
jerbot12.04 works on it. is it really going to be a huge issue if support drops?21:11
jerbotI could still get a good year or 2 out of it, probably, right?21:11
pleia2support already dropped21:11
pleia2I wouldn't recommend it21:11
jerbottoo many security holes?21:11
jerbotso 14.04 has another few years?21:11
Unit19314.04 is supported for 3 years from date of launch.21:12
jerbotSo, i got 14.04 working, kind of.  It has this blurry white screen where the desktop should be....21:12
jerbotbut terminal and firefox open21:12
pleia2http://lubuntu.net/blog/lubuntu-1404-trusty-tahr-released may be of interest to you, there is a link to documentation about PPC fixes21:12
pleia2some may work for you21:12
* genii slides pleia2 a plate of tasty cookies21:13
* pleia2 cookie monster style21:13
jerbotmaybe it's because I didn't  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1859290 kill xscreensaver and xlockmore before upgrading last time21:13
jerbotCan't I just click "upgrade to 14.04" from 12.04's package manager gui?21:14
jerbotCause I had done that last night, and it got further than the lubuntu 14.04 alt ppc release21:14
jerbotbut I did want to do the video=ofonly and didn't get a chance to do that there, either21:15
jerbotor maybe add video=ofonly after installing the system?  Because there's no network (wired or otherwise) in the system installer, due to the b43 bug.21:16
jerbotso installing otherwise must miss some update that results in the black-screen-and-cursor bug (stack article)21:16
jerbotyeah i think i'll stick to 12.04 since the background isn't insane looking21:19
jerbotbut just for shoots and ladders, I'm gonna go ahead and try 14.04 from putting in the CD, again, killing those processes21:21
jerboti dunno probably not, actually.  I know the video=ofall switch is required, and I can't bring that up from 12.04's installer dialog21:23
jerbotIs there a way to load yaboot in terminal?21:24
jerbotthat bad, huh21:27
geniijerbot: You can add that video-ofall option later to the /etc/default/grub file in the line that starts GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=21:30
genii..and then sudo update-grub21:30

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