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kenvandinekgunn, any status update on mouse settings?  bill said that's something we need for 9.5 and we're still blocked on the shell work15:25
kgunnkenvandine: for mouse settings there is nothing blocking...15:32
kgunnone sec15:32
kenvandinekgunn, i meant it's blocking the mouse panel in system-settings15:32
kgunnkenvandine: right, there is nothing blocking...fwd'ing you an email that andreas wrote sometime back (but you're not on :)15:33
kenvandinekgunn, we need the shell work to land which includes the gsettings schema15:33
kgunnkenvandine: i thot with input the link was with u-s-c over dbus and no shell interaction ?15:34
kenvandinegreyback said we needed a shell piece15:35
kenvandineand the gsettings schema will live in the shell15:36
kenvandinekgunn, check with greyback, i'm sure he can explain it better15:36
kenvandinekgunn, basically u-s-c provides a dbus api, but the shell needs to configure u-s-c on startup based on per-user settings15:37
kenvandinei think the u-s-c api is done, we just need the shell to configure u-s-c based on gsettings15:37
kgunnkenvandine: ack...btw, we're at a sprint together...so slow on pings15:41
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