mariogripmhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mariogrip/ubuntu-system-image/device-alias/revision/284  (server side)00:13
mhall119mariogrip: let's talk to sergio and mvo in the morning, so they know the reasons and use-case behind these MPS00:14
mariogripmhall119: 0x0600:17
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mariogripmhall119: Do you know if ubucon is live streamed?00:21
elimistevemariogrip: On Reddit I read that the main sessions will be, yes02:04
elimistevebut the "unconference" parts/talks won't be02:04
mhall119mariogrip: SCALE is providing audio/video setups for the morning sessions, I don't know if it'll be live-streamed or just recorded for later playback02:14
firefoxosuserhi :)02:45
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newe4_5phonehi :)02:54
newe4_5phonegot my e4.5 yesterday and it's working nicely02:54
newe4_5phoneubuntu touch needs to take some ideas from firefox os02:54
newe4_5phonelike the Usage app so i can see how many mb/gb i download every week/month etc02:55
newe4_5phoneand surprised there is no default calendar app even after updating to OTA-8.502:56
tathhuYeah, you need to download it from store :l02:57
newe4_5phoneeven after downloading it from the store, i miss the firefox os calendar02:59
newe4_5phoneon firefox os, in month view, clicking on a day showed events for that day in a scrollable list02:59
newe4_5phoneon ubuntu touch, agenda view is helpful, and how it shows in time/date notifications03:00
newe4_5phonebut a little buggy, in week view clicking on empty space can create an event called Untitled !03:00
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MCMicDid anyone ever managed to unmount an SD card?04:57
MCMicIt’s always saying it’s busy and cannot be unmounted04:57
jibelMCMic, apparently it fails from the SD card tool but works from the command line.08:22
jibelMCMic, did you report bug 1535529 ?08:23
ubot5bug 1535529 in Canonical System Image "Cannot unmount SD card" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153552908:23
MCMicjibel: yes08:23
MCMicjibel: can you provide the command to unmount it from cli?08:24
MCMicjibel: I did not found the sdcard in the result of mount command, but there are so many lines08:24
jibelMCMic, really, I find the name in mount then umount the device08:27
jibelMCMic, it's mounted on /media/phablet/<DEVICE LABEL> eg '/media/phablet/Médias SDc'08:28
jibelMCMic, the type should be vfat08:28
MCMicI don’t have anything in /media/phablet08:29
MCMicMaybe it’s already unmounted despite the error08:29
jibelclearly umount from ciborium fails and the card is still mounted here. Although I cannot find what keeps it busy08:30
MCMicI managed to format it08:30
MCMicI clicked the button to remove it, and then chose cancel in the confirmation08:31
MCMicThis made the format button enabled and it worked when I used it08:31
jibelreally this sd card tool needs some love08:31
jibelMCMic, actually I think the tool is just broken, it thinks the device is not mounted while it is "Unmount job error Drive is not mounted" It seems it has no clue if the device is mounted or not08:38
nlsthznhey, anybody here can help with meizu mx4... wife used it last month a bit and didn't like so put it in a drawer.  today I want to use and nobody can remember the passphrase she set.08:52
nlsthznbooting to recovery mode just gives me an ubuntu logo08:52
Stanley00nlsthzn: try press the up/down volume key08:53
nlsthznhey Stanley00 ... did, and also home key and no change08:53
nlsthzneven power08:53
Stanley00nlsthzn: you just need to press up or down, not both key at the same time08:54
nlsthznthat is what I tried first :p and then even both... nothing I press makes a difference... shows ubuntu circle logo08:55
nlsthznperhaps I must look into re-flashing it (been a while since I was messing with flashing roms and stuff) :/08:57
Stanley00nlsthzn: hmm... did you press it when you see the circle logo?08:58
* Stanley00 just ask to be sure08:59
nlsthznyes, the boot starts, I see at the bottom it states booting to recovery.  then the screen goes slight purple tint and white ubuntu logo and homescreen circle light up.  and it stays like that.  then I tried pressing the buttons and nothing changes09:00
nlsthzn*homebutton light up09:00
nlsthznnot home screen ;p09:00
Stanley00nlsthzn: how about this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/645294/meizu-mx4-ubuntu-erased-or-changed-access-code09:02
nlsthznthe whole power and home button seems to do nothign and holding it just switches of the phone (and holding it longer switches the phone on and off the whole time)09:04
Stanley00nlsthzn: hmm, how about this link? http://www.hardreset.info/devices/meizu/meizu-mx4-ubuntu-edition/09:05
nlsthznthat is just it, I don't receive a new blue menu as stated but the ubuntu logo that just sits there...09:07
nlsthznI just read the comment on the bottom of that page too...09:08
nlsthznseems that info doesn't work for this phone09:08
Stanley00nlsthzn: hmm... I think it's the best I can help, I only got BQ, and press volume button at the circle logo can bring the recovery mode. Sorry09:13
nlsthznthis phone and ubuntu touch has been nothing but a disappointment since I got it (hence it not being used)... perhaps I will do a youtube video droptest to see how durable the hardware is09:14
Stanley00nlsthzn: oops, I'm very sad to hear that09:15
Stanley00nlsthzn: are you a developer or linux user at any chance?09:16
nlsthznbeen using linux for a number of years and was (well am i guess) an ubuntu member and WAS an ubuntu enthusiast :/09:17
nlsthznnot a dev however09:17
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Popcorn Day! 😃09:18
Stanley00I see. I didn't use my Ubuntu phone for daily use actually, just use it for some tweaking and hacking (I guess). Maybe that's why I still love it :309:21
nlsthznwell this has been the last straw for me... I will putt all of my thouhts and efforts into other causes...09:31
nlsthzncheers ubuntu, and thanks for all the fish09:31
robin-heroHmm, I've been using a BQ device for my daily driver since March, last year, and I am pleased with it... :)10:31
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pancakeare OTA updates still working?14:05
lotuspsychjepancake: OTA9 comming up soon14:07
pancakeany specific date?14:07
k1lend of january?14:08
lotuspsychjepancake: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-touch-ota-9-for-ubuntu-phones-launches-on-january-20-2016-497804.shtml14:08
k1l27th january14:09
pancakecool thanks14:15
marchHi :) The last year we created a new section concerning UT on our wiki. Is there a summary somewhere on the web concerning the releases? All informations I found on the web can be found on https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Geschichte_von_Ubuntu_Touch/#Versionsgeschichte Is there a release missing?14:47
svijhey march :D14:53
svijmarch: check the english wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes/OTA-8.514:53
marchHi svij :)14:53
svij8.5, 8, 7, 6…14:53
marchThat's what I did the last days. Searching the web for informations concerning UT-releases. All I found is in the article.14:54
marchI just wanted to check if there is something missing, 'cause informations are sometimes very hard to find.14:55
popeyThere's also this document which is a nice summary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F36EeZbS3Gzqq_tivKZHyoLDCOxT1TPh0vubhvWJafI/edit14:55
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marchThank's popey :) This looks good.14:57
marchWünsche dir einen schönen Aufenthalt in den USA, svij :)15:00
svijeh, thanks ;)15:00
oSoMoNjdstrand, thanks for your comment on bug #1535666 , I replied there with more questions15:43
ubot5bug 1535666 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Downloading files fails on non-English systems" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153566615:43
mariogripondra: Could you help me get to the bottom a graphic issue. mir: alloc_dev->alloc() nullptr http://paste.ubuntu.com/14490975/15:43
ondramarch checking15:44
ondramariogrip you might have better luck with mir team, ask kdub he's our graphic wizard15:45
mariogripack, kdub ^15:48
robin-herooSoMoN, Where can I translate the folders in Home? This is new for me, but I'm a translator.15:49
oSoMoNrobin-hero, what do you mean? what do you want to achieve?15:50
robin-herosorry, I read the whole bug report and just realized this bug report is about desktop, not phone15:51
popeyrobin-hero, Music, Documents etc?15:53
popeyrobin-hero, I _think_ they're hard wired15:53
mhall119sergiusens: mvo_: when you have a minute, mariogrip is working on changes to ubuntu-device-flash to work around devices that give different device names in recovery and normal use: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mariogrip/goget-ubuntu-touch/device-alias/revision/22116:08
mhall119I spoke with slangasek about it, and this was his recommended approach, it's backwards compatible so the client will work even if the server doesn't have deviceAlias information16:09
mhall119if you're happy with the approach, mariogrip can create a merge proposal for it16:09
mariogriptvoss: is this normal? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14576082/16:48
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NijuMy gallery seems messed up, taking photos isn't adding them to gallery anymore but they are ok in camera roll and phot scope18:20
NijuAny thoughts?18:20
kowakxanyone have kernel patches to use display-caf-new/media-caf-new?18:57
davmor2Niju: there was an old bug where if the camera app was open it didn't update external sources I don't know if that is still in place but see if they show if you close the camera and gallery app and just reopen the gallery19:09
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FhhbvHi, I need help. I desinstalled network manager20:47
Fhhbvffrom my PC and I downloades winc.de20:48
Fhhbvcan someone give me a code to install it from the terminal please20:49
popeyFhhbv, on ubuntu phone?20:50
FhhbvNo, on my pc20:51
popeyFhhbv, you're in the wrong channel. #ubuntu is for ubuntu desktop support20:51
FhhbvOK, thank you20:51
matv1how did that guy on the mailinglist get a system upgrade on stable today?21:54
matv1did something go wrong with the release?21:54
kowaki tryed to rebuild using caf kernel but i got no touchscreen issue and display glitch. anyone know how to fix it?22:51

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