wolfgerHope everybody's new year is off to a good start (celebrity deaths aside)14:02
cmaloneyGood morning14:25
cmaloneyYear is OK so far14:25
wolfgerMine will get a lot nicer on Feb 15th, when I get paid for all this January OT. :-p15:08
cmaloneyheh, one day after Valentine's Day16:41
cmaloneyor rather JoDee's Birthday16:41
mrgoodcathi i'm back20:05
cmaloneyHey, welcome back!20:06
cmaloneyWe missed you20:06
cmaloneyEverything OK over in your neck of the woods?20:06
_stink_how much snow is on the ground? :)20:10
mrgoodcatits ok yea22:02
mrgoodcatbusy holidays this year22:02
mrgoodcathaven't had much time for anything22:02
mrgoodcathoping to start attending chc again though. recently moved to royal oak so that aught to be easier22:03
_stink_mrgoodcat: oh why did i think you were in kzoo22:04
mrgoodcati was in kzoo22:05
mrgoodcatso probably because of that22:06
mrgoodcati moved to the east side about 2-3 years ago22:06
mrgoodcatafter living in kzoo for 3 years22:06
_stink_ah ok22:06
_stink_i have some excuse22:07

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