PCLine__Evening everyone.01:21
PCLine__hi Unit193 - How are you doing tonight?02:56
PCLine__I am trying not to freeze.02:56
Unit193PCLine__: ...I went on a hike earlier today. :P03:18
PCLine__The cold normally dont bother me.  Today it did.03:21
PCLine__I was wondering where I put my hat and gloves!03:21
jenni[ Gas prices continue to fall in Ohio; average now $1.66 a gallon | The Columbus Dispatch ] - https://j.mp/1JWeR8F14:26
jenni[ ODNR issues ice safety standards - Toledo News Now, News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH ] - https://j.mp/1n7E9X715:07
dzhoyano: interesting15:12
dzhoI don't know how much Ontario freezes here usually (last year I think it froze over, I don't know how thickly)15:13
dzhobut there's a bay here that opens onto Ontario that people routinely ice fish atop15:13
dzhonice to see those numbers15:13
jenni[ samshadwell/TrumpScript: Make Python great again ] - https://j.mp/1Ws5gZ321:27

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