matthewp2hey it says this what do i do http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html it says download sdk for windows?00:00
bob2017so the latest is, i can boot into text.  *once* i was able to get the monitors on.  i don’t remember what i did, except i unplugged two then plugged htem in one at a time.00:00
bob2017k1rk: the logs show that, with an xorg.conf, two of the three monitors get detected.  actually, the second gets detected twice.00:01
k1lmatthewp2: so you are on windows?00:01
K1rkSounds like fun bob201700:01
bob2017k1rk: any ideas?00:01
bob2017k1rk: would you look at logs?00:01
matthewp2ubuntu mate00:01
tomOfFacebookHey guys I just installed ubuntu on this really old computer... Some issues: The computer is extremely slow (i installed 32 bit because I have less than 2 gb of memory), the wallpaper is "glichy", and I think changing the compter from unity might speed the computer up a little00:01
matthewp2hey l1;00:02
matthewp2hey k1l00:02
k1ltomOfFacebook: yes, Lubuntu is the better choice. its made for old and slow hardware00:02
matthewp2im on ubuntu mate but it says doenload sdk for windows what do i do00:02
k1ltomOfFacebook: and amount of ram got nothing to do with 32/64bit. if your cpu can go 64bit use that00:02
k1lmatthewp2: choose other downloads on that site00:03
tomOfFacebookk1l: would I have access to the same kind of repo? I need to be able to install some of fax software on lubuntu00:03
k1ltomOfFacebook: yes. its "just" a more lightweight desktop (and some other settings for old hardware) but the same packages00:03
bob2017k1rk: i feel like i’m super close at this point… if i could just figure out what i did that one time00:04
tomOfFacebookk1l: thanks00:04
nicomachusbob2017: 90% sure you're tagging the wrong user.00:04
bob2017nicomachus: why?00:04
k1lnicomachus: no, there is a K1rk :)00:04
nicomachusk1l: I know... but he was asking for you the other day.00:05
EriC^^grep -r k1rk .xchat200:07
EriC^^is hilarious00:07
nicomachusactually... looking at the logs, he was asking for K1rk. my fault, ignore me.00:07
bob2017grep -r k1rk .xchat200:07
bob2017not real hilarious00:07
EriC^^nicomachus: yeah but k1rk never, ever has spoken in this channel00:07
K1rkWho's k1rk?00:07
K1rkYeah man I can take a look at your logs bob201700:08
bob2017what am i missing here?00:08
bob2017cool hwhich ones and how should i get them to you?00:08
EriC^^grep -r doesn't check for case insensitive, i thought k1rk never spoke here and it's like a million lines of you thinking it's k1l00:08
K1rkbob2017, am I looking at logs from when it worked or didn't work?00:09
TBotNikAll, Dropbox installed different directories on last 4 installs.  Trying to find an accurate way of determining which directory is actually active as need to process some files from there.  Any ideas/suggestions?00:10
bob2017k1rk: didn’t work.  the most recent set is when i used an xorg.conf manually made for triple-head.  it detected two monitors (both DisplayPort monitors), but instead of detecting the DVI, it detected the seond displayport twice00:11
k1lTBotNik: directories for what? the user directories are in the home folder in .dropbox00:12
k1lTBotNik: or "Dropbox" in user home for the files00:12
matthewp2where can i get help about running skyos on ubuntu00:14
K1rkbob2017, is it possible your gpu doesn't support 3 monitors?00:15
K1rkThere are some that have 3 or 4 ports but don't support all of them being used at once.00:15
bazhangmatthewp2, what is skyos00:15
k1lmatthewp2: its dead. and you cant run it on arm. and you cant run a OS on ubuntu. dont do that on the slow rpi00:15
matthewp2where can i get help about runninging windows programs in ubuntu or even mac prohrams in ubuntu or ecan anddroid aps in ubuntu00:15
bob2017k1rk: unlikely, since I’m using it with 3 on mac os x now.  also, i had it working with 3 on ubuntu for a while on Saturday.  i just can’t remember how i did that.00:15
k1lmatthewp2: better focus on running ubuntu programs on ubuntu.00:16
K1rkbob2017, was it configuration?00:16
KwiatuszynCan you help me ?00:16
K1rk!help Kwiatuszyn00:16
nicomachusKwiatuszyn: maybe, if you tell us what you need help with.00:16
K1rkOh I thought the bot did that lol00:16
K1rknicomachus, for a second I thought you were the bot haha00:17
RAM_OR_ROMhow reliable is shred command for wiping whole ssd?00:17
SonikkuAmerica!wine | matthewp200:17
ubottumatthewp2: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:17
matthewp2i heard of wine emulator i like it'00:17
nicomachusK1rk: it's !ask00:17
matthewp2i know i used it00:17
matthewp2can u install ubuntu on raspberry pi 2 and not ubunntu mate00:19
bob2017k1rk: actually, i do have syslog from the one time it worked, just not xorg logs00:20
rom1504matthewp2: try ubunnntu00:21
SonikkuAmericamatthewp2: You can install Snappy Ubuntu IoT Core onto it00:21
matthewp2ubunnntu or Snappy Ubuntu IoT Core00:22
KwiatuszynK1rk nicomachus I have a problem with my webcam. It only works in Cheese when i change preferences and set a correct resolution but when i try talk using a webcam image is frozen. I don't know how can i fit it.00:23
KwiatuszynK1rk: Are you there ?00:26
rom1504matthewp2: the best is ubunnnnnnnnnnntu, but if you add even more n, you create a new unique and better operating system00:26
jerbotWhat's the screen where you type "install" called, when you're installing the system?00:26
SonikkuAmericajerbot: The program is called "ubiquity."00:26
K1rkKwiatuszyn, what's the webcam?00:26
K1rkbob2017, unfortunately probably not much would be logged when it was working properly lol00:27
matthewp2which one00:27
jerbotSonikkuAmerica: Is it really, I can't tell if you're being serious  after ubunnnnnnntu.00:27
bob2017k1rk: you are correct :p i had hoped perhaps logs could be compared to each other to see exactly what failed, but that looks hard.  one of the interesting things is, from searching for radeon and fglrx, i think i had just uninstalled fglrx and switched back to radeon and rebooted when it worked00:28
KwiatuszynK1rk Crystal Eye. It is in acer aspire 5930.00:28
k1ljerbot: ubiquity is the installer from ubuntu00:28
SonikkuAmericajerbot: yes, I was being serious about that. (as k1l just confirmed)00:28
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matthewjp2ow u install .tar.gz files on ubuntu mate00:29
k1lmatthewjp2: read the readme or install or the page where you got that file from.00:30
K1rkKwiatuszyn, ugh good luck lol00:30
matthewjp2android sdk00:30
TBotNikk1l: Not on these machines they are on /home/files/Dropbox or something like that!  When the re-installs kicked off got things like /home/files/Dropbox/Dropbox/Dropbox00:30
K1rkKwiatuszyn, I've had only a small handful of experiences with Acer webcams in the past, but my experience with them is they are knockoffs with weird drivers00:30
k1lTBotNik: so the user is "files"?00:31
matthewjp2hey how u install android ide .tar.gz00:31
K1rkKwiatuszyn, I was trying to help a friend get one working on Windows and we couldn't find the proper drivers.00:31
matthewjp2wht c,d00:31
matthewjp2wht cmd00:31
matthewjp2what command00:31
k1lmatthewjp2: last time now. stop beeing annoying or you will be banned00:31
TBotNikk1l: This Admin will not let anyone store files in /home/$user/  all must be in /home/files00:32
k1lmatthewjp2: what about you read the instructions? where is the point if i read the instructions and copy and paste them line by line and you need to read them again?00:32
SonikkuAmericaTBotNik: Um, is "files" a user on the machine?00:32
k1lTBotNik: so that is a special setup from that admin.00:32
KwiatuszynK1rk yeah i know. I try using this webcam in Windows but there was only black screen.00:33
TBotNikSonikkuAmerica: No just a designated dir for "files"00:33
TBotNikk1l: Yup00:33
SonikkuAmericaTBotNik: Oh, OK. Yeah, you may want to talk to your sysadmin about that. There must be a reason.00:34
K1rkKwiatuszyn, my suggestion is to run "lsusb" first and paste us the relevant line of output, that should have the device identifier for your webcam.00:34
svetlanaTBotNik: it's up to dropbox, ubuntu has no say in how dropbox works or is configured ( apart from dropbox being proprietary and potentially spying on you ) you could read dropbox config to find it out00:34
KwiatuszynK1rk maybe is a way to set the webcam resolution in skype. Do you know one ?00:35
svetlanaTBotNik, «right click the dropbox tray icon and click Preferences, hit the Advanced-Tab and change the Dropbox Location to the new location.» -- Stefan  cc by-sa 3.0 http://askubuntu.com/a/20652200:35
adrian_1908hello. I'm trying to build "mpv" from source to help test a patch but the config script complains about an outdated development version of libav. It seems the 15.10 package is so old, that it's not even listen on the website anymore, is that possible or am I misreading this?00:35
k1lmatthewjp2: go to the site where you downloaded that software and click "installing the sdk" on the left side.00:36
bazhang!info mpv00:36
ubottumpv (source: mpv): video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.2-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 840 kB, installed size 2078 kB00:36
TBotNikSonikkuAmerica: Anyway regardless of where Dbox has installer issues, so when you go to install, and not the first run, you can not point it to your existing Dbox dir.  Therefore multi dirs and need to find, with my PHP script, which is actually the active one!  Any ideas? symlink doesn't work as all the dirs are symlinks!00:36
bazhangwhat version adrian_190800:37
KwiatuszynK1rk Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0c45:6300 Microdia PC Microscope camera00:37
SonikkuAmericaTBotNik: Is that Dropbox or what? What is Dbox?00:37
TBotNiksvetlana: No can not be a manual process, must be in script.  I'm writing it in PHP but can call BASH if needed!00:37
TBotNikSonikkuAmerica: Sorry DBOX is abbrev00:37
SonikkuAmericaTBotNik: Ah.00:38
welovfreethe Ubuntu vm is working great with 2gb or ram and 2 cores!!00:38
adrian_1908bazhang: "Unable to find development files for some of the required FFmpeg/Libav libraries. You need at least FFmpeg 2.4 or Libav 11. Aborting" It seems that libav development packages are version 7?!00:38
bazhangadrian_1908, what version of mpv did you need00:38
SonikkuAmericaTBotNik: If all the dirs are symlinks, can you find out with [ ls -l ] where they point to?00:38
svetlanaTBotNik: steal algorithm from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/340607/pyDropboxValues.py?dl=1 to get the value of the dropbox dir in your script00:39
adrian_1908bazhang: Well, as I mentioned I'm testing a patch, so it's whatever version that is, i.e. something fairly new.00:40
artoisadrian_1908: funny how the sillier choice always has inflated versions :p00:40
TBotNiksvetlana: Your suggestions on change location do not work and when you change the config then you really have problems.  We have an open ticket for this resolution open now for 6 months, but they do nothing but talk!00:40
bazhangadrian_1908, just ballpark what version, I am about to head out, so please ask the channel If I am unable to respond00:41
KwiatuszynK1rk Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0c45:6300 Microdia PC Microscope camera00:41
matthewjp2it says to get java but it gives me this error matplayzmcpe@matplayzmcpe-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk00:41
matthewjp2Reading package lists... Done00:41
matthewjp2Building dependency tree00:41
matthewjp2Reading state information... Done00:41
matthewjp2Package sun-java6-jdk is not available, but is referred to by another package.00:41
matthewjp2This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or00:41
matthewjp2is only available from another source00:41
matthewjp2However the following packages replace it:00:41
matthewjp2  apt00:41
matthewjp2E: Package 'sun-java6-jdk' has no installation candidate00:41
shibbolethwhat is the current state of 16.04 dailies? plug and pray?00:42
k1lshibboleth: they are in development. see #ubuntu+100:43
adrian_1908bazhang: sorry, I have no idea. Unless I can find it in some source file I simply don't know. The stable Ubuntu package might be many versions behind for all I know.00:43
TBotNiksvetlana: Are you PHP friendly?00:43
matthewjp2i need more help00:44
matthewjp2i need more help00:45
TBotNiksvetlana: Just wondering as I tend to have problems, that don't match with "HOWTOs" when it comes to executing external scripts from PHP!00:45
k1lmatthewjp2: install openjdk-7-jdk00:46
matthewjp2i di00:46
matthewjp2i di00:46
k1lmatthewjp2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/318246/complete-installation-guide-for-android-sdk-adt-bundle-on-ubuntu00:47
matthewjp2i did but look at this it says to get java but it gives me this error matplayzmcpe@matplayzmcpe-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk00:48
matthewjp2Reading package lists... Done00:48
matthewjp2Building dependency tree00:48
matthewjp2Reading state information... Done00:48
matthewjp2Package sun-java6-jdk is not available, but is referred to by another package.00:48
matthewjp2This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or00:48
matthewjp2is only available from another source00:48
matthewjp2However the following packages replace it:00:48
matthewjp2  apt00:48
matthewjp2E: Package 'sun-java6-jdk' has no installation candidate00:48
django_hey whats a good GUI for github?00:48
django_something very simple00:48
django_i just need for pull/push00:48
Kwiatuszyn_K1rk Are you there ?00:49
kinker31Heya. The Windows 10 entry still boots me back to grub2 when I select it.00:49
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bocephus_anyone know a way to update chormium besides apt-get update?00:50
TBotNikAll, OK reposted my "external command" Q on ##php, to see HOWTO!00:51
bocephus_im trying to watch something on amazon and it given me trouble ....saying my web browser is out of date.00:52
rom1504bocephus_: use chrome00:52
adsadis apt-get available on Snappy Ubuntu? I'm eager to try it out on Raspberry Pi as an IoT gateway00:52
k1lbocephus_: can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy chromium-browser"?00:52
TBotNikrom1504: Don't suggest that virus infected thing!00:52
bocephus_dont have it installed.00:52
artoisadsad: snappy ubuntu?00:53
bocephus_let me check again... my linux skills suck and i think at one point i tried to install it and ran into some other issue.00:53
K1rkKwiatuszyn_, sorry man I'm at work so I'm in and out lol00:53
adsadartois: yes. https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/00:53
TBotNikrom1504: Chrome has over 50 Google keytrackers in it and a keytracker is a virus00:53
Kwiatuszyn_K1rk ok :)00:54
k1lTBotNik: dont spread FUD00:54
adsadSnappy doesn't use apt-get. https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/using-snappy/00:54
bocephus_k1l, one sec00:54
artoissounds like NIH insanity00:54
k1ladsad: its another setup with snappy. there should be #ubuntu-snappy00:55
adsadk1l: thanks. i will ask my questions there00:56
k1ladsad: sorry, its just #snappy00:56
artoishi wel00:57
welovfreehi artois00:58
bocephus_k1l, rom1504 thanks guys.  Sorry it looks like it might actually install.  Thanks for answering and Sorry for not even trying to tbs my issue.  just gave up WAY to easy on this one.00:58
makerspaceupgrading from 14.04 to 15.10 and libstdc++6 cannot be authenticated.  I can disable authentication and do-release-upgrade will bypass authentication and continue on, but is there anything I can do to see why it's not authenticating that might be helpful/verify ubuntus libstdc++6 is not being spoofed?00:58
jimjammHi guys! I've run into a problem: I seems that I can't use Tab as an accelerator for keyboard shortcuts? Not sure if I'm missing something, but it won't work for the built in system settings nor for Unity Tweak Tool00:59
TBotNikk1l: FUD?01:03
rom1504TBotNik: no idea what google would do with keytrackers, people already willingly give google all their keystrokes through google services01:03
bazhangTBotNik, complete nonsense, thats what01:04
TBotNikrom1504: Not me they are totally blocked on all my machines!01:04
kinker31TBotNik: Where did you get this "50 keytrackers" thing from?01:05
nicomachus!FUD > TBotNik01:05
ubottuTBotNik, please see my private message01:05
RAM_OR_ROMwhat are keytrackers?01:05
jimjammBump: Hi guys! I've run into a problem: I seems that I can't use Tab as an accelerator for keyboard shortcuts? Not sure if I'm missing something, but it won't work for the built in system settings nor for Unity Tweak Tool. Any ideas?01:05
TBotNikrom1504: Let me restate: We can search, but their scripts are blocked, so they will not execute, neither will any JAVA, without a walkthru!01:05
bazhanglets move on please01:06
TurBoss i have to setup 2 buildbot build-slaves in the same machine but the init script fails with exit code01:11
TurBosshere is the log output01:11
eliteoneubuntu how are you01:13
* kinker31 sighs01:15
welovfreewhat is the best method format to compress files in my case images?01:30
artoiswelovfree: by choosing the correct image format01:32
welovfreeartois, which is?01:32
artoiswelovfree: depends on what the imagery is of01:33
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Bray90820Is it  & to do the second command with the first common and && after the first one completes?01:40
TBotNikAll, OK had to download the Python script and mess with it a while!01:43
NedStarkdoes this channel also support ubuntu-mate01:44
EriC^^Bray90820: yeah01:44
TBotNikAll, Mostly had permissions problems!01:44
TBotNikAll, When I right click the icon and select open the Dropbox directory I get /home/files/Dropbox/Dropbox/ but when I run the Python process suggested I get:   Exception: Dropbox database not found, is dropbox installed?01:44
Bray90820EriC^^: Thanks01:44
EriC^^Bray90820: && after it completes successfully01:44
EriC^^no problem01:45
NedStarkwinter is coming, got to go01:45
TBotNikAll, But dropbox is running and coming up with the icon.  Like I said at the beginning, what is a reliable way to know, inside a script, which directory is the active directory?01:45
TBotNikAll, Thanks for the support, but will take this up, via email with my dropbox support team!01:47
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Gaveroid1(im back, just chatting on a laptop now)02:17
Gaveroid1So I've got DCS World, not an expert on it and haven't played it in a while but how often do you guys run missions including the stock Su-27T I believe it is that comes free?02:19
Gaveroid1wait hold on02:19
Gaveroid1i dont think im in the right channel02:19
Gaveroid1i thought i joined #hoggit :/ oh, sorry lol02:19
bocephus_how do you manually start the backup?02:29
nicomachusbocephus_: what backup...?02:33
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reese_ hi02:38
reese_ugh i hate it when this isnt flooded with people needing technical support02:39
reese_bocephus wdym02:40
svetlanadon't worry about it, people are just busy02:40
kinker31Well, there's my bootloader entry in Windows 10, sitll booting me back to the grub2 menu when I try to use it, and getting an unkown error when trying to run it in edit mode...02:42
reese_run what in edit mode?02:44
jerbot12.04 LTS to the rescue.  Looks like it's gonna work.02:45
jerbotit's still missing the driver, but if i can just get to the desktop i can untar it02:46
jetsaredimis it possible that policykit is blocking gpg-agent?02:49
reese_it might be02:49
cybermindI'm an irc noob - am looking for information.02:55
circ-user-eAkBNquestion about copyq02:56
jerbotyou know, they should really patch that old bug cause I think lubuntu is the only way to even use a powerbook, anymore. The built-in OS isn't supported, and neither are any of the mac OS flavors that are compatible with the hardware.  These old computers don't pass the hardware bar to run the new OSX's. If I knew how, I would try to do it myself.  I think what's required is to add one driver to the 3.13 linux distro with instmod02:56
cybermindWhen I Add an app on my mac its installed in the Applications Folder - where do apps get installed on Unbuntu02:56
circ-user-eAkBNtrying to get the show copyq clipboard shortcut to work, but Im doing it wrong.02:57
circ-user-eAkBNJust reloaded ubuntu 14.0402:57
circ-user-eAkBNWhat am I missing?02:57
matt______I'm pretty new to ubuntu and have a server running up over 12gig of memory. How can I find out what is using it?03:07
matt______Hello, anyone else around?03:08
somsipmatt______: what does free -m show?03:09
matt______Total: 12012, used 5221, free 6790 currently.03:10
somsipmatt______: and cached?03:10
matt______Cached: 4750 used 7261 free03:10
somsipmatt______: do you know about this? http://www.linuxatemyram.com/03:10
al2o3-crWell, that is just over 5gb isn't it?03:11
kinker31Late Response to reese_:grub2 supports an enditing interferance when the menu is booted up. When I try booting the entry using F10, it gives me an /EndEntire unkown error.03:11
matt______No, I do not. It looks like the rem is not being eaten up like earlier, but thank you for this tool. I should be able to investigate further with it.03:11
somsipmatt______: np03:12
circ-user-eAkBNfrom terminal you could do a top -U username03:13
riqjhello everyone, I have a libre office spreadsheet file, it just began to take half a minute each time I saved it, with the program temporarily freezing (greying).03:15
jerbotGoing to try wiring the PC: https://staff.washington.edu/curreri/getting-ubuntu-12-04-and-wireless-working-on-a-powerbook-g4/03:15
jerbotBye <303:16
cybermindDoes Ubuntu have a particular folder where apps are installed - like the applications folder on a Mac?03:16
somsip!lfs | cybermind03:16
ubottucybermind: LFS is Linux From Scratch (www.linuxfromscratch.org) - not to be confused with !LTS, which is the long term support release of Ubuntu (currently 8.04 (server), 10.04 and 12.04)03:16
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somsipcybermind: sorry - wrong one03:16
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier03:16
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cybermindyeah that was a WTF ???03:17
somsipcybermind: I was wanting !fhs but had a brain fit. rww got the response I was after anyway03:18
RealKillazanyone with some experience with installation of Ubuntu 14.04 giving error: the ext4 file system creation in partition 1 failed. I have format the partition #1 /dev/sda1 manually and it succeeded03:18
cp9b1ude dban and nuke it properly03:20
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gambl0rehi guys03:29
riqjhello everyone, I have a libre office spreadsheet file, it just began to take half a minute each time I saved it, with the program temporarily freezing (greying).03:29
sixdoublefive321has anyone gotten the new update?03:30
gambl0rewill the lenovo 100s be able to run ubuntu running gnome without any issues? http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/100-series/100s-11-inch/03:30
sixdoublefive321is the command sudo update and sudo upgrade?03:30
sixdoublefive321can someone help me out03:31
miebsterI'm having some trouble chaning my secondary network card to have a static ip, it seems like it should be simple but the settings just wont take, any help?03:32
cfhowlettmiebster, no idea.  perhaps ask #networking?03:33
llldinomiebster, Can I see the output of 'ip a'03:35
miebsterllldino: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14572985/03:37
miebsterllldino: I think I'm fighting Xubuntus desire to do this graphically, yet the GUIs don't really apply the changes I ask them to03:38
ttthi ... what's the alternative for truecrypt for ubuntu03:38
ttti cannot create more volume in it03:39
cfhowlettttt, veracrypt is a fork03:39
llldinomiebster, You probably have to flush the cache for the card you're trying to change03:39
llldinoWhat is your goal exactly?03:39
anabainwhy a kate window (it also seems to be a (sub)process of its own; at least ps aux shows a PID for it) won't be killed by kill -9 PID?03:39
ttti'll try veracrypt .. but is there any workaround without use other software?03:40
miebsterllldino: I have a 2nd card plugged straight into a device, I need to set its ip statically03:40
miebsterllldino, the 2nd card has 2 ports03:40
gambl0reany other laptop recommendatioons for around $20003:41
tttcan i open truecrypt volume with veracrypt?03:41
llldinomiebster, I'm reading this now: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html03:41
cfhowlettgambl0re, has #hardware03:41
cfhowlettttt, ask veracrypt support03:41
llldinoIf you jump down to Static IP Address assignment, I think that's what you're looking for03:42
miebsterllldino: do you know how to get xubuntu to reread that file and apply it?03:44
tttcfhowlett, thank you. look like it can mount truecrypt volume03:44
cfhowlettttt, lucky you!  :)03:44
llldinomiebster, I'd give your computer a reset if you can, there's probably a better way using systemctl but I don't know what the command would be03:45
llldinosudo systemctl restart networking.service maybe?03:45
llldinoRather, its NetworkManager.service instead of networking I think03:46
EriC^^why does iptables reset on reboot?03:51
EriC^^is that normal?03:51
llldinoI don't think so S:03:52
Dylan____Im got a problem im installed the nvidia 331 drivers as a sucess but the keyboard brightness doesnt work?03:56
bob2017i’m back hi03:57
cruz_Am I connected?03:58
Shutem_DownEriC^^, you saved your iptables right?03:59
llldinoEriC^^, I think you have to run iptables-save after editing iptables03:59
EriC^^Shutem_Down: no03:59
Shutem_Downwell you have to save your changes04:00
ballmerubuntu mate will not let me use anything but the higher screen resolution on startup and gives an error about not finding the correct video mode, but lets me adjust to what i want when i run mate-display-properties.  any idea why?04:36
Shutem_DownMaybe because the settings aren't being saved to file after you've adjusted them.04:38
Shutem_DownWhat type of video card?  Any additional video card software you're using?  like Nvidias?04:38
ballmerintel built in video04:38
ballmerits an older desktop, i don't get this error with anything else04:39
ballmerit ran xubuntu 14.04 ok a while ago04:39
ballmerthis is 15.1004:39
Shutem_DownWhen you make the adjustment within mate, do you save or just hit apply04:40
andyworkcan I get some software or configure my terminal to navigate back using only ".." instead of "cd .."?04:40
ballmeri saved it, and i also tried it with a few other xrandr gui apps04:40
ballmerit gives the error message you normally get when your video is incompatible with the pre-set modes, but then it lets me use them when i adjust it manually04:41
NoobsterMcTorvalcould anyone explain how to properly install programs on linux? im brand new to linux and have used windows all my life and it seems harder to just install programs straight from the internet04:41
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, open ubuntu software center.  select package.  install.04:42
Shutem_Downballmer, out of my league sorry04:42
daogiahieuNoobsterMcTorval: which program do you want to install ?04:42
ballmeri think there are some issues with 15.10, i had problems installing it in a vm too04:42
ballmerin that case it was a efi issue04:42
JadesDJFreud said to me that aggression is great, so...I choose Windows ME over ubuntu.04:43
ballmerits working fine otherwise on a normal install04:44
cfhowlett!behelpful | JadesDJ,  please04:44
ubottuJadesDJ,  please: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:44
NoobsterMcTorvallets say i want to install a program like tor. it seems i have to extract the file, etc... i cant open it straight away when i install etc.... ( trying to install non ubuntu software center apps)04:44
cfhowlett!tor > NoobsterMcTorval04:45
ubottuNoobsterMcTorval, please see my private message04:45
welovfreehi guys04:45
daogiahieuhi welovfree04:45
welovfreeI want a good text to speech software for ubuntu04:46
welovfreesomething like naturalReader for windows and mac04:46
JadesDJoh my god, you triggered the silent-mode04:47
daogiahieuwelovfree: you can try eSpeak04:47
daogiahieuwelovfree: or if you are using gnome, Evince is the default viewer04:48
NoobsterMcTorvalit seems i have to mess with the terminal every time. have to extract a bunch of stuff etc... daigiahieu, i dont know how to download openoffice for linux and ZSNES, (snes emulator)04:49
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, open office?  libreoffice is in the repos.04:49
cfhowlettas is zsnes04:49
cfhowlettand tor, for that matter.04:50
NoobsterMcTorvalim such a noob i dont know this stuff, cause i have been brainwashed by bill gates my whole life :(04:50
GenericNodejesus christ04:51
welovfreedaogiahieu, default viewer?§04:51
welovfreedaogiahieu, what is the name of the package?04:51
GenericNode"everytime I want to pirate a game it makes me type stuff"04:51
svetlanaGenericNode, can I help you, please?04:51
GenericNodeI just translated04:51
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, but now you know.  open the software center and install from there.04:51
daogiahieuwelovfree: Evince04:52
svetlanaGenericNode, translated which part?04:52
NoobsterMcTorvalis every application on the software center? what about non software center applications?04:52
GenericNodenvm i can't04:52
ballmeryou can get more with synaptic package manager04:52
ballmerfor whatever reason, neither synaptic or the ubuntu software center were default applications in ubuntu mate04:53
NoobsterMcTorvalZSNES:  there isnt a software package called "zsnes in you current sftware sources. How do you get it?04:53
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, false.  it is in the repos04:53
cfhowlett!info zsnes04:53
ubottuzsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510+bz2-8 (wily), package size 651 kB, installed size 4024 kB (Only available for any-i386)04:53
NoobsterMcTorvalthat is what the software center is telling me04:54
xanguaNoobsterMcTorval: what Ubuntu release is this? Did you update your repositories?04:55
NoobsterMcTorvali have synaptic package manager04:55
xanguaHit the reload button there, try again NoobsterMcTorval04:56
NoobsterMcTorvalah, found zsnes package on synpatic04:56
NoobsterMcTorvalwhy do they make it so complicated? gotta download packages etc...04:59
NoobsterMcTorvalk, downloaded zsnes package from synaptic, now what?05:03
xangua10:42 PM <cfhowlett> NoobsterMcTorval, open ubuntu software center. select package. install.05:03
NoobsterMcTorvalit says not found05:04
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, ubuntu software center is the standard installation method.  synaptic is not recommended05:04
NoobsterMcTorvali instaled it on synaptic cause software keeps saying "not found" for zsnes05:05
NoobsterMcTorvalif software center keeps saying error05:06
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, you doing it wrong.  we gave you the correct method - more than once.05:06
NoobsterMcTorvalsearch zsnes in software center, correct? when i click on it says "not found"05:08
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, open your terminal05:08
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 999905:08
cfhowlettpaste the url here05:08
xanguacfhowlett: apt update?05:09
cfhowlettxangua, yep.  = apt-get update05:09
xanguaI mean, is "apt update"a valid command?05:10
NoobsterMcTorvalapt-get updat05:10
cfhowlettxangua, I know.  yes.  it is05:10
cfhowlettapt update = apt-get update05:10
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NoobsterMcTorvalpast what url?05:11
cfhowlettNoobsterMcTorval, that command will return a url05:11
xangua11:08 PM <cfhowlett> NoobsterMcTorval, sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 999905:12
NoobsterMcTorvalwhat does the command do?05:12
cfhowlettyou are using a cdrom?05:15
NoobsterMcTorvallive usb05:15
xanguaNoobsterMcTorval: take in mind anything you do in a live session won't be saved05:16
cfhowlettyou will find all of this less frustrating by doing a regular installation05:17
NoobsterMCTorvalgot disconnected05:25
NoobsterMCTorvali want to learn about the terminal commands etc. I also want to know if i can have the same experience when it comes to downloading stuff compared to windows without using the terminal. everything seems so difficult05:28
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, you were not born knowing windows, you learned it.  less complaining + more study = linux learned05:29
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, http://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxcommand/files/TLCL/13.07/TLCL-13.07.pdf/download05:30
NoobsterMCTorvaldang, got dissconnected again. did you say anything?05:35
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, http://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxcommand/files/TLCL/13.07/TLCL-13.07.pdf/download05:35
NoobsterMCTorvalthanks, is their a way to dowmload stuff easily without using the terminal? i want to learn commands but want to know that i dont always have to rely on the terminal05:38
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: you can use a web browser05:39
cfhowlett!manual | NoobsterMCTorval,05:39
ubottuNoobsterMCTorval,: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:39
NoobsterMCTorvalreferring to artois comment05:41
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: ? =)05:45
NoobsterMCTorvalso you cant just install something for linux off a website and open it staright away? you have to extract it etc. How does installing programs work in general?05:46
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, time for you to read the manual.05:46
NoobsterMCTorvalim going to read it, but i jist want to understand the installing programs concept05:47
xangua 10:42 PM <cfhowlett> NoobsterMcTorval, open ubuntu software center. select package. install. / doesn't get easier than that05:47
NoobsterMCTorvalwhat about if the program is not on the software center?05:48
andyworkNoobsterMCTorval: sure you can download and programs off websites, but generally this is not the way to go05:51
andywork* and run05:51
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, you can install 3rd party stuff.  you break it, you fix it, as it will NOT be supported here.05:52
NoobsterMCTorvalso everything not on the ubuntu software center is third party software and not recommended?05:52
cfhowlett!ppa | NoobsterMCTorval,05:54
ubottuNoobsterMCTorval,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:54
NoobsterMCTorvalsay if i want to download steam or opera web browser on linux05:54
cfhowlettBOTH are in the repos!!05:54
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, newplan: look in the software center first05:55
NoobsterMCTorvalgoogle chrome isnt05:56
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa05:56
NoobsterMCTorvalah, chronium05:56
NoobsterMCTorvalFailed to download repository information05:58
tesprchromium doesn't include flash05:59
cfhowlettNoobsterMCToreval, let's see if we can flatten your learning curve.  1.  windows ain't ubuntu.  2. ubuntu ain't windows.  3. read the manual 4. www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads          -  download #0, read, download #1, read ... repeat               do these for steps and you will find ubuntu much easier to understand05:59
tespryou have to download flash separetely05:59
tespror download chrome from google06:00
tesprsudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree06:00
tespryou can find the pepperflashplugin-nonfree in the ubuntu software center06:01
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: you can install random downloads06:01
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: it's just a really bad idea06:01
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: not because you're on Unix, just because it always is06:02
NoobsterMCTorvalso you literally use the software center for EVERYTHING you download. everything on the software center is the offical repositories?06:02
artoisif and when you start doing that, don't expect your Unix system to perform any better than the average horrendous Windows install06:02
artoisI don't, but I do use the package manager06:02
artoisand mostly source code and not precompiled binaries06:02
artoiswhat you should do is: 1) check the ordinary repos 2) check the other repos (contrib, multiverse, etc.) 3) reconsider whether you need this or there isn't something better 4) look for a .deb 5) look for specific awful instructions on upstream site 6) look for any random POS06:03
tesprNoobsterMCTorval: when you download a file from the web ubuntu software center opens the file <---- you asked this question06:03
orionHi. Is there a way to get the PID of a running upstart service without grepping the output of the `status` command?06:03
artoisorion: so, by name?06:04
orionartois: yes06:04
llldinoorion, pgrep command06:04
NoobsterMCTorvaltried to download steam from software center but it said  "failed t download repository information"06:04
orionllldino: That doesn't "feel" right to me.06:05
cfhowlettpgrep returns the pid ... as you asked?06:05
artoisUnix is not a morality, it's an OS06:05
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: http://askubuntu.com/questions/141512/how-to-resolve-failed-to-download-repository-information06:06
TalkToMeartois,  the internets would suggest otherwise06:06
xanguaNoobsterMCTorval: I don't know what do you expect to accomplish in a live session, please install Ubuntu either a real install or virtual machine06:06
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: more specifically: http://askubuntu.com/questions/458369/failed-to-download-repository-information06:06
artoisTalkToMe: heh, they always would06:06
orionllldino: What if I have multiple threads?06:07
orionllldino: Someone could come along and inadvertently screw up my script by running another command with the same name.06:07
tesprlive ubuntu has problem downloading steam, when you install ubuntu to the harddrive it won't have this problem06:07
artoisthey could do that regardless06:07
artoisif name is the most specific characteristic you have06:08
artoismaybe you should make an init script06:08
artoisor wtfevr systemd uses/calls it06:08
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=== ikke is now known as Guest37254
NoobsterMCTorvali think im overcomplicating it. basically, every program you need is found on the software center?06:10
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: virtually always, yes06:10
artoisthings you won't find in the main repos are things like...06:11
artoisextreme bleeding edge development things for developers06:11
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, steam will not fully function in a live usb session.  why do  you not install ubuntu?06:11
artoisand games that were designed specifically for other OSes that just came out or something06:11
tesprsoftware center sometimes malfunctions when you run it from a cd instead of a harddrive06:11
artoisand, most of all: horrible software that you shouldn't want at all06:11
NoobsterMCTorvaldo you have to use the terminal when you install third party repos though?06:12
NoobsterMCTorvalthird party pograms i meant06:12
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: something around 60,000 official packages, and no doubt countless ones you can find laying about06:12
tesprthe errors you get are because you didn't install ubuntu but run it from a cd06:12
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: no you don't06:12
tespryou can install everything from ubuntu software center gui, no need for a terminal or commandline06:13
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: you can just find a .deb (the Debian [what Ubuntu is based off] equivalent of a .exe, let's say), and double click it06:13
artoisyou just have to keep in mind that the Debian equivalent of a .exe is not meant to be, ideally, randomly found, downloaded, and ran; it's meant to be installed via a repo via the package manager06:13
artoisbut at least if it's a .deb it'll still be installed by the package manager06:13
artoisif it's some unicorn like a .run or .bin, you will have no idea what it'll do06:14
NoobsterMCTorvalyeah, i have done that before. but i seem to have to extract the file06:14
artoisand those will be just like a .exe on Windows, doing whatever they please06:14
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: for a .deb file?06:14
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, because clicking .debs does not grab dependencies ...06:14
NoobsterMCTorvalsorry guys, im a special penguin06:15
artoisNoobsterMCTorval: it's possible your file manager hasn't associated .deb with the dpkg frontend for installing them, but I doubt it06:15
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, so WHY do you not install again???06:15
cfhowlettinstall ubuntu, not booting from USB06:16
NoobsterMCTorvalcause i dont want to screw with the hard drive for now06:16
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, how much ram do you have?06:16
NoobsterMCTorval4gb. this is an all in one pc that is 6 years old. on death row06:17
tesprbe careful when you install ubuntu not to delete your precious file <--- sometimes it happens06:17
cfhowlettNoobsterMCTorval, install virtualbox to windows.  install lubuntu/xubuntu to virtualbox.  no HDD changes required06:17
NoobsterMCTorvalwhen you first install ubuntu, should you install all of the offical packages?06:19
tespryou don't have to chose which file get installed by ubuntu-installer06:19
tespryou don't have to chose which packages get installed by ubuntu-installer06:20
NoobsterMCTorval4gb of ram and the computer sometimes freezes06:20
tesprit automatically installs the needed packages06:20
quangtmmy ubuntu always start up slowly06:21
cfhowlett!lubuntu > NoobsterMCTorval lubuntu is optimized for older/lower spec machines.06:21
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:21
cfhowlett!lubuntu > NoobsterMCTorval | lubuntu is optimized for older/lower spec machines.06:21
ubottuNoobsterMCTorval, please see my private message06:21
quangtmand it usually be into a grey screen06:22
quangtmlike 'not responding'06:22
quangtmI dont know why06:22
NoobsterMCTorvalwith a intel i5 430m. i have actually tried out lubuntu before. will it run alright in vm with a first gen mobile i5 and 4gb of ram. slow as crap06:22
cfhowlettNoobtterMCTorval, you have the machine.  don't ask.  test for yourelf.06:22
tespryou think your pc has enough memory06:23
tespr4gb was windows vista era back in 200706:23
quangtmmy pc is itel core i3 , ram 4gb. But sometimes it's freezed06:24
cfhowlettquangtm, ubuntu freezes?06:24
abhi_hey guys; when i am trying to install git through terminal : i am getting error Unable to locate git06:25
quangtm@cfhowltt, yes, I means some application is crashed06:25
abhi_i am using ubuntu version 12.1006:25
cfhowlettabhi_, end of life,  no longer supported.  upgrade to a supported version, 14.04.3 suggested06:25
VfdPrimso is there a site that will scan my computer and tell me all the stuff i can upgrade06:26
xanguaabhi_: please install a supported Ubuntu release06:26
abhi_ok thanks06:26
cfhowlettVfdPrim, "stuff"??06:26
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NoobsterMCTorvali should just put crouton on my chromebook. much easier for learning06:26
cfhowlettquangtm, open a terminal: sudo apt install lxde xfce4             logout/choose lxde session/login06:26
VfdPrimgrafics card ram and what not06:27
cfhowlettVfdPrim, ask #hardware06:27
quangtmIcdhowlett, thanks06:27
cfhowlettquangtm, happy2help! vfdprim06:27
sam_yanIs someone knows how to start a gnome-session under X11 or gdm?06:28
VfdPrimany idea why im getting a cannot send to channel over on #hardware06:30
xangua! Register | VfdPrim06:30
ubottuVfdPrim: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:30
VfdPrimwhere is the server tab...?06:32
=== Midgetpitcher is now known as Dogethrower
cfhowlettVfdPrim, depends on  your irc , chat client.   on hexchat, far left tab06:33
VfdPrimyeaaa im using pidgen lol06:33
chigangHi all, when I use cobbler install Ubuntu14.04, after  PXE reboot, I lost the image("NO SIGNAL") on the IP KVM. Did anyone come across this question? Thanks06:34
VfdPrimso i need to get a irc client i guess06:34
cfhowlettVfdPrim, hexchat = intuitive.  YMMV06:35
VfdPrimthanks getting it now06:35
DarkSpiritAK47hi everyone... first time here... been on irc in the past... but first time in this room... watching the avengers age of ultron movie... it is alright... loved comic books as a kid... the movies are eh... lol idkw i feel that way... i am using elementary os... lonely... crazy guy here :-)06:36
cfhowlett!ot | DarkSpiritAK47, wrong channel.06:36
ubottuDarkSpiritAK47, wrong channel.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:36
cfhowlettDarkSpiritAK47, and elementary OS is not ubuntu and is not supported here.06:37
cfhowlettbest of luck06:37
VfdPrimim so confused lol06:40
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vfdok where exactly is the server tab (still trying to register my name)06:54
vfdim using hexchat now06:55
vfdok thanks now it says its already in use but i know its the one i was using before i guess so how do i chainge the password or do i just have to make up a new one06:58
soroushhello guts06:59
cfhowlett!nick | vfd06:59
ubottuvfd: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.06:59
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vfdthat what im trying to do but it wont let me becasue it says its already in use07:00
cfhowlettvfd, then someone else has  it already.07:00
vfdyea ME lol07:00
cfhowlettyou need to enter your password07:00
soroushhow do I connect to windows share?07:01
vfdbut i dont know how to sighn into it because i forgot the password07:01
soroushim using a raspberry pi07:01
cfhowlett!samba | soroush07:01
ubottusoroush: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html07:01
soroushthank you07:02
Myrttivfd: /msg nickserv help sendpass07:02
vfdno help available for sendpass07:03
Myrttivfd: it's not registered, either07:04
vfdwhat isnt07:04
Myrttiso it wouldn't have helped07:04
Myrttiyour nickname07:04
vfdhow do i check want to see if VFDprim is07:05
cfhowlettvfd,  if not registered, it is still available!07:05
Myrtti/msg nickserv info nickname07:05
=== denis is now known as Guest15920
vfdsays already in use07:07
cfhowlettvfd, choose a new nick, register it and don't forget the password07:07
vfdugh that stinks but ok if i must thanks for the help07:08
=== vfd is now known as help
guest81906if your lucky they might expire on freenode after x days07:08
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mrr411ok so i guess im going to use this one from now on07:17
mrr411thanks for the help07:18
mrr4111ok this is really making me mad i guess i just cant use pidgen for irc07:21
bob2017can someone tell me how to remove/disable the nvidia opengl extensions without removing the rest of the library?07:23
okovkoHello, I am transitioning to Ubuntu from Windoze. Everything is going smoothly, except that all networking processes are dead slow.07:25
okovkoI don't have this issue on Windows. Am I right in suspecting that I need to find a better driver for my wireless card?07:25
hateballokovko: What card are you using? lspci will tell us07:26
hateballokovko: And version of distro as well07:26
hateballokovko: Well I suppose you might have USB wifi, in which case it's: lsusb07:27
okovkoIntel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 630007:27
okovkoUbuntu 14.04 LTS07:28
okovkoIt is wireless07:28
okovkoNot a USB stick wireless, I mean to say07:28
hateballokovko: Intel wifi drivers are much improved in later kernels. You have the option of going to 16.04 soon (or to alpha right now), or you can install a more recent kernel in trusty and see if that makes it better07:28
okovkoIn a trusty?07:29
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes07:29
hateballokovko: You can install the kernel from 15.10 with: sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-wily07:30
hateballokovko: Then you will be able to pick between that and the regular 14.04 kernel in grub menu if you want07:30
vbotkaokovko, 6300 is ultimate 11n stable since ~2010. Would you post the output of "iw wlan0 link"07:30
okovkoIs Grub the pre-launcher?07:30
okovkoSo I would select the kernel mode during boot-up07:31
hateballGrub is the bootloader, yes07:31
hateballokovko: If you want to go back to the older kernel in case something is not behaving, yes07:31
okovkoThanks for the tip. 14.04 was the experimental version back when I installed it :P moves quick07:31
okovkovbotka: How do I pipe the output of that command into my clipboard?07:32
vbotkatry diodon07:32
hateballokovko: command |nc termbin.com 999907:33
EriC^^okovko: iw wlan0 link | nc termbin.com 999907:33
EriC^^will give you a link to it pastebinned07:33
okovkoWhat's Diodon?07:34
okovkoNvmd I skimmed the man page07:36
vbotkaokovko, MCS-5 is low (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11n-2009#Data_rates) What is the AP?07:38
george4nHey guys, I'm currently looking for way to change the audio device from terminal. eg. from HDMI out to headphones out. This is needs to be in a startup script. Is there any way to make stipulate that a device must be the default sound device? Or an order of devices at least?07:38
george4nbasically, HDMI out always defaults for me, I would like it that if in other devices are present, they should be default and never HDMI out07:38
EriC^^george4n: maybe you can make a udev rule that runs a script when they're plugged in07:39
EriC^^and a udev rule that switches hdmi on when you plug that in07:39
okovkoMy AP is a wireless router07:40
okovkoAre there routers that don't play nice specifically with Linux? I wouldn't imagine they know the difference07:40
george4nEriC^^ ill check that out thanks107:40
EriC^^no problem07:41
vbotkaokovko, specificaly waht type?07:41
SachiruFor 16.04, will Ubuntu give us the option of booting from a ZFS snapshot?07:41
okovkovbotka: I'll go check, I don't remember07:41
OerHeksgeorge4n,  install gnome-media, see these 2 identical answers, http://askubuntu.com/questions/398030/change-default-sound-device/502133 ( with pics)  and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224997507:42
okovkovbotka: Cisco Linksys E300007:43
OerHeksit can select the default audiooutput.07:43
george4nOerHeks Thanks, thats exactly what im looking for!07:44
OerHeksgeorge4n, tricky part is the hidden option in the launcher, but the fix is described cleasly.07:44
george4nwait...what hidden option?07:45
OerHeksNoDisplay = true07:46
vbotkaokovko, both the adapter and AP are capable of 5GHz. You might want to configure a channel in 5GHz and set "wireless-N only" in AP. For other devices "2.4GHz" get separate AP.07:47
okovkovbotka: I already have a 5 GHz channel configured :( I think07:48
okovkovbotka: I'm definitely using that one on Windows07:48
vbotkaokovko, E3000 is dual-radio, you  don't need another AP07:48
vbotkaokovko, yourtermbin says "freq: 2412" "SSID: EmeraldShark"07:49
okovkoWait you're right, I'm trying to select the other one and it's failing somewhere along the line07:49
hateballI don't suppose you tried my advice to get a recent kernel07:50
okovkoNot yet, it looks like I'm not even using the 5 GHz band, which would result in awful connectivity07:51
okovkoSomething is misconfigured07:51
hateballThing is you arent supposed to have to configure anything clientside when the driver works properly07:51
hateballokovko: "dmesg" will spit out info if your card tries to connect to an AP and things go wrong07:52
okovkowell that outputted a loooot of info07:54
hateballYes well not everything is related to wifi07:54
hateballBut you'd see things like how it may try auth and fails, etc etc07:55
okovkoit authenticates, associates, and then deauthenticates because of a 15=4way handshake timeout07:57
hateballOh well. I'd just grab a new kernel and test. But that's me.07:59
okovkoi'm going to try that now07:59
vbotkaokovko, Intel 6300, 6205 work fine for me. But, my first step after installation is to disable NM https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Disabling_NetworkManager08:02
okovkoErrr, how do you manage your connection without the network manager?08:03
vbotkaokovko, with wpa_gui http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/dapper/man8/wpa_gui.8.html08:04
vbotkaokovko, or, manual editing wpa_supplicant.conf08:04
afidegnumwhat's the codename of the current release of ubuntu14.04 ?08:04
OerHeksafidegnum, current 14.04.3 is still the same name AFAIK08:05
Myrttiafidegnum: the same as when it was released...08:05
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes08:06
afidegnumok, trusty08:06
HazWardIs there a way of improving the font rendering in URxvt?08:11
HazWardMy font looks amazing in Firefox and Gnome-Terminal but in URxvt it's not as pretty08:11
vbotkaokovko, I'm sure it's not the kernel. My guess is NM. As a first step you might want to disable NM.08:12
Liubuntu is really funny, I'm trying to take a screenshot of bluefish menu and it just disapears whenever I press the PrtSc button ... why would PrtSc has any effect on anything other than doing what it was made for?08:13
somsipHazWard: what font? Mono tend to me better in terminal IMHO, eg: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/81746/how-can-i-get-better-looking-fonts-in-my-terminal-urxvt08:13
somsipHazWard: and more: http://www.askapache.com/linux/rxvt-xresources.html08:14
HazWardI'm using Monaco08:14
huguangjunI'm using Ubuntu08:14
somsipHazWard: no idea. Well, some links there for you to play with, but I'd suggest using a decent mono spaced font08:14
OerHeksLi start gnome-screenshot, and set timing in seconds, so you can open the menu without interfering with keypresses08:15
HazWardsomsip: it is monospaced08:15
huguangjunWhere do you all come from08:15
somsipHazWard: so it is. Well, tweak as per those guides then08:15
somsip!zh | HazWard08:16
ubottuHazWard: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:16
somsip!zh | huguangjun08:16
ubottuhuguangjun: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:16
karidoeI'm from thailand08:16
huguangjunI am a Chinese, I am glad to meet you.08:17
somsipkaridoe: huguangjun: if you want to chat, please use private messaging or use #ubuntu-offtopic if it's about ubuntu08:18
karidoesomsip: sorry.08:18
somsipHazWard: looks like antialias=true is commonly used with Monaco, eg: https://github.com/NSinopoli/dotfiles/blob/master/.Xresources08:18
huguangjunHow to use this chat software08:20
okovkovbotka: I will try that tomorrow. Some time ago, my father decided I was staying up too late and did some admin shtuff on the router to disconnect my mac address past midnight08:20
okovkovbotka: Of course I just spoofed my mac address, but it might still be working on the 5 band (the deauth seems to indicate that?)08:20
vbotkaokovko, :D08:20
okovkovbotka: I'm too tired to figure out how to spoof it on Ubuntu, now, because now I looove sleeping earlier than later08:20
okovkovbotka: I'll let you know if it 'fixes' itself tomorrow :) thank you for the help; in case it is that I'd feel bad putting you guys through a goose chase08:21
hateballokovko: you can set a cloned MAC in nm08:27
lti7tui1hi all! I have worked internet (3G) connection via ppp0, and worked connection (via cable)  to another local PC, via eth1; all works fine, but not simultaneously! When I select "eth1 automatically", I can ssh to local computer, but lose Internet via 3g; when I re-plug modem and select 3g, I lost connection to local PC; how to run both connections in one time? probably play with /etc/network/interfaces, but how?..08:29
lti7tui1And, is it possible, to even share internet to local PC, but still have ssh connection to it?..08:32
lti7tui1jp__ hi08:32
=== HazWard is now known as zz_HazWard
lti7tui1anikras: hello08:35
anikrasI have a fitbit and I try to connect with bluetooth, but i can't08:35
=== MrXXIV2_ is now known as MrXXIV2
layanhey my suspend option is not working, Why?08:58
CinnamonRickRollI have no idea myself, but I'd say ppl need a bit more info in order to help you out09:01
l_which version would be better?09:02
l_mint or ubuntu ?09:02
geirhaThis is #ubuntu09:02
tesprubuntu has more users to help you09:02
l_but i think it's more easier for mint09:03
locksmithputinubuntu can help!09:03
l_that,s right!09:04
sruliTJ-: hi09:04
sruliTJ-: can u help me out with the routing issue?09:05
l_@sruli sure they can,these gays are good09:08
l_hello world!09:12
srulithe world is asleep09:12
locksmiththats it09:13
locksmithl_: whats your name09:13
l_sure you don't wanna know09:13
l_locales doesn't work well09:14
locksmithLol have a good month09:15
l_not that lol,it just means laughing!09:15
locksmithhave a good week09:16
locksmithhave a good new year09:16
locksmithHappy new year*09:16
l_same wishes!09:17
l_have you got your tickets?09:17
locksmithi got egnog09:17
locksmithi got eggnog09:17
locksmiththis chan suz09:18
locksmithsux *09:18
l_what's your name ?09:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:20
B_l4ckTIL : Customers are dicks when money comes to mind09:22
l_not only customers09:23
MyWayhello, can I convert a linuxmint installation to ubuntu? e.g. from linux mint 17.3 to ubuntu 14.04.3 by changing sources somewhere?09:23
B_l4ckcompanies too09:23
MyWayas it's the same base I thought maybe I don't need reinstall anything inside /09:24
llldinoMyWay, You can change your repo sources in /etc/apt/sources.list09:25
l_but it's not easy for not just about some desktop envoriment09:25
MyWaybut on Linux mint, inside /etc/apt/sources.list, there are no ref to linux mint09:25
llldinoI believe Linux mint just uses the ubuntu repos09:26
llldinoYou'd be better asking in #mint though09:26
MyWayyes, they use a mix, I think09:26
l_is that really people like mint more09:28
OerHeksMyWay, no, do a fresh install, no guarantees09:29
MyWayoh :(09:29
OerHeksl_, no reason to choose mint, ubuntu provides cinnamon desktop too nowadays09:30
MyWayI have to say I liked it, but I don't like the fact I can't use gnome-shell on mint09:30
MyWaybecause they block gnome dependencies from what I've understand09:30
MyWayand I prefer gnome desktop to cinnamon/mate09:31
l_It confuses me a not09:31
l_so actually,i got two os on my PC09:32
l_i thinks mints eat less hardware09:33
OerHeksas mint is offtopic, and does need the same hardware, i leave you with it.09:34
rana_arcaicahi how can i disinstall a linuxOS on pendrive?09:34
l_use fdisk09:35
OerHeksdisinstall? de-install?09:35
OerHeksformat the pendrive09:35
locksmithl_: is that your real nickname?09:36
locksmithwhats tt?09:37
l_I started it with my family name09:37
l_and for convenice09:37
locksmithI want more content09:37
l_ok ,call leochain09:38
OerHekslocksmith, move chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please, thanks09:38
rana_arcaicahow do i format a pendrive on lubuntu?09:38
cpmxrun “sudo apt-get install gparted” and follow the instructions to format it09:39
OerHekslubuntu should have the disks utility too, see system programs in the menu09:39
l_you can use fdisk for instead09:39
cpmxyea but the disk utility isnt as good09:40
l_for what? on windows?09:40
cpmxits not as advanced, I dont think you can change the partition table09:41
l_fdisk has higher rank than g09:42
Zulu_TooOerHeks speaking of Lubuntu, I installed it today and it is the best distro I have ever used. Fast install and fast response with computer. The only thing that I would hope the programmers would consider is the installation time delay when choosing TIME ZONE, if you sit there and wait it rushes to the next install application. Not a bad thing, but if you do unatended install, that means more time. Otherwise what a great piece of art 09:42
l_you can mkfs to any format by solving utility09:43
cpmxisnt fdisk all comand line, so it is a lot harder to use09:43
l_you are right about this09:44
af_hi i have a 2007 macbook pro run by 14.04. its a fresh install. where do i find the info on tuning it please?09:45
l_but think about permission issues,09:45
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
Zulu_TooK1l Thanks again for the advice. Well taken.09:46
cpmxwhat do you mean permission issues09:47
janeerguys how do icreat fileshare between ubuntu as a real system and other ubuntu system in virtualbox09:47
l_even if sudo with gparted09:48
l_it won't work out sometimes09:48
OerHeksZulu_Too, if you do an unattended install, timezone should be set in the preseed file, no worry09:49
cpmxI’ve never had a problem using gparted09:49
=== HelpMeHelpYou is now known as CacheMon3y
l_i got many ><!09:50
Zulu_TooGood point OerHeks. Thanks.09:50
Zulu_TooI have tried many Linux distros and lubuntu is finally what I wanted.09:51
l_like diskpart VS third-part software in Windows09:51
Zulu_TooLots of good features if you are a professional like myself.09:51
l_would you talk about it?09:52
Nooby_Onegood morning: HP pavilion, ubuntu 14: I m trying to play MKV file, but vlc does only play the audio, and it gives the message that it has no suitable decoder module. Also, while it states it is an MKV file, VLC says it does not support "hevc" ...10:02
peacefulHi, my mic doesn't work.10:03
cpmxNooby_One: Do you have the restricted extras10:03
Nooby_Onecpmx... i'm a terrible noob, what are the restricted extras? what do you mean?10:04
=== holdsworth_ is now known as holdsworth
locksmithpeaceful: are you a guy?10:04
cpmxThe restricted extras is a package that has stuff like extra codecs and fonts, that might be the problem10:05
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:06
Nooby_Onealso, i tried this: "sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-libde265", however, i get the following message in the terminal: "E: unable to locate package vlc-plugin-libde265"10:06
OerHeksMKV is just a container, http://askubuntu.com/questions/655457/vlc-2-2-1-doesnt-play-hevc-h-265-encoded-videos10:07
Nooby_Onemy restricted extras are installed10:08
peacefulHi, my mic doesn't work.10:09
locksmithwhat did you say?10:09
cpmxNooby_One: I’m not sure of the problem then10:10
Zulu_TooPeaceful, have you checked that you plugged your mic in the correct socket; i.e. aux in or mic input or headphones. It is a common mistake.10:10
Zulu_TooCheck your cables first.10:11
OerHeksmic troubleshooting <> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AudioCapture10:11
Nooby_OneI have to go for a bit, i'll be back soon! I'll be reading the links first be4 i post any follow up questions, thanks already!10:11
dafbpeaceful: have you tried using your mic with other computers?10:11
ramviI'm customizing the livecd for my usb stick so I can take my ubuntu with me anywhere. But "Squashfs is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux." How can I install security updates on my usb stick if it's read only? Can I make it writeable?10:12
dafbalsamixer -g for the win10:12
Zulu_TooDafb, that is a good question.10:12
peacefuldafb, no10:13
Zulu_TooMost mics don't do well with computers because they don't have PRE-AMPLIFIERS to set the amplitude of the audio for the input.10:13
OerHeksZulu_Too, nonsense10:13
Zulu_TooEverything may work just fine but most computers don't amplify microphones correctly.10:14
peacefuli dont know10:15
peacefulnot working here10:15
Zulu_TooOerHeks, sorry to say this but you are off base. I am a professional certified Licensed Master Technician in Radio Broadcasting. I have 5 Masters degrees. Speak when you know something and don't denegrate others for their knowledge.10:15
OerHekspeaceful, see this wiki for mic troubleshooting <> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AudioCapture10:15
OerHeksZulu_Too,  most mic work fine with any computer,regardless your degree10:16
tesprramvi the usb live system cannot become writeable10:16
peacefulOerHeks, i checked10:16
Ad1_RNwhat is the Intel Microcode (...) in Additional drivers in Xubuntu 15.10 ??10:17
Zulu_TooOerHeks, I have been in the Electronics business for almost 50 years. I know exactly what is happening with these things.10:17
peacefulZulu_Too, congratulations10:17
peacefulThat's impressive :)10:17
peacefulCan you help me to fix my problem? :)10:17
OerHeksAd1_RN, it is an update for the latest CPUs, to work correctly with any kernel.10:17
Zulu_TooPeaceful, just troubleshoot your problem. As someone here said: "did you try the mic on a different rig?"10:18
peacefulZulu_Too, no10:18
Zulu_TooWhat is your answer to that question?10:18
peacefulI have no other pc10:18
Ad1_RNi've got installed Xubuntu 14.04 now, and it can't find this drivers10:18
bumbar_i'm trying to install libqt5webengine5, but says it depends on qtdeclarative-abi-5-4-1 but it is not installable. apparently it's a virtual package, how can i install it?10:18
Ad1_RNis it possible to install this drivers on 14.04?10:18
DarkSpiritAK47hey what was that ubuntuofftopic again? cant remeber the room name???10:19
Zulu_TooThen troubleshoot your problem that way and see if it is either your mic or it could be a digital switch setting. i.e. volume control.10:19
Ad1_RNi've got Intel Pentium G620 in this machine10:19
gateshwillmac or pc?10:19
Zulu_TooPeaceful, you don't need a PC to test a mic. You can use a tape recorder for that purpose. :)10:19
Ad1_RNbumbar_: try sudo apt-get install -f10:19
HackerIIor a stereo10:20
peacefulZulu_Too, i dont have it10:20
Zulu_TooDo you have any electronics equipment like an OHM Meter?10:20
bumbar_Ad1_RN, didn't work10:20
HackerIIpeaceful:  did you put   aslamixer  in terminal and see if its muted ?10:20
peacefulHackerII, yep10:21
peacefuli set mic to max and unmuted10:21
Ad1_RNpeaceful: it could be a smartphone or something could give audio signal by mini jack cable10:21
Zulu_TooWith an OHM meter you can check first the continuity to see if the mic is continuous.10:21
ramviI'm customizing the livecd for my usb stick so I can take my ubuntu with me anywhere. But "Squashfs is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux." How can I install security updates on my usb stick if it's read only? Can I make it writeable?10:21
HackerIIZulu_Too:  im a retired ham radio repairman, most people dont know how to use an ohm meter, lol10:21
HackerIIbesides, its an electret cart rage10:22
Zulu_TooHackerll, I am glad I have met someone like you.10:22
Ad1_RNbumbar_: use sudo apt-cache search <lib-name> to search if this libraries exists in repo10:22
hateballramvi: you can install your OS to the stick, not just run it "live"10:22
peacefulmic not recording naything10:22
peacefulIts something with software10:22
Zulu_TooHackerll, what meter bands have you used?10:22
peacefulmic is fine10:22
l_it's the driver problem10:22
HackerIIfrom 50mhz to 1.5g10:23
Ad1_RNpeaceful: have you checked audio options?10:23
ramvihateball, I'm guessing that will take for ever given the usb-stick speed.10:23
peacefull_, yes10:23
peacefulAd1_RN, yes10:23
Ad1_RNpeaceful: have you choosed recording device?10:23
peacefuloh windows i miss you10:23
Zulu_TooNice Hackerll. I remember repairing CB radios when I was a kid. 11 meter band.10:23
peacefulAd1_RN, i use alsamixer10:23
bumbar_Ad1_RN, says it's in libqt5qml5, but i already have it installed10:24
OerHeksalsamixer > F6 > select analog soundcard, and try again10:24
Ad1_RNpeaceful: are you using Audacity for recording?10:24
HackerIIwhat OerHeks  said10:24
Zulu_TooHackerll, I used a Frequency Generator as a VFO on CB band.10:24
Ad1_RNbumbar_: try it with rest libs10:24
Ad1_RNand try to install all of them by sudo apt-get install <lib-name>10:25
=== Dovid2 is now known as Dovid
Ad1_RNand then use sudo apt-get install -f10:25
peacefulAd1_RN, no im using "arecord test.wav"10:25
DavidFromBEi have a process that appears between [] when running ps aux that i can't kill. why ?10:25
Zulu_TooOn single sideband people went crazy when the generator drifted off frequency. Digital Frequency counter was my rescue.10:25
HackerIIdigital vfo10:26
Ad1_RNpeaceful: try Audacity, maybe you're using bad parameters in arecord10:26
Zulu_TooFrequency counter was a good one with an oven for the crystal oscillator. It was very stable.10:26
Ad1_RNpeaceful: arecord -l10:26
Ad1_RNit should show your recording devices10:26
peacefulAd1_RN, **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****10:27
peacefulcard 0: SB [HDA ATI SB], device 0: AD1981 Analog [AD1981 Analog]10:27
peaceful  Subdevices: 1/110:27
peaceful  Subdevice #0: subdevice #010:27
OerHeksDavidFromBE, does 'top' give any zombie process?10:27
Zulu_TooVFO was unstable. Temperature changes drifted the frequency.10:27
peacefulZulu_Too, you may know a lot about radios but not about pc :)10:27
Zulu_TooPeaceful, shame on you for that comment. :)10:28
peacefulZulu_Too, ok :)10:28
HackerIIheil cartrages ftw10:28
DavidFromBEOerHeks: how to tell ?10:28
l_you would update your driver ,think about it10:28
bumbar_Ad1_RN, what do you mean try? i can't install what i need because of missing dependencies. and one of them says is not installable10:28
Ad1_RNpeaceful: arecord -f cd -t raw | lame -x -r – out.mp310:28
requiesthi all10:28
Ad1_RNbut you must have lame installed10:28
OerHeksDavidFromBE, it is an item on top, above the process list10:29
requiesthow to disable lightdm in ubuntu 15.0410:29
peacefulAd1_RN, it asks me to install lame10:29
Ad1_RNbumbar_: any lib from this list you can't install?10:29
Ad1_RNpeaceful: do it :D10:29
DavidFromBEOerHeks: ok, found it : 0 zombie10:29
OerHeksrequiest, ctrl alt F2, login, sudo service lightdm stop10:29
Ad1_RNpeaceful: sudo apt-get install lame10:29
Ad1_RNit should record to mp3 file10:30
bumbar_Ad1_RN, sorry, which list?10:30
peacefulAd1_RN, Could not find "–".10:30
Ad1_RNbumbar_: list of missing dependencies10:30
Zulu_TooThe sad part about computers is that many people spend lots of time learning about it but what are they going to do with their knowledge? I make $1,000/hour for what I do. I do DATA RECOVERY and more. Computers are not the only thing in life.10:30
peacefulAd1_RN, is there something wrong in parameters?10:30
Ad1_RNarecord -f cd -t raw | lame -x -r - out.mp310:30
requiesthow to disable lightdm in ubuntu 15.0410:30
peacefulZulu_Too, its not about money10:30
Ad1_RNrequiest: sudo service lightdm stop10:31
OerHeksDavidFromBE, then i have no idea how to stop this service without PID, logout/login or maybe a reboot solves this?10:31
requiesti mean on boot up10:31
l_use top10:31
OerHeksZulu_Too, please move the chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic, keep the channel clear for support only, thanks.10:31
Zulu_TooPeaceful, true, but it is about learning. Learning is very important. Everyone must make a living at something. So put your good knowledge to good use.10:31
Ad1_RNrequiest: why? You want use other GUI manager?10:31
peacefulAd1_RN, something wrong in parameters?10:32
requiesti made changes in /etc/default/grub  to text and updated grub10:32
requiestbut it is not taking10:32
DavidFromBEOerHeks: i'm afraid to reboot the machine, it is a remote box and it failed to reboot earlier, leaving me unable to connect to it10:32
bumbar_Ad1_RN, i'm trying to install cpp-ethereum, which depends on alethzero, which depends on libqt5webengine5, which depends on qtdeclrative-abi-5-4-1, but: The following packages have unmet dependencies: libqt5webengine5 : Depends: qtdeclarative-abi-5-4-1 but it is not installable10:32
peacefulAd1_RN, i get this: Could not find "–".10:32
OerHeksDavidFromBE, then there might be a deeper issue there,..10:32
peacefularecord -f cd -t raw | lame -x -r -out.mp310:32
l_how can this HEXchat not use graphic methods10:32
peacefulfrom this command:  arecord -f cd -t raw | lame -x -r – out.mp310:33
Ad1_RNpeaceful: other char, there are two minus chars10:33
Nooby_Onethanks again to all ... i followed a link from one of you, and my mkv problem is solved! thanks again!10:33
Ad1_RNuse standard -10:33
peacefulAd1_RN, ok10:33
Ad1_RNpeaceful: https://jordilin.wordpress.com/2006/07/28/howto-recording-audio-from-the-command-line/10:33
bumbar_Ad1_RN, i've check online, and apparently qtdeclrative-abi is a virtual package in wily and vivid10:33
peacefulAd1_RN, all i hear is noise10:34
Ad1_RNbumbar_: what version of Ubuntu you have?10:34
OerHeksNooby_One, have fun with mkv/hevc10:34
Nooby_Onebedankt, oerheks, thanks10:35
bumbar_Ad1_RN, 16.0410:35
Zulu_TooPeaceful, what type of mic are you using? Dynamic or Ceramic?10:36
peacefulZulu_Too, no idea10:36
HackerIIprolly dynamic10:36
peacefulit's a driver problem10:36
Zulu_TooIt does make a difference Hackerll.10:36
peacefulnot mic problem10:36
HackerIIwhich uses 5 volts to energize the mic10:36
peacefulyou are too much into mic10:37
Zulu_TooNo 5 Volts, no audio Hackerll. True?10:37
Ad1peaceful: sudo apt-get install libmp3lame010:37
peacefuli have driver problem not mic problem10:37
peacefulAd1, alraedy installed10:37
Ad1peaceful: ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -ar 44100 -i pulse -acodec libmp3lame OUTPUT.mp310:38
Zulu_TooHackerll, I don't think sudo apt-get will install 5 volts do you think so?10:38
HackerIIthe amp has to be triggered for it10:38
DavidFromBEOerHeks: i have a zombie now10:38
l_lubutu reduce something from Ubuntu10:38
l_i perfer mate10:39
Ad1peaceful: maybe using ffmpeg will be better option10:39
locksmithl_: have you seen my teddy?10:39
peacefulAd1, it work10:39
peacefulok thanks10:39
l_how about dist-upgrade @peaceful10:39
locksmithI cant sleep without my teddy10:39
Ad1peaceful: type ffmpeg --help to see what parameters you should use to set quality10:39
requiesthow to disable lightdm in ubuntu 15.0410:40
l_how old are you ?10:40
requiesti made changes in /etc/default/grub  to text and updated grub10:40
requiesti mean on boot up10:40
Zulu_TooLocksmith then sudo apt-get install-teddy10:40
Ad1bumbar_: 16.04 isn't stable yet :D10:40
l_can't be true10:40
peacefulAd1, i have sound now10:41
peacefuli dont know what i did10:41
peacefulmaybe cause i installed audacity10:41
Ad1peaceful: it's a kind of magic xD10:41
HackerIIgood job Ad110:41
l_no magic10:41
peacefulAd1, that was one of probles10:41
Zulu_TooHackerll, I have my G.R.O.L. It is most of the question pool for Ham Operators. Ham Operators don't like that.10:41
peacefulAd1, do i need to install pulseaudio to enable sound in skype?10:42
Ad1peaceful: have you got more problems? xD10:42
l_it's passion between you gays10:42
peacefulAd1, yes in skype > Sound Devices it shows Virtual Devices10:42
Ad1peaceful: can't you set alsa mixer in Skype options?10:42
peacefulno i cant unfourtuntely10:42
Ad1peaceful: you can try to install pulseaudio10:43
HackerIIit should be already installed, no ?10:43
Ad1i've got it in my Xubuntu, and I haven't got any problem with sound in Skype10:43
l_Did someone see a bear for locksmith?10:43
peacefulAd1, you use alsamixer?10:44
Ad1peaceful: i've got alsamixer and pulseaudio10:44
Ad1it's standard in Xubuntu10:45
peacefulAd1, ok10:45
peacefuli only have alsamixer10:45
peacefulAd1, http://postimg.org/image/6xfrbrhtv/10:45
Ad1Zorin ^^10:45
HackerIIQasMixer is pretty nice too10:46
peacefulAd1, it's ubuntu 14.0410:46
Zulu_TooHackerll, before I leave here, do you have a personal website? If so you can msg me. Otherwise it has been a pleasure to meet someone who is in the same field.10:46
OerHeksAd1 +110:46
OerHekspeaceful, clearly ZorinOS10:47
HackerIIZulu_Too:  get ahold of me later today, and, likewise, glad we met10:47
Ad1peaceful: yeah, it works with pulseaudio10:47
Ad1peaceful: look https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2926807/Look/skype_pulseaudio.png10:47
Zulu_TooIt also has been a pleasure to meet all you other folks.10:47
HackerIIthere is alot of great helpers here10:47
locksmithZulu_Too: goodbye10:48
peacefulAd1, yes i installed pulseaudio server and it works10:48
Zulu_TooHackerll, I believe you. I have a huge website and am looking for people who want to earn lots of money. Ubuntu folks are great.10:48
peacefulZulu_Too, you too10:48
HackerIIim retired and rely on my obama check monthly,10:48
l_shut up and take my money10:49
peacefulZulu_Too, ok can you help me with some money?10:49
Zulu_TooI have never seen a bunch of dedicated people doing volunteer work for free. Come to my web site some day in the future and earn big bucks.10:49
l_show us the website10:49
Ad1peaceful: no money, no ride :D10:49
l_bad man10:50
Zulu_TooI will announce it but be assured there are lots of good Technicians out there that are hurting financially. I can help them.10:50
peacefulSKYPE WORKS sound works mic works10:50
peacefulZulu_Too, whats your website?10:50
Zulu_TooThanks guys, Have a nice day good folks.10:51
Zulu_TooNice talking with you all.10:51
Ad1Zulu_Too: nice too :)10:51
HackerIIcatch me here later Zulu_Too10:51
locksmithhappy new year10:51
locksmithhave a good month10:51
Zulu_TooHackerll, you have my undivided attention.10:51
Zulu_TooOver and Out good buddy. hehe10:52
Zulu_Too-.-. - - . -10:52
HackerII... --- ...10:53
locksmithhave a beautiful time10:53
Ad1peaceful: now you can listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV-VB9xiArg xD10:54
peacefulAd1, whats this?10:54
Ad1peaceful: look :D10:54
peacefulAd1, no im scared10:54
peacefulwhat if there's something bad10:54
Ad1peaceful: yeah, one man one jar ^^10:55
Ad1olny club music10:55
Ad1i found it by http://www.midomi.com/ music recognizer10:56
dschenseIve installed a Epson AL-C1100 printer on Ubuntu 15.10 X64 over Cups. Its printing over usb. does anybody know why i cant get it running over network ?10:56
peacefulAd1, ok10:56
peacefuli listen to christian music :)10:56
dschenseCUPS sees the printer over network, but printing is impossible10:56
peacefulAd1, thanks for help mate10:56
Ad1dschense: have it ethernet interface?10:57
Ad1peaceful: you wellcome10:57
dschenseAdl: you mean webpage? or just on ethernet?10:57
Ad1ethernet interface10:58
Ad1or maybe wifi?10:58
dschenseyes. its on ethenet10:58
dschenseno wifi10:58
peacefulThere will be peace in the valley10:58
Ad1try to search ip address of this printer on your router10:58
l_it's the driver problem10:58
dschenseits working fine on windows over network. but ubuntu makes some trouble10:58
gateshwillubuntu works best with a parallel port for printing you should always connect this way10:58
l_i'm sure about it10:58
Ad1gateshwill: xD10:59
dschenseits in dnssd://AL-C1100-D092EB._printer._tcp.local/10:59
Ad1dschense: try to add printer using this address10:59
dschenseipinfo -v tells me two:11:00
dschensenetwork dnssd://AL-C1100-D092EB._printer._tcp.local/11:00
dschensenetwork socket://
peacefulAd1, see you later11:00
Ad1peaceful: cya :)11:00
Ad1dschense: you can do it like me, and set static IP address for this printer11:01
Ad1by MAC address in your router11:01
Ad1and call printer by IP address11:01
Ad1if autodetect drivers fail, you can choose them manually11:02
dschenseI am able to connect to the Configuration page in the browser11:03
dschenseethernet is working well, but I think the drivers are not working well11:03
Ad1dschense: what's going on when you try to print something?11:04
Ad1does not do anything?11:05
dschensei am trying to print a testpage11:05
dschenseits telling me everything is well, but for the printer nothing happens11:05
dschensethe printer status is still on idle11:06
TJ-dschense: probably you need to change the protocol in use, maybe IPP11:06
Ad1try it11:07
sruliTJ-: hi, you have time now to help me with my iptables/routing issue?11:07
TJ-sruli: I'm programming right now; just letting my eyes stray around a bit11:08
sruliTJ-: np, let me know when u have time11:08
dschenseipp:// is this right ?11:09
AlbertoHello everyone11:10
TJ-dschense: could be; or you could try raw "socket://"11:10
AlbertoHow can I mount a Windows remote filesystem at boot time in Ubuntu 14.04?11:10
AlbertoI mean, I'm following a guide a found on the internet but it didn't work...11:11
piotrek334hi ppl, was wondering if this here indicates that these machines are certified for usage with ubuntu: https://kernel.googlesource.com/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tiwai/hda-emu/+/222206bcdb935be3a43c23fbfccd5db7e217ff44%5E%21/codecs/canonical/alc221--hp-prodesk-400-g1-sff-ccert-201408-15383 ?11:13
Ad1Alberto: /etc/fstable11:15
Ad1fstab *11:15
piotrek334i currently use arch linux and im experiencing problems with the realtek ACL221 .. sound is all hollow and nearly no bass is noticable11:15
AlbertoAd1 I forgot to say I'm on Ubuntu 15.1011:15
dschense@Ad1 tried this. still the same. its finding the printer. it shows me the fill level, but when printing the printer ceeps silence.11:16
bazhangpiotrek334, #archlinux11:17
Ad1Alberto: //<ip address>/sharedfolder /media/<user name>/sharedfolder-name cifs credentials=/home/<user name>/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,rw,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,sec=ntlm 0 011:17
Ad1Alberto: add this line to /etc/fstab11:17
AlbertoAd1 Thank you very much11:17
piotrek334im thinking of switching 2 ubuntu if there are no issues with this sound chip..11:17
Ad1and create .smbcredentials in your home directory11:17
Ad1and put there username=<username>11:18
piotrek334(and the link i pasted appeared to me as if the machine im using is certified by canonical (ubuntu)11:18
Ad1and password=<your password>11:18
AlbertoAd1 Thank you :)11:18
Ad1Alberto: :)11:18
Ad1dschense: hmm, Ubu 15.10?11:19
OerHekspiotrek334, easy to find out, boot the iso in live mode :-) but yes, i think it will run ubuntu fine, intel hd4400 ..11:19
dschenseYep 15.1011:19
Ad1dschense: i've got the same problem with my HP LaserJet P1102w, and I goes to 14.04 LTS :D11:19
piotrek334kk ill give that a try ;) thx ppl11:19
Ad1there works fine11:20
dschensedamn. some days till 16.04 release.. switching back to 14.04 hmpf.11:20
Ad1piotrek334: lspci |grep ACL22111:21
Ad1dschense: how to live ¯\_(ツ)_/¯11:21
dschensegrrr... ^^ but thanks anyway !11:22
Ad1dschense: hmm... maybe they will update it and fix this bugs11:22
Ad1dschense: anyway you can use this printer with USB connection, and share it in your network11:23
Ad1but then your computer must be turnet on, when somebody want to print something11:24
dschenseyear, thats right. thinking about going back to 14.04.. LTS for the wunnin11:24
dschenseany hint for me for rolling back nicely? getting all installed apps back and so on ?11:24
Ad1dschense: unfortunately 15.10 have some bugs jet11:25
AlbertoAd1 One last thing... If the name of the shared folder has two words... How should I type it in /etc/fstab?11:25
piotrek334Ad1: drivers are loading fine, all channels are there but im experiencing strange noise, all hollow and in general metallic-like .. been fiddling with the modprobe options ("/etc/modprobe.d/sound.conf"), but had no luck so far .. strange is that there's the same behaviour under windows which could mean theres a hw-defect .. ubuntu is my last effort to see if it can work :)11:25
piotrek334ill just give booting the liveiso a try :)11:26
OerHeksAlberto, shared folder with a space? ugly .. try "folder\ name"11:26
Ad1dschense: you can try downgrade your distro11:26
Ad1dschense: but sometimes it could go wrong :D11:28
Ad1Alberto: two words with space?11:28
dschenseokay, thats right ;)11:28
AlbertoAd1 Yes11:29
Ad1Alberto: better way is don't use spaces in shared folder names11:29
Ad1use "_"11:29
AlbertoAd1 Ok, thank you very much again :)11:29
nonsageI need some advice concerning the blacklisting of nouveau drivers11:30
Ad1piotrek334: może masz uszkodzoną kartę dźwiękową? :P11:30
lotuspsychje!pl | Ad111:30
ubottuAd1: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:30
nonsagealso, Alberto, are you the renowned gfx driver bug killer?11:30
piotrek334Ad1: no polish, sry :/11:32
Albertononsage I'm not, I'm sorry11:32
piotrek334Ad1: just like this version of peter :)11:32
nonsagedoes anyone in here knows how to blacklist nouveau drivers?11:32
nonsageI have a hard time installing nvidia ones11:32
Ad1bots xD11:32
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
Ad1Alberto: anyway you can use backslash before space if you can't change shared folder name11:33
Ad1piotrek334: don't you came from poland? ;)11:34
bazhangAd1, please save the chat for the offtopic channel11:35
Ad1nonsage: do you use Additional drivers in settings to install nvidia drivers?11:35
brute_forceGuys i need your help...in my laptop-keyboard Backspace button is printing ]  instead of removing characters...it is happening every where i mean not only on Terminal wherever i type like document..webpage..etc currently i am using ubunt 14.04 LTS GNOME i am not sure what key i pressed.. :-(11:36
Ad1or running nvidia(...).run file downloaded from nvidia.com page?11:36
piotrek334Ad1: no i dont, actually from germany :) i just like the sound of <iotr> --especially if spoken by a beautiful eastern-european woman :)11:36
hateballnonsage: Use additional drivers gui, or this PPA https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa11:37
brute_forceGuys i need your help...in my laptop-keyboard Backspace button is printing ]  instead of removing characters...it is happening every where i mean not only on Terminal wherever i type like document..webpage..etc currently i am using ubunt 14.04 LTS GNOME i am not sure what key i pressed.. :-(11:37
hateballnonsage: That will take care of everything for you automatically11:37
Ad1brute_force: maybe you have got key binding?11:38
nonsageno, it doesn't work11:39
nonsagebecause it's a known issue11:39
nonsageI know how to solve it when I can finally install nvidia drivers (at least in a corrupt form)11:39
Ad1brute_force: look there http://askubuntu.com/a/35650111:39
nonsagebut it's an old geforce fx 550011:39
brute_forcelokking Ad1 :-_11:40
OerHeksFX5500, pretty old, not sure it is supported by the 340 driver11:41
hateballOerHeks, nonsage google suggests it is not. use nvidia-17311:41
hateballA card that old seems like it would work well with noueveau anyhow11:42
nonsagelook here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bug/132540811:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1325408 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-173 173.14.39-0ubuntu3: nvidia-173 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:42
OerHeksYes, should work fine indeed, maybe not with youtube.11:42
OerHeks( but nouveau gets better with newer releases)11:43
=== l is now known as Guest60641
nonsageyes. but I need some basic 3d capabilities11:44
hateballnouveau is not just a 2D driver11:44
Ad1nonsage: try to install driver from nvidia.com website11:45
hateballnonsage: Are you having an actual problem, or just looking to install the binary driver anyhow?11:45
Ad1but older version11:45
Ad1first you must turn off lightdm service using sudo service lightdm stop11:45
OerHeksAd1, wrong advise, he should try the official driver ppa, as hateball gave earlier.11:45
Ad1and run nvidia.run file11:46
nonsagedid that11:46
Ad1nonsage: and?11:46
nonsageprompted me11:46
hateballOerHeks: to be fair that PPA does not have 173, 340 is the oldest. I'm not sure if that works for that card as well tho11:46
nonsagethat nouveau drivers are still installed11:46
OerHeksi think it is a waste of time, looking for an older driver, as Xorg does not handle those anymore.11:47
nonsagewell, you're wrong11:47
nonsageI know a workaround11:47
Ad1hateball: no, i've seen 173 yesterday, when i was installing xubuntu on older PI11:47
nonsagethis workaround has been tested11:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1325408 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-173 173.14.39-0ubuntu3: nvidia-173 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:47
OerHekshateball, i remember that 304 didn't support 9200/5500/520011:47
hateballOerHeks: Alright11:47
hateballAd1: It's included in trusty, but not in the graphics-drivers ppa11:48
lotuspsychjenonsage: how about lubuntu/xubuntu work better on that card?11:48
Ad1hateball: hmm... it could, i've been installing xubuntu 14.0411:48
hateballnonsage: if you *really* want to blacklist nouveau, then you can do: echo "blacklist nouveau" |sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf11:51
hateballBut... unless you are having problems with nouveau I don't see why11:51
Ad1sudo apt-get remove :D11:51
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
_SLM_Ah! I got my nvidea laptop card to work with nvidea driver without problem! I joined here, worried sick, seeing a conversation happening exactly on what I joined here for in case I had problems again, that got me even more worried... but it seems to work11:56
_SLM_And I fully agree X.org driver is totally fine... until you wanna play a 3D game :)11:58
lotuspsychje!yay | _SLM_11:58
ubottu_SLM_: Glad you made it! :-)11:58
XanoI'm trying to remove stale VMWare network interfaces. ifconfig -a lists them as being down. The internet told me to remove them from /etc/network/interfaces, but they're not there. It's not obvious to me where I should be looking to remove them instead.12:01
hateballXano: nothing under /etc/network/interfaces.d/ ?12:02
rolandeil y a qqu?12:02
lotuspsychje!fr | rolande12:02
ubotturolande: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:02
nonsagehateball, will it work?12:03
nonsageI want to make sure that initramfs is updated12:03
Xanohateball, Empty dir12:03
nonsageor whatever is the kernel file that excludes nouveau12:03
lotuspsychjeXano: try #vmware12:04
hateballnonsage: it will blacklist the module from being loaded when your kernel loads12:04
Xanolotuspsychje, They're stale because of a VMWare bug, so I figure I just have to use Ubuntu to remove them. The VM itself is gone, so there's nothing VMWare can do about this anymore.12:05
nonsageI did this echo "blacklist nouveau" |sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf12:06
nonsagenow I should reboot, right? What if after the reboot there will be no X interface to display, given the blacklisted nouveau drivers?12:06
hateballnonsage: Then you install the driver from nvidia on tty112:08
nonsageokay, goo12:09
hateballnonsage: and as you may have guessed, you can either comment out the line in that file, or remove it entirely to remove the blacklist12:09
=== miguel is now known as Guest72103
XanoCan I remove devices from /sys/devices/virtual/net/, or is there a better way to get rid of them?12:13
Xanohateball, ^^12:13
Xanohateball, That's where I finally found them12:13
hateballXano: What software put them there in the first place? And as someone said, asking in #vmware might be better12:14
Xanohateball, VMWare, which messed up. As I mentioned the VM itself is gone and VMWare does not seem to know about these interfaces anymore.12:15
hateballXano: Vmware is a company12:15
XanoVMWare Workstation Pro ;-)12:15
XanoBut why it is so unusual to remove virtual network interfaces through CLI?12:15
hateballXano: And you've already removed the product itself?12:17
Xanohateball, The VM has been destroyed, yes.12:17
hateballXano: A VM running inside Workstation?12:18
Xanohateball, Yes12:18
hateballXano: So you've still got VMware Workstation itself installed?12:18
Xanohateball, Yes12:18
hateballXano: And the interfaces persist after reboot?12:18
Xanohateball, Yes12:18
Xanohateball, They are down, but they persist12:18
hateballXano: Any related entries in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules ?12:19
MyWaythank you all12:20
Xanohateball, /etc/udev/rules.d is empty12:20
hateballXano: Is this 15.10? I am on 14.04 but I don't think that has been deprecated by systemd...12:22
hateballXano: Seems unlike you would have no files in that directory12:24
Xanohateball, 15.10 indeed. http://pastebin.com/ir8705hs12:24
hateballXano: Then I don't know off the bat, and I have no 15.10 nearby to check. I saw you asked in #vmware tho, so they may respond there as well12:25
hateballAnyhows, now details are know, perhaps someone else will know12:25
Xanohateball, No problem. Thanks a lot for your time so far :)12:25
malex__hhello can someone tell me a partition scheme for 1 tb hdd for ubuntu 14.04 install?12:27
wahyuwhat a function for this instruction?12:28
wahyuwhat a function for this instruction > apt-get -f install12:29
hateballmalex__: It all depends on how you use your machine, only you know this. The upside is that as long as you separate /home you can always resize things later on using gparted-live12:30
wahyui dont know about > -f install12:30
malex__i have already installed ubuntu 14.04.3 and im afraid that i did the partitioning wrong 1-root 25 gb 2-home 900000 gb 3-swap 2 gb its corect?12:32
k1lwahyu: "sudo apt-get install -f" tries to install all packages that got canceled due to an error12:33
k1lmalex__: swap = ram size. if you want to do hibernation(suspend to disk). the rest looks good12:34
hateballmalex__: depending on how much software you install you may need to have larger root, but as I said you can always adjust this. For a "normal" user it should be plenty.12:34
hateballmalex__: If you do not use suspend, and have a lot of ram, well... you dont need swap at all12:34
k1l25GB is very plenty. i suggest using 15GB for /. so he should be fine12:34
malex__4gb ram12:35
hateballThen you'll want to have some swap12:35
k1lmalex__: so make swap 4gb.12:35
malex__ok thank you very much guys12:35
wahyukil : yes i know that to instal a package must be complete with a dependency. but i dont know, what a instruction > -f install.12:44
k1lwahyu: "sudo apt-get install -f" you dont need to put a package name at the end12:45
k1l(if i understand you correctly)12:46
malex__a terminal comand to see what drivers ived got installed?12:47
hateballmalex__: there are plenty, anything in specific you are looking for?12:48
malex__doesnt work12:49
hateballmalex__: if it needs restricted drivers, then you can use the ubuntu-drivers command12:49
hateballmalex__: "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" will installing anything deemed needed and missing12:50
k1lmalex__: see "rfkill list" if anything is blocked12:50
malex__ok let me check12:50
malex__it says to me that no drivers need to install12:52
OerHeksmalex__, what BT chip exactly? terminal :  lspci  # should give a list12:54
logikosI have some sshfs mounts setup in /etc/fstab that do not seem to be working right on boot, when I boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14575002/12:54
logikosif i do $ sudo fusermount -u /the/location .. then click on the location again in file manager it auto re-mounts it correctly12:55
logikosbut at boot time ... not12:55
logikostempcke@r4p17:/usr/vol1                                 /home/tempcke/mnt/drivet          fuse.sshfs delay_connect,_netdev,user,idmap=user,transform_symlinks,identityfile=/home/tempcke/.ssh/kona_rsa,default_permissions,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 012:55
logikosthat is an example fstab entry12:55
logikoswhat am i doing wrong please?12:55
malex__OerHeks it doesnt sya12:56
TJ-logikos: is the "tempcke" home directory encrypted?12:56
OerHeksmalex__, oke, is there a wifi chip? nowadays there are BT/wifi combo chips, that could explain your issue.12:56
logikosTJ-:  no12:56
logikosand it is the user i'm logging in as12:57
malex__ RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter12:57
malex__i did the rfkill list and says me this at bluetooth12:58
malex__deapad_bluetooth: Bluetooth12:58
malex__Soft blocked: yes12:58
malex__Hard blocked: no12:58
logikosany suggestions please?12:59
OerHeksmalex__, acer laptop ?13:00
malex__lenovo g50-4513:00
TJ-logikos: 2 things I'd query. does sshfs pass-through the identityfile, and shouldn't it be passing the .pub (public certificate) not the private key?13:00
lotuspsychje!patience | logikos re-ask your issue here once in a while in 1 line13:00
ubottulogikos re-ask your issue here once in a while in 1 line: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:00
ladruaHello, could anyone with some OpenStack-Autopilot skills check out my question on askubuntu? http://askubuntu.com/questions/722899/openstack-autopilot-unable-to-boot-from-imagecreates-new-volume-error13:02
logikosTJ-: regarding the identity file: http://www.variux.com/sshfs-automount-at-boot-with-fstab-on-ubuntu-14-04/13:03
logikosi used that as an example when setting up my fstab13:03
lotuspsychjeladrua: maybe the #openstack guys know howto?13:03
OerHeksmalex__, oke, see the 1st answer, use the PPA >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/607339/rtl8723be-bluetooth-does-not-work13:03
logikosright or wrong i dont know, but they referenced the private key, i assumed it knows where the public key is as it is the same path just with .pub13:04
malex__ok OerHeks i will look thank you13:04
ladrualotuspsychje: I think this is autopilot specific..13:04
lotuspsychjeladrua: ok no sweat, just trying to give you more options13:05
TJ-logikos: presumably yes. does the same command work from the command line when run as root/UID 0?13:05
ladrualotuspsychje: thats good, thanks :)13:05
logikosTJ-: the fstab line? .. i did not know you could take that line and execute it as a command13:06
logikosand you cant ...13:07
logikoswhat do i need to prefix it with?13:07
logikosif i do ssh -i /loc/of/identity/file user@remothost13:07
logikosit works fine13:07
logikosand if i fusermount -u to unmount these incorectly mounted items then click on them in thunar they then mount correctly with the current fstab entries13:08
TJ-logikos: "man sshfs"13:08
logikossshfs works13:09
logikosthough i do not pass all those options13:09
TJ-logikos: copy the options as-is; see if you get an error. Run "sudo sshfs ..." to use root in case that makes a difference.13:10
TJ-logikos: at boot-time the shell environment will be different too; so it could be down to something required in the env13:10
ladruais there maybe a channel for OpenStack Autopilot?13:12
TJ-logikos: you need to preceed all those options with "-o "13:13
logikosso replace the ',' 's with ' -o '13:14
TJ-logikos: no, just put "-o " before the list of comma-separated options13:14
logikoswhat about the final 0 013:14
logikostake them off ?13:15
TJ-logikos: yes, they're specific to the fstab fields, not sshfs13:15
iorialogikos, from  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS  :   sshfs -o idmap=user $USER@remote_host:/projects  ~/far_projects13:18
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logikosioria: i can get sshfs to work just with sshfs myuser@remotehost:/remote/path /local/mount/path13:20
logikosright now i'm trying to get fstab to work13:20
iorialogikos, sshfs#$USER@far:/projects /home/$USER/far_projects fuse defaults,idmap=user 0 0     this not working ?13:21
logikosso i'm trying to test the junk i have in fstab from the commandline using sshfs directly (i think)13:21
logikosi dont understand what all the options are but i know for sure i need identityfile=/home/tempcke/.ssh/kona_rsa that option13:22
logikoson boot it doesnt work but if i fusermount -u it then click it again in thunar13:22
logikosit re executes the fstab mount then works13:22
logikosso it must be the environment as TJ- said13:23
logikosall of these fstab entires worked when i first added them yesterday13:23
logikosi only noticed an issue when i rebooted13:23
logikosafter i added them and then click on the location in thunar they mount and work fine13:23
logikosbut on boot for some reason.. its all messed up13:23
baboon`I had a problem like that, on mounting at boot. It's simply that it tried to mount before the network is up.13:27
TJ-logikos: check in /var/log/auth.log whether thunar is using the complete (options) from the fstab entry. Generally user-session tools will use something like udisks (system<>user-session interface)13:27
logikosTJ-:  you mean /var/log/auth.log on remote system or local?13:32
logikoson local system i dont see anything in there when thunar does the mount13:32
qwdI did a apt-get dist-upgrade a few days ago got kernel panic when trying to boot. Now I selected the older kernel and got in but get this when trying to dist-upgrade again https://paste.ubuntu.com/14575173/ anyone see what's wrong?13:39
qwdI've also done "sudo dpkg --configure -a", "sudo apt-get autoclean" and "sudo apt-get autoremove" which hasn't solved the problem.13:40
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jophishis there a way to install using the minimal iso with a urfi system13:44
jophishgoing through the bios compatability mode doesn't work13:45
reese_nothing works with ios compatibility anymore XD13:45
iorialogikos, maybe it does not  umount correctly  ....13:45
DJonesjophish: Doesn't look like you can, While the minimal iso image is handy, it isn't useful for installing on UEFI-based systems that you want to run in UEFI mode. The mini iso lacks the proper files for booting the computer in UEFI mode. Thus, the computer will boot in BIOS compatibility mode, and the installation will be in BIOS mode.13:46
DJonesjophish: Thats from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:46
jophishyeah, I read that. I was hoping someone in the channel had a solution :)13:46
jophishthe minimal cd is so much nicer :)13:46
logikosioria: correct it doesnt mount correcty on boot13:47
logikosbut after its booted if i unmount the incorectly mounted mount then click it again it re mounts just fine13:47
jophishhmm: "untrusted versions will be installed"13:48
Arjun_I am installing openstack using ubuntu openstack installer on single node13:49
Arjun_How much time it will take to install13:49
Arjun_can anybody help with how much time it will take to complete installation13:50
iorialogikos, delay_connect  option ?13:51
qwdI manually removed a few older kernels with apt-get remove which seems to  have solved the problem.13:51
Arjun_I am installing openstack using ubuntu openstack installer on single node..  can anybody help with how much time it will take to complete installation?13:52
mojdjdjGuys, I'm using vim inside a VM on windows and it displays text from the previous file like this: http://imgur.com/WrIaaDI13:53
mojdjdjDoes anybody know how to fix this?13:53
k1lmojdjdj: that looks not like an ubuntu issue. please ask the cmder guys13:56
solvarrhey guys14:00
solvarrmy left arrow key stopped working after i ugpraded plasma to version 5.5.314:01
solvarrit works in other desktop environments14:01
solvarrin KDE it seems like it's doing something else than goes left14:02
lotuspsychjesolvarr: maybe the #kubuntu guys know this specificly?14:02
solvarrI've asked the same question there14:02
solvarrstill waiting for a reply14:02
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BriZZellhi any Cinnamon users14:10
SilencedYou are in a ubuntu channel BriZZell14:11
k1lBriZZell: maybe :)   better ask your specific question so people can see if they can help14:11
lotuspsychjeladrua: #ubuntu-autopilot14:13
BriZZelli have the Cin/DE running but am not sure if it is running right etc i cant get applets14:15
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e-dardHi, I have the following upstart script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14575320/ when I run the job with $ sudo start myjob two things happen: (1) the jobs just keeps repeatedly starting after it's finished; (2) the respawn limit is not respected (as in it goes on restarting past the limit)14:18
e-dardAny ideas/14:18
hilkerthi, I have ubuntu 14.4.3 installed here but my wifi doesn't work (it doesn't even recognized it)14:19
kienhilkert, maybe the kernel doesn't support your card wifi14:20
kienhave you ever use another linux distro ?14:21
kiendid they work with your wifi ?14:21
tewardhilkert: pastebin the output of `lspci`14:21
tewardhilkert: so we can see if your system actually detects the network card14:21
hilkertteward, http://paste.ubuntu.net/14575345/14:23
hilkertkien, nope, I just wiped out windows 10 and installed ubuntu14:23
hateballhilkert: do you at least have ethernet ?14:24
hilkerthateball, yes14:24
hilkertI am typing from ubuntu right now14:24
e-dardAlso, just to confirm, the exit code from my shell script all.sh is 0!14:24
e-dardWhy would upstart restart a job when the script exits with a 0??14:25
hateballhilkert: It could be the wifi chipset you're using does not work with the kernel in trusty. You have a few options to test it14:26
hateballhilkert: one is to "sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-wily" which installs the kernel from 15.10. You can then reboot and try that14:27
hateballhilkert: if you have a thumbdrive or other you can also try downloading the 15.10 ISO to it and liveboot, see if it works14:27
kienjshier, hello :D14:27
jshierwhat's the channel for ubuntu problem ?14:28
jshiercan i ask something  ?14:28
hateball!help | jshier14:28
ubottujshier: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:28
jshierok thank you14:29
hateballhilkert: I've got intel wifi myself, it was pretty unreliable with kernel 3.13 (which 14.04 uses)14:29
hilkert3.19 here now I think14:30
hateballhilkert:  Right, it could be updated with 14.04.3 that's right. Still, you could try my suggestions above.14:32
hateballhilkert: Also, do you see no networks at all? Or does it refuse to connect?14:32
hilkerthateball, no networks at all14:32
hilkertbtw thanks, I will try with newer kernels14:32
hilkertI see some of them in repo newer (4.2)14:32
hateballhilkert: yes install linux-image-generic-lts-wily14:33
hilkerthateball, will do...so it gets usually inside kernel - it is not a separate package?14:36
hilkertI mean for the intel wireless14:36
hateballhilkert: nope, intel stuff is in kernel14:36
hilkerthateball, k, thanks14:37
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easyOnMea file in linux that ends with a .bin extension is usually for what purpose14:42
ikoniabinary installer14:44
ikoniabe cautious when trying to run14:44
ikoniaunless you know it and trust it14:45
r0x_Bugs everywhere!14:53
UmeaboyAre there any plans on updating phablet-tools and/or repo in 15.10?14:53
UmeaboyThey are both outdated.14:53
UmeaboyMostly phablet-tools anyway.14:53
UmeaboyReports HAVE been made.14:53
UmeaboySo that's not the problem.14:53
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xangua! Latest | Umeaboy14:54
ubottuUmeaboy: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:54
r0x_Do you know where I can find a classification of linux distros based on the kernel version that they use?15:01
bazhangdistrowatch.com r0x_15:02
OerHeksr0x_, maybe distrowatch?15:02
OerHeksthat would be a huge list, as there are many kernels out there.15:02
r0x_but I cannot find a way to get a list of distros based on the kernel version, on distrowatch15:03
OerHeksr0x_, i don't know of any other site that has such data, guess you have to check them manually15:04
OerHekse.g. kernel on release, and current kernel15:04
anabain(15.10) I need some help with kdeconnect. My Xiaomi 1S connected once fine but the second time I tried I couldn't. My kde desktop complained about some crash with kdeconnectd, I think. Can I restart something or delete some corrupt config file, or is it simply the nth kde bug?15:06
solitguys can u help with xchat ?15:11
ballmersolit: what's your question?  if not, there's a #xchat too15:12
anabainsolit, some people say xchat is abandonware and that hexchat should be used instead. I followed their advice and so far I'm happy with the new app15:15
ChiLLabiSHexchat is good :) i use it on both linux and windows :)15:17
jerbotI found out the G4 uses radeon graphics, but I didn't use the yaboot video=ofonly command.  Is there a way to change it post-system-install?15:18
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jerbotI do have access to terminal15:21
arcskyhi guys why cant i do sudo ifconfig tun0 up ?15:23
rom1504because god decided against it15:24
arcskydoes god knows how to fix it ?15:27
jerbotI'm assuming: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#How_do_I_make_a_yaboot_parameter_permanent.3F15:28
jerbotif I add to the append: append="quiet splash video=ofonly" ?15:28
jerbotarcsky: actually, doing pretty good now.  I'm going to try upgrading the ram from 512 to a gig (see if that helps).  A lot of things work on 14.04, now.15:29
jerboti'm still having video issues.15:29
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jerbotreally strange. the desktop is white and checkered, but the applications in the foreground usually work.15:34
rom1504arcsky: only if he provided you the error message showing you "can't sudo ifconfig tun0 up"15:36
eagle_is anybody here?15:37
OerHekseagle_, nope, others are15:38
rom1504eagle_: no, you are alone, well except god, but he is already busy helping arcsky15:38
eagle_i am helpless , how to install mono15:38
eagle_rom1504, who is arcsky :(15:38
rom1504apt-get install mono15:38
eagle_rom1504, ok15:39
eagle_OerHeks, hmmmmmm15:39
OerHekssudo apt-get install mono-complete15:39
eagle_OerHeks, yippiiii, i was trying to understand official website of mono for the last 15 minutes, they have 3 packages15:39
bigboy69I posted here a few days ago about my battery indicator giving an incorrect status15:41
arcskyrom1504: tun0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device15:41
OerHeksmono-devel should be installed to compile code, mono-complete should be installed to install everything15:41
eagle_but no where there is mentioned any particular criteria except some stupid sign key of mono .....15:41
eagle_OerHeks, ok15:42
bigboy69well, it turns out that it's totally normal for it to do that it wouldn't say explicitly under windows15:42
bigboy69but it's the same15:42
bigboy69now my problem is my harddisk15:42
bigboy69it keeps spinning up really regularly15:42
eagle_OerHeks, is there anyway you could guide me to understand linux partition system :( , any good article or any source you found very much informative15:43
bigboy69it will spin excessively unless I execute:15:43
bigboy69sudo hdparm -B 254 /dev/sda15:43
eagle_mono is installing ...15:43
bigboy69how do I stop this?15:43
bigboy69or make it so it automatically executes it15:44
OerHekseagle_, good start https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes15:44
rom1504arcsky: did you create the tun0 interface ?15:45
eagle_OerHeks, but not a good start, i want extensive system analyzable view ... anyhow no worries .....15:45
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ubottuMichy85: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:54
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BoingHi folks!  Equinox 3d on the apt-get list, but it won't run right.  How Do I use terminal to remove it?16:00
bramgnBoing: you want to uninstall? apt-get can do that for you.16:01
BoingK, how?16:01
bramgnBoing: if you have a look at the manual of apt-get, you will see that 'apt-get remove' will take care of that job.16:02
Boingapt-get help16:02
OerHeksBoing, how did you install that? it is not in our repositories16:04
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easyOnMeInstalling for current user only. To install for all users, restart this installer as root.16:06
easyOnMehow to do I get myself as root16:06
BoingSuper apt-get thing..Ubuntu Software Center got it for me, and It does not.. install, it said to run it in the path.. eqx was the file to run, and it did display a 3d session editor, but did not work.. seemed not to work correctly.16:06
easyOnMeplease help16:06
ikoniaeasyOnMe: lets step back a little16:06
ikoniaeasyOnMe: what are you trying to install ?16:06
ikoniaeasyOnMe: have you purchased this ?16:07
easyOnMeI was following the installation instructions to the letter so got this when asked I aborted16:07
OerHeksBoing, not clear to me, Equinox 3d is not in our repos, did you add a PPA perhaps?16:07
easyOnMeno it is free16:07
easyOnMeI downloaded it from their website16:08
easyOnMeand it is legit16:08
dschenseIs there a fix for Compiz 3d windows effect on 14.04 LTS ?16:08
dschensecube is running fine without it, but when activating the 3d windows effect it gets screen errors when rotating the cube16:09
dschense(on 15.10 its working)16:09
ikoniaeasyOnMe: where did you download16:09
ikoniaeasyOnMe: lets take a look at what you're using and the restrictions around it's installer16:09
easyOnMegenymotion website16:09
ikoniaeasyOnMe: can you show me the download link please16:10
ikoniaas the Geny Motion website suggests it's purchase only (as far as I can see)16:10
ikoniaso save me some time16:10
OerHekseasyOnMe, "To enjoy all Genymotion features, you must purchase a license." .. to start the installer for all users, use sudo16:10
easyOnMeOerHeks: oh ok16:10
easyOnMeikonia: https://www.genymotion.com/#!/download/freemium/linux/ubuntu1410AndLess/x8616:10
ikoniasuper, thank you16:10
easyOnMeOerHeks: thanks you so much16:11
easyOnMethat did it16:11
BoingI need to sudo apt-get ? to remove it ?16:11
ikoniaeasyOnMe: ok - so the root install dumps it into /opt16:11
ikoniaeasyOnMe: if you open the bin file in a text editor, you'll see it's just a shell script16:12
ikoniaeasyOnMe: I'd question if you need to install this as root as it looks like it will install into your home directory if you don't use a root user16:12
ikoniaI've not read the full script yet16:12
OerHeksBoing, did you add a PPA perhaps?16:13
OerHeksBoing, if so, use ppa-purge16:13
Boing What tis PPA ?16:13
dschense+Ad1 online?16:13
easyOnMeikonia: I really do not bother at all so long as I can now use it16:13
BoingIt can't find this .equinox directory folder.16:14
easyOnMeI need it for my thesis project16:14
NeoFrontierwhere does evolution store its signatures ?16:15
SeveasNeoFrontier: ~/.config/evolution/signatures16:15
OerHeksBoing, if you cannot tell how you installed Equinox 3d, i have no clue16:15
NeoFrontierty seveas16:16
BoingOerHeks - it came as a tarball and was told Readme, to untar and then could link on desktop. I Did so, but then the program does not function correctly, and whigs out.. screen drops/quits , and it acted strangely.16:18
OerHeksBoing, oke, then remove the folder from your /home/, should do it16:18
Boingah. will do.16:19
easyOnMeOerHeks: thanks so much for you help16:19
easyOnMeikonia: thanks so much for the guidance16:19
BoingThanks OerHeks16:20
BoingAlso wanna say, I could not get the game Ryzom, to install...16:21
BoingBut is OK cause I dun wanna16:21
BoingMajor thing I have problem with is an EFI dual booting Ubuntu.16:22
BoingLoaded winders 10, and restarted.  I get a windows page says what do I want to load.  Then clicks Ubuntu, and up comes another screen what asks me to select Ubuntu, and some other things.16:24
icansmellyou_grub boot loader?16:25
BoingSo, there is two asking me what do I want to load pages, and at first I have to go to Firmware page hit escape, then f-9 so the ubuntu will load it's page16:26
icansmellyou_the first page should be the grub boot loader.16:27
icansmellyou_it will ask what you want to load16:27
BoingYeah, I used wubi from the test disk (live image on cd) and it put this ubuntu on my pc. but then grub did something.16:27
kuruHello everyone. Have quick question. When I shutdown my PC with ubuntu, I see some of the terminal window, where all my keyboard input is logged. What can cause that?16:27
BoingAnd, Ubuntu said yesterday, my windows was still in hibernate, I needed to shut it down before I could load Ubuntu16:28
mrkiei just did a fresh ubuntu installation, when i did the installation i did enter the user mark (so it's the superuser), now i installed apache and only root can write to /var/www/html, is that normal?16:28
bonzibuddymrkie yep thats the default16:28
bonzibuddymrkie for better or worse ;)16:28
icansmellyou_mrkie, yes that is normal16:28
BoingI finally got the Windows.. to be shut down, but it was NOT in hibernate16:29
BoingAnd, looking from Ubuntu at windows, the Ubunto saying my NTFS is not mounted16:29
icansmellyou_Boing, your running ubuntu and windows? is that correct?16:30
OerHekspatch is out, please update http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-0728.html16:30
BoingYes icansmell16:30
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)16:30
icansmellyou_is the ubuntu a fresh install?16:30
mrkieicansmellyou_/bonzibuddy/others: it hasnt to do that when i did the install i entered / as being a mount point?16:30
bonzibuddymrkie: nope - thats just the way ubuntu sets it up by default16:31
Boingfrom the image downloaded burnt to disk then run from disk, and installed by the on disk16:31
mrkiecan't remember it was like that before16:31
bonzibuddymrkie: other distros will do it differently16:31
icansmellyou_i would try to remove grub and ubuntu and reinstall. you need to be careful when removing grub though because it can jack up windows if it is done wrong.16:32
BoingFresh?  I have installed other stuff, and have data16:32
nicomachusafter installing a new RAM stick into my laptop (in addition to the 1 original stick), each Kernel upgrade has struggled with creating an initrd, and briefly hangs on ": Unable to find an initial ram disk that I know how to handle. / Will not try to make an initrd". The upgrade eventually succeeds, but do I need to do something to introduce initrd and the new RAM disk to each other? Buy them dinner, flo16:32
simonepspHello everyone16:32
icansmellyou_Boing, is it windows 7?16:32
BoingNo. 1016:32
icansmellyou_same steps might apply16:33
icansmellyou_check out that video16:33
Boingwill do16:33
nicomachusfull dist-upgrade pastebin, with the error on lines 49-54: https://paste.ubuntu.com/14575996/16:34
simonepspI'm trying to compile osmocombb (http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/Software/GettingStarted) but I get this error: http://pastebin.com/zJvG4gsu Someone could please help me? Thanks :)16:35
lahaugen87Dualbooting Windows and cant access HD on Ubuntu? Windows "claims" HDD's unless you uncheck some option by default. Never really turn off to save you some seconds on bootup16:36
nicomachussimonepsp: you installed the dependencies listed on the site?16:36
simonepspnicomachus: sure, all the dependecies (including the arm toolchain)16:36
simonepspnicomachus: I get an error about undefined reference to _talloc_free16:36
nicomachussimonepsp: sounds to me like an issue with the makefile, but can't be sure.16:38
simonepspnicomachus: I've compiled it on another pc (with archlinux). No problems on it16:39
nicomachuswell, arch != ubuntu16:39
simonepspnnicomachus: yes, obviously :D16:39
simonepspnicomachus: but it should compile even with ubuntu...also, the guide is written for debian based distros16:40
jimmy16Aeelo mates16:40
nicomachushi jimmy1616:41
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BoingUbuntu Mate for this i5 Broadwell with Compiz ?16:45
nicomachusBoing: what about it?16:45
Boingwould it be good?16:46
nicomachusSure. It would work.16:46
easyOnMeOerHeks: what is the terminal command to show the hardward properties of my laptop running ubuntu16:46
nicomachuseasyOnMe: ^16:47
easyOnMenicomachus: thanks so much man16:47
nicomachusyes hi jimmy1616:48
nicomachusdo you have a question?16:48
jimmy16my telinit 3 crashes the trem16:48
kuruHey everyone. Have quick question. When I shutdown my PC with ubuntu, I see some of the terminal window, where all my keyboard input is logged. What can cause that? or at least what to google?16:49
easyOnMenicomachus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14576080/16:49
nicomachuskuru: what kind of things do you see?16:49
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easyOnMehow do I know whether my laptop support virtualization16:49
wytrzeszczanywho using tmux?16:50
nicomachuseasyOnMe: look for your CPU on this list: http://ark.intel.com/Products/VirtualizationTechnology16:50
nicomachuswytrzeszcz: I'm sure someone does. perhaps asking your real question will get you an answer16:50
Boingwow, I think i deleted equinox, and just to test, tried the desktop link.. and it comes up16:50
kuru@nucimachus - I see all typed passwords, and escape keys, and everything that I enter previously in terminal16:51
wytrzeszczi have problem like that: tmux on one small terminal works and if i attach on biger on i have dots becous all sesion windows must have same size16:51
kuru@ nicomachus - just like plain text16:51
jimmy16Ok how do i set 15.1 to boot to run level 3 su all the time16:51
nicomachuskuru: whoa, hold up. You see passwords in plain text?16:51
wytrzeszczi understadn it but how to detach session <name> on all terminals and attach on that one what i use?16:51
kuruthat;s why I am worrying)16:51
bulletxthi, does ubuntu 12.04 have a kernel with security CVE-2016-0728  fix ?  thanks16:52
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)16:52
kuru@nicomachus - it may be related to jenkins server that us shutting down16:52
nicomachuskuru: check for suspicious processes in htop, and perhaps check for rootkits with chkrootkit. That does sound somewhat suspicious.16:53
nicomachusbulletxt: 12.04 should be on kernel 3.2, which is unaffected. You can check your kernel number with uname -a. that security hole only affects kernels 3.8 and higher.16:54
bulletxtnicomachus:  ? ubuntu 12.04 is on 3.1316:55
nicomachusbulletxt: ubuntu 14.04 is on 3.13, but 12.04 may be if you're on HWE, I don't know. what does uname -a show you?16:55
hiwkI accidentally dd:ed over the beginning of my system disk. Linux still running, can I do some restoring (mbr, partition table etc) now, or should I just reboot and reinstall?16:55
bulletxtnicomachus:   3.13.0-55-generic #92~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Sun Jun 14 18:32:23 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:56
kurunicomachus: thanks, checking16:56
nicomachusbulletxt: ok, then run apt-get dist-upgrade to check for new kernels.16:56
bulletxtnicomachus: latest seems to be 3.13.0-74 , but that was released at december I think     http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-updates/kernel-image-3.13.0-74-generic-di16:57
nicomachusbulletxt: one moment, checking for upgrades on my 14.04 machine with 3.13.0-7416:58
rwwbulletxt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1534887 seems to say the version in Precise isn't vulnerable to it16:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1534887 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "CVE-2016-0728" [High,Incomplete]16:58
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bulletxtrww:  how can that be? kernel is 3.13 ..16:59
someone235Hi, I want to reinstall ubuntu because of an accident, I read that I can reinstall without deleting my /home. But I run the live-usb I see this message: "This computer currently has no detected operating systems. What would you like to do?" Someone know how to deal with this?16:59
bonzibuddysomeone235 that generally only works if /home was specified as a separate partition to my knowledge17:00
bonzibuddysomeone235 what was the accident? hard drive problem17:00
rwwbulletxt: not sure, looking into it more17:00
nicomachusbulletxt: I did just pull the upgrade to 3.13.0-76 on my 14.04 machine. so they've patched the 3.13 kernel where needed.17:01
someone235bonzibuddy, I've chown -R /usr to current user17:01
bulletxtnicomachus: ok but not on 12.0417:01
nicomachusbulletxt: I can't speak to that, don't have any 12.04 machines at my disposal.17:02
bonzibuddysomeone235: did you put /home on its own partition during install?17:02
bulletxtrww:  should I post on that launchpad link you provided and ask there?17:02
rwwbulletxt: the default kernel for 12.04 is 3.2. are you using one of the linux-lts-* packages?17:03
Ghosty11 Just installed ubuntu on my asus laptop. worked fine.  updated everything then restarted. it wouldn't restart properly and I had to hold the power . Now the wireless won't detect anything.  Restarting network manager just hangs17:03
rwwbulletxt: oh, nicomachus covered this already17:03
bulletxtrww:  http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-updates/kernel-image-3.13.0-74-generic-di17:03
someone235bonzibuddy, I did the default installation. I don't think it does that17:03
arcskyrom1504:how do i do that ? " < rom1504> arcsky: did you create the tun0 interface ?"17:03
rwwbulletxt: that's not the actual kernel package. anyway, if you're on 3.13 you're on a hardware enablement kernel, and those should be getting security updates coming down the pipe17:04
nicomachusbulletxt: I'm assuming you did update && dist-upgrade?17:04
bulletxtnicomachus: yes latest kernel is this   http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-updates/kernel-image-3.13.0-74-generic-di ,17:05
rwwbulletxt: the packaging work on this was started about 3 hours ago and is ongoing, so you might need to wait a little bit :P17:05
rwwbulletxt: that bug report I linked should be updated as it progresses17:05
bulletxtok great, I'll wait tomorrow then and check again17:05
someone235bonzibuddy, So I guess my only choice is to reinstall without keeping /home, right?17:06
hiwknevermind, will just reinstall17:06
nicomachusrww: FWIW I was extremely impressed with how fast an update was pushed.17:08
rwwnicomachus: yep, kernel security stuff is fast. just not instant :D17:08
BiilD73finally, a working install of Ubuntu 14, used manual partioning guide, erase disk default kept failing on efi boot  idk why17:09
rwwwhich doesn't surprise me considering how long an Ubuntu kernel takes to compile, from experience17:09
rww(downside of kitchen sink .config)17:09
nixguyHas anybody used xxBuntu 14.04 LTS for PPC?17:10
nicomachusrww: any thoughts on the initrd issue on lines 49-54 here? I did install a new RAM stick recently. Do I need to set the new stick up on a date with initrd or something? https://paste.ubuntu.com/14575996/17:11
Boingi am in $ /home  and ls shows me as a folder, but wont show the folder contents or find the folder17:11
TheMontyChristhow can I programmatically launch "settings" from a terminal?17:14
TheMontyChristmy launch bar is missing17:14
TheMontyChristI'm going to look @ "launcher placement"17:14
nicomachusTheMontyChrist: what ubuntu version?17:14
nixguyBoing: type pwd  for me... it's desired behaviour to show your account name, just cd myname and all your subdirs and file will be within.17:15
bonzibuddysomeone235: if you only chown'd /usr you can still boot into it and use it no?17:17
bonzibuddysomeone235: or am i missing something?17:17
rwwnicomachus: no idea, I don't do initrd on my test stuff17:17
someone235bonzibuddy, yes, I am. But I can't use sudo17:17
house_I am a new user to ubuntu . Is this where i can find help?17:18
=== arun_ is now known as Guest46320
nicomachushouse_: yes.17:18
bonzibuddysomeone235: worst case you could boot a recovery image, mount the drive, and copy /home to an external drive17:18
nixguysomeone235: what, are you not in the sudoers file?17:18
nixguysu if you have to, but be careful.17:18
f00dWorkstashould I upgrade my 14.04 to 15.10? it's my work pc17:19
nicomachusnixguy: su is not recommended. sudo -i if necessary, but not su.17:19
kurunicomachus: no rutkits found. Thats or jira server or jenkins. Going to figure out . Thanks for help17:19
nicomachusf00dWorksta: why would you need to? just wait for the next LTS release in April.17:19
nixguyrww: It sounds like you code.  What current mobo and processor are you using?17:19
someone235nixguy, I am. But I have an error "/usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set"17:19
f00dWorkstanicomachus: there are some packages I wanna use that isn't in 14.04 :<17:19
nicomachusf00dWorksta: like what17:20
Boingahahaha same Home, and MyName are not accessible. dir, or ls cannot access directory17:20
f00dWorkstawell it's a small thing really, I just wanna see if there are any big issues if I upgrade17:20
nixguyf00dWorksta: There's really no need to upgrade if everything works fine for you.  Keep in mine that 14.04 has Long Term Support until 4/2019, while 15.10 doesn't.  16.04 will be released in April 21, 2016.  Pointless, really.17:20
nicomachus!pm | house_17:20
ubottuhouse_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:20
Boingme, is waiting till april17:21
f00dWorkstanixguy: :< dammit I wanted an excuse for something shiny :P17:21
f00dWorkstashiny as in new17:22
nicomachusf00dWorksta: then wait until April and you'll have something shiny, new, and stable.17:22
Boingmight juss slide 16.04 next to 14.04 three-way boot17:22
nixguyBoing: what exact error are you getting.  type cd ~ then ls -alF17:22
Boingsudo ls /myname results in ls:cannot access /myname: No such file or Directory17:23
f00dWorkstanicomachus: oh yea 16.04 is lts17:23
nixguydoodWorksta: Well upgrade if you like, it's your call :D17:24
nixguyid1ot alert17:25
nixguy{myname} is the name of your dir, and NO need to sudo it!!!17:25
lotuspsychje!language | nixguy17:25
ubottunixguy: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:25
Boingeh, yes nix17:25
JediMasterwhat's the channel for xenial?17:25
teward!ubuntu+1 | JediMaster17:26
ubottuJediMaster: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+117:26
nixguy!language | lotuspsychje17:27
ubottulotuspsychje: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:27
nixguyHow cute.  Anyone can invoke, just as I expected from the bot.17:27
lotuspsychje!botabuse | nixguy17:28
ubottunixguy: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".17:28
Jamie_1any ideas on why its taking forever to format to ext3 format on an idiot stick?17:28
nixguyJamie_1: idiot stick? as in usb stick?17:28
BiilD73gah I wish I had some sort of faster connection in bfe17:28
Boingthere's too many published core utils for 14.0417:29
BoingOn that page17:30
Jamie_1nixguy: it keeps taking 15+ minutes to format to ext317:30
nixguyJamie_1: again, are you trying to format a USB stick or otherwise (cool it, lotuspsycheje, USB is capitalized, so it's not yelling, I'm preempting you)17:31
Boing\the last one on the list is for debian Jessie17:32
nixguyif a USB stick, how plugged in:  A) Directly to computer's USB port  B) to hub ??17:32
Jamie_1nixguy: your good i know, its a 64gb USB17:32
Jamie_1and its direct17:32
nixguywhat make and model usb stick is this.  ext3 is a fast file system17:32
Jamie_164gb sandisk cruizer17:33
nixguymeaning, it shouldn't ever take that long, but if this is an old usb 1.1 stick, it could take longer, I wouldn't think more than 3 mins max17:33
Jamie_1nixguy: i know its a fast file system... which is why im confused its taking 15+17:33
nixguyit's nvram we're talking about here.17:33
LaiceHi all, attempting to upgrade a 14.04.3 to 15.10 (don't ask) with sudo do-release-upgrade -m server, upgrades to 15.04 (which is fine!), but I'm getting hit by "It was not possible to authenticate some packages. This may be a transient network problem. You may want to try again later. See below for a list of unauthenticated packages.  libstdc++6"  Now this would make sense if either distribution was out of support, but 15.04 should b17:34
Jamie_1nixguy: im formating on a i717:34
Jamie_1i dont care wtf im formatting it should never take that long17:34
Jamie_1and i am not fully wiping17:34
SchrodingersScatLaice: I've hit the same error, except mine was on the way to 15.04, so that's odd.  You have some options, you can accept unauthenticated packages, but it's less of a mess to just install straight to 15.10 if that's what you want, imo.17:35
nixguyJamie_1: Yeah tell me about it.  can you CTRL-C and try again?  do you have a spare usb stick to format?17:35
SchrodingersScatLaice: I'm actually finishing up a netboot to 15.10 because of that exact problem :^)17:35
Jamie_1nixguy: yes one sec, it should be done it seconds if i start it, its 1gb17:35
nixguyJamie_1: I understand you.  It's just clear the allocation table.17:36
LaiceSchrodingersScat: Thanks :),  would love to however I'm unable to install a later image (it's a virtual server and no access to boot a manual image or a KVM etc), any ideas?17:36
Jamie_1nixguy: it does the clearing in under 1 min but setting it to ext3 is what takes all the time17:36
LaiceSchrodingersScat: Funny thing is, I managed it a few days ago (may have then bricked the build at a later date....) and all was fine17:36
house_I have set up dual boot win 8.1 with ubuntu 15.10 and every time i want to switch between the two i have to enter bios and switch from one to the other on boot manager. is there a way i can just choose between the two on start up?17:36
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest48197
nixguyJamie_1: Have you tried ext4 or ext2 as a test?17:37
Jamie_1nixguy: something is really wack... its not detecting my other usb17:37
Jamie_1i also need to mention my other usb is a boot partition that i used to need17:38
nixguyJamie: Hate to sound so trite, but maybe try a reboot.17:38
ballmerubuntu mate 15.10 gave me some odd errors with default screen resolution, it let me reset them to what i wanted but wouldn't allow the default setting to be anything but my highest resolution on login.  i installed gnome 3 and somehow it was fixed.  no idea how.17:38
Jamie_1nixguy: going to, brb17:38
Jamie_1nixguy: not trite at all, correct17:38
SchrodingersScatLaice: possibly not supported way of going around the 'unauthenticated' was the first answer to this question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/425355/error-authenticating-some-packages-while-upgrade ;  I got around it by turning off my swap, formatting my old swap as ext4, mounting it somewhere, then loading the mini.iso into that partition.  From there I did a grub2 iso boot to get into the netboot image.17:39
SchrodingersScatWhen I'm done installing I just need to set my swap back up, removing the ext4 partition.17:39
nixguyJamie_1: Boot partition on USB stick??? why? this isn't puppy linux, do you not have an SSD?17:39
Boingwant a 3d table model? m17:39
Boingoh so sowwy17:39
=== Guest46320 is now known as arun--
arun--has the zero day vulnerability patched in ubuntu ?17:41
LaiceSchrodingersScat:  Yeah found that one, not a massive fan of unsigned packages on a production environment :(17:41
SchrodingersScatLaice: cue people saying you shouldn't be using 15.10 anyway.  And yeah, I haven't a clue why it's unauthenticated, could be benign but idk.17:42
LaiceSchrodingersScat: Forgive my naivety, would libstdc++6 be safe to nuke or too much dependance?17:42
Jamie_1nixguy: still nothing on the other usb17:43
=== chnoxis is now known as Guest38017
BoingTY all for help me !!17:43
ballmer15.10 is advertised as the newest ubuntu, there isn't even an LTS version of ubuntu mate on their website17:43
ballmeri've noticed 15.10 is very much beta software17:44
Jamie_1nixguy: dont worry about it... turns out the computer i was given the i was trying to put ubuntu on i cant.... the bios is locked and it seems even if i put a new hdd in the bios will still keep me from installing an os17:44
SchrodingersScatLaice: I just know "Priority: important", not sure how you could get around it though, do-release-upgrade seems to really want to resolve that problem before continuing.17:44
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
ballmerflash the bios17:44
Jamie_1ballmer: how would i do that?17:44
ballmerit depends on the model17:45
LaiceSchrodingersScat: Hold my mango, I'M GOING IN.17:45
ballmerits not without risk though17:45
arun--hello !! has the zero day vulnerability patched in ubuntu ?17:45
arun--is the patch available for ubuntu 15.10 ?17:45
ballmersometimes bios upgrades go bad17:45
=== Guest38017 is now known as noxis_vtux
Jamie_1ballmer: right now as it sits its as usefull as broke17:45
Jamie_1its a dell optiplex301017:45
SchrodingersScatLaice: good luck!17:45
SchrodingersScatLaice: you have backups, right?17:46
LaiceSchrodingersScat: It's a fresh image.  What could possibly go wrong? (rebuild takes about 10 minutes on this platform :) )17:46
ballmerjamie: i think this is the file.  you might just ask a pc tech shop to do this for you unless you're ok with the risk of bios updates http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=0HCD917:46
ballmerif the shop fries it, they can fix it at their expense17:47
LaiceSchrodingersScat: Well it wanted to remove apt so scrap that idea. Oh and grub.17:47
Jamie_1ballmer: I flash firmware and hardware layers on phones all the time, i know the risk17:48
LaiceSchrodingersScat: Could i manually update the package to the Vivid version do you think prior to do-release-upgrade?17:48
SchrodingersScatLaice: doesn't sound supported, normally it's a bad idea to mix and match repos, afaik.17:49
Laicewould just be this one package that it's complaining about hopefully, will let you know how it goes.17:49
Jamie_1ballmer: how exactly do i install the bios? I downloaded the link but its a .exe and i cant get into the desktop, it was a throw out from a closing business so there is a dam password17:51
ballmerjamie: the guy in this video might have an answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBPVdyEasQ817:53
Jamie_1thanks ballmer17:53
hdadaadguys, I think my hdd is about to crash http://pastebin.com/dDa0AiyC17:55
hdadaadhow do I save it?17:55
Casper26Anyone here that can help with multiple monitors in 14.04 LTS?18:00
Bashing-omhdadaad: I see no "hope" to save that drive .18:02
naccCasper26: it's better for you to just ask your question18:03
ballmerhdadaad, if it still works well enough you can use clonezilla, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8qig2-vxqk  otherwise there are pc shops that can recover data off of hd's sometimes18:03
Alberto_35Hello everyone18:03
BiilD73just getting back into linux after a few years hiatus, using ubuntu on my desktop attached my tv, all is working and media(stored on ext hdds) play fine. what i want to do is stream to raspberry pi in other rooms running osmc was doing this off a windows pc but it was crashing to often.  NFS? uPnP?18:03
Alberto_35Do any of you have docky running?18:03
Casper26Well i am able to configure 4 monitor setup using nvidia settings with drivers 340.96 after reboot all 4 monitors are active but when i try to login screen goes black a couple seconds and then just goes back to the login screen?18:05
hdadaadballmer, thanks man18:05
Jamie_1nixguy: lol18:08
nixguyJamie_1: Another thing to consider: how old is this computer? -- Was is custom built or is it a name brand?  A lot of older motherboards have a jumper option to override/reset BIOS.18:09
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
nixguyIf name brand, google it, see if it's an option.  If custom built (Gigabyte; MSI; ASUS; EVGA) take a peak inside and see if you can't get the model #, if not, each motherboard must carry an FCC ID by law.  With this, you can Google the ID and find the exact specs.18:12
Jamie_1nixguy: im currently looking for the jumper18:14
nixguyJaime_1: Hmm, unless you have a manual, good luck :D  I'd look for identifying info and Google it first.  Jumpers can be plentiful, but I'll trust you know what you're doing, man.  Best of luck there, and hopefully there *is* a jumper ;)18:17
nixguycorrection: not as plentiful as AT motherboards, of course, but you get the gist.18:17
nixguyThank GOD for ATX and subsequent E-ATX.18:18
arunpyasiguys, how to setup a Smart DNS server?18:20
__ravenproblems at boot with 15.10: after grub i get blanc screen and keyboard is disabled. how to find the problem?18:21
arunpyasi__raven: I had also got that in one of my friend's laptop18:22
arunpyasibut its fine in my Desktop :P18:22
nixguy__raven: To rule out problems with your hardware, do you have an Ubuntu LIVE CD or USB stick to boot from?18:24
__ravennixguy: gardware is fine. the only option to boot is an old kernel with upstart and recovery mode18:25
nixguyHave you tried booting from recovery mode, then/18:25
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
BiilD73with NFS would /media/bill/,async,insecure,no_subtree_check,nohide)   serve all connected media device individually?18:27
BiilD73or should I list each indevidual device media/bil/name18:28
__ravenany idea?18:30
renkenanyone there?18:32
renkencan someone help me?18:32
EriC^^renken: with what?18:33
renkeni have problems installing wine18:33
BiilD73no ssh by default? geez18:33
renkeni get an error18:33
=== Striki_ is now known as Striki
=== gyre007_ is now known as gyre007
nicomachusrenken: what is the error?18:37
nicomachusBiilD73: you can install ssh with "sudo apt-get install openssh"18:38
=== cuc is now known as Guest12280
BiilD73yeah I got it installed thanks, jsut odd18:38
=== julian is now known as chindy
BiilD73_thx nicomachus i found it lol18:40
cuc_Hello. I was prompted to install the last security updates in UbuntuMATE, but it says I have no enough free space... But I have like 300gb free space. Why can't I install my updates?18:41
theone88hello someone knows if ubuntu 14.04  suports dual graphics ?if yes how can i enable it18:42
geniitheone88: Perhaps clarify if dual graphics means two displays, or hybrid graphics cards18:43
theone88hybrid graphics display18:43
theone88graphic card18:44
f00dWorkstatheone88: nvidia?18:45
theone88apu and gpu18:45
nicomachuscuc_: did you try "apt-get autoremove"?18:46
cuc_nicomachus: i tried it now, it's working! thank you..18:48
cuc_it says it will free another 234mb of space18:48
nicomachuscuc_: what happened was your /boot was full of old kernels. autoremove is setup to remove all but the 2 most recent, so running it on occasion will free up space.18:49
cuc_nicomachus: i didn't know that, thank you again18:49
nicomachusno problem. :)18:49
BiilD73_how can i list nfs shares that area available18:56
BiilD73_grr i see it now  nfs didnt start   portmapper not running18:56
=== mrmist is now known as mist
JustMozzyhey everyone. I am using Ubuntu 15.10 with kernel 4.3 patched by noreeps (github.com/noreeps). Whenever I have high network throughput, my network connections and bluetooth connections drop. they still show that they are connected but nothing is happening. pinging the router also results in a Unreachable Host. Any ideas how I could debug this?19:12
TheAmorphousIf I run a mysqldump as root from /etc/crontab, obviously it creates the file with root as owner.  Is there a proper way to create that file with 777 permissions?19:13
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: why would you want 777 permissions?19:13
MonkeyDustJustMozzy  did it work with 4.2 ?19:14
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: I think you need something like this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8475694/how-to-specify-in-crontab-by-what-user-to-run-script19:14
JustMozzyMonkeyDust: not sure. On my other machine 14.04 kernel 3.? I have a similar problem.19:15
nicomachus15.10 shouldn't be on 4.3 unless you manually installed it19:15
JustMozzynicomachus: yes, I did and patched for surface pro 3 support19:15
TheAmorphousJustMozzy: The file needs to be readable and deletable by other users.  Is there a permission other than 777 I should use?19:16
JustMozzynicomachus: but the patches do not touch networking, afaik19:16
MonkeyDustJustMozzy  sounds complicated then... start from the beginning, when did the issues start; what did you do prior to it and since etc19:16
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: Best way is to have those users in a group and let the group have the permissions19:16
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: 777 would mean that anyone could modify the file19:16
TheAmorphousI'll have to look into that, since these are Windows users on another machine, accessing a samba share19:17
TheAmorphousI'll look at your link, thanks19:17
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: I am not sure, but I think you can assign groups to people connecting through samba. But this could be also utter nonesense19:17
TheAmorphousI'll look into it.  Thanks!19:18
BiilD73_ok need either a good tutorial or a hand holding on getting the NFS shares freely available to my lan19:18
BiilD73_I'm pretty sure the problem lies in rpcbind/portmapping19:19
JustMozzyMonkeyDust: as far as I know, the problem has been there from the beginning. I never tried to connect on my machine other than windows. my work box is also linux and has similar problems but it is a 3.? kernel with ubuntu 14.0419:19
JustMozzyMonkeyDust: Something must be crashing but I am clueless to where to look for logs19:20
=== mboeru is now known as Guest76960
TheAmorphousNot seeing any documentation for allowing guests full access to a particular user's files ><19:22
JustMozzyaha, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/14746419:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 147464 in linux (Ubuntu) "Heavy network activity (eg: torrent/nfs file transfers) causes Hard System Locks and/or Network Freezes." [High,Won't fix]19:23
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: what about this? https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch09.html19:24
TheAmorphousNot seeing anything about assigning a group to guest accounts automatically.  I think I have an idea how I can make this work though.19:25
mustmodifyHey how do I keep watching a certain process within top?19:26
mustmodifyOr even better, add a new line every second with just the line... so I can see it over time.19:26
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: maybe this helps? http://askubuntu.com/questions/251536/samba-guest-account-not-in-group19:27
TheAmorphousmustmodify: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1001049 That work for you?19:27
MonkeyDustmustmodify  with 'watch' ... e.g.    watch -n 1 [command]19:27
TheAmorphousJustMozzy: I think that will work, thanks again19:28
=== bramgn_ is now known as bramgn
JustMozzyTheAmorphous: any time :)19:31
EzeQL_what does this line do env |cat - /etc/cron.d/cron > /tmp/out19:33
Ercflysoy nuevo en el mundo de linux19:35
akikmustmodify: you can use top. press o then write COMMAND=your_command19:35
Surendil!es Ercfly19:35
Ercflyalguien que me pueda orientar para el buen manejo19:35
SurendilErcfly, try #ubuntu-es19:35
Ercflyo saben de tutoriales para el manejo de linux19:36
BiilD73_well i can see my nfs server from OSMC RaspberryPi now but it doesnt show subfolders  permissions maybe?19:47
=== errietta is now known as erry
yumboxwhats the difference between ubuntu desktop and server?19:53
cpmxserver doesnt a have a gui19:55
Bashing-omyumbox: A desktop and installed default applications. The kernel is the same .19:55
yumboxbesides preinstalled programs, is anything else different?19:56
yumboxso the systemd services are identical?19:56
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=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
quakephilCan someone please help me install the pprofp utility to work with php adp files20:04
lernerhow do I cd to an luks directory? I cannot with cd /dir. ls -l shows the mountpoint (the name of the hdd,jhgirifrhfyegfrurhrh)20:05
yumboxWhat are the differences between debian and ubuntu?20:06
icansmellyou_the desktop20:06
yumboxubuntu has unity, but debian doesn't.20:07
icansmellyou_debian i believe used gnome and ubuntu uses unity20:07
yumboxbesides that, are there more important differences?20:07
nicomachusread here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1336/how-is-ubuntu-different-from-debian20:07
icansmellyou_thanks nicomachus20:07
quakephilI'm on 14.04.2 LTS but when I do apt-get install pprofp I get Unable to locate package pprofp, and I don't know how to search for the package20:08
nicomachus!info pprofp20:09
ubottuPackage pprofp does not exist in wily20:09
nicomachus!info pprofp trusty20:09
ubottuPackage pprofp does not exist in trusty20:09
Surendilquakephil, for searching apt-cache search20:09
yumboxOkay, so the biggest difference is release cycle difference?20:09
nicomachusyumbox: yes, mostly.20:09
Surendilbut that package is not in the repository20:09
quakephilI guess it got deleted from ubuntu? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/dapper/man1/pprofp.1.html <-- it used to be here but no longer :<20:10
lernercd command: when do I have to write a "/" at the beginnign of the path and when not?20:10
yumboxnicomachus: okay, thanks.20:10
nicomachusquakephil: looks like it is provided by php4-apd20:10
quakephilI have php5-adp installed20:10
nicomachuslerner: when you are starting your path at the root directory. if you are starting your path from your current location (default is ~, aka /home/username/) then you don't need it.20:11
quakephilI was just following http://php.net/manual/en/apd.examples.usage.php I guess I have to find the sources for pprofp and compile it myself20:12
Bashing-omlerner: The cd command . Use '/' when outside your home ( Present Working Directory" as '/' represents the "root" of the path .20:12
yumboxDoes ubuntu keep closer to upstream than debian?20:12
ballmerubuntu gets newer packages than debian stable, drawn from debian unstable and testing, but debian security updates are as quick as any distro20:15
quakephilnm... I found pprofp by doing a find... apparently its just a php script that gets shipped with pecl-adp20:16
lerneri want to rename a luks encrypted partition. I found http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/230308/how-can-i-set-a-label-on-a-dm-cryptluks-container , but I dont know how to "write udev rules like this"20:18
TJ-lerner: rename it? rename the device-mapper node do you mean?20:18
yumboxballmer: okay, thanks.20:19
BiilD73_ok trying to share via nfs ot OSMC RaspPi /media/bill which contains 3 ext hdds. locally everything works, movies, music and pics play etc. I can see the NFS shares from the Pi but cannot drill down for their content  any ideas?20:19
lernerTJ-, the mountpoint, so every time I plug it in I dont see "gjrienidsnoemorno" (the physical name of the hdd), but "unit2"20:19
TJ-lerner: Ahhh, you mean fake names under /dev/disk/by-label/20:20
lernerTJ-, I dont know, because im a beginner20:20
yumboxlerner: sudo blkid20:21
yumboxlerner: do you want to change the name that comes after LABEL ?20:21
=== mboeru is now known as Guest58473
lerneryumbox, next time I "ls -l" instead of seeing "root   root    4096 Jan 18 20:49 c844f5a2-ff5f-4b09-a946-cfurueeueue" id like to see "root   root    4096 Jan 18 20:49 unit2"20:22
lernerTJ-, is what I just wrote fake names?20:23
TJ-lerner: yes, since the LUKS metadata doesn't include a 'name' field (only a UUID) you have to fake it by having a udevd rule that matches on the known UUID, and creates a 'fake' name the kernel stores. It's not ideal making it the ID_FS_LABEL since the "FS" infers its a valid file-system20:23
lernerTJ-, "It's not ideal making it the ID_FS_LABEL since the "FS" infers its a valid file-system" < I dont understand that what is in this case the ID_FS_LABEL?20:25
TJ-lerner: imagine it in terms of containers within containers: partition contains LUKS, which contains file-system20:25
TJ-lerner: so ideally you want either 'partition' or 'LUKS/dm-crypt' to have the attribute, since the (unlocked) file-system will have its own valid value20:26
TJ-lerner: udev has ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME for such things, which - if Gnome behaves correctly - should be sufficient20:26
TJ-lerner: but, the article you link to will do the job. Just be aware there may be (rare) regressions for some tools that it confuses.20:27
greenhatWill an apt-get update && update-get upgrade fix CVE-2016-0728 on 14.04?20:27
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)20:27
TJ-greenhat: already published20:29
TJ-greenhat: so, "apt-get dist-upgrade" will pull it in20:30
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bob2021is k1rk or tj- around?20:30
MonkeyDustbob2021  ask your question in the channel20:31
=== mint is now known as Guest22014
bob2021TJ- This is bob2017.  I think I finally got everything working.  The key was installing the nvidia drivers not using aptitude, so the nvidia opengl drivers didn't get installed20:32
bob2021tj- that, and an xorg.conf that identifies monitors and devices, but no screens20:32
bob2021so on the theory that i may actually have a working ubuntu installation... anyone have advice on basic apps to install?20:34
lernerTJ-, so it would be better to leave things like they are?20:34
TJ-bob2021: that sounds correct. aptitude probably pulls in packages for recommends and even suggests.20:35
TJ-lerner: If you find it better to give those partitions labels then go ahead, I'm just making you aware there may be some - rare - unexpected side-effects with some tools. As long as you keep that in mind if you get weird behaviour, you should be fine20:36
bramgnbob2021: what will the computer be used for?20:37
bob2021TJ- its not the recommends or suggests, its just that the only version of its binaries that nvidia makes available that way forces opengl and mucks around with drivers20:37
bob2021bramgn:  deep learning, in particular using the fbcunn extensions.  but its also my main machine, so i want to be able to do stuff while the nets are training20:37
lernerTJ-, will labelling partitions affect the information stored in the unit? do I need to label before copying files?20:37
bramgnbob2021: what did you use before?20:37
TJ-bob2021: is it the nvidia-<VERSION> depends on "xorg-video-abi-*" then?20:38
bob2021is ubuntu always going to ask me to authenticate so it can change my own user data every 3 seconds?20:39
TJ-lerner: no, it won't affect anything on-disk. If you follow that article you're creating a boot-time userspace device manager (udev) rule that will label the partition *in-memory* but that won't be retained on-disk - each boot it will be re-created20:39
bob2021bramgn: Mac OS, and thats still my principal work environment.  ubuntu is for fbcunn20:39
freeone3000I'm trying to import a key to use a third-party package repository. My error is https://gist.github.com/freeone3000/66535f8576f71a259bfb . What do I need to update in order to be able to add the keyserver?20:39
bob2021TJ-  I think its actually the nvidia_352, but i'm not positive.  nvidia insists on a lot of packages at the same time.20:39
TJ-bob2021: makes sense for the common use-case of the driver20:40
bob2021TJ- And its a pain in the ass.  I may have to send them a strongly-worded email.20:40
bob2021TJ- Sure, but they also want developers...  I mean, at this point, deep learning has the be the majority of Nvidia's income20:40
freeone3000I ended up installing the package manually.20:45
docmurI have a situation where i need to give a box with Ubuntu Server installed to a client.  I'll hold the an admin account and they get a user account.  The box is terminal only and my company stores an appication they will use on it.  The problem is that I want to prevent any possiblity of them mounting the drive live a LIVE session and changing the admin password. Is there a way to do this, possibly with ful20:46
docmurl disk encryption and assure they can't get in?20:46
tgm4883docmur: full disk encryption would do it, but then you'd need access in order to boot the box20:46
docmurright and that's what I was thinking, so is there a way to store a key for the encryption that they can't access, kind of like a once time use USB device that is read only?20:47
tgm4883docmur: I don't believe so, but IDK20:48
freeone3000docmur: If they can't access the key, how do they use it to boot the box?20:48
docmurI've considered making my own hardware key, which could do this, paired with a kernel module, if I have to, but was hoping there's another wya20:48
docmurwell the key could be read by the kernel but no mounted seperatly to extract the key file20:49
lernerTJ-, hope this is the last question. I do have to cd to the udev directory, find an udev file and edit it, is that so?20:49
tgm4883freeone3000: well I think his question was, is there a way to make add a one time use decryption key20:49
freeone3000tgm4883: TPM should do it, if you're on Intel.20:49
bonzibuddydocmur: sounds tricky.  maybe you could make it call home with a rootkit checker output/etc that alerts you if the password has been changed20:50
bonzibuddynot sure what your use case is exactly, its a tricky problem in general20:50
tgm4883docmur: out of curiosity, why all the effort to stop them from getting root?20:51
bob2021no recommendations on what to install?20:51
=== Miguel is now known as Guest70758
docmurWell we store our application on the box and we don't want them ripping it off20:51
tgm4883docmur: out of curiosity, what application?20:52
docmurSomething we developed in house lol20:53
docmurthat's all I really can say about it20:53
* tgm4883 has lost interest20:53
bonzibuddydocmur could you encrypt just the application folder, make the box call home for a decryption key or similar20:54
Fhhbvhi community, can someone with a big hart help me please?? Idesinstall network mmanager ffrom Ubuntu and I got no internet. I download with my phone wicd .Debian but I do not know how to use the terminal.20:54
bonzibuddydocmur obviously not foolproof, but an option20:54
docmurI was thinking of that, but doesn't the LUKkey have to come in before any major booting takes hold?  I don't know of a way to get a key via network transaction20:55
docmurbut if I could, that would be awesome!20:55
freeone3000Fhhbv: Okay. So your problem is you uninstalled the network manager from Ubuntu, and you lost internet as a result. have you tried reinstalling the network manager?20:55
bonzibuddydocmur: don't encrypt the whole box, just encrypt like /opt/docmurco/app or w/e your application is20:55
freeone3000docmur: If it's an encrypted partition instead of a volume, you have to specify the key at mount time, not boot time.20:55
bonzibuddydocmur: is my point20:55
bonzibuddyyeah, what freeone3000 said :)20:56
docmurhmmmm maybe :)20:56
docmurDidn't think of that20:56
bonzibuddydocmur: obvi they can sniff the traffic and get the key to unlock it if they are determined20:56
freeone3000bonzibuddy: You'd fetch it over SSL.20:56
bonzibuddybut a dedicated enough hacker is probably going to be able to get it20:56
docmurwell I can encrypt any tunnels in use, that's not a problem20:56
zaggynlHmm, anyone know any speed tweaks for cifs shares?20:57
zaggynlstarts at 100MB/s but slows down to 15MB/s20:57
bonzibuddyFhhbv are you trying to connect wifi?20:57
freeone3000zaggynl: TFTP and NFS have more desirable characteristics. FTP if you want to go through the hassle.20:57
zaggynlI could try out nfs20:57
zaggynlthe speed is fine on windows20:57
zaggynlreading from the share is fine, writing to is slow20:58
Fhhbvthanks, yes, wiffy20:58
bonzibuddyFhhbv do you have network manager configured to use that access point already20:58
freeone3000zaggynl: noatime,directio may help, but those should be the defaults.20:58
bonzibuddyFhhbv or is this a brand new config sort of thing20:58
zaggynlill give that a shot, thanks20:59
FhhbvNo, I made a mistake and desinstalled network manager completly20:59
FhhbvBut I have downloaded wicd. just I need to installe it21:01
bob2021why is ubuntu making me authenticate every 10 seconds?21:02
bonzibuddyFhhbv try 'man nmcli', look at the last example21:02
bonzibuddyFhhbv: nmcli is the command line interface to network manager (i assume you reinstalled it?)21:03
bonzibuddyor is that the problem, you cant reinstall it without the network21:03
FhhbvIt's gone, I completly desinstalled last night.21:03
patrix76hunger games il canto della rivolta parte 2 2015 italian md 720p hdts x264 incoming part1 rar*irc.rootworld.net*#atollo-friends*/msg AtoLLo|HD-Merged|001 xdcc send #72*21:03
cpmxYou mean uninstalled21:04
Fhhbvthe only way I can see is to install wicd.debian21:04
Fhhbvif someone tell me how =)21:04
rww!lista | patrix7621:04
ubottupatrix76: rww: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:04
bonzibuddyFhhbv I can't speak for wicd, never used it.  Is ethernet possible?21:04
FhhbvI plugged but there is not signal21:05
bonzibuddyFhhbv do you see lights on the ethernet port21:06
FhhbvIt's a laptop,21:06
FhhbvI did not see any light21:07
bonzibuddyFhhbv i dont _think_ you need network manager to use ethernet if you configure manually, I could be mistaken21:07
Fhhbvhow can I do it??21:07
FhhbvI mean, config manually21:08
bonzibuddyFhhbv you need to edit /etc/network/interfaces21:08
bonzibuddy1s ill see if i can find an example of dhcp config21:08
Fhhbvsorry, I'm new on Linux. should I open the terminal and..21:09
bonzibuddyFhhbv on a terminal type gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces21:11
cpmxor ‘sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces’21:11
Fhhbvcool, thanks. I will try21:11
Fhhbvmm.. I'm gnu nano 2.2.6.. what can I do here??21:16
Bashing-omFhhbv: Looking over bonzibuddy's shoulder, is this a wired and WIFI connections ?21:16
TheEagerPadawanI still have to find a good videoplayer, vlc sometimes has audio problems when i'm forwarding or rewinding in the file and when i suspend while i paused a clip i only get the audio and have to reload the file. With smplayer i got sync issues where the audio plays faster then the video21:17
=== fred_ is now known as Guest30228
Fhhbvthere are three lines21:18
RNevilleHello Everyone, should I be concerned about the state of my Harddrive, i.e., should I defrag, like in the MS Windows world?21:18
bonzibuddyFhhbv what do they say21:18
al2o3-crTheEagerPadawan: mpv21:18
RNevillerunning Ubuntu 14.0421:19
TheEagerPadawankernel v 4.2.0-25 is available21:19
TheEagerPadawanrun your dist-upgrades ;)21:19
Bashing-omRNeville: Nope, linux is a journaled file system . No need to worry so long as you keep the capacity below 90% .21:19
RansomTimeRNeville: Not really if you're on an ext4 file system21:20
yumboxRNeville: if it's a mechical hard drive, then you can defrag it. but it shouldnt be necessary if you keep the drive not full.21:20
Fhhbv# interfaces (5) file used by ifup (8) and ifdown (8) auto lo iface lo inet loopbackpback21:20
TheEagerPadawanal2o3-cr: apt-getting it21:20
RansomTimeOh yeah, don't defrag an SSD =21:20
RNevillethx yumbox & RansomTime , I am running a SSD drive21:21
RNevillethx, also, Bashing-om21:21
RansomTimeDefragging an SSD is pointless, and wears down the drive unecessarily - so don't worry about it21:21
yumboxRNeville: for SSDs it's also recommended to keep a little free space at all times.21:21
RansomTimeIn case a sector has to be written somewhere else?21:22
yumboxRansomTime: for wear leveling.21:22
TheEagerPadawanal2o3-cr: does mpv has settings that i can play around with?21:22
yumboxRNeville: in general, you shouldn't worry about defragmentation on SSDs.21:22
al2o3-crTheEagerPadawan: sure21:23
RNevilleI was listen to Jupiter Broadcasting last night , "Linux Unplugged"  and maybe they were talking about ZFS needing defragging?21:23
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: you can set your settings in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf21:23
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: for example: http://sprunge.us/QHFi21:24
k1l_RNeville: ubuntus standard filesystem is ext4 and doesnt need defragging21:24
RNevillethx, also, k1l_21:25
TheEagerPadawanis there a way to force a ssd to wipe the files that are listed for deletion since the controller more or less does then when he has time normally21:25
bob2021is there a way to enable multitouch gesures on an Apple trackpad with ubuntu?21:26
al2o3-crTheEagerPadawan: https://mpv.io/manual/master/21:26
pocketprotectorSo from my understanding, 12.04 LTS is Pangolin, and 14.04 is Trusty Tahr... can somebody help me decode this confusing security release? http://fpaste.org/312572/38472145/21:27
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: yes, you can force that by running "sudo fstrim -v /"21:28
yumboxreplace / with the mountpoint of the SSD21:28
FhhbvI installed Ubuntu from a dvd . can I re install aand kekeep my programs safe??21:28
xanguapocketprotector: what vulnerability? Do you not install security updates or something?21:28
pick_a_chuhow do i change the screen sleep settings on ubuntu mate?21:29
pick_a_chudo ya know?21:29
rwwpocketprotector: linux-lts-trusty is a package in the precise/12.04 repositories that installs the kernel from trusty21:29
xanguaFhhbv: reinstall why? Safe from who or what? If you reinstall then you will be have to install everything again21:29
nicomachusxangua: there was a zero-day released today. kernel updates are already being pushed.21:29
pick_a_chuno one?21:29
pick_a_chudont be ball suckers21:29
yumboxxangua: i think he means safe from deletion?21:29
Picipocketprotector: what is that report from?21:30
pick_a_chuhelpz out21:30
rwwpocketprotector: it's part of the LTS Hardware Enablement stack21:30
nicomachuspocketprotector: there is a vulnerability in the kernel. do "apt-get dist-upgrade" to check for updates.21:30
rwwPici: it's a standard ubuntu security listserv mail from the look of it21:30
xangua! Language | pick_a_chu21:30
ubottupick_a_chu: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:30
TheEagerPadawanhole most of the deity it's existence i doubt, there is quit a bit of options for mpv anything i should know in particular  Oo21:30
pick_a_chucan yo help now ?21:30
Fhhbv=( I don't want to re install but I got no internet. how CAn I get it bback??21:30
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: mpv works really well with the default settings.21:31
bonzibuddyFhhbv add the line "auto eth0" on its own line21:31
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: you can do "man mpv" to read about all options21:31
bonzibuddyFhhbv and below that add "iface eth0 inet dhcp" below that21:31
pick_a_chucan i change the sleep settings on ma ubuntu ?21:31
pick_a_chudose anyone know?21:31
bonzibuddyFhhbv then perform a sudo service networking restart after plugging in the ethernet cable21:31
pick_a_chui did google it first21:31
bonzibuddy'sudo service networking restart'21:31
yumboxbonzibuddy: didn't ubuntu change to systemd?21:32
pick_a_chupretty use;ess21:32
rwwpick_a_chu: No need for all that. Be patient, repeat your question every 15 minutes, Google or whatever in the meantime.21:33
pick_a_chui did21:33
pick_a_chubeen done21:33
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Bashing-omFhhbv: And exampl of a working manual internet connectivity file : http://paste.ubuntu.com/14577880/ . Will have to tell the system you are going manual .21:33
k1l_!guidelines | pick_a_chu make sure to read them21:34
ubottupick_a_chu make sure to read them: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:34
pick_a_chuohhh ohh21:34
pick_a_chuwe be stuck up21:34
Picipocketprotector: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-0728.html may shed some light on it, methinks21:34
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-0728)21:34
yumboxpick_a_chu: did you change the settings in System->Adminstration21:34
bonzibuddyyumbox: could be :) havnt updated to latest lts yet21:34
TheEagerPadawanyumbox: is there a way to change the default subtitle colors in mpv?21:34
pick_a_chui have just updated the whole thing21:35
pocketprotectorPici: thank you!21:35
pick_a_chuare there build in settings for the screen saver or nah?21:35
nicomachuspick_a_chu: someone literally just told you where to look.21:35
xangua3:28 PM <Fhhbv> I installed Ubuntu from a dvd . can I re install aand kekeep my programs safe?? / put cd in, go to software centre, edit menu, sources; in the very first tab enable "Ubuntu CD", reload repositories and reinstall network-manager and network-manager-gnome21:36
SonikkuAmericaAt what point this month do we stop supporting 15.04?21:36
nicomachusSonikkuAmerica: Feb. 421:36
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: do "man mpv" and then hit "/" and type "Subtitles"21:36
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: then check if there is a part about colors21:36
SonikkuAmericanicomachus: Thank you :D21:36
pick_a_chuok ok21:37
hestonIs anyone able to using google voice in Canada on their ubuntu box? Mine is complaining that, Hangouts needs the Google Talk plugin..which of course is already installed and is up to date21:37
mcphailpick_a_chu: stop spamming the channel please21:37
SonikkuAmericaheston: Extension or standalone app?21:37
hestonSonikkuAmerica, through firefox so, the extension im guessing21:38
HanaHow can i change the logon screen. For securitiy reasons i want that they enter their own usersname.21:38
SonikkuAmericaheston: It works fine for me... in Chromium... no additional plugin needed.21:38
hestonhmm :/21:38
hestonill try installing chrome21:38
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: all I could find was "--sub-gray" which makes the yellow DVD subtitles look less shit.21:39
nicomachusheston: works fine for me in the US with Chrome.21:39
SonikkuAmericaHana: Can you [ ls /etc/lightdm/ ] for me?21:39
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
hestonnicomachus, ok thanks21:39
SonikkuAmericaHana: I ask because there probably isn't a file named lightdm.conf , which would usually be edited.21:41
Hanals /etc/lightdm21:41
=== siuk0v is now known as _Siukov_
SonikkuAmericaHana: can you !pastebin the output of /etc/lightdm/users.conf ?21:41
bonzibuddyyumbox: ah systemd is 15.04 or later; im still living in LTS which is before systemd transition21:41
yumboxbonzibuddy: hah, okay.21:42
=== _Siukov_ is now known as _Siuk0v_
yumboxTheEagerPadawan: take a look here: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/4517880921:42
Hana# User accounts configuration21:43
Hana# NOTE: If you have AccountsService installed on your system, then LightDM will21:43
Hana# use this instead and these settings will be ignored21:43
Hana# minimum-uid = Minimum UID required to be shown in greeter21:43
SonikkuAmerica!pastebin | Hana21:43
ubottuHana: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:43
TheEagerPadawanyumbox thanks21:43
SonikkuAmericaHana: When Drone` unquiets you, run [ cat /etc/lightdm/users.conf | curl -F c=@- https://ptpb.pw ] and give me the link.21:44
Hana https://ptpb.pw/gonn21:46
SonikkuAmericaHana: OK, that file won't help me. Try [ sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf ]. Anything in there?21:47
gamegeniesup any Arkansas folk up in here?21:51
SonikkuAmericagamegenie: #ubuntu-us-ar should give you the appropriate LoCo team21:51
nicomachusgamegenie: close, but why does that matter?21:51
Hanathis map dont excist21:51
gamegenieSonikkuAmerica: its dead21:52
gamegenienicomachus: where at whodison?21:52
nicomachusgamegenie: this channel is support chat only. for off-topic chat, please use #ubuntu-offtopic. I'm there as well.21:52
SonikkuAmerica!es | acx21:57
ubottuacx: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:57
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sqrt7744Hey I'm having the weirdest problem on 15.10 / Unity. Cant' lock screen. Screen just goes black for a sec then it's back to normal. Even resume from suspend doesn't ask for a password, just plops me back onto my desktop.22:02
SonikkuAmericasqrt7744: The answer is 88. Also, check what [ dm-tool --switch-to-greeter ] does in your terminal.22:04
ballmeri've had random video issues with mate and unity, they were fixed by installing gnome 3, which i never liked before, but it isn't that bad now22:06
ballmeri have no idea what gnome 3 is installing that's fixing it22:06
ballmergnome 3 has to be customized a bit to make it usable22:07
SonikkuAmericahold on22:08
ballmer15.10 is proving to be an interesting experience, although the bugs are worked out now apparently22:08
ballmeron my system22:08
xangua ballmer it was probably because of compiz22:08
ballmeri figured it had something to do with it22:09
ballmerthe funny thing is it wouldn't let me set a default resolution lower than my highest res, but let me do it manually22:10
ballmerthen just resolved by a gnome 3 install and a reboot22:10
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luciancoHello to all you good people! :-)22:14
=== Gabbo is now known as Guest59229
ddybingHi folks22:19
ddybingHas anyone tried out the 16.04 builds?22:20
nicomachusddybing: lots. they are all in #ubuntu+122:21
=== thurstylark1 is now known as thurstylark
lernerif firefox --help lists comands with caps on them (SetDefault) do I have to write caps in the command too?22:24
lernerotherwise the command doesnt work?22:26
nicomachusotherwise it might be a different command.22:26
bekksThats to be expected.22:26
Guest59229lerner, syntax in the shell is case sensitive. For reference, in Windows commands issued through their shell is case insensitive.22:29
ddybingI saw the mockups of 16.04. They look really awesome22:38
xanguaddybing: you know what a mockup is right?22:38
k1l_ddybing: i suspect you saw mockups from an individual that have no relation to the original ubuntu 16.0422:39
ddybingxangua: Yes, I know - but they sure looked great lol22:41
compdocdoes 14.04 support systemd? should I use it?22:42
k1l_compdoc: its standard since 15.04. systemd will be backported some time to 14.04 iirc22:42
Guest59229compdoc, do you have a compelling reason to use systemd? Just curious is all.22:43
compdock1l_, Im compiling a program and I can enable systemd support, but I think I'll wait for 16.04 to enable it22:43
Guest59229compdoc, n/m answering :)22:44
mozaHello. I have a weird problem on my ubuntu servers. When I ssh it works ok for one of them, the other timeouts. So I decided to check with ping... both timeout there! Even the one that I can ssh into... Anything I could check?22:45
jnagroany IRC client recommendations for Ubuntu?22:46
nicomachusjnagro: hexchat, irssi, weechat22:46
bramgnmoza: firewall?22:46
jnagronicomachus thanks22:47
mozabramgn : Is this something I should be configuring within the server?22:47
mozaYou mean, like blocking or opening ports?22:47
nicomachus!ufw | moza22:47
ubottumoza: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo22:47
Guest59229jnagro, I settled with xchat.22:47
jnagroGuest59229 why?22:48
mozaThanks nicomachus22:48
RansomTimeI like quassel myself for IRC - IRC clients are personal preference I feel22:48
Guest59229jnagro, don't laugh... it was because it was most familiar with mi mIRC days and I can increase the font size(old bad eyes). I dont XDCC anymore so I never cared about that.22:48
jnagroGuest59229 lol i miss mIRC too22:49
mozabramgn and nicomachus : ufw tells me it's disabled.22:49
bramgnjnagro: is mIRC gone?22:50
EriC^^moza: did you install fail2ban?22:50
EriC^^or any iptables rules?22:50
jnagrobramgn no, i think it still exists, for windows. probably runs under WINE22:51
Guest59229bramgn, no, its windows based is all22:52
nicomachusGuest59229: xchat is abandoned. move to hexchat, it's a fork of xchat that is actually maintained.22:52
nicomachusand it's 95% the same22:52
Guest59229nicomachus, i had no idea. why is it still in repos? I will switch tho.,.thanks.22:52
mozaEriC^^ : fail2ban doesn't ring any bell. I don't remember changing iptables rules.22:53
mozaBut the machines are within a university network that I don't control.22:53
bramgnmoza: you can still ssh into 1 server?22:54
nicomachusGuest59229: not sure why it's still in the repos, but it's abandoned since 2012: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XChat22:54
EriC^^moza: try sudo iptables -L22:55
mozabramgn : yes.22:55
bramgnmoza: do you remember what you changed with iptables?22:56
mozaI only have "ACCEPT" rules in iptables22:57
bramgnmoza: what message do you get when you "ssh server2"? Timeout or connection refused?22:57
mozabramgn : as far as i know, i changed nothing in iptables22:57
bekksmoza: Which is fine when the default policy for the chain is DENY.22:57
mozatimeout for the ssh server222:57
Specmoza: what is your default policy?22:57
mozaSpec : I'm unsure what you mean?22:57
Speciptables -L22:57
SpecChain <chainname> (policy SOMETHING)22:58
srgHow can I disable the background update checking in Gnome? I often find when I run `sudo aptitude` it can't lock the package db because it's already in use.22:58
bramgnmoza: are both servers in same network? Did you f.ex. try to ssh from server1 tro server2?22:58
mozaI have three chains, all of them with default policy accept22:58
mozano specific rule added.22:58
mozabramgn : they are both on my university network. I'm using a tunnel to connect to both of them, I'll try the ssh from one to the other, that's a good idea :)22:59
mozabramgn : Yay! that worked22:59
mozaI'm unsure how or why, but it worked ...23:00
bramgnmoza: ok, great23:00
mozaAny idea to what might be the cause?23:00
bramgnmoza: well, for starters, check IP address you're trying to connect to with the actual configured IP on the server23:01
mozabramgn : I didn't configure a specific IP on that server23:02
mozabecause I wasn't given one23:02
bramgnmoza: what instructions did you get?23:03
mozaI just got given an access to a console to it via an admin tool23:04
bramgnmoza: but you used an address to connect to both servers, right? Like an IP address, or a hostname23:04
mozaand I can ssh to it with the domain name23:04
Guest2Is it any linux i can download and install of a smartphone ?23:04
mozaa hostname23:04
mozanot an ip23:04
ddybingGuest2: Do you mean install it FROM a smartphone, or TO a smartphone?23:05
mozasomething that gets resolved later on to an IP (or in the case of the admin tool, it was just a shortened name, not an IP nor the full name.23:05
k1l_Guest2: #ubuntu-touch for that23:05
Guest2ddybing: I like to install it on a smartphone.23:05
bramgnmoza: looks like the hostname doesn't resolve or perhaps resolves to wrong IP from that console23:06
ddybingOkay. I would join the channel #ubuntu-touch, as kil_ suggested23:06
bramgnmoza: if you would do 'host server2' from the console, do you get an asnwer?23:06
Guest2Channel #ubuntu-touch ?23:07
mozahmm, which console bramgn ?23:07
Zulu_TooR1I are you there?23:07
Zulu_TooHello there Moza. Nice to see you again.23:07
Zulu_TooHow are you doing today Moza?23:08
Zulu_TooNice to see you.23:08
bramgnmoza: the one from the admin tool, if i understood correctly23:08
mozaok, I'll have to try that when I'm at my office23:08
mozaor i can try that while i'm logged in right now on that machine (via tunnel via ssh on server1 and then ssh on server2...)23:09
Zulu_TooMoza tunneliing is great with SSH. It is the only way now. Privacy is so important.23:11
Guest2Is Ubuntu touch for all smartphones and is it easy like to install linux on a computer ? Tought it was ubuntu phone.23:11
mozaok, thanks bramgn, now I got server2's IP adress, as given by host :)23:12
xanguaGuest2: no and no23:12
Guest2Hope it will be in the future. So i dont have to sign up for a gmail.23:12
xanguaYou can use Android without Google23:13
Zulu_TooYou don't need gmail. Set up your own server and bypass the hooplahh.23:13
Guest2xanga. yes but i dont get the updates and new apps.23:13
k1l_Guest2: if someone did make a port of ubuntu-touch for your device already it should be easy to install. but that is the topic for #ubuntu-touch23:13
xanguaYou just basically have to install a custom Rom and use only open source alternatives23:13
mozaok. The IP adress returned by host from the machine itself doesn't seem to answer to ping (timeout) from my home computer.23:15
mozathat ip adress answers perfectly to ping from server1.23:16
bramgnmoza: you're using a VPN to connect to the university network, right?23:19
mozabramgn : yes23:19
mozabramgn : ok, my vpn seemed to have stopped working. Apparently one server is accessible without the vpn and the other is not. Let's try again while checking the vpn is up and running23:21
bramgnmoza: could it be that you're accessing server 1 on a public IP and server 2 on a private IP? (192.168.x./10.x.x.x/..)23:22
mozaIt doesn't seem that way, but I need to check the masks to be sure23:22
mozaThey both start the same (x.x.y.y => the x are the same)23:23
Zulu_TooMoza make sure the Hostname is not identical. That could be a problem.23:23
bramgnmoza: and you said that without VPN you can still access server1?23:24
mozabramgn : yes23:24
mozaand from it then access server2....23:24
mozaZulu_Too : i do need to check how I've configured the hostname23:25
mozaon server223:25
bramgnmoza: okay, well, i suggest to check with the network folks at your uni at the situation23:25
Zulu_TooMoza many Webmasters use the same code and forget that the hostname is very important on a network. Conflicts take over.23:28
mozabramgn and all : thank you for helping me. I feel a bit better bothering them after having tried to see if i didn't make errors on my own.23:29
bramgnmoza: :) good luck23:29
mozaThanks. :)23:29
mozaSo 1) check hostname 2) talk to uni. And I managed to do the night-time reboot without having to schedule daytime downtime :D Yay! Thanks a lot !23:30
Zulu_TooI'm buying the beer folks. Gather around the table in the Ubuntu PUB. Drinks are on me.23:30
bramgnZulu_Too: :D thanks23:32
Zulu_TooLive is good when you have a few beers. Sitting back and programming.23:33
Zulu_TooSpeaking of that. I set up a wireless Lubuntu server. It works great. I just installed it yesterday. I cannot believe that lubuntu is the best distro yet in my humble opinion.23:34
Zulu_TooMy deepest thanks is to K1I for his input. Give that man another beer.23:36
nicomachuswhy would you decide on lubuntu for a server? why not ubuntu server?23:39
Zulu_TooHey guys, if you all want a faster internet connection, Motorola has a Surfboard MODEM with DOCSIS SB6141. Buy it. It has the capabilities to up and download 300 mb/s. It is  a great MODEM. Service IP's don't like it but the hell with them.23:40
nicomachusZulu_Too: no ads needed here. The guys in ##hardware or ##networking may be interested.23:41
rwwubottu: ot23:41
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:41
Zulu_TooDocsis 3.023:41
Zulu_TooThis is not an add. It is a good decision.23:42
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
AVeryLostSoulHow familiar are the people here with using GRUB to boot from a USB?23:52
BiilD73still having NFS shares issues. can see them on remote clients (OSMC RPis'). Not sure where to look for my issue23:52
AVeryLostSoulHmm... I suppose the better questino would be does anyone know how to boot a usb from grub23:54
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: you don't use Grub to boot a USB, you use your system's BIOS23:54
NoobsterMCTorvaldoes anyone know if there is a setting that  automatically moves applications to the desktop after installation? thanks23:54
AVeryLostSoulIs Grub not my system's bios? It's what loads when I attempt to access a boot menu23:55
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: you mean like on android? no23:55
LostSoulLOL nicomachus :P23:55
LostSoulHi AVeryLostSoul23:55
LostSoulHis nick hilighted mine :P23:55
k1l_AVeryLostSoul: grub is a bootloader. bios is firmware on your mainboard that loads all the hardware23:55
tewardAVeryLostSoul: BIOS is firmware, it loads long before Grub, loads all the basic hardware, etc.23:55
tewardAVeryLostSoul: Grub is a bootloader, and is only loaded at boot time LONG after BIOS checks are completed23:56
AVeryLostSoulAh, I see... Well, I'll go back to my original question, how can I boot from a usb?23:56
BiilD73AVeryLostSoulwhen you boot the system you should see an option for boot options (del/esc/f12 etc) which give you other medium then installed hdd i.e cd/dvd/usb23:56
NoobsterMCTorvalkll_ sometimes applications do that in windows after they are done installing23:57
BiilD73AVeryLostSoulobviously the bios should support booting from a USB stick that you would have writtend a bootable image to23:58
nicomachusNoobsterMCTorval: you'll have to do it manually.23:58
AVeryLostSoulAlrighty, I think that makes my job a little easier.. I've been, unfortunately I've having to revert to windows due to some issues23:58
Hypnotoad90hello, i want to install ubuntu on a virtual machine on windows, should i use xen or virtualbox (or something else?)23:58
NoobsterMCTorvalah, ok23:58
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: programs should make icons etc.23:58
nicomachusAVeryLostSoul: like what?23:59
NoobsterMCTorvalwhat about the launcher?23:59
k1l_NoobsterMCTorval: but they are not automatically placed on the desktop23:59

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