sambagirlwhy is xfce used?02:05
sambagirlby default?02:05
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OvenWerkssambagirl-away: XFCE is used because it seems to be the best balance between a modern desktop and a CPU consious work area. It is stable and runs on systems than Gnome (which we had before). At the time Unity was not usable for audio, it is still limiting for many things but some people like it.04:53
OvenWerkssambagirl-away: Everyone has their favorite DE. In general XFCE has met with more aproval than most. There are a number of people who feel it is too heavy and use openbox based DEs.04:56
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gartralso i'm having a massive issue with ubuntu studio 14.10.3, jack once in a while goes completely full derp and breaks to the point where nothing will fix it except for a reboot, now if this where my own machine, that wouldn't be a problem, but the machine is my fathers' and he's not exactly patient23:09
sakrecoer_gartral: try on the mailing list :) https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users23:22
sakrecoer_describe what you want to do and what is happeinging in an email. include logs if you have any :)23:23

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