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bluesabreflocculant: new PPA for catfish with stable, unstable, and daily builds: https://code.launchpad.net/~catfish-search/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:25
bluesabreflocculant: planning on doing similar for the other individual apps we have12:25
bluesabreUnit193: still looking into https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=811324, but based on what I've seen so far, pybuild with python3.5 is running unittests that do not exist, and dies12:28
ubottuDebian bug 811324 in src:menulibre "menulibre: FTBFS: ImportError: cannot import name Gtk, introspection typelib not found" [Serious,Open]12:28
bluesabrePPA solution: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~catfish-search/+junk/catfish-daily-debian/revision/312:28
bluesabre(probably not a reasonable official solution) :D12:29
flocculantbluesabre: cheers - I did see your comments the other day about this13:10
flocculantwhich one would you want *me* to use, which one *testers generally* ?13:11
pleia2knome: did we ever find a way around the brokenness of resizing images in xubuntu.org interface, or should I just upload _sm files too again?18:55
pleia2anyway, another "xubuntu at" draft is up sans pictures18:58
slickymasterUnit193, not quite sure I'll be able to attend the meeting19:05
pleia2I'll finally get to attend \o/19:08
Unit193pleia2: Bummer it'll be the one I chair. :P19:10
pleia2you'll do fine19:10
Unit193=== Xubuntu community meeting in 20 minutes ===20:40
flocculantnot going to be here ... or at least not beginning :)20:51
Unit193That's OK, I have no idea about most of the topics anyway.20:52
Unit193#startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting21:00
Unit193#chair ochosi knome21:00
Unit193Howdy and welcome to the Xubuntu community meeting.  Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings21:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Jan 19 21:00:00 2016 UTC.  The chair is Unit193. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.21:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick21:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Unit193 knome ochosi21:00
Unit193So anyone else here or can I do a veeeery short one?21:00
krytarikI'm here.21:00
Unit193#topic Open action items21:02
Unit193(I know of none.)21:02
Unit193#topic Updates and Announcements21:03
Unit193Anyone have anything to announce?21:03
Unit193Looks like Numix will work out, just have to compile the SASS, and that's already in the PPA now.21:04
Unit193#topic Discussion items21:04
Unit193#subtopic Volunteers for running a 16.04 Community Wallpaper contest?21:04
Unit193I believe bluesabre is setting up a submission form, but apart from that..21:05
pleia2knome said he'd announce it, and we'll share on the social medias21:05
pleia2I think21:06
pleia2or maybe that was just to find volunteers :)21:06
Unit193Alright, I missed that part too.21:06
Unit193So moving on.21:07
Unit193#subtopic Ubuntu Software Center will be replaced by Gnome Software in Xenial21:07
Unit193Where do we stand on this? (There are not too many alternatives apart from Synaptic or CLI)21:07
Unit193It seems very basic, and last I knew it didn't exactly find new applications well, if at all.21:08
Unit193(it'll get there, but still very basic.)21:08
pleia2I don't know anything about this21:09
Unit193Anyone have any comments, remarks, or test results from trying it out?  There's a test PPA for it.21:09
Unit193Ubuntu isn't going to be using USC, GNOME Software seems to be what they're going for (it works on appstream files, integration work is ongoing in Debian and either just started or getting ready to start in Ubuntu.)21:10
* pleia2 nods21:11
Unit193Alright, so if there's nothing else on that one either...21:12
Unit193#subtopic Alpha 2 participation21:12
Unit193I, as always, defer to flocculant on that one.  If it gets more testing, that's great, and maybe a couple more RC releases would be useful since it's an LTS.21:13
pleia2for reference, a2 lands on January 28th21:15
pleia2only 10 days away21:15
ochosisorry for being late21:15
ochosiUnit193: since there aren't so many ppl around, mind if i quickly add a comment to gnome software?21:16
Unit193I don't think I've noticed anything horrible in it now.21:16
Unit193ochosi: Suuuure.21:16
ochosialright, so just very quickly: my stance is that we should definitely check it out, but in the end i'd go with following ubuntu's lead21:17
ochosieven if it seems terrible in the alpha stage that it is in now21:17
ochosiif USC isn't maintained anymore, that's fairly bad for LTS21:18
ochosieven though i don't really know how much they fixed/improved since they first released USC, having not-anymore-maintained software in LTS is sort of a no-no to me21:18
Unit193Right, not really an option there, unless everyone else would be fine going with Synaptic.21:19
ochosii presume that if gnome software is still horrible in beta even ubuntu might go back to USC for LTS and switch in 16.1021:19
ochosihehe, well synaptic is still the same as it ever was21:19
Unit193GTK3 at least.21:19
ochosii'd rather not change to something completely different for LTS21:20
Unit193Well either way, it's going to be a big change.21:20
ochosiafter 16.04, i'd be fine with exploring our options and just seeing how our (vocal) user-base reacts to such a change21:20
ochosiyeah, or not. depends on what ubuntu ends up doing21:20
ochosiok, so that was it from my side21:20
Unit193ochosi: Anything on alpha release?21:21
slickymasterstill made it21:22
ochosiin terms of alpha, i'm not sure, yeah more testing is good21:22
slickymasterat least part of it21:22
ochosithen again bluesabre said that not so much has changed since 15.1021:22
Unit193Frontend or backend?21:23
ochosii for one likely wouldn't be around to do the effort of actually releasing the alpha, so i'd leave the final decision to bluesabre and flocculant 21:23
Unit193Sounds good to me.21:24
ochosiUnit193: i presume frontend, but i've only done rudimentary xenial testing so far21:24
ochosinot even a hardware install21:24
ochosiand in vbox you don't notice many things21:24
slickymasteryeah, the tests I've done in VBox all went smoothly21:24
ochosiso yeah, i haven't really heard many arguments in favor of doing an alpha (apart from potentially more testing/feedback)21:25
Unit193ochosi: Yeah we'll just defer to them then.21:25
Unit193#subtopic QA IRC package testing session21:25
Unit193slickymaster: ↑21:25
ochosiUnit193: feel free to give them an action item or something btw21:25
slickymasteras far as I know flocculant is on top of that21:25
slickymasterwhether that session will occur will depend on the number of interested 21:26
slickymasterit's schedule to the 31st21:27
Unit193Alright, so anything we're supposed to do for the subtopic?21:27
slickymasterI guess nothing much21:28
Unit193#subtopic Themes21:28
Unit193ochosi: ↑?21:28
ochosiwell i'm still trying to iron out some minor issues with Greybird, but the good news is that it works okayish with the last commits from git21:29
ochosiNumix is currently unmaintained and will likely remain as is for the rest of the dev cycle21:29
ochosiso we21:29
Unit193GTK3.16 problems?21:29
ochosi'll have to evaluate how well the SASS branch works21:29
ochosigtk3.18 in xenial21:29
ochosiand then decide whether we want to include it as is21:30
ochosii think bluesabre already did some packaging, so shimmer daily PPA should be the way to go21:30
Unit193As I noted above, yeah.21:30
ochosi#info All xenial testers that experience theme issues shall use the shimmer daily PPA to get the latest versions of our themes, Numix and Greybird21:30
Unit193Want to note anything about pidgin?21:31
ochosianother piece of info is that i worked on a pidgin status icon theme, it's practically finished but pidgin seemingly doesn't support system-wide themes21:31
ochosiso we might have to patch that support in21:31
ochosi(yeah, was going to mention that anyway ;))21:32
Unit193Well I knew something, so had to say it.21:32
ochosii'm not a huge fan of just overwriting the default theme, which is what most theme installers i found on the interwebs suggest you do21:32
ochosi(or put it in every users home dir, which is also not kewl)21:32
Unit193Yeah that's not going to fly for packaging.21:32
Unit193Either one.21:32
ochosialso, still some issues around our libreoffice icons, i'm not really sure of the status upstream21:33
ochosiand whether the icon theme has been included somehow21:33
ochosiand whether we can set it as default now21:33
ochosibluesabre will hopefully be on top of that one too21:33
Unit193Sounds fun, we'll assign that to bluesabre too.21:34
Unit193Anyone have anything for the next subtopic?  Or can we skip it?21:34
ochosiadded a workitem for xubuntu-dev21:34
ochosiwell, you..?21:34
* ochosi doesn't know anything about the status of -core anymore21:35
slickymasterI have been testing Unit193's images21:35
Unit193#subtopic Core image21:35
slickymasterboth 32 and 64 bits21:35
Unit193ochosi: Sure you do, same as it's always been "pending on merge"21:35
ochosiUnit193: oh meh, still.. i had hoped knome had done more poking meanwhile21:36
Unit193ochosi: There's some disagreement on how they should show up on cdimage, infinity seems to understand quite well while xnox and maybe slang don't get it.21:36
Unit193ochosi: The MP has a comment or two new, and there's a bit of log to read from -devel, but yeah there's otherwise nothing new.21:36
Unit193slickymaster: Anything broken? :P21:36
slickymasternothing so far21:37
slickymasterI'd had tell you if it wre21:37
slickymaster* were21:37
Unit193Great, well thanks then.21:37
slickymasterbesides the fact that -core size is growing21:38
ochosiwhat size is it now?21:38
slickymaster~aroun 600 MB21:38
slickymaster+d 21:38
slickymastercorrection, around 700 MB21:39
Unit193Not a whole lot I can do while sticking with how cdimage would build them.  Ubuntu as a whole is getting a bit bloated under the hood, or more so.  Could do diffs on the manifests though I suppose.21:39
slickymasteryeah, that's true21:40
ochosihmm, still sounds acceptable21:40
Unit193Anything else?21:41
slickymasternothing from me21:41
Unit193#topic Announcements21:41
pleia2we have a new Xubuntu At... article pending21:42
pleia2hopefully getting it up this week21:42
pleia2that's all I've got21:42
Unit193There's some dates coming up, A2 and then FF end of Feb.21:43
Unit193#action slickymaster to schedule next meeting.21:44
meetingologyACTION: slickymaster to schedule next meeting.21:44
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Jan 19 21:44:35 2016 UTC.  21:44
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2016/xubuntu-devel.2016-01-19-21.00.moin.txt21:44
ochosipleia2: great, looking forward to that!21:44
ochosithanks for the meeting Unit193 21:44
slickymasterthanks Unit193 21:45
Unit193Thanks for showing up.21:45
pleia2thanks Unit193 21:45
* flocculant managed to read backlog21:51
flocculantthanks Unit193 21:51
Unit193flocculant: Sorry about your topics.21:51
Unit193flocculant: Wiki finally let me in though!21:51
flocculantno problem21:52
flocculantirc session will happen on 31st - just time to decide on tomorrow21:52
ochosiany pidgin users here?22:54
ochosiif there are and they show up later, here's a link in case you wanna test something: https://github.com/shimmerproject/pidgin-elementary22:58
ochosinight everyone!23:03
Unit193Yes, Knight everyone!23:06
bluesabreevening everyone!23:13
Unit193bluesabre: We defaulted to assigning things to you.23:13
bluesabreso I see23:13
bluesabreI'll be working hard these next few weeks, woo!23:13

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