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JTeatimewtb more cloud-init docs11:24
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smoserJTeatime, agreed.14:04
smoserhelp is definitely welcome.  that isn't (I hope) a stand-offish "patches welcome" response. really, help is very welcome.14:05
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JTeatimesmoser: understood.15:01
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harlowjasmoser u ok if i poke infra to redo-branch 0.7.x to https://github.com/harlowja/cloud-init/tree/0.7.x-final-final-final-really19:57
harlowjalast time i think they will do it, or i have to pay them big money to do it, lol19:58
smoserthat means i take no more commits to trunk, doesnt it.19:58
smoseror i pay harlowja big bucks19:58
harlowjabig big bucks20:06

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