geniiYep, can be annoying.00:01
solvarrHow do you resize a plasma widget?00:09
solvarroh found it00:33
solvarrHas anyone tried kde on wayland?00:46
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josef_\join #ppc01:58
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luvallcomputersI reboot my kubuntu 15.10 box and now have just the black log in screen04:39
luvallcomputersnot plasma screen log in04:39
luvallcomputerstried install kubuntu-desktop04:40
luvallcomputerswas installed04:40
luvallcomputerstried install plasma-desktop was installed04:40
luvallcomputerscan someone please tell me the install name of desktop package04:41
luvallcomputersalso tried to upgrade and did not find new packages04:41
valorieluvallcomputers: I assume you had backports enabled?04:46
valorieok, so some people are having trouble because their cache should have been flushed, and it wasn't04:47
luvallcomputersthank you04:47
valoriecan you get to a terminal?04:47
valoriealt+ctl+ f2 or so?04:47
luvallcomputersi was in terminal when I ran sudo to try the apt-get install04:47
valorieso from there you can do: `sudo rm ~/.cache04:48
valorieand then try again to login04:48
luvallcomputersi had just done updates on the machine and it did a kernel update so was doing reboot04:49
luvallcomputersI will go try the command04:49
valoriethere are folks who say yes, use the new cache04:49
valoriethose who choose not to are getting hit by this04:49
luvallcomputersthank you but the command said it is directory so will not remove the file04:54
luvallcomputersi have forgotten the command for remove directory04:54
valoriesorry, try sudo rm ~/.cache/*04:55
valoriethere is rm -rf but that can so easily destroy everything04:56
luvallcomputersok tried the command and it listed a bunch of directories in the file04:59
luvallcomputersbut did not remove them04:59
luvallcomputersi also rebooted and still at the same place04:59
luvallcomputersshould i remove some of the directories under cachie04:59
valorieluvallcomputers: let me consult my logs05:00
luvallcomputersthank you05:00
valorieok, try: sudo rm ~/.cache/plasma*05:01
valorieI was being too broad05:02
luvallcomputersok will do05:02
luvallcomputersdid not work05:07
luvallcomputersI do not have folder cache under root05:08
luvallcomputersi did not find under home/name05:08
valoriedid you paste in what I told you to type?05:08
valorie~/.cache is in your HOME05:08
valorie~/ is short for $HOME05:08
luvallcomputersi am working on another computer05:09
luvallcomputersthis is not the box with problem so i am typing in your command05:09
valoriegot it05:09
valoriewhat was the output?05:09
luvallcomputersok will go to home and try again05:09
valorienotice the dot in front05:10
luvallcomputersok it gives the error no such file or directory05:11
luvallcomputersrm ~/.cache/plasma*05:11
valorieperhaps try without sudo05:11
valoriebut .... you have to have a .cache file05:12
valorieI'm completely baffled05:12
luvallcomputersnot listed05:14
luvallcomputersls did not show .cache directory05:15
valoriedo you see it when you do `ls` ?05:15
valorieactually, `ls -a`05:15
valoriewhich is ls=list -a, is all05:16
luvallcomputersok will list a05:17
valorieif you aren't in home, do cd first05:18
luvallcomputersjust ran ls .cache05:18
luvallcomputersit has directories but not plasma05:18
valoriethis is my output from ls .cache: https://paste.kde.org/pdonijw6j05:20
valorielots and lots of plasma files05:20
luvallcomputershas one file motd.legal-displayed05:20
valoriewell, cat motd.legal-displayed05:21
valorieread it05:21
luvallcomputersall other things under cache is directories05:22
valorieok, perhaps you have permissions problems05:22
luvallcomputersmaybe i need to run rm with sudo and try again05:24
valoriechown -R username folder/ is the general case, so for your $HOME it will be chown -R $HOME05:24
valorieor spell it out05:24
valorieluvallcomputers: if it isn't there, it isn't there05:25
valoriebut for some reason when you try to login, they aren't being created05:25
valorieso I'm thinking that they can't be written, which leads to permissions problems05:25
valorieprobably because you ran sudo on a gui application or so05:25
valorieso: `chown -R $HOME`05:26
valorieit will take a little while05:26
valorienot too long05:26
valoriethen try to login again05:26
valorieor restart05:27
valoriebut only after it finishes05:27
luvallcomputersit does not like the -R05:29
luvallcomputersgives error05:29
luvallcomputersmissing operand05:30
valoriespell it out then: chown -R youruser /05:31
valoriewhere youruser is actual user05:31
luvallcomputersit is working now on chown05:33
luvallcomputersit finished the chown I rebooted and still at the log in prompt not plasma log in05:38
valoriecan you tell me more about the system?05:39
valoriedid you do anything special to it before?05:39
luvallcomputersit has been running since I upgraded to 15.1005:40
valorieso you've been running 15.10 for awhile, and just upgraded?05:40
luvallcomputersran updates and then did a reboot05:40
valoriedo you have any special repositories/PPAs?05:40
luvallcomputersbut the log out button was not working so ran command to reboot05:40
valoriefor instance?05:41
luvallcomputersvirtual box and libre office05:41
valorielibreoffice requires a PPA?05:41
luvallcomputersnothing that has not been there since the upgrade05:41
valorie!info libreoffice05:41
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:5.0.2-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 25 kB, installed size 147 kB05:41
luvallcomputersI think it is old05:41
valoriethat's just standard05:41
luvallcomputerswhen i wanted the lastest version on 15.0405:42
valorieso, now that chown is done, do this: `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`05:42
valorienotice I'm using apt not apt-get05:42
valorieand full-upgrade not dist-upgrade05:42
luvallcomputersi ran them05:46
luvallcomputersit come back with error05:47
luvallcomputersopen lock var/lib/dpkg/lock -open 13 permission denied are you root05:47
luvallcomputersran with sudo05:47
valoriedo you have any open windows where you are running sudo?05:48
valorieor other terminals05:48
luvallcomputersnone that I am aware of05:48
luvallcomputersit just has the one command prompt05:49
valoriewell, you might have to wait until the lock expires05:49
valorieI'll google a bit05:49
valorieI know it can be broken05:49
luvallcomputersthank you for helping with this05:49
luvallcomputersmost of the time i needed to reload the windows manager and it would work not sure why this is different05:50
valorieok, let's try -f which is fix: `sudo apt-get install -f`05:52
valorieme either05:52
luvallcomputersdid not change anything on the screen05:59
luvallcomputersit still has 0 updates or changes05:59
valorieyou can use the up-arrow now though, to reuse your update && full-upgrade command06:00
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solvarrhey all08:28
solvarrHow do you resize the applet on panel?08:29
solvarrWhen I add a sticker to the panel, how do I resize the note when it's clicked?08:29
hateballsolvarr: are we talking about "sticky notes" here? is this on 14.04 or 15.10 ?08:31
valorielong press08:31
solvarrit doesn't work08:32
solvarroutside the panel yes08:32
soeesolvarr: you can't resize it on panel08:33
solvarrbut it's so small08:33
solvarrmight be a bug?08:34
soeeshow screenshot08:35
solvarrBTW plasma crashed when I was adding this sticky note to panel08:38
valoriesolvarr: does the bug-reporter pop up?08:41
valorieif so, please file a bug08:41
solvarrdo you mean the crash? yes08:41
valoriethank you08:46
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solvarrDoes ubuntu have a rolling update repo?08:56
hateballsolvarr: no not really, unless you constantly run devel-releases08:57
lordievaderGood morning.09:26
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BluesKajHiyas all11:46
vyluhello. Could somebody explain how to alter polkit user permissions? I have two users on system, one of them can shutdown/restart/suspend/play audio, the other one can not. Howether, these two users are in the same groups. I gues, it might be problems with higher level permissions, probably polkit.11:57
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync12:07
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solvarrWhen will kubuntu 16.04 be released?14:22
soee_solvarr: same as all *ubuntu14:23
soee_see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule14:23
Maxiridesolvarr: april I guess? Like the mubering suggests14:23
soee_yes, April 21st14:23
solvarrCan't wait14:24
soee_shoudl be cool release, if we make Plasma 5.6 to be included, it will rox14:25
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RansomTimeis there a GUI tool for dealing with fstab16:21
RansomTimepysdm was recommended but it's not in repos16:22
RansomTimelooks like I can run gnome-discs from KDE, didn't realise, installed and running now16:23
BluesKaj_RansomTime, right click on the desktop choose run command, then in the runbox kdesudo kate /etc/fstab. That's as close to a giu for editing fstab you're gonna find16:27
RansomTimegnome-discs worked16:28
RansomTimeI'm fine with vim to edit, it's just I don't know "what" I need to add16:29
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sharanagi just installed kubuntu 15.10, and can't get my MTS MBlaze dongle to work18:34
sharanagit worked alright when I tested kubuntu from live usb yesterday18:34
sharanagi've added a new network connection and it keeps getting "deactivated" as soon as i press connect18:35
sharanaganyone know what the problem could be?18:35
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sharanagno help?18:47
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dadangleHey everyone, new here. Longtime Kubuntu user but I've got a newb question. Anyone willing to help?19:01
toamsafter startup i'm stuck with a black screen. only the mouse pointer is displaying. looks like kwin/plasmashell did not start19:14
toamscan somebody help debug this?19:14
toamsit started after upgrading yesterday19:14
BluesKajtoams, which kubuntu release?19:17
toams15.10 i believe19:18
toamshow to check?19:19
BluesKajlsb_release -a19:19
toams15.10 it is19:20
BluesKajok , toams what's you graphics chip/gpu?19:20
toamsamd running free drivers19:22
toamsare kdeinit4 and kded4 supposed to be running?19:23
toamsthat can't be right, currently kdeinit4 and kdeinit5 are both running?19:25
BluesKajwhich plasma version?, plasmasherll -v19:26
BluesKajoops plasmashell19:26
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BluesKajafaik they should not be running19:30
toamsfunny thing: if i wait for the screensaver to start and then resume working i have fully working desktop19:31
BluesKajthere's problem with lockscreen so I have it disabled19:32
toamsi'm going to try to remove kdeinit4 from my system19:33
toamswhat a shame muon is removed... I really liked it. i hope it finds a maintainer soon19:36
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BluesKajtoams, install libmuon and muon19:37
suihi, yesterday i got a kde update from 5.4 to 5.5 from this repo kubuntu-ppa/backports but now i don't have sound anymore19:46
suii just have a dummy device playing no sound at all19:46
soeeupdate should not affect sound i think19:49
suieverything else seems okay, the correct intel hda drivers are loaded, /dev/snd/* is available with ownership root:audio19:49
soeedid you checked configuration in System Settings -> Multimedia ?19:49
suisoee: yes, i checked systemsettings - multimedia and as i aid theres only a dummy devce available19:50
BluesKajsui , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , or check alsmixer first and disable automute19:50
BluesKajsui or both19:51
toamsdamnit i changed compositing from xrender to opengl 3.1 and now my screen displays only rubbish19:53
toamshow to change it back via config file or something? i'm logged in remotly19:54
suiBluesKaj: snd_hda_intel was loaded before and i hopefully disabled auto-mute with "amixer -c 0 sset "Auto-Mute Mode" Disabled" but still no luck19:58
BluesKajsui, i just open alsamixer and disable automute, to be sure20:00
suiBluesKaj: checked that. it's disabled. channels are unmuted when theres a green "OO" below signal bars, right?20:01
BluesKajsui, right20:01
BluesKajother users will disagree, but with intel audio , one doesn't really need pulseaudio unless you plan on several simultaneos sound sources. Intel audio drivers are written to run perfectly fine directly with alsa20:03
suiBluesKaj: that does not change anything. and i still can use a dummy device in systemsettings/ multimedia20:04
BluesKajthat's the kind of audio setup i use20:04
suiyesterday i had luck after installing kmix, but after a reboot i lost my sound device again20:04
suii cannot chose any soundcard in the other tab20:06
BluesKajif you want pure alsa then purge pulseaudio, but that's your call...otherwise it will take no end of fiddling around to pulseaudio setup properly20:07
BluesKajto set up pulseaudio that is'20:07
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suiBluesKaj: it depends how many problems i still have. for now i just rebooted and the problems went away20:22
BluesKajsui, so you have sound ?20:23
BluesKajok good20:23
suiperhaps it was alsas auto-mute. how can i disable that permanently?20:23
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BluesKajopen alsamixer in the terminal, then escape, then, sudo alsactl store20:25
BluesKajif automute is already disabled20:26
arnaudoffhi guys, want to ask you something20:26
arnaudoffhope someone can help me20:27
suiBluesKaj: done, will check that20:27
suiglad it's no kde problem ;)20:27
BluesKajarnaudoff, ask your question first. if we can help we will20:27
arnaudoffi have dual boot on my laptop using win10 and linux. i have no experience in using linux. i have problem with my headphones. they're working perfectly in win10 but here there's no sound. i've tried listening to a song in youtube and making a skype call. found a solution for ubuntu at their forum, even though the man who asked for it had similar laptop to mine. the guy who answered him had wrote this: alsactl restore20:28
arnaudoffbut this command didnt helped me so i dont know what to do. thank you in advance.20:28
arnaudoff@BluesKaj, do you have any ideas?20:31
BluesKajarnaudoff, open a terminal and run this, cat /proc/asound/modules20:31
BluesKajpaste the output here , there will probly just be 2 lines or so20:33
arnaudoff 0 snd_hda_intel20:34
BluesKajarnaudoff, open a terminal and type. alasmixer , use the right arrow key to navigate to the automute ctl, use the down arrow key to disable automute20:38
BluesKajalso turn up the master volume and the pcm volume to the max and make sure there are no MM in the ctls20:39
arnaudoffBluesKaj: i did what you told me but it doesnt work :(20:44
arnaudoffmaster / headphone / pcm - 100% auto-mute - off20:45
fu_I dunno if you saw my last 2 comments20:49
fu_(my internet connection is _very_ unstable :()20:50
fu_I just installed the 15.08 apps, with the shiny "new" plasma. Now, when I configure the panel to "Windows Can Go Below", I cannot access the panel when a window is maximized20:50
fu_is there a way to fix that, ie. being able to access the panels again, by using the mouse on the screen border?20:50
BluesKajarnaudoff, system settings>multimedia>music, the device preference tab pass the cursor over each entry in the list to find the "Card 0" in the popup dialog, choose that and move it to the the top, then click the test button.20:51
soeefu_: works fine here for me, apps go under panel and i interact with panel normally20:51
fu_which version do you use, Kubuntu 15.10 ?20:51
soeefu_: 16.0420:51
fu_is it stable enough?20:52
soeefor me yes ;D20:52
soeebut you should stay on 15.10 on production machines20:52
fu_also, is it normal that (folder) icons in dolphin are only black and white when using the detailled view ?20:53
soeefu_: show screenshot please20:53
soeeblack/white icons are used for small size icons20:54
fu_I just checked, is when the icon size is below 32px. This is anoying (and ugly imho)20:54
soeeinf you increase their size, they should get changed to colored20:54
fu_so, no way to get back some color for small sized icons ?20:54
soeenope, if you want to sue breeze iconset20:55
fu_I will, it's outrageous !20:55
fu_well, back to oxygen, the breeze test was short :)20:56
fu_well, not being able to access the panels is a bummer20:57
suiBluesKaj: fyi: if i reboot i don't have sound devices in kde i have to relogin one or two times and then suddenly it works.20:57
soeeit should work fine20:57
fu_it should yes20:58
xpsuDoes Kubuntu have the same 'spyware' that Ubuntu has?20:59
CruzhmSo has anyone installed kubuntu on a macbook pro?21:00
BluesKajsui, opena terminal, sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , then reboot21:01
soeexpsu: no21:02
acher88xpsu: kubuntu doesnt have any equivalent of those features21:03
xpsusoee acher88: Thanks for the data! I am happy to be here as a new Kubuntu user.21:03
BluesKajxpsu, no unity desktop bloatware here either21:03
suiBluesKaj: i'll give it a try, but what should modprobe fix in this case? the module was loaded21:04
BluesKajsui, sometimes the module is not loaded after an upgrade and one needs to run that command .. it's a small but annoying bug21:05
suiBluesKaj: did a modprobe and rebooted butthe problem remains21:23
suiafter the first login i just have the dummy device21:23
BluesKajsui, open alsamixer , F6 ,choose the HDA or (card 0), then esc key then sudo alsactl store21:34
xpsuHey I just installed Kubuntu and updated my Video Driver. I had really tiny fonts but I fixed it with 'Fonts - Force fonts DPI' but the loggon window is still tiny fonts. Anyone know how to fix that?21:47
xpsuSorry if someone already anwsered something funny happened to me during the netsplit.21:48
BluesKajxpsu, increase the font size globally in system settings>Fonts>adjust all Fonts and apply21:50
wxlhow do i save a panel? XD22:06
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emIm looking for some advice about Kubuntu --- I just got Kubuntu 15.10 and I notice that when I let the laptop go into suspend, with the lid shut, I come back and open the lid, login, and I find that there are widgets that have been added to the desktop and panel.. random widges and lots of them.22:31
emwhat's going on there and how I do prevent that?22:31
ndavisAll: Just installed osTicket and the new version has a MySQL DROP ALL statement that wiped out all 500 of my existing DBs.  Are these still in MySQL history and can I recover without running a massive backup scenario?  Usually takes about 4+ hours from full backup!22:32
ndavisAll: 2nd Q!  Have MySQL DB instances not in the default directory, pull from other sources.  How do I connect to these and extract their data?22:33
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xpsuHey, I am having trouble adjusting the dpi of the login screen. I found several forums on how to fix it but none see applicable to Kubuntu. https://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-67376.html22:45
emi have a much easier question. I just want to know how to manage widgets on kubuntu 15.10  both putting them places, the desktop, the panel, the meaning of locking and unlocking, removing them etc.22:51
emalso why is there a desktop thingy at the top and also on the pannel22:51
emand to lock both in both places22:51
emmaybe this is easy if you always used kubuntu but i have to say this is not intuitive!22:52

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