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toan_I got an error while building wireshark for precise, the error is: Note, selecting 'libcap-dev' instead of 'libcap2-dev'; how can I edit the control file to auto substitue if libcap2-dev is not available14:47
toan_ref: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/234722696/buildlog.txt.gz14:48
cjwatsontoan_: that is not the error14:51
cjwatsonE: Build-Depends dependency for wireshark cannot be satisfied because the package libsbc-dev cannot be found14:51
cjwatsontoan_: ^- that is the error14:51
cjwatsontoan_: you can say "libsbc-dev | some-other-package" in Build-Depends14:52
toan_cjwatson, how would i be able to fix that for precise?14:52
cjwatsontoan_: if it's literally just "and ignore it if it doesn't exist", then you could do something like "libsbc-dev | base-files"14:52
toan_cjwatson, that's a good trick,14:53
toan_cjwatson, ** stupid question ***, but why doesn't ubuntu create a jailed root environment for each dist/arch, with built in cross compilers so that people like me can cross build locally, instead having to rely on the automated build system14:55
toan_something like pbuilder but for different dist/arch.14:56
cjwatsontoan_: You mean like "mk-sbuild --target <other architecture>"?14:58
cjwatsontoan_: Lots of build systems get cross-building wrong, though, and it requires careful setup of packaging metadata.  It's an ongoing project.14:58
toan_i've never used mk-sbuild before; but the idea is being able to do cross and cross native builds14:58
cjwatsonWell, you can do that in many cases.14:58
cjwatsonI think I pointed you at the SimpleSbuild wiki page before, and it's a variation on that.14:59
toan_IC, i'll look into it...14:59
cjwatsonIn fact, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild even briefly documents this (albeit under the "ARM" section) and links to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CrossBuilding for more.15:02
toan_cjwatson, ** if there's no LP's build system, that's how I would setup my system for different targets....15:05
toan_cjwatson, on another note, Ubuntu has been packaging enlightenment windows manager version e17 or so, that's really old... and obsolete... it lacks so much features... what does it take for ubuntu to consider packaging e20?15:06
toan_when i say packaging, i mean to for ubuntu to supply e20 as a default install15:07
cjwatsontoan_: No idea, I have nothing to do with that stuff.15:10
toan_the reason i am asking because I use/test/fix the mainstream version of e20 everyday; i would like it be used by more people to help out w/ the process15:10
cjwatsonI hear there is a bug reporting system though. :-)15:11
toan_cjwatson, yeah, phab!  it is a very good system.15:11
cjwatsonI was kind of thinking of the Ubuntu one, hosted on Launchpad. :-P15:12
toan_the only time i use LP to report a bug is when there's a kernel bug, other than that, i normally go directly to the developer..15:12
cjwatsonWhich is where you report problems with Ubuntu.15:12
toan_LP=LP is15:12
dobeytoan_: e17 is just synced from debian, so you probably want to get in contact with debian devs and get things updated there; then it can just be synced to ubuntu15:40
toan_dobey, thanks15:43
andyrockin this MP lp fails to properly take a branch as a prerequisite16:09
andyrocksomeone knows why?16:09
cjwatsonandyrock: the list of unmerged commits looks right to me; can you explain exactly what you think is wrong?16:12
cjwatsonah, I see, the diff is rather longer than it ought to be16:15
cjwatsonandyrock: (experimenting locally)16:17
cjwatsonandyrock: Right, so you last merged the prerequisite branch a little while ago, when its last common ancestor with lp:unity was the revision didrocks@ubuntu.com-20151215094829-ak3cb1ins5pbvc75; since then, the prereq branch has had newer trunk revisions merged into it, but I think the criss-cross merging is confusing the least common ancestor algorithm in use by LP and it still thinks that that same revision is the LCA even given that ...16:36
cjwatson... prereq branch16:36
cjwatsonandyrock: I would suggest that you try "bzr merge lp:~3v1n0/unity/launcher-filemanager-integration", resolve conflicts, commit, and push; I think that may work around it.  If not, then I would suggest reconstructing your branch by branching from the launcher-filemanager-integration branch directly and adding your commit on top, rather than by branching lp:unity and then merging that branch16:44
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andyrockcjwatson: thanks!20:32

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