Kiloshelloooo africa05:50
craigzimmorning Kilos05:59
Bilel_mkGood Morning Every one !08:29
Kiloshi Bilel_mk08:38
Bilel_mkHOW ARE YOU kILOS08:40
Kilosgood ty and you?08:40
Bilel_mkPerfect !08:40
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Kiloselacheche you home yet?18:32
Na3iLHey Africa18:50
Kiloshi Na3iL18:52
Na3iLHello Kilos how are you doing?18:52
Kiloschesedo do you still have an old agenda18:52
Kilosim good ty Na3iL and you18:52
Kilosjust about  ready to sleep18:52
Na3iLgood as well, I am searching for something to contribute/help x)18:53
Kiloswaiting for elacheche to get home18:53
Kiloswhew you only need serious help18:53
Kiloswhats the prob?18:53
Na3iLNothing, u didn't understand me right! :p18:54
Kilosoh sorry18:56
chesedoKilos: almost forgot... Will use aug's?18:56
Kiloscool chesedo18:56
KilosNa3iL think of something to add to the agenda for next weeks meeting18:57
Na3iLyep that's sure18:58
Kilosand nag the tunisians to all adjust their work loads to attend18:58
Na3iLI will indeed18:59
Kilosand if you like you can mail the list so all the peeps in africa can get woken up18:59
Kilosonly you replied to my mail18:59
Kilospeeps arent even looking at their mails anymore19:00
Kiloselacheche ping19:00
chesedoKilos: emails are like short notes... one does not reply :P19:03
chesedoanyway page created - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/2016012719:03
chesedoam not to sure about some items, so added three questions marks (???) to them...19:04
chesedoyou available to help sort them tomorrow?19:04
Kilosyou know how to edit the topic bar19:04
Kilosyes ill be here19:04
Kilosok let me try again19:05
chesedoQA: edit topic19:05
QAchesedo: Huh?19:05
Na3iL /topic your msg19:05
chesedoQA: topic19:05
QAchesedo: Excuse me?19:05
Kilosi did it last week but already forgotten19:05
Na3iLKilos, You need to be op in the channel /cs op #name_of_channel Nickname19:07
Na3iLafter that you type /topic your_new_topic19:08
Kilosoh yes19:08
KilosQA shorten https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/2016012719:11
QAKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/i0QrUs19:11
KilosWelcome to #ubuntu-africa | Website: http://ubuntu-africa.info |19:12
Kiloshttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams |19:12
KilosLogs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Next meeting: Wed, 25 November 201519:12
Kilos18:30 GMT Agenda: http://is.gd/i0QrUs19:12
Kilosthat didnt work19:12
Na3iLAll in the same line19:13
Kilosit was19:13
Na3iLReally! that's weird19:13
Kilosi used the gui last time i think19:13
Na3iLOh! yes you can use the gui also, it's much better easy the cli one19:14
Kilosand just did an edit of date etc19:14
Na3iLYou are running hexchat Kilos , if yes, you will find the topic bar above19:14
Kilostopic bar above as well19:15
Na3iLYou can edit it then?19:15
Kilosyes but i have to find where to get it open to edit19:16
Na3iLOh! wait19:16
Na3iL /topic #ubuntu-africa your_topic19:16
Na3iLTry that one19:16
=== Kilos changed the topic of #ubuntu-africa to: Welcome to #ubuntu-africa | Website: http://ubuntu-africa.info | https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams | Logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Next meeting: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 18:30 GMT Agenda: http://is.gd/i0QrUs
Kilosthere we go19:17
Na3iLcool :D19:17
Kilosi have to right click on topic bar and choose channel settings19:18
Na3iLgood :D I always prefer the cli method :D19:18
Kilosi will have forgotten by nest change again19:18
Na3iLThen, /cs deop #ubuntu-africa Kilos19:18
Kilosit tells me im not registered19:19
Na3iLhaha :D19:20
Kilosi just need to op and deop #ubuntu-africa19:21
Kilosno nick needed19:21
Na3iLgot it :D19:21
Na3iLQA, coffee please19:24
QANa3iL: There isn't a pot on19:24
Na3iLQA, please coffee19:25
QANa3iL: Sorry...19:25
Na3iL:( I hate you QA19:25
Kilosjust do QA coffee on19:26
Kilosthen everyone else does the coffee please19:27
KilosQA coffee on19:27
* QA washes some mugs19:27
KilosNa3iL ^^19:27
Na3iLah :D19:28
Na3iLI am stupid sometimes :P19:28
Na3iLQA, coffee on19:28
QANa3iL: There's already a pot on. If you ask nicely, maybe you can have a cup19:28
Na3iLlol xD19:29
Kilosi already told her to put it on19:29
Kiloshi nizarus19:29
Kilosmeeting here on the 27th19:29
nizarushi Kilos & all19:29
Kilosfeel free to add items to the agenda everyone19:29
Kiloschesedo i edited the agenda a bit19:30
Na3iLhey nizarus19:30
Kilosongolaboy must give feedback on his repo thing19:30
Kiloselacheche ping19:30
KilosNa3iL fone him and say im falling asleep here19:31
Kilosand a new applicant is still waiting19:31
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!19:31
KilosQA ty19:31
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos19:31
Na3iLI think I don't have his number wait I will see19:31
Kilosoh my19:32
Na3iLI don't have Kilos19:34
Kilosoh my goodness19:35
Kilosi hope he hasnt forgotten19:35
Kilosty for looking19:35
Na3iLit's nothing19:35
Kilosone never knows whats happening in todays rush rush world19:36
Na3iLthe application is for Ubuntu membership?19:37
Kilosat 2 pm already19:38
Kilospoor guy still waiting for us to finish voting19:39
nizarusping him on twitter :)19:39
Kilosi dont have him on titter19:39
Kilosi dont use twitter much19:39
Na3iLI will ping him on twitter, thanks nizarus19:39
Kilosim not a twitter or facebook fan19:40
Kiloshi zipper meeting here on the 27th hey19:43
Kilosget more of your guys to join19:43
zipperKilos: We have a meeting here?19:44
Kilosyes here on the 27th19:44
Kilosall of africa attend if they remember19:44
Kilossee if you have something to add to the agenda on http://is.gd/i0QrUs19:45
Kilosat 20.30 africa time19:47
KilosCAT i gthink it is19:47
zipperAfrica time?19:52
zipperSay that in UTC +/-19:52
zipperKilos: ^19:52
KilosUTC +219:52
zipperOh nice19:52
Kilosles have all uuntu users pulled from your lug to here ok?19:53
Kiloswhew im falling asleep here19:54
Kilosno reply yet Na3iL ?19:54
Na3iLno reply Kilos  :(19:55
Kilosoh my. i hope he is ok19:55
Na3iLI hope so19:55
Kiloshim and neo31 were my first contacts in africa19:56
Kilos'other than the za peeps of course19:57
Na3iLreally! :D that's awesome20:00
Kiloshi elacheche wb20:01
Kilosyou ok20:01
Kilosoh my20:01
Kiloshes on his fone too i think20:04
Kiloselacheche_anis you here lad??20:05
Kilossleep well africa20:37

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