McIntireEvanpopey: Submitted another Terminal MR if you have time :)01:56
popeyalready tested and approved :D01:56
popeyoh, another one!01:57
popeyyou're on fire!01:57
popeyneed to do a store upload when all this lands01:58
* popey glares at jenkins01:58
McIntireEvanIm having fun with the terminal app, totally continuing to do more with it :)02:06
* ogra_ only recently noticed that the terminal app actually doesnt stop running processes when you swipe it to the background ... 02:08
ogra_it actually backgrounds them ... and you can get them back issuing "fg"02:08
McIntireEvanReally? I think there are at least 2 open bugs relating to that02:09
ogra_i always thought it kills the processes ... til i noticed it in stopped state in ps :)02:10
McIntireEvanI've never been able to test that considering I still don't have an emulator setup; my ubuntu installation is on a flash drive right now02:10
popeyMcIntireEvan, tried the paste branch, and i still see a paste entry even when the buffer is empty02:11
McIntireEvanHmm, it worked for me, though I have a few ideas, I'll check it out again tomorrow after my physics final02:12
McIntireEvanOh, popey, I also have a branch I did for a GCI task from a few weeks back that vastly expands the READMEs, ahayzen did a bit of a review on it and I fixed some things that I noticed were mistakes, mind taking a look?02:28
McIntireEvanActually looking at it I do need to rebase it because I did it on a dirty branch02:29
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elimisteveJanC: I know that scopes have happened :-), I'm asking about whether their security model as defined in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ScopesConfinement is up to date07:22
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Penguin Awareness Day! 😃10:06
mcphailHaving been pooped on by one, I'd say it is best to beware penguins 365 days a year.10:35
JamesTaitLikewise cats.10:36
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faenilMcIntireEvan: just fyi, the terminal app will be used for the user-testing session we have at the end of January :) in desktop environment :)11:10
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ahayzenballoons, have you had anyone else report that jenkins is having issues finding the keyboard sometimes ? I've had the same issue for both music and weather now where it says "RuntimeError: Keyboard is not on screen" sometimes when using .write(value)14:56
DS-McGuireHello guys, I'm trying to make a JavaScript scope and I am having trouble with the SDK.15:15
DS-McGuireI'm getting :-1: error: /usr/bin/cmake: Command not found When I test my new scope app before I've even made any changes. I'm using the Ubuntu 15.04 click15:16
mcphailDS-McGuire: have you installed the SDK from the PPA?15:22
DS-McGuiremcphail, I can't really remember it has been a while. Should I add the ppa and update?15:23
mcphailDS-McGuire: yes, add PPA, install SDK, run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to upgrade the click package, delete your click chroots and rebuild. Should sort things, hopefully...15:24
DS-McGuiremcphail, I'll do it now... Getting those click chroots take forever on my Internet. Will let you know in a bit.15:25
mcphailDS-McGuire: I think there are static ones you can install as well. bzoltan_ may be able to point you in the right direction15:25
DS-McGuiremcphail, Awesome, that would help :)15:26
DS-McGuireI just checked before I added the PPA and it seems i already have the ppa15:27
mcphailDS-McGuire: OK, make sure you have run a "dist-upgrade" as the default click package doesn't get upgraded unless you do that15:28
DS-McGuireWill do it now, mcphail :)15:28
mcphailDS-McGuire: then make sure you have the SDK installed (which should pull in cmake) and rebuild the click chroots.15:28
DS-McGuiremcphail, Looking at the terminal now it seems it's updating "make" so fingers crossed.15:29
bzoltan_DS-McGuire:  if you need a static chroot just install the ubuntu-sdk-api-15.04-armhf package15:29
* mcphail hasn't tried building a javascript scope yet, but had similar problems when building apps with an outdated version of click15:30
DS-McGuireDamn, updated everything and still have :-1: error: /usr/bin/cmake: Command not found15:31
mcphailDS-McGuire: you've deleted and rebuilt the chroots?15:32
DS-McGuiremcphail, Oh yeah ahah15:32
* DS-McGuire deleting15:32
mcphailDS-McGuire: see bzoltan_'s message above re: static chroots (to save time)15:32
DS-McGuiremcphail, How would I install that?15:33
DS-McGuirenevermind, I just sudo apt-get installed it15:33
mcphailDS-McGuire: "sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-sdk-api-15.04-armhf" I would guess15:33
* DS-McGuire needs coffee to wake up 15:34
* mcphail crosses fingers15:34
DS-McGuiremcphail, Still fails...16:14
DS-McGuireI don't know what to do :L16:14
mcphailDS-McGuire: javascript scopes are quite new, aren't they? What guuide/tutorial are you following?16:18
DS-McGuiremcphail, This one: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/tutorials/developing-scopes-javascript/ I has been updated since I last used it (2 days ago) due to a lack of instructions I found and then Micheal Hall fixed.16:19
mcphailDS-McGuire: are you around later? I can try it after work and see what it does on my machine16:20
DS-McGuireI will be out from 6:30GMT to 8:30GMT but I'll be free after that :)16:21
mcphailOK, will try later :)16:21
DS-McGuiremcphail, Thanks. One last note, other projects that aren't JS scopes open fine.16:23
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link0802 Hi. Why this code not work for indicator? I see just simple ImageMenuItem, no any makrup :( code:  new = gtk.ImageMenuItem('<b>'+title+'</b>') label.set_markup('<span foreground="blue" size="x-large">Blue text</span> is <i>cool</i>!') label.set_use_markup(True)17:08
mcphaillink0802: don't know what you are doing, or what language you are doing it in, but you're probably in the wrong place here. That aside, most languages don't allow you to run-on statements like that (requiring semicolons or newlines), "new" is a reserved word in common languages and cannot be used as a variable, and your reference to "label" has appeared from nowhere. But I think you'd be better finding a more specific channel17:17
McIntireEvanfaenil: Oh, by user-testing session do you mean testing by general users as to how user-friendly stuff is?18:01
faenilMcIntireEvan: yep!18:04
faenilwe invite people to the office and have them play with the apps18:04
faenilask them to perform certain tasks etc18:04
McIntireEvanfaenil: Awesome!18:12
mcphailDS-McGuire: did you get this error when setting things up? - http://paste.ubuntu.com/14583740/18:21
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mcphailmhall119: have you been working on the javascript scopes infrastructure?18:26
Kaleoahayzen, https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1455087 still bothering you?18:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 1455087 in Mir "[mako] Camera-app causing hard reset of device" [Undecided,Incomplete]18:27
Kaleohas anybody observed https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app/+bug/1288539 recently?18:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1288539 in android (Ubuntu) "[mako] progressive shearing" [Critical,Confirmed]18:33
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faenilMcIntireEvan: yeah :) so if you want anything to be usertested on a laptop environment please push it this week :) (beginning of next week at max)18:45
ahayzenKaleo, i haven't had it recently, but also i haven't been using camera as much19:21
Kaleolet's cross fingers:)19:25
ahayzenyeah :-/19:25
ahayzenballoons, ping19:31
balloonsahayzen, pong20:00
ahayzenballoons, two things, firstly i've tried various things to get around the location access thing and it is still failing, even tried copying the webbrowser20:00
ahayzenballoons, i've been adding it to this branch i was working on with weather https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/ubuntu-weather-app/fix-control-depends-01/+merge/28224120:01
ahayzenballoons, doing those commands that you gave me end up with something like this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14584998/20:01
ahayzenballoons, i wonder if it can't run sudo or something ?20:01
mhall119mcphail: only the documentation side of things, why?20:02
ahayzenballoons, i also tried doing a select of GeolocationPermissionRequest but it couldn't find it (that's how the webbrowser does it) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/webbrowser-app/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/webbrowser_app/tests/test_geolocation.py http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/webbrowser-app/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/webbrowser_app/emulators/browser.py#L42320:03
ahayzenballoons, that's the first thing, the second is that i've found the sdk helper for the keyboard, that you do .type(value) appears to be flaky, it sometimes cannot find the keyboard :-/20:03
mcphailmhall119: I was just wondering whether the error I posted above was relevant - http://paste.ubuntu.com/14583740/ . Things seem to work OK for me after that, but DS-McGuire has been having problems with missing cmake errors and I don't know if the chroots are getting set up correctly20:05
mhall119yeah, I'll be no help there. davidcalle and marcus might be able to help though20:07
mcphailmhall119: OK, thanks :)20:08
* balloons looks20:10
* balloons realizes ahayzen wants him to think20:11
ahayzenballoons, haha, any suggestions to both issues? ;-) i think the latter is a problem in the sdk helper itself as i've seen on music and weather the same issue20:11
balloonsahayzen, for the keyboard helper issue, ask timp /file a bug for sure. Is this not just happening on music or weather?20:11
ahayzenballoons, music and weather are the only two i monitor autopilot tests :-)20:12
balloonsand yes, sudo is an issue. What I sent you should work for location. If it doesn't, we can ask the QA folks about it20:12
ahayzenbut for both i have now seen it say "NoKeyboardFound" and then take a screenshot of the keyboard...20:12
balloonsahayzen, yes, more than just one app means it's definitely a bug20:12
ahayzenballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/location-service#Dummy_provider <- has sudo in it ;_)20:12
balloonsahayzen, if you do the commands manually and then run the tests, does it work ok?20:13
ahayzenballoons, it is only failing on jenkins20:13
ahayzenballoons, on my device it is fine, as i have already accepted the location thing at some point in the past20:13
balloonsahayzen, it works without running anything even locally? ohh right.. lol, I meant on a fresh device20:13
ahayzenah yeah, idk if that would work20:14
ahayzenand even a reflash wouldn't help, i'd have todo a wipe? :-/ which i'd rather not do20:14
balloonsso that makes sense. Well, let's mod the job to run just the single test, and run the commands locally20:14
ahayzenballoons, thanks20:15
balloonsahayzen, and the test doesn't matter -- any one should work yes? Give me a full name to run and I'll make the job20:15
ahayzenballoons, only some use the location stuff... let me check20:16
ahayzenballoons, try ubuntu_weather_app.tests.test_migration.TestMigration.test_locations_page20:17
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ahayzenballoons, were you able to make the job ? :-)21:32
balloonsahayzen, working on it now21:34
ahayzenballoons, sweet, thanks :-)21:34
balloonshttps://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Test/job/weather-location-test/ will be it21:37
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DS-McGuiremcphail, Any luck after?21:42
mcphailDS-McGuire: worked for me, despite an error message setting things up. When do you get the error?21:56
DS-McGuiremcphail, When I run a JS scope... Any scope... :(21:56
mcphailDS-McGuire: let's run through the setup together...21:57
mcphailDS-McGuire: OK, New project -> Unity Scope (Javascript)21:58
mcphailpick a name21:58
mcphailFramework ubuntu-sdk15.04.3, confinement type scope with network access, Template JS scope using http and json...21:59
mcphailFor kit selection, I pick Desktop (not Ubuntu SDK Desktop kit) and Ubuntu SDK for armhf...22:00
mcphailskip version control22:00
mcphailThen run cmake for the desktop. Do you get an error there?22:00
* DS-McGuire will do in 10 mins22:07
DS-McGuiremcphail, Right, did all that exactly how you said and it still doesn't work... :(22:24
mcphailDS-McGuire: at what point does it fail?22:29
DS-McGuiremcphail, As soon as it's started. Nothing even starts it just fails.22:31
DS-McGuireOutput log: 22:30:52: Running steps for project untitled2...22:31
DS-McGuire22:30:52: Starting: "/usr/bin/make"22:31
DS-McGuireMakefile:281: recipe for target 'cmake_check_build_system' failed22:31
DS-McGuiremake: /usr/bin/cmake: Command not found22:31
DS-McGuiremake: *** [cmake_check_build_system] Error 12722:31
DS-McGuire22:30:52: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited with code 2.22:31
DS-McGuireError while building/deploying project untitled2 (kit: Desktop)22:31
DS-McGuireWhen executing step "Make"22:31
DS-McGuire22:30:52: Elapsed time: 00:00.22:31
DS-McGuireOMG, sorry.22:31
mcphailDS-McGuire: what is the output of "click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 run which cmake22:34
DS-McGuireis gives me click /usr/bin/cmake22:36
DS-McGuireNot the click part at the start mcphail22:36
mcphailwhat do you mean?22:36
DS-McGuiresorry, the output is : /usr/bin/cmake22:37
mcphailOK. That looks good22:37
mcphailAnd the result of a simple "which cmake"?22:37
DS-McGuireThe same22:38
mcphailDS-McGuire: and you've run "unity-js-scopes-tool setup"?22:39
DS-McGuireyep, i'll run it again though22:39
DS-McGuireHmm, I get some errors when running that.22:40
mcphailyes, I got errors too22:40
DS-McGuireWant to check those errors are the same? ^^22:41
mcphailSimilar. I didn't get the apt-get errors. I presume this may be because you are running the static click chroot???22:42
mcphailDS-McGuire: this error seems quite arcane. I wonder if davidcalle could help out with it? Perhaps it is because you are running 15.04 and I am running 15.10? Perhaps it is because you are running the static chroot and I am running the traditional one? This makes my head hurt22:45
DS-McGuiremcphail, Don't stress too much about it. But one thing; I am running Ubuntu 15.10, not .0422:46
mcphailOK, then our setups should be reasonably close. Perhaps it is worth posting your error to the mailing list?22:47
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DS-McGuiremcphail, Yeah I think I'll have too23:02
McIntireEvanpopey, the disable-paste branch should be good now, the issue was really silly of me, but I got it23:51

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