cjwatsonSaviq: I think it will be more an issue of availability of sufficient powerpc build capacity, since we don't quite have scalingstack on powerpc yet (though it's planned).  It's likely a good idea to restructure around PPAs since it makes better use of the company's build capacity for exotic architectures in general, but I don't know to what extent it would be an immediate answer for you.00:44
cjwatsonSaviq: Creating devirt PPAs requires the LP user that's doing the creation to be specially privileged, so we would want to be careful about extending that to, say, lots of Jenkaas users.  (Having scalingstack on the architectures in question will make devirting unnecessary.)00:45
robruoh good01:58
robrucjwatson: any ideas here ^ ? should I retry those?01:59
robrugood god02:35
robru8-hour oxide build.02:35
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robruFailed to upload? wat06:51
cjwatsonrobru: sounds like https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1535949.  I think everything has been retried, but I'll go through and double-check in a bit09:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1535949 in debhelper (Ubuntu) "handling of -dbgsym packages breaks pkgbinarymangler" [Critical,Fix released]09:17
LaneyI guess not things in silos?09:18
robrucjwatson: looks like just the one: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/tickets?status=Failed%20to%20upload09:18
cjwatsonLaney: right, possibly not, depends how Martin did the retries09:19
robrucjwatson: but a few ones mysteriously cancelled: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/tickets?status=Cancelled09:19
cjwatsonrobru: but also cancelled builds09:19
cjwatsonrobru: the bug caused builds to loop indefinitely so they had to be cancelled09:19
cjwatsonthat's a manual action by somebody, but in this case it makes sense as a consequence of that09:19
robrucjwatson: yeah I saw the logs looping, was definitely stuck09:19
Laneytrain question09:20
LaneyI accidentally built a silo for x + v instead of just x09:20
Laneycan I just change that field and ignore the borked builds?09:20
robruLaney: you can change that field and then manually delete the vivid builds from the silo09:20
LaneyK, thanks robru09:21
robruLaney: you're welcome09:21
robrualright, early meeting tomorrow, goodnight!09:21
sil2100jibel: rootfs for the rc re-spin has built, importing it now10:03
sil2100Confirmed the manifest is sane10:03
jibelsil2100, good thanks10:03
sil2100Although... I noticed that it pulled in a newer liblibertine1, I had no idea we shipped this library in our touch images10:04
sil2100ubuntu-pd probably has all the libertine packages while touch only this one, but still - anyway, this is a no-problem for touch POV10:04
jibelsil2100, content-hub depends on it10:08
sil2100Oh, and if you don't mind, the new image won't be tagged - I would have to tag all the images manually after importing, wasting time, while we'll have a re-spin with language-packs anyway10:10
jibelit's fine10:10
cjwatsonrobru: all cleaned up now10:57
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rvrjhodapp: ping11:08
jhodapprvr, pong11:08
rvrjhodapp: Hi11:08
jhodapprvr, hey there11:08
rvrjhodapp: I'm failing silo 511:08
rvrjhodapp: Test 18: FAIL (music stops).11:08
rvrIt does not happen without silo packages11:09
jhodapprvr, that's odd, but it has nothing to do with playback...the changes only affect being able to start to play a media file11:10
jhodapprvr, but will double check11:10
jhodapprvr, oh, that's a new test...you don't have the fix for test #18 yet11:11
jhodappthat's the issue11:11
jhodapprvr, the fix comes with the new music-app11:11
rvrjhodapp: Ah11:12
jhodapprvr, that was this bug that I proved was music-app's fault last Friday: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/media-hub/+bug/153417211:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1534172 in Ubuntu Music App "With bgplaylists if an alert sounds, the playback stops and the queue is lost" [High,In progress]11:13
sil2100jibel: all imported it seems!11:13
rvrjhodapp: I see. Ok, then I will do some more tests before approving the silo.11:15
sil2100morphis: hey!11:17
sil2100morphis: I've been looking at LP: #1534193 a bit last week and I noticed xenial has horribly outdated android packages11:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1534193 in Ubuntu Landing Team "Check the delta between vivid-overlay and xenial" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153419311:18
jhodapprvr, thanks!11:19
sil2100morphis: maybe not horribly... I'm not really 100% familiar with how the android versioning works, but it's clear that the xenial version is based off some much earlier time (20150818)11:20
sil2100morphis: anyway, the truth is that the last real android upload to xenial was last year - are there any reasons the touch changes from overlay can't be pushed to xenial?11:22
sil2100cyphermox: hey!11:38
sil2100cyphermox: I was looking at the overlay -> xenial delta (LP: #1534193) and noticed that mtp is outdated in xenial - would it be possible to  get that synced up there?11:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1534193 in Ubuntu Landing Team "Check the delta between vivid-overlay and xenial" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153419311:39
Mirvsil2100: when will OTA-10 gates open?12:02
sil2100Mirv: they're open since a while!12:04
sil2100Mirv: they're basically open since Monday lateish12:05
sil2100rc-proposed landings are normal12:05
Mirvsil2100: yeah I thought that might be the answer but since I saw other assumptions I decided to ask neutrally! :) thanks!12:05
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sil2100Mirv: yw! We have a snapshot for OTA-9 made so all is good12:16
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rvrjhodapp: Plug in a pair of headphones, then unplug - video playback should pause -> Video does not pause12:43
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jhodapprvr, are you sure it's this silo's fault? should have nothing to do with that13:18
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morphissil2100: oh yeah, we need to bring those in line13:59
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rvrjhodapp: Weird, I reflashed and  reinstalled the silo and cannot reproduce the problem, anymore.14:18
jhodapprvr, that's what I would expect, that sounded fishy14:18
rvrjhodapp: Approving the silo14:19
jhodapprvr, thank you sir14:20
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bschaefertrainguards, i need to be added the group to request a silo on bileto to do a mir release14:49
sil2100bschaefer: hey! Let me do that14:49
sil2100bschaefer: done! You should be good, re-log in bileto and be sure to tick the ci-train-users team14:51
bschaefersil2100, cool let me check14:51
bschaeferworks, yay, thanks!14:51
xavigarciaMirv: ping15:48
xavigarciaMirv: Just wanted to ask you about bug 1485522... Is the QML component fix ready in vivid overlay? If not... could we create a silo including the fix so I can test if it makes the sound indicator work OK?15:52
ubot5bug 1485522 in Canonical System Image "Volume obtained is 100% in multimedia sink for sounds from app" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148552215:52
Mirvxavigarcia: I'm not aware of a QML component fix that could be shipped. the one mentioned in #5 is in the 5.4.1 we're using, and there is no mention of other possible fixes.16:01
MirvI also didn't get a reply to my Dec 16th upstream contact16:01
xavigarciaMirv: Okay.. so it means we have to wait for a response, right?16:05
Mirvxavigarcia: yes or if David or someone else on our side can come up with a solution16:05
xavigarciaMirv: or do you think there is something else we can look at?16:05
xavigarciaMirv: I see16:05
xavigarciaMirv: Thanks!16:06
Mirvxavigarcia: ie diwic or jhodapp, diwic seems the most "inside" the problem.16:06
Mirvno problem16:06
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sil2100jibel: hey, do you know if the required trust-store translations are in?19:26
sil2100jibel: we had the auto-uploads of langpacks today, I'm wondering if we should kick another one or are those enough to copy to rc19:27
jibelsil2100, let me check19:27
sil2100jibel: es looks fine from LP POV19:28
sil2100Since the translations were added on the 18th19:28
jibelsil2100, I checked language-pack-touch-fr and the right strings are in the langpack with the correct translation19:30
jibelin the .deb19:31
jibelspanish is fine too19:32
sil2100I suppose we might do the copy then19:33
jibeland chinese19:33
jibelsil2100, yeah go ahead19:33
pmcgowanjibel, whats the latest19:33
sil2100I wouldn't want to do those like *right now* since I don't like fixing things late at night, but tomorrow morning I'll copy and rebuild19:34
pmcgowanoh mn music-app never landed19:36
jibelpmcgowan, the regression with the content hub is concerning, it may hide more than just a problme with the camera, kenvandine and Kaleo are on it. otherwise nothing we don't already know19:37
jibelyeah and music app and IAP didn't land19:37
pmcgowanI wonder if the music app export issue is content hub also?19:37
ahayzenmusic-app is waiting for OTA9 to be released ? it is otherwise ready (ignoring a flaky jenkins issue)19:37
kenvandinepmcgowan, shouldn't be19:38
ahayzenpmcgowan, that was fixed, it was something missed when updating to the new listitems19:38
pmcgowanahayzen, ok, and alesage is aware?19:38
kenvandinethe content-hub issue isn't a regression in content-hub, we're thinking maybe qtmir19:38
jibelahayzen, it can be published to the store, there is a bump of the version of the framework and users of pre-OTA9 won't see the update19:38
ahayzenpmcgowan, i told him we had fixed all the issues he had found19:38
pmcgowangreat news19:38
ahayzenjibel, the branch isn't top approved yet, and if we pushed then it would disappear from the store for stable users19:38
ahayzenso i'd rather wait until post ota919:39
sil2100ahayzen: I suppose we can publish, we checked yesterday that new users won't be able to install it on their stable phones19:39
jibelalesage, ^ music app is good to land from your perspective?19:39
sil2100It would?19:39
ahayzenjibel, it would probably need to go through QA again right?19:39
alesagejibel, we should give it a glance, yes?19:39
alesageahayzen, is there a new build?19:39
ahayzensil2100, other people were reporting that when they were putting apps with the new framework into the store, it disappears from the store for say OTA8.5 users?19:40
jibelreally that's bad19:40
sil2100Yeah, I guess we had this thing once19:40
sil2100Forgot about it, the store is really really broken19:41
pmcgowanwell thats a feature :)19:41
ahayzenalesage, there isn't a new build, as we were trying to fix a jenkins issue, but i've found that that affects weather aswell, so looks like it is a flaky sdk helper in autopilot. We should get the branch landed and then check with popey then hand over a new click to test :-)19:41
pmcgowanprobably lots of apps wanting to use 1.3 components19:41
jibelbad features exist too ;)19:41
* ahayzen waits for the day of the beta-store19:42
pmcgowanI blame beuno but hes not here19:42
alesageahayzen, ack, I'll assume we'll use the normal process unless jibel says otherwise, feel free to badger me then19:42
jibelalesage, that's fine we'll retest it since it cannot be published before the release anyway19:43
alesagejibel, ack very well19:43
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mterryrobru, did you lose github.com/robru?20:34
robrumterry: yeah I deleted it a while ago. why, did somebody take it?20:34
mterryrobru, looks like it20:34
mterryrobru, did you move somewhere else or just not need those branches anymore?20:34
robrumterry: I moved everything into launchpad.20:35
robrumterry: my only notable thing was gottengeography anyway20:35
robrumterry: you spying on me?! ;-)20:35
robrumterry: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/+git20:36
mterryrobru, no I just had a bookmark to your dotfiles branch and I noticed it recently and thought "I wonder what's in there now?"20:37
robruhah, wow. i honestly thought nobody ever looked at those20:37
mterryrobru, first time in a long time  :)  But nice to know that I have a bunch of aliases to steal if I get bored of mine  :)20:38
robrumterry: one thing you might find interesting is https://git.launchpad.net/~robru/+git/pad which is a wrapper around bzr to automate some lp interactions (basically it makes some assumptions about your filesystem in order to save you typing, so 'bzr branch' becomes shorthand for 'bzr branch $(basename $PWD)' and a few other goodies.20:39
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