fazerahayzen, can you check out my task asap, because I'd like to get to work on another task soon.00:11
ahayzenfazer, yup :-)00:11
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xcubHi balloons, is a screenshot okay for this task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/4818117368741888/?sp-page=1 ?15:57
balloonshey xcub17:22
knomeballoons, you killed him :(17:22
balloonshai knome!17:22
knomehello balloons17:22
balloonsthanks for keeping tabs on the new designs -- what do you think overall?17:27
balloonsknome, did you see https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6023557586878464/?sp-page=1?17:33
fazerelopio, I'm adding another test to snapcraft. I'm trying to squash my commits but when I rebase, my merge upstream commit isn't visible, how can I squash that?18:28
balloonstop ten: 1) MatthewAllen: 36 tasks. 2) malevasquez: 30 tasks. 3) Girish Rawat: 22 tasks. 4) Alex Dueppen: 20 tasks. 5) Aditya: 17 tasks. 6) xcub: 11 tasks. 7) fazerlicourice71256: 8 tasks. 8) McIntireEvan: 8 tasks. 9) Ayush: 7 tasks. 10) Hunter Jarrell: 7 tasks.18:35
balloonssince I can't update the page and haven't in awhile18:36
elopiofazer: I'm the wrong person to ask about git. I would try git rebase -i master, but it might end up worst. My snapcraft teammates will help you better there.18:37
fazerelopio, it's ok. I figured it out. My branch is running the travis ci build now, I think it should be ready to merge soon18:38
fazerballoons, they also take into account the kind of tasks right? like coding vs documentation ?18:42
fazerahayzen, for this beginner task: https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/6226596490903552/?sp-organization=4568116747042816&sp-is_beginner=True what exactly do you want me to do? Just pull the weather-app and run the test suite?18:53
malevasquezballoons, could you give my task a look please?19:00
malevasquezI would ask gnome but he doesn't seem to be around19:00
ahayzenfazer, yup simply build and run the test suite by the looks of it19:22
fazerahayzen alright,cool.19:22
fazerahayzen, two of the tests are failing. The ones taht I pointed out to you when I was working on my last task.19:22
fazerShould I get a key and try those? Is that what's wrong?19:23
ahayzenfazer, they all pass on my device, it is just on jenkins some are failing19:23
ahayzenfazer, yeah if you try with a key it may fix them, although i'm not sure if just an OWM will be enough19:23
fazerahayzen, so what should I do about the task? Just point out that those two fail.19:23
fazeroh ok, i'll try with a key.19:24
ahayzenfazer, yeah just comment that, i know that those two will fail without a key, so that's cool19:24
fazerOk. awesome.19:24
ahayzenfazer, it is more the fact that you have shown you can build and run the app/test suite19:24
fazeryeah, I would think :) . I need the quick extra task though, while another one is getting approved.19:25
fazerelopio, can you take a look at my Merge proposal? I believe it can be merged.19:28
fazerelopio: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/24519:29
adueppenit really is a shame that GCI ends right after most people are finally done with final/semester exams20:46
balloonsadueppen, the timing is a bit rough isn't it?20:47
balloonsthe good news is we're still all here after :-)20:47
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fazerCan any of the mentors look at this task, because the listed mentor doesn't seem to be available. https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/4831775901614080/?sp-page=122:05
McIntireEvanYeah I had exams this past week, toughest ones Ive ever had, really (being a senior, it makes sense) but either way it's not super important to me to complete a ton of tasks, I know I cant win in terms of tasks completed and its not like I cant continue to contribute after (which I will, because my school schedule is pretty good this last semester)22:06
fazerpopey, ahayzen can you take a look at this task? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5962049209237504/?sp-page=122:47
ahayzenfazer, looks good :-)22:48
ahayzenfazer, just of interest, did you have to install qtdeclarative5-qtlocation-plugin and qtdeclarative5-qtpositioning-plugin ? to get the app to run ?22:48
fazerahayzen, Yes I think I did. It might have been for another app. But I remember doing that fairly recently so it was probably for this one.22:50
ahayzenfazer, ah cool thanks :-) i've been trying to fix the debian/control files to have the right depends :-)22:50
fazerahayzen, can you accept the task?22:51
ahayzenfazer, yup, just reading the task description, i haven't looked at this one before...22:52
fazeroh ok. wait.. but how come you're a mentor for it?22:52
ahayzenfazer, done :-) I got added adhoc to the coreapps tasks :-)22:53
fazerahayzen, thanks. Whats adhoc?22:53
ahayzenfazer, like i was added to them after they were created22:54
fazeroh ok.22:54

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