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heartsmagichello there21:15
heartsmagicis there anyone who can help for our Loco channel?21:15
k1lsome ircc should be awake. so what is the issue?21:15
heartsmagicthere is a channel we want to get back for our Loco if possible21:16
PiciWhich channel?21:17
heartsmagicoh here you ara Pici :)21:18
heartsmagic#ubuntu-sohbet. long time ago one of our friends created this channel for ubuntu-tr. now, we now there is a name regulation for ubuntu21:18
heartsmagicsohbet means chitchat in Turkish21:19
Piciheartsmagic: logically, this should really go under #ubuntu-tr-sohbet21:19
heartsmagicif possible we want that channel back, if not we will think other solutions21:19
heartsmagicyeah, this is our plan b, but i want to ask anyway21:19
PiciI'd prefer it to live there, but I can forward it from #ubuntu-sohbet to #ubuntu-tr-sohbet21:20
heartsmagicoh, that would be great Pici.21:21
heartsmagicthank you so much.21:21
heartsmagicnow, i should create that channel21:21
heartsmagicok, registered. thank you again21:24
Piciheartsmagic: can you please grant flags +ARefiorstv to UbuntuIrcCouncil in that channel so I can finish getting the forward setup?21:26
Pici/msg chanserv flags #ubuntu-tr-sohbet UbuntuIRCCouncil +ARefiorstv21:27
heartsmagicPici: done21:28
heartsmagicthanks again Pici21:30
slashdHi, I've been approved to become a ubuntu member today, and I'd like to request an Ubuntu cloak LP: https://launchpad.net/~slashd21:45
rwwslashd: identify to NickServ please, /msg nickserv help identify21:46
slashdrww, done21:55
rwwPici: ^21:56
hggdhslashd: looks oK21:56
rwwa hggdh is fine too :D21:57
hggdhstaff: please add a cloak ubuntu/member/slashd for slashd21:57
hggdhrww: heh21:57
Unit193Thanks, niko!21:57
hggdhniko: as always, in your debt21:57
Unit193slashd: You may want to look at https://freenode.net/sasl/21:57
hggdhslashd: welcome, again :-)21:57
Picislashd: congrats :)21:58
slashdstarff: thanks21:58
slashdstaff: thanks21:58

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