tjaaltonapw: do you have an estimate for the initramfs-tools update to fix nvme? should happen before 4.4 hits xenial12:35
apwtjaalton, i could do that todya i think if i back out manjo's change.  as that does not seem to work for him12:37
caribouapw: yes, on this nvme note, do you need me to re-test on my platform or cking's test is sufficient ?12:37
apwtjaalton, i think i need to pull in 0.122 from debian to fix manjo and that is a bigger job12:37
apwcaribou, if cking is working i suspect you are good, though yours was a slightly differnet use case12:37
apwcaribou, i applied a change for each of you and cking12:38
* cking just do the NVME test12:38
apwcking,  ?12:38
caribouapw: what was cking's problem btw ? mine was a failure when using MODULES=dep12:38
apwyou just tested nvme booting right ?12:38
apwcaribou, i don't think he could have his as root12:39
caribouin building initrd.img12:39
apwcaribou, perhaps its safest if we say, could you test :)12:39
apwthen i can upload those two fixes at least12:39
apwand then merge 1.122 or whatever it is12:39
apwwhich has a lot of new bits so will be more frightening12:40
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smbjsalisbury, Hey Joe, a random question... Did you see any bug reports from Wily or later that may happened on bare-metal servers or KVM guests and crash in run_timer_softirq()? 15:29
jsalisburysmb, I don't recall off hand, but I'll review the latest reports to see 15:30
smbjsalisbury, ok thanks. Its just a feelign or me wondering. Was looking at bug 1534345 and was not really finding anything striking out in the xen parts. There was some rework of the timer code, though. But then it should be not only Xen/AWS that gets affected...15:32
ubot5bug 1534345 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 15.10 Crashing Frequently on EC2 Instances w/ Enhanced Networking" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153434515:32
jsalisburysmb, latest one I see with that RIP is bug 153434515:32
jsalisburyheh, good timing15:33
smbjsalisbury, heh yeah15:33
smbThat was where I was coming from15:33
jsalisburysmb, I'll search through some older reports too15:33
smbjsalisbury, ok. _IF_ it had anything to do with switching from list_head to hlist in the timer code it would only start with kernel 4.2. But again its just a wild guess right now15:35
jsalisburysmb, I don't see any other recent bugs, but I'll keep an eye open for any new ones.  15:36
smbjsalisbury, ok thanks15:36
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TJ-unable to reproduce so far, but today had a v4.4 boot-time kernel panic in interrupts with the CFQ in kernel/sched/fair::update_blocked_averages() 16:52
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