Kiloso/ svij and everyone else05:50
svijhey kilos07:41
svijhello from paris airport :)07:49
elachecheKilos-, 12:24
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Kiloshi elacheche 12:32
elachecheHi! Kilos ! We had a board today, 30 min ago, no quorum.. So I guess that we'l vote via ML12:33
Kilosoh my12:33
Kiloswhy didnt you call me12:34
elachecheI didn't find you on the private channel.. So I supposed that you're AFK12:34
Kilosjust ping me always and ill see it when i get here12:34
elachecheAnyway, there is no quorum12:34
Kilosoh not just me12:34
elachechejoin the private channel please :)12:34
Kilosthis time is a difficult one12:35
Kilosok sec12:35
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dpmhey nhaines, around?22:55

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