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slashdHi, is there a ubuntu membership meeting today at 12 UTC ?12:18
elachecheHey slashd!12:24
slashdhi elacheche12:24
elachecheI'm from the Membership Board..12:25
slashdnice to meet you12:25
elachecheSorry for the delay.. I think that we don't have the quorum to start the meeting..12:25
slashdelacheche, ok will wait I was simply  making sure I was there at the right time ;)12:26
elachecheThank you.. I think that no one else will show up today :/12:28
elachecheIt's 7:30 am in there isn't it!12:29
slashdyes, 7:30AM for me12:29
slashdelachche, so I'll have to reconvene at next meetings ?12:30
elachecheOK.. I think that we (the Membership Board) can review your membership application on our ML.. Becasue we couldn't have the quorum for this meeting..12:30
slashdelacheche, what is the ML address and what should I put on the email ?12:31
elachecheIf you like to change the meeting date, so it'll be OK, otherwise I'll send the email to the board now.. Are you always on irc? If so I'll let you updated via irc, or I'll email you..12:31
elachecheslashd, you should do nothing more than what you did (wiki) :)12:32
elachecheIt's my role to send  the mail to the ML board.12:32
slashdelacheche, ok thanks. yeah let's do it by ML then, I'm always on IRC during the day12:33
elachecheGreat! I'll let you know if there is updates :)12:35
elachecheSorry again slashd12:35
slashdelacheche, much appreciated12:35
Kilosthere i set auto join12:43
elachecheKilos, I sent the mail to our ML :) just refresh your inbox :)12:44
Kiloshi slashd12:46
Kilossorry bout that12:46
Kiloselacheche that link doesnt show sladen 's wiki link12:46
Kilosshows me no applicants12:47
Kilosslashd 's wiki link12:47
Kilosoh there i see it sorry12:48
elachecheKilos, :D You need a nap dude! x)12:48
Kiloshaha man its old eye and faint print12:49
Kilosoh i have read it before12:49
Kiloswhat timezone are you in slashd ?12:50
slashdkilos, eastern12:50
slashdkilos, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/slashd12:51
elachecheI think that we ca ndo that via the ML Kilos :) We have the right to do it :)12:51
slashdKilos ^^12:51
Kilosyes ty12:52
Kiloscanonical in the states or uk?12:53
elachecheKilos, Canonical is World Wide company :)12:54
* elacheche thinks that we probably should move to an other channel to chat..12:54
Kilosslashd we are working on it13:40
slashdKilos, much appreciated13:40
Kilosty for your patience and sorry for our slipup13:41
slashdKilos, no worry13:41
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wxlslashd: morning. i just got up (i'm not normally at this meeting). i'm curious about what, if any, contributions you may have had outside the realm of development. loco activity?15:11
wxlslashd: community involvement is what i'm askinng about15:13
wxlsudo service slashd restart XD15:13
slashdwxl, most of my contribution has been part of my work here at Canonical fixing userland/kernel issues for Ubuntu Advantage customer15:14
wxlslashd: that's what i gathered. i'm just curious if there may have been anything else.15:15
slashdwxl, not at the moment but it's part of my plan15:15
wxlslashd: how long have you been contributing and/or when did you start at canonical?15:15
slashdwxl, Canonical: 1 year and a half | Contribution: officially 6-7  months ago15:16
wxlslashd: oh wow you're fairly new to the community, then15:16
slashdwxl, but I run Ubuntu since Dapper in my profesionnal works and personnal computers, and have more than 10 years of experience as linux sysadmin, etc ...15:17
wxlslashd: nice! you've definitely got the chops. do you also interact directly with ubuntu advantage customers and/or their employees?15:18
slashdwxl, Yes I'm directly communicating with UA customer through our ticket portal and Launchpad, providing hotfixes, testfixes, and then proceed with the SRU process (userland/kernel)15:19
wxlslashd: nice!15:20
Kilosslashd we are getting there. board guys are all over the world15:21
wxlslashd: my suggestion is to reach out to the community. find your current loco. etc. that community is a pretty vital part of what ubuntu really is (though canonical is often viewed as the umbrella over ubuntu, i really think it's the ground beneath it)15:21
wxlKilos: can you just take a +1 from me? i have to get the daughter to school XD15:22
slashdwxl, sure will do that thanks15:22
Kiloswxl will do15:22
Kilosthanks for poppin in15:22
wxlnp thx Kilos15:22
wxland thx slashd for all you do. you're the first advantage employee i think i've met15:22
slashdwxl, thanks again15:23
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Kilosslashd you still here??20:13
slashdKilos, yes20:13
Kiloswe seem to have arrived at a vote20:15
Kiloswas very difficult20:15
Kilosim just waiting for last guy to join us here20:16
Kiloselacheche_anis wb20:17
Kiloshi toddy20:18
toddyhi Kilos20:18
Kilosso slashd has you got your sunday best on?20:19
Kilossorry im half asleep20:19
slashdKilos, lol yes20:20
Kilosany minute now the vote will be announced20:21
Kilosslashd congratulations and welcome on board20:22
Kilosfull house of approvals20:22
slashdKilos, thanks all20:22
PabloRubianescongrats slashd20:22
Na3iLcongrats slashd :)20:22
Kiloskeep up the good work and broading you field20:22
slashdPabloRubianes, Na3iL, thanks20:23
Kilosget involved in your loco and share your skills20:23
slashdKilos, sure20:23
slashdwill do20:23
Kilosgreat to have you join us20:23
toddycongrats slashd20:23
slashdtoddy, thanks20:23
Kilosgenii helloooo20:24
Kilosslashd sorry we were so slow20:26
slashdKilos, hey no problem, I understand that20:26
* genii makes a fresh pot of coffee and makes sure Kilos gets a mug20:26
hggdhslashd: welcome20:26
slashdhggdh, thanks20:27
Kilosty genii and one for our new member please slashd20:27
* genii slides slashd one as well20:27
slashdgenii, hehe thanks20:27
geniislashd: ..and Congrats!20:28
elacheche_anisCongrats slashd :) I already added you to the Ubuntu Members Team :) And I'm announcing the news to the news team in a minute :)20:32
slashdelacheche_anis, thanks20:32
Kilosty elacheche_anis20:33
Kilosok night all. sleep time in za20:36
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dakerbug 100000023:06
ubottubug 1000000 in Edubuntu "For every bug on Launchpad, 67 iPads are sold." [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100000023:06
geniiheh, triaged23:07

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