k1l_ballmer> lubuntu is the bear grylls of ubuntu distros00:12
k1l_thought he would use the other famous quote/meme :/00:12
rwwstuck using a desktop environment that's actually just a group of random programs on top of openbox, better drink my own piss?00:12
elkykeep an eye on the client that joined with him02:07
elkyhe promptly went and told #freenode the same thing after getting banned. i guess he's already banned from #ubuntu?02:11
DrunkMethAddictit doesn't work08:58
DrunkMethAddictit says I am banned08:59
DrunkMethAddictbazhang CarlFK chu DalekSec Dave DJones elky Flannel funkyHat h00k09:00
DrunkMethAddicthggdh IdleOne ikonia09:00
DrunkMethAddictjayne Jordan_U jpds jrib k1l_ kloeri knome Mamarok marienz mist mneptok Myrtti09:01
rwwyou're doing that why?09:01
DrunkMethAddictnhandler niko Pici popey Pricey09:01
DrunkMethAddictrww, cuz I got banned for no reason09:01
DrunkMethAddictso I am trying to get an ops attention09:01
DrunkMethAddictare you an op?09:02
rwwwell no, you got banned for talking about drugs and then nickspamming09:02
DrunkMethAddictoh sorry09:02
=== DrunkMethAddict is now known as NoDrugsHere
NoDrugsHerethere, now I cac come back?09:02
NoDrugsHereI won't spam09:02
rww08:57 < DrunkMethAddict> I got too drunk and now I forgot how to consume methamphetamine09:02
rwwgo ahead and come back tomorrow when you're not too drunk :P09:02
NoDrugsHereyeah that was a joke09:02
NoDrugsHereI'll come back now if you please09:02
NoDrugsHereand I'll come back in 30 seconds if you don't09:02
NoDrugsHerewhich will it be?09:03
rwwi'll go with option c) tomorrow09:03
NoDrugsHere30 seconds it is, fucker, starting now09:03
DrunkMethAddictLOL at your mom, sucker09:04
DrunkMethAddictyou're mean09:04
rwwand you're coming back tomorrow, thanks :)09:04
DrunkMethAddictsee ya later, I guess you have no room for trolls09:04
DrunkMethAddicteven though I'm 133709:05
rww@mark #ubuntu-ops DrunkMethAddict09:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:06
rwwanyone know which one that was?09:06
rwwbanforwarded the ident here, and opped chu in #ubuntu. feel free to steal his powers away once eurochanops wake up09:10
rww'night all09:10
|TheWolf|Hi! I just noticed I have been banned from #ubuntu, and I have no idea why. I've been told this is the place where I can find out why and/or get unbanned ;-)12:53
|TheWolf|awaysorry, got disconnected13:00
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k1l_well, the |thewolf| could stop using opne proxies that are banned.14:22
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bazhangdid a double take on the nick 'hobbes'16:50
ikonianot seen Sarah for a long time16:51
bazhang11y acct!16:52
PiciI was wondering what she was doing the other day.16:52
bazhangthe question cleared up it wasnt the real hobbes16:52
Piciwell, her nick was hobbsee16:53
bazhangoh right16:54
bazhangthats weird I forgot that16:54
k1l_#ubuntu-mate seems not be logged on irclogs.ubuntu.com. should it?17:54
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OerHeksHi, i see a ban from ubottu on$##fix_your_connection , but 249.157-67-87.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be is joining/parting , i guess there is something wrong?19:31
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k1lsomeone told freenode works with ip bans. but i saw it often not working.20:51
Unit193k1l: That ban worked just fine, not once did the user cycle after it was set.  IP bans are nice as they work through cloaks or on hostnames.21:00
rwwI talked to OerHeks about it and cleared up the confusion earlier.21:01
rwwAnd IP bans work fine.21:01
Unit193Yep, work great.21:01
Unit193Until they change IPs. ;)21:01
PiciI was confused by it too21:01
rwwif they're not working, it's either PEBKAC or an IP change21:02
Picier, the comment here, not the thing21:02
Myrttipro tip: whois and host are great tools, which is why I always have my terminator split into half vertically, with commandline waiting on the other side21:02
Myrtti(also have them aliased on irssi)21:02
PiciIt might be good to pull those into whois though... I should look at doing that.21:04
PiciI already have geoip hooked in there.21:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu, TJ- said: ubottu: it sounds like the screen is just going into DPMS controlled backlight-off mode21:30

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